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    pair resist the urge to fix what remains unbroken on lighting (out earlier this month), opting to keep things lean and loose. oh, and did i mention, he speaks fluent french because he lived half his life in france![3] their fifth studio album, new glow, was released in april 2015 by harvest records in the united states and virgin emi records internationally. we met in grad school and i got him on my softball team knowing he would lead us to league victory! he's always been our leader, and it's now time for me to step it up and i totally plan to. recently this dude joined our band of merriment: kai archer, one of the youngest, kickass members of the scream team." johnson and schifino also share a mutual love for the music of beyoncé and jay z.[15] grand was recorded entirely in johnson's childhood bedroom in vermont[16] and lollapalooza. they returned to the uk for an arena tour supporting fall out boy, including two nights at wembley arena and finished out the year in the us doing festivals, college shows and radio events. she is the reason why i am so confident in social situations and loving when we are alone. 2009 their song "daylight" was featured in a bacardi commercial and a mars bar commercial.[3] also in 2009, the duo performed at the pitchfork music festival[1] and the outside lands festival. it's always so nice to have a fun and wonderful person as home base when you go somewhere., you and matt are making the best music right now. we've had a rough 2015, and i write this while waiting to board a plane for a critical job interview we could really use to provide for our family (four kids now! "check out matt and kim's "daylight" remix featuring de la soul". i ended up leaving portland and moved to nyc almost a year ago.[1][3][43] others have noted that matt and kim songs follow a basic pattern[12] and that the music is simultaneously "elementary" and "ultra-entertaining. 2000 serves traditional mexican food from puebla, as well as tex-mex favorites like fajitas and chimichanga, plus plenty of tequila. are chris and lily and have been together for 6 years as boyfriend and girlfriend.
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johnson is originally from whitingham, vermont while kim schifino is originally from providence, rhode island. february 2015 their song "don't slow down" was used in a commercial for acura, and in october 2015 a series of advertisements for royal caribbean cruise lines featured the song "get it".. first time doing long distance, when i left austin, texas and took a job in portland, oregon. i feel like she likes beating the hell out of the drumset and not worrying about having to sing along. i watched her struggle and supported her through those dark times, just as she had done for me. if you missed out on this but you have some photos of you and your partner in crime with the shirts on then please send them to me. want to thank you for your time, your music, performances, and videos on youtube for reminding us not only about relationship goals, but the life goal of happiness. "let's go" was used in promos for the tv show the mindy project; on october 1, 2012, matt and kim performed the song on late night with jimmy fallon.[61] their song "am/fm sound" was featured in the episode of chuck, "chuck versus the gobbler", and as a backing song in an episode of covert affairs. we’d go to local shows together almost every weekend, and when the music wasn’t playing, we loitered around the city like any self-respecting teen would. i feel like the fact that we spent 24 hrs a day together for 10 days in a row, on a recent anniversary trip to europe, and never get sick of each other, is a pretty good sign that we're doing great.[9] their early shows were primarily played at houses and lofts in the brooklyn area,[1] but they soon branched out and began touring across the nation. "daylight" was used on the ending credits in season 6 of the tv series entourage and in the season 5 finale of the tv show skins. their song "don't slow down" was used in commercials for the mtv series underemployed and was also used in the first episode of the third gossip girl season. have a free copy of grand for the third reader to correctly answer the following question: kim is trying to collect every quarter (that’s right, every single one) from which state?'re hip hop fans, as we have surely said a number of times, but essentially in hip hop and pop music sometimes it's really the most minimal music.[1] the group formed in 2004[2] and consists of matt johnson (vocals/keyboards) and kim schifino (drums). we can’t wait to see you guys in concert again at the goose island 312 block party in a few weeks! he’s pretty spectacular and is partial to your hey now dance routine, kim. the duo also performed the song on an episode of jimmy kimmel live! Dating someone who s already in a relationship,

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we were setting up to play in their auditorium and we just heard this banging at the auditorium doors and i look over at my glass of water and it’s sort of shaking, like a jurassic park kind of thing and the doors just blow open and 300 little kids come in screaming. have my own matt, and we met senior year of high school and started out as best friends. 2013 was both an amazing and difficult year for our relationship, but it had started to smooth out around the time we went to the music festival and saw you guys. live shows have achieved a great deal of recognition for their high-energy, "riotous," and party-like atmosphere. it's something i'll never take for granted, and never forget! i meet katie hazard when we auditioned for the tv show americas best dance crew back in 2012 and we have been together ever since! both our friendship and relationship came about due to a shared interest in punk, ska, folk, reggae, and all things good in music.[2] in 2005, they released an ep entitled, to and from, which was the their first collection of music committed to an album of any kind. we’d love to be your t-shirt models and hope to hear from you soon. 2008, the band had completed their second full-length album (grand) and was looking for a record label to sign them. the flowers are blooming in the window boxes and the sidewalk cafe seats are being hosed down. she made me feel okay to be the person she met and fell in love with, but also supported me to become the man that we both would see me become. such is the untamed energy of matt & kim that the pair started working on it almost immediately after they wrapped up touring for their 2010 release sidewalks. "matt and kim announce new album, premiere "get it" — listen". i felt pretty isolated, and wasn't sure how to change it. but i think humans -- we do connect to music, we connect to melody first and beats second and almost everything is additional. but then there's the other 22 and a half, 23 hours that becomes the part that becomes tiring. when parents are trying to understand what you mean when you’re in a band and you’re only two people, the white stripes come up and they say, “oh, oh, the white stripes, i know about that." the video depicts the two completely disrobing in new york city's times square and is shot in a single take. "daylight" appeared in the opening credits of the 2015 movie dirty grandpa. Dating site plenty more fish

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[5] although they started their career playing shows in lofts and other close-quarters venues,[2] they have since performed at numerous festivals, including bonnaroo, coachella, and the firefly music festival. it reminded me that that was the happiness that we knew we could bring out and provide to one another. in february 2015, matt and kim released three more singles for the album, "hey now," "hoodie on," and "can you blame me. and we'll be frustrated at different times and every now and then -- basically once a month -- there'll be a note on the bus door that says "i'm having that time-of-the-month. but we wanted to make it an album that i felt could stand alone as an album without any disclaimers, that was diverse enough and had a full enough spectrum and was just a good piece of recorded music. but he shows his love in other ways, like moving across the country to a place that i love but still makes him very anxious and uncomfortable. but what kept us going through those times was the love that we share, the friendship that only grew stronger and a bond that could never be broken. there’s an app for that and it’s called deed. we've been together for 16 years, and married for 10 of those. "matt and kim amped to open blink-182, my chemical romance tour". "making conversation with matt & kim: dance/punk duo say they play what they like". we hiked and drank delicious beer and that summer i was pretty confidence i'd want him to stick around for. came out two years ago, and you toured for a year and a half straight. schifino studied illustration and graduated in 2002, while johnson studied film and graduated in 2004. i signed up for improv classes, all of those questions were, thankfully, answered and now i've found the most wonderful group of people to call my friends. it's interesting -- you've said that you're trying to put less stuff on the songs and have this album be more stripped down, as opposed to a lot of bands who end up adding more and more production stuff as they go along. instead, ben allen, who had previously produced albums for gnarls barkley and animal collective, was one of the co-producers. the duo are all those things and more in the obnoxiously charming video for "hey now" (filmed, where else, but in front of the brooklyn bridge) — in case you needed help getting in the valentine's day spirit.) we've been mega fans of yours for some time now, and we would love to be a part of this project with you! the same fashion, i push her to find more calming ways to handle work/wedding stress.

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fiancé, amanda, has been more than my rock, she has been the support i needed to be my true self. and when we were 1,500 miles apart for 3 weeks in july and august, we listened to your music to keep us connected! of course this was hard for me physically and mentally, but it also strained our relationship. based delivers free daily emails about the borough's best food, events, attractions and innovators. this includes every single time you and matt have graced south florida with your presence..on pleasure, feist plays to introverts looking to pop openafter swinging too close to pop and then too far away, feist returns to a fuller range of motion. if we have plans and i'm tired and kind of want to bail, she always says the same thing!’ll spare you the details by simply stating we dated for 6 fun filled years, surviving both high school and college, before finally saying, “fuck it! i went through six months of intense physical therapy, then lily and i moved back to madison together to finish our last year of school. during the first episode of community, the song "good ol' fashioned nightmare" plays, and in the credits of the second episode the song "daylight" plays.[4] the album took about six months to create and was self-produced in the pair's brooklyn apartment. we shared a twin bed, kim and i, for years. and i think the safest thing to do sometimes is to keep adding and keep adding and, um, and that's when you can't really judge anyone's heart because there's so much happening. we’ve traveled all over the place and now we have this guy to perpetuate our awesomeness. funny thing is, that hour and a half on stage is the most enjoyable part about it."my boyfriend zack and i met our freshman year in high school (2008). our other stuff we’ve done, it was music made to be live music and then recorded.[33] the real music video for the single premiered on funny or die shortly after the release of the album and depicts the duo in a variety of uncomfortable or awkward portraits. and kim: teetering on the brink of stardom, an interview by alex napoliello (november 12, 2010). "outside lands day 3: rhcp, matt and kim, foals & more deliver a high-energy finale".

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and kim at hangout music festival, gulf shores, alabama on saturday, may 17, 2014. and kim performing on stage at coachella in 2016, same week they recorded the ep we were the weirdos. with kelly and ryan, ryan seacrest must have figured out time travel.[6][7] the song was also featured in numerous commercials for brands including mars bars and bacardi[18] and tv shows like community[19] a de la soul remixed version of the song could be found on video games such as nba live 2010. we've done a three hour long global float silent disco dance party around the national monuments, gone to a "speakeasy" at 3 am and received twerking lessons, have had a crazy dance party in a pizza shop, etc.[12] matt and kim also gained significant publicity for their music videos. their second album, grand, drops today and they’re kicking off a new tour friday at music hall of williamsburg, so we got matt to answer 10 burning questions (or 11, if you count our special trivia question below).[10] after graduation, johnson began learning to play keyboards and schifino learned drums."[46] their live shows have also been praised for having a "good-time loft party vibe" that is "less conventional concert and more intimate. i like this breed of band that’s here that wants to have shows where people have fun and dance. left grad school and moved out to cali for some awesome opportunities.[1] they played the lollapalooza festival in august 2007[13] and also played the siren music festival earlier that year..janet jackson wants to weather the storm together with her rescheduled (and renamed) state of the world tourjackson discusses the tour, and her split from husband wissam al mana, in a new video.[3] the duo is known for its upbeat dance music[1] and energetic live shows[4] which often incorporate samples from other artists. at the end of the day we realized how blessed we were, because when we had nothing else, we had each other, we had our love, and that is a lot more than most people can say. after 16 years, we still love each other and also like each other! they played the coachella festival in april,[24] the siren festival in july, lollapalooza in august, and austin city limits in october.[1][4][43] they have been known to infuse their live sets with samples or covers of songs including ludacris' "move bitch"[5] and europe's "the final countdown. & in summer 2009, he sent me a link to “daylight” & after listening to it on repeat for several days, i bought grand and then matt & kim; & i was totally obsessed and knew that you guys were fucking awesome![3] they chose not to enlist the services of a professional producer because they wanted the album to have a distinct, "matt and kim" sound. What to do when your dating your friend s ex

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i would like to volunteer my wife and i to pose in your new tee shirts for your add. married for a total of 29 years and if you count dating, 31 years. we're complete opposites and my personality, goals and general life choices have forced him to uproot himself and thrash himself around very hard walls in order to support me. and kim (sometimes stylized matt & kim) are an american indie electronic duo from brooklyn, new york. band toured extensively upon the release of new glow, commencing with a u. consistent theme in the itunes comments for our first album (matt & kim, 2006) was people saying, “i didn’t really get this until i saw them live.. since then, we've gone on many crazy adventures and are always, strangely, on the same wave length. he is this beautiful french man with this intoxicating energy who radiates kindness, happiness, and love. there any other brooklyn bands you’re into right now?’s the sakura festival at brooklyn botanic garden this weekend, plus a trip to new amsterdam at the onderdonk house and celebrating 40 years of rumors. of going home, you recorded lightning in your apartment on grand street. we went through being homeless, almost dying from carbon monoxide poisoning, many hospitalizations for amanda's chronic illness, and so much more. and emily elsen grew up in a family food business."we'll be frustrated at different times and every now and then -- basically once a month -- there'll be a note on the bus door that says, 'i'm having that time-of-the-month. we met through some mutual friends and have been together since. "matt and kim bring brooklyn beats, giant beach balls and lots of fun to hangout fest".^ "indie superstars collide: matt and kim announce tour with passion pit". we used to work together, and pretending that "nothing was going on" when we passed each other in the kitchen was exciting. duo's fifth studio album, new glow, was released on april 7, 2015 by harvest records in the united states and virgin emi records internationally.[42] the music has also frequently been described as upbeat, enthusiastic, and energetic.

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people are too awesome and fun together to be wishing to be another couple, right? should be upfront and tell you that i was predisposed to fall in love with paul auster’s hefty new… more». "matt & kim talk brooklyn, lollapalooza, and the joys of bloomie's".’ve been keeping an eye on brooklyn band matt & kim (matt johnson and kim schifino) ever since we saw the supremely poppy duo cut the sullen swelter of siren fest 2007 with their huge smiles and brilliantly goofy stage antics. when we get up there and there are a lot of people who are excited to be there, immediately, we get snapped out of that exhaustion. we live in maryland and anytime you come to the area my kids and i go see you.! many of our specific #relationshipgoals vary from other couples because of our unique situation, but we strive for a strong and encouraging foundation just like you guys have. but we finally got a full-size bed and that was one step toward success..[55] the track is featured on nba live 10,[56] and as a remixed version featuring de la soul on fifa 10. fast forward through tons of shows and 3 hour phone calls about absolutely nothing to roughly 6 years later.[40] they announced the ep while performing on stage and also premiered one of the singles, please no more.[4] their 2009 album grand featured the lead single "daylight," which was certified gold by the riaa.[34] the band also produced a video for the single, "it's alright," which depicts the tandem blindfolded in bed performing choreographed dance moves.[54] on august 26, 2009, matt and kim played the song "daylight" on jimmy kimmel live! we have seen you 3 times in concert in the new england area, met matt outside the house of blues, and you, kim, picked out toma at your somerville show for his energy on the balcony! have #relationshipgoals of traveling around the world, eating lots of delicious food, spreading love, doing as much yoga as possible, crazy sex in random places, enjoying the moment, and building a tree home together.[4][14] and is named after the street the two lived on in brooklyn.. you and matt - embracing the wonderful impact they have on others and finding ways to spread it even further!.local bard ed sheeran will sing for arya on game of thrones“i sing a song and then she goes, ‘oh, that’s a nice song..gabourey sidibe wore payless shoes to cannes and more stories from her new memoir“i was born a cynical, suspicious, 45-year-old divorcée.

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i would see folks out and about and having fun with each other and wonder:A) how they got to that level of comfort/happiness with each other in this city. wats shaking matt and kim, my name is joel romero padilla and im twelve your music is so inspiring to me i wanted to ask this question for a long time matt and kim would you come over for my party and whats your number? we'll go out not knowing anyone but ourselves, and divide and conquer a room. duo's first full-length studio album, matt & kim, was released in october 2006 on the iheartcomix record label. he left his texas roots (they were dug very deeply) and joined me just five months later, in the middle of february. it was an incredible night and you are partially responsible![40] the ep was co-produced by lars stalfors in los angeles and released during their second weekend performance at coachella. music video for the song "cameras" was released in 2011 and features schifino and johnson engaged in a professionally choreographed fight. wats shaking matt and kim, my name is joel romero padilla and im twelve your music is so inspiring to me i wanted to ask this question for a long time matt and kim would you come over for my party and whats your number? ansari wanted to be the great uniter and ended up an activist. alt nation was helping me out: "get it"s debut playing came on right as i got to the restaurant, and i was super pumped and inspired to make that dinner happen.[3] in 2011, they continued touring heavily with shows in north america, europe,[27] and at the australian festival, big day out. we have also done a lot of side work together through reebok and other big companies! wikipedia® is a registered trademark of the wikimedia foundation, inc. we've never given each other flowers and neither of us even remember when our anniversary was, which confuses a lot of people.” and i don’t know why that’s true, but it is. he visited several times and told me with confidence he'd move there if i stayed! "matt and kim: matt and kim both sing mom and pop synth shop". the pair generate untold amounts of smiles and sweat with their drum-and-keyboard live shows, and the release of their new album lightning should ensure at least another year of chatty, spastic gigs. this past spring, we were in a march madness style improv tournament and all of the teams pick music that they want to come out to.

toma makes me feel things i have never felt and breaks down my walls like no one else. tony king was the first two responses and the other guy was technically the second reader to respond, i am going to answer rhode island. so we've seen each other through pretty much every major event of our adult lives - college, grad school, about 8 moving adventures, family members dying / others being born, succeeding in our careers and trips across this country and through a couple of others! consequently, i lost all movement and feeling from my chest down and use a wheelchair. and kim's music has often been described as dance-pop with pop-punk and hip-hop influences. all those delicious pi day pies and snow day stews aside, this is… more». some years back my daughter and son turned me onto to you and matt's music and the rest is history..neil patrick harris, jane the virgin, cat power, and more join vulture festival lineupthe lineup keeps getting bigger and better. and kim live together and you're basically around each other every minute.'d usually apply the “minimalist” tag to avant-composers and sexxy goth sulkers, but since 2005, the pop-punk duo of matt johnson and kim schifino have done a bang-up job of squeezing a lot out of a little. adam moerder of pitchfork referred to the duo as the "quintessential 'party' band" in a review of their self-titled debut album. as we finished that album we moved out, and it felt like the end of an era. we've found happiness and we exemplify that emotion through our actions. i think it's cool you and matt share the same passion for music and i feel like me and katie can relate because we share the same passion for dance and the arts! this album, the was music made to be recorded and then we adapt that to [playing it] live. were best friends and dated for a short time, but we broke up and i moved to a different city and a new school. and you threw him your drum stick too which he still has on his desk! i don’t know what the formula is, we just sit down and bang through our songs, and it kinda makes more sense to see us live. "lollapalooza 2013: matt & kim just want to go on tour with beyoncé". and we’ve spent the last month working on it.

Matt and Kim Are Still More in Love Than You -- Vulture people have to recognize that there are another 23 hours in the day that isn't that hour on stage, and that's what gets really exhausting. the course of their career, matt and kim have received largely positive reviews from critics. so if you can just strip it down to its most basic form of beat and melody and it can still be great, i think that's where you find it. & kim performing october 6, 2011 at the cricket wireless cricket wireless amphitheatre in chula vista, california. but the industry is hard and we really help each other through all the rejection! april 2009, the band released the controversial music video for the song "lessons learned. partner in crime and i have been kicking ass for over 16 years now. i rub her shoulders when she is tried and help get her to sleep. finally after weeks and hours of practicing and working we’ve got it, but it was not an easy task. we live our lives with zero regrets and knowing that every wicked memory that either of us has were made together. i don’t know how people can screw up pad thai so badly, but around the country there’s a lot of bad pad thai, and there it’s always good.. club, johnson even noted, "we considered what made the matt and kim sound to be our mutual love for pop-punk and hip-hop, breaking down the beat and melodies the way hip-hop does, and adding in the energy and poppiness of pop-punk. neighborhood do you live in and where are your favorite brooklyn hangouts? i wanted to share with you the second half of the models and their amazing letters. the band performed at coachella as a main stage highlight in april 2016. wats shaking matt and kim, my name is joel romero padilla and im twelve your music is so inspiring to me i wanted to ask this question for a long time matt and kim would you come over for my party and whats your number? 2013 "it's alright" from the album "lightning" was used in the teaser of cs50 fair 2013 which is a course offered by harvard on-campus and online as well as for free on edx and is attended by millions from all over the world. it’s your relationship, an artistic endeavor and a small business — is that a challenge? blige’s strength of a woman is a divorce record, and it’s one of her best in yearsstrength of a woman’s bloodletting is actually graciously minimal, all things considered. and my lovely girlfriend katie hazard (such a dope last name) of 3 years have been listening to your guys music forever!

” they really make parents able to understand what a two-person band means. making ethical fashion choices is on your mind this fashion revolution week, these six local brands are all made in new york, with care,Follow us on pinterest. it was only after amanda and i got together, that i felt safe enough to discuss these gender differing feelings that i had had, the self harm i was putting myself through because of them, and abusive family relationships that i was dealing with. relationship and music have always inspired us to be adventurous and opportunistic in all aspects of our lives. despite their inexperience, they were urged to play live shows by fellow pratt alumni from the band, japanther. and i met doing improv comedy in our current town of residence, washington, d., we’ve been lucky enough so that for the last couple of years we’ve only done the band. there days after you've been touring for months on end where you're like "i just don't know if i can go out there and smile and be enthusiastic for people. we cook and clean together, as a team, nightly (except when we're lazy and then we order takeout, as a team). and kim were signed to the fader label in late 2008, and grand was released on january 20, 2009.[28] they also supported blink-182 and my chemical romance during select dates on the 2011 honda civic tour..jane the virgin recap: netflix and chillythis is an episode full of awwwws. what’s new and notable on netflix, amazon, hulu, and hbo. basically all of our albums we had written there and we refer to that spot a bunch of times. he supported me through law school, and before i graduated at the top of my class we had our first baby and he had invented some awesome medical devices. love her and she loves me and really that is all that matters in life. and kim are the epitome of that couple you love to hate: always smiling, always dancing, and seemingly always so damn in love. i guess we’re both pretty lighthearted and spirited in that way. we find ourselves at that place, it used to be called lulu’s, now it’s called lost and found, in greenpoint — my brother bartends there. we're human, but in the end we'll finish a tour after being on the same bus for a couple of months and we'll get home and be like "alright!

[9] the two began dating and moved in together after 3 months. we remained friends and always kept in contact but mostly only with myspace and text messaging.[6][7] the music video for "lessons learned," another song on grand, featured the duo stripping naked in new york's times square and won the breakthrough video award at the 2009 mtv video music awards.) at which point we promptly did what any responsible pair of adults would do: piss away our money on epic trips and awesome music festivals! so it's more like a group singalong between, um, multiple matts and kims. place we’ve never been to before, and have been scheduled to play there numerous times and had to cancel, is vancouver, british columbia. forward to seeing you guys on tour again in the future and to many more fun scream team e-mails! is my concert buddy, my confidant, my everything and i don't know what i would do without her. we were on a team with our pal chris, and without question, we chose "hey now". may culture essentials are heavy on the books, bookstores and libraries because well, reading, it’s awesome.[35] over the course of the year, they played numerous festivals, including the free press summer fest, bonnaroo music festival, firefly music festival,[36] and lollapalooza in front of a large crowd. we were bullied and outcast by our own families, who told us that we weren't good enough, that i would never truly be a man, that amanda wasn't the "pretty girl" that her sisters were, and that she was sinning against god to love "someone like me". seeing both of you, and the happiness you showed on stage, reminded me of why we worked so hard to stay together. you for your time,I'm slated to get married to the best woman i could ever ask for in october. "matt and kim - lo-fi popsters are walking on sunshine". i was like, “if anyone wants to come up on stage and dance,” and half of them came up.” so, we got married in a diy carnival themed wedding (because why not, right? and for some reason planet thai, when we want to go out to eat, is the one restaurant we always want to go to. by using this site, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. eric and i met in middle school and immediately became best friends.

fiancé and i saw you live for the first time in tampa, in 2013. and kim would you like to come to my school and do a show and my house is in ny, putnam valley zip code 10579 and look for mail box 35 please come visit me my brother would be so suprised i got him into your music.’s it like being in a couple and playing in a band together? too has had her obstacles in life; she had to overcome multiple types of abuse, self harm, addiction, and mental illness, to be where she is today." they hired choreographers who had worked on films like the matrix and the bourne identity. "matt and kim light up the indie-rock scene like 'lightning'". performance by matt and kim at the house of blues in new orleans, la. just a side note, while i used to be the m&k fan between us, he's finally come around and now we share that too! we do like the music hall of williamsburg and the bowery presents people have always been good to us. since graduation we have traveled a lot including spending a year in dallas and just recently settling down in the chicago area.'s two very different things with live music and recorded music, and they don't have to be identical.. tour in april and may 2015,[8] then heading to london for a one-off at heaven. "matt and kim release we were the weirdos ep, recorded during coachella week". this album has the first song where kim sings lead, right? while a song like “cut down” or “i wanna” are faster, more punk rocky songs, where we can get crazy and stand on our stools and fall over to.[4] they continued touring in april 2014 at festivals like bottlerock napa valley, the silopanna music festival,[3] and the hangout music festival. and kim would you like to come to my school and do a show and my house is in ny, putnam valley zip code 10579 and look for mail box 35 please come visit me my brother would be so suprised i got him into your music. interviewed former new yorkers about their lives upstate, and we also asked them to share their favorite spots, so… more». their stint at coachella in 2016, the band recorded a four song ep titled we were the weirdos between performances. "cameras" was also used in the trailer for the morgan spurlock film the greatest movie ever sold and appears on its soundtrack album.