Linkedin not a dating site

Linkedin not a dating site

on aug 2, 2016linkedin should be used as a professional platform and nothing else.Linkedin not a dating site

Chat sites not dating sites

this is what i fjind disturbing, namely that job seekers’ most important objective is to find a goal, not be hit on.

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when unwanted advances occur, this is not acceptable, particularly when someone is reaching out for help in their job search. Unlike Tinder and OKCupid, LinkedIn Is Not a Dating Site - The

Linkedin like a dating site

my linkedin workshop i make an off-handed comment that linkedin is not a dating site.News Flash LinkedIn Is Not A Dating Site!!!!! | Kris Degioia | Pulse

Friendship not dating sites

i get chuckles from the attendees, but i never seriously consider that some people try to use linkedin as a dating site.

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not because i’m “in pursuit” of someone, but… you find a networking contact that has promise, you make contact, you want to get together purely for professional reasons to increase that person’s comfort level with you so they’re more likely to help you with other contacts… but they view that attempt as a “dating request”.

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each of us has windows of acceptable behavior; these windows do not always align perfectly from person to person and, sometimes, don’t overlap at all.

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newman / blend images receiving romantic overtures on a professional networking site can be baffling -- and a major turnoff.

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