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like his speech and his dress, ken singleton the ballplayer is neat, precise and fluid. "she picked ken singleton as one of the best-looking players of the 1970s.

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were all terrific players at one time or another, but these 10 men all disappeared from hall of fame ballots without a single defender when their time came. is now a color commentator for the yankees on the yes network, and despite my loathing of that team and that network, singleton is a fine commentator.

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there, maddox joined a team on the upswing, one centered around future hall of famers mike schmidt and steve carlton, slugger greg luzinksi, slick-fielding shortstop larry bowa and more. he was in the process of building a hall-of-fame career.

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without a trace: 10 of the best players never to get a single hall of fame vote. singleton is among the most underrated players of his era.

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singleton's four-year run from '77-'81 was one of the best individual offensive performances in orioles history. for a 141 ops+ during that run, within one point in either direction of teammate eddie murray, batting champ rod carew and reggie jackson—all future hall of famers.

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somebody like a bert blyleven — or a steve carlton or a ron guidry — are going to throw you their curveballs or sliders, because they have hall-of-fame types of pitches.. Ken Singleton, OF/DH (1975-1984) All Star: 1977, 1979, 1981 I'm not sure how many people would put Singleton in the top ten, but he was an outstanding hitter for the Orioles in his ten seasons.

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posts:tewksbury’s notebook: facing barry bondstewksbury’s notebook: pitching to the best hitters of…david murphy on four at-bats vs seattleq&a: tom glavine, hall of fame pitcherq&a: wally joyner, phillies assistant coachq&a: tom burgmeier, ’80s bullpen horse. it was phillies broadcaster harry kalas or hall of famer and mets broadcaster ralph kiner (the attribution has been disputed), the observation that "two-thirds of the earth is covered by water; the other third is covered by garry maddox" rang true in his day, as maddox was considered to be the game's top centerfielder in the late 1970s and early '80s.

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week, i highlighted a selection of 10 popular players of recent vintage who fell off the hall of fame ballot after their first year of eligibility because they failed to receive the minimum 5% of the vote. known now as a longtime broadcaster with the yankees, singleton in his playing days was a smooth-swinging, switch-hitting, on-base machine.

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i'm not saying he should be in the hall of fame, but he deserves recognition. mvp of the 1998 world series with the yankees, brosius didn't play anywhere near long enough to mount a full-scale hall of fame case, but he manned the hot corner during new york's run of four straight pennants ('98–2001) and three titles.

singleton made three all-star teams and placed among the league's top 10 in on-base percentage seven times in that span, topping . are here: mlb players,s listing,ken singleton statistics and history.

• one and done: the best players to fall off the hall of fame ballot after one year. mets traded singleton along with tim foli and mike jorgensen to the expos for rusty staub on april 5, 1972.

Ken singleton hall of fame

i've never read anything other than singleton being a class act and a gentleman. going 10-for-28 in the 1979 world series in a losing cause, singleton was limited to two plate appearances in '83 due to the lack of a dh.

i consider myself to have been a good player, but the great players are in the hall of fame. templelast post:8/22/2015post count:54chuck hildebrandtlast post:8/13/2015post count:3john paschallast post:8/12/2015post count:4miles wraylast post:8/7/2015post count:43nathaniel stoltzlast post:7/20/2015post count:50wendy thurmlast post:7/1/2015post count:209chris kinglast post:6/29/2015post count:2alex chamberlainlast post:4/24/2015post count:1mike petriellolast post:4/23/2015post count:163andrew krauselast post:4/15/2015post count:2jared crosslast post:2/17/2015post count:1ron shahlast post:1/27/2015post count:11david brownlast post:1/9/2015post count:5drew fairservicelast post:12/31/2014post count:42bradley woodrumlast post:12/24/2014post count:146matt klaassenlast post:11/10/2014post count:533zeke finelast post:10/15/2014post count:2nicholas minnixlast post:10/9/2014post count:14jd sussmanlast post:8/7/2014post count:41marc huletlast post:7/23/2014post count:888jason collettelast post:5/23/2014post count:42steve staudelast post:1/23/2014post count:19al skorupalast post:1/14/2014post count:6alex remingtonlast post:1/9/2014post count:185max weinsteinlast post:11/18/2013post count:5matt hunterlast post:11/4/2013post count:4jeremy blachmanlast post:9/20/2013post count:1mississippi matt smithlast post:9/19/2013post count:1patrick dubuquelast post:9/17/2013post count:3mike bateslast post:9/16/2013post count:1mark smithlast post:9/5/2013post count:25matt swartzlast post:7/30/2013post count:23drew sheppardlast post:6/28/2013post count:6robert j.

purple coverdale, hughes inducted into rock hall - blackmore, long wait. stabu was another good player, somewhat similar to singleton in fact, and he gave the mets some fine years, though not as good as he'd had with montreal.