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petition spawned 10s of thousands of twitter tweets with the hashtag #takedownjulienblanc. blanc and rsd members are self-improvement coaches who are focused on helping men to become better with women and life in general.

'Dating coach' Julien Blanc kicked out of Australia for crude 'pick-up

17th 2014: julien blanc appeared on cnn to address the controversy for the first and last time, including an apology for his posts. found that blanc was using his own adopted, strategy to handle chris cuomo: deny, blame, minimize.

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the information is not an acknowledgement of our endorsement of those coaches / authors or their products (unless specified in a review). by what she saw, washington-based jennifer li started a twitter account and hashtag to #takedownjulienblanc, which has since inspired a facebook page of the same name.

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to blanc's training, brand said: "any system for chatting up women is in itself questionable, but any that's based on objectifying or undermining women i'd never, never, never, never endorse. tuesday, actor russell brand distanced himself from the controversy after he was asked to explain a photo that showed him with his arm around blanc's shoulders.

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Britain and Canada are also considering a banExperts/ coaches/ authors. of the accusations against blanc include his fixation with physical violence, in particular his photo postings on social media showing how he propositions women in chokeholds using the hastag: #chokinggirlsaroundtheworld.

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information in this coach profile and wiki is verified by dating skills review's editors to be as objective, complete and close to the truth as possible. they give genuinely good advices in the area of dating to help men have more fulfilling relationships with women.

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6, 2014: julien blanc takes down the tweets and videos targeted by the campaign from his twitter account and his youtube account. its website, rsd describes itself as the world's largest dating coaching company, and promises to teach clients how to "attract the women you've always wanted.

Romance or rape? California 'dating coach' under fire after video

11, 2014: the hashtag #takdownrsd begins circulating on twitter targeting the company, real social dynamics, that julien blanc works for. julien and rsd coaches *never* encouraged *any* form of violence or racism against *anyone*.

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creator of the petition, jennifer li (jennifer li's twitter), points to a youtube video clip by blanc in which he describes how to get away with indecent assault of tokyo women. uk has declined to issue a visa to julien blanc, an executive coach at real social dynamics (rsd), a group that charges clients thousands of dollars to learn what have been described as sexist, misogynistic and violent acts towards women.

dsr functions as a gateway portal to the dating world, and any purchase of coach products is a direct transaction between the product owner and customer (not dsr). Blanc biography/ wiki with personal data, trademark advice, quotes, photos, proof of expertise and list of authored books and coaching.

his first interview since the storm of criticism sought to shut down his seminars, blanc told cnn's chris cuomo said he'd been "overwhelmed" by the online campaign against him. us improve this profile of julien blanc by sending us any information you believe to be missing, wrong or lacking detail or good quality images we don't have.

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note & disclaimer: due to recent events surrounding julien blanc and emails we receive in response, please be advised that the dsr site strives for an objective, unbiased approach regarding its featured products, their reviews, as well as profile and other factual information provided on the site. this month, blanc was forced to leave australia after an online campaign pushed venues to cancel his bookings, and authorities to revoke his visa.

"listen in as we share the top takeaways from the best dating products ever created.(cnn) -- a self-professed american dating expert who has said he feels like the most hated man in the world has been banned from entering another country -- britain.

he developed his skill-set and transitioned from crippling approach anxiety to consistently dating. blanc, executive coach of real social dynamics, is at the center of a lot of backlash for online posts that suggest using aggressive tactics to sleep with a woman, including choking.
timeline of the campaign, controversy and media coverage surrounding julien blanc in november 2014 are outlined below. blanc is an executive coach at real social dynamics, and has been with the team since 2008.