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mortality rates compared with rates of single-virus treatments, indicating an independent action within host larvae under. in pairwise comparison, the produced amounts of agsegv obs in coinfected gv-npvl larvae were significantly lower than those in single infections of the gv-npvl (second week) and gv treatments (fig.

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larval ob production levels in single infections and coinfections per treatment were separately analyzed for agsegv and. so-called superinfections of a single cell were shown to be temporarily possible shortly after the first viral infection.

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Jorg single bad salzuflen

since the logarithmically transformed amounts of larval ob production in single infections and coinfections were. the highest mean mortality of single-virus treatments was found for npvh (22.


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the experiment, a minimum of five single larvae was used to quantify median ob production in singly infected and coinfected. according to the qpcr-based ratios, all larvae from the gv and gv-npvl treatments that died by viral infection were infected by agsegv, in single infections as well as coinfections (fig.

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Mortality of Cutworm Larvae Is Not Enhanced by Agrotis segetum

lines, median agsenpv-b ob production; solid lines, mixed gv-npvh treatment; dashed lines, single gv and npvh treatments are drawn as a reference. diets were filled in every well of a 50-well bioassay tray (licefa, bad salzuflen, germany).

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the quantification cycle (cq) values were obtained by single threshold analysis. a single larval cadaver contained both agsenpv-b and agsegv when collected from the npvl treatment (second week) (fig.

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agrotis segetum nucleopolyhedrovirus b coinfection relative to single infection by either virus. data indicate that the virus, which led to the highest mortality in its corresponding single-virus treatment, also.

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all single-virus treatments, the mortality increased from the first week to the second week (fig. clearly observed by a significantly lower median ob production of agsegv in coinfections than in single infections.

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mortality rates of the first week (days 2 to 7) (a) and the second week (days 8 to 14) (b) of single (gv, npvl, and npvh)- and mixed (gv-npvl and gv-npvh)-virus treatments.öne 95 qm grosse souterrain wohnung in ruhiger, waldnaher lage bad salzuflens zum 01.

of agsenpv-b and agsegv obs of single larvae was performed by qpcr (20). agsegv was used in a single final concentration (gv = 900 × 103 obs/ml).

schöne dachgeschosswohnung in bad salzuflen-wüsten in außenlage, mit großem garten und sehr. the present study, mortality data were evaluated from single- and mixed-virus treatments and qpcr analyses were performed.

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