Jessica s guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction net

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    Jessica s guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction net


    Jessica's guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction net

    i keep it to remind me never to be an idiot again- indulging in ridiculous games when there is business to attendto.'"i knew i should've gotten up to stand next to jessica. quietly opened and closed the door and turned around to place my eyes on her. i soon remembered her note left for her family to find, i gently shifted her off of me as i stood up not wanting to let her out of my sight. she was my destined partner, and we would fulfill the pact. as i suppose it never was, only in my own fears. that is my offer, on the table" i spoke trying to push down my feelings for her. her wrist, i tugged on one of her soft dark brown curls ever so slightly then letting it go, causing to bounce back. i bent my head and touched my lips to her as i cradled her face. on the contrary, my heart was doing cartwheels and backflips and the sudden anger that appeared when we discussed jake was snuffed. for best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. we kissed tenderly at first, my lips barely touching hers, again and again. this was where her lifeline flowed, and it was about to become my lifeline as well. it was the one reminder i had of my "teenage" days." when she looked up from the carpet she searched my face, searching for a hint of sarcasm. vampires married eachother for the love of power but never for pure love and passion. i could tell that she wanted to run, but she wouldn't."maybe, for once you were the one who was naïve., we just need to make sure you're not a robot. i lifted my hand to wipe the tears from her face."indeed, stronger than me," i admitted, i even managed to give her a half-smile, although i was still much shaken. i straightened my clothing, which had become severely wrinkled during the night.

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    Fruitfull, a jessica's guide to dating on the dark side fanfic | FanFiction

    Jessica's guide to dating the dark side fanfiction

    author would like to thank you for your continued support."i suppose it's too late to hire a washerwoman…" i said, speaking my thought aloud. she was contemplating something, and what ever it was she wasn't going to drop it. truly i didn't want to hurt her; she was driving me insane, just waiting for me to crack." she pointed to the leather chair, where we'd just been intertwined together like the laundry on the bed. i knew she became frightened because she was completely lost. i pulled on my robe and slippers before poking my head out the door and asked my guard dmitri if he could grab maria for me. i advanced down the hallway, i was almost in a sprinting, and i really didn't feel right leaving jessica in a strange place all alone." i pulled her back down onto the couch, and pulled her onto my lap, and kissed her neck where i had bitten her earlier."then, he pulled out a sharp knife from his belt and slashed across my arm. huffed and started debating on wether or not to call lucius when the was knock at my door. on the first day we greeted, that was all i'd ever wanted to hear from her. i imperiled your parents- even as they tried to save me." she shook her head and i felt her curls graze my chin."as uncle vasile growled out each word, i received a whip. the letter in one hand i walked over to my phone and called lucius." i said, hoping she would not recognize it as a lie. eating was still a problem but at least i knew how to fight back. she turned around, still trapped by my arm and wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled my head to her shoulder."jessica shifted slightly so that her hand now rested on the hard curve of my bicep. i'm sure she noticed the bookshelves, couches, and my trophy but has she noticed the carpet yet?" yes she was stronger; i could not have given myself up like that to prove something.

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  • Jessica s guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction net

    : Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Audible

    : Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Audible

    it looked as if her skin glowed in the dim light, making her seem so many more times beautiful than i even knew possible. where i was so close to crush my lips onto her perfect and welcoming lips. from there, you will fly home and forget this entire episode. however, jessica and her parents were the only one who cared. well, not to sound egotistical, i am correct most of the time even though jessica constantly denies it. no matter how much i crave it, i do not deserve the foreign yet satiating kindness jessica offered me. the stake pressed more closely to her flesh, sharply, and she arched away from it. somehow, it didn't felt right and that made it lose its appeal. of course i'm wrong about that, i thought, trying to persuade myself. fortunately, my skills fall under the heading of leadership, not 'base chores,'" i pointed out. i hoped she had not woken up and found herself alone. i took her wrist, and pulled her to the center of the room, where the carpet culminated in a pale, worn circle. i walked over to my nightstand and picked up my cell. every second away from her was torture; as soon as i found one i told him what to do and sent him on his way. i knew right there that even though she would see the harsh side of me, but it will never be towards her again."we loiter, wasting time, and the laundry waits on the bed," i said. "if you don't destroy me tonight, as you seem intent upon doing, i'll go home before dorin wakes up and throw away the note. if she challenged or pushed me to far we would both do something we would regret. smiled at her with sadness and decided to change the subject. i shrugged out of my coat and placed a log into the fireplace. rose to her full height, her whole face in a deep shade of red. she had a good point, but i did not want to discuss this with her.

    That One Night, a jessica's guide to dating on the dark side fanfic

    i can say is thank god it's not that time of . sure enough the nausia was severly lessened and lucius moved back in yesterday. i didn't need to haunt jessica with these disturbing images. author would like to thank you for your continued support. but my last act was to order them to submit to your leadership without a struggle. when she looked at me wierd i told her my theory. and i was the one who tried to kill her. it was vasile's, and as she could probably tell no one even attempted to clean it up. that in your hand is the crux of my bargain, too"that caught me off-guard, i watched her every move. me(shatter me, book 3)tahereh mafiunite me(shatter me)tahereh mafirapture(fallen, book 4)lauren katethe iron king(iron fey, book 1)julie kagawa used availability for beth fantaskey's jessica's guide to dating on the dark sidesee all available used copies of this book at abebooks uk or abebooks us hardback editionsdecember 2008 : usa hardbacktitle: jessica's guide to dating on the dark sideauthor(s): beth fantaskeyisbn: 0-15-206384-6 / 978-0-15-206384-9 (usa edition)publisher: hmh books for young readersavailability: amazon   amazon uk   amazon ca   paperback editionsjanuary 2010 : usa paperbacktitle: jessica's guide to dating on the dark sideauthor(s): beth fantaskeyisbn: 0-547-25940-9 / 978-0-547-25940-6 (usa edition)publisher: hmh books for young readersavailability: amazon   amazon uk   amazon ca   audio editionsaugust 2009 : usa audio editiontitle: jessica's guide to dating on the dark sideauthor(s): beth fantaskeypublisher: recorded booksavailability: amazon   2009 : usa audio cassettetitle: jessica's guide to dating on the dark sideauthor(s): beth fantaskeyisbn: 1-4407-3888-2 / 978-1-4407-3888-3 (usa edition)publisher: recordedbooksavailability: amazon   2009 : usa audio cdtitle: jessica's guide to dating on the dark sideauthor(s): beth fantaskeyisbn: 1-4407-3892-0 / 978-1-4407-3892-0 (usa edition)publisher: recorded booksavailability: amazon   2009 : usa audio cdtitle: jessica's guide to dating on the dark sideauthor(s): beth fantaskeyisbn: 1-4407-3896-3 / 978-1-4407-3896-8 (usa edition)publisher: recordedbooksavailability: amazon   kindle editionsjanuary 2010 : usa, canada, uk kindle editiontitle: jessica's guide to dating on the dark sideauthor(s): beth fantaskeypublisher: hmh books for young readersavailability: amazon   amazon uk   amazon ca. i had only two hours to find a hiding spot and even then it would only take 20 minutes tops for him to find me./n sorry if lucius seems a little ooc (out of character) but i like to think that even though guys seem all "macho" on the outside that they are really big softies."mi'lady" i placed the phone down and turned to see maria and a woman dressed in a skirt and a purple blouse." he said, as a sick form of amusement shone through his ruthless eyes. i leaned over the mattress and snatched up a pair of my undergarments or what america would call "boxers. i accepted it from her as she told me that doctor mcmanus had left it(a."i lowered the t-shirt i'd been folding, arms dropping to my sides. maybe i should start treating them nicer… jessica would like that…jessica snatched the sock from my grasp. i was running back to jessica; really this couldn't have waited until later?"you say you can lead a vampire nation, but you can't match socks? was still rubbing my jaw when she slammed the door." i did not have that, i though with a slight longing and sadness.

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  • Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, book 1) by Beth

    Jessica s guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction net

Jessica s guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction net-The Slap, a jessica's guide to dating on the dark side fanfic | FanFiction

Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1) by Beth

i then lifted one hand to the back of her head and slid the other to the small of her back, this gesture was both possessive and protective, and i kissed her more fiercely. i thanked her and she went to fetch a doctor."lucius- you don't really think you're really going to destroy me tonight, do you? i blinked back tears, i couldn't cry, i was a man. she sunk her teeth in i groaned in pleasure and pulled her closer to me.'s Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, book 1) by Beth Fantaskey - book cover, description, publication history. i almost pulled back, but then realized that it was a cry of pleasure not pain." she urged me, but in a split second i was behind her, one arm across her chest, her small hand trapped in my larger one, and the spike was up thrust under her breastbone. walked ahead of her, fully aware that she would fallow, i led her along the halls of my not so homey, home. nodded sadly till i told her she wouldn't have to keep quiet for much longer. she of course freaked out and said that we had to tell my husband but i grabbed her wrist and pulled her close. we were in the heart of a labyrinth which was my study, which was the model of my little set up above the garage." he cackled with glee as i let out pained groans and whimpers. when i bring her to romania, i'll be sure to have someone improve her manners. marrying a vampire definitely doesn't fit into jessica packwood's senior year "get-a-life' plan. making few more one shots for this pre-adventures of a vladescu princess story. i could tell that she didn't believe me, but she let it go thankfully. i glanced at the hollow box of chocolates, a gift from my romanian cook."one of the guards wants to discuss something with you."it never crossed my mind," i repressed the urge to laugh."and this world," i said trying not to let the worry lace through my voice. book >>jessica's guide to dating on the dark side (2008)(the first book in the jessica series)a novel by beth fantaskey.

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the sparks rose up almost like a shower of light and the fire rose back to life. studied her magnificent face and thought how i, lucius, am extremely lucky to be her betrothed."i quietly closed the door and turned around to see jessica looking around in amazement and awe. the wonderful chivalrous leader i was taught to be, i swung open the door for her." and there was no ring on jessica's finger either…i smiled at jessica, who did not suffer like i did as a vampire. this revelation, i changed the subject and mused, "this upcoming christmas dance. i didn't want her to ask about that one too. lucius had even moved into a different room for the time being so he catch what i had. "here antanasia," i whispered, placing my fingertips softly under her chin, guiding her to the correct spot." i swore, i was breathing hard, trying to harness all of the emotion i felt." she nodded and told that she would tell no one. she drew back her open hand and slapped me, a vladescu, so hard across the face that my head snapped sideways. i forced my voice to sound rough so she wouldn't know that i too was frightened of 'lucius vladescu'. sighed and settled next to her on the edge of the bed, staring at the wall. i was happy because i missed being able to roll over and drape my arm over him. still it doesn't hurt for you to have some moral back-up."and you say you have no qualms about destroying me. i bent down and gently kissed her forehead, brushing back her hair. he pulled out a whip made from the finest leather. the smell of spleen from jessica's disastrous yet kind attempt to cook a romanian dinner for me still hung in the air. jessica was carrying a heaping basket of jumbled clothes and i accepted it from her. uncle vasile paced to and fro across the deathly silent room with his hands behind his back.

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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side (Jessica, #1) by Beth
Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side - Wikipedia

Jessica s guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction net

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clung to her as she did to me in the center of the room. it stung even more when i realized that i deserved it. there was none only love and a bit of confusion to why i had stopped. not only to choose a soft drink but your destiny. but when i turned around she held up a letter. i had never tasted something as delicious and sweet as her. i looked at the fire to see that it needed to be fed; as i walked toward the fire i noticed the stake, lying forgotten on the floor."jessica," i said softly, loving the way her name rolled off my tongue. that was the best most heart-warming moment i have experienced." she whispered, she was beautiful; i wanted so much to tell her that like the room she too was beautiful. i drew her back, resting my head on her shoulder as we composed ourselves. i ran back to jessica as quickly as i could. kept my grip on her hand and brushed her soft palm against my lips. and lucius has enough on his shoulders with the whole fueding family thing going on. especially to those who were not used to power as was antanasia. we knew that it would only start calming down once we had a child but."if she only knew what i really thought of faith..three days was a long time to wait but since i knew what could possibly be bothering me i took precautions. i'm probably wrong about what she thought about me anyways. i brought her to one of the couches and pulled her to me, knowing it would be easier for her to reach this way. maybe this courtship thing isn't going as bad as i thought. speaking of jake…"oh, jessica," i said with an exasperated tone.
as she stepped past me and muttered a quick, "thank you. i cherished her sweet, kind, compassionate love even though she would deny that she loved me. valor, unwavering will, and fearlessness of a true vampire princess clearly shone through her eyes. all know what jessica was thinking the night lucius bit her and made her his own. growled at the note but rose out of bead and popped a mint into my mouth. you were taught to obey every command given to you by the elders, but today you decided not to. we were both laughing with mirth as if all the contradictions we had before had subsided."this is eternity, antanasia," i said, both warning her and imploring. i woke up in the early morning, just to watch my love sleep soundly in my arms. author would like to thank you for your continued support. was so thirsty but i knew it would just come back up in the end.'s perfect pink lips curled up into a smile too. others will want your power and will not hesitate to do what i could not. "i did all i could to have my way- to keep you safe from me and our kind- but you would have your way, like a true princess."a true vampire prince must bear scars to prove that he is brave. he was cruel, but he didn't come this close to killing his most beloved. but, on the contrary, i slid even lower in the chair and laced my fingers behind my head. not wanting to discuss this with her, i sat upright, still holding her lovely hand and pulled her to her feet and gently pushed her away."you said you had a bargain to strike," i growled, if i was going to do this i had to do it now before i lost my courage. i then knew she was truly up to the challenge. threw on some decent clothes and then ran out of my room. there must be a mistake, i asked, "what is this?

jessica's guide to dating on the dark side fanfiction

"no never," i agreed, lifting my head to look her in the eyes. we stood that way for a long time until whispered, "there will always be a part of me that is treacherous, antanasia. i hadn't been bested by that squatty peasant jake… her warm brown eyes gazed into my black ones, shining with anticipation and brimming on the edge of… love. everything belongs to beth fantaskey, author of jessica's guide to dating on the dark side, 'cause she's awesome like that! "oh antanasia," i whispered as i caressed her face, gently helping her out of her unfamiliar fangs." though she tried, the fear was obvious in her eyes, but her voice sounded as if she was discussing something as simple as moby dick. perhaps i just appreciate i am not the only foul creature here in america and that i have company. if anything happened to her, i knew that would destroy me."i believe i would be best served by a demonstration. except the spot where he was suppost to be was empty and cold. i pulled back effortlessly and being the stronger person, she ended up tumbling onto my chest. even though faith is unaware of it, we share so many things: cruelty, ruthlessness, a shattered soul, and so much more. the characters you see in this image:Fanfiction  |  unleash your imagination. she had tried to get herself killed to prove she was right. i noticed her hair lacked the greasy straightening lotion or something like that. "i've asked you for months how you can favor a peasant, and you've never provided me a satisfactory response."we both fell asleep in each other's arms, exhausted and fully satisfied and happy."this is america, as i am constantly reminded in social studies," i pointed out." i asked quietly, making sure that i would not wake up my love. she cried out and twisted her head against my shoulder, writhing away from the weapon, and i relented slightly."and you'll do what's 'right for you,' i guess," i said even though i wanted to tell her to just cut off the almost non-existent relationship with jake already. "pure love and passion," they are empty words to me for i have never experience them nor express them to someone.

i walked quietly to the door and pushed it opened it silently and ran to find a guard." from the look on jessica's face, she must have interpreted my message wrong. i asked maria to shut the door and told the doctor my theory." was she trying to kill me as well as herself?" i was giving her one last chance to leave- and silently begging her not too. i drew back and searched her face for any sign of fear or repulsion. after i was finish i called one of the maids maria in and asked her to send for a doctor. i turned around to see her sleeping but obviously having a nightmare. i wonder what it would feel like to have my fingers in her hair when i kiss her. but then a bizarre (and incredibly hot) new exchange student named lucius vladescu shows up, claiming that jessica is a romanian vampire princess by birth--and he's her long-lost fiancé. it took all of my self control not to lean forward to tilt her chin towards me and connect her lips to mine. is chapter 34 in the book written in lucius's point of view. her majestic eyes flashed with resentment as she glanced back. the crackling of the torches made the deafening silence almost bearable." did i just say, "the old boyfriend or the new"? and i truly did enjoy basketball; it was a very interesting sport. i was now claiming her as mine, as i should have done so long ago. i stood up, stretched, and walked quietly toward the door. "if we could only not talk, right at this moment. a vampire prince must not have emotions and must be ruthless, merciless." i didn't answer, knowing that my voice would betray me. a vladescu man, vampire prince of romania, and we do not cry.
jessica didn't move an inch, hypnotized by my gaze so full of desire. "i have done all that i could to keep us from this moment, but you refuse to cooperate. mindy was next but she said that she had class and that she had to go before i could even get a word out. i will slip the bolt, you will slip into the night, and my guards will ensure your safe return to your car. why do you keep saying things like 'at this point'? i picked her up cradling her in my arms and i sat back down on the couch. i noticed how close we were and my heart started doing leaps and back flips, something that has never happened before. i went out on a limb and guessed she was thinking the same thing, "do not even think you would be fast enough," i advised her as i nudged the logs with my foot, bringing them back to life.: fiction t - english - humor - words: 1,056 - reviews: 10 - favs: 16 - follows: 15 - published: 7/29/2012 - status: complete - id: 8370266. ah, how i relished her touch, but i can't think about that, not now. all my life i've treated like a robot that has no feelings and only lived to follow orders. it felt amazing how she instantly pressed her mouth to my neck." i cried out, i was just as or more scared of what i would do than she was. and a vladescu may fold, under duress, but we do not iron. but when a devious cheerleader sets her sights on lucius, jess finds herself fighting to win back her wayward prince, stop a global vampire war--and save lucius's soul from eternal destruction. i had made up my mind, she wanted this and it would guaranteed that i was the last one to see her safe and alive. i smiled internally at the effect i had on her that she would certainly deny.: i do not own jessica's guide to dating on the dark side nor will i ever this all belongs to beth fantaskey, except lucius' thoughts and feelings expressed in this story." i grabbed the stake and ran my hand against its soft side and testing the point with my finger. armed with newfound confidence and a copy of growing up undead: a teen vampire's guide to dating, health, and emotions, jessica makes a dramatic transition from average american teenager to glam european vampire princess. when she had spoken the spike at pricked her, making her breath come shorter and ragged. "why"because i'm scared of how everyone's going to react.