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Jehovah s witnesses website

it will soon become obvious to the reader that the witnesses are an indoctrinated people whose beliefs and thoughts are shaped by the watchtower society.[187] they believe the kingdom was established in heaven in 1914,[188] and that jehovah's witnesses serve as representatives of the kingdom on earth. cases involving jehovah's witnesses have been heard by supreme courts throughout the world. judging jehovah's witnesses: religious persecution and the dawn of the rights revolution. without any doubt at all, it was the small body of anointed brothers of jesus who in 1914 were known as the bible students but since 1931 have been identified as jehovah’s witnesses.[3][286][287] jehovah's witnesses estimate their current worldwide growth rate to be 1. "the '1975'-prophecy and its impact among dutch jehovah's witnesses". doctrine has always emanated from the society's elite in brooklyn and has never emerged from discussion among, or suggestion from, rank-and-file witnesses.'s witnesses believe that the bible condemns the mixing of religions, on the basis that there can only be one truth from god, and therefore reject interfaith and ecumenical movements. this in turn means to jehovah's witnesses that they must keep themselves apart from satan's "doomed system of things. and religious animosity against jehovah's witnesses has at times led to mob action and government oppression in various countries. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses.[304] in the former soviet union, about 9,300 jehovah's witnesses were deported to siberia as part of operation north in april 1951.

Jehovahs witnesses official website

[3] jehovah's witnesses are directed by the governing body of jehovah's witnesses, a group of elders in warwick, new york, which establishes all doctrines[5] based on its interpretations of the bible."[356][note 7] with these interpretations, jehovah's witnesses' publications have made various predictions about world events they believe were prophesied in the bible. benefits to inmates, officials in italy provide space for a “kingdom hall” within prison.'s witnesses believe their religion is a restoration of first-century christianity.[175] jehovah's witnesses believe that humanity is in a sinful state,[175] from which release is only possible by means of jesus' shed blood as a ransom, or atonement, for the sins of humankind.[289][290] the 2008 us pew forum on religion & public life survey found a low retention rate among members of the religion: about 37% of people raised in the religion continued to identify themselves as jehovah's witnesses. the united states, legal challenges by jehovah's witnesses prompted a series of state and federal court rulings that reinforced judicial protections for civil liberties." he also cites "execution of the great harlot nears", (the watchtower, october 15, 1980, pg 17) which claims god gives the witnesses "special knowledge that others do not have . however, if you are not one of jehovah’s witnesses, you may prefer to use other translations when considering bible subjects.^ gary botting, fundamental freedoms and jehovah's witnesses (calgary: university of calgary press, 1993), pg 1–13. "it separated the wheat from the chaff: the 1975 prophecy and its impact among dutch jehovah's witnesses". jehovah's witnesses do not accept blood transfusions of whole blood, they may accept some blood plasma fractions at their own discretion. persecution and resistance of jehovah's witnesses during the nazi regime.

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    ^ "our readers ask: do jehovah's witnesses believe that they are the only ones who will be saved? as a result, only about half of those who self-identified as jehovah's witnesses in independent demographic studies are considered active by the faith itself. many of the claims are denied by jehovah's witnesses and some have also been disputed by religious scholars. including william whalen, shawn francis peters and former witnesses barbara grizzuti harrison, alan rogerson and william schnell have claimed the arrests and mob violence in the united states in the 1930s and 1940s were the consequence of what appeared to be a deliberate course of provocation of authorities and other religions by jehovah’s witnesses. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses.[211][212] witnesses are taught they are under a biblical command to engage in public preaching. "did you know the most widely circulated magazine in the world is the monthly publication of jehovah's witnesses? history of the watch tower movement, particularly its early years, a summary of witness doctrines and the organizational and personal framework in which witnesses conduct their lives. tower society publications have claimed that god has used jehovah's witnesses (and formerly, the international bible students) to declare his will[351][352] and has provided advance knowledge about armageddon and the establishment of god's kingdom.^ "remaining organized for survival into the millennium", the watchtower, september 1, 1989, page 19, "only jehovah's witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the 'great crowd,'as a united organization under the protection of the supreme organizer, have any scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by satan the devil. also: development of jehovah's witnesses doctrine and governing body of jehovah's witnesses. the past three years, thai officials have been using the witnesses’ publications to address social issues.^ the routledge history of the holocaust, routledge, 2010, "labeling the jehovah's witnesses as totalitarian trivializes the term totalitarian and defames the jehovah's witnesses.
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    'the truth' is witnesses' jargon, meaning the society's belief system. in 1995, jehovah's witnesses abandoned the idea that armageddon must occur during the lives of the generation that was alive in 1914 and in 2013 changed their teaching on the "generation"." the witnesses' literature defines the "world" as "the mass of mankind apart from jehovah's approved servants" and teach that it is morally contaminated and ruled by satan.[353][354][355] some publications also claimed that god has used jehovah's witnesses and the international bible students as a modern-day prophet.[325] those who openly disagree with official teachings are condemned as "apostates" who are "mentally diseased". 204, 221, the habit of questioning or qualifying watch tower doctrine is not only under-developed among the witnesses: it is strenuously combated at all organizational levels.", the watchtower, november 1, 2008, page 28, "jehovah's witnesses hope to be saved. the absolutist view of truth further implies that, since anything less than absolute truth can only corrupt and destroy it, there can be no justification for jehovah's witnesses having any kind of association with other religionists, however sincere the motivation might be., professor emeritus of history at university of lethbridge and a former member of the religion, examines the history of jehovah's witnesses, and their doctrines.^ jehovah's witnesses—proclaimers of god's kingdom, watch tower society, 1993, page 708. beckford, in his 1975 study of jehovah's witnesses, classified the religion's organizational structure as totalizing, characterized by an assertive leadership, specific and narrow objectives, control over competing demands on members' time and energy, and control over the quality of new members. during the 2012 service year, jehovah’s witnesses spent over 4 million in caring for special pioneers, missionaries, and traveling overseers in their field service assignments.'s witnesses believe that jesus is god's only direct creation, that everything else was created through christ by means of god's power, and that the initial unassisted act of creation uniquely identifies jesus as god's "only-begotten son".
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    academic study on the sociological aspects of jehovah's witnesses phenomenon. 1–14; shawn francis peters, judging jehovah's witnesses, university press of kansas: 2000, pages 12–16. courts recognize conventions of jehovah’s witnesses as religious holidays.[126] doctrines of jehovah's witnesses are established by the governing body, which assumes responsibility for interpreting and applying scripture. more details on this topic, see bibliography of jehovah's witnesses.[177] they believe that baptism as one of jehovah's witnesses is vital for salvation[178] and that only they meet scriptural requirements for surviving armageddon, but that god is the final judge.  see also john ankerberg and john weldon, 2003, the new world translation of the jehovah's witnesses, accessible online.[308] watch tower society literature of the period directed that witnesses should "never seek a controversy" nor resist arrest, but also advised members not to co-operate with police officers or courts that ordered them to stop preaching, and to prefer jail rather than pay fines. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses.[78] chryssides further states, "it is therefore simplistic and naïve to view the witnesses as a group that continues to set a single end-date that fails and then devise a new one, as many counter-cultists do. 67, "materials such as the watchtower are almost as significant to the witnesses as the bible, since the information is presented as the inspired work of theologians, and they are, therefore, believed to contain as much truth as biblical texts. nevertheless, he persisted in moulding the society to suit his own programme of activist evangelism under systematic central control, and he succeeded in creating the administrative structure of the present-day sect of jehovah's witnesses.[281][282] jehovah's witnesses have established hospital liaison committees as a cooperative arrangement between individual jehovah's witnesses and medical professionals and hospitals.
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: Jehovah's Witnesses—Official Website

Jehovah's Witnesses—Official Website:

consequently, some jehovah's witnesses have been persecuted and their activities are banned or restricted in some countries. "bioethics of the refusal of blood by jehovah's witnesses: part 1.[75] knorr's presidency was also marked by an increasing use of explicit instructions guiding witnesses in their lifestyle and conduct, and a greater use of congregational judicial procedures to enforce a strict moral code..Jehovah’s Witnesses: Our official website provides online access to the Bible, Bible-based publications, and current news.'s witnesses believe that satan was originally a perfect angel who developed feelings of self-importance and craved worship.'s witnesses are organized hierarchically, in what the leadership calls a "theocratic organization", reflecting their belief that it is god's "visible organization" on earth.[146] regular personal bible reading is frequently recommended; witnesses are discouraged from formulating doctrines and "private ideas" reached through bible research independent of watch tower society publications, and are cautioned against reading other religious literature. the trumpet of prophecy: a sociological study of jehovah's witnesses.[266] jehovah's witnesses see themselves as a worldwide brotherhood that transcends national boundaries and ethnic loyalties.[299][300][301][302] in canada, jehovah's witnesses were interned in camps[303] along with political dissidents and people of chinese and japanese descent.^ claims that jehovah's witnesses chose a deliberate course of martyrdom are contained in:Peters, shawn francis (2000).'s witnesses believe death is a state of non-existence with no consciousness. in order to distinguish clearly his followers from the other groups who had separated in 1918 rutherford proposed that they adopt an entirely new name—jehovah's witnesses.

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[10][11] the name jehovah's witnesses[note 1] was adopted in 1931 to distinguish themselves from other bible student groups and symbolize a break with the legacy of russell's traditions."[150][151][152][153] the religion makes no provision for members to criticize or contribute to official teachings[154] and all witnesses must abide by its doctrines and organizational requirements. (1971, pg 70, 292) which describes witnesses as the modern ezekiel class, "a genuine prophet within our generation". courts recognize conventions of jehovah’s witnesses as religious holidays.[332][333] critics also accuse the religion's leaders of exercising "intellectual dominance" over witnesses,[334] controlling information[235][335][336] and creating "mental isolation", which former governing body member raymond franz argued were all elements of mind control. of justice performs large-scale inspection of witnesses’ national office in russia. in 1933, there were approximately 20,000 jehovah's witnesses in germany,[298] of whom about 10,000 were later imprisoned. between resistance and martyrdom: jehovah's witnesses in the third reich. the jehovah's witnesses are well known for their practice of 'disfellowshipping' wayward members.^ jehovah’s witnesses—proclaimers of god’s kingdom, watch tower bible and tract society of pennsylvania, 1993, pp. 28,"as to whether they will personally vote for someone running in an election, each one of jehovah's witnesses makes a decision based on his bible-trained conscience and an understanding of his responsibility to god and to the state.'s witnesses emphasize use of the name jehovah—a representation of god's name based on the tetragrammaton. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses.

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^ "jehovah's witnesses official media web site: our history and organization: membership". green building initiative (gbi) awarded jehovah’s witnesses four green globes for all seven of their eligible buildings in warwick, new york. cavorting with the devil: jehovah's witnesses who abandon their faith (pdf).[238] witnesses are taught that avoiding social and spiritual interaction with disfellowshipped individuals keeps the congregation free from immoral influence and that "losing precious fellowship with loved ones may help [the shunned individual] to come 'to his senses,' see the seriousness of his wrong, and take steps to return to jehovah. in the study, jehovah's witnesses ranked lowest in statistics for having earned a graduate degree and interest in politics. most witnesses, although capable of intelligent, reasonable thought, have as part of the payment for paradise delegated authority to the organization for directing their lives . jehovah's witnesses do not practice infant baptism,[111] and previous baptisms performed by other denominations are not considered valid. jehovah's witnesses do not claim to have any new revelation or people who are designated as prophets.[369][377][378] the australian royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuse found that of 1006 alleged perpetrators of child sexual abuse identified by the jehovah's witnesses within their organization since 1950, "not one was reported by the church to secular authorities.[98] witnesses do not use elder as a title to signify a formal clergy-laity division,[109] though elders may employ ecclesiastical privilege such as confession of sins. the witnesses' fight for civil rights in canada and the us amid political persecution during world war ii. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses. most witnesses tend to think of society outside their own community as decadent and corrupt .

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[174] jehovah's witnesses consider the soul to be a life or a living body that can die. "ousted members say jehovah's witnesses' policy on abuse hides offenses".'s witnesses have attracted criticism over issues surrounding their bible translation, doctrines, their handling of sexual abuse cases, and alleged coercion of members.^ salvation, watch tower society, 1939, as cited in jehovah's witnesses—proclaimers of god's kingdom, page 76."[366] however, sociologist andrew holden states that since the foundation of the movement around 140 years ago, "witnesses have maintained that we are living on the precipice of the end of time.'s witnesses are best known for their door-to-door preaching, distributing literature such as the watchtower and awake![200] witnesses are assigned to a congregation in whose "territory" they usually reside and attend weekly services they refer to as "meetings" as scheduled by congregation elders. apostles of denial: an examination and exposé of the history, doctrines and claims of the jehovah's witnesses.[142] jehovah's witnesses consider the bible to be scientifically and historically accurate and reliable[143] and interpret much of it literally, but accept parts of it as symbolic. court upholds religious rights of jehovah’s witnesses in georgia.^ heather and gary botting, the orwellian world of jehovah's witnesses (toronto: university of toronto press, 1984, p. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses. "why the jehovah's witnesses grow so rapidly: a theoretical application" (pdf).

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"[373] jehovah's witnesses maintain that they have a strong policy to protect children, adding that the best way to protect children is by educating parents; they also state that they do not sponsor activities that separate children from parents. 100 "although it is the preferred translation by the witnesses, they remain willing to use other translations in house-to-house ministry and in countries where a nwt has not yet been published".'s witnesses believe their highest allegiance belongs to god's kingdom, which is viewed as an actual government in heaven, with christ as king.^ "questions from readers—do jehovah's witnesses accept any medical products derived from blood? officials use publications from jehovah’s witnesses to aid community development. persistent legal challenges by jehovah's witnesses have influenced legislation related to civil rights in several countries. surrounding various beliefs, doctrines and practices of jehovah's witnesses has led to opposition from local governments, communities, and religious groups. central teaching of jehovah's witnesses is that the current world era, or "system of things", entered the "last days" in 1914 and faces imminent destruction through intervention by god and jesus christ, leading to deliverance for those who worship god acceptably.'s witnesses believe that god's kingdom is a literal government in heaven, ruled by jesus christ and 144,000 "spirit-anointed" christians drawn from the earth, which they associate with jesus' reference to a "new covenant". it is a great privilege to get baptized as one of jehovah's witnesses. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses.^ ronald lawson, "sect-state relations: accounting for the differing trajectories of seventh-day adventists and jehovah's witnesses", sociology of religion, winter 1995, "the urgency of the witness's apocalyptic has changed very little over time. official published membership statistics, such as those mentioned above, include only those who submit reports for their personal ministry;[288] official statistics do not include inactive and disfellowshipped individuals or others who might attend their meetings.

sociological comparative study by the pew research center found that jehovah's witnesses in the united states ranked highest in statistics for getting no further than high school graduation, belief in god, importance of religion in one's life, frequency of religious attendance, frequency of prayers, frequency of bible reading outside of religious services, belief their prayers are answered, belief that their religion can only be interpreted one way, belief that theirs is the only one true faith leading to eternal life, opposition to abortion, and opposition to homosexuality. "bioethical aspects of the recent changes in the policy of refusal of blood by jehovah's witnesses". so it would be foolhardy, as well as a waste of valuable time, for jehovah’s witnesses to accept and expose themselves to false religious literature that is designed to deceive. religious commentator ken jubber wrote that "viewed globally, this persecution has been so persistent and of such intensity that it would not be inaccurate to regard jehovah's witnesses as the most persecuted group of christians of the twentieth century. the jehovah's witnesses' interpretation of christianity and their rejection of orthodoxy influenced them to produce their own translation of the bible, the new world translation.'s witnesses teach that satan and his demons were cast down to earth from heaven after october 1, 1914,[171] at which point the end times began.[101] until late 2012, the governing body described itself as the representative[102][103] and "spokesman" for god's "faithful and discreet slave class" (approximately 10,000 self-professed "anointed" jehovah's witnesses).'s witnesses have been accused of having policies and culture that help to conceal cases of sexual abuse within the organization. the trumpet of prophecy: a sociological study of jehovah's witnesses. july 26, 1931, at a convention in columbus, ohio, rutherford introduced the new name—jehovah's witnesses—based on isaiah 43:10: "'you are my witnesses,' declares jehovah, 'yes, my servant whom i have chosen, so that you may know and have faith in me and understand that i am the same one. millions now living will never die: a study of jehovah's witnesses.^ jehovah's witnesses—proclaimers of god's kingdom, watch tower bible & tract society, 1993, pages 78, 632.[207] the objective is to start a regular "bible study" with any person who is not already a member,[208] with the intention that the student be baptized as a member of the group;[209][210] witnesses are advised to consider discontinuing bible studies with students who show no interest in becoming members.

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's witnesses are perhaps best known for their efforts to spread their beliefs, most notably by visiting people from house to house,[204][205][206] distributing literature published by the watch tower society in 700 languages.^ "questions from readers—why do jehovah's witnesses decline to exchange their bible study aids for the religious literature of people they meet".^ jehovah's witnesses—proclaimers of god's kingdom, watch tower bible & tract society, 1993, page 183.'s witnesses is a millenarian restorationist christian denomination with nontrinitarian beliefs distinct from mainstream christianity. 173, he quotes from "they shall know that a prophet was among them", (the watchtower, april 1, 1972,) which states that god had raised jehovah's witnesses as a prophet "to warn (people) of dangers and declare things to come" he also cites "identifying the right kind of messenger" (the watchtower, may 1, 1997, page 8) which identifies the witnesses as his "true messengers . i am general counsel for the national organization of jehovah's witnesses out of brooklyn, new york. membership of jehovah's witnesses reached 113,624 in 5,323 congregations by the time of rutherford's death in january 1942.[260][261][262] witnesses are told that spontaneous giving at other times can help their children to not feel deprived of birthdays or other celebrations."[362] chryssides has suggested that with the exception of statements about 1914, 1925 and 1975, the changing views and dates of the jehovah's witnesses are largely attributable to changed understandings of biblical chronology rather than to failed predictions. because we witness, or talk, about jehovah god and his kingdom, we are known as jehovah’s witnesses. stroup, the jehovah's witnesses, colombia university press, new york, 1945, pg 14,15: "following his election the existence of the movement was threatened as never before.^ john dart, "jehovah's witnesses abandon key tenet", los angeles times, november 4, 1995.[249][250][251] witnesses are taught that association with "worldly" people presents a "danger" to their faith,[252] and are instructed to minimize social contact with non-members to better maintain their own standards of morality.

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^ gary botting, fundamental freedoms and jehovah's witnesses (calgary: university of calgary press, 1993).'s witnesses believe that jesus christ began to rule in heaven as king of god's kingdom in october 1914, and that satan was subsequently ousted from heaven to the earth, resulting in "woe" to humanity.[330] other critics charge that by disparaging individual decision-making, the religion's leaders cultivate a system of unquestioning obedience[147][331] in which witnesses abrogate all responsibility and rights over their personal lives.: jehovah's witnessesapocalyptic groupsbible student movementchristian groups with annihilationist beliefschristian new religious movementsnontrinitarian denominationspremillennialismreligious organizations established in the 1870srestorationism (christianity)hidden categories: cs1 norwegian-language sources (no)articles with russian-language external linkspages using isbn magic linkswikipedia pending changes protected pages (level 1)all articles with unsourced statementsarticles with unsourced statements from february 2017commons category with local link same as on wikidatagood articleswikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifiers.[193][194] satan will subsequently attack jehovah's witnesses, an action that will prompt god to begin the war of armageddon, during which all forms of government and all people not counted as christ's "sheep", or true followers, will be destroyed.^ the orwellian world of jehovah's witnesses, toronto: university of toronto press, 1984, passim. while other religious groups count their membership by occasional or annual attendance, this figure reflects only those who are actively involved in the public bible educational work [of jehovah's witnesses]. witnesses’ annual conventions are now recognized as religious holidays, reaffirming the right of parents to educate their children according to their religious beliefs. wilson, in his consideration of five religions including jehovah's witnesses, noted that each of the religions:[295].[112] individuals undergoing baptism must affirm publicly that dedication and baptism identify them "as one of jehovah's witnesses in association with god's spirit-directed organization,"[112] though witness publications say baptism symbolizes personal dedication to god and not "to a man, work or organization."[86] sociologist andrew holden states that most members who join millenarian movements such as jehovah's witnesses have made an informed choice.[16] they consider secular society to be morally corrupt and under the influence of satan, and most limit their social interaction with non-witnesses.^ "false prophets—have not jehovah's witnesses made errors in their teachings?

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's witnesses have an active presence in most countries, but do not form a large part of the population of any country. witnesses are told not to read books like this one. since the bible is held to contain predictive prophecy, jehovah's witnesses claim to see into the future through the society's interpretation of scripture. rodney stark states that jehovah's witness leaders are "not always very democratic" and that members "are expected to conform to rather strict standards," but adds that "enforcement tends to be very informal, sustained by the close bonds of friendship within the group", and that jehovah's witnesses see themselves as "part of the power structure rather than subject to it. "the embryonic state of a religious sect's development: the jehovah's witnesses".[248] jehovah's witnesses are taught that it is vital to remain "separate from the world.[274][275][276] jehovah's witnesses accept non-blood alternatives and other medical procedures in lieu of blood transfusions, and their literature provides information about non-blood medical procedures.’s Witnesses: Our official website provides online access to the Bible, Bible-based publications, and current news. i am a trained scholar of the bible, familiar with the texts and tools in use in modern biblical studies, and, by the way, not a member of the jehovah's witnesses.'s witnesses refuse blood transfusions, which they consider a violation of god's law based on their interpretation of acts 15:28, 29 and other scriptures. is a requirement for being considered a member of jehovah's witnesses.^ a b c d e f 2017 yearbook of jehovah's witnesses.^ in jehovah's witnesses continuity and change chryssides states, after discussing the 1 april, 1972 watchtower article, that, "it would be tedious to comment on each passage in which watch tower literature explains the jehovah's witnesses' position on prophecy.