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it was a courting process but not a dating process. Good excuses for not dating someone

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annie also writes a dating advice column for the san francisco examiner.

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just in time for valentine’s day, she corralled kaiser, now a danville-based certified relationship counselor/life coach and co-author with her husband keith of cupid’s playbook, how to play the dating game to win (emerald book co.

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the process forced her to address the number one downfall of her dating strategy: not knowing what she really wanted in a man/partner-for-life/guy/dude-who-would-pick-up-her-dry-cleaning. Dating santa fe new mexico

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gosse, author of eight books on dating, lectures throughout the bay area.

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., injoylife, 415/342-1300, teaches dating seminars and does singles and couples relationship counseling.

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.comCupid’s coach does matchmaking, coaching, and events for singles in the bay area.

helps them fine-tune their image and coaches them through the vexing world of dating, including helping them meet and qualify quality appropriate romantic partners and improve their social skills.

Dating Tips with Jeannine Kaiser - YouTube - abc7 the view from the bay with jeannine kaiser.

the idea was not to get into full-fledged relationships, but rather to get to know 100 gents in chats over coffee or a glass of wine—a liquid version of speed dating.

: but at the same time, i think that not everybody really enjoys the dating process.

love coach laura wilson is the author of dating with intention: the hiring process.