Is jake and marley from glee dating in real life

Who is marley from glee dating in real life

with the exception of small parts s4 and s5 up too episode 100 has sucked. the behind the scenes drama and the decline in ratings forced murphy and the rest of the producers to actually care about the show. if s6 is like that, with the originals and not the blam show, with some familiar faces appearing, i’m interested. instead, nothing other than boxing finn up in lima and trying to use him to guilt-trip viewers. i don’t think they should date yet but he should come back and then on the season finale or something, they can have a kiss or slow dance or something that would hint at a future relationship…. from my enjoyment of music, choirs/glee clubs and musical theater, my main interest in glee has been the lgbt storylines and klaine’s relationship in particular. i suspect that ryan will not be able to contain himself and will have a klaine wedding at the end even though they’ll be in their very early 20’s. sam and mercedes are both terrible character they can keep them together as backround players and to keep sam away from rachel. blaine goes back to lima and works as a bag boy, then as a plumber. maybe tina will get into vet school and artie will get funding for a film – all happy endings. i really hope because of the bad ratings, fox is smart to not give them a full season. last scene is rachel and will so unless she starts dating will…. and my feeling about the last season of glee is very clear, and that is that we have, or we will be, reaching out to all the regulars on the show — the original group of glee club members and teachers, and anyone who wants to come back. stunt casting didn’t help (glee project, nene leakes, etc). the cast won't resume filming until august at the earliest (and perhaps later than usual this year, given the show's midseason premiere date), which means it's going to be a long time before we start getting any spoilers. i’ve seen shows get ruined before but not a show that started out making a statement then crashed and conformed into everything else. the whole concept of glee is the high school’s glee club. you need the sorrow and the reminder that she is still wounded, all of them are wounded, and they still have that time to heal and grow. and what the trials in hr life (finns passing and being rejected) will make her become. i don’t get how suddenly lima is seen as barely problematic and the glee kids aren’t underdogs in this town portrayed to be small, closed-minded and cruel to anyone even remotely different but new york is the place where we finally see someone bashed? i’ve watched 100&101 and i enjoyed it, it felt like glee again. nyc can work if he’ll commit and actually develop things, but if he’s just gonna sabotage all the nyc stories as it sounds like he’s already planning, then what’s the point of the rest of this season? people have shared much worse opinions and they have the right to. and some of the others realize the importance glee club had in getting them interested in the arts, and decide to become music and drama teachers or travel doing assemblies educating kids about music and arts. plus, the little popularity contests on the diva-off’s only made rachel feel more insecure and so many of his decisions were made to influence emma (performing with the students even though they didn’t want him to). lima side was doomed when they chose to hire great singers and dancer’s who couldn’t act. with cory dying, it just needed up everything because they are trying to rewrite the whole thing and pretend like finn wasn’t even there. and blaine will get married and will adopt a kid for the time jump. *snorts* and all it takes for them to get together is having puck beating biff up? his relevance and that of any adults on the show has slowly declined over the course of the series into near nothingness. and if it is any of those things, where will it turn her? just sitting and waiting for rachel to come back to him and that rachel would have to give up her career to have the man she loves not when the story for both of the them was set up for finn to realize he is new york good and for rachel to realize that she can have both love and a career and not to mention keeping your main couple physically and geographically apart for so long would not of got them a two season renewal not with the way season four was handle. understand rachel has to move on, but the crap they pulled with sam 3 eps after finn’s memorial was inexcusable and at this point if she does move on i pray it’s not with sam! probably sat down and thought what they can do to increase the ratings., we do have a final idea that we’re working on that i think is very powerful and moving. this show had the potential to help people be who they are instead it made every cast member incredibly attractive and made everyone obsessed with fame and popularity.

Is jake and marley from glee dating in real life

| glee exclusive: shirley maclaine books arc as blaine’s [spoiler]. after bringing in new people (marley, jake, etc), and then trying to focus on blaine and sam (who are season 2 characters), and now on the final season, they want to focus on the original members. i love this show, but rm is destroying it, and that makes me sad. toward the end we’re all kind of rooting for him to ask her out officially and it could be implied that it’ll go in a positive direction in the future off screen. sue was absolutely right so often about him, especially at the end and how he blew the budget. ryan murphy just doesn’t know how to run and sustain a good show. i lost my mom 4 1/2 years ago and i still cry everyday because i miss her. really didn’t like the new york story lines…i prefer mckinley, not just because jake is my favourite character, but because that’s where it all started and to have sue ‘win’ and shut the new directions down, i don’t know, something just wasn’t right for me…. getting her character to flirt with sam just a few eps after the tribute, having her re-enact choreography that she previously did with cory, having her act out a vigil, almost completely ignoring the key contributions to the show made by the man she loved and highly praises herself…. we collectively — brad, ian and myself — made a decision that the freshest thing to do was a complete, clean start. i think he actually loved her in the end and whenever he reappears you see the same look on his face. the fun thing about the ending of the show is that there’s room for everybody to come back and be a part of it, and i hope they all want to. would be a wasted opportunity not having her deal with the widow-dating again situation. the fickle songstress decided to try her hand at television, and was handed a development deal by fox. but it can work, and it would be nice if the writers acknowledged that. while the new mckinley kids were dull as dishwater, the new york episodes just don’t captivate me like glee: season one did. i notice that in all of rm’s shows, they start of fantastic and lose momentum—he’d be better as a kick starter than a writer. i’m sure they had finn on the path to becoming a teacher and an eventual reconciliation with rachel…. as a show becomes more popular, it’s harder to stay true to its initial message due to fan expectations, but if one succeeds, it shows their talent and passion for writing. i think it’s a good message to young women that your life doesn’t need to revolve around finding a man and you can just be content by yourself. it’ll just be for our imaginations, and it’ll feel right for finn’s memory. teri and figgins together that’s the worse they never had any love connection on the show so why now and if u don’t like the show then why bother wasting ur time on thinking wat rm doing for season 6 if u liked glee before well guess who wrote it and also i’m pretty sure he busy think wat going to happen next he doesn’t have people telling him wat to do he does it all by himself and now that cory passed away he doesn’t even now and now he has to figure it out on his own thank you very much for nothing and if u don’t want to see season 6 that’s ur problem keep in ur ass nobody wants to know and if u don’t want to see season 6 well then who begging u to. or they can do the dream season like dallas did 20 some years ago and have kurt or someone wake up from a horrible season-long nightmare and start over again and get it right. looking into each other eyes and seeing a constant reminder of the kid they gave up it’s not a good recipe for long standing happiness. problem with rm is that he has made glee a vehicle for fan-service: instead of serving the show’s needs, he’s taking advice from a select amount of fans as to how it should continue. also, i bet the last scene is rachel involved in a “meet cute” with some guy and we are left with knowing that she found someone. think puck and quinn should stay together and maybe get beth back? they had the tribute, the tattoo in 5×05, and some sad looks that could mean just about anything. considering their history and how much finn meant to them both, i thought rib missed a big opportunity by not having those two reach out to each other. think we need to see someone that starts off as a friend (a cute friend, natch) and it almost creeps up on rachel that this is someone she wants to spend time with but they don’t go to that relationship place on the show really. the time jump my theory is that next season will start with kurt graduating from nyada and having all the main characters out of school. (here's a handy master plan for how to cope with your separation anxiety in the eight long months between now and then. also think kurt and blaine will get married next season. and i’ve said it many times before-i bet they name the kid finn. really don’t think they’ll have a permanent split. it looks like just the scenery has changed; they’re not working with story ideas that are properly part of the ny setting or of continuing their lives, they keep pressing reset on character growth, and they’ve already done the good versions of these sls.

Glee jake and marley dating in real life

, he is the only alternative to finn i would accept and that would not feel forced.: funny girl is a financial flop, because nobody buys tickets, because nobody goes to the theatre anymore, and it closes. the storylines and most of the song choices in those episodes fizzled for me. it has had its ups and downs but nothing is better than rachel’s personality and s antanas sarcasm. | what happens to the new kids we met at mckinley [like marley, kitty, unique, etc. i could go on for hours about how tragic glee has become but i will stop for now. when we just had our big 100th episode celebration, i spoke to many of them, and everybody in the cast seems to look back on the show with such fondness and nostalgia. will the last season of glee center around rachel and schue's zany adventures while searching for the great mckinley student-eating black hole? finn was my most favorite character, so, there goes the every man’s dream of a future and how their life will turn out. it really is a lovely, fitting season that dwells on the original people on the show and what happens to them and how they give back. ryan´s vision of finn staying in lima and his sudenn dream to be a teacher (when glee´s stories about teachers are horrible, sad or jokes ) when his biggest fear was to stay lima loser since the pilot, is a great diservice to all his fans who root for the everyman. i really loved jesse and rachel, so i hope they bring him back.’s troll: finn now has sam’s appearance, and chord overstreet wins best male lead in both drama and comedy at the emmys. | glee to end next season, reworked series finale will ‘honor’ finn. maybe she does something else on broadway and hes in it…. if glee can keep up with these relationships the s6 will be a success. i took a really big interest in all of the new kids when they first appeared and didn’t see them as duplicates (except for jake at first). guy n°1 is a theater kind of person, who has the same passions and interests of rachel and is part of the arts/jet set world but is staring out just like her and is not a pretentious a-hole. i am so happy they are focusing on a smaller group and real issues. it was barely even a moment and was never addressed again. i hope she meets someone similar to finn like in her apartment or something and he is non assuming or career driven and can be the friend she needs. she needs to learn that she can be happy and feel good about herself without needing a boyfriend to tell her she’s pretty. and i can’t speak for other people, but for me, doing a straight run-through of 24 episodes just doesn’t seem to be viable. mercedes is beautiful just the way she is and perfect for sam." given that the last time we saw them they were despondent because their beloved glee club had been disbanded, it would be nice to know that they somehow ended up happy and fulfilled. she brakes up/it doesn’t work with one of them because she feels she’s not ready, but in the end she has the possibility to choose between the 2 and chooses…. knew that with heather being a new mom, she was going to have a hard time being on season 5 after the 100th and 101st episodes. it really wouldn’t have been out of place for them to go in that direction in order to salvage the story of the show. there might be hope for the last season,if they manage to write a few good storylines and create a nice atmosphere between the characters.? it wasn’t about a high school glee club for me so much as these kids. i gave up on glee until the move to new york. people also complain about the song choices, once again rib decided that the high school cast should sing top 40 hits even though it makes no since that the original glee clubbers, who are only two years older than them, know all these old classics but the newbies only know songs that came out after 2000 besides the beetles. the story is so incomplete and the writers don´t have a clue how to do a closer. i get so annoyed with the squandered potential of both glee and amhs. finn was going to sort of take over the glee club and rachel was going to be off having her new york adventures. the other glee characters realize this person’s good for her, give each other knowing glances, make sure to include him, don’t tease her about it, and just stand back and wait. Dating whatsapp groups in zimbabwe

Who is jake from glee dating in real life

when cory passed away, part of the story as we had imagined it didn’t make sense anymore, really. murphy not only has a firm grasp of exactly how glee will end, he also knows which two characters will be in the “powerful and moving” final scene. get new and upcoming writers who’ve not yet been established to write the show– they’ve been watching and they probably have better ideas. she stated, and he confirmed, that she did not want a romance this season but they hinted at one almost right away with sam. i always saw finn as the hub, he controlled the center which allowed everyone else to spin around while he kept it all safe and going in the right direction. then i realize that’s what i want to see, rachel actually dealing with it and not masking it by throwing herself into school or work. she should move on, especially if there’s passage of time between this season and the next. based on the writing of this young couple’s relationship as a persistantly problematic one since season four (and ryan murphy’s own comments about the characters in this q&a session did not seem ecouraging), i get the impression that viewers might be getting set up for the permanent split of the couple (engaged though they may be at the moment). just read any of the “glee” comment sections on here sometime, the variety of opinions on one character alone would make it difficult to know what to do with said character. was a joke as a teacher and i hope anyone thinking they want to be a teacher won’t model what he did. besides, it was really clear that finchel was going to be endgame no matter what, and it would be hard to watch rachel with someone else other than finn. best end to the klaine relationship would be kurt realizing how bad it’s been for him and finding his self-respect again. ryan murphy has said called klaine “endgame” and has said that his plans for klaine are “eternity. the only part of lima we saw was scandal and finn and rachel’s homes. there was a moment between sam and her because she was homesick and he was close to finn. i think the writers were waiting for fan reaction and they got it – a big no. i’d very much like it to be wrapped up in a positive note during the last season of glee.’ve spoken about it before, but the big plan of what the series was going to be and how it was going to end was radically changed when cory [monteith] passed away. he makes junk up last minute and people think he’s genius. don’t make one of the lead characters only tell half a s torym dont make us fall in love with her and not give us all the details of her life. i love finn and think he and rachel were great together but i think rachel and jesse would make a great couple too. we had like 3 years chronological, and then a half a year one season, then the next season was the other half of the academic year at mckinley, and by the end of the season, its a new academic year for the new yorkers. then at the end of season 3 it became the uptight spoiled girl gets everything that she wants while all of her friends crash and burn show. we’ll revisit some of the new kids that came and went, there’s a return of the [sue] and [will] in a big way. or even worse, use heather like they used demi and we barely (if ever) get to see her on screen. jeez, i wonder why i didn’t think of that and had to pay back almost 50,000 in student loans? and this show has been so inspiring that the relationships shouldn’t be your main focus but the problems that the couples go through because they are real, those problems exsist in real life and i think that’s his main goal. i think the horrific death of her “person” should at the very least result in rachel focusing on other things in life, not exclusive to becoming a star, either. i don’t think the show will ever get back to the popularity of the first and second season and i think the focus will be to just give it a proper and respectful ending. santana returned to nyc for rachel's opening night, and fans were thrilled to hear that brittany would also be returning for the season finale. in addition to previewing this season’s five remaining big apple-set episodes (including this week’s highly enjoyable outing, “tested”), murphy opened up about the big idea he and co-creators brad falchuk and ian brennan are cooking up for season 6’s 24-episode farewell, which cast members will be invited to participate, and whether we have seen the last of mckinley high. my third favorite will be in ny and as (spoiler) in the next couple of episodes. i still love most of glee’s characters and that is why it is hard to let go of the mess that glee became. i’ve been following her for five years i want to know who she becomes intimate with and where she has decided to go in her career. but as for the future, it’s a lot of discussion, and it’s something that we’ll consult with lea about. plus with fans knowing that they were a real life couple, its risky to have her character date…it might not be a popular idea. 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she’ll have a hit with her song but soon realise fame isn’t for her and she’ll work as a director instead? and, rm don’t insinuate that lea had a role in the script, it’s not her fault. ahs could be great, but he does a shoddy job and ends up with so many plot holes. puck will stay in the army, only returning for he reunion and mike and tina will get back together… they will meet unexpectedly and she will calm the flip down, become down to earth again and re-fall in love. blake was the only one of the new kids that had any real acting ability. ideally for me, season six would be about rachel moving forward with her life and at the end of it, she’d get to a place where she can finally date again and we’d maybe only get a glimpse of what that future looks like. in its last season, they should stop making it so that a character can’t be single and happy, and just let rachel dwell in the joy of her success. you realize how little storyline rachel has had this season? she’s 20 years old and just starting what could be a brilliant career. with a time jump, rachel will still be in her early 20’s and beginning a big career. for example, you’ve seen a lot more of the kurt and blaine relationship, and we’re heading towards what’s going to happen to them. his loss has not been allowed to resonate, nor has his life; there have been no callbacks whatsoever to all the support he gave rachel, for years, before anybody else did (when everyone else, even kurt, was picking on her and mr. i would say “explosion” is too harsh of a word, but something big happens, and the final season is the aftermath of that. you're anything like us, then your world fell apart a little when you heard the announcement that glee season 6 won't start until january of 2015. i think everybody wants to come back and end that story correctly, so that’s our answer. i hated when the glee kids became just like the people they were rebelling against. but her and jon are like bffs and he would be some she could be comfortable with…. i know they are using the ahs coven location and they can start a circus-ish glee club and perform for the orginals(klaus will love a bite from bit lip sam evans). and then the love of ryan murphys life dies and he gives up. other entertainment sites have the same interviews but with different edits and in one ryan has commented that all that’s been going on with marriage equality/doma will be addressed next season. i don’t think people realize that the only reason the lima side sucked is because the writing made it that way.! besides i think that lea’s and jon’s friendship would make things easier for lea..and her presence would also be needed in any resolution of quinn and puck and beth. i think klaine’s story has been, or it was as it first began to be developed, one,if not the, most original and inspiring ones of this show. don´t get me started in that crap they did with sam and rachel in “move on” episode… don´t get me wrong, rachel is 18 years old shw will move on eventualy but why do we need to “wacth” a new li if this show is close to end? thought the same, esp b/c he is also friends with lea michele in real life so they have a comfort level too. also, they know beth is being taken care of by shelby and is happy. and if the writers’ room is actively debating whether to give rachel a new romance, as was said above in the interview, then that cuts against both claims of him following her lead and thoughts that he’s being sensitive to her on this. murphy is such a coward, he is going to shift the responsibility of rachel’s love life onto to lea after lea very clearly stated she has no control over the direction of rachel’s love life and ryan is the one to make story line decisions. she probably wasn’t strong enough to do a lot of the heavy grieving scenes early on, but that is much different than having sam half naked and the “ah ha” moment. the kurt/klaine story has been very important to me personally and i think it would be a horrid mistake for the writers to separate them permanently. i get that she needs to move on, and she will, but if they give her a new boyfriend, it will give off the idea that she needs a relationship to be happy.” i think, if anything, they’ll amicably split at the end of season 5 (and have blaine move to la) with the idea of exploring their careers and knowing that they’re soulmates destined to end up together. having her date again would just seem forced and would just be for the sake of having her end up with someone and would fall flat because it won’t have the built up and the history the finn and rachel did maybe if the show had more seasons and i trusted the writers more i would be all for seeing her dating and find love again and since none of those thing are going to happen no just have raching success and find ways to honor finn and all he ment to her. while i am happy that some of the original characters are still part of the show, i think it should still be about a high school glee club, which is why the show is called glee. … the time jump to them 15-20 years, and then we look back at their careers, etc. How do you hook up a amp gauge

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think something should happen between rachel and jesse, he’s directing her tv show or something. forget that since lea and cory were dating that is was all intertwined for her and moving past the death of a loved one takes lots of time. they cd hound rekindle but then i think she should tell him they they have to end it because she realizes that she loves him, but is not in love with home and that he is not the one for her. abc only gave private practice a 13 episode final season and that made a heck of a lot more sense than glee does or has in awhile. so next season glee will be focused in hollywood as all the cast are involved in rachel’s movie! year we did 20 episodes, and the reason we did 20 was because we had a three-week delay because of cory’s passing. that’s a really hard, very painful, very difficult thing for the show. i think they were really good together, when he wasn’t lying to her. and which cast members will  be back for the final season? should have asked what happened to sugar and that dude with the dreads! has been one of glee's "endgame" couples ever since they first kissed in the season 2 episode "original song" — and since the passing of cory monteith/finn hudson made a finchel happy ending impossible, they became the show's most important romantic pairing. that could have been so relateable – a jock being gay and kurt (or the glee kids in general) helping him accept himself as he is. didn’t you notice that his screentime was getting shorter and shorter. think they should leave rachel and lea alone about romance. seeing misfits try to be adults in the real world appeals to me. people can take several years to get back into the dating game, and for someone at a young age as lea’s, it can take even longer. and do you know who will be a part of season 6? this show was always about a high school glee club for me. i get the feeling that each episode will center on a character and some sort of ‘adventure’ that involves others from the show in some way and that highlights that particular character’s life and quirks. bet rachel will be a huge success, and will be offered a chance to make a movie. not that i agree with the sentiments but it would have been interesting to hear ryan’s comments around the so-called experts who hate blaine and sam. we’re also going to be dealing with the sam and mercedes relationship. i think not giving her one sends a message that women can be successful in life after a tragedy and without a man by her side! is back, next week and amber looks to be staying as well. she really loved him, and the writers can have her move on without finding a new man for her to be with. maybe i’m biased because i’m canadian and it’s legal here, but you need to relinquish your automatic judgement of another person’a profession. has been too dependent on having a guy in her life and she doesn’t need to do that anymore. i much rather would have seen sue and the “new kids” back at mckinley! as for the comments about ryan murphy, i love this show and the characters and most of the story lines. to skip this along to a “should she move on” or having other characters talk to her about moving on is disgraceful, especially given that it simplifies a complex situation that the actress is dealing with and should be left to deal with herself. | glee vet naya rivera addresses exit rumors: ‘people take little things and blow them up’. if the show had slowly let go of the old characters, we could’ve had the opportunity to really fall in love with the new characters. we have to pause and think, “what are we going to do with rachel? he shouldn’t have introduced the newer characters and stuck with the originals now he has more to work on than he needed. would love some giant romantic storyline with them i think it would be a great way to also incorporate finn and the decision might be hard for rachel because of her history with the two. i can only imagine the hurt,pain and grief lea is experiencing through all of this. Speed dating in new york city

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i know the whole situation is awkward since they were dating in real life, but i do agree that finn’s passing seems to be lost in the shuffle now. we really loved all of those actors, and they did a great service to the show. she wasn’t really in love with either jesse or brody, so they would need to build those re-do’s. he took advantage of her insecurities, got her drunk and the agreement was that he would use protection, which he didn’t and as a result, he got her pregnant. it seems half the fans who want a new rachel´s li never got finchel or glee´s methapore even if ryan and brad said it so many times before. i would say “explosion” is too harsh of a word, but something big happens, and the final season is the aftermath of that. success is debatable but she has, i think, 3 movies coming out this year and keeps getting cast on more. glee has had some pretty good episodes as of late in ny. Murphy not only has a firm grasp of exactly how Glee will end, he also knows which two characters will be in the "powerful and moving" final scene. and let sam stay in nyc or move to la and be a model. michele's rachel berry has been the star of glee ever since she asserted to mr. they focused so much on blaine and sam that there was little time to develop a good storyline for the new kids. i think the show is just taking into account that lea and cory were in fact a real life couple, so maybe they’re trying to respect that. everything from it becoming blee to tina becoming a bitch to sam being a moron was all in an attempt to make the show better whereas this show definitely had the potential to become the next degrassi, bringing in new and fresher characters every year, instead they couldn’t create more than a total of seven individual characters with the rest acting as tweaked duplicates. the lima characters were sad shadows of the real glee cast. basically there may be story arcs dedicated to certain characters and probably ny, la, lima. i realize i’m repeating myself on some of my criticisms, but it sounds like murphy’s talking about a different show than the one he actually made. please, writers, whatever you do, give us at least one episode of brittana and their sweet lady kisses, just so we know they ended up together and happy. all in all in my opinion i will not feel like the show had completed itself until we know fully where rachels life stands., this is the same show where rachel called mr shue (season 4) to thank him for putting together don´t stop believing when he quited glee club and was on his way out mckinley while finn reunited the original 6, got the music and the kids put up the performance who made mr. he was great and they had great chemistry until they turned him into a prostitute. also i think people just don’t get that some of the earlier regulars have other things going on and can’t be on as much. to me is the only acceptable “”replacement”” of finn and since they already have history, it’d be nice. show should have set out a 4, 5 or 6 year plan and stuck with it. in the end, people can’t really say lima was boring and the characters sucked because they are only that way because rib decided to make them that way. i don’t know), and successful careers too, please (puck in the army and yale graduate quinn…. ryan is just being sensitive to her emotional needs and doesn’t want to push her and that’s a good thing. if it weren’t for his mastermind glee wouldn’t even exist. anyone who thinks writing scripts is easy, go ahead and try it before you criticize. to be inspirational and let people know that it is possible. i don’t think rachel needs another man in her life right now. she came and did four episodes and really loved it. when is it ok for rachel to start dating again? defiantly agree… now that rachel is in the broadway/tv show circuit, it could be really easy for rm to write jesse back in the´s not “satisfying” for me and i´m not sorry to say it aloud. i miss the youthful energy and one-liner insults and high school rivalries…not to mention sectionals, regionals, and nationals.

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wish you would have asked ryan if there was any chance of a glee spinoff, after next season? she fine on her own for now with her dream, career and friends, but at least she knows that there are opportunities out there to love again whenever she’ll feel like it. yeah, to terri, even if it’s not legal in some areas, that doesn’t stop people from getting involved in it and using it as a means to pay their way through school. was but one of the revealing takeaways from an intimate, glee-centric q&a the show’s exec producer conducted with a few select outlets (tvline included) on monday. hints from showrunner ryan murphy and michele herself suggest that the series will end with rachel coming full circle: back to lima, ohio. he was plastic and wooden and he had no chemistry with lea. the only thing that that statement hinted to is maybe a 10 yr reunion where she goes back, sees schue and maybe takes the plaque with her, or leaves her tony next to the plaque for finn’s honor. yes it’s a distraction and part of moving on but i don’t think rachel can move on without dealing with finn first. i’m glad the show will let us see what happened to the kids left behind and that way their stories aren’t left unresolved. i don’t watch degrassi and probably never will but it sounds genius. i’m enjoying watching her fill the void of finn by focusing on her career and her friends and her new life! sam should get a girlfriend and be a model and move to the back ground a bit.… his acting was so bad, and he did not have chemistry with lea. wonder if something happens at mckinley to make them all realize where home is. i think she would be willing to come back and do a couple more, but right now, heather wants to focus on being a mom. really hope that rachel doesn’t have a new love interest. he makes stuff up on the fly and it ends up crappy..and yet even in tonight’s episode “tested” she barely says his name? there have been real life couples who have gotten back together after giving up their child at a young age. really think that everything that happened with cory just made everything so different and messed with the order of things. i think the ending has to be a reflection and a celebration of how far all those characters have come. and again long live samcedes i love their characters and the new story lines. did anyone think that a love interest for rachel would be mainly handled offscreen. i don’t know if rm got bored or what happened, but it was a major fail and the ratings proved it. schue, and it returns them to their origins, their roots, how they felt about each other when they were much younger and everything was idyllic. i’ve been a teacher for over 20 years and did a lot of eye-rolling when it came to him.’m going to miss mckinley but i suppose with not many characters left there they need to move one; otherwise they’d just be adding more in for the next series… marley should move away from jake and ryder should get a nice girl seem as he’s a nice guy. love it and it keeps sam away from rachel so long live samcedes! they will get together and the last scene we should see with them is rachel thanking him for helping her then falling asleep in his arms while kurt drives to mckinley for the reunion…. i think half of them feel like, yes, rachel should go on, and i think half of them probably feel like no, she shouldn’t. agree with everyone that they should just have rachel focused on her career and building strong bonds with her group of friends and maybe towards the end of the show have her open up the the possibility of dating again just not show it leave that part open ended. should come back, he’s the only guy i can see rachel moving on with and their relationship was adorable anyway. she has said herself it isn’t up to her, and she should not have to shoulder any part of the blame for their crappy story decisions or whatever-that-was they put into 5×06. anyway there are plenty of other relationships going on in this show without the need for her to be in one (the whole quinn-puck relationship felt like it was being shoved down our throats so they could re-create early seasons and couples singing to each other in the choir room – didn’t find it believable at all! we accelerated all those new york stories, and i think that was the right choice. to be quite honest, we just haven’t been able to crack it, because i feel like it’s such a sensitive topic and the fans have such an idea about it.

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think it will be long enough for dianna and kurt to graduate, so that’s two years which will be the same timeline for the newbies to graduate and we can learn about their career goals. are new characters because th glee club needs 12 students to partcipate to communals, regionals and nationals. and ian have done such a good job of working on these stories, particularly the new york stories in the past six episodes, from 14 through 20. was in tonight’s episode and rachel’s response was weird. only happen on soap operas and even then it is when an actor leaves and not after a real life death. marley, jake, ryder, kitty, and unique were never going to live up to the beloved original cast members they were replacing. feuds within the group as they compete for parts and prominence but bizarrely only with each other. when he’s actually being himself, you see him, who he really is, is in the looks he gives rachel. then she’ll raise up the award, and the last line of the show will be: “this isn’t the end, this just the beggining!’d rather she be single and if there is to be a new friend, let it be someone new – no history, a new beginning. and kurt becomes a baptist minister, than republican senator, than president. each season could have been half a school year and the characters could have all stayed on for the entire run in the glee club. shelby had said that she wanted quinn and puck to be part of beth’s life. i am really enjoying the focus on the original group in new york and am really looking forward to the final season. if he can’t take it then he should’ve either handed the show over to someone else or just blow up the dang school with all the cast in it. they made him seem like he was the devil for being a prostitute when his only real mistake was not telling rachel what he was doing. let her be single, let her deal with her grief, let her focus on her career and her dreams and her own life, and then, if she is interested in dating again, she can turn her focus to that once everything else in her life is settled to where she’s happy and comfortable and all that good stuff. they made it look like quinn desperately needed a man in her life just to be happy, when she clearly said in season 4 that she won’t let a man define her. they didn't get to sing a single song in either of the 100th celebration episodes, and they were sent on their not-so-merry way with one lackluster scene where they literally had to sweep the floors. the characters were bland and crappy remakes because rib didn’t bother to make them into their own characters, they were even referred to in the show as their 1. if they were really taking their cues from lea they might either emulate what she did in real life — how she spoke openly about how important cory was to her and his talents — or follow what she’s done herself as callback to finn, like the picture she posted of herself dressed as rachel sitting next to the mckinley drum kit. so in the meantime, we've compiled a list of the dangling plot threads that we need to be wrapped up before glee sings its way into television finale history. i mean the girl lost someone she called her person and her soulmate i think that grants taking a break from focusing on her love life. think they should have recast finn by saying he had an accident that required extensive plastic surgery and take it from there. heck, even kurt got less screentime and less compelling storylines for the sake of the other old characters and he was one of the main characters in the first few seasons. she’s always been so great and so sensitive and been so wise about how to handle that stuff. so we have to make that decision in the next couple of weeks or months: is rachel going to have another romance or does the second half [of rachel’s life], romantically, happen when glee is over? when the show switched between mkh and ny, almost all commenters on this site said the hs bored them now and wanted it just in ny; myself included. instead, anytime they began to give them something good, it was dropped to make room for more rachel berry, santana lopez, blaine anderson, etc. on the rare occasion it has happened, it has been a minor character and not one that was involved in a major storyline. so i think at some point, before we’re done, we’ll see many of them again and find out where they are and check in with them and see how being a part of that glee club legacy affected their lives, as we do with our original characters. a) it’s illegal except for one state i believe, and b) ewwwww,April 15, 2014 at 4:16 pm. i agree, she is young, talented, and needs to just get a good start on her career and just let things happen naturally. also spoke candidly about the “painful” internal conversations surrounding rachel’s romantic future — a topic that’s touched on in tonight’s episode. the characters will be facing the real world and figuring out what they are going to do next. and there will always something there which i think would be great to explore properly in the finale.

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you take into consideration all the meta and the lack of sam singing, it kind of looks like they are listening to the “so called experts” and agreeing lol! finally star child should stay strong and single, and i want him to become a success; he’s a nice guy. aside from rachel and carol (and, fine, kurt too), puck was one of the ones hit hardest by finn’s passing. not *rachel berry and her friends and her ny adventure. not very realistic but glee isn’t exactly know for realism. and then we’ll have the time jump (could be several months, could be a year, could be 5) and we’ll watch kurt and blaine slowly find their way back to one another. life has moved forward and i’m in a good place …i guess people grieve differently and i do respect lea’s decision …just being a little selfish wanting to see rachel go through it cause we all feel the loss of finn and are living it through rachel. his marriage to mercedes is built on broken dreams of stardom and bitterness (and no sex), but oddly it works. we’ll have to see if rm goes down with the ship and admits the writing has been awful the past two seasons. are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. the “new york not being the main setting” leaves room for jane, matthew, and jenna to stay. will stay with demi’s character and brittany will stay single and strange…. still find it hard to believe that ryan and crew where really going to have finn stuck in lima babysitting the newbies and being will. and while some of them grew on us (kitty) and some didn't (marley), there's no denying the horrible send-off they were given this season. after being the focal point of season 4, they were relegated to background characters and props for most of season 5. will it make her want to stay and do more new york shows? blaine shouldn’t have had so much centered around him, sam should’ve remained a sweetheart and not a dumb blonde who was kind of a jerk, tina could’ve had plenty of romance opportunities with the newbies and struggled with defining herself and her future instead of with getting solos. then cory died and i tried to watch in support of lea and the cast, but i gave up completely with the look between sam and rachel. and you have a wealth of experience in teen pregnancy and long lasting relationships? we haven't seen emma since she got pregnant (she gave birth offscreen this season), the writers keep trying to shoehorn sue into plots that don't make sense (falling in love on rachel's opening night), and will has been reduced to a saccharine manchild with no friends his own age. is rachel going to be looking back on those wonderful high school years when even many of her club-mates bullied her and the teacher let them, and give the teacher the credit for her growth while ignoring her late love who was often the only one who supported her? marley’s bulimia story and unique’s whole transgender thing could’ve been golden opportunities for rib to write more award-winning storylines like with kurt. like jesse and jon, but he is unacceptable as an endgame for rachel. not to mention how disrespectful it would be to cory’s memory, lea and the cast and crew that loved him. am so sone with glee now, but i said it befor and i’ll say it again, if jenna is back, then so am i. with rivera's status on the show still up in the air and heather morris hesitant to recommit to the show full-time due to her status as a new mother, we're horrified at the prospect that we may never see the happy ending these two lovebirds deserve. i’ve said it before, and it was even in cory’s eulogy, but that was the ending of the show for me, these two star-crossed lovers having a happy ending and both getting their dreams. and while taking fans into account is important, not many have a great grasp on story/character progression. i think it’s only right that the show grew with us and vice versa. there was no way to physically produce those episodes and get them on the air in the month of may. truth is the newbies did not pan out and with death of cory causing them to have reevaluate the whole show as well as causing them to loose more viewers they had to cut ties with lima to try to salvage their audience and ryan is just using that as a convenient excuse to save face to justify his actions. season 2 was kind of enjoyable but they stopped focusing on being who you are and being fine with it. and no, i don’t trust his idea of what is “satisfying” either. i think they are tossing some of the blame on lea and that is so unprofessional. that’s actually true in real life and it happens a lot on broadway.” this year what we decided to do was to remove the equation of anybody coming in and taking finn’s place, because i don’t really think that’s possible.