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, i'm nearly 20 now and i've just been diagnosed with autisim and i've always felt lonely and i've tried dating sites.

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has a very limited social life but is so wanting to find a girlfriend and has been joining various well known dating agencies online ( and spending quite a bit of money to do it ) but he is finding it hard to accept that his aspergers may put people off .

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but it’s these nonverbal cues that pose the biggest challenge for the dating aspergian.

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Saperstein says he made lots of mistakes while dating as a young man with Asperger's.

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fact, having a dating mentor is critical for any aspergian, whether it’s during high school when most teens are just starting to date and fall in love or later on: “my parents and older sister often gave me tips about neat date ideas, and how to proceed with a new relationship,” says shrand.

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but online dating can also be just as loaded with those subtle cues and implied rules as cruising for dates in the usual spots.

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rachel canis, who runs chicago’s best foot forward dating service (and who gains extra insight from raising a 10-year-old daughter with asperger’s), recalls trying to freshen up the image of one middle-aged aspergian woman who “thought wearing makeup was false advertising.

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online dating is all about letting go, and a lot of hidden signals.

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, that sounds like good advice for anyone who’s dating — including nts!

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there - i have to say that all of the so called normal dating sites seem to attract people who either want just physical contact or are not quite normal themselves lol - whatever that is - i hope your son finds what he is looking for - i have given up for now and am very happy abate a little sad that i could never keep a relationship going - sylvia.

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below, we’ll explain some of the traits aspergians must deal with while dating and building romantic relationships.

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men who are dating often need to be told point-blank to dial back on their obsessions in order to better interact with a love interest.

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and he shouldn't have to downplay it for acceptance in dating or any other area of human experience b, our people are not evenly split across gender making asv dating likely to be v competitive c are there safeguarding protocols?