I am dating a guy but like someone else

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    I am dating a guy but like someone else


    I am dating a guy but i like someone else

    but not long before we were dating i felt myself falling for my best friend, this was difficult enough as i didn't know whether to tell her and find out if she felt the same or to keep quite and just be happy i had her as a friend but feel depressed for god knows how long (i didn't tell her, i think this wad a mistake). the big thing for me is i dont want to wonder later what my future couldve been with this guy, he is alot older than me and that could be part of what i like about him cuz i feel ready to start my life with someone and my current bf is barely working has no license, its just all a pile of confusion that will come over in time i guess but any advice i would be grateful for. your significant other is texting someone more interesting than youby drewlaskey9. :( i am dating a wonderful guy whom i love and have so much in common with. night about 5 months ago we were in the same place and for some reason she caught my eye. billy is just so inspiring and amazing, and i just cant stop thinking about him..i guess bcuz my girlfriend and i have been arguing a lot lately i see it that i dnt wana deal wit da drama anymore. i have only been dating my gf for a month and we get along great. it seemed like she didn't have the same feelings, and i got rejected and hurt. but i would feel like an asshole leaving my bf for this guy especially since we both need time to get over our first loves. but my girlfriend and i don’t get that spark like when we used to ( 1-2 yrs of being in a relationship) i really love her but it hurts me that i like some one else, its like a crush. i know i'm hurting the new guy as well, as he obviously know i'm still with my boyfriend, despite me showing signs of attraction towards him. i am 20 and have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years, and until a month or so ago i thought he was the one i would later marry and have kids etc and discussed all this with him.  5 years ago i actually love this article, i am 25 years old have been in a relationship for 7 years, inwhich my boyfriend is in the armed forces, we have just gone through our 3rd 6 month tour of duty but things have changed dramatically. how do i know that i am choosing the right one? 5 years ago im in a long distance relationship wit this guy me and him started dateing about some weeks later i met this guy that lives closer to me he asked me to date him and this may sound selfish but im now dateing him too i made that stupid mistake on my part i will admit im so stuck i have no idea what im going to do i like them both but i just cant let go of them i just need some help letting go of one of them without hurting him. 1st how much do you love the person your with at the moment are you willing to give up for years for another guy that might or might not work. 6 years ago i've been with my boyfriend for 2 years on thursday, for the first time since i've known him i find myself attracted to someonelse i barely know at work. i think it's been a week that i and this new guy never had a communication.**i've gone to the same school as jordan since kindergarten, now i'm a sophomore in high school and he is a junior. agree with huntingothers' comment that its like "cheating in your head" when you like someone else., withholding relevant details about your feelings and desires in terms of your relationships is the same as lying. an old flame came back into my life and id like to think he fell for me just as hard as i fell for him.'m in a situation like this aswell :( basically, i have been with my boyfriend for nearly 7 months now (which is the longest both of us have been in a relationship for) we've both met each other's families and i really thought he was the one i was destined to marry. i also know that i can't spend 17 years with someone i don't truely love., where i am right now is caught between my ex who clearly wants me back, my feelings toward the guy i've been crushing on for years who i apparently missed out on my only opportunity at getting because i was crushed over the idiot who tried to use me to cheat which whom my ex spent a night with (which hurt me more), and my ex's most recent ex whom i am now feeling myself slightly drawn toward. i think it's just a crush but i'm scared it's going to develop into something else and i have no idea how to deal with it. i dont want to tell the other person how i feel because eventhough we flirt, its not like i know he feels the same, so to me is not worth it. i am his first and only girlfriend so i understand that he doesn't have a lot of experience with handling things. if you are dating one person but secretly wishing you were with somebody else, then that’s a problem. he also shares my hobby and lives a lot closer than my current (who is at the other end of the country, while the new guy lives in my city). i am hurt, and i don't know what to do. i never planned to cheat on my boyfriend or anything like that, i love him soo much, but the chemistry i have with this guy just took me over in the moment. girl 5 years ago so, i've been in love with this guy for over a year, but he moved to australia. or choose this new guy, a guy i adore, a guy who adores me, but a choice of uncertainty. we are planning on getting married and our families know.. and i don't blame him, since i'd say although we're great friends, we're not really "compatible" in the romantic way, because we'll have to do long distance, at least until college is over.'s the excitement of fresh sensations and someone giving us attention that hooks us but is it really worth spoiling a relationship that may just need a little spicing up?!and if you can, i'll check back to this website and see if someone responded to help me. but here's the catch i really have a thing for the first guy's cousin who i have met but haven't hung out much but i feel bad cuz i'd rather talk to him then my bf. the thing is that i keep seeing this other guy everywhere i go and it weird how much we run into eachother. on the other hand, if the people who love you the most are begging you to get away from someone, then that person’s probably not the one for you. told the other guy i liked him but he said he only liked me a little. the other guy has been patiently waiting for me since september of 2011. afetr my current boyfriend and i split up for the 3rd time i started dating this boy and we soon were boyfriend and girlfriend. i hope that you have the courage to go for the one that you love, whether if it's your current bf or someone else. but at the same time he loves me so much and always talks about us growing old together having a family. the stunner turned out to be a player, he would say that he wouldn’t be with anyone else and that i would be perfect to introduce to his child blah blah but would then ignore me and go a bit crazy and scared when i asked him on a date. i, you, most of us here have filled in the gaps about these men and imagined these guys to be so brilliant that they are destined to be disappointments. & she always is saying how she'll wait until he's 45 till im gone, that she only loves him, he's the only guy for her and so on.- 5 years ago ok heres the thing im in love with my boyfriend and i thought nothing could go wrong in the last few weeks we have gotten closer but during this time me and this guy who i am reall good friends with admitted he liked me and before i was with my boyfriend i had feelings for him but after spending more time with this guy i find i am more attracted to him, i dont know what to do about this cause i know its not fair on my boyfriend and the guilt is killing me ! not theirs and i'm 18 i'm still young and as much as my bf and i have talked about being together for the rest of our lives i feel like i'm just his first love that he's going to always have in his heart but just learn off of for his next relationships because i'm his first real relationship and i know that were still young and we pretty much have the rest of our lives to find our soulmates idk maybe i'm being selfish but i don't wanna let him go and i don't wanna dump him for some guy maybe i should just be single an have fun? but i've known my boyfriend since the 3rd grade and i just met this guy like a week ago. the guy i'm with is fun but i feel like were just going through the motions and there isn't much excitement! but the thing is, i dont know if he feels the same towards me, because he knows im taken. i am attracted to him physically, and because we work at the same place, we see each other often.. because he doens't want to do the same thing to me two more years down the road.  we work for same company but rarely see each other at work as in different departments. or maybe it’s someone else in your life you wish you could be with. dont know if i really like this new guy or if i just like the attention. 2 weeks ago i'm in the same way but it started really weird i was on facebook and got a add from a guy who's my usual type and my current boyfriend well he's different to what i normally go for and he started messaging me (the new guy who added me ) saying he knew i was taken but i was to beautiful for my boyfriend and i began chatting to him which i wish i never did because after that i meet with this new guy 3 times but nothing happened we just hung out like we was mate but then other day he called me when he was high and admitted he missed me and called me his boo and now i'm really confused because i did break up with my current boyfriend for a week and then got nagged by the mum saying i let something good get away , the first week was fine i thought i did a good thing but then i basically meet up with my ex and took him back but i can't stop thinking about the other guy because i feel like he truly has my heart and i don't know what to do because i feel like the other guy likes me but might be a player but i don't know he could be genuine nice it's confusing but i have decided to try with my boyfriend but i just wish the other guy was laying next to me at night and that's not right. 6 years ago hi, i am in a similar situation to most of you.?guys girls please help me out both the guys are nice. on the other hand, if i have children, that will mean i am committing myself to a relationship which i am not sure fulfils my needs. am i suppost to be having these feelings, is it normal? i'm considering running off back home to met this guy. but we talk all the time and i even dream about him. i've recently been in contact with him and he told me he feels the same way.. if you choose to be with someone then your moral obligations are to that person, and yes if you think your gona have feelings or lusty thoughts about someone else then own up to it don’t f$&@kn beat around the bush with it! just talk to him about the 2 of you and try to be clear about your interests, if you realize he doesn't care much about getting involved in the same things you like, then you can take advantage of that and ask him for some time not only for you but for him as well, if he accepts immediately, then that is a clear sign he is not into you. it possible to really be in love with 2 guys at the same time? in my new circle of friends, ive been hanging around with this guy, who always gives me lifts to places, we share the same passion when it comes to music and belief as well. 7 years ago this choice is never easy do you stay with the person youv been with for a long time who you love but things just arnt the same or do you go with the person who can always put a smile on your face and make you get that fuzzy feeling but they know your taken and may find some one else its a hard choice with lots of strings. i am aware that my boyfriend loves me but like you, i dont even think he notices the change in my behaviour or realises just how boring our relationship is.  do you have any family or friends you can talk to about this problem? 5 years ago i've been with my boyfriend for almost two years now and i keep getting little crushes on other guys. i feel more happy when im around this other person, but im not one to break hearts and tell me current baby momma i feel out of love with her and falling for someone else, which i cant tell anyone if me and my co-worker do get together because it could ruin both our careers. i just don't know how i can stop wanting to kiss this other guy. but as a responsible person i m committed to be there for my family. braker 5 years ago it's nice and sad to know there are so many people in the same situation as i am. but my whole family and dylan hate him, because we lost it to eachother. but i also have a life, i came yesterday to ma home and everysingle second am thinking of x, talking to her. i just love going out with a lot of girls in a small space of time and i start to wonder when it will stop an i will sette down with someone. my guilt pushed me to stay with my boyfriend but my passion pushed me to the other guy. 6 years ago i have exactly the same situation, i am happy in my current relationship but its that wonder factor thats killing me. then now i recently met a guy whos a family friend and it was an instant attraction, hes older more mature, and i think about him all the time. actually a guy and here is my situation:She has been with this guy for 6 years and they are living together. i am datin diz person n we bn 2getha fa 10 mnths n in n love bt dis person lks me n i dnt knw wat 2 do n 2 day we kiss n i didnt feel nun wat should i do help meh! and this guy did a pretty damn good job of comforting me. so today, my guy friend tells me he likes me a lot, and i told him i liked him as well.

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    What to Do When You Like Someone Else?

    I am dating a girl but i like someone else

    so my gf left me for another guy it was the most depressing times of my life. i dont like who i am when i am with my current boyfriend. guy likes more of the same music i do, makes me laugh, talks about things instead of being quiet. i have been in a relationship with my girlfriend for a year and a half and she is such a great girl and everything has been going good besides a little arguing here and there but nothing serious, and in this last week the lady i live with that lives in her house literally 15 seconds away from where i live, her cousin the same age as me is down to visit for a month and i have been hanging out with eachother and have grown strong feelings for eachother, and i feel she is such a great girl for me. i feel like me and the new guy are rather different, and i'm really at a loss on what to do. we've been dating for half a year and he was my guy best friend before we started dating. i tried to get this new guy outta my head but i cant. wait on him to maybe pick me r find someone else? really wants to be with me but doesnt want to be a homewrecker, i believe i have finally found my "dream girl" but is it too late? 2 days later, i went back and we talked even more and i felt the same. like when you just get in a relationship and you're really happy because you found someone. of course i'm not gonna lie this new guy is a lot more attractive than my bf and taller but i'm still confused. i love my bf but i think i cant be happy with him anymore because i fond happiness somewhere else. but the reason why i chose my boyfriend in the end was not because he was a “safe option”, but because he also means a lot to me and i would not be able to forgive myself if i lose someone like him because of some crush, lust and irrational thoughts. he lives in another state, but are families are close so we see eachother atleast 3 times a year for extended visits. have the same problem i guess,i have been in a relationship for 6 months but i never loved him. someone who treats you like you need to be treated and makes you happy. 4 years ago i just turned 15 yesterday, and i've only been dating this kid a year older than me for 2 months but i've been hanging out with the guy my own age that i've had a crush on for forever a lot lately. im just new to all of this, never had a long term gf before her, and then all of a sudden ive got this other girl saying she likes me and im starting to get the same feeling back towards her.. i have never loved anyone as much as i love him and i dont think ill ever find anyone else like him. my best friend is dating jordan's older brother and she says everytime shes at his house jordan is fighting with her over something dumb she got mad about. there's no space for anything else & all i can think of is him. the thing is i think i have fallen for a guy in work i have worked with him 4 years and we have such a laugh togeather and he really like me too. know i love my boyfriend and it sucks to feel this way trust me i really didn't go out there and look for someone else to fall for. a few months ago i started falling for my best friend, i told him that and he told me the same thing. if i said the same thing with my current girl friend i would feel like i made a cock up as i don't feel very strong for her. love him because is my first guy my first love. 7 years ago well, i randomly searched for a question on the internet and came across this. i love my boyfriend with all my heart and i believe that this guy is just filling the gaps i have inside when my boyfriend doesnt call and realize i still exist; its sad when he is over 1500miles away. i don't want to do anything i might regret all because i've developed feelings for this new guy. the first guy is really sweet, smiles at me all the time (especially on the bad days), and comforts me when i need it. recently, i started dating someone who i care very very deeply for. the problem is that i do not know if he feels the same way with me. most of my friends are guys and they all seem to fall for me. as in he can talk to a ton of girls but he yells at me when i talk to one guy. in high school, there were only two other gay guys besides myself. anyway, now that i'm dating my current gf after 6 months i just began going into a massive downer and have been thinking about my bestfriend almost constantly, i just can't get her out of my mind. yesterday i found out that the guy i like likes me back. little did he know, i only suggested the kiss because i've had this crush on my guy friend for a little while.. then he said he wants me back and we are still sorting things out now its really hard for both of us but really hard for him as i stayed over night for a couple of days at this lads house, we have told each other everything there is to say but it was so hard to tell the lad i have got close to that am sorting things out with my ex as he had feelings for me more than i had for him i think i have messed everything up. recently i met a girl in my cousins wedding and we talk a lot and now we have a kind of relation and she knows about my marriage she is asking me to leave her and get married but i am not being able to leave her and also i want to get married with my girlfriend but i dont want to hurt my recent girlfriend i want to keep both of them but i cant so i cant see any help and i m confused. but i am not someone that will give up my career to raise children. were actually both game towards that "making out" term however as the day passes recently we've been constant textm8s and also when he's around theres something in me that tickles when i see him,  for me i feel like i'm getting tied or attached to that guy. in my situation loose someone regardless but i don’t want to flooded my partner if my crush is just a crush because i can’t have him. to use another adage, if it's not broke, don't fix it/ don't build mountains out of mole hills/ don't break up with your girlfriend of six years for someone you've known for a month. know it's hard to tell your emotions apart when you feel really passionate about someone, but try not to get confuse between passion and love. are feeling unhappy in your current relationship and i sense it is feeling a little "stale" to you, you say there is a "spark" with the other guy. Either the person you're already dating is going to be hurt because you will probably either leave him or her or try for a while to date. had you shared your feelings with your current boyfriend, including the new feelings that came up with your old friend, you would have instantly taken away your freedom to explore this other potential, or you would have freed yourself to leave your boyfriend if his response did not illicit a renewing of your relationship. in the mean time i met this guy who is so perfect. sometimes people project "the perfect lover" onto someone else because they've got a notion in their head that this other person will meet every single need - it's probably why people tend to get major crushes on movie and television stars. well just recently one of my old childhood crushes came back into my life. i have even met other men that i like and want to spend time with, it’s not like it’s this one guy..--> (to my partner), but i can't help the feeling that because of my stupidity and being a flirt, im messing up something, like myself and our relationship,I dunno whats happenin' now coz, the txting marathon we had for 2 weeks that almost lasted several hours suddenly went off ( we haven't done anything yet just to let u know) i juz dunno what happen.!Layla  6 years ago oh my gosh i didn't realise how many people are in the same situation as me. i m with my family just for my child as i want to give him better life and want his hero. i eventually broke up with the guy i was dating at the time. i got butterflies when he talked about moving back and he always expressed the same feelings. 7 years ago i've been with my gf for 2 months now and i really love her a lot more than any girl i have dated and i've been in a lot of relationships,but about 1 week ago her friend and i have been hanging out a lot and we're always talking about stuff we have so much in common sometimes we always make each other happy and it feels like we were made for each other she even said she wished we both met when we weren't in a relationship and i feel the same way too. don’t end it because you like someone else, end it because the relationship isn’t working out. his family, is very sweet, but they treat him like he's 10. i am beginning to find him irritating and difficult and we don't seem to be able to have a conversation without arguing. we've been talking, as friends, because i think it's one-sided and i'd would never want to deceive my girlfriend, this girl knows my girlfriend and doesn't seem like she'd try come between us but i am sooo confused, i don't know what to do.!Natalie 6 years ago i'm sort of in the same situation. therefore, your perfect guy is only based on what this guy has allowed you to think about him. you leave a relationship in the hope of finding something better with someone else, you’re taking a leap of faith.. i want to but i don't, my other friend nikki started going out with someone called steven who is the nicest looking out of all our friends, he is really mature and the other day i realised that i love him!. i am currently in a sticky similar situation where i like a guy who has a girlfriend yet he has also confirmed he has feelings for me too.* :( 7 years ago ok, my situation is way different than everyone elses, but i have a feeling that some of you will have some really good advise for me. i try to balance school friends family church and him all at once. i am hurt, and i don't know what to do. the other girl i'm seeing understand my marriage and wants to be there for them, but at the same time she is expecting me to be there for her too. our parents and families get along really well and he is a commited person to our relationship..i love my fiance but i really reallh like this othed guy. we have been getting along great and came to visit me. to make the long story short, i kinda fell for this guy. you may like someone, but they may not really like you back in the same manner that you like them. so confused right now,because iam cheating on my pather and he is doin the same to his girl..i've come so close to cheating today that i ran off, and i haven't talked to either of the guys . so i've been dating my boyfriend for 4 months but i was thinking of breaking up with him because i fell for another. and i told him this too and he told me he felt the same way. and confused 5 years ago i feel so much better after reading this and realising that some of you are in even a worse position that i am! how would you like it if someone did that for you? and at times, this can become a fickle and repeated experience where you like someone, and when the infatuation dies, you think the relationship’s dead too. i dont think she feels the same way but dont want to ask because i dont want to make our relationship weird if she doesnt.! my life was ruined by stupid guys cheatin on me! if i broke up with my current boyfriend, i wouldn’t start dating my co worker friend right away if at all. but we can be friends since he knows i am dating from his brother. boyfriend of 2 yrs is studying abroad and i met a new guy. we are never even in the same room with each other!

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  • I am dating a guy but like someone else

    8 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Person | eHarmony Advice

    8 Signs You're Dating the Wrong Person | eHarmony Advice

    the texts got steamy and ended up going round to hers for sex. 6 years ago to karen:i think it is obvious that you have been together with your boyfriend for a long time and now that you met someone new, you get that feeling of falling in love once again. also, i am about to be 21 and go to college. it’s easy for you to fall in love and break up, only to fall in love with someone else in no time because you’re not really in love at all. don't want to leave my boyfriend for someone else, because that's awful and i would hate to have that done to me, but i can't help but think of eric all the time. have a boyfriend but can't stop thinking about someone else. the problem higest on my list is that my current bf says he loves me though we've only been dating for 2 weeks, i dont want to hurt him bc it feels like all i do is hurt people, but im not happy with him. harder you are to get, the steamier it is, and usually ends shortly after they conquer and get the prize. of course i can't say anything to her because that would cause upset between me and the guy. but not long before we were dating i felt myself falling for my best friend, this was difficult enough as i didn't know whether to tell her and find out if she felt the same or to keep quite and just be happy i had her as a friend but feel depressed for god knows how long (i didn't tell her, i think this wad a mistake). know this guy and - if i'm honest - i'm sort of in love with him. she's aware of what some guys are capable of, yet her actions still contradict what she really wants, which is to be single and emotionally heal from her previous relationship. or the guy who seems to be playing all the cards right but i barely know? don't no what to do, i do t no if i should end it with my boyfriend or stay with him and always think about the guy. but if the opposite appears to be the case, then let logic be your guide and move on to someone else. so someone please give me some advice on what i can do! i do really miss my old friend and i don't know if he still feels the same about me as i do him it says on his fb he's single but i don't know if i could ruin my relationship my bf says he really loves me and wants to marry me i know that's a lot for the age of 14 but he's really nice and immature but i don't know why i don't feel anything for him anymore. so recently i started dating this other guy, and a few hours ago made our relationship public. but my best friend told him i liked someone else and she dated him instead. if you've fallen for this new person deep enough that you're planning to leave your sweetie, and if the new person feels the same way about you, you do your current boyfriend or girlfriend no favors by continuing the relationship. either the person you're already dating is going to be hurt because you will probably either leave him or her or try for a while to date your current sweetie and the person you're falling for.  you shouldn't stay with someone just because it's become a habit and your feelings have changed in an important way. overall, it wouldn't have been worth the risk because friendships are never the same after you decided to date your best friend..and 2) he knows that i am currently in a rather complacent mood towards are relationship and that i have grown restless. im thinking about him often, we talk a lot still and i fear that i might have feelings for this guy. i actually got to the stage where i was with my boyfriend, and all i wanted to do was go home so i could chat to this guy. of course i will want to but i don't want to give up this other hugely important part of who i am. here i am now, and i still wonder about my ex. went to a ceilidh while he was here, with members of my boyfriend's and his extended family..i've known my current boyfriend since we were babies and i really do love him so much and we just started dating 4 months ago after a fling with another guy didnt work out. i have always worried that he has begun to hate me for all the hurt i put him through when i broke up with him and then the hurt of being with other guys after him. its tough, but in my opinion i wouldn't settle for the convenience of someone being closer especially if you're saying things about your current guy like;"the thought of leaving him is like throwing my whole life away. and remember that if you don't love & respect yourself you can never love someone else. but sadly there just hasn't been the same drive as before. i am so confused and honesty don't know what to do but to think that i would hurt someone else feelings would make me crushed and sad. i thought i would fall in love with someone very tomboy (my gf cries at the sight of spiders), midly outgoing (she's super shy), sport loving (can't because of her back problem, and she hates games), and very tough (my gf breaks down about every 2 weeks). i mean high schools for fun and everything so i've flirted with guys here and there doubted my relationship with my current boyfriend. so about three months later i started dating my current boyfriend dylan. 5 years ago omg i just feel the same way as torn_in_two. i have searched "how to tell if a guy likes you" in google since last year and he acts exactly like that.. i swear, if she does get with someone else, i am ending the friendship and never ever going to talk her again. up, confidence, dating, doubt, expectations, healthy couples, instincts, love, romance, trust. the worst possible scenario would be that you would drift into marriage and a family and ten years down the line both feel horribly trapped by the situation. i love my fiance but me and him contantly fight and argue about every small issue he just is not what i have imagined him to be, he is totally different and each day i loose a feeling i cant even make love to him any more because i am always thinking about this other guy, i love this other guy and i believe he loves me too but i dnt know whether i should leave my fiance or stick with him because we have come so far please please give me advice before i make a wrong discision. only, i am engaged to someone and we are planning to get married. i love my boyfriend so much and as much as i wanted to sleep with this guy, i couldn't do it. i feel exactly the same - been in a great relationship for a few years, been attracted to other people before but never done anything about it. anyway, now that i'm dating my current gf after 6 months i just began going into a massive downer and have been thinking about my bestfriend almost constantly, i just can't get her out of my mind..Confused 5 years ago i think im in the same situation, i have been with my boy for 4 months, and it's long distance. 4 years ago i have a similar situation, i have been dating my boyfriend for about 2 years, i am 22 years old now he is 25 in 2 months. i decided to go with the imperfect guy, and now we've been dating for a few weeks. you may assume that the new person in your life excites you more, but in reality, your present relationship may have experienced the same crackling chemistry and fiery passion too. i have been dating this guy for 2 years now, legit best guy ever, we never fight, he is my bestfriend, wake up to his good morning beautiful texts every single day, he comes to my work at 11, just to walk me home.. i feel like i am reluctant to because of how lovely he makes me feel. 6 years ago i've been with a guy for 2 years now, and it's been so great up until now. then this one guy who talks about sex to much (not with me just in general). but thats how he's always been, why am i getting anoyed now? i want to know why i am feeling this way about another guy. this is not reality and certainly not love, once she gets you wrapped around her little finger she will dump you and do the same to you too. it's a nice relationship, he is the sweetest guy ever and never has much to argue about. we're both in college, but it seems like the steam in our relationship is running out. never end a relationship because you think you’ve found someone better. they're friends, but my partner is too jealous of every girl she sees near me to let us all be in the same room. and as for the other guy, i want to be with him badly, but i'm not sure if he really wants to be with me as much as i want to be with him.." then he told me not to worry and he never stopped loving me and i am the only one he wants. i've fallen for an amazing young guy but for the fear of loosing my job (which i can't afford to do) i have distanced myself from him. i have with my husband is real and even though i am falling in love with someone else too, i know it needs to end. am pretty young and thought i was the only person in this situation but obviously not., you may jump into a new relationship only to find that you don’t really like the person and like someone else. 5 years ago i have a real pickle like this:(i've been dating my gf for about a year but i have this ex who is her best friend. to say none the least, its been full of drama, mistrust, and heartbreak. but i have strong feelings for this other girl who is now going through a lot of issues with her family.  how would you feel if he came to visit you at college, for instance?! 5 years ago also i know the other guy likes me aswel as he told me he never felt the feelings he is having towards me before. and what if the new guy first work out and i was supposed to be with my current boyfriend. i told my friend, and he seemed happy for me, but disappointed at the same time..anyway, i started speaking to this guy again and he's gorgeous, it was great to start talking again, we've spoke pretty much everyday.! so we became friends on facebook and i got his phone number and ever since i ask for it we text everyday! my wife has no ambition, drive or goals and is quite happy living each day as it happens, we don't share any real interests either. it was true he never really did, with work and school and also the same for me. a year later (about a year ago now), i had another guy who actually was showing interest in me.'m 22 and been dating my bf off and on for about 5 years. am in the same position as you and being confused, i think this helped me make up my mind to realize that i can’t throw away my relationship for some other guy.. and so there's this guy that i've talked to here and there and of course i always thought he was cute and we would flirt a little and what do you know? 5 years ago i've been dating my boyfriend for almost 2 months and it hasn't gotten serious at all! i just feel that the new guy and i can't be together. i hope i can get a rational response from someone who's been in my shoes, or even her shoes. the fall semester starting up, i began to see the guy whom i had a mutual crush with again. as in he can talk to a ton of girls but he yells at me when i talk to one guy. you made up your mind on what to do if you like someone else?

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    i've never felt like this about anyone (apart from my partner) before and i know that the new person feels the same way. 5 years ago i really need advice im 17 ive been dating my boyfriend for a year now he's 20 we are the perfect couple he's the perfect guy. when you find that person, you won’t have to worry that you’re dating the wrong person. a month later, i learned from my ex that this guy had a problem with sleeping around. 5 years ago this is such an old blog thing, but i'm feeling the same way. fact that these men who you are thinking about, stepped into your relationship and tried to ruin something beautiful that you guys had with your current men, makes them assholes and pigs. i love him more than anything, but about six months ago i started talking to this guy. i want a big close family and he would rather spend all his time at work. it hurts me every time i see the boss, because we all work at the same place. what are you going to do if this "someone else" can't meet your needs either? am portuguese, so forgive me if i am writting any mistake. the guy i am falling for is a friend of mine that i have known for almost 10yrs. i started spending time with a guy about three years ago. he's also my guy best friend and this morning i have found out that he is now dating my other friend. the worst part is i am beginning to feel the same. although, for the last 6 months i just haven't felt quite the same with him, i don't think i'm 'in love' with him anymore. there is another guy i truly had great time for being around him but he lives in canada. the last two years in this relationship i fell in love with someone i know wife who is now divorced. so we became really good friends and told each other everything. i am so comfortable in that relationship and i tend to go back. "finally" i had found a guy that would treat me like a princess and love me the way i want to be loved. 5 years ago i have read most of the postings and come to realize that to fix the issue, first analyze whether you like someone or unconiditionally love someone. its hard for me to decide who to stay with because i'm in a relationship with another guy and i just got back with him not too long ago, but now i'm starting to regret why i started the relationship again. 5 years ago iv been with my boyfriend for a year but recently we have argued everyday and then i met this guy who iv completely fallen for but yet dnt wanna hurt anyone this is sooo difficult.'t matter if you go beyond with this new guy, there are many other men in the world that might get interested in you. ive met a guy who i work with and hes desk is next to mine so were in each others company te whole time. cat 5 years ago im sorta in that situation im inloe with this guy but everytime i go out wth friends i meet a guy who is totally awsome in every way and i fall inlove but as soon as i c my bf its like nothing else matters idk whats rong i love him more than anything i want to be with him. feel the same way ive been dating some1 for 4 months and i just dont feel that way twords him its not his fault well otherr than he is just to mutch for me to handle and he is very rude at times . can’t help but feel that my heart belongs to someone else. sometimes, the problem is simply that the person isn’t someone else. this guy at work ended up asking me out a few times (around 2-3 times) and i kept on saying i had plans etc. always seems to flirt with guys, kiss them on the cheek and stuff when im around her and especially when im not, and if i ever try and talk about it she just loses it and has a go at me about trusting her, i would love to but recently it seems to just be getting worse. 6 years ago i used to really like this guy, and we almost had something going, but he left for uni and stopped talking to me, at the time i figured he wasn't interested anymore and got over it. as you can imagine, things got pretty nasty for a while, because i was dating his best friend and he still had feelings for me. however, just last month the guy communicated with me again and he told me how he miss me and we saw each other again. currently i am trying to throw myself whole heartedly into my relationship with my boyfriend and trying literally everything i can think of to make it work. either i believe it happened at about this time (if not, it happened at the end of the previous semester, just before the summer), my ex gave me a little insight into him (i had not and still have not let him know of my feelings toward this guy). i have beend dating this boy for about 16 months now. same situation this time only i'm tottaly satisfied its just that rush i get from this other girl she is such a flirt and a tease i really want to try it out with her also. i'm engaged to a lovely guy who has been amazing to me but we have been engaged 3 years and he won't set a date and keeps saying we have no money and yet we have more money than 3 other people i know who got married within a year of their engagement. am 31 now and really feel that i shouldn't be feeling like this. either way, i'm hurting someone- myself, or one of the guys, or all of us. i don't want to break my fiancée heart but this guy i like lives near me and my relationship is long distance. we had a break up two years ago and i dated a guy i dated in high school. i am sleeping round his house ( the other boys - not my boyfriend ) tomorrow because of his younger sister who is in the year below me and he is going to be there. bf is mature, he wants to have a family soon but in too young, im not ready for that. however, besides our personalities, and our strong attraction towards one another, we really aren't going the same ways in life. now there's a guy at work that caught my eye. i know i like this new guy and the question is why? what i should do i want to break up with my gf but i still love her but recently our relationship feels so empty its nothing like it used to be when we were started going out at first and her friend is always thinking about me and i'm always thinking about her someone help me out here idk wat i should do someone help me out..the only issue is that i am 17 and even though i love him with all my heart i feel like im too young, ive never been in a longer relationship than this and he has so he's ready to settle down but theres a guy who i have always wanted to date i have known him even b4 my bf, and we always flirted and texted and talked and he's as gorgeous as my boyfriend but he's 21 so he always said once i turned 18 i'd be his and he would devote his attention and time to me. i spent a whole day with him and his family and ever sonce then i cant get him out of my head even when im with my boyfriend. regardless, if you are constantly (or even frequently) wishing you were dating a different person, then that’s a sure-fire sign that your current relationship is not all it should be. now i know that guy a little bit more i really like him (and he really likes me as well). i know that i have to end it with my boyfriend before next fall, because it is not fair to lead him on believing that i am in love with him when really i just love him like a brother or best friend. i love her with all of my heart, and she loves me too; i just dont know how much longer i can deal with her almost constantly whining, crying, or yelling at someone. lovers who get confused or find themselves liking someone else do that only because they’re uncertain of their own relationship status. i've liked him a lot ever since, so much that i turn down every guy that askes me out just because i only want him. we get along like best mates, i sometimes feel like im just a guy friend or he is a close girlfriend that's how good we get on. but recently i've got to know this guy who lives really near me. pain 5 years ago please help mei'm really in love with this girl an we've know eachother a long time and during the summer we started growing apart then when we started talking again she's changed so much and we hardly see eachother then i started hanging out with her sister as we have a few classes together and i've started likeing her we have so much in common and she makes me happy but i feel guilty to please will someone help me. we both share some of the same goals in the long run, and i guess i let myself get carried away. my boyfriend and i have been going out for a little over 2 years now and i lovve for him and care for him, but it just feels like the love is lost and it just makes me want to cry because i've been feeling this way for a while now but i do still care for him, but on top of that just like everyone else we too have problems of our own and as much as i've tried and gave it my best so many times to help it and work them out it's like i'm the only one trying . i get jealous when the guy i slept with talks to other girls etc yet not when my own bf does, surely that's telling me something? so i am a guy and have a bit of a situation where i need some advice. love is about taking risks so do what you feel is right but i am a true believer in karma and it will bite you in the ass, however it's a lesson learned. i love him, i really do, we have talked about having children and all the stuff you do with someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, but just recently i have started to have feelings for a guy who is in one of my college classes. we've had some arguments about him being a flirt with other girls, which he still does and i just feel like the 'spark' in our relationship has gone and every time he says something sweet to me i dont feel the same as i used to:/. i love my boyfriend so much but i think i have also fallen for this guy. i am a senior in highschool and he is a freshmen in college. so i found someone who i really liked and then would fall in love with.  6 years ago i am 20 and in this situation right now! he is so caring but i like this other guy so much. my boyfriend came back and i thought that my new feelings would just go away.. eventually, this guy stopped contacting me or making the effort with me, which i hated. was quite patient i thought in searching but at age 24 i gave up and decided that my "dream girl" did not exist. 6 years ago hi my name is ashley i am 19 n i av been with my partner (21) for 17mounths but recenlty we have been arguing a lot to the point where at the moment he is living with his dad and even though i know i still love him i am starting to get feelins for two other people and i know that they don't feel hte same way but i cant help the way i feel, i have never cheated on any one and i don't intend to start now i just don't know what to do any more over the past few days since he has been at his dads house i miss him like crazy but it hs also given me a lot of time to think and i just don't know if we will end up arguing if/when he comes homeplease some one help me before i make the bigest mistake of my life. he cares about me soooo much, and i feel like crying when he skypes me, asking me how my day was, when all the while i was out with another guy. she has the downfall of being my 1st long term relationship and i worry that i am not ready for the commitment(we live together). i found out he was talkin to someone else and tryin to movce on with his life but yet he would still call me, text me and try to hang out. he hasnt asked me back out but he tells everyone i am his girlfriend. am in the same situation now but we are sexual and its been this way for about six years and i need some advice do u think its just a sex thing or he likes me and i have my bf and he has his girlfriend so write me i sure could use the advice. 2 days ago i ran into a guy that is head over heels for me and reminds me of my best friend, so i'm dating him, in hope that he would be exactly like my best friend and so i can get my feelings right with him and not get hurt that he doesn't feel back. but the guy i'm with now makes me happier than ever so you just have to ask yourself, "is it really worth it?" my boyfriend is extremely possessive and becomes furious hen i talk to any other guy. before i met my boyfriend, i was living with my friend (who is practically like a sister to me) for about a week, due to family issues at home, and therefore was living with her brother as well (my dreamguy). i think hes afraid of breaking up with his girlfriend because in our grade there like a big thing because they have been dating for almost two years.  he was treating me very bad for a while and during that time i started feeling attracted to someone else who now just admitted that he wants me & i want him too. i found out i was heart-broken nd i knew he is a comitted guy so things will never work out. i don’t know if im stayin in the relationship because i don't want to hurt him, because im so use to him that i don't wanna let go and coz if i saw him with someone else, i no how bad it wuld hurt me, but i no that's selfish.

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you are scare that you will hurt your boyfriend, but i can tell you that if you no longer love him: the right thing to do is to let him know so he can let you go and find someone else. i'm 20 and i've been dating this guy for the past 3 years. thing is that my family already know my boyfriend and thay already accepted him. if you decide to go for the new guy, your new relationship may end up the same way as your current relationship in 3 years. 8 years ago looks like im the only guy to comment on here but what the hey! the relationship stared as a miss understanding and because of the type of person i am i can't get it over my heart to tell him that i really don't love him. i find myself day dreaming about him all the time, i feel bad for doing that but i can't help it. really hate myself for what i am inevitably going to have to do. he knows that when we broke up it was over someone and that something happened but he doesn’t want to know . i know this won't apply to so many of you, but its like with this new guy he understands all of what it is about me. i am with my current fiancé for little over a year, and we have a beautiful baby boy currently 5 months old. his fast paced marriage didn't last they went through a nasty divorse we started talking again and both of our feelings came back. he is a very nice and kind hearted kinda guy but he can be very immature especially when he is around his friends. even if he moved here, we'd likely be in the same department and i know that'd be frowned upon. i care about my boyfriend a lot but maybe i am afraid of being too attach that's why i'm doing it and my mind playing tricks on me. i see her in the hall ways in my school and am so in love but my girl friend seems to be obsessed with me now. i have never been with anyone else but the person that i'm with now. i actually lied to my current boyfriend so i could go to church with the new guy/ long time crush!. not to mention he has the same sense of humor and i can be completely myself around him which i love! so why the heck am i crushing on this guy? 7 years ago i hate to say it like this, but im in love w/ someone else. end it now and give your soon-to-be ex the gift of dignity: being left for someone else is bad enough. i do currently have a girlfriend and we are arguing more than we should so i start talking to my friend more and more texting calling and than it came to the point of me telling her i love her! ask yourself if there’s truly a stronger reason to end your relationship and be with someone else. i don't think i cam walk away from my bf as it will break his heart should i move job and try to move on? it is a good opportunity to give yourself time and space to decide what you want from a relationship and what else you want to achieve in your life. we started hanging out more and just yesterday i realised i am falling for him. one night we got into an argument, and the next day he started dating a girl that he only hung out with 2 times before. actually my bf's a very arrogant kinda guy and fights a lot. also i feel that these two guys never got there chance to show if they were completely if they were right for me. am in the same situation like most here and am trying to understand my feelings as well. and the worst part is i've recently met someone else, and there was an instant connection. we talked on msn every day for a few years, talked on the phone, shared everything and i can actually say i was in love with this man and still am.'s very attractive, taller than me and he's the nicest guy you will ever meet. ive been dating my boyfriend for 4 months now, and well, he gets upset with me for the dumbest of reasons. i get on with his friends and i was really happy with it, but then the first guy mailed me explaining that his internet wasnt working, and he'd lost his phone, and is pretty upset that i'm in a relationship, and i talked to him for a while and i'm sort of starting to like him again. also, she doesn't get along with other women and doesn't have many female friends (which makes things more difficult) so recently, she has been just "hooking up", "seeing" and spending time with guys. i meet someone online and i am attracted to him. 7 years ago im in the same situation, im 21 years old. i am living with my boyfriend this year at college, and this on top of the fact that my whole family love my boyfriend means realistically i can't (even though i want to) break up with him until the summer next year. i really liked this guy at the start of the year but he cheated on me so i tried moving on and i did through my current boyfriend, but i keep thinking about the guy who cheated on me and recently we have been talking and he wants a second chance and i want to give him one because i would do anything for him. are you going to stay with this guy if you end up ending things with your man? same with the bedroom do something different, try something new (ill keep it clean for the young eyes) there are some games available like "nookai" which is something different and exciting in the bedroom. don't know what to do because i can't leave my boyfriend for his brother as his family would never accept me, and i would feel far too guilty. 24 months ago well this helped a lot thanks but i still don't know what to do im pretty much in love with this girl but i have a gf and idk i feel wrong about having feelings for someone else. and now i'm kind of regretting it because i feel like all our connection is lost like i don't even have anything to talk to him about but with my guy friend we have such a blast and i hate to say it but he ha soo much qualities that i like in a guy rather than my boyfriend does an i'm mad a myself for that never in my life would i think i'd be in a situation like this and i'm kinda glad to know that i'm not the only one in this world with this problem but it totally sucks i really don't know what to do? next day though he came back to me and said that he thinks he'd made the biggest mistake of his life and wanted to try again. i got him to promise not to out me to him and tell him of my old feelings (it would have been so awkward seeing as we all went to the same university). and now i'm in pain from imagining him with other guys. met a guy through friends about 3 months ago now, he showed a keen interest in me but i wouldnt cheat and rejected him even though i felt a huge connection from the moment we met. is not easy 5 years ago i am 32, when i was younger i didnt have any serious relationships because i could not find the type of girl i wanted. my friend is perfect in my eyes and i couldn't see myself happier with anyone else!'s the difficult part: a friend of mine shares the same faith as me and a strong godly man. 6 years ago well i searched the opposite of this on google but i figured maybe it would help, the guy i know im like in love with has a girlfriend but i think he likes me i'll talk about him as zach. but when he came on strong, i started to panic and back off. i really love my boyfriend back home, and i feel really guilty that i have feelings this strong for another guy, especially one i can't imagine dating. although i know we're far from perfect i am now willing to really commit to making it work and that has changed everything. but now, i think i might have slight feelings for this guy, and my guy isn't aware of that. anyways before i met my boyfriend i loved someone else, very very deeply, he was my best friend. i know someone who likes me and zach acts the same way around me as the person that likes me does.,this ended up being way longer than i planned for, but in short- unless something is fundamentally wrong with your relationship, it's probably better to try to work things out than jump into yet another relationship. however i did and we both feel the same way about each other, we want to be together. i didn't want to be with her anymore as i was living in a lie, so i meet someone else, and my divorced me and i hardly saw my kids, the new relationship didn't work out either, it was not a strong relationship because i was attached to the kids, but it all went wrong for my kids, my ex-wife was a bad mother, and the kids hated her and missing me. or, is it normal and may pass once i am around my bf more? if you’re must dating though, you might want to think about it for a while and consider changing your relationship to nonexclusive, telling the person it’s not fair to them right now because you’re confused and can’t give them everything they deserve.. so i keep thinking about thisand it sucks becuse ok i've been hanging out with my guy friend almost everyday and i'm falling for him more and more each day and wehave so much fun! during this time i did meet other guys as he did, girls..one day things happened nd i admitted i had feelings for him and he did the same. fell in love with a guy who already has a girlfriend in another country (i didn't know this when i fell for him and my feelings grew). 5 weeks ago so i'm dating this girl and i like her and i like being intimate with her but i still have romantic feelings for a guy who i've liked for a long time and who i think might be into me. at the same time i am afraid that this man i like might make a move and maybe i will be tempted into getting into something i should not do. was this guy that i rode the bus with daily. like this:profile makeover: miss january 20 essential break up moviesshould you date someone 'out of your league? but i can't help but think that maybe i am just craving that deep "connection" so much that it is putting a strain on my relationship w/ my boyfriend and the fact i am very lonely is adding to it. i believe who you decide to give your time, energy, heart, mind, soul, and ultimately life to should be someone who you feel you can be yourself around, who loves you, cherishes you, adores you, is loyal to you, and would do anything for you, anytime. what i am most afraid of is this: if i were to break up with my boyfriend and go for my friend what happens if the relationship there doesn't work out. we haven't fought, his family accepts me, and everything is just great. advice » about you, dating advice » 8 signs you’re dating the wrong person. and since this time me and my boyfriend although getting closer are having more arguments and he is really getting me down but with the other guy hes constantly sweet and he cheers me up and picks up the pieces whenever my boyfriend upsets me i honestly dont know what to do, another thing my boyfriend and me dated before and the last time he left me cause he liked another girl so maybe he will understand but to be honest i wasnt very unerstanding. somehow we came closer and closer n now i strongly feel for this gal. i'm 21 now and the girl i like but am not dating and i have still kept in touch though i am in the military. i know that what iam doing right now is very wrong. he is incredibly jealous he has never liked a single guy friend ive had. is it wrong to like someone based off one trait/connection lacking in my current bf? after all, it’s better to be happy with someone you really like than stay gloomy with someone you think you like. i do love my current boyfriend, but i like this guy. well i got to the point where i thought i could date someone else; i was dating this other boy for about 2 weeks when i said i loved him.'ve been dating my gf for a year and a half now and a few days ago i met someone. yet he knows me from the inside out and he is so close to all of my friends and family. before that i met someone and he asked me out the day i met him, but i said no because i liked my current boyfriend and i didn't know him that well.

Dating Someone New When You're Still Hung Up on Someone Else

in my case, i used to speak to a guy who lives quite a few miles away, we spoke like, religiously every day, we drifted apart, and didn't speak for about 6 years, up until about a month ago. but ever since me and him have started dating i would on and off talking to my old best friend just as friends but ive always had feelings for my old bestfriend. we work in the same company people has started talking bout us. then the day i was leaving to go back home, after my family issues had been solved, i thought he was angry with me for some reason..the other guy is sweet and strong but again is not afor sure thing. might be the case that at this point, you really don’t know whether you are dating the wrong person. my boyfriend knows about this other guy and i don't even know why i told him. she was did not want to be in a relationship for the longest, i fought long and hard and finally she became my gf after a while. connecting over the net is a whole different thing to connecting with someone you've met, sensed and felt. he brags about me to his friends and family whom all love me. and that i'm a very special guy and i say and do things that no guys has ever done before that makes her feel so great. like every one else on this page, i'd love for some help, yet it seems nobody does, at least i've gotten this off my chest at the moment. he does not know one thing about how often i've been talking to this other guy or what we've been talking about. would rather tell him myself instead of him finding out from someone else, but i don’t know how to. the prob is i met this guy from my church he's older and more mature and we like each other but idk wat to do. i am not the one to cheat, and that's why i think my situation has consumed me. best thing to do when like someone else is to let it go. i like this guy i met online because we have so many common interests! i cant help that i have strong emotions of those for someone else. have a boyfriend but i think i’m in love with someone else…we often meet and i really enjoy being in his company. 3 weeks ago i'm currently in gay relationship i meet this guy i'm with online and have been together for 2yearsi also no this other guy for many years same age but both have strong feeling for each other and i really don't know what to do someone help me. haven't said anything to my boyfriend's brother about how i feel but i can't stop thinking about him, and i can't help thinking he seems to feel the same way - if he phones for my boyfriend it gives me the goosebumps and the butterflies, i dream about him at night. my feelings for this other guy have really calmed down, i wouldnt be willing to risk what i have now for something that may never be and i think this guy has sensed that and backed off a little.:don't brake up with them by some one else or phone! my problem is last year i made friends with this really great guy at college.! but i also met someone else about two months ago over the summer! the past few months i've started talking to one of my friends who went to the same elementary and middle school with me. what did i expect when i dated a guy younger then me, right?! 6 years ago so me and my boyfriend have been dating for 3 months now and i really do love him and i know he loves me back. we have arguments from time to time, and i feel as if i am already in a relationship with him, though he moved across the us and i haven't seen him in so long. i don't want to confront him about this guy because it'll hurt him so much. you start liking someone else when you’re in a long term relationship, perhaps you’re just experiencing that flutter of the first few days of love and confusing it with something else. becausedylan of a really jeleous guy and josh would always flirt with me in front of dylan. always wanting to be with me and hanging out, always wanting to talk, he constantly makes it known that "i am the only one in his life that he has" and it puts a big strain on me because about 3 weeks ago i met the most amazing guy ever. my current bf is such a great guy and theres nothing i can change for that. here are eight signs that you are dating the wrong person.. i just wish i could destroy all the feelings i have and do the right thing ): but it seems like its getting stronger the more i speak to this girl, we're both into the same things, and just seem to get along so well :/ i wish i could make things right, get her out of my life, but i cant. i already wrote down the cons and pros for both of these guys and im still contemplating on whether i should stick with the guy i've known for nearly my entire life or the guy i just met a week ago online.. the guy i'm falling for is much more mature than the guy in currently dating but that's the only personality change but i know the guy i'm falling for i can have a much more serious relationship with and it won't be like looking after a child which is what it feels like in my current relationship sometimes but u don't want to finish my relationship incase the guy i'm falling for dose not feel the same way if i'm honest it's all very confusing! have always liked this guy since i was really young in school but i never thourt i would ever have the chance with him.  6 years ago i have been off and on with a guy for.. 5 years ago well i have been sdating a married man 4 a year and i met this guy which i knw 4 a fact i'm falling 4 him, bt he has a kid and still involved with d mother, i'm si confussed i dnt wnt 2 go out of a bad situation into a worse one, help. i can totally see us together settling down and all that good stuff because he is a great guy. i recently started dating one of my best friends, since we liked each other for over 5months before getting the chance to date. me and my girlfriend are fine now but this other girl and i just became such good friends and i feel stuck between a rock and a hard place..i want to see this new guy, see how it goes, but at the same time i feel guilty. in that time, he met a guy online and started dating him. a 6 years ago like everyone else here i googled this phrase because this is tearing me up like all of you. then maybe abit later go out with that other guy, dont break up with him for that other guy, if you want to break up with him do it because that relationship you are in isnt working out.'m pulling my hair out for the same reason too., we went to visit my boyfriend's brother for a long weekend and then he came to stay with us for a long weekend 2 weeks later. in the uk 6 years ago well ive been with my fianee for 3 years now and everything was fine but when i started my second year of college i met this other guy in my new class and hes like my best friend now, we talk and text all the time but my fiancee doesnt no because i no he gets jealous.. he's very intellegent, we have the same view on religion (which i do not have with my current boyfriend). 3 years ago i have a problem im 23 nearly 24 ive been with my boyfriend since i was 19 so over 4 year , he is great we are both chefs and he was my first love i didnt have any serious boyfriends before him its hard to find guys like my bf we were very happy i was a bit wild when we got together partying and living it up then i got my head down and got my head down at work, i wanted to move to london to work as a chef i got a job and he said he would find one to and come with me he went for one interview didnt get it give up and never came , so after 6months alone down there i came home this is where our relationship went down hill, i got a job back home about a hour drive from my folks , and we went back to normal we have never had a hoilday together everytime i ask he has something what gets in the way its hard u know, so ive always sort of did my own thing and he does his we live together now and i want to move and explore the world as a chef and have a story u know but he doesnt he has no get up and go , i love him he is amazing and worseships me but i would have to stop my dreams and shut up and live there the rest of my life he would be happy im not i cant help it and its killing me but i dont want to hurt him, this is where the other guy comes in hes a guy i have worked with for 2year never loooked at anybody the way i look at my boyfriend and all of a sudden we where having phone calls and going out for coffee chatting about life he broke up with his gf he wasnt happy and i told him i wasnt i shouldnt of i have moved out of my bf to figure stuff out but i never seen this coming but i feel like everything happens for a reason last year i was in a dark place i wasnt happy now i feel confused but lifted i do have feelings for this guy but nothing but good friends because i dont want to hurt my bf but if we did break up i could see him in another way. i met this new guy from work, had a crush on him, but lately, i felt like my feelings for him are gone. whatever the actual issue, if you are working hard to deny facts about your relationship that you know to be true, then you are probably dating the wrong person.!Confusedgirl 4 years ago hi, i'm kinda in the same situation. i'm not even falling for anyone else, it's just, gone.'t afford to loose either of them but i love to be with the older guy more because we have lot in common n i have feelings for him." then, i grew up and he was still into his video games, no real ambitions in life. 7 years ago im soo glad i came on cause i thought i was the only one who had this problem. horrible 5 years ago soo with my boyfriend we've been dating for a year and 4 months now, and he says im the one he wants to marry me and so on. there's also a guy that makes me feel like option 2. she was single but i felt she was to good for me so i got back with my girl friend but we fought alot alot and agin she left with another guy without breaking up with me i told her off and said if she would do that agin id break up with her she talked to another guy so i just gave up though we would always fight she made me seem like the bad guy infront of everyone and we have been together for three years but have always had feelings for the other girl now..Andrew 6 years ago hi i'm in a relationship but i've meet this other girl and we are realy good friends and i think she likes me in the other way and i'm starting to feel the same but my girlfriend is amazing! he looks very strange but after some time he became my friend he is so caring and he know how much i love my bf. Find out what to do when you like someone else when you are already in a relationship. although we've known each other for 8 years now, we only became closer about a year ago. we've been dating for a few months but we don't have anything in common and she feels as though i always need to be taking to her. my head is a mess and i really need someone to help me. so then i dont see why you should go nuts for this guy as he only looked at you as a trophy anyways. i really can't stand the thought of him with someone else, or being in my situation wich is so unfair of me :( i dont know what to do, because i dont want to end things with my boyfriend after all we've been through, but the other boy makes me feel special and attractive, wich my boyfriend only rarely does now :( help me. i recently went to the annual funfair in my city and met a charming guy who was working on one of the game stalls, we got talking and he made such a fuss at getting my number. but we've started talking alot lately and shes single, with me debating breaking up with my girlfriend regardless of if i have someone else im interested in. i still haven't been able to get over that guy. my boyfriend hardly spends time with me and we dont have classes together but the other guy teases me but makes me feel special. 6 years ago ok so here is my situation, i am currently married for 10 years with two children. i've been with my boyfriend for three years now, and before that somewhat waited three years for him to come around to the idea of us dating (i know, not always a good idea to do that). you’re convinced that you like someone else and not your own partner, then end the relationship if you think you can never truly be happy with your partner. you do make mention to the fact that new guy isn't as emotionally supportive. not quite the "spark" as i had with guy #1, but at least this guy had so much in common with me and he isn't in to drugs or anything bad. they also plan on getting married but from speaking with him, i truly think he just settling (this was something i thought before the feelings came). i see him more like a friend, someone i really enjoy talking, killing time, and joking around. am stuck in a huge hole and i cannot get out of it! 5 years ago well i have been sdating a married man 4 a year and i met this guy which i knw 4 a fact i'm falling 4 him, bt he has a kid and still involved with d mother, i'm si confussed i dnt wnt 2 go out of a bad situation into a worse one, help. 5 years ago i have been dating my gf for 6 months now and i feel like she could be the one..i love my boyfriend to bits and recently things have been getting better between us again which begs me to think is it worth risking throwing away something which i came so close to losing in the first place. she is smart, amazingly gorgeous, and she also has a little girl.  i am surprised you think the other man is an "old guy" if he is 23 and you are 20, sounds fine to me! once i develop feelings for someone it's hard to let go.

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but i can't imagine leaving my boyfriend for this guy because he has a few characteristics that some of my exes have, and i would not enjoy dating someone like this. my biggest fear is harming the "other guy" whom i do care about. damn, that was the hardest thing i have ever done.  my boyfriend and i have been together for 6 years and i am no longer attracted to him. i am about to graduate from college but my boyfriend is not even in school. 5 years ago i have been dating my gf for 6 months now and i feel like she could be the one. i have beend dating this boy for about 16 months now. 6 years ago hi iam 25 i have a ldr for more that a year, well recently this girl that i liked broke up with his bf and we been texting and calling each other this past weeks.! though i'm sure he probably doesn't feel the same way as me, i still like him a lot more than i should. 7 years ago i am in the same situation now,, my head is all over the place,, i think i only like this guy cause in my eyes hes perfect,, tall good looking,, got money loves shopping only bad thing is that hes in the army and has a bad temper! then things will be easier and you will be able to move on with the guy you really like! on the other hand, you may really like someone intensely, but this person may not have the qualities you’re looking for in a long term partner. there were two guys that came, one of which she knew (and apparently liked). 6 years ago this has happened to me too many times , i find if im with a girl more then a year the relationship gets boring and i go for someone else. however, as much as i tried to keep my distance from this guy, i started to realise that this guy also started to show interest in me and eventually things started to heat up a little between us. 7 years ago i'm glad to know i am not the only person that has this problem. you’re experiencing the confusion of liking someone else in a new romance, you’re probably not in love at all!. First of all, let me tell you that there is no way to resolve this situation without someone getting hurt. i am in this exact situation and the one thing i was thinking was i have to end it. i love him very much but i think i i love him like family now rather than being in live with him. it's possible she's just being respectful since i'm with someone. yet it always comes down to how obsessed i am with my boyfriend and could never do without him now that he's been in my life. idk what to do but i am not happy in my relationship anymore. if he isn't that interested maybe he might be feeling the same way about the 2 of you. i have no idea what to do and i seem so much happier with the other guy and more angry with my bf cos i cant stop thinking of him. 5 years ago i have been dating my gf for 6 months now and i feel like she could be the one. 7 years ago hey,i have to say that i went through the same thing. i'm starting to think i should leave my bf and try to find someone who does make me feel like that. i feel as if i am just conditioned in this relationship. it’s natural to find someone else attractive at times, deciding what to do about it is never easy. 6 years ago yo my situation is even worse i have been with my current boyfriend for 3 years now he proposed to engage me a year ago and he has payed my lobola but not in full, the problem is ever since we started dating i have never stopped thinking about my ex boyfriend and the worse thing is that we never broke up he just had to leave to go to durban to support his family and i still love him like it was yesturday even after so many years of us being apart everytime i think of him my heart skips a beat and i get stomack buggs and start day dreaming of us together. my bf is great just moody and this guy is great just a little immature. but why is this guy taking up so much of my mind? i feel i am currently unhappy in my relationship, im not sure if we really have any future and as much i love the guy im beginning to wonder if it may be best to go our seperate ways. she knows am married so she told me its not good to hurt ur wife's feelings. i am constantly thinking about him, and speak with him regularly online, but we only become flirty late at night/ when one of us has had a drink, because we had both agreed not to flirt with eachother after that night. i have extremely strong feelings for this guy and i want to be with him more than anything in the world..after 5 years my bf is starting to change right when i start liking someone else who is way better. we both work in the same department in 2 different locations and are in great positions with our bosses, so neither can leave. and its strange because i want to be close with my girlfriend but its hard when someone else comes in your life with more similarities to you, does not judge, you feel much more open with, and treats you with much more respect. one day i am so excited to see him on his next visit home and the next i am not at all excited to see him and i sometimes feel abnormally weird when he says nice things to me. i told him that the other guy was acting too flirty and that we were texting, and he agreed that we shouldn't as much.. in all the 5 yrs ive been with my bf, i never even gave another guy a second thought. i wonder if maybe my patience has just worn thin and i am having trouble falling back in love with her. i told him i have feelings for him, he told me feels the same, but we both still keep holding on to this notion that one day, when we're both single, that we'll meet..i've been dating my boyfriend for like 4 months and i really like him . about four months back to december, my path crossed with a random guy who have turned my whole world upside down. in time, our friendship came back and we are now best friends. they kind of like each other now (my guy friend isn't allowed to go out, though) to the point where they put their arms around each other, but i've shared some romantic moments with the friend, too. if you do decide to take this route, just make sure the guy you're going for will treat you right. he feels very much the same and we’ve gotten really emotionally attached to each other. we have only been dating for a little over a month now, but it seems to be a stable relationship so far. i fell in love with him fast and i know he loves me more than anything else in the world. when he came to my house, i was soo excited to see him and so happy that he was safe. i'm also afraid of breaking up with him for the other guy because he's not even courting me. am in a big dilemma because my boyfriend and i are planning on signing a lease in just two days. me explain, she is beautiful, smart, intelligent has passion, drive and ambition we share so much in common. he was just jaw-dropping amazing, handsome, sweet, he made me feel things i've never felt before. now he's being the most sweetest, sincere guy like the first time we met. though i haven't known her for very long the feelings are mutual and i just feel like being around her makes me realize how unhappy i am in my current situation.. she is way younger than i am but she makes me happy. i dont want to lead anyone on, but at the same time i cant make up my mind. i am too scared to tell her i still have feelings for her..i've only been with my guy for 2 month and it feels way longer. my family doesn't like my current boyfriend and i know that they would love this new guy! love my husband but i feel like so much damage has been done and we can be so different. im experiencing the same situation right now and the thing is he is my trainer . well anyway theres this guy who ive been friends with for years and we liked eachother before me and my bf even got together but for some reason nothing ever happened and we didnt see eachother for quite a while. i don't really, but i am stuck in this situation of living with him. i do like my bf but not the same feelings that i have for his friend. you just don't have to tell him you already kissed another guy. me, i don't know what the other guy thinks about me now.. i know millions of girls are so jealous that i have found a guy who is so nice, loyal, masculine whilst still being able to be romantic. i just think i am at the point now where i am done basing things off of how i feel and would like to instead make choices based on what i deserve. but it had so much meaning, then someone called his name and he went to the guy. he is in a relationship, has kids now too (since 2006) and i am also in a relationship now (2years).  i do think you have to decide whether the current relationship is on or off irrespective of thoughts about the other guy - either sort or end the current one first, and ifyou do end it then maybe you can talk to the other guy afterwards and see if there is anything there to build on. knew him from the same sports club we went to and we just started talking for some reason. someone who wants me to reject my past life to start a different one with only him in it (but knows me best)? 8 years ago this sounds really selfish but i couldn't stand the sight let alone the thought of my partner with someone else. i know i'm being unfair to my boyfriend, seeing the new guy behind his back and all and thinking about another guy when i'm with him. at school i am continuously insulted for the age difference but the real problem is that when i say things she may not understand me and she also lacks the maturity..Confused 4 years ago i am a 23 year old,hard workingguy. my friend has the same interest as me, we are able to talk for endless hours and never run out of topics. 7 years ago i have been in the exact same situation. he eventually told me how he felt and over time i gradually started to feel the same way. this new guy has alot n common with me he is independent in school as well as the army and he is very caring. now it’s not really easy to fall in love with two people at the same time, especially at the start of a new and happy relationship. 4 years ago hey im 20 years ov age and im goin through the same onlh im engaged and have a kid. it must be because i'm crazy for someone i don't even know.
for the next month, i thought it over in my head and came to the conclusion that i liked him, and that i had been wanting something from him (and thus misread his actions as advances). to make things worse i'm getting married in a few months, but i feel like i am marrying the wrong person. at first i thought it was because of my love for another guy, who is also in the military. we have been meeting quite a lot and i am really starting to fall for this women. 7 years ago i've been in a relationship with this guy for 5 years now. now im dating this really great boy but im constantly thinking about my last boyfriend and this other boy in my class. i can't dump my current boyfriend because i l0ve him and i can't give this other guy a chance because my friend is not over him.? she is also in a relationship and is due to get married next year we sat down recently and discussed this situation and we understand that someone is going to get hurt but how can you stop such a beautiful relationship growing. yes, i'm 13 and nobody really believes it should be serious but before dating my boyfriend i met a friend who i fell in love with! so there's this guy at my work, who from the moment i saw him i was drawn to him.'re great, but they would freak if they knew) and the other guy friend suspects, i think. just about getting romantic again, trying to play games, sending sexy text messages to each other, be creative! most of us however know some things about these guys, but you know pretty much only what you are told by this guy and what he allows you to see through his web cam. but this new dude is kind of a mutual friend, and our other mutual friends are pushing for me to drop my current guy and get with this other guy. i love my boy friend but feel that i could also build an amazing life with this new person. i feel guilty for having feelings for this guy but something keeps drawing me to him and i get jealous if he doesn't flirt with me in class. just dont know if i can deal with being apart from him after 2 years, even though there is another guy i really like and that has even asked me out. dont want to cheat an my girlfriend but when the other girl and i are together we just feel the same and i'm sure it will lead to much more. the chipmunk 6 years ago can you be inlove with someone. im just new to all of this, never had a long term gf before her, and then all of a sudden ive got this other girl saying she likes me and im starting to get the same feeling back towards her. 5 years ago wow, didn't realise how many people feel the same as i do! 5 years ago i think im in the same situation as well,i met this girl about a month ago and everything is going really well. 6 weeks ago i am very much struggling with the same situation, only i'm still in love with my ex-boyfriend.  but you shouldn't commit yourself to someone you hardly know because your friends think it is a great idea. i have been dating my boyfriend for 6 months now and a couple weeks ago i almost broke up with him. i have never been unfaithfull before but recently after having years of accusations and mistrust i have met someone who i think i am falling for. have been in a relationship for 3 years now, for approx the last 6 months things have not been the same. have changed my life so much, i am a good wife and a good mum. but at the same time something deep inside of me desires this other guy. totally agree with you, i know have to have this talk with him, and i know its gonna kill him, but ur right it'll be good for him in the end, and i can only hope down the line he'll find someone and we can be best friends. until then, i don't know what is going to happen when i meet up with the guy i slept with before, he had a gf back here too but has since split up with her.. we work together and not too long ago i started developing feelings for this guy and he works with us too. the first few years after i broke up with matt, i felt like he always felt the same way about me. you will always run into some handsome guys or gorgeous girls no matter where you go. thing is for the last 9 months i know he's had really strong feelings for me and i feel exactly the same. i feel like the initial flirting is gone and that's why i'm becoming interested in this other guy. black 6 years ago i have a girlfriend who i like but there is someone else who i like and she likes me and i said to my girlfriend that i need 1 week to get back on my feet realy to try and get this girl to like me more and to go out with me so what should i say to the girl when i see her and how does she go out with me any help? other guy may not even like me how i like him, i haven’t ever said anything to him but when i see him he seems like he wants the same things in life i just think he thinks that me and my husband are happily married. now that he is married, i feel like i should do the same, my only problem is not knowing if i will ever fall in love like i did when i was 15. things have always been a bit rocky and good at the same time. the guy i've fallen for has had a past with my friends, and they all insulted him and called him a pig. 5 years ago here's the thing:i am currently dating my best guy friend. it's just that i'm sometimes shy when we're dating in malls ), he's richer, my fiends like this guy more than my boyfriend. if you find that your aren’t getting what you need from your partner, work on it with them, but do not turn to someone else to fill the need or to give you emotional support to work through it. it seems that you really are staying with your guy for the wrong reasons. we love the same things and everytime we see each other it's like we connect on every level. i want to be with my friend but i am scared. i have met this really really nice guy in my course and i really feel like i like him so much. i'm not contacting either my boyfriend, or this other guy.  i also feel like i am constatly judged by his family. he is ambitious and successful (my boyfriend really struggles professionally and financially which puts a lot of pressure on us as a couple) and i really admire this in this guy.  i do feel awful but i just have this uncontrollable attraction to him, nice guy too and he knows about my current situation. ive only realised lately that i am actually in love w/ him. i am an outdoors type of girl that likes to fish, go to the beach, camp. but you are a human being and she cant treat you like you are anything else (hormones are a bitch tho. me and my gf got back but she would still talk to other guys so i broke up with her i tried to talk to the other girl but was do frightened and nervous too do so. its messing with my head as i'm pretty sure this other girl does not feel the same but it makes me question wether i'm truly happy with my current gf. i havent cheated on my girlfriend with her unless you count a few hugs as cheating but i just don't know what to do, i know it sounds bad but i have cheated in the past and i don't think it would ever be to the point that i am sleeping with this new girl especially because she is a very well mannered girl (just my type that i like) but i have started thinking about just holding hands and kissing and cuddling with this girl but i have no idea what i should do, i am so lost right now! you so much for this post, i am currently in this situation and i really dont know what to do, i wish i know, but i dont, and i was felling really bad because i thought that i was beeing a terrible persone, but now i can see that its normal to feel this way eventualy. i am really comfortable with him, as he is with me and we have shared a lot of personal things with eachother, just because it felt so natural. have loved the distant lover for years and now she is back into my life and i have someone i am so confused! i am 18 years old and i never had this situation in my life until another guy came into my life. 6 years ago hi jen, i was felt the same after more than one year after u post ur comments here. i'm super lovey and want someone who is the same. i am glad i came upon this site because i really don't have anywhere else to turn to. i don't want to hurt him, but i obviously don't love him the right way if i'm falling for someone else. feelings you are having for other men are no more than obsessions, crushes, because they did not respect you and played games with your heart they knew what you might be missing in a long relationship (which believes me happens to many people in long term relationships) but speaking from a long experience, when you marry this is what happens most of the time. when i'm with the other guy i don't want anyone else. 4 years ago i thought i was completely alone and then i discovered this page and people who are in the same boat as me, it really helps knowing people are going through the same thing.'s my story: i have been with the same guy for 6 years, im 22 years old and we were engaged at one point and time. for the bad- she's very emotional (typical, but i think it's amplified due to her past), she's needy and likes to be spoiled to much, she's got a little extra fat, and she has back problems. chose the guy i was falling for over the guy i was in love with.. we come to terms that it was not working as i wanted more, i wanted to go places and go out and do things with my boyfriend didnt, so we split up it was the best for both of us but i could not get over him, i went away and stayed in my sisters and was texting a male friend and he was asking me to come and see him i thought to my self it might help me get over him, but when i was away my ex told me to contact him when i got back, but i never as i thought it was for the best because it might of helped get over him i stayed in this other lads for a couple of days and really got to no him dead well and he got to no me well to, but when i was there everything reminded me of my ex i couldnt help but talk about him, after the couple of days i went home and i text my ex telling him i was home and he new straight away what i had been up to but i was single it really hurt him, but then he told me he had went and seen someone too. do love my fiancé but i just cant help my feelings for this guy, i cant stop thinking about him. i cant tell my fiancee because i no what hes like and i dont wanna tell the other guy because it might freak him and will lose our friendship which i dont want to do, i keep dreaming about him and find myself re reading texts and its getting abit strange now. 6 years ago hi,i am with a guy right now. unfortunately another guy came into my life, we flirt all the time, having a great time, enjoying life the way it supposed to be. you just fallen in love with someone and find yourself getting attracted to someone else in no time? this guy is an amazing person, he loves me so much, treats me so well and would do anything for me, we get on so well and i couldnt believe my luck when we first started to date. i do adore him but this other boy is funny, cool, sweet, popular ( i don't like him for that but it is a good thing ) , fit and smaller than me but i have a thing for small people ;) he has told me he has feelings for me as well as his girlfriend but he obviously loves his girlfriend to bits if he is writing her name on his hand everyday. and i can't see myself with anyone else in the future. i didn't want to be with her anymore as i was living in a lie, so i meet someone else, and my divorced me and i hardly saw my kids, the new relationship didn't work out either, it was not a strong relationship because i was attached to the kids, but it all went wrong for my kids, my ex-wife was a bad mother, and the kids hated her and missing me. the day i met my bf, all my dreams had come true. recently, i met this guy who is friends with one of my girl "friends. i started to get angry with myself and started to blame myself and my boyfriend (indirectly) for my unhappiness and for this rejection (although i couldnt blame my co-worker, he did give me multiple chances and i kept on backing out). :/ 5 years ago my boyfriend and i have been dating for two years. the second time he broke up with me, is because i had a bad argument with my family, which involved him. i met someone new and we haven't been together very long, but i can't stop thinking about the other guy, i want him so bad it hurts. its just all so messed up and its like im cheating cuz this guy is stuck in my head and im not quite sure if he feels the same but im pretty sure he knows i am taken its just this feeling is so strong it makes me flirt and say things i should be asshamed of but at the time im saying them im not. well so this guy knows i like him and i'm pretty certain he likes me too because we generate similar feelings within eachother.

i am dating a guy but like someone else

i love my partner but don't at the same time. someone who is dating the right person consistently enjoys the relationship and feels a general sense of happiness. i'm going to be very honest here and just admit that i'm going to start talking to he other guy and get to know him because i'm feeling a bit lost over the situation with my fiancé and a bit hurt by it too. i love my boyfriends family, they've been a tremendous amount of support for me & helped me out a lot, it makes me feel bad about even considering breaking up with him. we finally kissed one night and siince then we have been "dating" kind of.. i felt the same as how u was went thru and now i want to know how u overcome it. or maybe i just think this other guys perfect because i didnt spend alot of time with him and didnt get to know him all that well.* 7 years ago i'm a sophomore in high school and i've been in a relationship with the same guy, a junior, for over a year now. 4 years ago i've been dating my boyfriend for the past 2 years, and we have so much in common. your current relationship isn’t what you had dreamed for yourself? i am continuously thinking, dreaming etc about this person and it's driving me mental. to be honest, the way that you have behaving makes me think that you deserve to move with the distant home wrecker i am sure you will find peace in each others company , especially when you start to wonder who she is texting and flirting with! someone kind could help me with some advice, i would really appreciate it. i've been dating my girlfriend for over a year now. you like someone else, you really need to ask yourself why you’re falling for another person when you’re already in a relationship.. the problem is now that i have moved i met a guy that works with me and fulfills most of my needs and makes me happy. 4 years ago reading a few stories made me realize that i am not alone and we all go through this. she calls me names like idoit, stupid and says y r u even saything that for? there came a point during the night where everyone (minus my girlfriend and i) became visibly drunk, including my friend..no matter what i do i can't get this other guy out of my head but like him i dont want to go behind anyones back!.well weve been back in contact now for about a year and the whole time ive been wanting to be with him and see him all the time, i think he feels the same. i had the same questions as you are having, but i figured it out. 7 years ago hey guys and girls, im so glad im not the only one in this situation! and then this summer, i went travelling, and even whilst i was there i missed him and talked to everyone about him but there was 1 guy there that i couldn't help having feelings for, and same for him, and we ended up sleeping together one drunken evening. was in your very same situation a short time ago. i don't know how i could handle seeing her with another man, even though she has every right to date someone. he's a few years younger than i am, and more laid back as compared to me. but my head is so much in a mess i don't not want to hurt my boyfriend coz hes the man i love but if i am feeling things for thius new guy maybe im not as happy as i should be in my relationship. have been with my girl 3 years and over the past year even though we never fight or anything i have developed strong feelings for one of my friends, she just makes me happy when i’m around her, and i know she feels the same way, but with my currrent relationship nothings wrong but if i been with a girl 3 years you would think i would know i would know if i want wanna spend the rest of my life with her but i just don’t see my self marrying her, hell i’m 22,and i live with my current gf i don’t know what to do should i play the financial safe routine with my gf who i’m unsure of ot roll the dice and either try out things with my friend or just stay single i don’t know what to do. i have spoken to my mum about it and she has said for me to just ignore these feelings for this other guy, but the more i try to ignore them the stronger they become. i was afraid to lose my guy, or our friendship, but i knew that if i was having feelings for someone for else i wasn't being completely faithful to my guy. i am now 37 and i know for them it had ended badly, they ended up breaking up with these men they ended up with because they just gave them heartbreak at the end.!Carolyn mikkelsen 4 years ago from norwayiml flirting and talking on the phone is not the same as a loving close relationship. she confides in me about things she says she does not tell anyone else, even her family. ever since then she's been a little creeped out and i don't blame her. 7 weeks ago i am dating a guy that i really like, but there's someone who has been one of my friends since 5th grade and i feel like i am falling for him. he says he thinks he wouldn't get jealous if we had an open relationship and i slept with other guys. okay, now not only do i have a boyfriend who i live with but i have a huge crush on someone eight years older than me who just also happens to be married. i couldn't imagine not having my boyfriend in my life, but at the same time, i wonder if at this point it is because he is my best friend and someone i am very comfortable with, because i can't seem to get this other guy out of my head. 5 years ago i was in love with this girl and finally came to terms with not being able to be with her. i also told him i don't have a facebook account [because of my friends comments about me n my bf] and now i want to pursue this new guy but i need to come clean about my current bf and my fb page:(what do i do? 6 years ago im on the same boat i have a girlfriend of 5 months and were ready to move in together but i just recently found a girl on facebook taht i like and shes so much more me ugh so confused im not going to like over type here sense this is and old post lol. am currently 17 and have been in a relationship with a guy who i truly love for about two years. sometimes i feel like my bf doesn't get me, doesn't care or has passions about the same things as me. both love the same movies, music, activities, and we have very similar personalitites. so if you find yourself liking someone else after getting into a relationship, end it if you really must. the horrible thing is, now he considers us as "dating. 6 years ago though i must add that i am so glad others are going through this mess too! it really is painful for me but i don't want to hurt the other guy and my boyfriend anymore, and at the same time, i don't want to make myself feel shameless. help cos i have never liked someone as much as i like this guy. 7 years ago it sounds like were all in the same situation here! if you do love your own partner a lot, you may have a crush on someone else, but you’d never be able to compare the affections you have for your new crush and your own partner. find out what to do when you like someone else and you’re already in a relationship.? our families are good friends and it's just hard bc i don't want to loose my bestfriend, but at the same time i don't feel like we should be dating anymore. after 7 years, i was fall again wit the other guy who i didn't told him yet caused i know him as a fren only i i don't want he stop mingling wit me if i said that i have feeling on him. i was at a lifeguard training and i met this old friend of mine that i used to like we hit it right off the bat we started looking at each other like we used to he's really and i mean really good looking and he's really sweet not like all the guys in my generation that sag their pants and all hes one year older, but the main turn off is the fact that he goes to the rivil of my h. ive been through this before in the same relationship were i liked someone else but i realised that i love my boyfriend and i need to try and work on that not drag someone else into the mess but this time the feeling is so much stronger and me and my bf are goin on two years and i live with him. 7 years ago unsure of wat to do i've been with my gf for 3 years now we just bought a house and i do love her but the relationship overall gas not been happy there is a number of thongs that my gf has done on me in the past that i don't think i can't get over but pretend i have just to keep the peace, well before i even meet my current gf i was supposed to go out on a date with another girl who lives almost 2 hours away we have always kept in contact through txts and phone calls, i think about her everyday and dream about her i always have even when i only started with my current gf bt was always afraid distance would become a problem. i do not believe i am in love with my boyfriend, but i care about him just because we have both made mistakes to hurt each other and he is still my best friend, i can talk to him about anything. 5 years ago i am in the same situation except i already messed up and got drunk and cheated on my guy. the more unhappy i have become in my relationship the more me and this other guy have been talking. if that doesn't work and the man at work tries to go further, just be careful not to fall for him and if you decide on moving forward with him, then be very careful because that can end up in messing your marriage or sparkling the flame that you've lost. more we talk and text the more ive fallen in love with her and 100% know she is besotted by me and told me she loves me like noone else she has. i can wait but then the fall would just hurt more if i lose the waiting game. i am in love with my bf and i can see me spending the rest of my life with him, having his children and being the grandmother of his grandchildren but how do i know this other boy who's waited for me won't make me happier? 7 years ago im in the same situation, ive been dating my bf for 1. i just don't understand why no matter how much i throw myself into my current relationship, i find my mind wandering to the british guy. confused 7 years ago please can someone give me some advise. i have feelings for someone else but don't think it's the right thing to do. that's how i think i know i don't have feelings for my girlfriend and am starting to fall for this girl. i'm so confused, i think i thought i had the perfect relationship before i went away, and even after i'd slept with someone else still believed it was just something whilst i was away and when i got home it would all be okay with my boyfriend again but i think i just love him, and am not in love with him now. all sounds so needy and you are infatuated by someone who is manipulating you to leave your girlfriend. :) but the other day i went to my best friends house to ride horses (i am going to be a professional horse trainer) and i saw her brother. don't know what to do i love my girlfriend but i really like this other girl and if i stay with my girlfriend and she doesn't really love me then i would lose a chance of finding someone who truly cares for me. boyfriend and i have been dating for a year and 5 months now. he is the type that is emotionally closed off and i am the exact opposite. now that she has brokeup with her boyfriend we came too close to eachother and i'm really in love with her. it was amazing like 10x's more intense than the first time. and the guy i'm dating now, well there's nothing special anymore. i think about him everyday and he's told me he wanted to get together in the future because he feels the same way about me. getting a wierd feeling,dat im loving two persons at the same time. i met someone else recently and we got on really well, laughing, joking and just a really enjoyable time, we then eneded up in bed and the feelings began to develop. i am just not happy, i constantly want my boyfriend to leave me alone, give me my space, he is so emotional it drives me crazy. i love my boyfriend, i am so grateful to have him in my life but: i'm changing. i don't want to hurt him by breaking up with him but i am doing worse by not telling him. am i really staying with my partner for the right reasons? if you’re going to be confused about your relationship status each time you like someone outside the relationship, there’s obviously something wrong with your relationship. so now i am regretting that i should have waited a little longer instead of dating my boyfriend. years, we are great together, like best friends, our families get along great, we have the same sense of humour, he loves me more than anything else. only difference is when i'm with my bf i don't think about this guy and vice versa but when i'm not with my bf i think about him all the time.

now have a baby together and i feel really guilty because i constantly think about the other guy. have known the othre guy for a year now and i just started falling for him because hes growing up and getting more mature i mean. i met another girl a few days ago and fell in love with her at first sight, we talked for a bit and yeah, now i really wanna go out with her, because she is the same age as me and we have a bit more in common, i am planning to tell her i have feelings for her, because i cant stop thinking about her. if i was to leave my bf i would lose my house everything my routine of life my other part of the family (his family) but why am i feeling these feelings for this new guy if im happyest that im ment to be please someone help me im so stuck x. i know its incredibly hard to grasp the fact that i'm totally in love with someone who i've never met, but i feel as if i already know everything about him that needs to be known. i follow my heart 6 years ago iv been with my fiance off and on for 5yrs were do to be married in 2months but he's been away for a lil while and during that time iv been seeing one of my ex's that iv been with also off and on for 7yrs yea kinda confusing very long story how ever i never stop loving my ex in fact i'm very inlove with him but i love my fiance very much iv been feeling lately that i'm about to make the biggest mistake of my life getting married and my heart is with my ex but i'm almost 30 and i'm tierd of dating i have 2 children and i'm reall ready to settle down and my ex who i'm so inlove with is also in a relationship and has been the whole 7yrs we've been together so basically iv kinda been holding on for a possible change which never came i know he loves me but i'm starting to see he's never going to leave her so do i stay with my fiance get married and move on with my life even tho i'm deeply inlove with my ex or do i just end both relationships help i don't no what to do i'm so broken and hurting behind all this madness.’ve been dating my girlfriend for almost six months but am now getting feelings for another girl. my point here is don't stay with someone if you don't love them from your heart because sooner or later, it will hurt them, sooner or later you will leave, sooner or later you will not be able to cope. me and the new guy have known each other for about 1 1/2 years..i love him a lot, but since i've been speaking to this other guy again, all my old feelings have come back, but the worst thing is, he moved back to canada. while our families now beleive we will get married one day, i feel pressured to stay with him because i don't want to hurt those people around me by leaving him. i cannot stop thinking about him, & i've dreamt about him for a couple of nights consecutively. 6 years ago hi my names karen, ive been with my boyfriend for 3 years, at first it was good, until i found out he kept lyin. he also is very funny and even better looking than this new guy. although this has been happening i have also had other boyfriends of course not at the same time. but not long before we were dating i felt myself falling for my best friend, this was difficult enough as i didn't know whether to tell her and find out if she felt the same or to keep quite and just be happy i had her as a friend but feel depressed for god knows how long (i didn't tell her, i think this wad a mistake). you say you don't want to hurt him, but stringing him along while constantly thinking about the other guy will hurt him anyway. but recently we are getting into small fights and sometimes it feels like im the one trying to make it work but i know he loves me very much which makes things worse bc couple months back i met this amazing guy and we clicked right away, and in about couple of days we became close,we are always calling , texting , chatting late night hes funny , caring super nice and we get along great , im very comfortable with him we are always doing fun things together and we talk about everything which i cant do with my current bf . she began making out with this guy (who i believe she has only know for a month or so).'ve been dating my gf for two and a half years now, but i have liked another girl since i was 16. me and my fiancee are trying to sort ourselves out through counselling as we also have a young child which is making the whole situatiion a lot harder, but i am still feeling un-hopeful (and have said this many times) of our relationship and the more i see the girl (although probably being stupid) it reminds me of the night, and i want to speak to her. 6 years ago i am 28 and 7 years ago i was in a relationship with a woman 9 years my senior..Marc 5 years ago hey people im hoping someone can help. they have been dating ever since, they just had their 4 month., the original guy that i fell for (we'll call him tom), has had feelings for me all along through these past 8 months. am really confused on what to do because i know that my boyfriend now is better for me in so many ways, however i find myself tearing up when i remember the relationship i had with my ex. don't think i share the same values as my gf. sigh it sucks i don't know what to do i even introduced my bf to my whole family and they all love him bit at the same time it's like it's my own business right? someone who, when you are really honest with yourself, you know deserves to become that special person in your life. but then my girlfriend came back and i was happy. im really stuck now becuz i kissed the new guy ughhhh. fall for someone else while you're still dating him or her? 5 years ago let's just say this was me last month, my boyfriend and i at that point in time were having a lot of fights and disagreements and held resentments against each other, we couldn't talk or look at each other, anyway's i ended up liking someone at my job, left my job to be with him and now that i have him i realized that he's not what i wanted or maybe it was all happening too fast. don't think it would work with the guy in canada :( we haven't spoken about the distance. im not sure whether u still will look on my comments as my situation also same now here. 4 years ago am in a weird position, i was with my boyfriend for just over a year and we loved each other so much. i’m devastated at the loss of the “other guy”. but i was, and still am, completely positive that we have something strong between us. because when a man really loves you, he might not be good with words, but he shows you compassion and shows you respect, and many women fall for the snake who if many of you have not noticed, always find it fun to mess with your head, they think it's a game and they feel powerful and happy that they can cause us to go crazy.. first of all, let me tell you that there is no way to resolve this situation without someone getting hurt. he is very over pertective and its just anyoing like most my friends r guys . my friends and family all dont like my current guy. we've talked about it and i have a hard time seeing myself with anyone elseabout a year ago i met another guy. years ago (before we started dating) i was talking to this other guy eric whom i've known since my childhood. - sad but true, when i started crushing on my friend, i stopped and made a list of all of the guys i had crushed on over the last year, and i came up with a over 10 names. some said the only reason why i even gave the “other guy” a chance to woo me, was because there were already cracks in my relationship; and i agree. when your current girlfriend finds out how long you have been having this emotional affair she will feel that she has been made a fool of and she will feel heartbroken at having trusted someone like you. when the school year was ending, as ras it was our job to close down the building (not my boyfriend, he has a different job not on campus). i know it’s the right decision and the one that will work out better long term, but that doesn’t stop the hurt and pain from trying to detach myself from the guy i’ve fallen in love with. but at the same time, i'm having doubts about whether it was her i longed for over those two years, or if it was just someone that would love me for me. this guy i have had a crush on for a few months was there. am in a similar situationi have been going out with my boyfriend for almost 3 years.. :( but i am just so happy to know and think that someone out there is in the exact same situation as me :d hope you find a way hun, as would i :) xxxxxx. obviously i don’t wanna tell him i like him incase he don’t feel the same coz then i’ll screw everything up. she is sooo good to me and treats me amazingly but i started talking to this girl two weeks ago just as friends but i started to like her and she likes me too! love a guy 4rm a long time and he luvs me 2 and now a few days ago a guy in my scul who's 2years senior 2 me msged me and we had a long talk in msg but my bf disliked that, i wanted 2 make friendship wid that guy but the guy is afraid if my bf fights wid him and he's realy a jerk. i was the one who said we should take the break because i wanted him to try to find someone else and be happy. i came to find out that this friend of mine has had feelings for me since the second grade. then we went through a stage for about 2 months or so where we became more like friends.. i would instil in him the same doubt , that what if she does the same to me? i'm sorry this is so long but i really want someone to help me out a little..and there is this guy in my drama class who is mature cute and sweet. i feel like i am missing the spark that comes with new encounters. 5 years ago i am going to get married with my girlfriend within this two months everyone is preparing for my marriage and she loves me a lot. i was heartbroken for awhile, but then i met another guy (current boyfriend) whom i fell in love with. u fell like u have lost interest in your boyfrnd,just leave him n start ur life wid the new guy . the new guy is in a relationship, but he feels like its failing fast. all i am is confused and i feel like a bad person. i told him everything about this new guy that i'm having a crush with. hes 17 and so am i, but hes very immature, he sulks when he doesnt get hes own way and always finds somethin to loose hes temper about, but im not sayin im perfect. i need a lot of help, well the other day i got with a guy that's reaaly sweet and he treats me amazingly! im not a home-wrecker but at the same time, why "deal" with someone for the rest of your life when u can have much more with someone else? he is a great christian guy and i have a ton of fun with him! my boyfriend has said he would kill himself in the past (numerous times) if i left him, or that he would kill the guy. think one mistake you have made is sleeping with this other guy from your work place. i just miss the feeling of being in love with someone new. hubpages and hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including amazon, google, and others. he's my best friend and someone who can always make me smile. injoinbreakupsdivorcecompatibilityastrologypersonality typedatingattracting a matecrushesonline datingdate ideasfriendshipgender and sexualitylovephysical intimacyrelationship advicerelationship problemscheatingabusefightingrelationshipsmarriagelong distance relationshipssingle lifesocial skills & etiquetteconnect with us. i really feel like i love this other girl, my partner has been treating me like trash for a long time, and she blames it solely on the pregnancy.. i have a girlfriend, shes 21 and im the same age. we're the guys that permit you to escape from your ordinary relationship to be with us. i tell this other guy everything and he even helps me sort my problems out. recently made the decision to leave the forbidden relationship with the “other” guy… i know it’s the only morally “right” thing to do… there is nothing else i can stand by other than what is “right” and “wrong”. but i can't accept him because 1) i still love my boyfriend, 2) he was my everything who was always there for me during my ups and downs, 3) a long-term relationship is something i treasure, so i can't bring myself to even think about breaking up this relationship, 4) there is so much insecurity and uncertainty when the other guy is not even near me no matter how much assurance he is giving me, 5) i don't want to be someone who leaves my long-term boyfriend just for another guy (whom i met online! i am going on 20 and this guy is going on 28. 6 years ago i just turned 16, and i have a best friend who i've discovered has everything i could hope for in a guy. her with someone else drove me nuts so i stopped talking to who i was currently dating and got my ex back.’m going through the same thing just without kids in the picture! can’t really stop your heart from liking someone else or getting attracted to some other person other than your own lover, and if that does happen, it’s inevitable.
we connected on so many levels…two things that led to the breakup were it became long distance with a job change and she was not ready to commit to a relationship at the time…. 4 years ago i am have been in a realantioship for nearly 3 years now, but i met a guy more than a year ago.. and as much as i want to stop this about this other guy. recently i met someone at work, we get on almost immediately we hit it off, i assure you i had no intention of falling for someone else. have been dating this person who i love to death for 6 years now, but the problem is hes my best friend. don't want to hurt my boyfriend because he's so genuine and lovely but i just can't bear to be kissing him and thinking of someone else.. cus if you really loved the first you wouldnt have a second(:Kittykattt 5 years ago me and my bf have been dating a year and a half but recently i find my self becoming annoyed and i really like this other guy that treats me so different than my bf and i want to be with him do much. there will indeed always be someone who get hurt, maybe u maybe your (boy or girl)friend maybe both., this all sounds well and good, but over the past year, i've slowly begun to fall for this guy that i work with. 6 years ago well i am in this situation i have a boyfriend that i like but i never really see him and we barley text anymore, but theres this other guy that goes to my school he's so cute and sweet and respectful and he likes me to, but idk what to do because my current boyfriend has been threw alot in the past two years so i really need help here! after all, even a relationship with your new crush could turn out to be the same in a year or two.? i'm over the moon at being a dad but am not happy with my gf. for months i've been constantly thinking about someone else and i'm too scared to ask for help from anyone in the event either of them find out. 6 years ago ugh i'm in love with my boyfriend and he's madly in love with me but recently this new kid transferee to my school and i was immediately attracted to him and i'm known to be a flirt so i flirted with him like crazy everyday in class and eventually it became obvious that he likes me. even though i do love him, i don't know if i am in love with him anymore as i have been spending time with my ex again and the feelings are stil there, should i leave my current boyfriend and be with my ex because the sparkle has just faded with my current boyfriend ? i am so sorry, i just thought you were mad. we like the same things, and understand what the other is trying to say before the sentence comes fully out of the mouth. but i would feel horrible if i left my boyfriend for my guy friend. of them are amazing guys but i dont know how to face them both. my new aim is to reachieve this feeling or something close with my boyfriend because i know that if my "other guy" and i are to get together, i'll be disappointed. 5 years ago i am crazy in love with my boyfriend. i have never in my life met a guy like this before..Tom 6 years ago dear everyone,my girlfriend got pregnant and i married her but i was not in love with her so we live a family life for a few years and had another child..the past two years we have been goin through a rough patch and wen we nearly broke up i fell for a friend that is really sweet and lovin but wen my fiance found out he changed and started bein sweet guy that i first fell for. i feel the same towards him, but because of the summer holidays, my boyfriend and i are doing long distance (different continents. being lied to for months before being left for someone else is cruel and unnecessary. my relationship has never been amazing more convenient than enjoyable. he recently came to a party we were all at and drunkenly text me telling about his feelings for me. overall, i feel like this other guy is "my other half" in that his personality (and even psychology, to an extent) are shockingly similar to mine. so in the meantime i found someone else(my fiance). do i stick it out and see how much the bf is gonna change and see if he's finally gonna turn into what i've always wanted him to he or do i just let him go finally once and for all and move on with the new guy who i can truly see a future with? like sucha asshole, but i cant help it when i fall for someone =/. finally i found someone that i love, my current girlfriend, and now i am starting to fall out of love with her. if i ended my relationship to him i have to pay everything but i am sure i can make it every month bec i have a job but i am scared i can’t provide enough to my kids. that’s the rush that comes with new relationships and it would go away with the new guy too. when he asked, it was my first time ever thinking "damn it. if you’re not really happy in your relationship or don’t really see a future in it, you may want to consider this new dating potential and see where it goes.?Andigo 7 years ago same problem here,trish your problem is recognizable i would say check if you still in love with your current boyfriend, and if he's the right person for you, which is utterly difficult when your in a long relationship. this guy has feelings for me too (though i'm guessing not love). we ended up talking all night and even started cuddling, something my current dude claims i dont deserve ans havent earned, despite the fact that he had called me boring in bed and i upped my game tenfold and even let him put it in my butt, which i never ever wanted to try, but did. but i feel like a bad girlfriend because i'm not over josh and i'm dating dylan. it is the most amazing feeling, we have so much in common. i am so affected by all these, but i kept it all inside all the while. if this other guy didn't come back into the picture. but i'm dating someone else and we are getting very serious. the feelings i felt before came rushing back as if nothing had changed. the only thing is i'm finding it hard to split with my bf becuase ive been with him so long and also this guy is soo nice we get on really really well but. he's just my kind of guy and am contemplating breaking up with my current boyfirend. he is already jealous and controlling, even to the extent of telling you what career you can have, i am sure you know this can only get worse. but when we reached college, i passed in a very prestigious school so i decided to study in this school eventhough it's 40km away from my family and my boyfriend.. 6 years ago i've been with my girlfriend for over 2 years, we've been through sooo much together and stayed together through it all, i have had my doubts before but i've never been interested in anyone else before. its so hard and i know no matter wat direction i go it is going to hurt me a bit as well as one or the other guy. ex has had a sexual encounter with the guy who tried to have an affair with me (without my knowledge of what he was trying to do). i'm pretty proud of our honest and open-minded relationship, but does anyone else have experience of this and have any advice? but now, for the last month, i have a massive crush / feel like i am in love with one of 'our' friends. i still dont know if this person has the same feelings i do but my ex hasnt done anything wrong to make me think twice about our relationship. this feeling 7 years ago i am in this position right now. we kissed and ended up having an amazing night together. i know the raw feeling when you think of "the other guy". do i make any sense at all or am i just selfish and stupid. i am a very passionate person when it comes to philosophy and society, yet my bf is very apathetic about the world. the same time, another guy joined the club who i was coaching. i really really like this new guy, but i have so much history amd a child with my current unofficial on again off again guy. →community →relationship forum →i have a boyfriend but can't stop thinking about someone else. on top of all this i’ve been dating my boyfriend for 5 years and we live together. he came apologizing saying that he was acting stupid and he would change. we hung out last night and watched a movie and cuddled and the i got amazing feelings. if the pros heavily outweigh the cons, try to work on those issues with your current partner- you've already invested time, energy, and emotion into this person, and it would be unfair to both of you to cut it off (or cheat) because you meet someone you think *might* be better. if someone can even help me in a slight bit i will gladly appreciate it! i imagine dating him and i want to be close to/affectionate with him, yet i can't have both and i don't know who to choose. we broke up after 4 pretty damn good years due to my frustration with our issues. have liked this guy for 6 and a half years now 🙁 i always think about him even when things are going good with the husband this guy is always there in my mind. then she said she would never leave her fiance, we stopped talking for 6 months but then she came back saying, she missed me, couldnt stopped thinking of me etc, we had a heart to heart and basically we really want each other but she doesnt want to break up her little family, she said if her daughter wasnt there then she would be with me in a shot! other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. 6 years ago in the beginning i was so in love with my gf but she would say guys are hot to my face and think she was to good for me and i think she would cheat on me with her ex-boyfriend and even caught her trying to go in a truck full of dudes till i met this other girl who over time grew on me. just like the rest of you i am having the same exact situation.!" and if i tell him that when he does that it hurts my feelings he just goes off with her instead of talking it out like a man and then this kid that sits next to me in my english class told me he liked me and then and there i didn't feel the same but then as time went on and we kept talking during english and started iming and texting i started falling for him., the school year just ended, and i am still dating the best friend. but this guy makes me look forward to going to work just to see his face, i have to force myself not to want to talk to him or walk past him. 6 years ago i've completely and utterly fallen for this guy. have no idea how he feels about me as the subject had never came up so this might be one sided! for the past 2 years ive got chatting to a guy over msn messenger and we have grown pretty close, so close that he come to the house to see me when my fiancé works away. and at the same time love someone else almost the same way? i'm only saying this because i've realized that most of us are falling for people we know little abou tand spend very very little time with, so we fill in the gaps ourselves and create these amazing men in our minds. i guess for me, it's harder to see this person as someone i take seriously. ive been dating for four months, now , out of nowhere, a girl appeared (the sister of my best two friends) and we fell in love with eachother. at the same time i don’t wanna have regrets. 5 years ago i am in a relationship with my bf for 2 years but for all 2 years i am in love with his friend, whom i met first. situation was that i dated this guy when i was 15 for about a year, we were truly in love and he was the one who set the bar for all the other boyfriends i had after him. he is very different from my boyfriend and the first day we met i felt this connection with him and he said he felt the same way.