How to win a girl who is dating another guy

How to get a girl who is dating another guy

i think this is where people that are in love differ…i can only see what makes her so special to me and why its so hard for me to remember the not so green side of the relationship. i love this girl and i don’t want almost nine years to go down the toilet. especially as a woman is maturing she wants some stability. started dating my girlfriend in 2010 at school and now we in 2014. i brought her home and when i dropped her off i asked if i could have a kiss and we kissed and she said ill talk to you later. a lesbian and was with this girl for four years going 5 on july. all of them do not seem very promising as i am a woman and i try to think about how i would react to some of the steps given. i’m fine with the no contact but here’s the tricky part, shes getting surgery tuesday(4 days from now) and is really nervous. she has another guy she hangs out with but i know she didn’t leave me for him. go all in next time you see her and she will be blown away, i promise you. it’s amazing how much similar your story is to mine. shit you need to make a girl feel as special as she really is. he started stalking and harrassing me, and would harrass any guy i dated. made the mistake of telling her i was doing great without her. she was 25 and i was her 2nd real boyfriend, she was a goodie stay at home girl. she is my best friend only, one i trust and believe so much. it’s been two months i and my girl broke up. i told her the kiss meant nothing and i was thinking about her when it happened. recently lost, my girl it was my fault i got hooked up in internet adiction, porn sites and dating sites, she read my corespondance to the other women and even contacted them to see if we had met up. well after 4 years of dating we broke up because she was tired of my habbits. should i just totally forget she exist and wait until she comes around or should i fight for more. need some suggestions i want my ex-girlfriend back i’m sure of it she broke up with me 4 months ago and has been with somebody else that same amount of time…. i find upsetting is the last txt i received saying she was scared and that it wasn’t normal just turning up, she was ashamed to let someone in her life she hardly knew. we had our baby girl dec 24,2011 best day of my life. we just broke up 2 1/2 weeks ago and were still talking but, she seeing another dude, who was a shoulder to cry on when she thought that i didnt love her anymore.. after 8-9 months of things going peaceful it started to take a violent turn she still used to talk to her ex sometimes bt later it was on a regular basis now she brokeup with me and is back wit. so now what idk is should i text her the night before and say something about it like goodluck don’t be nervo use it’ll be okay, just good luck or nothing at all?

How to win a girl dating another guy

it’s vital that you find out why she hates you… because this will help you to build a solid action plan. when talking to her, you should never try and convince her to forget out the guy that she likes, either. key to remember here is that you’re laying down the important groundwork with the casual meetups. worst thing i did, iwent to her office so she saw me and ask what are you doing here, i told her i miss you i wanna see you. i overreacted at first too but it was more so because there is a child involved. i did try a another product that i think is seriously worth mentioning because i picked up some killer tips from it. up your facebook profile – your facebook page is a constant message that your closest friends and acquaintances are reading. the only thing that’s different is that you don’t have a boyfriend to contend with, which means that you will find it way way easier to get her back if you keep it casual, play it cool and spruce up your current image/mindset. i keep on forcing her to answer until she pissed. however, seeing my ex girl again brought back memories and the love i had for her but scared she will be stubborn again. are a few areas of “getting your ex girlfriend back” which i want to cover, so by all means skip to the section that makes most sense to your current situation. shes the girl i want to spend the rest of my life with. about a half hour goes by and she text me back that she misses me and said that she was getting a cab to come over. you ever been in a situation where you met a beautiful girl, but found out that she is actually in love with another guy? spoke to independent friends who we used to see when we were out of an older generation who carnt understand why she didn’t see me, but did say that her ex the father of the children had been in prison beating someone up in the village, and she went quiet after he had been round. now she will be 2 in a month me and the ex are broken up and she is out partying like she is 16 everyday i get my daughter. we didn’t get a chance to be boyfriend and girlfriend.’ve been with my girlfriend for over a year, and she just broke up with me because she seems to care more about her friends than she does our relationship. fact is bro that women are capable of pure evil when they are hurt by the man they truly loved. she proceeded to walk away with her and a few of her guy friends so naturally i got upset.’ll i hope theres someone out there that can truly help me with all bs aside… im senior at my hight school and my girlfriend is a junior..i think she is gona leave again coz im trusting her. than i figured, what the hell, let us just go, and she started to say how she isn’t going to have the money for it since she will be heading to michigan with family for the holidays and wouldn’t be working. the girl of my dreams and i were together for 9 months. have been in a releshp wth my ex grlfrend for 4yrs she was my school sweethert we came from far she loved meh soo much we did everythng toghet na untll she had a crush on some guybt she found out the guy is in arelshp wth anther person she came back to meh cryng i accpted her back bt then after a mnth se change start sayng we break up bt then she apologies back for her word iknw ehe was up2 smthng i broke up wth her she didnt even say why or sory she said alryt naw its been 3weeksi tryed callng her bt she nat intrested shes is sayng she want to be single an forcus… so do you think she is a relshp wth smeone else i need advice shoild i just move on? out our most popular articles:how to make a girl horny and turn any girl into a ravenous beast in the bedroomthe 5 best adult dating sites: the lazy man’s guide to getting laid quickly6 super kinky ways to tease a woman in the bedroom so she begs you to bang hercomments. there you have it, this is without a doubt the best advice you will get on understanding how to get your ex girlfriend back in the fastest way possible.

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sometimes i want to text her just to ask how she is or somehow to see that beautiful smile of hers again. i know my girlfriend left me for pressuring her of wanting to hang out more when she was busy with school… but i have an explanation for my behavior…soo me and my girl friend where going to be 1 year in may 8th of 2014 but she broke up with me may 4th :,( … im not going to lie i would get mad at my girlfriend but its only cuz i wanted to talk to her more…try to understand that i started going out with her my junior year with 2 months of school left and then i got use to seeing her everyday and hanging out with her nearly everyday…so once school started , it was hard for me to make that transition of not seeing/hanging out with her so i would finish my hwk and work hard so i could talk to her yet sometimes she would procrastinate so most of the time she called to say goodnight and i just felt bad cuz i really love this girl and wanted to talk to her …. what could i do to win her over, i love her with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with her, my daughter and her son who i’ve taken in as my own. girlfriend told me she needs a break, and seem other people. she still has feelings she says but does not want to jeopardize her new relationship because she is afraid of the other guy finding out that she is still talking and hanging with her ex. have to say to any guy…be careful of overstepping boundaries. she is telling me she want a breakup coz im cheating but she doesnt have any proof. she is blaming you for cheating because she is not being 100% with you about what she is doing. this will work out especially well if the guy that the girl currently loves isn’t an alpha male. i mis her and never wantes it to be a permanent break up.. on the way home in the cab i was so damn upset and sent her a text message that she didn’t care about me and that i was easily replaced by by one of her guy friends that was at her place with everyone. to her – the very first thing you need to do is write to her, facebook, email even a freakin hand written letter dude. problem is she’s cut me off once before after a bad night than about 3 months later wanted to hang out again.. i’m just so confused right now, i know we have only been seeing each other for 2 months but i don’t understand how things coul end like they did i have been in this 100%and treat her like an absolute queen. and my girlfriend were together for about a month and a half. maybe finding someone that sees only the good in me is what love truly is.’t sulk – the moment you accept your defeat, is the moment you will never get her back, so stay positive and know that you’re going to get her back in time. we’d been dating 2 and a half months, extremely attracted to each other, the sex was incredible for the both of us, & we spent a good bit of time together. she lives with a friend that’s a girl about 100 miles away from me. what’s the best way to get your ex girlfriend back? this means you need to upload pictures of you partying with other pretty girls, smiling, traveling, doing things that you never did whilst in your relationship with your ex. once you do this, you can then start bringing up the guy that she currently loves, so that she can compare him to the ideal man that she has in her head. if i dont get the chance, i will hurt like this until it stops i guess. the point is to build yourself up to be something you are proud of. she had told me that everything was alright after so i thought this would just pass. it’s just been a rough past summer for me in general with my grandpa passing away and adjusting to all this change.. i have been with this girl for about 6 months we have had out ups and downs but i honestly believe that i am in love with this girl.

How to win a girl's heart when you're not the only one vying for it.

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wife of 7 yrs left 5 months ago we use to hang out and still do things together for are kids but she recently told me she is moving on a week later she tells me she in a relationship already apparently she been already seeing someone for 3 mths now i was crush because we have two kids together i admit in the beginning are relationship started off bad u didn’t see when she was ready to settle down i wasn’t it seems to now she has more argue towards me the love please help me i don’t want to lose my family to someone else. i only acted like an ass to her in the beginning thatpushed her to this point was because when i was upset at somthing she did i felt as if she ignored it as she didnt care to want to know why i was even upset. speaking, an alpha male has no trouble attracting girls by nature. i had left my house with my boy and her there and one thing led to another and they ended up hanging out afterward and having a kid. you may push her limits till she is afraid of you or hates the very thought of you. weve talked and she seems like the breakup isnt what she wanted but, she also seems like she likes the new guy somewhat if shes willing to move into his house right after we broke up. it’s crucial that they see the guy you want to be seen as… which is a confident, independent, happy and outgoing guy. so, if you want to find out how to attract a girl who loves another boy, then read on and get her to forget about that guy for good.) she is still in love with you and still wants you very much you just have to prove to her that you are a better person than before. but i do not know if this one is serious., i broke up with my girl like for 2 years now, but it’s all coming back to me, it was my fault, i physically assaulted her. fall in love with a girl from the first sigh i keep asking about her then weve meet up a few times as friends then i send a friend to ask her if she wanna be my girlfriend this how its works in my country in the first she says she will think about it then i go by myself to talk to her then she says no and my heart was broken i really love her i was watching for over 4 monthes i cant hold on what should i do to say yes. ask space for 3months no communication,no seeing each other so i gave her space but i broke my promise not to call,text and see her. when she told me she was seeing someone she told me he was out of town this week and would be back this weekend. am a girl and this is seriously the worst advice a guy can give. her son was 1 1/2 when we found out we were having a little girl. we broke up because she got jealous about other women who were giving me attention, and i lied about one of these girls at a party and i just got too comfortable and didn’t show interest. this had truly heart broken me, i may not be ready to get married just yet, but she’s who i would want to be with for the rest of my life, i wouldn’t ever cheat on her, ever :(. but i think she is just trying to make the rest of the week more bearable my birthday is in a couple days and part of the reason i came here was to spent it with her. here’s what to do:Understand why she left you – the first step is to understand why she dumped you in the first place dude! if she dumped you months ago… heck even a year ago, that pain… just isn’t going away and it will slowly ruin your life in every way possible unless you do something about it. she did not want to have another child which forced a argument of her wanting a abortion. she mentioned a while ago when a guy messaged her that they had a thing before me and her but she assured me that it was the past. if she ignores you, she is testing you to see how serious you are. we have been going on couple dates but recently she has been dating another guy. it’s also dependent on what the girl is like, but there is never a set time frame. number one: you have to become a valuable alpha male in a girl’s eyes.

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soon thereafter, she will realize that the guy that she loves right now isn’t the guy that she should be with. and my girl were good and after the first time i came to her house i had to talk to her family and she says i always talked about myself and my problems too much and that i never really payed attention to her and her problems also she says i shunned her family. this was when i immediately went into defense mode and apologized a million times. it’s all down to persistence and a positive attitude, sprinkled with the tips above. left me in 2011 and came back to me in 2012 afta i have callin her and not answering my calls for a year then she left again for a year 2013 around march and came back to me this year 2014…she started calling me on the 28 of february this year and i was shocked and confused about that. and my girl have two kids together she left me because i was too controlling. i want to tell her how i really feel seeing as this talk took less than a minute and im not taking it very well. girlfriend broke up with me yesturday, i’m being persistant but, she blocked me on facebook, skype, and a few other places, what do i do.. girls live a knight in shining armor whether its emotional or pysically. or is she just so pissed off tell she hates me right now. this makes them all the more attractive in the eyes of girls because every girls loves being subordinate, whether they admit it or not. my girl for 6 years and left her to go become a dive instructor on a island. just a moment, i’m going to show you how to get your ex girlfriend back… so buckle up, because there’s a lot to cover. if she is accepting to it… go on with your bad self. one is a love letter and the other is an apology letting her know i accept the breakup and wish her the best. fiancé left me after 5 half years 3 months ago i got engaged to her on christmas last year and even decorated my room back in february she moved in with me and my mum 2 years ago after her parents split she had no job for the first 4 years we were together and i supported her she got a new job last july thinking all was good i was got a new job in may and planned to get a place next year we had a house party back in april and met one of my mates well more of a non close friend and found out in july she had cheated on me with him i gave her a second chance but came back a week later and she had left the ring on the side and moved everything and left no note or explanation and when i caught up with her she told me she fell out of love with me and loves him and told me when we were together i told you i liked him the only reason i can think she left me was because i am a gamer and was playing it constantly for the 5 years and sometimes got to involved and lashed out her not hit but shouted and sometimes went to bed really late the thing is though she never told me how she felt i’m 31 and she is 22 so maybe immaturity came into it but all i do is blame myself she has changed her phone number and blocked me from fb and on august put she was in a relationship with him i’m an idiot the way i pushed away the girl of my dreams i’m so sorry i love her and miss her too bits and have no way i can get her back can anyone help me thanks. i will do anything in my power to get her back because what i dont think she realises is that i am the one who actually cares about her and loves her and this other guy just wants sex. i backed off, maintaining contact via text/cell about every 3 days; not too heavy subjectwise. i can honestly say she is the one for me. girlfriend left me last november and i really want her back still!. that was obviously not a good decision, when i got there i got upset and accused her of not wanting to be with me and she went on to say that i followed her he and was stalking her which was not my intent at all. i don’t understand her, she even asked me out again but said it in a way that disgusted me. this guy that she had a thing with before us is now going all out to try and snatch her up. number two: you have to build an emotional bond with the girl that you like. i am way too attatched to this girl and she has such a huge part of my heart and its killing me that she left me so suddenly. she don’t want to have sex due to the fact thst she don’t want no emotional connection with you because she might find someone else and it will be hard to leave if there is emotionally attached to you. i went through the same thing i lied to her 2 she came to know and she got very angry and started ignoring me i asked her to forgive me but she did not budge i texted her so many times that sge was goin to block me but the last time i spoke to her i told her i was sorry and i knew that i had screwed up i couldnt expect her to come running back for me i told her i loved her and id wait by the sidelines no matter how long it took her to forgive me be it a day or a month id patiently wait and i also told her id be with her through everything and support her decisions whatever she took and gues what man she forgave me 2 days later and were back together im so fucking happy i hope this helped.

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trying everything in my will to not lose something that was so perfect just 24 hours before this had happened. when we last spoke she said she hates me and wished i was dead. but the answer is “no, i can’t be with you anymore” “don’t bother me! my ex girl who was in the states has now come back to the country and wants us to trash our differences and make up. i only disnt it cause when i tries to express my feeling beofr the whole blow up ,sje kelt ignoring the facr that i was uoset about somthing.. nd lst night i just bumped at her in place … v wer together boozing she had come with her friends, even then she ws full time wit me , all off sudden topic off our relationship started i was in tears , she wiped my tears , hugged nd kissed me on forehead .’s been a few days, weeks, maybe even a month and the wound is still raw… now what do you do?. being absolutely heartbroken at this point i decided to make her a huge bouquet of flower along with a handwritten card apologizing for everything that happened. some advice here, my ex girlfriend/ girlfriend just broke it off after a night at the bar. even if she isn’t taken, though, but loves someone else; then you will find yourself in a competition with another guy to make her yours, no matter how the other guy might feel about her. was dating this girl for 3 years she was everything i wanted she was sweet very nice helpful beautiful very supportive but also was crazy and pretty jeleouse she did have a right to be though i had a lot of chick friends and would talk to them and boy she would flip i ended up deleating messages from them because i just was tired of the arguments it got worse i started reciving nudes from one oft chick friends and she caught me ever since that day it got all bad she was torn up really bad boy i was a mess i felt so bad i begged her back then she did take me back but then she told me she couldn’t take it anymore and that she was still hurt from it and broke it off again i begged her back and now she said she won’t ever take me back and tells me to move on she looks like she’s set with her decision there was this one time she saw me with a girl as i was picking up some oft stuff from her and (she was just my friend) afterwards she started texting me saying how much i’ve hurt her and that i haven’t changed i replied with “i’m single” she was upset honestly i just want her back i miss her dearly she was my best friend i was 100percent my self around her i miss our laughs together her smile just a lot of stuff i want back if anyone can give me some advice i’d love it i really want her back i don’t know what to do. just know that i was messing up a lot…not cheating but…anyways i also finally started a very good new job i hope this will help? turns out he had a warrant in ca for stalking another lady. please help me my life is so shitty withought this girl :(. i am going to give it about another week or so and see what happens. sad thing is it feels like all she ever thinks about are the bad things and the faults during our relationship. was with my ex gf for about a year and no lie, she is the only girl i have ever really felt happy with. since then by txt it has got totally out of hand where the friends have said things and she has taken what ive said wrong, now she wants me to leave her alone as she thinks its not normal turning up the way i did and she is scared i will turn up again which i has said i wont. got some really great tips from this guide, if i hadn’t have gone through the other two then i would have just used this one but it would have taken me a while longer to get her back. is probably the worst of the bunch, but not impossible to come back from. this seems to be the key to success when it comes to keeping your gal…. girl and i had been trying to figure out something to do for new years.. i love this girl and she says she loves me and cares about me but if this is true why is she leaving me? ok here is the kicker- she is a former texans cheerleader. you recently split up with your girlfriend then you’re probably hurting real bad right now. then, stupidly, i was bored and missing her about 2wks later and sent her text saying that if i was better to her we’d be doing something together right now. a week later her husband comes up and introduces himself, tells me he’s in the middle of his divorce and she’s eligible now but has a boyfriend.

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she said that i treated her better than anyone ever had before, and when i asked why she was breaking up with me she said it was because i treated her more like a friend then a girlfriend. i did make all of the early breakup mistakes like pleading with her to take me back. her saying that you were scared to come on too strong before, and if she will give you another chance, you will show your true passion for her. apologise for what you did wrong and say to her that you respect her wishes, also that you truly wish that she finds a guy that will make her happy. this will make her think that you’re not sexually interested in her. so, how i get her think of me, how i make her forget another guy? after that my ex replaced me with one of her friends she said their just friends, i told her not to talk to her she didn’t listen and things started going wrong then we broke up. met a girl in my work place and we became good friends…she had a bf from college but she was not in good terms with him i mean he had a ex gf and he was nbreaking u. i can’t believe that this girl i loved so much for so many years would welcome me back three weeks ago but wont now or return a i love you. the next day i saw she had took us off of a relationship on facebook and i lost it, i gave her my password and she out of current mistrust searched through my emails. her boyfriend doesnt go to school and does not have a job, so i asked her why she has a boyfriend that isn’t doing anything with his life and she said, “because i love him”, that left me speechless. girlfriend told me she did not love me the same way she used to. you are a good man, she will miss you and call you. if she didn’t care about me than why is she still responding when i talk to her? he treats her like shit, talks to her like shit and to top it off he is a fat sweaty nerd! i feel that there is still a small chance that it will work between us. but if you both know your in love and this is it, son you gotta respect it. am that ex girlfriend who broke up with a controlling man. and my girlfriend just broke up yesterday night and on top of that we argued big time that night… i know she really feels for me but we butt heads like crazy and maybe it’s because i don’t like when i know she’s right. told him never to speak to me again, but he still tried to get me back, was watching and following me in person and on line ,so i called the police and filed a report, and later filed a no contact order. girlfriend and i broke up a month and a half ago, we were talking frequently until 3 weeks ago when she moved to portland, or (we lived in california together). you can carry on with your life… bang a few new girls at a party, go out with your friends and try to forget about the girl you lost. when they stop talking all together its because they killed that amazing love they once cherished. now tonight i sit to talk after she got home from work and she’s really resisting. don’t go all rambo gotta come back now guy. i went back to her friends shop to ask if they knew what was wrong and had they said anything about me being there as wanted it to be a surprise. persistent – think alpha male who knows what he wants, not a pathetic needy loser who’s begging for attention.

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. what should i so here i don’t want to loose this girl she is absolutely one of a kind and i genuinely care for her. you are her comfort zone you know each other so she is just there with you after what she thinks is good is not. this isnt the first time i’m doing this to her… it’s not that i don’t love her…. i know he doesnt deserve her because he always argues and cusses at her, doesnt trust her (what is a relationship without trust? it’s all worth the effort– it may take time for her to get to like you, but when she realizes that it should be you, you know it is going to be an electrifying moment. she actually got angry coz i went out with a few mates drinking and she asked if i hooked up with another girl. we often think they are too needy or dramatic and dont see that whats minor to us is major to them. at it, realise your mistakes, change everything (better appearance, be more kind, a better listener, etc. but i can tell that she does still love me, and i want my fuckin girl back. how about some success stories here instead of guys crying like babies. you can use proven techniques that thousands of guys are using right now to get their girlfriend back fast. i dont know who should i continue my life with since my current girl has done nothing to me and also loves me. but am in another relationship and i love this new girl. learned by my girlfriend’s friend that she fell in love with another guy. this one almost ten years because she loved me deeply. we lived together and now i live with my sister for the time being. last week she started dating another guy and i freaked out, text her (nothing mean) said “wow, that was fast” she got extremely pissed and blocked my number and facebook. its been 2 months and i miss her alot but i just dont know how to get her back i still love herand i still wanna be with her but i just dont know what to do or say yo make her wanna be with me again. i realize that why we broke up is because i fucked up, but i thought that she would give me a little more of a chance than what she did. i listen to what she has to say and i’m there for her when she needs it. she seems like the type to come back after a while but im just not sure because she mentioned that she just doesnt feel the same way about me as she did before, the “butterflies” are missing..also c is of different religion so her parents r nt gona accept us. it a few weeks – if you didn’t get a reply, that’s fine… wait a few weeks and try again (persistence is key). she was upset she did it and said she misses me and we kept seeing each other for about a month. her birthday is coming up and i bought her a gift. this girl broke up with me last week and during the weekend i was really drunk, and i was talking to someone about how i felt and i said some pretty messed up things that are just terrible, and i don’t remember who the person was but the person that i told everything too they told her and i up finding out tuesday or monday and she was just really upset she told my friend everything and the things i said were really really messed up they were really wrong and i didn’t think about what i said i just said things because i was so drunk and now i just want her back. had already been arguing with my girlfriend for awhile, i had been sick and on alot of medication one night when she called and tho has got heated.

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she she leave it becaue she thinks she found the one to replace you then she finds out the grass is not greener on the other side so she comes back. is there a way for me to make her have feelings for me again?. im not sure this is a cry for independence or because her parents do not a good relationship . even so, it still works and i highly recommend you read this guide., i’m a lesbian and was with this girl for two years we were so attached to each other and stuff, but then my friend ruin it, she lied to her and told her stuff about me that wasn’t even true. i’m not now and spent a lot of time on self improvement, which she gravitated towards as she works her way out of another marriage. i’m gonna try this method with my ex, and be persistent as he’ll about it. i started dating this girl that in my mind is the perfect one! i was okay with it and trying to start to move on but then she texted me and said “i hope that this break up wont be a permanent thing and that i hope someday soon we can get back together”i have no clue what to do but i would like to get back togethersince she was the only girl i actually readily liked. in fact, you should never even bring up that guy, if you can help it..but i said i dont want a breakup…thanks for your help guys. i made a lot of mistakes after the breakup, begging to come back to her, argued a couple times, freaked about her dating. i really dont know what to do, but what i don’t want is to have to move on. she told me that she didnt want me to be dating a girl that wasnt gonna give me what i wanted… even though i clearly told her i didnt care. me and our gf have gone through a breakup its not the first time this would be the third time.. i approach her and ask if we can talk ( iwasdrunk) then we went to the parking lot… i asked if she could come back to me she said she wants to be single… then i accidentally said something disrespectful, she slapped me and asked me how many bottles i drank… i was in rage of anger because she didnt want to fix things. i’ve been told that it was immature or just selfish the way she just stopped..thruout that time all i have been saying to her is she made a mistake leaving me i want her back i miss her love her i have been blowing her phone up and she changed her number because of it i need to know even tho i did all of these things is there still a way i could get her to love me again and take me back and i have to work with her bf she’s with now. left my girlfriend and know that it way my fault i left, she has a child. well, truth be told, if a girl is downright gorgeous, then she is probably already taken. she has lied to me and put me threw a lot but i can’t help but want her back, i mean guys she is the mother of my child. some of my friends have given me the “there are other fish in the sea” speech. then, when you guys meet up again, grab her and kiss her immediately. i feel like if she does move into his house, it’ll be too late for us to try in the future. thing is the whole situation has been blown out of all proportion but if i could talk to her she may see its got out of hand, but i do want to sort it out as i am accused of being something im not. this will take between 2 and 3 months if you work hard. use to date a married woman (i know for some people is bad) she has her own reason and she will ask him for divorce.

i truly love her and need some help with this, not to be weak but because i love her, and i fear that she might go out with that guy if she breaks up with me. i also don’t her throwing the stalking card out to everyone…most of all…don’t want the anger, nor do i understand it. love this girl and my dad made me break up with her i didn’t want it but i had to ,so when i did break up with her, i didn’t talk to her for about a month because i would never hurt a girl so what i thought was not to talked to her for a monthbut i was wrong i made things worse its been a year now i did that 2 weeks things still nothing she’s in love with another boy but i still think she loves me because she used to be way in love with me but it is what it is i guess. i do love the girl and i’m attempting to get her back by going to her school which is an hour away and serenading her wih a guitar right on campus haha. well it’s been almost a year, and she’s still on my mind, i still wish we were together, maybe after i get my rn license, i can talk to her again. yeah she might have told you she loved you & meant it, but in the time you left while she was hurt it sounds like the other guy might have been there to comfort her, telling her how he’s better for her by telling her what she wants to hear.. im so stupid to get drunk that night… now after 2 weeks i heard she likes this other guy but i dont know if she really likes the guy or not… its only been a month and shes searching for another guy to like? i was leaving the state around half year and she had ask me to stay but, i insist to leave due to good opportunity..i asked her to breakup rather than taking it this far. she keep saying no more feeling with girl, what can i do to get her back again coz i too love her. on top of that ahe has the type of girlfriends who like bashing dudes cause thwy dont have one or not satisfied qjth the ones they have. well then after we broke up i made out with one of the girls and i told her about it and it devestated her. girl broke up with me a few days ago said she can’t trust me, we don’t spend a lot of time together, my fault really, i miss her so much but she said she wants to forget about me, which she said is very hard, she got some bad advice from her friend and me working late doesn’t help, sooooo she feels like i’ll cheat on her we had talked bout marriage but never made any real decisions, right now she doesn’t wanna know about me, what should i do? do whatever it takes to show her that you’re sexually attracted to her, that all you can think about is her. the reality we must face is that you need to accept the relationship is over and done. she is beautiful, and im not a bad looking guy! then after that i started getting some weird signs from her like she was starting to not really make time for me and ignore me and that type of stuff… so i went to talk to her yesterday and she was cryin and said that she was soo sorry and that she cares about me soo much but she though she was ready to be in a relationship but she actually isn’t ready to be i’m a relationship. how do i turn this around to platonic at the least and repair it to a couple at best? girl broke up with me over 3 months ago, i did the no contact and contact her after 30 days and we caught up for coffee.’ve been through so much for her to just cut it …her mom and dad were surprised that she broke up with me cuz they even said i respected her a lot …so im trying not to listen to her negative comments because she might not mean it and shes just saying it right now so i figured ill give her space but i really need some advice to win her back …i want her back and i just cant let go…don’t think that because were teenagers its just young foolish love …i really do love her and believe anything is possible …after all we did start of as strangers and she rejected me the first time and after 2 months i asked her and won her…this girl is really special and i know i took her for granted and that was wrong of me…help please… ima give her space and not text her or do anything else so she can hopefully think of things but i honestly need advice. if i am really lucky, my girl will feel different soon and call me. she gave me mine and disnt want her stuff back. my gf mentioned to break up due to another man and no more feeling with me, i’ve stopped this action taken as i can’t take it! if you dont change but keep promising to, she will reach it.. as like normal guys v guys were in contact, latter on she kept on tellin you gotta move on and all that. she wasn’t home so went in her friends shop to see if they knew what time she would be back who then told her i was in the village, with that i received a txt saying is this true and why was i about and to go as she didn’t want me at the house when she returned. that she deserves a stable relationship where the guy she loves is going to treat her like a priority & be wirh.

trying to attract a girl who already loves someone else, you have to make her feel familiar around you. i have to learn how to see a womans needs before she is gone. then can the no contact plan work because it is no longer a plan, you are having no contact because you know there is no point to it and have moved on that’s usually the only way it will work for you because you are over the relationship and no longer care if they miss you or not. i have recently kicked my “bad habbit” but she is still with this geek and i for the life of me cant figure out why she wont leave this jerk., the same rules apply to this situation as the above two situations. i need this girl back so bad its not funny.. obviously i took her back because i love this girl and can’t live without her. when she gave me back my stuff she got in her car but disnt leave right away its ike she waiting for 10 sec . situation 1: straight after a breakup2 situation 2: when she has a boyfriend3 situation 3: after a year (or more)4 situation 4: when she doesn’t want you back (or even hates you)5 so what’s the best way to get your ex girlfriend back? if you did, then that’s awesome, keep the communication flowing and suggest meeting up for a coffee because you want to stay friends with her. all she does all day long is work and go to college classes. she tells me things like “even thoughi have a boyfriend, you were still the best boyfriend i ever had”, or “sometimes i wish you never broke up with me”. took her out to fancy dinners, wine tastings, spent days with her at her apartment for study dates, hung out with her and her friends, took random walks. ex broke with me about three weeks ago i asked her why she said that i was over protective what i would like to know is what should i do if she finds another guy and does’nt want me back but i want her back more then anything. what can i do to convince her not to move into this douchebox’s house? went out with my ex girlfriend for 9years an have 3 wonderful kids with her we had our ups an downs the last 2 years were mostly downs an a lot of fighting we really weren’t talking so she broke up with me for about 7-8 months i did the whole crying asking her for that one chance trying to keep my family together she is really my first love i know what i did wrong an i’m trying to change an understand what i’ve done wrong well we both move out of the place we lived together she went back with her mother an i got my own place i still love her but i just found out she started dating just dating an i’ve seen a couple of women but i still have strong feelings for her she won’t talk to me an when she does she gets angry quick she gets jealous when i say i’m with a friend an she turns around an try’s to make me jealous in return why would she do that i just wanna know if i still have a chance what can i do an if i don’t should i just move on please help. i snapped last night and txtd her and askes if she ever misses us. as i said earlier, i used text your ex back which really helped me get my girlfriend back. so i say again what advise do u give me. i miss her so much and wish that she and i can continue our relationship. alpha males also tend to make their own decisions, no matter what the case may be, and they never look for approval from other people before doing anything, either. Don't worry, I'm going to show you how to get your ex girlfriend back for good using my PROVEN methods. at my point of view she was heartly brokened with the partner she was dating after me. female psychology has made it clear how girls subconsciously love alpha males – guys who are full of confidence, have a high social status and can make girls feel secure with their mere presence. (conclusion)6 other awesome products on getting your ex back7 the ex factor (4/5)8 how to get your ex girlfriend back: common questions. wasting time is not a good look especially when yoy are young.. the next day i sent her another message in the afternoon asking her if she would have time to talk in person and she said yea.

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