How to ask a girl if she dating anyone

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i clearly told her that i don't have any problem with hanging out with anyone if she wants to, as long as they both know and act as friends and doesn't cross the boundaries. she said it was because people would see it at work. is what i said the first time and it's still true, and she's a liar to boot. would be a tactful way to ask if she's single?, she invited me to go walking with her sometime next week during our lunch hour break. the "i have a boyfriend" line is the easiest (and usually first) line to use when trying to shoo off a person you aren't interested in dating. in that outingland, notadateland, she did say no to the offer. i going out of my league to accept her as my girlfriend? i was very angry and in her defense she was very drunk and she didn't initiate or do anything, its the guy's fault. always came up, we had a fall out and the day afterwards she announced she was in a relationship with someone. if possible please read my replies(latest one) to wilde and answer my questions. i will advice you too read this if you are having any similer problem below, dont think am here too fool you no am not. sometimes now i wonder she might have kissed him and doesn't tell me because that's what the criteria that i had put for breakup. after we met, she once had this type of incident and i asked her to stop and she did stop. was tempted to tell the boyfriend what she'd been up to." it doesn't have to be difficult unless you make it that way. she comes in, you should see how normal she appears after having sex with another man. i feel that in many issues, she puts me in wrong place.

How to ask a girl if she dating anyone

the guy kissed her neck and hand and close to kiss on her lips but she avoided it. way some guys have asked me is, during the course of conversation, to say something like, "oh your boyfriend must not like that" or something, to which the reply is "oh, i don't have a boyfriend. i had excused all of this just thinking that she was drunk. women (who have only their looks & fertility to make it through life with) in spite of feminism, are still stuck with the eternal pattern of hunting for the best provider. after that i asked her to never go drinking with any guy alone. note: if i have to ask my man to tell other people about me, then i 100% know that i am the only person invested in the relationship. clarify your expectations aloud with the gf, explain how the gray zone error occurred, and agree on a path forward. i know she doesn't hide any stuff from me as i have access to her phone. i explained my problem to someone online and she suggested that i should rather contact a spell caster that could help me cast a spell to bring him back but i am the type that never believed in spell, i had no choice than to try it, i mailed the spell caster, and he told me there was no problem that everything will be okay before three days, that my ex will return to me before three days, he cast the spell and surprisingly in the second day, it was around 4pm. i'm open to dating her, but i don't know if she's single or not. i had to ask her multiple times before she does the dishes. you don't even have to turn it into a confrontation by letting your girl know what happened. i talked to her calmly, i also told that, even if i were that guy(whom she went with) i would expect her to tell that she has a boyfriend. it was mostly from him and not anything from her but she used to enjoy them. btw the second story i told was a different guy than the one asking her out right now. if she is really not interested in him, she should have no problem letting him down and respecting your request. this is the girl that has cheated her previous boyfriend. i don't know when he is going to ask again.

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she just tells that she is busy in the weekend (since we planned to go on a date). that is so that means she is not for u. believe me girls have lots of practice turning men down. he saw us later together and he eventually understood that we are together and he never asked anything.'s single and she wants to get to know you better. she used say that she would cook today, i used to come home thinking that dinner is ready, only to hear her say that she isn't interested in making. if you know him also he knows you're dating and doesn't care and her acceptance of his advances is a launchable offense. she said she was very sorry and we decided to work on the relationship and i wanted to be with her, so that we can have all those happy moments that we had. think the best you can do is start the plan to get you out of any entanglements with her so you can leave without significant life problems.. he was now going out with other girls, to the extent that he.?My girlfriend went on a trip to mexico and had sex with a guy she just met. i told her even i would come along and its fine with her, but i'm guessing, she thinks i would not join or she will cancel it. that guy texts "it was pretty wild" and she texts him "it was tame". men are becoming more aware of the past ways of women and enjoying he benefits of resources like the askmen site & forum to learn and understand what they will have to become in order to not only survive but to prosper. doesn't tell all info at once, she tells in layers. i should go and testify of his work right here on the internet. husband and i have been living a very happy and lovely life." it doesn't have to be difficult unless you make it that way.

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she doesn't care about you she should of told him that she was in a relationship with you if my gf goes out with a guy as a date without her saying that it's over but alright what happened? i had my heart rip out putting my heart and trust into someone i first ever called my soulmate after thoroughly convicing myself i was going to be with this woman for the rest of my life (im 31 and been in 4 relationships so im no novice with relationships) little did i know she was secretly keeping her options open with 2 of her ex's, potential f**k buddies and random single dudes who got her number from her female friends. i decided to visit a spell caster, to see if he can help me out. looks like she is doing something i've seen a lot of girls do before, she is looking for a possible new bf to keep in the bull pen until she is sure she wants to leave you. she rejected that idea of him asking her out and said may be we should get know each other (in her judgement that's only as friends), but that guy thinks she is single and would pursue her again (please read my answer to wilde's reply). he doesn't know but never the less, she is supposed to act a certain way in a relationship unless you both have agreed you can see other people. i always thought that she got an easy escape and i wanted to hurt her emotionally. but i think she is using that freedom too much. in last november, i asked her to move out of my apartment, but this didn't happen as she didn't try to find the place and she said she was sorry and we stayed for a month more as my rent contract ended in december. anyone that meets me ( within the first 10 minutes) will happily know that i am in a relationship ( unless i am playing the field)., and if it matters to you, i'm a 29-year-old male. moreover she never likes cooking, but i love to cook and eat. think she is enjoying the fact that someone is very interested in her. i've never heard her mention a boyfriend, and she told me that she lives alone, but i can't assume that this means she's single. no some of you here will not like to read this but i will ask you too try also i also no you will not. she told him a drink is fine in a small bar which is close to our house (yes we live together). tonight i ask her may i have a kiss she said not to night. isn't he asking her out again if he says lets meet for dinner or a drink?

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i giving too much freedom or am i involved in her life too much and let her make decisions (she might avoid telling him just because i'm so interested in it). asked my girlfriend out, she doesn't say she is in a relationship, why?? what do you say when that guy asks again out for a drink or trip constantly? would you tell a guy if he asks you out but you are in a relationship? she is playing you, and you know it, and you don't want to let her go. if you wouldn't be interested even if you were available, then you don't want to make him ask again if your relationship breaks up. and next time she tells me that his hands might have brushed on her b***. i'm sorry to say it, but you will have to let her life and choices be her teacher. take my girlfriend out 3 to 2 a week i been being there for her. she is trying to avoid reassuring you and at the same time keep him as a possibility. way some guys have asked me is, during the course of conversation, to say something like, "oh your boyfriend must not like that" or something, to which the reply is "oh, i don't have a boyfriend. and the next day he says i smell of your perfume and she says "guess what i smell of yours". i thought that things can go wrong when people are drunk but still she should have mentioned to that guy about her having boyfriend. she went out to drink with this guy(he also didn't know she has a boyfriend) and things got pretty crazy and close to being offensive(or may be offensive). is thinking she did the right thing by simply saying no. think she did not say she was in a relationship because she was already knee deep in the gray zone because she was already on an outing with the guy, even if it was with your connivance and approval. it's plain and simple that he was interested in her, she should have said the reason. but still she doesn't say that she has a boyfriend and doesn't want to waste his time or wants to do nothing more than a friend.

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    i tell this to her, she says you are worried too much and you are insecure and says she doesn't mind hanging out with him. those women who get a trade or education to where they can support themselves, have their own money, a car, their own place, and stable life, can live the feminist dream. even if i dump her and she would do the same things again with her new bf and she would end being hurt. if she won't say to men who approach her that she is your gf, you have to assume she is not your gf and break up with her. i had told her i would break up even if she kisses someone. i don't know if it's considered too forward of me to just come out and ask her the question, but on the other hand, i don't want to beat around the bush. and she told me that she would tell him when they meet for a drink. she said a soft no and told him that we should get to know each other better but she didn't inform him that she is in a relationship. didn't she just say if he asked her out again , she would let him know she had a boyfriend? she is kicking the crap out of your self esteem. she is actually projecting the problem on to you by saying you're the one nagging and being unreasonable. she loves the attention from all men and doesn't care about your feelings. i don't know if it's considered too forward of me to just come out and ask her the question, but on the other hand, i don't want to beat around the bush.. she met him only once, he asked her to visit some museum as he didn't have company. i don't go by the principle that, once a cheater is always a cheater, so i told her i don't care about her past and nothing she did in the past affects me or us in any sort. i can almost guarantee she won't bring it up to you. i never bothered her on the phone or asked to unlock so that i can read her messages. should i let them go for a drink and expect that she would tell and nothing happens?
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    she never once mentioned she was in a relationship with me to any of these guys and was very hessitent to allow me to post anything of us on fb, infact she took her fb down once after i posted a simple picture i took of just her whilst on a holiday together at a beautiful rainforest park. to tell her that she needs to fix her problems?'s like everyone else has said, you're way more into her than she is to you. abort mission and eject now before she hurts you even more later down the line. didn't make any effort to tell that guy that she has a boyfriend and she shouldn't have done that and nothing that sort of talk. i met her, she used to talk to this guy mostly online because both of them were in different places., and if it matters to you, i'm a 29-year-old male. for example(the above drinking incident), she first told me that he just kissed on her hand and tried to kiss her on lips but she avoided it and told him that i'm not doing any of this shit. after the visit they both went to a cafe and he asked her out. i'm open to dating her, but i don't know if she's single or not. study her and see wheather if they are falling in love. if im not interested in someone or i dont see the relationship going anywhere then i leave asap and tell then rather than blowing hot & cold to the person and potentiall hurting their feelings. somehow she turns the arguments and makes me feel guilty and i end up being apologizing to her instead of other way. and my girl friend are together for a year now, some guy whom she meets on the way to work asked her to visit a place together. she's wasting his time if she is truly not interested and dismissing your feelings and requests as nagging. she loves the attention from all men and doesn't care about your feelings. handling it like a man means telling your girl she shouldn't have gone on the first date and to then kicking her to the curb. she has to do that work herself, and if she's not seeing she has a problem, you can't convince her she does.