How much does it cost to hook up hydro ontario

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    we do live in the age of diy, and it’s possible to buy solar panels direct from the manufacturer, it’s not wise to attempt an installation yourself. few years ago, i entered into my first microfit contract on my house in norfolk county. the second is the rate that a household gets paid for the energy generated by a microfit project. ( google net metering if you need a little more education on that ) ultimate goal of this program is to eliminate hydro bills all together for home owners. we have had the solar panels sitting in our garage since they were delivered at the end of july, waiting to be installed,  which was why it was particularly difficult to learn that those panels had to be returned to the factory in southern ontario last week, after the electrical inspector noticed that no csa stickers had been applied at the warehouse before shipping them to us.) the 10% return all are pitching about is inaccurate because you loose the capital unlike other compatibles./month) against the monthly income received from the microfit program, so it will be several years before this would be added to your income”. i am a diy kinda guy but i realize the dangers and complications including rules of the program that come with doing it yourself . it would have been very difficult for one person to do on their own). unfortuanately it looks like the new rate if i go in now is only just under 40 cents, far cry from the 80 cents at the start of microfit. is a very lucrative business at this point with higher and safer returns then any mutual fund or bond. like a great system, i am also looking at a rooftop system on about a 4/12 pitch roof and i am concerned about the snow staying on and not letting the sun through to make energy. and as ever working with the government has its ifs. when you lock in at a certain per kilowatt rate you will have that rate for 20 years, so don’t worry about it 🙂 after the 20 years the technology is still 92 percent efficient. perhaps you are a competitor trying to smear their name?. citizens at the southern and northern border cr…*sent* 2 hours ago. like from the time of application/approve to grid and panel hookup to hydro?
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i do not mean to sound ‘simple’, but is the implication that you erase your own hydro costs and in addition make a meagre profit or do you continue to pay for your own hydro bills and selling to the grid? @banhanthony: happy international day of forests, featuring rattlesnake point in milton, ontario! our case when we sell our house, the contract with hydro one belongs to us so we can sell the contract to the new owner, or (theoretically) take off the panels and put them up on our new roof. solar in ontario canada – we’re now a power generating household « from the editor's desk. even if you are not sure of the final size of your solar array, fill out the application with your best guess. let me know if you would like a free feasibility study done..Do you know anything about whether do it yourself solar panels are eligible for the microfit program. that, too, didn’t pass muster with our inspector, so in the end the manufacturer had to ship up a whole new batch of panels and take back the first ones. anyway the long and short is we can do it all and answer all your questions. now that they’ve lowered the microfit payout rate, i’m worried that electricity purchase rates will catch up or surpass this within the 20 year contract. i passed the new number to hydro one who came back to me and say they still cannot validate the number![3] the projects benefit home, farm or business owners by revenue generation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and approved applicants are guaranteed to receive revenue for twenty years. true enough microfit is new but i have been doing off-grid systemss, system design, standard offer contracts , research and development along with retail sales in both wind and solar ever since the early 70’s…. are lots of different programs available for solar power users across canada, offered by provincial and municipal governments, along with hydro companies. it took us 8 working days to get approval from ieso (which has now replaced opa as far as approvals is concerned.: 20 year contract with the provincial government: i guess everything in the end is uncertain, but a contract with the govt of ontario is a pretty good bet. for dropping by, chris, and good luck with the microfit installations. Marriage not dating poop scene,

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we the people need to tell our elected officials it’s time that polluting industries pay a “dumping” fee, and that we want the money returned to households to help us all make the shift to the clean energy economy of the 21st century. we’re in ontario’s “farther north” near the manitoba border so we get a fairly long winter.’re documenting our 10kw microfit project in the gta (whitby, on) from decisions to (hopefully) generation. we have the two meters, one which records our hydro use and the other which records the electricity generated by our solar panels.’m sure there’s much less bureaucracy if you aren’t part of the microfit program but don’t know all the details. first off, we have installed many solar systems over the years, but stopped in 2007 when changes were made to the ontario electrical code prohibiting non-electricians from pulling permits and doing electrical work for others. for those interested, here is a link for live solar monitoring, and for the moderator, if you wish to add live solar systems to your site for reference to people. getting attached to the grid is a specific process – and if you assume you are talking to a qualified person who says he can do it; make sure you shop around. approval process after our application to the opa microfit program took 3 1/2 months;  in june, we heard that our application had been conditionally approved., the bad news is, even if you apply now, you will still need to meet the 2011 criteria (and it takes several months to get approved, so even if you apply now you won’t get your approval before 2011)..Looks like you installed the panels with the panel junction box on the back on the low side, manufacturers recommend installing on the high side. apply early if you are hoping to be part of the ontario microfit program – it took us 3 1/2 months after we applied to receive our conditional approval. you have this website up with comments and q&a, saves me asking the same questions! set up a business partnership through the cra website but seemed to make an error in that i gave our system a name such as ‘fred’s solar power’. of ontario can take advantage of a government sponsored feed-in-tariff program that pays customers 54 cents for every kw hour they produce. anybody wins when it goes to court, especially when your opponent is a province with deep pockets. the first thing that i’m sure everyone asks is how much does it cost and what do you expect to make yearly? Open relationship dating site uk

How much does it cost to hook up hydro ontario

i provided the business number / hst number from cra to hydro one but they were unable to ‘validate’ the number from cra against my system seemingly because i named my system other than the legal name on my property deeds. every time you fix your roof you’ll incur the cost of labour (0 to 00) to remove the solar panels and re-attach them. no, mark (who has done the research on microfit) tells me that the system has to be up and running before january 1st to be exempt from the changes coming in 2011. on friday 10th april 2015 we applied to our local distributor, hydro one and i received an ‘offer to connect’ from them this morning, 13th april. i understand that since we installed our system there has been a huge surge of interest in the program so it can take months to hear back from hydro one. if this was the case, you have a legal case against them, certainly in small claims court (which doesn’t incur the kind of legal cost that suing through the regular court system does). we aren’t entitled or insured to provide that kind of service. microfit is a tough business these days and a lot of people are cutting corners. i’m not sure about the deadline – it isn’t a quick process – but my advice is that if you are considering doing it, even if you haven’t nailed down all the details, put in your application now. it should be even easier to access a solar panel system, now that the domestic requirements have been lowered., you might want to compare what you will be getting from the company (00/yr hassle free) with what you would make with your own solar installation. my only concern is even though there is warranty what if panel or panels break because of who knows some one throwing stone at it (quite possible ) who would cover that.) if you plan to sell moving the system will make it unworthy and asking the new buyer to add the price makes your house less attractive. we continue to pay for our hydro bills, at the going provincial rate, and are compensated by hydro one for the electricity we generate at a higher rate (the one guaranteed by our 20-year contract with them). total project cost is around ,000, and the pay off we estimate to be between ,000 – $ 6,000/year. the contract is in your favour, you can cancel it 9should you want to net meter) and 3rd party it if you sell. it doesn’t quite cover the average household consumption of 30 kw per day, but it will certainly make a big dent in what you use.

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yes, we are very pleased with the power output so far, and are right on track (perhaps even a bit ahead) of our payback goal of 5 – 6 years. it is easier to change the size of your project once you have been approved, as long as it is still 10 kw or smaller, than to speed up the approval process. of october 17, 2010, all of the panels are installed but we are not yet hooked up to the grid. we went the do-it-yourself route because there was no local installer, and because mark is a hands-on kind of guy who was interested in learning the process..The microfit program is an amazing opportunity for those looking to take part in a green initiative and generate profit while doing so. however, engineers and planners can tell you what they need to see, and the esa can be called in for a visit prior to the installation to discuss your concerns and provide guidance. i was so happy with the program, that i decided to apply for another contract on a different property that i own in brant county. in fact, we have two meters on our house, one that measures our hydro use and one that measures the output of our solar panels. one is the electricity rates that households in ontario pay for the hydro we receive from the grid. i then set up a new partnership at cra with a new legal and business operating name (which must be different) but basically just the names of myself and my wife per the deeds. when it’s not feasible to pay that anymore an grid parody is met , then we will enter net metering to continue benifiting home owners who have solar systems. they come with a 25 year warranty, and will not break if you throw a stone at it, or if a grown man stands on a panel, or a hailstone travelling at 80 miles an hour. do you have any information about it, that if i apply right away, would i be able to atleast qualify for current terms and condition? few people were aware of pv prior to the green energy act -doesn’t mean there were not people designing and deploying systems throughout the country. the rate of the microfit contracts has been lowered, but that’s because the cost of putting up a solar array has dropped. if you’re connecting off the grid, expect a higher price tag to cover the cost of extra wiring and materials. way of looking at putting up a microfit project is that it’s an investment, like an rrsp, only you are guaranteed a much better rate of return in 20 years that any rrsp you can get these days.

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there are several things to consider in the quest to go green:How does solar power work? also check with your local building inspector as you may need a building permit, depending on the size of your project and where you live, as it may differ between municipalities. the cost of installing solar power on a mid-sized home is between ,000 to ,000 dollars, which covers about 30 panels. you need to have a south-slanting roof to properly capitalize on the sun’s energy. just wanted to share my story of how my microfit contract was terminated. for those of you concerned about the initial investment, we work with many financial institutions and can finance 100% of the project. system has had snow on it since december (though i’ve gone up a few times and swept it off with a broom on a long pole).. if you are planning to be part of the ontario microfit program, make sure that you meet the  domestic content requirements as outlined on the opa microfit website. panels we use have been tested at a 3rd party testing facility. we do not have that initial investment to put out right now, but this is definitely the way we want to go. we are billed at a much lower rate for our use that we are paid for our hydro generation. some other options for getting the csa stickers were discussed, including shipping the stickers out to us so we could apply them, or (when that failed to meet the inspector’s approval) the possibility of dave, the distributor from whom we bought the panels, flying up and applying them himself. the rate we are being paid will pay off our initial investment in about 4 – 5 years; that’s true for the new lower rate, too, as the cost of solar has dropped. i have over 40 systems with links to tigo, enphase and solaredge. any insights into working with the system are helpful and appreciated! we are thinking of getting a few solar panels too, what i was wondering do you need a permit from the hydro if you don’t do the micro fit program? our utility company was ready for them to install the solar panels, but they didn’t do it. Melanie and marko sytycd dating

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also, on the opa website there is a section that goes over the microfit “rules” again, no mention of a limit of 1 contract per person. a 4/12 pitched roof is not steep enough for the snow to slide off automatically. you won’t find an rrsp that pays as well as microfit! he does have a background in carpentry and has done a fair bit of electrical wiring. i’m pretty sure hydro one doesn’t care if you are not planning to feed into the grid, but your local building official might. and northwestern ontario is rated better than southern on for solar. contact your local hydro company to find out if net metering is available in your area. you say “as for income tax, you can claim all of your initial costs, and ongoing costs like the monthly meter fee from hydro one (. until then, i have more evidence than you – our microfit solar array, and two meters. if you invested ,000 in an rrsp, and your hydro rates go up, you will still have a return on your investment, right?, i found your site only because we were going to install a system on the garage which would have cost about , 000 but backed off due to my husband’s health. the increases in electricity over the next few years will force your hand in buying and offsetting that cost in the future anyway, why not get a system that the government is paying for, and giving you a nice revenue as well. the company power4home that advertises “do it yourself” solar panels using the tag lines “power companies fear this! i guess the only glitch will be the sale of our property. exciting – it’s good to hear that the bureaucracy has been greatly improved since our panels went up. do your own number-crunching, but i suspect that the time it takes to pay-off the investment in solar panels even at this much lower rate is still 5 – 6 years, like it is for our’s at the much higher rate because our solar panels were so much more expensive. however, the good news is that there are more and more ontario manufacturers getting involved in the solar industry because of this incentive.

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hydro rates may or may not go up, but you are still guaranteed money back according to the contract you signed with the govt of ontario. like all contracts, it will stand up in a court of law but the odds of the ontario govt defaulting is pretty low. i thought the difficult part was getting the system approvals but that seems like it was a relative walk in the park! are you satisfied with the power output and have you reached that payback goal? i was completely unaware of this because when i read my first contract, it didn’t mention anything about a 1 contract limit. saying “when it’s not feasible to pay that anymore” isn’t evidence. at this point the ldc ( power company) will not charge you do your hydro use , but pay you for your “net ” contribution.. if you are doing it yourself, speak to your electrical inspector early as you will need an electrical permit. understood that the ontario govt put the fit and microfit program in place because they wanted to generate small renewable energy projects throughout the province. the system has to be wired to feed into battery banks that will store a surplus of energy, which adds another cost and setup fee. although they do get covered with snow, in northern ontario where we live the long summer days are when the bulk of our power is generated anyway, so it’s not worth the bother for the few cents it would get us in winter. janet – i don’t know anything about the “rent a roof” contracts, but it wouldn’t hurt to discuss the options with the company that is offering it. a roof angled at 30-degrees is the sweet spot for solar power—the perfect middle ground for the sun’s position in both winter and summer. green is a great cause, but with solar energy offering huge savings and a potential profit, consumers are increasingly swayed by the financial benefits. 0,000 to invest, you could have a good sized solar setup, and (as my husband likes to say) it’s a guaranteed return for 20 yrs, unlike the stock market these days., i’m in the process of taking them to court, because i feel that it’s not fair to pay someone for a year, then say that the contract has been terminated.’m concerned about the long time frame of the microfit contract in that predictions are swirling that electricity rates are going to rise dramatically.

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some power companies offer credits on future energy bills and others actually cut users a cheque for producing more energy than they need. more discussion with companies both in california and southern ontario followed after we received word that we could go ahead with our project before mark decided to go with a solar package from the r. i don’t have funds to do it right away but i do would like to get the permit approved for future if possible. per kwh the roi right now is about 10-15% if you are lucky enough to get a contract it is as secure as a gic. i am glad eventually you had the project approved an up an running as there were a lot more individuals that had a longer wait time for a 10kw project or less. you *can* get good results with this technology in ontario, and make money at it! eric – you seem to be saying that the green energy has been good for the pv business, in that’s increased its profile among many ontarians. on 350orbust: farewell, auf wiede…rosita caridi-miller on eating local is delicious with…christine on 350orbust: farewell, auf wiede…pendantry on 350orbust: farewell, auf wiede…pendantry on 350orbust: farewell, auf wiede…. those monthly cheques – it’s a wonderful feeling to be generating power while going about a regular day’s activity. if you have evidence that ontario is moving to a one meter rather than two meter system, then i will correct my info. i don’t imagine either of our systems will outlast our shingles! in 1983 we installed a 3kw grid-tied pv system at ontario place, toronto which was just recently removed as they begin redevelopment of the waterfront.’s microfit program: the nitty-gritty on going solar | ottawa renewable energy co-operative inc.. source store in st thomas ontario (there’s a link to their website in the first paragraph). in 2011, the program requires that 60% of your materials and installation be considered ontario-based. as i’m in northern ontario, and we aren’t leasing our array, i don’t have any expertise to share with you. the entire application process takes about 2-3 months and during this time, i was never told that there was a problem with my application.

the same is true of investing money into a microfit project. what is missing to solve the climate crisis is political will. it definitely does not run as smooth as initially stated however, i think from an employee’s perspective there is a lot of politics behind the scenes and not enough communication to the public from hydro one. the reality is you will buy solar panels anyway in the future, our infrastructure is aging and the government have been very clear about the costs of energy rising. a quick note to anyone who may want to explore options for southern ontario installations i can be contacted at chris@nlsolar. when sunlight hits the cells, it excites the electrons and produces a direct electrical current. assessor will take measurements of your roof to ensure it’s large enough to accommodate a solar power system. in addition to canada, i have travelled to 52 countries on pv business. anyone tell me about the tax implications of the microfit program including impact on property tax? the microfit program is only 2 years in ontario and it is stalled right now because the government won’t sign on the “dotted line for the rates” – it is merely a political move. i guess you have to work with the roof that you have – the closer to due south, the better. as well i have to check out the documents as to the rate paid back to us, resale implications, who pays for building permits, legal fees, maintenance, bottom line is it worth it?  we started by hauling the panels up on the roof (and when i say “we”  i should clarify that mark did the majority of the carrying, being the bigger and stronger one, but i was still very much a part of the process.!) so if it’s not hooked up and running by the end of 2010 we’d have to meet the new criteria. husband who installed our panels doesn’t recommend doing it yourself – the panels did not come with clear instructions, and while dave at the r. i guess someone saw our application to ontario power authority. but again in a “rent a roof” scenario i imagine it’s different, as it won’t be your contract with hydro one.

FPM Marketing & Design How much does it cost to connect hydro in you need to get building permits, have an electrical inspection and apply to the power company for permission to use their system. with a decent-sized solar power system, users can knock thousands of dollars a year off their energy bills. on the other hand, the months that we normally have snow on the roof are also the months when the level of solar radiation is at its lowest. that is not what we do, nor have you offered any evidence that hydro one is changing the way it is administering the fit/microfit program. just wondering if it is feasible for us to do our own solar farm (we have the land, a severed 32 acre lot that is pretty flat and little to no trees) and about 0,000 to put into it. we have a working system on our roof in toronto for the past year, and we have full power production graphs on our website: http://www. our experience, though, with all the extra charges from hydro one, we believe that the best philosophy to have if you’re participating in the microfit program is “go big or go home” because the hydro one charges are the same, no matter what size of array you are putting up. know the inspector has to check it out but what other permit do you need? i am currently in the begginning stages with them and not sure if what to expect. you are really concerned about hydro rates going up, you might want to look into going off grid entirely, as then you won’t be affected by changes in what hydro one charges. for income tax, you can claim all of your initial costs, and ongoing costs like the monthly meter fee from hydro one (. good way of looking at the investment required is that it’s like an rrsp, except that you are guaranteed a very good rate of return once you have paid off your initial investment. i would be very surprised if you make that sort of income, though – the fit rate has gone down since we installed ours, although we don’t have the largest installation possible – ours is 7kw, and the largest allowed under the microfit program is 10 kw – we make closer to ,000 in a year. the installation itself doesn’t take a lot of time, there is lengthy waiting process before you can get started on a solar power system.  you may be in for a long wait, but at least you won’t be pulling your hair out dealing with red tape! ( but it won’t be at these rates , more likely . can only speak from my experience, brad, that is as someone who has been part of the ontario microfit program for 3 years.

to know that you’ve been inspired to participate in greening our province’s energy by setting up a microfit project. so i been trying to research this but one thing i did notice with a neighbour he is constantly on his garage roof to clear snow, which we could not do. can see that the snow is not a good thing, but overall for the year, our production numbers are quite good, about 1170 kwh per installed kw of capacity, or higher. so far what i have come up with for a cost of this project is in an around the $ 80k mark. over a 25-year period, the system can more than pay for itself in energy savings. not my cup of tea with all respect to opposing points of view. for our small sized array (3 kw) that translates to just under ,000 for the year under the microfit program. Learn more about how to get started, how much solar will cost, and what you can gain from switching over to this green energy source. not sure if that will cause any issues with the junction box. but you also won’t be part of any microfit contract, because that requires that you are connected to the grid. we found a lot of info dating back to 2011 where of process took much longer than it does now and had different complications — so we’re hoping to build on sites like this and update the info for 2015. according to robin who commented a few days ago, it sounds like the whole process is being streamlined so you, too, could be getting a monthly cheque! so, unless you have no other choice, our recommendation is to work with an installer with experience (which can be difficult to find, in these early days of renewable energy roll out).! the solar panels are also suitable for schools and places of worship. cool that you installed it yourself, but you’re i can imagine it was a ton of work. entrepreneurs and ontario canada’s microfit program | prescription for the planet. you’re thinking of solar power and will need to repair your roof within the next five years or so, you’re better off pulling the trigger before you have the panels installed.

– at this point, because the ontario govt wants to stimulate jobs through the fit program, they are only approving solar panels that have been manufactured in ontario (there’s a certain % of ontario-made content that they look for). their panels generate most of their energy, but the electricity produced by their local hydro company supplements it, so when the sun goes down, they’re not left cooking over flames and reading by candlelight. most urban users favour a rooftop set-up so they won’t have to sacrifice valuable backyard real estate, but it’s not unusual to see a freestanding panel in rural areas where properties are generally larger. i created contracts for the microfit program and found the frustration stems mostly from the lack of information provided from hydro one in terms of realistic expectations.  to generate power for your home, the panels are either installed on your rooftop or angle mounted on your property. if you have a flat roof, you can still take advantage of solar power but it will require a more complicated mounting system to set the panels on an angle. i expect to make 80-90% of my power during the warmer months with longer days and more intense sunlight so i’m not too worried about the snow./month) against the monthly income received from the microfit program, so it will be several years before this would be added to your income. here’s a video of us installing the last panel:Share this:pinterestredditprintfacebooktwitterlinkedingoogletumblremaillike this:like loading. i presume that the company who owns the panels will do much of the leg work, you will just be getting a monthly rental fee. i have done a lot of research on the internet and the do it yourself programs seem to have come a long way. for example, our system is not yet hooked up to the grid (! (btw, their failure may be due to the extreme cold that we experience in northern ontario rather than a manufacturer’s defect). case anyone else is looking at the idea of the do-it yourself panels, just be careful who you are buying your info from. but our experience is that it’s a bureaucratic nightmare right now, so you will need persistence as well as luck to get an answer out of anybody at opa! any information or sites i should look at would be appreciated. mark and christine,Great job on the install and general description of the issues surrounding it.

because of this program, solar power has become a popular investment strategy, with users making at least a 4 percent return over 20 years. you might want to call up your local municipal office and have a chat with the building official. once you really understand it and all the options and tax benefits available you’ll get one and join the rest of “sun worshipers” enjoying the benefits.’m surprised to hear that the point of the ontario fit is to eliminate hydro bills. i know it sounds like crazy but it could happen.%d bloggers like this:The approval process after our application to the OPA microFIT program took 3 1/2 months;  in June, we heard that our application had been conditionally approved. you saying that ,000 just went into thin air or did you get it back eventually? it’s now been up and generating for a couple of weeks but i wonder if anyone has any advice they can offer on setting up a hst account at cra? there is also the free solar program where investors will pay for it for you and offer you an income over the contract term. someone else could take over it, and you wouldn’t be out the money for the installation. if you wish to have good sound information about the microfit program as it stands right now – contact me and i will put you through to a trusted company who has been a part of the microfit program and the correct registration process since day one. they have been stringing us along all this time and in january 2015 they stopped communicating with us..very few people have the background experience that i can offer with my 4 decades of invoolvement in renewable energy sources…. you live or cottage in a remote location and plan to rely on solar for all or most of your power, converting is a little more complicated. am looking for anyone who have had dealings with solar brokers of canada. majority of solar users are still hooked into the power grid. @bbcdaniels: lawyer for sergei magnitsky's family nikolai gorokhov has been "thrown from the 4th floor of his apartment building" in mos…*sent* 2 hours ago.