Hook up culture and rape culture

Hook up culture and sexual assault

the same time, the sexual patterns on college campus that have come to be known as “hookup culture” have come under scrutiny by popular media and academics alike. responses to “hookup culture as rape culture: a shared complicity”.. candidate at boston college, working in the area of theological ethics. rather, rape culture extends into the broader sexual culture on campus as well, shaping dating and romantic relationships. turner is a pseudonym for a social worker who provides mental health treatment for children and families in a midwestern urban area. say if we want to address rape culture, well then “teach men not to rape. but now, for the first time, they’re largely free from adult supervision and subject to a very different set of influences. further, it pushes us to accept coercive and abusive behaviors as normal expressions of sexuality. by failing to accurately name the pervasive reach of rape culture we participate in covering over and normalizing sexual violence. the judge and members of his family have received death threats — which seems to be the way america rolls these days. sadly, rampant sexual assault on campus is a reality that thousands will return to this coming september and that many freshmen will encounter for the first time. people will make it home, exhausted and less-than-sober but otherwise safe. in my research, i have met too many students who recount rapes and sexual assaults for all of it to fit within the category of morning-after regrets. their sex education in school was probably focused on how not to have babies—and that’s about it. empirically invalidated, yet much espoused, feminist theories teach that women’s sex drives, motivations, and reactions are the same as those of men. many innocent young men have faced star-chamber disciplinary proceedings (one young man was banned from certain parts of campus because he resembled a man who had raped a student).

Hook up culture and rape culture

, the language that we millennials use for discussing sexual boundaries, constraint, and consensual interaction has all but disintegrated. just a suggestion: if you disapprove of something strongly, consider the words shame, scandal, or debacle. the latter—which is not actually an example of assault—gives cover to those who would explain away all assault as simply a matter of blurred lines and choices regretted in the light of day. and lee act to protect state freedom in marriage debate. the party scene is the launching pad for hookup culture, but not the crux of it. these are not people we sought out for their traumas or folks who invited any sort of trouble: in the course of what would otherwise be normal college life, people and institutions they trusted betrayed them in one of the most painful ways possible. further, both hookups and rapes are most likely to occur out of the context of parties. college parties, stripped down to their raw components, are about booze and sex. latestmost popularcontributorssubscribe our latestmost populareventssubscribe the sexes by joseph turnerjune 28, 2016 rape culture has reared its ugly head in the media once again. ideology of the hookup culture sets everyone up to be a victim by luring students into sexual gray area, then telling them it’s black and white. her dissertation explores campus rape culture, with an eye toward broad social complicity and potential transformation. at its worst, this attitude leads to a disdain for sexual boundaries as backwards, misogynistic, and dangerous—or simply stupid and unworthy of respect. the fact that we happen to be doing it with and to each other is merely incidental. caitlin seery la ruffa serves as director of the love and fidelity network and is a 2009 graduate of princeton university.-up culture is the foundation of our campus sexual-assault problem., there is much that students and university faculty and administrators can do to reshape campus norms away from abetting assault and towards creating a safer and healthier environment in which students can flourish.

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in response, it is common to presume that the best thing to do is promote a return to dating practices and sexual expression only in the context of committed relationship. similarly, we can’t convince ourselves what was an act of innocent sexual expression with one girl has inexplicably morphed into an act of rape with the next, under mostly similar circumstances. sexual assault victims include a vast array of people: men and women who may be straight-laced or sexually adventurous, religious or secular, teetotalers or partiers. in this environment there is an inversion of previously dominant dating scripts: today physical encounters, ranging from kissing to intercourse, typically occur outside the context of or precede dating and relationships. we want to tear down rape culture, we have to dismantle hookup culture first. his was a reprehensible, criminal act, without any excuse or justification, and should be treated as such. the trial she was subjected to was nearly as unconscionable as the assault itself, and her courage in enduring it for the sake of justice is admirable. women have been assaulted by men they’d just met, by men they thought were friends, by men who slipped drugs into their drinks, and by multiple men at once. they’ve probably been on a steady diet of raunchy sitcoms, “how i met your mother” or whatever the 2016 equivalent is, full of apparently successful and attractive characters who hook up with strangers and joke about it over brunch the following morning., the sexual and relational culture on college campuses, of which hooking up is itself only a fraction (albeit a dominant one), has moral significance because it is infused with violence. this is no case of a university of virginia rape hoax or a mattress-wielding performance artist. sexual assault epidemic on college campuses is created, in part, by the effects of the hook-up culture. one can understand the judge taking the defendant’s age and lack of priors into account in sentencing, but to cite his drunkenness as a mitigating factor is peculiar. only rule in their pursuits is that they be themselves, true to their own desires, as defined by each individual and nobody else. but we probably won’t accomplish that by drawing a stick through the sand and saying, “here’s the line, don’t cross it, end of lecture. kind of coercive violence may take place on a continuum, ranging from meeting legal definitions of rape to encounters that, while troubling in their coercive nature, are not illegal.

Rape And Hookup Culture Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Hookup Culture as Rape Culture: A Shared Complicity | Daily

over and over, we are told that physical encounters can be casual and fun, because they only have the meaning that we ascribe to them. crave intimacy as much as we fear it, and with sex familiarity breeds pleasure. like beer pong turn drinking into a pursuit in and of itself, enticing even the reluctant to imbibe. is what the right must come to grips with: some of the women “crying rape” were truly raped, even if their attackers were not knife-wielding assailants jumping out from behind trees. series of vague and variable sexual expectations clashes dangerously with the carte blanche given to young american adults. jell-o shots and long island iced teas mask the taste for those unaccustomed to it, allowing the effects to work more insidiously. through interviews with undergraduate students, she identified themes such as, “ceos and their secretary hos,” “dirty doctor’s and naughty nurses,” “professors and naughty schoolgirls,” and “superheroes and supersluts” (81). their plight is worsened by our culture’s tendency to conflate sexual continence with repression.: sexual assault and higher education: an octave of theological reflection. ideology of the hookup culture sets everyone up to be a victim by luring students into the vast expanse of sexual gray area, then telling them it’s black and white. truth is that sexual assault on campus is nuanced and complex. this culture takes for granted that sexual objectification (largely of women) and violence are acceptable and standard forms of sexuality. women’s agency is undermined on campus through stalking by would-be and former boyfriends; controlling behaviors exhibited in current relationships; and repeated romantic overtures that leads to male anger in the face of rejection. any college freshman understands that it just doesn’t make sense to say that any alcohol-infused dance floor make-out session could be called assault—at least not when the powers that be are encouraging any and all forms of sexual expression.” nor are we likely to have much success by creating complex codes and statutes of sexual conduct, and then expecting men to adhere to them rigidly in their most inebriated and hormonal moments. rather, if not for the hook-up culture, “rape culture” could never have acquired its current foothold at our universities.

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on a campus where binge drinking was the norm but the hook-up was not the dominant form of sexual interaction, sexual assault would both be much easier to avoid and much harder to commit. facts of this case are unambiguous, the victim’s statement heart-rending, turner’s efforts to dodge justice deplorable, and the judge’s sentence dissatisfying. comments powered by disqus our latest - most popular - contributors - contact us - subscribe be lovers of freedom and anxious for the fray. speaking, when we think of rape, one of two narratives comes to mind: the unsuspecting victim surprised in a dark alley, or the two drunk people who both get carried away at a college frat party, with one person waking up and regretting his or her actions. however, rape only occurs when women are drunk if there are men who are willing to take advantage and perpetrate an assault. students get dressed up (or undressed, as the case may be), and maybe pre-game a little with their friends before stepping into frat houses where cheap beer stains the floor and the most responsible person presiding is the 22-year-old who bought the keg.-family policies to strengthen marriage and give kids a better shot at the american dream. but it will help if we zoom out and examine our sexual campus culture as a whole. rape is a horrific crime, and instinctively we all know this. we really care about keeping women safe, we need to reshape (or rather, reclaim) our cultural understanding of sex altogether. our youth need to learn that apart from legal and illegal, there are questions of right and wrong. importantly, though, universities simply lack the sense of mission to crack down on the party and hookup culture. students are encouraged to write about their sexual fantasies and share them with the class. rape culture encourages us to scrutinize victims’ stories for any evidence that they brought violence upon themselves—and always to imagine ourselves in the terrifying role of good man, falsely accused, before we ‘rush to judgment. the beginning of transformation of this culture is in the transformation of how we perceive and talk about this culture. the standard is viewed as inconsistent and absurd, so it gets shrugged off.

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usually, survivors know their assailants, and often alcohol is involved. and when this was brought to light, in both instances the community rallied around him instead. contrast, i think it is important that we attend to this relational and sexual culture as a particular manifestation of rape culture. when they shouted to turner, he attempted to flee, but one of the men chased and tackled him. graduated only a few years ago, and each of us needs both hands to count the number of friends who were sexually violated in college—and those are only the ones we know about. a hook-up culture based on mutual use and lack of consequence can’t help but lead in the direction of unilateral use of another’s body. in human sexuality courses students watch porn and then discuss it, under the guidance of tenured professors.’s hard to get a grasp on what sort of world can produce such an abusive culture unless you or someone you care for has gone through it. your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. persky sparked outrage when he sentenced a former stanford student, brock turner, to six months in county jail, registration as a sex offender, and three years probation after turner was found guilty of three felonies: intent to commit rape, sexual penetration with a foreign object of an intoxicated person, and sexual penetration with a foreign object of an unconscious person. among other reasons, this is because “consent” based on a false view of human sexuality is uninformed, and thus really isn’t consent at all.“sex positivity” tells them sexuality is just a form of expression, to be explored and indulged with few restraints. it’s not all the duke lacrosse case and “jackie” from uva., a sexual ethic that centers on the pursuit of pleasure and personal gratification and reduces the significance of a sexual act to that of a scrabble game—mere recreation—teaches that persons are means to an end. all this is overlaid by a shallow communal spirit, a sense of celebration of freedom and youth and good times, that covers the event’s sinister foundations. we are taught to use each other’s bodies for our mutual satisfaction and to assume that sexual activity does not carry any unintended consequences.

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largely to the efforts of survivors-turned-activists annie clark and andrea pino, the founders of end rape on campus, sexual assault on campus has moved to the center of public and political debate.%d bloggers like this:By Megan McCabe Thanks largely to the efforts of survivors-turned-activists Annie Clark and Andrea Pino, the founders of End Rape on Campus, sexual assault on campus has moved to the center of public and political debate. in no other case has the narrative of a toxic campus rape culture been so compelling., less obvious but equally problematic, is it makes no sense to tell someone any sex act he might desire is either innocent and laudable or heinous and deplorable, with nothing in between. post is part the octave of theological reflection on sexual assault and higher education at daily theology. when somewhat drunkenly bringing someone back to your dorm is the norm, how are bystanders (in a dark, noisy, crowded space) supposed to distinguish good intentions from bad? in the unlikely event students hear anything about chastity, it will only be as an arcane historical artifact, met with some combination of amusement and contempt. “tell your judge he can go to hell, and i hope his kids get raped and he rots in hell,” said one caller. conversely, “emily doe” is an innocent victim if ever there was one, deserving of all the support and solidarity we have to offer. cloudcatholicism catholic social teaching christian life church community conversation conversion current events discipleship doing theology education ethics and moral theology faith guest post jesus christ justice kingdom of god lent mercy politics pop culture pope francis saints shark week social justice solidarity spirituality theology and church theology and culture vatican. its nature, rape is a crime that rarely generates witnesses.‘consent’ based on a false view of human sexuality is uninformed, and thus really isn’t consent at all. consent: moving toward an integrated approach to sexuality and sexual assault. they need to figure out what kinds of sex will truly fulfill them, and find the partners (one may not be enough) with the right kind of compatibility. culture breeds rape culturesubjective sex leads seamlessly from hookup to rape culture. how can an onlooker see the difference between a young man genuinely seeking to help his friend get back to her room safely and one pretending to be a good friend, only to take advantage of her once there?

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to our knowledge, not one of their assailants has faced any kind of legal or disciplinary repercussions, and barely any have suffered any social fallout—even when publicly accused. doesn’t mean that the hook-up culture is guiltless when it comes to campus sexual assault. tale of two ivies: how our nation’s most elite universities lost their way and sold their souls to porn stars, sadomasochists, and sexual obsession.” turner said later he was at fault for drinking and wrong not to simply ask for her phone number. assault: what does the hook-up culture have to do with it? culture meets hookup culturethus emerges the hookup culture, in which unattached casual sex becomes a lifestyle., the highly sexualized, alcohol-soaked environment is the context of the majority of campus rapes. but the parties work to strip away former mores and foster an appreciation for carnal pleasures. assessing the morality of campus rape culture must include this continuum, rather than merely mimicking the criminal justice system. but, rather than being merely overly sexualized, it is the context for patterns that ignore the agency and full personhood of women. we talk about the patterns of campus sexuality and relationships matters., we will propose some solutions that aim at the heart of the problem—a culture that reduces sexual activities to the level of recreation—but in order to arrive at a solution, we first need to understand the reality of the problem we face. in this case, a student may find himself the subject of a sexual assault investigation even when the legal criteria for rape are nowhere in sight. sex has no inherent meaning, no significance other than what we assign it, how ought we to go about policing ourselves—and why should we? consent: moving toward an integrated approach to sexuality and sexual assault. the resulting efforts from universities represent important steps to respond to victimized students, hold perpetrators accountable, and promote campus safety.

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subjective sexual ethics are hard enough to comprehend even on a theoretical level, and well-nigh impossible to implement in real life.” as i’ve written before, this is a wholly inadequate standard to judge licit and illicit sex. the party scene attracts students and the tuition fees they bring. it’s deep-rooted in college culture, and administrators don’t want to take serious disciplinary action against large portions of their student bodies. and ethicists have raised concerns about this environment, largely highlighting the supposed dangers of practices that separate romance and commitment from sexual expression, thus necessarily leading to mutual objectification of sexual partners. parties can come with themes, some of which donna freitas includes in her book the end of sex: how hookup culture is leaving a generation unhappy, sexually unfulfilled, and confused about intimacy. to teach men not to rapenow let me be clear: brock turner’s offense did not operate within any kind of gray area. students move on to more sophisticated forms of hedonism, less “animal house” and more “friends. the right has its own categories: campus rape is ginned-up hysteria based on missed signals and regretted sex. by this standard, all sexual activity framed by alcohol consumption is, in some sense, sexual assault. generally speaking, this “hookup culture” dominates social life on college campuses, especially for students of privilege. makes no sense to tell someone any sex act he might desire is either innocent and laudable or heinous and deplorable, with nothing in between. at the university level in particular, we need to alter what we teach and what we condone.: the immaculate conception and rape culture: actual consent and implied consent | daily theology·. religious liberty, arizona gets it right and ny times gets it wrong again. the first scenario represents a very small portion of sexual assaults on college campuses and is by no means unique to campus life.

as students age and mature, they might—might—grow out of these freshman thrills. on the right have noted — correctly — that the left has gone berserk on the subject of what it calls “rape culture. in her new book, asking for it: the alarming rise of rape culture—and what we can do about it defines rape culture:Rape culture manifests in myriad ways…but its most devilish trick is to make the average, non-criminal person identify with the person accused, instead of the person reporting a crime. pressmaster / shutterstockaffirmative consent brock turner campus rapes casual sex college campuses college parties feminism higher education hook-up culture hookup culture premarital sex promiscuity rape rape culture relativism sex sexual assault stanford universitycopyright © 2017 the federalist, a wholly independent division of fdrlst media, all rights reserved. it’s more likely, though, that had he been instilled with a more substantive sense of what sex is and should be, this wouldn’t have happened. “rape culture” or the “hook-up culture” -- or both -- to blame for the Stanford rape case? alcohol-laden party atmosphere—part of the “college experience”—is generally interpreted as overly sexualized by those concerned with hookup culture. only constraint the libertine culture is willing to place on students’ behaviors is “consent. as the quote from harding (above) communicates, rape culture encourages us to empathize with perpetrators, not with those who are victimized. under the obama administration, there has been a push to use federal law to hold schools accountable to address the high levels of rape on campus (see, for example, the 2011 “dear colleague letter” from the department of education’s office for civil rights). tale of two ivies: how our nation’s most elite universities lost their way and sold their souls to porn stars, sadomasochists, and sexual obsession. it is common for opponents of hookup culture to advocate for a return to dating, with emphasis on fostering committed relationships, this approach would not provide an adequate response to the problems of rape culture that are found in hookup culture. critics of sexual assault policy tend to assume that it is common for women to have sex and then “cry rape” when they regret their drunken decision. these two young women held views on sexuality that were so laughable to their peers that in one case one of them forced himself upon her (and in the other forced her to touch him inappropriately) just to prove a point. such confessions sound troubling and insidious when viewed through practices typical of campus rapists: intentionally plying young women with alcohol to get them incapacitated, blocking women from leaving parties, or even controlling access to transportation home. real-life terms, students learn that hooking up is the healthy and natural thing for them to do.

the quotation above makes clear that the culture on campus takes such practices for granted. any insight can be ridden into the ground, and the stanford case is a reminder that the right’s perception of what’s happening has limits too. is the truth that the left will never acknowledge — the hook-up culture they celebrate and defend is the greatest petri dish for enabling rape and sexual assault imaginable. their sexual practices and proclivities, whatever they may be, are wholly innocent, basically human. the selfish individualism expected among adolescents and young adults tells us not to take “no”for an answer. mena works as the dc correspondent for catholic news agency and is a 2012 graduate of princeton university. the principles of diversity, autonomy, and individual expression they prioritize don’t, on their own, lend themselves the development and enforcement of healthy norms. as often as not, the abusive encounters did not include alcohol, and they occurred in common spaces as often as in the dark corners of fraternity tap rooms. we should be grateful she was willing to write about it so publicly and powerfully. youth need to learn that apart from legal and illegal, there are questions of right and wrong. after all, boys will be boys and girls will go wild. transformation of this culture is necessary to complement the policy initiatives that have been developed in recent years. out of one side of their mouths, administrators acknowledge the alcohol-fueled hook-up culture with a proverbial shrug of the shoulders, and out of the other side tell students that any alcohol use negates the possibility of consent. in this way, we move closer to the chance of adequately addressing the cases that victimize students through criminal acts, and as well as the broader range of abuse. when confronted later about the incident, each young man would dismiss the violation and turmoil in the wake of the assault as a consequence of the woman’s “prudish”views about sex, rather than as a result of his knowingly having crossed a person’s most intimate boundaries.” the solution, imposed by the obama justice department and endorsed by the bien pensant, is a massive sexual-adjudication bureaucracy that dispenses with centuries-old protections for the accused, such as the presumption of innocence and the right to confront witnesses, while denying that women ever make false accusations.