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Harry and hermione dating fanfiction

he decided to follow her and see what he could do to help her. as hermione learns more about the final battle and harry’s fate, she realises they need a vital link that may restore her full memories. wish i could just have one friend while im here harry repeated over and over again squeezing his eyes closed tight. or maybe you wanted more tales of post-book seven harry and the gang. hermione because everything you think you know will change and nothing will be the same. archive warnings applyhermione granger/harry potterharry potter hermione grangeralternate universe - soulmates multiverse. fighting in a secret battle to free himself and his son from the web of a madman holding all the cards. suppose harry hadn't heeded his godfather's advice, and actually lost his temper at his trial? welcome to the gigantic mashup of fandoms we have concocted. readers of harry potter fanfiction are familiar with "my immortal", but if you haven't heard of it (you prep! he is now in a world where his family is alive and his brother is the bwl.: mystery, romance, action/adventure   era: post-hogwarts   characters: draco, fred, george, ginny, harry, hermione, neville, ron, skeeter   pairings: harry/hermione, ron/lavender advisory: mild violence, scenes of a mild sexual nature, substance abuse, sensitive topic/issue/theme published: 2016. harry is enjoying his last few days of his summer holidays at the burrow when a late morning wake up call changes his relationship with hermione forever.

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chose not to use archive warningssirius black/remus lupin hermione granger/harry potterharry potter sirius black remus lupin mr.: general, action/adventure   era: post-hogwarts   characters: draco, george, ginny, harry, hermione, luna, mcgonagall, neville, oc , ron  pairings: harry/hermione, oc/oc, ron/oc, other pairing advisory: contains profanity, strong violence, scenes of a mild sexual nature, substance abuse, sensitive topic/issue/theme, spoilers published: 2015. night before her wedding, hermione uncovers some mind-blowing revelations that could seriously alter the course of her life. rated t with relationships of h/hr, h/g and hr/r. be warned, this story is violent, but if you're more interested in some of the series's supporting characters and want to read a pretty cool retelling of what was happening at hogwarts during deathly hallows, i would highly recommend taking the time to read this story (the first in a trilogy! after all, every champion needs a cause and someone to help them on their path. wonder what the da was up to while harry and the gang were out looking for horcruxes, or how neville became such a rebellious badass? together they search for a way to kill a dark lord and maybe fix society too. potter has been banged up for ten years in the hellhole brig of azkaban for a crime he didn't commit, and his traitorous brother, the not-really-boy-who-lived, has royally messed things up. takes another step in his relationship with hermione by telling her he loves her, but then harry reveals that he still has feelings for her. i saw saw a classroom and ran straight towards it. watch as he climbs through the wizarding world from rock bottom and proceeded to take it by storm. malfoy's son scorpius has befriended the potter children and has become something of a surrogate son to harry.

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: drama, humor, romance   era: post-hogwarts   characters: draco, ginny, harry, hermione, luna , ron  pairings: harry/hermione, draco/ginny, ron/luna, harry/oc advisory: no warnings published: 2015. claiming that ron has forbidden him to return home before dawn, harry admits that unknown to almost everyone he has finally got himself a job she might approve of and attempts to use an echoing tune from their past to confess something more. but lily runs into a bit of a dilemma when there is someone standing in the way of her parents happiness. archive warnings applyhermione granger/harry potter fleur delacour/bill weasley nymphadora tonks/original character gabrielle delacour/luna lovegoodluna lovegood orla quirke gabrielle delacour harry potter hermione granger nymphadora tonks albus dumbledore cornelius fudge griselda marchbanks fleur delacour bill weasley ron weasleypost history alternate universe the dark world hv3. an "old friend" is sent to look after him and try to bring him back. chose not to use archive warningsharry potter/luna lovegood harry potter/hermione granger luna lovegood/hermione granger background harry potter/fleur delacour background harry potter/fleur delacour/nymphadora tonksharry potter luna lovegood hermione granger fleur delacour nymphadora tonksdom/sub anal sex bondage spanking felix felicis room of requirement. below are seven of the best pieces of fanfiction that can still be found online today. once there, he discovers an empathy with an unlikely creature and begins at long last to believe hermione may be ready to reach out and restore their strained friendship.: mystery, angst   era: post-hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: no warnings published: 2016. and just to add to all the chaos viktor krum decides to visit. title refers to the butterfly effect, because every single change in this fic is a result of harry's crush on hermione. Harry Potter Fanfiction site to read, write and review storiesIf you grew up reading the harry potter books back when they were originally being published, you knew the agony of having to wait a year or two to get your hands on the next installment of the series. years later, moonlodge investigations is a successful business, and luna has never been happier.

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breakfast soon becomes his favourite time of the day although, during the holidays, hermione certainly isn’t a morning person. and what if maria stark's mother was actually a high elf blessed by athena that went through the veil and her father was hephaestus? hermione has everything she's always wanted, but she still isn't satisfied. these questions in your review and i may put your choice into consideration. would he be able to come alive, or die like the thousands of others before him. a chanced meeting changed everything for both of them, a letter surrounded by his desire to learn and a will that never saw light; will change the very sands of fate." a single line & suddenly deep down in her subconscious, hermione felt as if some huge grand play had been interrupted, as if a monkey-wrench had been thrown in the cosmic cogwheel of fate & storytelling.: drama, mystery, romance   era: post-hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: contains profanity, strong violence, scenes of a sexual nature, substance abuse, spoilers published: 2017. chose not to use archive warnings graphic depictions of violence major character death underagesirius black/remus lupin hermione granger/harry potter luna lovegood/ron weasley draco malfoy/fred weasley/george weasley charlie weasley/blaise zabini pansy parkinson/original male character narcissa malfoy/severus snape neville longbottom/ginny weasley fleur delacour/bill weasley nymphadora tonks/original male characterremus lupin sirius black original male character harry potter hermione granger ron weasley luna lovegood fred weasley george weasley pansy parkinson charlie weasley blaise zabini draco malfoy narcissa malfoy severus snape neville longbottom ginny weasley fleur delacour bill weasley nymphadora tonks albus dumbledore minerva mcgonagall poppy pomfreyangst fluff humor violence romance action/adventure child in peril child abuse evil dumbledore smart harry wolfstar angst out the waz animagus badass some ooc sibling incest oral sex rimming anal sex.: fluff, romance, angst   era: hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: scenes of a mild sexual nature published: 2009. when she awakes lily can't remember a thing, and is sent to be taken care of by dr. fifth years, hermione can't wait to return to school and be reunited with her friends, harry and ron. will being a prefect change things between her, harry, ron and their enemy?

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finally someone came along and filled in those holes for us!’s the graduation day and someone unexpected shows up:  it’s viktor krum!: drama, action/adventure, au   era: hogwarts   characters: draco, ginny , harry, hermione, luna, ron  pairings: draco/ginny, harry/hermione, ron/luna advisory: strong language, strong violence, scenes of a sexual nature, substance use or abuse, sensitive topic/issue/theme published: 2012. in the process, he ends up learning the truth about his infamous scar and how to fight his war. granger hermione granger severus snape albus dumbledoremild sexual content male slash. a long and drawn out war, luna lovegood decides to close the quibbler and instead go into business helping people who suffered during the war.: mystery, action/adventure   era: post-hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: no warnings published: 2016.: action/adventure   era: hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: mild violence published: 2017. archive warnings applyjames potter/lily evans potter hermione granger/harry potterharry potter hermione granger james potter lily evans potter sirius black ron weasley. widely known as the best/worst piece of fanfiction in harry potter history, this story revolves around 17-year-old ebony dark'ness dementia raven way, a vampire witch who goes to hogwarts and likes to attend good charlotte concerts with draco malfoy. jackson and the olympians & related fandoms - all media types (2). james potter, a young war veteran the master of death, is transported through space and time into another dimension thanks to the dark lord. fittingly, they are widely considered to be the most dangerous and unpredictable out of all the previous residents.


my two best friends were snogging the day lights out of each other and my hermione (well not my hermione but i wish she was. peaceful years pass before a ranger brings an army to his door and he feels compelled once again to fight. makes unexpected friends in his fourth year, when his friends and his housemates abandon him. and james potter had another child, a girl one year older than harry.: drama, humor, romance   era: post-hogwarts   characters: ginny, harry, hermione, luna , ron  pairings: harry/hermione, harry/ginny, ron/luna advisory: mild language published: 2014. taking the form of hermione, she insists he must re-organise his memories, revise for his exam re-sits and wake up in time for the start of term! is only the beginning and is the journey to the next great adventure. takes harry away from godric's hollow before dumbledore can take him away and frame sirius for james's and lily's murder. hermione obliged to harry's request she heard the door open and a voice cry out "what the hell? his parents and their friends fawned over thomas, no matter what the older brother did. granger sets out on a quest to find the father she never knew and to find out what caused her parents to break apart all those years ago.'s 1994 and harry's name has just came out of the goblet of fire but what will happen when a sudden surprise causes harry to re-think everything he thought he knew and just what exactly is happening at hogwarts. it was quite obvious since she left just as she saw ron and lavander devouring each others faces.

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time travel fic and title is 'back to the future' joke. chose not to use archive warningskaylee frye/simon tam wash washburne/zoë washburne malcolm reynolds/inara serra sarah connor/kyle reese harry potter/lantash/martouf kono kalakaua/harry potter kono kalakaua/adam noshimuri jonathan kent/martha kent harry potter/petaline (firefly) hermione granger/harry potter harry potter (samuel peverell)/nymphadora tonks sirius black/remus lupin harry potter/luke skywalker leia organa/han solo zack fair/cloud strife lucrecia crescent/vincent valentineharry potter simon tam river tam zoë washburne hoban "wash" washburne malcolm reynolds inara serra the parliment dobson shepherd book jayne cobb claire dearing simon masrani owen grady barry (jurassic park) vic hoskins blue (jurassic park) indominus rex sarah connor kyle reese john connor pops (terminator genisys) skynet lantash lantash | martouf ra (stargate) tok'ra - character steve mcgarrett pat jameson danny "danno" williams sam denning chin ho kelly kono kalakaua kamekona tupuola adam noshimuri jenna kaye lori weston clark kent lex luthor lana lang chloe sullivan pete ross martha kent jonathan kent petaline (firefly) neville longbottom hermione granger ron weasley nymphadora tonks remus lupin albus dumbledore sirius black minerva mcgonagall severus snape quirinus quirrell tom riddle | voldemort rubeus hagrid luke skywalker yoda han solo leia organa anakin skywalker | darth vader emperor palpatine crix madine firmus piett hojo (compilation of ffvii) vincent valentine cloud strife tifa lockhart lucrecia crescent zack fair aerith gainsborough tony stark james "rhodey" rhodes obadiah stane phil coulson pepper potts jarvis (iron man movies) ten rings members ho yinsencontinuing travels of death's marked harry harry dies many times. harry doesn't think anything of it till a new boy named clyde haines comes to hogwarts and tries to steal hermione's heart.: drama, romance, action/adventure   era: hogwarts   characters: blaise (m), draco, harry, hermione, krum, mcgonagall, pomfrey, ron, teddy   pairings: hermione/krum, ron/hermione, draco/hermione, harry/hermione advisory: strong language, mild violence, scenes of a mild sexual nature, contains spoilers published: 2010. she had just thrown her intended date out, hermione is pleasantly surprised when harry turns up to take her out to a birthday dinner. what will happen when hermione is on the verge of death and the only thing that can save her is. and she definitely didn't expect to see draco malfoy again after all these years, and not like that. this fanfiction imagines harry falling asleep and waking up in a world where his entire family is still alive.: harry potter and the cursed company by blazing golden pheonix. runs away from the burrow at the age of nine, meets harry, and helps him escape privet drive.: general, romance, young adult   era: post-hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione, krum , ron  pairings: hermione/krum, harry/hermione advisory: scenes of a sexual nature, sensitive topic/issue/theme published: 2014. he opened the door and saw the sight of hermione crying her eyes out on the stone steps with birds flying around her. what happens when fate steps in and pairs the most unlikely of people?

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when his life changed without warning, he didn't fight or give in, he took the change and made himself stronger than ever.: humor, angst   era: hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: no warnings published: 2016..An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative WorksHarry/hermione (3688 found— page 1 of 148). potter is a thief and a lawbreaker long before he gets his letter. without warning hermione wrapped her arms around harry's neck and kissed him fiercely. archive warnings applyhermione granger/harry potterhermione granger harry potter neville longbottom ron weasley original characters. paid to go back and read some of the best pieces of harry potter fanfiction was the highlight of my week. some stories were excellent, some purposely ridiculous, and a few definitely nsfw, but they all took me back to the days when i obsessively consumed every bit of harry potter culture i could get my hands on. what's important is that this fanfiction is absolutely hilarious and contains chapters called "in which harry dies inside, a little" and "in which snape is irritated, for a change. ginny's attempt at winning harry are making hermione feel suspicious. this fanfiction picks up directly after the battle and deals with harry's struggle to cope in the aftermath of voldemort's downfall. if sirius had the other two-way mirror on him when he died and harry found that he was able to talk to his godfather and parents though it? depictions of violence major character deathharry potter/legolas greenleaf/hermione granger hermione granger/harry potter legolas greenleaf/harry potter hermione granger/legolas greenleaf cortana/john-117 | master chief oliver queen/felicity smoak shado/slade wilson nyssa al ghul/sara lance nyssa raatko/sara lance annabeth chase/percy jackson nico di angelo/will solace jason grace/piper mclean caroline/cave johnson james "bucky" barnes/steve rogers jimmy olsen/kara zor-el barry allen/iris west james potter/lily evans potter lily evans potter/tony stark loki/magnolia colpepper evans zeus/maria stark hazel levesque/frank zhang hecate/tony stark hecate/james potter anna/hans (disney) anna/kristoff (disney) elsa & rapunzel (disney) eugene fitzherbert | flynn rider/rapunzel pepper potts/tony stark jane foster/thor aragorn | estel/arwen undómiel/faramir (son of denethor ii) bruce banner/betty ross logan & x-23 clint barton/natasha romanov draco malfoy/ginny weasley neville longbottom/luna lovegood frodo baggins/sam gamgee merry brandybuck/pippin took padmé amidala/anakin skywalker leia organa/han solo remus lupin/nymphadora tonks sirius black/éowyntoo many characters - character various charactersbamf harry potter powerful harry alternate universe - harry potter setting alpha harry multi-era multiple crossovers master of death harry potter master of death creature inheritance no smut abuse child abuse past child abuse implied/referenced child abuse hurt/comfort fluff what doesn't kill you makes you stronger immortality self-harm implied/referenced self-harm overpowered harry potter jk rowling is rita skeeter op harry potter dimension travel alternate universe - time travel time travel manipulative dumbledore ron weasley bashing dumbledore bashing stalker ron weasley hecate is lily evans potter loki is lily evans potter's father hellhound creature inheritance phoenix creature inheritance true phoenix creature inheritance elf creature inheritance high elf creature inheritance tony stark is zeus' son maria stark is hephaestus' daughter demigod harry potter god harry potter the author regrets nothing.

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harry and hermione fell in love instead of hermione/ron and harry/ginny. chose not to use archive warningshermione granger/harry potterharry potter voldemort draco malfoy hermione granger lucius malfoy narcissa black malfoy bellatrix black lestrange sirius black ron weasley ginny weasley albus dumbledore neville longbottom severus snape minerva mcgonagall poppy pomfreydark harry potter evil harry potter evil voldemort alternate universe - canon divergence harry potter was raised by voldemort violence dark draco malfoy evil voldemort but not towards harry."a charm spell, i'm just practising" hermione said as harry walked in front of her. archive warnings applyastoria greengrass/harry potter harry potter/hermione granger harry potter/cho chang harry potter/luna lovegood harry potter/astoria greengrass/hermione granger/cho chang/luna lovegood katie bell/lee jordan bill weasley/fleur delacourharry potter astoria greengrass hermione granger cho chang luna lovegood rita skeeter katie bell bill weasley fleur delacourdom/sub oral sex anal sex femme-slash jeremy's law post war ron ginny molly weasley bashing draco bashing., they didn't completely fill the quaffle-sized void in your life, but they did offer some pretty entertaining distractions in the forms of alternate universe plots, next generation stories, and of course non-canon romantic pairings. when you add an accidental meeting with a young witch, bullying cousins, and two incredibly smart children. short piece that delves straight into the idea of the harry/hermione ship. i thought as i snogged lavander fiercely that this deserved some privacy. and hermione upset over their loves dating other people devise a plan to get them jealous. after meeting fate and death, harry is given a second chance to squash voldemort, dodge a thousand years in prison, and snatch everything his hated brother holds dear.: romance, action/adventure, young adult   era: next generation   characters: hagrid , harry, hermione, mcgonagall  pairings: harry/hermione advisory: contains profanity, mild violence, scenes of a sexual nature, sensitive topic/issue/theme published: 2016. though harry and hermione love one another, they find their relationship at an impasse. and what if she then slept with tony stark and passed the child off as james'?

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archive warnings applylavender brown/ron weasley hermione granger/harry potter hannah abbott/neville longbottomharry potter ron weasley hermione granger sirius black remus lupin nymphadora tonks andromeda black tonks draco malfoy albus dumbledore neville longbottom hannah abbott ginny weasley fred weasley george weasley. while some of your favorite couples do get attention, this story is way more about ptsd and dealing with the loss of loved ones than romance. hiding from voldemort, draco malfoy is put under hermione's watch to keep him safe and make sure he doesn't escape. he will enter a dark war between the jedi and sith and discover the means to be in love.: drama, fluff, romance   era: post-hogwarts   characters: fleur , harry, hermione  pairings: harry/hermione advisory: contains profanity, scenes of a sexual nature, substance abuse, spoilers published: 2015. harry soon got the gist as he wrapped his arms around her waist and ran his tongue over her bottom lip. dumbledore has entrusted hermione to make an important decision concerning harry. nsfw, but definitely worth reading for the sheer hilarity of this bizarre (but pretty well-written) piece of fanfiction.*banner removed by staff due to being too large in size and having no credit. archive warnings applyangelina johnson/harry potter daphne greengrass/harry potter harry potter/ginny weasley/pansy parkinson lavender brown/harry potter harry potter/ginny weasley parvati patil/harry potter luna lovegood/harry potter harry potter/nymphadora tonks narcissa black malfoy/harry potter pansy parkinson/harry potter harry potter/andromeda black tonks gabrielle delacour/harry potter hermione granger/harry potter susan bones/hermione granger luna lovegood/pansy parkinsonexplicit sexual content drabble collection. i saved every goal no sweat and now i am snogging one of the two girls that i have fancied. after an explosion, harry, scorpius, and the rest of harry's family end up in an alternate reality in which voldemort is alive and harry has died. the disastrous end of harry's third year, sirius and remus scheme to lift harry's spirits by sending him to the united states to learn to be an animagus.

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draco battles his prejudice against mudbloods while hermione slowly begins to view her old enemy as a love interest. if you want to spend the next week going down the hp fanfiction rabbit hole, i certainly won't judge you. it's a fight that might get better once harry realizes the truth and shoves sirius' nose in it. but one night, something in hermione decided that she and harry could no longer be together.. hermione granger has worked harder than anyone will ever know to keep her crush and the boy-who-lived, neville longbottom, alive during their tenure at hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. archive warnings applydaphne greengrass/harry potter hermione granger/harry potter harry potter/ginny weasley luna lovegood/harry potter harry potter/hermione granger/daphne greengrass/ginny weasley/luna lovegoodharry potter hermione granger daphne greengrass ginny weasley luna lovegood alexandra blacktime travel alternate universe wrong boy-who-lived azkaban explicit language independent harry powerful harry worldbuilding necromancy rituals animagus manipulative dumbledore harems criminal harry manipulative harry. yes, it is every bit as terrible and awesome as it sounds, and its a true fanfiction classic. but ron's married to hermione, who's in love with harry. decade ago harry potter found himself in a beautiful and pristine land. ten years later, their twin daughters  become reunited with each other and come up with a plan to get their parents back togther. chose not to use archive warningsharry potter/ginny weasley hermione granger/ron weasley hermione granger/harry potter oliver wood/original female character(s) oliver wood/original character(s) oliver wood/reader remus lupin/nymphadora tonks sirius black/marlene mckinnon james potter/lily evans potter remus lupin & original female character(s) remus lupin & original character(s) remus lupin & reader harry potter & original female character(s) harry potter & original character(s) harry potter & readerharry potter hermione granger ron weasley oliver wood remus lupin sirius black ginny weasley marlene mckinnon james potter lily evans potter original female character(s) original character finnely potter james and lily's daughterangst family reunion character death alternate universe - hogwarts alternate universe hogwarts hogwarts seventh year. sirius dies, harry is isolated and feels betrayed by everyone who's been around him recently and leaves to figure out what he should do. raising harry in the muggle world with remus's help, away from most magical people, is a challenge in and of itself.

in this unlikely relationship, the three plot to bring down voldemort and escape the society that tried to destroy them." hermione as she started to get back to her normal self.: drama, romance, au   era: post-hogwarts   characters: dean, ginny, harry, hermione, othercanon , ron  pairings: ginny/dean, harry/ginny, ron/hermione, ron/lavender, harry/hermione advisory: contains profanity, scenes of a sexual nature, sensitive topic/issue/theme published: 2010."harry your a genius" hermione cried out as she heard footsteps and giggling coming along the corridor to the classroom., like the sands of the desert, are so quickly changing that it is hard to keep grounded."it feels just like this hermione" he replied as he started to tear up. but what happens when someone is standing in the way of their parents happiness? archive warnings applyhermione granger/harry potter draco malfoy/harry potter hermione granger/draco malfoy/harry potter hermione granger/draco malfoyharry potter hermione granger draco malfoy blaise zabini luna lovegood original female character(s) original male character(s) ginny weasley daphne greengrass astoria greengrass narcissa black malfoy lucius malfoythreesome - f/m/m polyamory threesome veela veela draco malfoy romance drama slow burn hp: ewe not epilogue compliant. a lily's daughter follows her through her schooling at hogwarts, and tells the story of the role she played in the war against voldemort, along with how she and harry became close as siblings. to make up for his years of blunders, harry is sent back in time to correct everything that went wrong and to get some revenge. decided that he didn't want to suffer at the dursleys again and thanks to a discovery he made, he uses another option he found out about. neither knows of the other, but they are destined to meet before an innocuous shoebox and share the boy who lived’s final secret. harry and ron are out searching for horcruxes and hermione's been left to help professor mcgonagall run hogwarts.

/n:this is a h/hr which eventually goes h/g and hr/r in the middle of hbp i just watched the movie and the idea came to me when ron hit it off with lavander and harry is comforting hermione. first year, harry realises early on that he has more in common with hermione than ron.: humor, romance   era: post-hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: no warnings published: 2016. so i quickly grabbed her hand and ran out of the common room.: drama, romance, young adult   era: hogwarts   characters: draco, ginny, harry, hermione, luna, lupin, neville, oc , ron, sirius  pairings: harry/hermione, draco/luna, hermione/oc, oc/oc, ron/oc advisory: contains profanity, mild violence, scenes of a mild sexual nature, substance abuse published: 2016.'s the day of the first task of the tri-wizard tournament, and the last people that harry ever expected to be there to see him before he was to face the dragon was the dursleys, or even the other revelations that would be revealed. archive warnings applyhermione granger/harry potterharry potter hermione granger ron weasleyfriendship romance maturity upgrades.: romance, angst, au   era: other   characters: draco , hermione  pairings: draco/hermione, harry/ginny, ron/hermione, ron/lavender, harry/hermione advisory: contains profanity, strong violence, scenes of a sexual nature, sensitive topic/issue/theme published: 2016. hestia and flora, daughters of some of voldemort's most sadistic enforcers, know what its like to live in fear.: drama, romance   era: hogwarts   characters: draco , harry, hermione, ron  pairings: draco/hermione, harry/hermione advisory: contains profanity, sensitive topic/issue/theme published: 2015. the stories of harry, ron and hermione as they deal with life after the greatest adventure of their lives. btw this is mostly canon except for hermione and harry's plan.: fluff, romance, au   era: pre-hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione   pairings: harry/hermione advisory: scenes of a mild sexual nature published: 2010.

now, a 7th year, she’s determined that nothing will stop her from finally admitting to neville how she feels and having the best year ever. and then what if he had lily evans with a woman with creature inheritance genetics? meanwhile, as one shy and reclusive student pursues a secret obsession in the castle, another frightened youth hides deep in the forbidden forest.: humor, mystery   era: post-hogwarts   characters: ginny, harry, hermione, neville , ron  pairings: harry/hermione advisory: no warnings published: 2016. he has a long way to go, but finally and with a little encouragement, harry is ready to begin his own journey home. after reluctantly mentioning this to harry, harry thinks she's mad and brushes her off. he thought since he was going through the same thing he could help hermione.: drama, romance, au   era: post-hogwarts   characters: dumbledore, harry, hermione, james, lily, lupin, oc , pettigrew, ron, sirius  pairings: james/lily, harry/ginny, ron/hermione, harry/hermione advisory: mild language, mild violence, scenes of a mild sexual nature published: 2006.: drama, romance   era: post-hogwarts   characters: harry, hermione , ron  pairings: harry/hermione advisory: no warnings published: 2016. you turned to the internet to get your fill of some hp fanfiction. (of course, this is nothing in comparison to what poor a song of fire and ice fans have been going through."arrgh i wish there was just a way to show them that we won't wait for them forever" hermione cried out. she knew that the floo and portkeys could be disabled, what if she had found a back door?