Halo mcc matchmaking issues 2016

is not available in matchmaking and you just get a generic/random emblem. the lease they could do is outsource patching to another developer to get some of the issues sorted out. gold[–]diasfordays [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)this makes me want to hop on and see how everything is on mcc. 343 hasn't said a thing about the mcc since halo 5 came out. goldload more comments (15 replies)load more comments (1 reply)[–]blixinator [score hidden] 1 year ago (8 children)mcc made me lose all confidence in 343. they specifically said that halo 5 wouldn't be the end of mcc updates and they should be held to their word. several issues are wrong with the game and over half the time the game is very unplayable. of halo reach having issues, it was the first halo built for sprint gameplay.

Halo matchmaking issues 2016

' i hope that they resolve these issues other people are having though. he says the mm times are ridiculous and then says you cant see player population (which you cant in halo 5) which is probably the reason for long matchmaking load times? more comments (1 reply)load more comments (7 replies)[–]seanoog [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)bought xone for mcc.- you can't see the ping in matchmaking or custom game. the game also crashed a couple of times, i got stuck in a black screen once, and got stuck in a matchmaking lobby where it kept saying "setting up game", but nothing happened. gold[–]riekopo [score hidden] 1 year ago (6 children)they should remaster reach and sell it as dlc for mcc. i had recently moved 2000 miles, and mcc was supposed to be a way for me and my friends to all to play the same game again.@xiotex they have some issues with ip fatigue imo - halo / gears / forza just aren't what they were.

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@halo do you plan on periodically releasing patches to fix issues with hw2 and balance units?@halo @cagames @ske7ch @idleoli what is the point of a #halowars2 support section if you haven't updated the known issues post in a month? mcc isn't going to convince people (at this point) to either buy a xbone nor will it build hype for a future halo title. gold[–]luger33 [score hidden] 1 year ago (6 children)mcc has worked fine for me since march 2015. gold[show replies][–]big_e33 [score hidden] 1 year ago (3 children)group of 8 friends all got xbox ones and mcc. other previous halo had all these issues with lag outs and connection, fix this shit like jesus holy christ of africa. 343 made the worst broken game of all time, you knew it was broken when you released mcc. matchmaking splits people up to much because they have to cover so many games.

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gold[show replies][–]sillynonsense [score hidden] 1 year ago* (3 children)yeah everyone let's all feel really sorry for how hard it was for one of the biggest tech companies in the world to knowingly release an unfinished product, still charge full price for it and never fully resolve its issues before sweeping it under the rug (in spite of frequent reassurance that they wouldn't do that). gold[show replies]load more comments (1 reply)[–]reyaweksspawnkill [score hidden] 1 year ago (1 child)i can get games in mcc, but the fact that microsoft flopped halos 1-4 on a single disc with 1-50, shows that even the greatest content microsoft could fuck up. skeptics who still have their mcc discs could get the updated patches at launch, do matchmaking with a huge community with everything working, and only buy h3a if they want h3a/reach/odst. gold[–]jascin [score hidden] 1 year ago (4 children)the last update to mcc broke playing co-op over live. course many of these problems have been addressed in patches and updates, but it doesn't excuse the fact that many of the problems encountered in mcc didn't exist in the games original release, of course you can blame this on the rushed development and outsourcing the ports the various other devs, but it still doesn't excuse the fact that a broken game was willingly released and and lots of people were not satisfied with the result. @halo @xboxuk - is there more server issues right now? own a copy of halo 5, it s still sealed because i can't bring myself to play it after the shitshow that was mcc, and i don't see that changing anytime soon. gutz wrote:today i have just experienced a very big flaw/glitch in halo ce matchmaking.

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gold[–]mclebron23 [score hidden] 8 months ago (0 children)just wanted to let 343 know i'm one of many who wasted 0 dollars for an xbox and mcc on launch day. @halo 5 is having some serious issues where my game freezes since the update. halo 5 continues to pay the bills, mcc doesn't and hence this problem. i've discovered that if you hit the xbox home button and go back to mcc it will fix the issue so that's chill beans. gold[–]blakkattika [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)i'm outside of this situation, but really wanted to get into mcc with the hopes that it was largely fixed and playable by now. achievements were the only real fun i had playing this game since launch, after encountering fault after the fault in the games multiplayer and matchmaking (controller deadzones, weapon unbalance, connection issues and even one instance the game outright failing to load). 343i may have messed up mcc but they got halo 5 right.@halo are you guys aware that h2a online co-op is still completely broken on mcc?

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halo 3 had it all and mcc missed big on nearly all points. gold[–]mattb230 [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)take mcc out to your back yard and bury it, just like 343 did. they promised me that by releasing mcc, and then ripped that right away from me. gold[–]fokinsean [score hidden] 1 year ago (4 children)this is my latest experience with mcc, i wish i could've recorded a little longer but as soon as the match started it ended.@xboxsupport is microsoft aware that matchmaking is broken on windows 10? i underdtand it has issues but to say destiny is shit amd halo isnt when they did the same. gold[–]chem_dogwere it so easy [score hidden] 1 year ago (2 children)maybe it's not really an act of protest, maybe he's just been soured on the series due to mcc. halo developer 343 apologized for the many master chief collection bugs and issues.

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@plutonforever mcc mp issue, halo 5 split screen issues, halo 3 anniversary skipped if the 3rd happens halo will be affected :/.@subslaya @eslhalo @halo can't help delays my guy technical issues. gold[show replies][–]diasfordays [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)i like to hope that one day, everyone that had mcc installed will load their xbone up to a message saying "your mcc 2. i would like to sue you guys 343 for making me suicidal trying to jump of the big ben because my favorite game franchise is basically dead now, i've been playing halo for 12 years now and past years i do not even enjoy it anymore because you guys just fucked up the population is barely anything there are no games the playlists are lacking there is no xp or working ranking system in mcc as a lv 1 you can match lv 25 and so on. many people have to hard reset their xbox several times to even find a game in matchmaking too. gold[show replies]load more comments (1 reply)[–]mirityugiza [score hidden] 1 year ago (8 children)i still can't believe that some people here actually defended 343 on the mcc. that isn't just because of the state of the mcc, but it's one of the main reasons (and i play more often mcc than h5). gold[show replies][–]lance-bean [score hidden] 1 year ago (22 children)honestly a server browser is one of the only things i think can save mcc.

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- rank up bug that let's you get the highest rank via a matchmaking/custom game bug. gold[show replies]load more comments (6 replies)[–]rodinjjustrodin [score hidden] 1 year ago (8 children)i gave up on mcc a long time ago, it amazes me that it is still broken. a poor release isn't the same as a broken game, but mcc has broken aspects and poor quality. halo 2 anniversary was brilliant, but severely tarnished by how crappy the rest of the mcc ran. the only one they've done that was broken is mcc. mcc was the biggest disappointment i've ever received from a video game. unfortunately, the checks have already cleared and because there are no req packs in mcc they just don't give a damn. 343 are working to fix the issues, but it's not solved yet.

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/xprolific [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)mcc is the closest thing i ever seen to robbery in the video game industry and big business in general. please keep in 343 got screwed on that game too - the developers responsible for mcc did not deliver what they were supposed to. i have just experienced a very big flaw/glitch in halo ce matchmaking.@halo really excited you guys seemed to fix the server issues :) i appreciate it! since 2014 the only console moving game on xbox one was halo: mcc before halo 5 and gears ultimate released in fall 2015. gold[–][deleted] [score hidden] 1 year ago* (0 children)my biggest issues are the multi title playlists which causes most of the rampant quitting/betraying because of people not getting the game they want, no 4v4 hce, game chat breaks regularly, h3 hit detection is still far from being fixed, have to do a hard reset and clear blu ray cache 1-2 times a week in order to even find a game, when in the middle of games sometimes they end abruptly for no reason and kick everyone back to the post game screen, and no post game lobby. gold[–]graffitirobot [score hidden] 1 year ago* (0 children)the fact that 343 stays quiet about the mess that is mcc is insulting, at least give us some insight on why it is still the way it is.@eahelp just played cod, gears of war and halo - no connection issues.

.Hooray, mcc is fixed, let me play this game that halo 5 out preforms on every level. of course if it's possible to make matchmaking work across halo 3 anniversary/mcc discs, that would be ideal.@doctor_reasons @ellisrael_ i've experienced minimal issues with halo 5's servers. it looks like all the other mcc glitch lists are over a year old. make a halo 3 anniversary and add a working version of mcc onto it and i will pay full price. gold[show replies][–]sourloaf [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)this thread is about criticism of 343, mcc, etc, and people are surprised to find there is more criticism in the comments section? now you are in matchmaking with new players and just have to "guess". goldload more comments (7 replies)[–]281-knilb [score hidden] 1 year ago (1 child)i play it all the time with no issues.

are literally trying to flush mcc and halo 5's campaign down the toilet because.- 2 years, 4 months agounfortunately, halo master chief collection shipped with some bugs/issues in sp and mp. i go back to it from time to time with no issues. you see all of these post tagged with "343 response," but anything dealing with mcc won't be one of them.@xboxsupport are there any issues still occurring im unable to download halo 5 from store. am disgusted how mcc was handled to the point i waited to buy halo 5 due to not trusting 343. I'm loving replaying the campaign but I wan't to play some of the multiplaHalo wars 2: faq/spoiler policy | bug thread | kinsano dlc. gold[–]mr_mechaniize [score hidden] 1 year ago (3 children)dude screw mcc, halo 5 is out that's what they care about.

Halo mcc matchmaking issues 2016

this way they will have money to keep patching the mcc.% functional playtests and tournaments leading up to release to prove it works) than patch mcc to get it 100% working with nobody playing. mcc could be patched it would have been done by now but 343 doesn't even seem willing to acknowledge this games existence let alone touch it with a 10ft pole. gold[–]thegamer373 [score hidden] 1 year ago (2 children)im a pc gamer and have been for a while but i got the mcc and hope to play it oneday. gold[–]getitreichmoron who still believes in 343 [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)can the mods sticky this thread at least until 343 actually gives a response on the state of mcc? gold[show replies]load more comments (2 replies)[–]japhacakei ♡ bravo [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)i jumped on to play team action sack the other evening and had no issues. than xbox lives server issues episode one of mcc let's play went well! anything that lets me play halo 2 classic and ce with a huge matchmaking community: take my fucking money.

i won't buy forza 6, i certainly won't buy h5, and i most assuredly won't make the same mistake of buying another underpowered console (especially just for one game) that i can't play matchmaking on without paying out the ass for it. they've been supporting h5 feverishly and i think they understand how dissatisfied players still are with mcc. plus, without split screen we need mcc for our lan parties. gold[show replies]load more comments (1 reply)[–][deleted] [score hidden] 1 year ago (1 child)got mcc free with my xb1. mcc was an ambitions project from the start and it fell flat on its face. happened was i queued matchmaking found a match the game began it was oddball on chillout and as soon as the game started all audio cutout and could not move or control my player as if my controller was disconnected. gold[show replies][–]queso_man [score hidden] 1 year ago* (8 children)honestly that may be a big opportunity for them to revamp the mcc and bundle h3a with it. i hate that mcc buyers like myself would get screwed on this deal, but i'd rather spend an extra 60 bucks and buy another xbone and get the community influx for a new game (this time with successful 99.

that would have been fine, but considering halo: mcc was broken and still is, it probably lead a lot to losing big to sony the last year or two. gold[–]gre3narr0w [score hidden] 1 year ago (10 children)i never bought halo 5 because of how they treated mcc. evidence of both cases, i'm willing to argue that mcc is both somewhat broken and somewhat shitty. it looks like all the other mcc glitch lists are over a year old. ui, like not showing populations or being unable to switch teams in customs, is definitely poorly built which makes mcc shitty. any minor issues were soon cleared up too (got sent the wrong halo code once).'ve had no issues rounding up friends and playing some custom matches, so if you have problems getting into matchmaking you could try that, otherwise the issues should be resolved soon hopefully as the developper just stated a major fix is coming soon, with various tweaks to improve performance being implemented in the meantime. however, they are just going to ignore every post having to deal with halo mcc.
i would take a fully functional mcc than halo 5 any day. goldload more comments (8 replies)[–]evan_4 [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)i still play mcc because i like the old halos but lately i've been having this stupid bug where the screen in halo 3 doesn't load into the monitor correctly. gold[–]pensacola_fred [score hidden] 1 year ago (0 children)sucks to suck, and mcc sucks real bad. and as well as they did on halo 5 it doesn't give them an excuse towards mcc and the lies they told us.@thelittlemoa @halo @ske7ch i believe that both the weapon carry and audio issues with icarus armor should be fixed in this as well. 343 get your shit together and see the mcc is not dead.[show replies][–]future_dolphin [score hidden] 1 year ago (1 child)i believe one of the reasons they starting kicking to lobby was because it was one of the main stability issues (according to them, i think they said it in the patch notes).) speaking of map rotation, if 343 already has the forge variants for sandbox, add those into matchmaking.