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Gothaer single vers gs

he 177b first proposal for a four-engined version of the he 177a, three prototypes completed, at least two flown.

Gothaer single vers

& voss ha 137 - single seat ground attack (dive bomber type).

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[7] hence some of the late henschel projects that were recreated later are based on documents found in other locations or on second-hand sources and not on the original henschel technical drawings.

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[4] the legend was partly based on truth, but certain non genuine drawings and pictures of german weapons appeared in the intervening decades in certain more or less dodgy books and magazines.

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& voss bv 250 land version of bv 238 (reference: german air projects vol.

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aircraft in this list include prototype versions of aircraft used by the german luftwaffe during world war ii and unfinished wartime experimental programmes.

List of German aircraft projects, 1939–45 - Wikipedia

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-benz projekt b - giant carrier aircraft with underslung single engine jet bomber, project[8].