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    Frank singleton weather forecast


    Singleton weather forecast

    the 4 and 5-day forecasts are produced using output from other met services output, including that from the ecmwf. links to met office information pages and forecasts are as below. are a number of sites run by private weather companies where forecasts are available. particular and as a matter of good seamanship sailors should have the correct equipment (marine vhf/ radio, lw radio receiver, marine mf/hf ssb receivers or transceivers, navtex and inmarsat-c/safetynettm) appropriate to their sailing waters and needs to ensure that they are able to receive warnings and forecasts provided as part of the gmdss.

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    ecmwf and the noaa gfs (glal forecast system)0 grib both provide forecasts to 10 days at least. get weather forecasts from the web and elsewhere, how to use. although increasingly reliable, the internet is not part of an operational service, pages can and do change at no notice - even on national weather service sites. in his mid career, frank singleton was a senior forecaster with the uk met office.

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  • Frank singleton weather forecast

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    Frank singleton weather forecast

    satellite phones to weatherfax systems, to pactor modems,To navigation software. weather expert chris tibbs is on a round the world cruise. forecast charts are based on numerical weather prediction (nwp) output but amended by forecasters in the light of their knowledge and experience. he is familiar with historical weather patterns and cruising routes globally.

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    their numerical weather prediction models (nwp) probably the most advanced in operational use. a list of worldwide ssb weather broadcasts see the communications page. weather planning: the options for receiving weather data at sea. to many gmdss weather forecasts available on the internet as quick and cheap downloads.

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    Frank singleton weather forecast

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forecasts in text for the open sea are provided under the solas convention, by nominated countries worldwide.-pro weather offers precision weather forecasting, passage timing & routing advice for yachts globally. his written forecasts include a synoptic discussion, surface and upper level weather analysis and each vessel’s route, speed, projected positions and the forecast weather conditions & any warnings including fronts, lows, pressure, temperature, winds, clouds, visibility, precipitation and seas. article by ocean navigator focuses on the weather in the north pacific during december 2015 and how to examine weather charts in order to learn more about ocean weather patterns.

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elsewhere in these pages, i advocate comparing successive forecasts from a known, reliable source as a better approach. the presentation of forecasts by the private companies are often very good. i always advise using texts that i know come from national weather services written for the gmdss. weather education - aimed at school level but of general interest.

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Reeds Weather Handbook: Frank Singleton: Thomas Reed

Frank singleton weather forecast

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met forecast charts, 5 days on one page in reduced size ~260kb. and other forecasts,Some basic synoptic meteorology,Cloud identification and how they are formed. on top of this, other weather layers such as wind, precipitation and pressure can be displayed to give an overview of other co-occurring weather conditions, and the time-slider feature lets you view an animation 24 hours in advance to visualise how events will progress. detailed forecasts are based on multiple high resolution global & regional weather models, (gfs, ecmwf, nams coamps & ww iii), high resolution, real-time satellite imagery, and weather forecasts & warnings from other international weather services.
many british (and other nationalities) sail in the baltic and the mediterranean, this site has pages listing all forecast sources that i believe are useful for the baltic and the mediterranean. of astrolabe sailing outlines the mechanics of weather forecasts and an explanation of the terminology used, plus a summary of their favourite weather forecast providers., the swiss army knife for weather enthusiasts, is a paid. it can also be a complementary service by providing information not covered under the gmdss weather broadcasts.

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provides detailed and accurate long range weather forecasting and routing advice for the owners and skippers of private yachts, power and sail, globally., weather discussions and local reports on hurricanes and tropical storms in the caribbean, also useful bulletin boards. satellite phones to weatherfax systems, to pactor modems,To navigation software. same page has links to the raw (ie unmodified) computer forecasts from the uk global model.

two main world centres are the uk met office and the us national weather service, washington, which provide, by mutual backup, worldwide services to aviation. internet provides an alternative, supplementary way of getting most marine weather forecasts. go to the gmdss pages =================================== where there are also links to most marine text forecasts around europe. comprehensive report of the various sources of weather forecasts available to cruisers in the various regions of the pacific ocean, by sv sarana.
, there are charts which are unadjusted computer output of the predicted pressure fields, but with fronts added by a forecaster. on "mexico boater's guide", "mexwx:Mexican weather for boaters" and "cruising. ocean-pro is operated by bob cook, an experienced offshore sailor since 1985, (uscg master, 100 ton, 150,000 nms), and global weather router since 2003. his comprehensive approach and guidance commences with an understanding of the vessel, crew and planned passage, and includes a pre-departure weather, timing, and routing discussion.