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this site sets out to be the most informed and most informative of sailing weather sites worldwide. out of jersey, you can use the “weather to go” service on 01534 448787, charged at £6 for the latest forecast. » franks weather » introduction to frank's weather site<< franks logs | site overview >>. you are a dinghy sailor, coastal cruising yachtsman, motor boater or a long distance, blue water sailor, then you will know that weather is important. i also worked at the meteorological research flight, as a forecaster attached to the raf in the uk and in the tropics, in applied climatology and personnel. it has much information on weather, weather forecasts and how to use them.

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they come from all forecasts from private companies should be used with the same care as those from the national met services. despite some weakness in the theory, it is a very practical work based on experience sailing dinghies in chichester harbour and as a forecaster at thorney island. in 2010 – better resolution weather charts – also great weather site from frank singleton. forecast sources include many internet sites as well as, and most importantly, the global maritime distress and safety system. internet is an alternative source of forecasts and a provider of information not covered by the gmdss. mto france forecast texts can now be both bookmarked on rather "heavy" pages.

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the 4 and 5-day forecasts are produced using output from other met services output, including that from the ecmwf. weather is transmitted on vhf channel 18 on a regular basis from jersey. i always advise using texts that i know come from national weather services written for the gmdss. use the jersey met website  for the latest forecasts or telephone 09006690022 for a recorded shipping forecast., there are charts which are unadjusted computer output of the predicted pressure fields, but with fronts added by a forecaster. frank singleton provides the major component of the mailasail weather window that gives quick and easy access to many forecasts.

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view of the topical interest in the jet stream, the netweather jet stream page is worth looking at. threat to internet services highlights the threat to the availability of gmdss forecasts on the web. some, to my mind, concentrate too much on the science and not enough on the understanding and use of forecasts. well written with clear diagrams for both the novice and seasoned weather predictors alike. there are many other links including national met services, general weather sites, sailing schools, charter companies etc. mto france forecast texts can now be both bookmarked on rather "heavy" pages.

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services are also complicated and, although there are many very useful links to weather forecasts, few have any explanatory text. particular and as a matter of good seamanship sailors should have the correct equipment (marine vhf/ radio, lw radio receiver, marine mf/hf ssb receivers or transceivers, navtex and inmarsat-c/safetynettm) appropriate to their sailing waters and needs to ensure that they are able to receive warnings and forecasts provided as part of the gmdss. their numerical weather prediction models (nwp) probably the most advanced in operational use. i take a very pragmatic view of weather forecasts and recommend that you do the same. elsewhere in these pages, i advocate comparing successive forecasts from a known, reliable source as a better approach. two main world centres are the uk met office and the us national weather service, washington, which provide, by mutual backup, worldwide services to aviation. Single bar dusseldorf

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reading reeds weather handbook on your kindle in under a minute. many british (and other nationalities) sail in the baltic and the mediterranean, this site has pages listing all forecast sources that i believe are useful for the baltic and the mediterranean. the presentation of forecasts by the private companies are often very good. links to met office information pages and forecasts are as below. page unofficial' weather stations'' has been updated to take the weather observations website into account. to a comprehensive page of top weather forecast sites for the channel island and neighbouring brittany and normandy coasts. Datingjungle de

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emphasis is on understanding about weather and weather forecasts as the most important of all aids to safety at sea. site applies my long and wide experience in meteorology and sailing to help others to whom weather forecasts, and marine weather forecasts in particular, are mysteries. many, the bbc radio 4 shipping forecast is all they ever use but there are many other forecasts available - given the right communications and knowledge. there are automatically generated forecasts, some from official sources and others from private firms. are, of course, many other met services, see the pages on ecmwf and other weather centres and the links to international and national services. fairly, i can claim to know about weather and sailing from both directions. Scotty mccreery dating lauren alaina 2016 | Reeds Weather Handbook: : Frank Singleton local shipping weather forecast produced by the jersey met office. forecast charts are based on numerical weather prediction (nwp) output but amended by forecasters in the light of their knowledge and experience. forecasts in text for the open sea are provided under the solas convention, by nominated countries worldwide. and other forecasts,Some basic synoptic meteorology,Cloud identification and how they are formed. this essential pocket-sized guide equips the reader with all the tools to predict and deal with local and distant weather conditions, whether on a day trip or a longer cruise, along the coast or further offshore. local shipping weather forecast produced by the jersey met office – www. Which dating app has the most users | Introduction to Frank's Weather Site for Sailors - Franks-Weather i have always hesitated to give links to such services because i do not know to what extent these forecasts are based on the national met service output. detail and route forecasts are available if required, please call at any time of the day or night. weather education - aimed at school level but of general interest. this site provides many links to forecasts that, from experience, are useful to sailors. on the site in general and any queries or suggestions to frank singleton. threat to internet services highlights the threat to the availability of gmdss forecasts on the web. Dating power modern man download | Weather forecast – digimap . the uk met office forecasts provides the definitive marine forecasts for waters around the uk. are a number of sites run by private weather companies where forecasts are available. national weather services producing these forecasts have access to the various nwp models so that these forecasts should be well founded. is much mystique attached to weather with old shepherds and old salts being credited with knowledge that they often do not possess. comparison between models is a one way of gaining impressions about the value of a forecast on a particular occasion. localised inshore waters forecasts are usually produced by relevant countries and broadcast on marine vhf, sometimes by navtex and on the internet.