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after good wishes and free shots from sebastian the party went on but our orientation went to its logical end.

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but being a student in flensburg, means a little distance issues from these citadels of fun and craziness, unless some of us have a possibility to travel there every single weekend.

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event started with a series of eus mind games, in which the participants were asked to play taboo and guess eu related technical terms without mentioning them, discuss questions related to the eu and its policies, identify the single capitals of the eu member states and match the correct “greet europe” term in all 23 official languages.

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in the party one could observe in how many different ways a person can dress up in these two colours.

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“tgi, friday” and semester start party 2011 in the popular place among the students of campus “unsinkbar”.

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winter semester has come to a close and therefore on february 17th eus students were gathering for a semester end party.


the party one could drink ‘endless ocean’ which was a flensburger-pils-flatrate from a 50l-barrel!

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you can find some pictures from the party and more of them can be found in our facebook pages:Your fachschaft team:Here comes the link for the pictures of the eus semester end party :Hallo everyone!

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this time everyone gathered in the small shakir’s bar at the very heart of flensburg for a movie legend party.

you can meet girls on heels and in party dresses as well as casually dressed ones.

whole party room was decorated with playing cards and there was a photo-corner where a lot of people had fun taking photos together with their friends.