Extreme single mindedness crossword clue

Extreme single mindedness crossword clue

"i respect my mother's single-mindedness and resilience, that she maintained the courage of her convictions and inspired so many people.

Vocabulary - Is there a single word for "money-mindedness

serious, austere, stern,Grave, strict, harsh, rigid, rigorous,Sharp, afflictive, distressing, violent,Extreme, exact, critical, censorious,Caustic, sarcastic, cutting, keen, bit-.

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The Singular Mind of Terry Tao - The New York Times

sole, single, only,Lone, lonely, private, remote, retired,Sequestered, desolate, uninhabited,Desert [see single and desolate].

vocabulary - Is there a single word for "money-mindedness

'Les Mis': Why do we idealize Jean Valjean and act like Javert

[13] ravel's earliest known compositions date from this period: variations on a chorale by schumann, variations on a theme by grieg and a single movement of a piano sonata.

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[161] as early as 1927 close friends had been concerned at ravel's growing absent-mindedness, and within a year of the accident he started to experience symptoms suggesting aphasia.