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normally, the university of mannheim provides further study options for each of its bachelor programs. together with colleagues from the heidelberg university, students run a radio station since 2001, radioaktiv, which provides members with an opportunity to produce and host weekly radio shows and promotes broadcast journalism, sports coverage, comedy and drama. since 2007, the university of mannheim is funded as the smallest university by the "excellence initiative" under an initiative started by the federal ministry of education and research and the german research foundation to promote cutting-edge research in germany and subsequently established germany's first graduate school, the mannheim graduate school for economics and social sciences (gess) in the same year., sap ag, lufthansa, reckitt benckiser, hsbc, deloitte, heidelberg cement, hoffmann-la roche as well as the mannheim business school and alumni - who ensure that knowledge based on experience is used and implemented. the glamour of the elector's court and mannheim's then famous cultural life lasted until 1778 when charles theodor became elector of bavaria by inheritance and moved his court to munich. at the mannheim palace campus, the faculty for business administration, which dates back to the 1969, is the largest faculty with about 4,000 students enrolled, 37 professors, 150 additional academic staff and 37 chairs. since 1932 there had been plans to merge the handelshochschule mannheim with the heidelberg university, hence both solving the school’s financial situation and supplementing the faculties at heidelberg with business, psychology and pedagogy departments; nevertheless until 1933 no final decision regarding the integration of the handelshochschule was made. its direct academic cooperations and exchange programs the university of mannheim maintains a broad network to other universities and research institutions trough its memberships of the german universities excellence initiative, the german research foundation (dfg), the european quality improvement system (equis), the association to advance collegiate schools of business (aacsb) as well as the association of mbas (amba).[79] after the german "bundesverfassungsgericht" (constitutional court) had overturned a federal law prohibiting tuition fees in year 2005 and devolved the right to administrate tuition fees to the federal state level, the university of mannheim decided upon the introduction of tuition fees in the summer term of 2006. the available places in the mannheim master in management are divided into two tracks. a selection of the more frequently cited statistics includes: number of wins: whu, 6; mannheim, 3 (2006, 2013, 2014); most consecutive victories: whu, 6 (2007–2012). für strategisches und internationales management universität mannheim schloss 68131 mannheim. the palace dates from the 18th century with its construction commenced solemnly on june 2, 1720. the university of mannheim only accepts the gmat score for application to the mmm (gre and other common aptitude tests are not accepted). in 2012, mannheim's campus was listed the most beautiful in germany. the southern/eastern wing is much larger than the northern one by including the popular schneckenhof yard, which is a well-known event ground in mannheim, and by holding the majority of the university's central institutions, as well as the largest lecture halls and the central library "hasso plattner library".[61] the university is widely considered to have the best business and economics program in germany[34] and its master in management is ranked 14th in europe by the ft. 2012, the student initiative mannheim forum was founded by the three largest student initiatives at mannheim's campus: arbeitskreis börse (akb), mtp - the marketing initiative, and polimotion - the politics initiative. when mannheim's city college of trade (städtische handelshochschule) was founded in 1907, it maintained a large central library, which was supplemented by various departmental libraries. to the southwest, mannheim's main campus faces the river rhine and the adjacent city ludwigshafen. persson, swedish economist and director of the institute for international economic studies at stockholm university.[70] the german academic exchange service (daad) awards this distinction annually to universities that perform especially well in the erasmus exchange program. double degree graduate programs with renowned institutions such as the queen's university, essec business school paris, bocconi university, copenhagen business school, university of south carolina are available and enable the students to pursue two master's degrees at the same time. and faculty of the university of mannheim include many founders and businessmen as well as a large number of internationally acclaimed economists, philosophers, jurisprudents and social scientists. besides topical speeches by renowned people, the participants also have the opportunity to attend the recruiting fair, as well as participate in several company workshops. although there was no continuous existence of a scientific college in mannheim, the newly established handelshochschule mannheim, or municipal commercial college mannheim, founded in 1907, saw itself in the tradition of carl theodor's earlier colleges. closest residences to the mannheim palace campus are located in the squares l8 and n6. according to the ranking of the german business newspaper wirtschaftswoche, which based on the opinion of 500 human resources managers of leading companies in germany, all programs of the university reached a place in the top 10.

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mannheim is located at the confluence of the rhine and the neckar in the northwestern corner of baden-württemberg. aufgeklärter absolutismus in der kurpfalz während der mannheimer regierungszeit des kurfürsten karl theodor 1742−77.[171][172] applications for rooms or apartments in the residence halls can be made online or at "studentenwerk" help desks at mannheim's campus. km²) in a contiguous area of mannheim's downtown district; the older heart of the campus and core building comprises the mannheim palace. more details on this topic, see history of the university of mannheim. in the academic year of 2011/12, the university integrated the deutschland scholarship of the federal government in its scholarship system. through its successful focus on business mathematics in research and teaching, the institute of mathematics is constantly expanding its close cooperation with the university's department of economics and the business school.[165] each of the "bwler fete" parties usually ends with the refrain of the song "meine stadt" by the söhne mannheims. when the business college became a university in 1967, the library acquired new and much expanded collections in all the subjects taught at the university..^ die virtuelle studentenwelt – leben & lernen · job & geld – über die uni mannheim ins top-management. in 2008, the university passed a reformation statute to increase its cross-faculty collaboration and research and announced its profile as university with a strong focus on economics, business administration, social sciences, law, mathematics, computer science and humanities. mannheim palace itself dates back to the early 18th century. (as with any university in baden-württemberg) in addition to the tuition fees a basic contribution fee to the state-run studentenwerk[80] of €66. the social sciences at the university of mannheim have an excellent international reputation, reflected by rankings, awards and third-party funds.[5][6][7][8] moreover, the university's programs for social sciences, politics as well as business informatics rank nationwide within the top 3 and its programs for law and computer science within the top 10. mannheim was the first university in germany that decided to adopt the timeframe of international academic years whereby the academic winter term already starts in september - while in germany the classical academic year begins in october. mannheim is situated in the rhine neckar triangle, a european metropolitan area with approximately 2. further research is also being conducted at the otto-selz-institute (mannheim centre for work and health), which focuses on the impact of negative influences at the workplace. university of mannheim business school is the undergraduate and graduate business school of the university of mannheim. when you take gmat please select "mannheim master in management" and the "university of mannheim" in the drop down field (program code: vlc-95-04).-selz-institute of applied psychology: mannheim center for labour and health. year the university of mannheim is host of the schlossfest (palace festival), a festival at which the mannheim palace campus is open to visitors and introduces the university to incoming freshmen. the university chooses the scholarship recipients in conjunction with their private donors. the schlossfest the university fosters the long-established tradition of weekly schneckenhof parties that usually take place thursdays on uma's popular quadrangle "the schneckenhof" during the summer terms and in uma's catacombs during the winter terms and that are regularly organized by the fachschaften (student councils) of the different faculties. the mannheim votum scholarship was established in 2011 by the votum-foundation that assigns scholarships to orphans in need of support in order to enable successful studies at the university of mannheim. during the competition the two universities celebrate their long-established rivalry by competing in the discipline of water jousting. although mannheim kept the title of "residence", the mannheim palace was used merely as accommodation for several administrative bodies. with more than 144 scholars in 2014 the university maintains one of the largest scholarship systems of all public universities in germany.

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urbana, illinois: graduate college of the university of illinois at urbana-champaign, 1970. 1946, the "handelshochschule" re-opened under its new name staatliche wirtschaftshochschule mannheim (state college for economics) with a student body of 545 students in the school's first year. moreover, a study conducted in 2011 by the social networking platform xing revealed that the majority of executives in german companies are alumni of the university of mannheim. the mannheim sports scholarship supports enrolled athletes way beyond the cooperation agreement "kooperationsvereinbarung/partnerhochschule" for top class sports. the rectorate further consists of the chancellor, susann-annette storm, who is the head of the central administration, the three pro-rectors, eva eckkrammer, thomas puhl and thorsten meiser who are responsible for international relations, teaching and communication as well as research and structure respectively. calendar and coursesacademic calendarguidance and advicemba programslanguage courses and continuing studies gatewaysprospective studentsstudentsjournalistsvisitorsquick linksinternational officeadmissions officegraduate school of economic and social sciences (gess)mannheim business schoolcampus map (pdf)social media  2017-04-07 -.[73][74] the average gmat score of the class 2015 of the mannheim master in management was 680. der kurpfälzische universalgelehrte johann jakob hemmer (1733-1790) und sein werk (= jahrbuch für internationale germanistik. the scholarships are both directed at enrolled/incoming students as well as university applicants. in october 1933 heidelberg university’s rectorate directed that students of the handelshochschule mannheim are allowed to continue their studies in heidelberg and on october 25 a final meeting between mannheim and ministries under robert heinrich wagner was conducted to finalize the merger. it also inherited around 240,000 volumes of older books from the "wissenschaftliche stadtbibliothek mannheim" (scientific municipal library mannheim), which was dissolved in 1970. the city of mannheim, founded in 1606, was fortified and at the present site of the mannheim palace a fortress called friedrichsburg was located, sometimes serving as alternative residence for the elector, one of the most important territorial princes of the holy roman empire. all first semester and exchange students an orientation week takes place prior to the beginning of the lectures in order to welcome all at the university of mannheim and make the start into student life as easy as possible. of the dormitories reserved for mannheim students, the wohnheim n6,8 in downtown mannheim. the university offers graduate degrees in master's of art, master's of science, ll. two sculptures are located on the central courtyard and represent the two founders of the mannheim palace charles iii philip, elector palatine and charles theodore, elector of bavaria.[65] moreover, the school of law, the school of the humanities, and the school of mathematics and computer science – due to their close collaboration with business administration and the social sciences – provide their students with unique opportunities for specialization. the library was built in 2006 and is among the most modern and best equipped university libraries in germany. currently there are around 36 active student clubs or "associations" on mannheim's campus. during the mannheim forum various events take place on mannheim's main campus. had confessional controversies with the inhabitants of his capital city heidelberg, he decided to appoint mannheim the palatinate's new capital in year 1720.[12] the the world university ranking in 2016 ranked the university of mannheim 102nd worldwide.[170] all the residence halls are within cycling distance to the colleges and are well linked to the vast public transportation network of mannheim city. university of mannheim is located on an urban campus in the city of mannheim. million people living there, comprising the neighboring cities of mannheim, ludwigshafen and heidelberg, and a number of smaller towns in the perimeter. louis, the johns hopkins university, baltimore, and the university of milan, milan. mannheim is downstream along the neckar from the city of heidelberg.[157] the official organization of former students of the university of mannheim is absolventum uni-mannheim.

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in economic and social sciences, mannheim is one of the best research centers in germany and among the top ten to twenty institutions in europe. in 1969, the university of mannheim expanded its faculty number to eight by adding the faculties of economics, geography and political sciences and by splitting the faculties of business administration and social sciences as well as philosophy-philological sciences. university of mannheim is cooperatedly administrated by the rectorate, which comprises the rector (or president), three extraofficial pro-rectors (vice presidents) and the chancellor.[162] furthermore, the mannheim forum holds close cooperations with other student initiatives at the university of mannheim, like mtp, arbeitskreis börse and polimotion. in addition to a student's academic performance, the university of mannheim considers the applicants' personal circumstances, social commitments or extracurricular success during the assessment. the mannheim forum 2015 had its focus on "time questions: politics, economy, society and science". the new status the council of ministers of the federal state of baden-württemberg decided to rename the state college into the "university of mannheim" (universität mannheim).[27] the building complex will house parts of the mannheim graduate school gess, economic research facilities and additional lecture halls. the "handelshochschule" was closed down in 1933, it built the foundation for what is today known as university of mannheim. uma is considered to have by far the best and most prestigious business school in germany and is consistently ranked #1 in national university rankings and among the top business schools worldwide for its business administration and economics programs. founded in 1967 the university has its origins in the 1763 established theodoro palatinae (palatine academy of the sciences mannheim), which was founded by the later duke of bavaria charles theodor, as well as the handelshochschule (commercial college mannheim), which was initiated by mannheim's senior mayor otto beck and heidelberg's professor for economics eberhard gothein in 1907.[21] in the same year mannheim initiated the renaissance des barockschlosses (renaissance of the mannheim palace), a funding campaign aimed at raising funds for renovating and extending the main-campus.[25] the city center of mannheim is aligned symmetrically to the palace. year, the regular admission process is usually followed by a succession procedure during which you might also gain admission to the mannheim master in management. joint ma in intercultural german studies (icgs): joint degree with university of waterloo.èle tertilt, german economist, former professor stanford university and gossen prize laureate. furthermore, the 2013 economics ranking of handelsblatt ranks 6 professors of mannheim's department among the world's 100 most influential researchers in economics.[18] in world war ii, mannheim was heavily bombed from december 1940 until the end of the war and saw more than 150 air raids.. asian track), the essec & mannheim executive mba, tongji & mannheim executive mba and the master of accounting & taxation. programsmaster programsmannheim master in managementstructure and contentsapplication and admissiondouble degreestransfer of credits and grades from other programs to the mmmstudying abroadmodule catalogmodule changemaster thesisexamination regulationsprogram managementmannheim master in business researchmannheim master of accounting and taxationeconomic and business educationdiplom degrees (expiring)mba programsdoctoral programsstudy adviceexamination boardletter of recommendationsocial responsibilitybwl pc-poolcourse cataloggraduation ceremonies. during the growth phase of the university in the 1960s and 1970s not only the number of students but also the number of faculties increased. campus landmarks include the mannheim jesuit church, the mannheim observatory, the original antikensammlung within the mannheim palace, the anna hoelzel memorial, the mannheim palace church, the centre for european economic research, the palais bretzenheim, the landgericht mannheim (district court) and the mannheim schneckenhof. mannheim is unusual among german cities in that its streets and avenues are laid out in a grid pattern, leading to its nickname die quadratestadt ("city of the squares"). profile of the university of mannheim is reflected in its research achievements. the corporations' often representative 19th-century mansions are present throughout mannheim. university of mannheim is a member of the german universities excellence initiative, the international association of universities, the european network for training economic research, the international business education alliance (ibea), the council on business & society, the german research foundation (dfg), and it is accredited by the european quality improvement system (equis), the association to advance collegiate schools of business (aacsb) as well as the association of mbas (amba)..,[153] and various business or economics related student groups such as the financial industries focused ib league mannheim e.[149] model for the "german mba rowing race" championships is the prestigious duel the boat race between the universities cambridge and oxford, carried out annually since 1829.

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it is situated next to mannheim's shopping malls, the mannheim main station and the mannheimer wasserturm, which is mannheim's landmark. mannheim forum is an economic congress organized exclusively by students of the university of mannheim and is among the largest collegiate events in germany with more than 500 participants each year.[164] the university of mannheim also regularly hosts a large number of concerts, sport events, talks as well as theatrical performances. furthermore, mannheim students have established the student-run congress mannheim forum in recent years that is dealing with contemporary topics political, economical and business related topics. among them are the student parliament asta, the student councils of the different faculties (fachschaften), two drama clubs, the university orchestras collegium musicum instrumentale and college jazz orchestra, three choirs, six student media groups, eight groups of political parties, a large number of different ngo's such as amnesty international student initiative 1388 mannheim, unicef student initiative, model united nations mannheim e.^ a b c (german) uni-ranking: rwth aachen und uni mannheim sind die nr. from then on, the students' aim was to establish this event on a larger scale under the name "mannheim forum" as a fixed annual event at the university of mannheim.[138][139] besides the various parties regularly organized by the fachschaften (student councils) of the different faculties, the semester opening and closing parties of the university, the schlossfest, the dormitory parties, and the soirées of mannheim's student fraternities, the city, and the metropolitan area even more, offers a wide spectrum of night life activities.[81] the university works, thereby, in close cooperation with a large number of partners and funders that include individuals, companies and foundations. gründung von universitätsverlagen am beispiel der universität mannheim, mannheim univ. in 1946 the bulk of the collection was returned when the "staatliche wirtschaftshochschule mannheim" (state college of business mannheim) was founded. mannheim business school is the umbrella organization for continued business education at the university of mannheim. for the first time since 2007, mannheim has won the race in july 2013 and defended the title in 2014. of the university's buildings, mainly the palace itself, were constructed in the baroque architecture style from 1650 to the end of the 18th century. mannheim is well connected to berlin and hamburg, which can be reached within one hour by plane from mannheim city airport.: university of mannheimuniversities in germanybuildings and structures in mannheimuniversities established in the 20th centuryeducational institutions established in 1907universities and colleges in baden-württemberg1907 establishments in germanytourist attractions in mannheimhidden categories: articles with german-language external linkscs1 maint: multiple names: authors listuse dmy dates from march 2015articles containing latin-language textcoordinates on wikidatapages using deprecated image syntaxpages using infobox university with unknown parameterswikipedia articles with viaf identifierswikipedia articles with lccn identifierswikipedia articles with isni identifierswikipedia articles with gnd identifierswikipedia articles with bnf identifierspages using isbn magic links. willkommen am lehrstuhl für strategisches und internationales management der universität mannheim! university of mannheim belongs to the small group of universities in germany that are said to maintain a classical university campus, widely comparable to those of universities in the united states and the united kingdom. the ruling in 2005, the university of mannheim started charging tuition fees of €500 per semester (i. mannheim's academic activity is organized into "schools", or "faculties" (fakultäten).[34][35][36] the department maintains close partnerships and exchange agreements with universities like yale university, university of california, berkeley or the warwick university. by tram away from the mannheim palace, mannheim's upcoming party/pub district jungbusch can be reached that is also in close neighborhood to several of mannheim's student resident halls. this situation changed in mid-1933 when the social democratic municipal administration of heidelberg and mannheim was banished and replaced by a national socialistic one that pushed the merging process forward. the first administrative institutions began using the mannheim palace in 1725, but karl philip iii. today, the mittelbau holds university library halls and the rittersaal hall (great hall). there was considerable building activity in the palace due to mannheim's anniversary in 2007, when the palace has been repainted in a bright ocher/yellow, the mittelbau been thoroughly rebuilt (including its new roof construction), and the ehrenhof yard been restructured and paved with granite. today, the university library of mannheim maintains four libraries with more than 2. most rooms are furnished and hard wired to the university's computer center, which means that internet is for free.

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entwicklung von professuren im fach betriebswirtschaftslehre, universität mannheim: forschungsberichte / universität mannheim, fakultät für betriebswirtschaftslehre, mannheim, 2009. university supports a number of student groups in various fields of interest. since 2014 the mannheim school of social sciences is the first and only european partner institution of the eitm summer institutes and provides advancing theoretical and empirical research training in form of a summer school to scholars, together with its us partners princeton university, harvard university, university of michigan, university of chicago, duke university, washington university and the national science foundation. the university council is the advisory board to the aforementioned entities and encompasses, among others, the director of the max planck institute martin hellwig, as well as ceos of german industries. besides these two close resident halls, several further resident halls in relative short distance to the campus are available with good connections to the public transportation system in mannheim. in business, mannheim alumni and faculty notably founded, co-founded or presided over morgan stanley; swiss re; coty; sap; deutsche bank; daimler; wild; hugo boss; escada; bench.^ "universität mannheim spielt mit summer school international in erster liga". in 2000, the university received as first german and third university in europe the accreditation by association to advance collegiate schools of business for its business administration faculty. university of mannheim's official seal has its origins during the time of the re-opening of the handelshochschule. under the initiative of the alsacian scholar johann daniel schöpflin and following the general academization movement in europe, prince charles theodor established the palatine academy of the sciences mannheim (kurpfälzische akademie der wissenschaften) on october 17, 1763. only two weeks later the whole inventory and staff were transferred from mannheim to heidelberg – with this transfer the merging process was completed and the „jews released“ handelshochschule mannheim finally closed. graduate level the "mannheim master of management (mmm)" offers an entirely open course curriculum that allows students to choose courses according to their own wishes. the largest raid on mannheim took place on 5 and 6 september 1943 when a major part of the city was destroyed. in contrast to the initial plans featuring a full integration of the handelshochschule, the national socialistic administration preferred a partial integration only that includes to supplement heidelberg’s university with psychology and pedagogy institutes from the handelshochschule mannheim – in an aryanized outlay however. event that has become a popular tradition at the university of mannheim are the norweger parties (norwegian partys) that were established by norwegian mannheim alumni in 1981. university of mannheim and its sports teams also engages in numerous national and international competitions, such as the "european university rowing championships", where the university of mannheim placed 2nd in 2005 finishing ahead of the university of oxford, or the whu euromasters championships at which mannheim regularly participates in the disciplines of soccer (male & female), basketball, volleyball, relay race, rowing and cheerleading. the university has around 12,362 full-time students, 800 scholars enrolled, 840 academic staff and a total income of more than €120 million in 2016. 2007, the university of mannheim established a university-wide scholarship system addressing both undergraduate and graduate students. during napoleon's reorganization of germany, the electorate of the palatinate was split up and mannheim became part of the grand duchy of electorate-bavaria, thus losing its capital/residence status. mannheim school of humanities engages in research and teaching at the intersection of culture, society and business with an interdisciplinary, international and intercultural perspective. university of mannheim has courses in continued academic education, with the mannheim business school (mbs) as its prime example. to apply for a place in the program you are required to fill out the application form available via the online application portal of the university of mannheim..) of comparative business law with university of adelaide (also available as sole mannheim degree). the research activities of the department of political science are complemented by the mannheim centre for european social research (mzes) and the collaborative research centre sfb 884 "political economy of reforms", the department of political science was one of the first universities in germany to introduce a systematic and international study program by offering bachelor, master and ph. datesoverwiew examination roomsregistration / change in registrationwithdrawalpost-exam reviewtranscript of recordsexamination committeesexamination regulations information forstudentslinksuniversität mannheim. interested in sports can choose from more than seventy disciplines at the mannheim institute of sports – from beginners to top-level. in 1932 these libraries were merged with the municipal palace library (städtische schlossbücherei), which later became the municipal science library mannheim (wissenschaftliche stadtbibliothek mannheim). as a result of the merger plans and especially due to his jewish background selz was discharged on april 6, 1933 following the badischen judenerlass administered by nsdap politician robert heinrich wagner, a waiver designed to ban jewish academics from german universities.

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today, the university maintains more than 550 cooperations with over 400 universities in more than 50 countries and five continents,[117] among them:Johns hopkins university. instead of the exchange term, the program exceptionally allows students to have a further semester at mannheim with a special curriculum focusing on international course load and business ethics. furthermore, each academic term around 800 incoming exchange students (370 erasmus students) choose the university of mannheim as their exchange institution.[29] the university comprises five schools: the business school, the school of law and economics, the school of social sciences, the school of humanities and the school of mathematics and computer science., the university of mannheim also maintains numerous sports societies that vary widely in their level and scope. applying for the mannheim master in management you have to select the study track (german/english or 100% english). in recent years, a policy referred to as "profile sharpening" (profilschärfung) has been introduced to lift the university's reputation in its research clusters to a european level. later, selz was deported to the concentration camp auschwitz where he was executed in 1943; of the eleven docents at mannheim's handelshochschule that also possessed a jewish background nine shared selz's fate. the department maintains close cooperation with the mannheim centre for european social research (mzes) and the leibniz institute for social research (gesis). the final contract included the transfer of all assets of the handelshochschule to the heidelberg university, the transfer of all existing institutes and collections to heidelberg as well as the relocation of the psychological institute of the from then on former handelshochschule mannheim to the basement rooms of the psychiatric hospital department at the heidelberg university. in 1778, a second school was established at mannheim's palace – the commercial school (großherzogliche handelsschule) – that served as school for merchant sons and which was later named into "grand-ducal commercial academy". its main task is to implement the strategic aims concluded by the university council. of mannheim, the semester dates are oriented towards the international. housing – while not directly on-campus – is provided through the "studentenwerk mannheim" (student services mannheim) which offers student accommodation and catering services with more than 19 residence halls and 13 cantinas. in 2012, the university and the state baden-württemberg has decided to provide the university with several new buildings located in the city quadrates of a5 and b6, which will create a second smaller campus in close neighborhood of the mannheim palace.) of management with university of south carolina (international business focus)[130]. selz - last director of the handelshochschule mannheim before its closure. under the topic „time questions: politics, economy, society and science“, the most recent forum took place, under the patronage of the state baden-württemberg and its minister-president winfried kretschmann, from 13th until 15 march 2015 on mannheim's main campus - the mannheim palace. the postnominals awarded are the degree abbreviations used commonly among german universities.. (mfcc), the marketing driven market team mannheim[154] and mtp – marketing zwischen theorie und praxis e.^ (german) uni-ranking: die besten unis sind in der provinz – wirtschaftswoche. in 1944, raids bombed and widely devastated the mannheim palace, leaving only one room undamaged out of over 500 – only its external walls survived. up to 30 points can be awarded for commercial practice or comparable relevant professional occupation (vocational training, professional experience and internships), a study abroad semester as well as other exceptional achievements or qualifications emphasizing an aptitude for the mannheim master in management.[121] one of the key features of mannheim teaching is that as well as the business school itself, all the other schools offer students the opportunity to acquire substantial business knowledge in addition to their major. schloss ehrenhof library, also known as "hasso plattner" library, is located on the mannheim palace campus and is the main library of the university. the national socialists came to power in 1933, the college of trade was dissolved and the books in its library were donated to the university of heidelberg. mannheim's history is closely tied to the history of its main campus – the mannheim baroque palace. general, the german government heavily subsidizes university study to keep higher education affordable and accessible regardless of the student's socio-economic background.

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in those two wings, there are mainly lecture halls and offices of the university's humanities sections. the tradition of conducting parties on the schneckenhof dates back to the early 1990s. these disciplines rank mannheim in the top three to ten institutions in germany. students generally study for one semester abroad at one of more than 400 highly respected partner schools in more than 50 countries, for instance: mcgill university, hec paris, university of hong kong, national university of singapore, and university of miami. allgemeiner studierendenausschuss of the university of mannheim (asta) is the student government for university of mannheim students and all registered students are members.[66][67][68] according to the current edition of the che-ranking, the university of mannheim is one of the most successful german universities. emphasis at the university of mannheim has always remained on business and economics, although teaching was broadened to further disciplines. furthermore, mannheim has set up international summer schools for international students offering (semi-)intensive german courses and numerous subject courses, by the departments of business administration and philosophy. most of the 19th and early 20th centuries, the palace served no uniform purpose, being used as a representative building and a museum for the city. only the palace, but also the city of mannheim saw their zenith during charles philipp's reign.[15] further associated institutions included the mannheim observatory, the ducal natural history collection, the ducal physical cabinet, the mannheim palace botanical garden and the in 1769 founded mannheim academy of fine arts. the hermann-heimerich-haus in n6,8 offers 70 units (20 single rooms in two-person apartments and 50 single-person apartments) and maintains a rooftop common room accessible by all residents. mannheim is also host of a large number of successful athlets that compete on national and international level in several disciplines – the majority of these athletes is supported by the mannheim sports scholarship. newspapers include the long-established the unimagazin and its younger rival, the forum. since 1993, the club has been reinforcing the alumni's lifelong bonds with the university of mannheim, as well as the networks among its members, by means of numerous events and information platforms. the city of frankfurt am main - "germany's finance capitol", which is about three times as large as mannheim, can be reached a 30-minute train ride away, and offers an even more diverse night life, having a broader variety of clubs and bars. university of mannheim maintains wide-ranging international contacts to universities and organizations on all continents, both in areas of research and student exchange.^ "universität heidelberg – institut für psychologie: iv während des nationalsozialismus: ein institut entsteht". asta's task is representing student interests vis-à-vis the university administration and the senate. the 2011–12 academic year there were 12,000 full-time students at the university of mannheim. the catering services include the operation of the university's canteen and cafeteria eo which are offering meals for students at discounted prices. the annual rowing competition takes place alternately either at the moselle in koblenz or at the neckar in mannheim. adjacent to mannheim's main campus is mannheim downtown that represents the major night life district, where numerous bars and clubs are located close to each other. the complete set of documents must be received by the university admission office (address below) as the deadline mentioned. mannheim is about 30 minutes by train away from frankfurt am main and the frankfurt international airport, 40 minutes from karlsruhe and its baden airpark as well as one hour by train from stuttgart and the stuttgart airport. to the northeast the university's main campus, the palace, presents its 450 m long front to the mannheim city centre.^ "the cup stays in mannheim: mbs excels in the 2014 german mba rowing race". beck - senior mayor of mannheim (1891-1908) and one of the founding fathers of the handelshochschule mannheim.

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the additional area added to mannheim's campus will be more than 5,100 square meters. was nicht im rektoratsbericht stand: wirtschaftshochschule, universität mannheim geheim: annotationen zur geschichte der wirtschaftshochschule/universität mannheim im kalten krieg und danach, universität mannheim: schriftenreihe des asta der universität mannheim; bd. things worsened further during the napoleonic wars, when mannheim was besieged., the university of mannheim offers the possibility to do an individual doctorate which is the traditional option in germany. currently, the university of mannheim has five official faculties and two academic graduate colleges: the mannheim business school (mbs) and graduate school for economics and social sciences (gess). mannheim regularly competes against the heidelberg university at the red bull student boat battle, an annual university sports event initiated by the red bull gmbh that takes place in mannheim and heidelberg since 2007. also pay special attention to the application information and the notes regarding your application documents provided by the admissions office of the university of mannheim. admission process of the university of mannheim is known as highly competitive. with 26 full professorships, two junior professorships, about 100 research and teaching associates and more than 2,800 students in total, the mannheim school of humanities is the university's second largest school. after several discussions and internal negotiations, both of heidelberg university’s departments agreed on establishing a distinct psychological institute that fosters the clinical as well as the philosopical perspectives of psychology – hence, the handelshochschule built the foundation of heidelberg’s institute for psychology within the heidelberg university faculty of behavioural sciences and empirical cultural sciences. for many years now mannheim has been recognized as the undisputed top provider of business administration and economics degrees in germany. university of mannheim (in german: universität mannheim), also known as uma, is a public research university situated in mannheim, baden-württemberg, germany. the mannheim sports scholarship is explicitly oriented towards students who are already enrolled at the university of mannheim. furthermore, the university of mannheim is placed 83rd with regard to global employer reputation. charles theodor developed mannheim into a german centrum for arts and sciences. in addition, the communication & fundraising department is also part of the rectorate and represents the interface between the university and the public. the seal's design was chosen to represent the strong connection between mannheim and the university of mannheim and depicted the mannheim palace on top and the square-based outlay of mannheim's downtown below; surrounded by in omnibus veritas, the university's official motto in a shortened version. university of mannheim offers a wide variety of academic degrees for undergraduate students. as the first german institution, the business school of the university of mannheim has gained the "triple crown" (triple accreditation): it is accredited by aacsb international, the association of mbas (amba) and efmd (equis). additionally, in the 2011 international student barometer, a global survey for international students, the university of mannheim was ranked #1 in germany for multicultural study environment. mannheim's city centers on the eighteenth century mannheim palace, the former home of the prince-elector of the palatinate, that now houses the university of mannheim. please note: the current terms of references for the mannheim master in management are binding.[9][10][11] the 2015 qs world university rankings ranked the uma among the best one hundred universities within the disciplines of social sciences & management, accounting & finance, business administration & management and economics & econometrics, as well as among the top 50 universities within the discipline of political sciences. university of mannheim was called "the harvard of germany" by the german newspaper die zeit. are also a further three renowned research institutes with close ties to the university: the zew — centre for european economic research, gesis – leibniz institute for the social sciences, and the ids – institute of german language. the science events include live experiments and academic speeches regarding specific subjects, while the arts events include art exhibitions, art workshops, dance acts, museum guides as well as guides through the old, non-public areas within the mannheim palace. the bwler fete is traditionally sponsored by different corporate partners such as hays, oliver wyman or mlp and each party is organized under a unique theme, such as russian lover (fall 2010), circus circus (summer 2010), like a boss (fall 2012) or schneckenhof goes hollywood (fall 2013). 1963, the "staatliche wirtschafshochschule mannheim" extended its subject program faculties to a total of three – business administration and social sciences, philosophy-philological sciences and law – and subsequently gained the status as "university" on july, 4 in 1967.

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.^ "führungskräfte: universität mannheim ist die schule der top-manager". mannheim graduate school for economics and social sciences (gess) provides doctoral training in empirical and quantitative methods and their application to economic and social sciences. university offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs as well as ph.[62][63] the university's business school is ranked 1st in germany by the eduniversal ranking and 34th worldwide. the residence hall l8, 13+14 offers nine single room apartments and is closest to the university's main campus and in direct neighborhood to the mannheim palace.[16] the merger process became more concrete in june 1933 when heidelberg’s faculty for philosophy and the university's psychiatric hospital discussed about the integration and allocation of mannheim’s psychology department and concluded that while heidelberg already has an academically strong psychiatric institution mannheim’s departments would be a very valuable supplement. to mannheim's full-time mba program was rated as the most selective in europe, on par with the hec paris mba..^ (german) uni-ranking: die besten unis sind in der provinz – wirtschaftswoche. another 18 senators are elected for four-year terms, within the following quotas: nine university professors; three academic staff; three delegates of the student body; and three employees of the university administration. the handelshochschule was founded under an initiative from mannheim's senior mayor otto beck (1846–1908) and the heidelberg's economics professor eberhard gothein (1853–1923). the mannheim institute of sports is a modern-service enterprise within the university of mannheim supporting athletics and the health of all students and employees at the university of mannheim and the region. the mannheim's business administration undergraduate program is the most selective undergraduate program at the university of mannheim with an admission rate of only 10 to 11%. furthermore, the department holds close partnerships and exchange programs with the washington university, st. university of mannheim campus seen from the shore of ludwigshafen. the first event organized by the initiative was the panel discussion in 2012 between mannheim professors of different disciplines and company representatives about the topic "eu - economic poliy - quo vadis? the rhine separates mannheim from the city of ludwigshafen, just to the west of it in rhineland-palatinate, and the border of baden-württemberg with hesse is just to the north.[148] furthermore, the university of mannheim and the whu-otto beisheim school of management established the annual rowing race german mba rowing race in 2006 where the mba students of the mannheim business school and those of the whu competing against each other. much of the campus, predominantly the mannheim palace was designed by louis remy de la fosse and johann kaspar herwarthel, a prominent architects and the chief court designer of charles iii philip. normally, the event takes place during the academic summer at the university's schneckenhof and is organized and hosted by norwegian exchange students or mannheim students with norwegian background, in conjunction with international uma societies.[26] the northern wing of the palace includes the impressive schlosskirche (palace church) and houses the department of law as well as mannheim's amtsgericht (lower district court). the university of mannheim is editor of the american political science review, which is published by cambridge university press. "studying business administration (b) at uni mannheim - che university ranking on zeit online".. mannheim, several departments of european organizations of students in certain disciplines, numerous clubs dedicated to fostering international relations and cultural exchange such as aiesec mannheim e. the largest of them, the "baton rouge", is located in the middle of downtown adjacent to mannheim's monument, the wasserturm. programs offered include the mannheim mba (different tracks are available, e. school encompasses english studies, germanic studies, history, media and communication studies, philosophy and romance studies. lenel, former chairman of the chamber of commerce and honorary citizen of the city of mannheim. university of mannheim, business school hosts its annual online information fair on march 14,.

in order to financially support top athletes at the university of mannheim and to consider their additional effort for training and competitions, the university has established a sports scholarship.^ (german) uni-ranking: bachelor-absolventen in der kritik – campus & mba – erfolg – wirtschaftswoche.[19] in the winter term of 2013, the university's student body has reached its all-time high with more than 12,000 students. department of economics of the university of mannheim is ranked 1st in germany and is ranked as the best and most research intensive department among all german-speaking countries. the university of mannheim experienced continuous growth in both recognition and size.^ a b "universität mannheim: studierendenstatistik - herbst-/wintersemester 2013" (pdf). zimmermann, german economist, professor for economics at the university of bonn and former president of the diw berlin[198]. below is an overview of the required documents (please refer to your personal checklist for a comprehensive list)signed print out of the application formcv (in table form)copy of your university entrance certificate (allgemeine hochschulzugangs-berechtigung, high school diploma, secondary school leaving certificate); if not in english or german a notarized translation is also necessarybachelor degree transcripts stamped and signed by your university; international applicants must also provide proof of the grading system if it differs from the german oneif available, copy of your bachelor degree certificate including grades notarized (if not in english or german a notarized translation is also necessary)if applicable: proof of semester spent abroad (transcript of foreign university or bachelor certificate)simple copies for extracurricular activities, internships, work experience, volunteer involvement etc. the university offers a broad variety of varsity teams, such as teams in more than 16 different court sports from tennis to volleyball, courses in several different martial arts, 26 courses in physical fitness and body building, 9 courses in health sports from aquapower to yoga, and groups in 12 different dance styles. the school stands in close cooperation with the institute for the german language (ids), the mannheim centre for empirical multilingualism research (mazem ggmbh) and maintains extensive cooperation with a large variety of international partner universities. the university of mannheim's campus is located in the city center of mannheim and mainly centers on its main campus – the mannheim palace (completed in 1760). the first mannheim forum was then conducted in 2013 under the topic of “resources – 6 perspectives: economy, ethics, security, politics, technology and startups”, followed by the mannheim forum in 2014 centering on the topic "distribution of power in the world". university of mannheim is dedicated predominantly to the study and research of social sciences, mathematics and computer sciences and is the only university in the germany to be so. while the university as it is known today was officially founded in 1967, its roots can be dated back to the 18th century established theodoro palatinae (palatine academy of the sciences mannheim) and the handelshochschule (commercial college mannheim) that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. numerous university rankings[118] confirm the excellent status of the overall mannheim course portfolio.[22] as one of the final steps in this transformation, the university of mannheim has founded the mannheim business school (mbs) in 2005 to offer executive education in germany.^ a b c d "studierendenstatistik der universität mannheim: wintersemester 2015/2016 campus" (pdf). of mannheim's largest research institute is the mannheim centre for european social research. the palace the university maintains several building in direct or close distance to the main campus. other highly competitive undergraduate programs at the university include economics, psychology, information systems and law. furthermore, several live-acts including musicians like xavier naidoo (2011), söhne mannheims, orchestras as well as comedians like bülent ceylan (2009) are part of the event program.^ "bestes pr-foto des jahres: universität mannheim gewinnt pr-bild award 2012". in 2012, the mean entrance average for mannheim's business undergraduate degree was 1. many more popular sports operate several university teams and departmental teams which compete in leagues against other teams within the university. the breite straße runs from the palace to mannheim's central square, the paradeplatz. mannheimer villen belong to the university and host several departments of the business school. the largest student initiative at mannheim's campus is arbeitskreis börse – studenten der universität mannheim e."the nice and befriending mannheim that is built evenly and genially.

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