Girl says she likes me but is dating someone else

you don't seem to be pestering her or giving her a hard time over your feelings, so you are going the right way. either that, or you're not giving the whole story or you have done something you are not aware has hurt her. she even began to question me when i brought new clothes for work or when i spent time with my family. since then we have had contact because of our daughter one text she sent through week said "i cant imagine life without u i wanted to grow old with u but i know its over forever and my heart feels like its been shattered". ultimately, you are the person with the most information and therefore the best placed to fully understand what is needed. we are very good friends but i guess she doesn't feel romantic towards me anymore, which i feel is my fault. she didnt talk to me, maybe she dont know about it. this was just my final update for now, just wanted to say thanks for the support. so, i went to where i knew she would be last sunday to see her, and that's when i found out she has been dating someone starting a week prior to that. we were together for 6yrs and although apart of me still loves her, i don't think i want to be in a relationship. i sent her the guide book, some currency i'd collected (before break up) a disposable camera, and a little message wishing her a lovely holiday. needless to say this wasn't easy, but she started to contact me more when times were getting tough. i got us a holiday ticket to sea side resort a couple of months ago and wanted to surprise her with it seeing as she had always wanted to go there. she told me "it was not a good idea cause i don't want to eve leading you on" which was out of left field cause i wasn't talkin "rekindling". right after i accepted the job, she began to distance herself. this way you will give her time to miss you and time to think about the relationship. few people get with someone at 17 and stay with them for the rest of their lives. i need to know what i should do to make her give me a second and hopefully last chance to prove myself. if you don't see her again for a long time it is likely that next time you will just chat for five minutes and not see each other again for another 6 months. hopefully this will help you either come out the other side, or get back with her, if you decide that is what you want to do. be there for her, be polite and friendly, but give her space and time. the reason she broke it off was because i became comfortable in the relationship and didn't do little simple things for her; i was not there for her. i cant discuss all the things i did because im ashamed of myself. if you are trying to contact her all the time and she is not answering, it is usually best to stop.-iq7 4 years ago i really hope so and am gonna let it to the time to clear everything out. if someone rejects you, they are being perfectly reasonable in doing so.. after my party for 3 days straight i sent her txt of how sorry i was and sent her a flower with a note saying"im sorry , forgive me for being a jerk" she was ignoring me after she decided to meet me , i bought her flowers again and sincerely told her how sorry i was. spent weeks trying to talk her round, crying, begging, but she wouldn't have it.. yesterday i just decided to send her one last txt and if shes not responsive that would be it( i know i sound desperate but i never had this much feeling for anyone). i was finding her wen she is in her class she saw me then she started to ignore me and again iam in no contact. that said, if you really want to make it work with her, there is no reason not to try, and if you don't even do that, you may regret it for the rest of your life. just be there for her whenever she needs a helping hand or a listening ear, and you’ll be sure to win her heart once again after she breaks up with him. once you have gone through feeling like this, you will be better prepared for the future. you do it to someone who you want to be in touch with. you need to try to get back to being yourself, and the only thing that will do that is time. seems to me you have to make a choice between doing the right thing and doing what you want. given that you say she ended things because you were possessive, i think the only thing you can do here is give her space. alternatively, when she calls you, go to her and talk to her in person. need help and don’t know what to do… me and my ex fiancé have been together for 2 years and after a lot of ups and downs. below are some tips you can follow on how to get your ex girlfriend back when she has a brand new love:Initiate “no contact”. seems to me that your ex-girlfriend (though is she really yet your ex if she keeps texting and being in touch with you? 4 years ago from waleshi again daniel, i think if she has said she wants some space you should respect that and tell her you will give her time to think. she was so happy and said it was so cute. she called me clingy cause when i call her and asks what shes doing and who she is with she goes nuts and screams literally and sats you piss me off yet when im with my buddies she calls me and says who are you with and who else and what you guys doing and im completely normal. i have been trying to convince her to get back together and she kind of falls into it but snaps out of it and says no i'm not getting back together. my girlfriend broke up with me a couple days ago. she was crying so much it was hard for her to even say the things she was saying. so we that summer we decided that it would be best to just stay friends. when she broke up with me, she started dating that guy immediately after break. if you love her, dismissing her reasons as "unnecessary" may be exactly what prevents her from taking you seriously, as she may feel that you are not acknowledging her. she cheated on her new bf with me (extremely out of character for her and her values), and eventually admitted it to him a few months later and he broke up with her. upon meeting her i had a call saying she slept with her ex that weekend, she admitted it and said it was a mistake and continued to text then shut me out! i really don't know what to do now i miss her so much and want her back. if you irritated her and taunted her, perhaps this was just how you felt and you needed to express it. it may also be that this is not the real reason for the break up, and discovering this can take time. and one day this girl at work came along and i talked to her in a way sort of sexted her but it lasted a few hours and i broke off all contact with her and said this is dumb and i love my girlfriend. names jason my ex broke up with me 2 months ago and right when she did she asked if we can be friends i said yes and i kept txting her to come back to me i wrote her a lot of letters and now she blocks me on facebook instagram and now i found out she has a new boyfriend and i asked for a second chance but she’s afraid that the same thing will happen again i said it won’t but she don’t belive me she also said she wants no contact with me i realy want my ex back she was perfect in every way i loved her i still love her what can i do to get her back. 4 years ago from walesit sounds to me like you may be being a bit paranoid. whenever i post a snap on my account, she's almost always the first to view my posts and i have 50+ people on there. it's being a month she is not talking with me. i have to see her everyday and everything i do reminds me of her. she initially didn't want me to go so i didn't want to interact with her. i need your advice , do you think shes gonna call me or should i start forgeting her ? she was living in florida atm but was visiting her grandma but after getting with me she told me she wanted to come live in ny and be with me and give a shot a living with her mom. when you enter into an intimate relationship with someone, they will always reveal to you things that could hurt or damage them. if you feel like doing something like that, move on or seek professional advice. i begged and pleaded but she wouldn't change her mind. tell her exactly how you feel, if she makes you feel like leaving and makes you angry, instead of doing so, tell her this is what it's making you feel. the day after i called her and i ask her if you free we meet up and she told me i very busy and if i had time i will call you and she didn't call me for 2 days. in saying this i started to resent her and now realize that i was emotionally abusive to her when i should have been trying to help her overcome her obstacles. she said she needs time nut that was to keep me happy for a while. she began to obsess about them and started to accuse me of all sorts. at the end, i asked her what changed, i told her that i noticed that we've become more distant, and she simply said "i guess it just happened". if you're both comfortable with this, then sure, why label it? guess i'm kind of worried because i believe that she broke up with me because i wasn't giving enough effort. don't suggest meeting or going out or anything like that, wait for her to suggest it. my ex suffers from bipolar disorder and occasionally would have mood swings and make her say things that she didn't mean. i'd go and sit with my counselor and she'd tell me what do to and i'd be perfectly fine for a few hours and then dive into a slump. if you engage in this relationship openly and without prejudice, if it then goes wrong, you know it wasn't meant to be as you did everything right. after a week of talking with her and me going to her house and telling her how i feel she agreed to try again but take it slow. she said she wish that she realised that back then. the second though was different, in class she looked almost sad. so as a little time went on everything was all still good my daughter was growing up nice and in school my son is growing so nice and healthy too and me and my well i guess baby mama at the time cuz we were back and forth but were doing ok and we were having sex again and yea everything was great except but didn't know where we would be sitting at in future. i don't want to not see her anymore because i love her and i wait for the short times she gives into her emotions towards me even if it only last a couple days. would love to be with you but it will take time it wont be today or tomorrow or a month. i just wish there was a way to spare her the hurt if i were to cut. she then broke it, and said she wanted to remain friends. if you do decide to be friends, be prepared to wait many years before anything comes back around again. and i think she wanted to see that road sometime in her future what girl with 1 kid and another on the way wouldn't right. but when he spoke to me i would only give one word answers. maybe tell her how you feel then give her some time to think it over. she hasn't told me about it so as far as shes concerned i dont know but i found out about it from a mutual friend and she posted a picture of the two of them on facebook today. signs he loves you (even he doesn’t say it! and it got to a moment where there was complete silence and we started kissing; she kissed me like 3 times. two days later i asked her to be my girlfriend and she accepted although the first week she was really distant she broke up with me and i said ok. went to get some stuff from her today and we just made small talk, but i ended up making her dinner (something i haven't done in a long long time) and we talked about some places we wanted to go to in a couple of weeks. start casual, and eventually, you'll see her rebound guy fade from memory and be replaced by you.'m thinking about moving on and let it go because i can't deal with this anymore i found out that she's happy with the guy, that's more power to her. since then i realise that i still love her feeling become stronger. i've been in no contact with my ex for 4 months and i've learned a lot from this experience. it is a question of being able and sure enough in yourself to know that you should allow the time for the relationship to develop. it sounds as though you have had some difficult personal times, but you seem to be getting yourself together. she txted saying "sounds good i'll let u know tomorrow" im just hoping that she comes." she broke up with me that day which turned into a "break". i thought of having mutual friend talk to her, but thought that would only make it worst and not exactly portray me as being confident and mature about making mends. i was absolutely devastated because i had the experience to know that the way we are with one another is rare to find. you should also be careful that your persistence doesn't create an imbalance in your relationship ie one where you are the one making all the effort. it seems as though your ex still has very strong feelings for you, but that she cannot get over the initial hurt. it was then that i realized that i had made a horrible mistake in not treating this girl right. she (worth mentioning she is my first proper girlfriend and are both 17 and going to the same college together) broke up with me a month ago on the basis that she didnt feel ready for a relationship at the moment , i was hurt , the feeling of her not trying to make a effort towards maintaining a relation ship was too much. i kinda broke down and told her how special to me she is etc and she said i'll find someone else, that she isn't that special. if you only respond when she messages you, then you are still being there for her but you are not being needy or pestering her. 4 years ago since year 2011 july, we face many problem like neglect my work over my girl and didnt meet up, i didnt get what she want, on july we keep quarrel over this and talk less and less and didnt meet up. 3 years ago from waleshi ben, the only thing i can advise is to keep going. she knows she is in the wrong and she has told me it isn't fair to me and that she is the worst person on earth and i try to reassure her she isn't. she told me its too hard to move on if we remain contact. was a one time thing and really regret it and i know it wont happen ever again if she chooses to get back with me. i suppose this is what has somewhat influenced me to chance her a little rather than going completely no contact, to show that i do indeed care about her and is willing to fight for our relationship. i told her that if she doesn't say yes then i have to move on - she asked me if she changes her mind in the future, i would be open to her to come back; i didn't answer her. i really love this girl and i do believe i messed up by not giving her enough time and effort, just becoming too comfortable with the relationship. we need the mutual part to feel real love for someone. i get very upset when i saw her with her friends while she told me that she is busy and she don't have time to meet me. she used to do it with me, but then she changed her mind and decided she didn't want to. she came and she talked to my mom, she played with my sisters and everything. it is very rare, however, that a situation does not benefit from being allowed time to breathe a little. when we were dating she said that she does see one and why she wanted to marry me and stuff. later she told me that she has been with someone from her job and that she basically bribed me for sex. thank you very much -please tell me how i should proceed, i did a quiz on how likely i was to get her back, and it told me that i needed to act quickly and play my cards right, but im not sure how to proceed! 4 years ago do women not usually say they love u unless they do? or 2 find a place around here so i can see them and that was kinda what i was feeling from her what she wanted me to do but i wouldn't the other day cuz i was upset, so i told her ok yea i agree ukno i see the consequences now and ill do what ever she wants me to and that was the other night and now shes saying she doesn't want me to get to comfortable becuz she wants to move closer to her sisters about 1hr and ahalf away and sayed it might be better if i just go. and also, we agreed on her taking contact after 1-2 months, is that a bit to long? we had great time with full of fun and even she hug me like she missing me so much and the night she wanted to ask me to have sax with her and i avoid her. we live in a smaller city so i heard of her shortcomings in past relationships via mutual friends without ever asking or prying, she had a pretty rough time with a guy borrowing money and literally giving it to his ex for sex. a year leading up to this break she would go out every friday and saturday night to clubs and bars and sometimes during the week.. well this is my 1st time posting my love story online. in the meantime, do something to make your mind off it. and it consists of such a corny three words that you’ll probably dismiss it out of hand. 3 years ago i cant to forget my ex girlfriend after 1 year break up i feel that still i loved her a lot i tried to move on to other girl but i cant she doest need me to contact, even she does't need to call now i didt call her ,i didt contact her in face book for 5 months but still i love her and i need to be with her so what can i do to be with her again ? 4 years ago from walesgive her time is the only answer i have for that. tello 4 years ago from mexicoyou have given great advice here. and im going to transfer to same job over there in texas i guess theres one only like 20 min away from where ill be living with my ma. 4 years ago from waleshi luke, it sounds to me as though it might be wise to chalk this one up to experience and move on. she means a lot to me, we helped each other through many hard times, and we had many good times, and i want to go back to how it was before the break, being good, fun, friends, because i pictured that if we went on like that long enough, i would slowly win her heart back. i contacted her today to tell her how i felt and she started crying on the phone so i said is it 100% over just so i know where i stand and she said "yes its not what i want but its how its got to be". try to come to terms with your issue (jealousy, possessiveness). i also asked her that if she ever missed me or love me after we broke up. she will likely continue to use her defence mechanisms as they do seem to stem from deeply felt emotion. my girlfriend of 6 years just broke up with me about a week ago. is the longest relationship that we have both been in. i guess i grew too comfortable with the relationship thinking she'll always be there and have been really busy with school, and haven't been romantic enough. i appreciate your answer and i wanted to hear the same. it may also be that she misses your company and nothing more. shes not really one to play games or be dramatic but maybe she was trying to show interest or possibly just being cordial. 3 years ago from waleshi halie, i'd say you need to take the time and not think about getting her back at the moment. if she has promised not to do anything, you have to accept that, regardless of what she did before. 4 years ago from waleshi bp, only you can really decide exactly how to do this, but i would say you should at least send her a card, though i wouldn't go ott for this one. i called her a few days after because i knew that i didn't mean what i said about breaking up but she said refused my apology and said we should break up for the reasons i stated on how i have been behaving. if nothing has changed at the end of three months, then maybe it’s time to rethink, but by then you may have met someone exciting and new; you won’t be any further back. she was feeling sick at night and went home, so i texted her the next day to say hope she was feeling better and got no response. one and a half years is a long time to wait for anyone, so it might be worth thinking about moving on. do not expect your relationship to suddenly come back to what it once was. i would continue to be there for her, but don't push it, just keep going the way you are and wait to see if she makes a move. everyone that knows the pair of us has said that the she is handling the situation is not good because of the things we have been through and that shes also not acting like herself. does it mean when he call you a pillow princess? so for a year i have been here helping her trying to be here for her while she is exploring other people. i didnt mind that she was with him cause i knew she would figure out that what we share trumps all. met this girl at the end of october and by mid january we were dating. i asked her why and what type of break, she responded she was uncomfortable and she didn't have any plans to get back together, i panicked again and pleaded for a few messages i said i screwed up she said yes you did. is it a case of “out of sight out of mind? and she is ignoring me totally and cutting off all contacts.

She still loves me but is dating someone else

i am making a serious change in attitude, environment and financial status (got things lined up). 6 months ago me and my girlfriend broke up recently, because she felt she hurt me too much. usually the best thing to do is try to get on with your life and if you were meant to be with her, you will, if not, you won't. nothing wrong with contacting her from time to time but don’t butt into her business unless she allows you to by telling you what’s going on in her personal life. what i am saying here is that after the break up when you are able to talk again especially if ti was not a nasty one. i do think it is important that you discover exactly why she is so hell bent on keeping away from you though. she then went on a runt saying that is that what i want to hear etc. it is important to get to the end of this stage first though, in order to truly assess whether or not you actually want her back. after about an hour of been there i asked her if she minded if i slept its just easier for me because my work is closer to her house than mine she said yes its fine so i said where am i sleeping on sofa she said im not bothered i said so do u want me to get in with u she said yes nothing happened apart from a kiss and cuddle which is all good and when she wanted to go to sleep she said night so i said night back and about 10seconds after dhe said i love u to me its usually me that has to say it first which is awsome i do really want her back and she knows it and she said last night she wants to make things work she just wants to take it really slow from my point of view things look really good i think i think to much into things lol but thanks for all ur help. i just wish she could find a way to forgive me and give into her feelings for good, see that i learned from my mistakes of leaving so many times. i don't think it's right that you can't change someones feelings, but it is a very difficult thing to achieve, and unless you do it completely honestly, it can be a dangerous road to travel. after we broke up she told me she’ll never love anybody the way she loves me! it is not unusual and doesn't mean the relationship is over.. remind her of the good timesif you've managed not to panic, and you are still speaking every now and then, try to have a laugh with her about the things you used to get up to. we havnt spoken for awhile until i met her three days back, we said hi n hugged each other and she left coz she came to the place with another boy. her past was a bit rough and her first love who she was with on and off for 2 years cheated on her twice and she went back to him. she has a new boyfriend, it’s only been 3 weeks i believe, so they are probably still in the honeymoon phase. 4 years ago wow so many breakups in such short amount of time. pls help me im looking for a good way to get her back. 4 years ago hi tony she called me an hour ago out of nowhere and we talked for like 2 hours about random stuff. she didn't want to break up with me nor she wanted to continue: she couldn't make a decision. try to spend as much time as possible with friends who are not mutual who will be there for you and not have dual loyalties. you may be right about not being cold and distant, and i don't think that is really what anyone should do. i used to be so defensive when she come and tell me i have done a mistake i always say because because, so i had to change all this for my self before i change it for her. 2 years ago i did go to add her, looks as though shes in a relationship so i suppose it was nothing after all, either that or she hasnt changed. i'll do my very best and continue what it is i'm doing then. so yeah, i think that this has been a freeing day for me. what i want is to have the chance to have a conversation to show her that the past relationship is gone, there were so many lessons and realizations and perspectives that were formed because of the break up, breaking up could have been the best thing we could have done to realize how much we appreciate each other. she doesn't like that we are separated and yet won't get back together with me. signs he loves you (even he doesn’t say it! i met up with her 2days later and told her ill change and make it work and i convinced her and she came back. if she moves on, then she obviously doesn't feel the same way, therefore you should move on too, if not, she will contact you eventually, it is just a matter of time. anyways, she then tells me "even though we will never be a couple, we will always be family. i told her that from now on we would do things differently - she actually believed me that i would, her problem was that she wasn't sure if she would have second thoughts even if we continue and make things differently. i appreciate your article, it makes a lot of sense and also it is great that you respond to comments and help people out. she suggested that she was not going to be a bitch and say we cannot talk or see each other. there is no definite way to make anyone love anyone else, there are only ways to make it more likely. but because i never actually said that he felt that if he did stop taking to me on tell me that what i want is space he was deciding for me and i would have seen that at a wrong way. 4 years ago from waleshi john, there is not much you can do in this situation. adblock plus click "enabled on this site" to disable ad blocking for the current website you are on. i would be interested to see david's take on this too. if you screwed up, apologise and don't press her to change her response. i didn't do anything physical with the girl so she was still relieved about that. i just couldn't have a conversation without talking or mentioning her. i respect her needs to the fullest and i know she needs more time to think about it. but something had happen to me, i was admit to hospital due bad headache and after 5 days, i discharge it. would text it or call her but i want her to sit down and read it herself so that it is in front of her and she can take it all in.. she may leave me but she is always in my heart and mind forever n ever. after her birthday she wrote me a letter in school that said she is so deeply in love with me. give yourself two weeks to do this initially, make sure you don't contact her or reply to her messages in that time. it seems to me as though, strangely enough, you and she are actually in a rather similar position.. she said i had little chance in hell at getting her back. i feel a little insulted by her reactions and the way she thinks of me now because i though she will know me better. if you are at home, do some physical exercise or something mentally challenging, something that directs your energy away from her. i know 4 months isn't that long of a time, but i ended up falling for her. its like you are getting crushed by heaven and earth to the point that you want to die. i have been going to the gym everyday to keep my mind off her and seeing mates any moment i can. she called me christmas day and asked if i had brought her a present (i had, a £600 one), she didn't believe me so i told her to wait there and i'd bring it round to her house, she agreed. would it be possible for you to talk to me through mail? getting dumped sucks, no doubt about it, but it doesn't mean we should throw caution and dignity to the wind either. in spite of what many people will try to tell you, especially online, there is no sure fire way to get your ex back, there are only ways to increase the chances. so we tried to handle it kinda well and keep trying to put this family together and my daughter was still perfect. i was still pretty upset about the break up, so i did what most people would do, move on and focus on myself with school and definitely meeting other girls in college. what you can do, therefore, is influence her decision by making her realize that you are the one that she should be together with rather than her current boyfriend. i know that you might say there’s someone else but there isn’t, she’s so complex and difficult to understand that i feel like unless she’s with me she’ll never be with anyone else. you should also come to terms with the possibility that even leaving her alone now may be too little too late. if she does call, don't answer immediately, let it ring a few times. each and every moment i used to think about her. i made her go to the doctors before but she just lied and made out that she’s fine but deep down me and her mother know that she’s not. in extreme cases, you could try a mental exercise to remove her from your mind. in my view, it is always a mistake to agree to be friends with someone when you want more, unless you think you can handle it being just that. i spend days reading other peoples relationship thinking it would be the same for me but i have no choice but to get advice for mine now. and not being stable makes me feel like i don't even have a pair between my legs. on the wednesday she was at mine with holiday brochures etc, admittedly i was very enthusiastic as trouble at work! if you can hold out long enough, sooner or later you will get there, even if you've done something really bad to hurt her. she called me out on it and i picked up the pace and told her i would try. its her birthday next week, should i send her a card or try to do something nice for her? there is a danger that you may slip into the so-called "friend zone", however if you decide not to be her friend, you could end up alienating her. i suffer from depression which im getting treated for , and i took it out on my ex culminating in a blazing row on a day out with friends , to which a few days later she told me she's had enough of my erratic behaviour and for self protection purposes we cant go on with the relationship. even though i was initiating the conversation most of the time she never at any point said for me to leave her alone and every now and then i would ask her. and after we broke up we still was in keep in touch for 6 months but not like before maybe we meet once in month and we do sex also. the other night i was out with a friend for his bday and she walked over and said hi and made small talk. was my nephews birthday coming up who she was very fond of and so i called her and told her that it will be lovely for her to come and enjoy the part. however, i send her a screencapture of the message she send me and then she told me that she send that message in oktober , is it possible for a text to arive after 4/5months? you should never, ever, beg someone to come back to you. she lived with me for about a month spent christmas and new years with me and my family and exactly 1week before my birthday she broke up with me saying i need space i want to party be with my friends so i said ok. that is, if you would care to help me in this difficult situation. anyone who has been turned down or scorned by anyone feels the same. then i also started to go morning walk to and returned home after meeting her. i asked her repeatedly when we broke up if she wanted me to not talk to her ever again, and she simply would say that is not what she wants, yet she completely ignores any simple gesture i have made to open up the communication channels. 4 years ago from waleshi arthur, thanks for your comments and for reading. is it necessary for me to delete her from my facebook and twitter. say you want space, say you need time to think, say if you don't want them back ever, say if you do want them back. like that your focus is more about self-care than about winning her back at any cost, which is pathetic as far as i'm concerned. i've been a mess and last week was finals week at school and i bombed some of my finals. so we are thinking im just gonna go in the next few weeks we are going to wait for income tax and split it and figure out child custody b4 i leave. wife left me three months ago after our six year marriage i had no idea she was going to leave me then one day she just said it wasn’t working and she wanted to be on her own i have since found out that she’s back with her ex that beat her up she left our beautiful home and me with nothing but debt she has since become a horrible person like someone i never knew all she did for six years was call this other bloke and say how much she hates him now she is in a relationship with him and i’m left devastated why has she done this to me. i come along, treat her like a princess, improve her self esteem (she said so herself) her first kiss and sexual partner and we were together for 6 months.'s tough not talking to her, especially since i have her on my phone, on facebook, skype and gaming platforms that we'd play together, but somehow i've managed not to approach her just yet. i got suspended three days and while on suspension she called me. everything i have done so far is because i'm worried for her. not only that, but the rational side of me thinks that her coming back to me in this manner may not even be real (a rebound onto me). if she then doesn't contact you, you have to think maybe she doesn't feel the same way about you, in which case, you wouldn't want to be with her. also, i should note that i don't think she had seen her new bf since earlier in the week, and she may have seen him for the first time since then today, and i have not received a text or anything. the first days we talked about the breakup and stuffpeople are telling me not answer the texts she sends but i can't help it i don't know what to do and i really want her back but she likes the guy. so 3 months has passed and i tried to talk to her, she sounded pissed off and said ahe was dating another guy. if she is still able to feel for you, this may help. she needs to see that it really is her that you want back and not just the comfort and security of a relationship. 4 years ago hi'just broke up with my gf 'i'm 40 and she's 47'she says we're different people after a couple of huffs but don't understand her'she been hurt in past so is very stubborn 'i'm using nc rule as from last friday and just see what happens. she said she's scared she doesn't know whats going on with her she looks up quarter-life-crisis and different mental disorders online etc.! is it right if i call every day and do good things to her? i meant that if she doesn't come after you, then you know she isn't right for you.. i miss her a lot shes all i can think of i need her and want her back. was with my ex girlfriend for 7 months, when we broke up we never stoped contacting each others and now she says she has a new boyfriend. men tend to be more focused and pragmatic, whereas women often tend to be more idealistic and romantic. and everything but insists that it wasnt real and the marriage papers were never filed. she told me it is a coincidence, even i didn't believe her. if she initiates contact with you, then you know she is still interested and you can reciprocate. a week later she came back and we got back and fixed the newlyborn relationship. 4 years ago thanks for the advice tony i havnt spoke to her since but today i txt her saying happy valentines day to try show her i still loved her and all she replied was ta x! it may have taken her completely by surprise which is always much harder to deal with. in september i was on my bus and got into a fist fight my girlfriend got really and at me but i told her i was defending my family. my biggest fear is when she is going to see her best friend in montana this march for spring break and that she will put things into my ex's mind saying stay away from khurram. should i just send simple messages every once in a while just saying "did you have a good day? she found out about one of the girls i was dating and sabotaged the relationship. she acted mature about it, but later i found she was absolutely devastated (more on that to come). light hearted flirting is a good way to do this. btw time is short she moves in less than a year and i planned to follow her up a year later if it went well. you're still young, there is no need to dwell on someone who obviously isn't right for you.-iq7 4 years ago i have been breaking up with my girlfriend since 2 months, and i am facing really bad situation till now, first of all the break up was because of am not changing and fixing my mistakes, that made my girlfriend wants to break up after she went back to her hometown, its far away from here and we dont see each other since 3 months. she never gave me any actual reasons other than that, no reason why she couldn't see forever. when we meet up with her we still kiss but she says she cant get back with me, so what can i do now. i know how terrible it is to have your heart and subsequently your dreams for the future shattered, so i dragged it out way too long not being able to do that to another human being. why would anyone want miss crazypants back in their life? so i went to her house the next day and begged again, she still wanted the break. 3 years ago just to add to my comment , she says she didnt feel the same way about me anymore and that she didnt know why she felt that. i told her that i have to move on because i can't do this anymore. 4 years ago from waleshi jimmy, it is often the case that complacency can set in, especially in a long term relationship. it helps to build our international editorial team, from war correspondents to investigative reporters, commentators to critics. i love her and i know she does too because our relationship is like a fairytale to me meeting in a different country moving to ny to be with me etc etc i go nc but then she texts me saying i miss you and it gets me stirred up and if the day comes to her decision what if im not even willing to nomore i don't want to lose her but i don't want to sit around while she does whatever she wants and expects me to say yes once she crosses the bridge to me again. time i saw her it was a week ago, bumped into her in a bar. hope this helps and hope it goes well for you. but in terms of her looking at what i get up to do i have to delete her or just not contacting her directly is enough? if she contacts you then you will know that she doesn't want to lose you either. it is likely that she is sad about not being with you anymore, it would be a very cold hearted person indeed who felt nothing at the end of a relationship, but this does not necessarily mean she wants you back. take the counselling, take some time to figure yourself out. i don't think it is possible to completely ruin any chance of getting back with someone if you are right for each other. we first met when i was a senior in high school 7 years ago, and when we first met, we kind of just "talked" for about a month and a half until she finally became my gf. she is 6 yrs younger than me and was much less experienced than me sexually. if a girl flirted with me in front of her, and i never responded to that. and that conversation is the kind of conversation that she wouldn't have liked. first i had lunch with her, i stayed away from her and she looked happy. the dumper will one day realizes that in fact the dumpee was trying to win them back and understand this. though i left some messages saying take your time to move in. mcguire 4 years ago from los angeles, cathis was an enjoyable article. is always liking my pictures in instgram, and she still reading my posts, actually if you know someway that attract the girl to you more even if she doesn't see you, this the only way that can make her keep thinking about me, and trying to contact me. 3 years ago me and my girlfriend started talking in november of 2011 she was my best friend we'll we talked till april 1st of 2012 and finally got together. after that she noted that she didnt know if it was a good idea for us to be sleeping together. when we broke up i understand that she liked another guy, i did many shits after dis even i wanted to get a pain with myself. i really don't understand what is going on in her head. i might have traveled with her but i have to finish the last semester of college in the current state i am in. i forgot to mention i was her first i took her virginity. she's a very insecure person - she told me that she cannot continue with me as long as she doesn't know that she's making the right choice. started as friends in high school, we met in the beginning of my sophomore year and her freshman year, and we were introduced through a mutual friend. not to even ask now she is or to even ask again about her coming or not. i think it got her a little worried about her future and i understand but we kept moving along, towards the end of her pregnancy, we were getting into little fighst about it and money and carreers so that lead to us being on and off relationship but we were still living together and taking care of biz and would get back together time to time. i only see her during the class we have together, yet she's still stuck in there. first, you need to address the reason why you took her for granted, if you truly feel this to be the case. was with my girlfriend of one and a half years and she broke up 2 weeks ago. are telling me not answer the texts she sends but i can't help it i don't know what to do and i really want her back but she likes the guy.

She says she loves me but is dating someone else

i got to know that she had been in a relationship with him since 6 months ans i dont think rebounds last this much ? i found out that 3 days later she was already talking to someone else, but long story short they were already talking while she was with me two weeks before she broke up. but after like the 4th time i had to tell her baby, i can't keep doing this it's really exhausting for me at this point (and maybe because i was exhausted the attraction fell in the relationship too). she said she doesn't think so, she said she doesn't think she is looking for a relationship right now. if you tell her how you feel, then let her make the next move, sooner or later it is fairly certain that she will. 4 years ago hi tony things have got alot better since my last comment were not back together yet but on wednesday she asked me round for t and it went well then yesterday she said come and walk the dogs with us if u want so i did but she said just walk the dogs though then go which i was fine with then when we got back with the dogs she said to our daughter do u want daddy to stay for a bit but our daughter cant talk yet and it was her bedtime in half an hour lol what do u reckon? i think you need to let her know that it is not fair for her to expect you to still be there for her emotionally when you want different things from each other. i planned a night to try and re-kindle everything for good by cooking her dinner and trying to make it a more intimate night but the night before that she called and said we both knew it wasn't working. 4 years ago from walesit is difficult to say for sure, but considering the amount of bad feeling and destructive situations generated by your break up, i think you would do well to continue as you are, and not try to contact her and try to get on with your own life. if she had said that she needed the space i would have respected that and not spoken to her. there is no timescale on these things so you should be prepared to wait months at the very least. since january this year we haven't been intimate at all, she said that she wouldn’t be able to do it due to her nan being ill and then after she died she feels like her nan is watching her all of the time. it is impossible to say whether it will work or not. to be honest, i think the reason you want her now is because you can't have her. that said, i can only give you advice from my own personal experience and things i have witnessed, so ultimately any decision you make on it needs to be yours, based on your own analysis of your situation. it doesn't make you bad or unnattractive, it just means you are not right for them, and/or (from the sounds of it in this case) they are not right for you. 3 years ago from walesit is impossible to say with any certainty that you will or not, all you can do is increase the possibility. 4 years ago from waleshi rol, apologies mate i was half way through answering your post when my computer crashed. the baby is now 3 and half months and i have quit messing around cuz i could see that she really was getting upset by me doing those things like she knew i had hungout with one girl and was only friends with her and she knew i had slept with one girl so that all i did that whole messing around time. if you leave, you may discover that she was just waiting to see if she could trust you. i wanted to be there for her but she was telling me he didn't want me to come to the service for her brother. she was calling my sister-in-law all the time to check up on how i was doing. then she changed her mind after about a minute and said "if there is a chance its about 0. although it feels different all she thinks about is partying but when i say im going to go out she asks me questions and i ask her questions she yells at me. yours sincerely, petervirginia saysit’s the usual old question, isn’t it? and all these emotions just came on so late and hard. there is nothing worse, male or female, than a partner who refuses to let go. he wanted to send it because he felt hew never got the opportunity to express himself after the break up because he and his ex never really met up, they arranged to but it never happened. i realized that i had to treat this girl right because i knew she was special and that i had to cherish her, i had to cherish those fond memories of us together. but i do wanna be with her and she now knows this and i know it will be a new thing and definitely want she wanted all along but i don't know what to do. the best thing for you to do is continue with the changes you feel have happened to you. these feelings of doubt flood your ex's mind, and she has the recently-dumped rebound man to compare you with, she'll inevitably be in a vulnerable and heartbroken state. she has been calling me and texting me saying she made a mistake that she wants me to be the father. she got undressed in front of me and got into bed and i did the same our son was in the room too so didn't want to try anything was a bit nervous to tell the truth haha well after xmas we had been going for dinner and seeing eachother a lot and spending time as a family texting all the time ad it has all been lovely until i asked her out for valentines night and she flipped saying we are not a couple we do things with our son but we don't go out on our together? in addition, i have a very stressful job coupled with high anxiety which also contributed to the distancing. she likely agreed to these things because she hoped that this would eventually mean you would stay. i am totally out of my world, broken and mess. dating for seniors - the best way to find your soul materelationships: are some people destined to attract people who are abusive? of 8192 characters usedpost commentno html is allowed in comments, but urls will be hyperlinked. that summer i wouldn’t really say we were together, but i did take her out on one date, i was scared, i was scared of messing it up and losing my chance with a great girl, but most of all losing a real good friend. so i rang her today to tell her how i feel which is i love her and still want to be with her and she said. well for the me and her mom we kept getting into these little fights and this one time we did we had a talk that maybe since i didn't see that married road, (which i did i was just scared to get married idk why), that we should just take care of these kids till they get a little older and then we would split up ukno and both agreed it would be ok to go out and have your fun but of course don't bring nothing home and ukno don't let the kids get involved. the damage it can do is quite difficult to overcome. the best way to do it is to spend time with your friends. my ex is my first and only real love, she broke up with me a little over two years ago, because i was her first love too and she got cold feet. whatever it was you did, you need to make sure she understands that you are sorry, and that is all for the moment. now she is saying i cant see my daughter on my own i have to go through a contact centre i have done nothing wrong why would she do this she said she would never stop me seing her. understand what you’re going through right now if you’re trying to know how to get your ex girlfriend back even though she already has a new boyfriend: you feel a lot of jealousy, resentment, contempt and regret for everything that has happened, and your strong feelings are now intensified because of the fact that a new man has come into your ex’s life. 4 years ago from waleshi sean, it sounds to me as though she feels really deeply hurt by you and has determined to keep away from you out of fear of experiencing the same hurt again. if she calls you, answer her, be polite, be gentlemanly, and do not under any circumstances start begging her to come back. i was in the process of getting my head straight from the last relationship so that i could be with her again and do it right this time, because she is all i have ever wanted since the day i met her, and i haven't gone a day in the past 5 years without thinking about her, even throughout my other relationship. the old one was broken so you should be clear in your mind that you have no wish to repeat it. i contacted her a few days later to see how she was doing, and if she was ready to meet, and she became very cold with me. or should i not leave and get a place around here still so i can be with my kids and to extend the time i have to work on things with her or would she just think im chasing her down, like you said b4 time apart is sometimes needed and maybe she we realize it can be worked out or something. she said that she wanted to see where it goes as it might be what she finally needs to get over me..she hates tv and prefers active lifestyle, but would watch shows and movies with me all the time), lack of assertiveness (not making the decisions, instead trying to include her in them. i sincerely appologized but she said she doesn't want to be with me and if she'll be ok someday she calls me up . so maybe a couple weeks went by and i start to realize all these things like am i basically supporting this girl that so badly wanted a relationship with me to now with anyone that will treat her better so that when that opportunity comes around shes just gonna leave me and take the kids? she had only been with a couple guys prior to me and felt she needed to see other people. i would say they are still there but for some reason she is fighting them. i really still love her but she says she just wants to be friends and wants to stop the sex because it doesnt feel right to be cheating on her and i understand but i guess im just waiting for them to break up so i can get another chance i really dont lik going out and meeting other girls because this girl stole my heart and i really want her back i really do love her and when i see her i get butterflys in my stomach she says she just likes me as a friend i just dont understand what i could do to win her back i know she has a bf but we went out for 8 mo she even admited to hav ffallen in love with me but that it faded out i still wana be able to see her and see how shes doing i dont wana loose her so i agreed to being her best friend and that we still going to hangout but no sex i just need advice in what i could do to either win her back or if its best to wait till shes single and just stay as best friends for now . fleszer is a relationship writer who offers her own forthright opinion over the worlds of dating, romance, relationships , marriage and friendships. it sounds to me as though this girl never really had any particularly strong feelings for you. it is certainly a lot more productive than constantly calling and texting. the last time we broke up now, i lasting almost a month now. 4 years ago hi tony,i have a fairly unique situation here, and was hoping to get some insight. she obviously loves you and you obviously feel the same. it sounds to me as though you may have broken the so called "spell" of love when you first broke up with her. but this past sunday she texted me to tell me that she was coming to my house to pick her jacket she had left with me, i said okay just let me know when you're coming. after we got together we realised we were deeply in love with eachother, when we weren't together we were on the phone to each other. you in advance for taking the time to read my post. hardships in life will either make or break a man and it’s making me into the man i should have been even if we are separated at the moment. we both tried to forgot each other but most of the time we keep in touch and even we had sex. it sounds to me as though both of you have a very deep love for each other and there is no way the new guy can compete with that..she still put the guy through hurt in a way. there is a saying, "all's fair in love and war" that i think is relevant here; if you are not happy but you still go back with her, you are treating her badly as well as yourself, so make sure you are both happy with the situation and both able to stabilise the relationship. i broke the rule of nc and said, i need to know what are your feeling about me. apparently my hints weren't strong enough and she thought that i no longer wanted to be with her which was not true at all. is as though recently she has been wrongly judging my character and has completely forgotten the person i am, such as accusing me of lying or having different motives. but i also don't want to be chasing after someone who doesn't want to be with me anymore. 4 years ago hi tony i told her i was going to seek leagal advice and she let me see her the next day! 4 years ago from waleshi bradford, what you need to do first is try to calm down. 4 years ago from walesoh absolutely it can, but it is difficult to know for certain what you need to do. even as things are right now she still gets jealous if i talk to other women. i want to give her the space, that i will always love and care about her, but i am gonna take this time to be the best person i can be so that if we do get back together it will be forever as she said.-iq7 4 years ago ya i think thats right, if you think she is missing could be she text or call me within this a few days, or she can just move on and having a new boyfriend ? there is no guarantee however, so you need to try to prepare yourself for this possibility. don't stop being polite to her, if she talks to you, respond, but don't put her under any pressure. weeks ago she, in a text, told me she didn’t have the same feelings anymore. it seems strange that he felt the need to "make peace" with his ex about you , or that he spent all day arguing with her. i give her,her space by not calling her and backed away completely from dealing with her rebound i'm just here for my daughters but she is the love of my lifeand was just asking is there any aadvice that could help me get her back, awkward situation i'm in. so, my unemployment wasnt covering things and i just fell into a depression. now , shes almost done with her programme in my town and it kills me thinking that once shes done, she just can’t wait to go back to the dude in the other town and i’m just wasting my time with her here because she chats an calls her boyfriend . you may even find that this causes her to come running, but if not, then you know. now she’s split up with you and it looks to me as if she’s settling into the old pattern all over again. i spoke with a friend of mine who recently saw her and it turns out the guy i was worried about actually works with her also she told him that the reasonfor the break up was because " she didnt have enough time apparently" in a very rude way he said. guess just play it cool bide my time and see whats actually gonna happen after the two month probation. sometimes when she is down, i want to be there for her also i cant. 4 years ago this is single-handedly, the best guide for ways to get your ex back. we went to dinner and we had great conversation and i kissed her on the cheeks goodbye. give it time, try to do things which have no relevance to her. women don't just walk away and never try again unless they have an alternative. she said she could wait for me i said ok but i knew we were gonna breakup due to her constant cheating so ehatever. i see some potential but while im at the stage where im focusing on my self and having a good time ,do you think if its worth making my feelings obvious to her the way she is now? and after breaking up she said i was in denial and i thought our cultures could meet. 4 years ago hi tony i havnt seen or spoke to her since friday and everything was fine like i said she wanted to spend time with me so i rung her today and she was really off with me for some reason i offered to help with the dogs and shes like no il do it on my own! is a list of my top ten tips to get your ex girlfriend back. she broke up with me february 13 but still continued to hangout with me until mid april when she stopped talking or anything. here it goes:we're both from texas but we met in virginia and started dating there. i had just got out of a bad relationship when we met and in the mixof growing feelings for her and getting over the other, i freaked and ran. she says she learned from that and doesn't want to go through it again. i am not saying don't ever be there for her again, but the longer you keep torturing yourself and, to a certain extent, her, the less likely it is you are going to be able to have a healthy relationship even if you do get back together. it sounds as if she will take a long time to get over you again if you should break her heart a second time. it sounds to me as though she really feels she has to let you go. this will increase your confidence and take your mind off her. she accused me of ruining her relationship with her boyfriend (i didn't say anything to my brother in law about talking to her boyfriend). i’ve been going out and trying to meet someone else, but the truth is that i’m desperate to get her back. tried to talk to her best friend about how to get my ex back and how much i still care about her and everything, and she told me that once my ex will meet everything will change, but am afraid because she is living in anther island and its been 2 months already and she going to continue her study at the same college and it will be killing me if i saw her with anther guy. or else they will keep using every defense mechanism in their actions. she could be expressing her guilt by becoming aggressive and unreasonable towards you. your article above, i did some of the stuff, which you suggested as don'ts (don't panic, making the right moves. 4 years ago from waleshi j12l, it sounds to me that she obviously still loves you. she was living in florida atm but was visiting her grandma but after getting with me she told me she wanted to come live in ny and be with me and give a shot a living with her mom. the reason she broke up with you seems obvious from the outside, but i understand it may not be from the inside. met this girl at the end of october and by mid january we were dating. whatever the reason for a break up, unless you get back together almost immediately, chasing is not a good idea. you should be careful however; if she is saying that she wants to experience life on her own, this may mean she would also like to "play around" for a while.. i got upset and told her she wasn't aloud to text people anymore. it seems to me that there may be some misunderstanding between you that needs to be addressed, because from what your saying you haven't exactly been horrible to her. basically i met an amazing girl and i fell in love with her.. last weekend we went to a band audition and got into another argument. 3 months ago hi, i have a long story about my ex, but i would like to know if there's any chance for her to come back. being together for a couple of months she started to show signs of extreme jealousy. she will notice this and it could rekindle the attraction she once felt.. as well as i also joined tuition class so that i could meet her daily. and i have tried telling her how i feel, but in the end it just makes her feel guilty and get upset with me. 4 years ago from waleshi bj, i think there is always hope in these circumstances, it just depends on how much energy and time you are prepared to put in. she actually broke it off, i did not beg or plead. she said it wasn’t fair to me to continue. but i've made some peace and have my car taken away so i have to figure out how to get everywhere. 4 years ago from waleshi md, it seems that you have maybe pushed her away with your jealousy. i didn't know how to manage when a girl come back after a breakup. i think it would be best if you had some time to think about it and then made your decision one way or another, then follow what you have decided without deviation. i would spend the night 3 nights a week at her apartment. there is much information on manipulating people, especially women, in these circumstances. but in reality, anyone new she's with in the days and weeks after your breakup is probably a temporary rebound relationship to help her cope with her pain and sadness. if you find yourself alone and have nothing to do, go for a run or do some exercise..Authorxxtonybxx 4 years ago from waleshi ben, i'm sorry to hear about your situation but it sounds as though you two have spent far too little time together for it to be worth your effort to get her back. i get to colombia and the 1st thing i see when i get home is this beautiful girl who lives right in front of my house i was like wow. this friend can’t stop praising her daughter, and constantly goes on about how wonderful she is – but she seems to be unable to stop putting the boy down. i dunno what to do now and i dont want to happen if she like someone now or in r/s when that happen i will be great hurt the most. i knew because she told me about him but she would come over my house spend the night with me and cuddle and itll be just like old times. i believe i naturally started to distance myself from her out of fear of breaking her heart. time is the greatest healer of all and is completely on your side here. i found out that she already went on couple of dates with the guy and they kissed and everything, and i also found that she calls him babe already. this is only a short term solution, but it may help you to get over the worst feelings of hurt. also, it will make your ex think that you are not being needy and desperate for her, which is also a plus point in any case..i heard you're meeting a girl at some point and taking her to the fare, if i'm honest i hope she lasts for you. but this past sunday she texted me to tell me that she was coming to my house to pick her jacket she had left with me, i said okay just let me know when you're coming. she also tells me about her new boyfriend so i stead the conversation back to our daughters well being.. jealousythis is a very difficult one as people respond extremely differently. it is always possible to game someone into getting back with you, but this usually involves acting like someone else, and why would you want to do that when you could meet someone tomorrow who likes you for you. i sat next to her and asked if she was ok, and she again couldn't look me in the eye and couldn't say a single word. i think you should move on, try to find someone who is actually right for you, someone you want no matter the circumstance. then she became soo much sad n after sometime she left n when i told her to give me a kiss then she neglected n went away. she hasn't been happy with her job or the location for a while. it seems as though you are on the right path with this one, i hope it works out for you both. she says that never say never about us getting back together & that she loves this guy & that if he asked her to marry him & have kids she would in a heart beat. i wishi could have held her and give her ehar i feel inside for her. the only thing real about getting an ex back is if she still wants you back somewhere in her heart…other than that the sad reality is that if they’re over you then they’re over you.

What If She Has a New Boyfriend? Love Dignity

the sad fact is, first love is very rarely last love. just wanted to share my problem and see if you can answer some of my questions please. it does sound to me as though she still carries a torch for you, but if she is in a relationship with someone else that makes the situation difficult to say the least. she says she needs to evaluate our relationship because she never planned for this to happen and neither did i but both of us are really happy together. 4 months ago many great thanks, i couldn't sleep i was so deep into trying to get her back even though she has found someone else. use cookies to enhance your visit to our site and to bring you advertisements that might interest you. thought everything was going fine, however things changed when she started a course in college after that two weeks. she even wrote me an e-mail, that she was absolutely sure that i don't love her when she was in hospital. i always came up with an excuse as to why i couldn’t hang out with her and just writing this is making me feel like piece of garbage. it turns out my brother in law works with her boyfriend, and since my brother in law knows that she and i are not divorced yet, he talked to her boyfriend and told him to back off. the next day she just text saying she was confused, needed time on her own as her ex had been texting her and it wasnt fair! she basically told me she felt pressured into saying it. this is not to put down the thought of having your ex back, i know you’re here because you want to the safety of feeling like you can have them back but just realize that even if you follow this kind of advice and for a magical reason it works, keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that it’s real. 4 years ago from walesthat is something you would have to decide to be honest kriss. but i want more then friendship how do i handle this situation. i would continue with what you are doing, try to keep showing her you're sorry if she gives you the opportunity, but be prepared for her not to accept immediately. i eventually found a sturdy income and was back on track. what’s to say that he isn’t doing to her what she is doing to you? however she can do whatever she wants until she comes to her senses and returns., if she still says after the break that her feelings isn't there anymore, or something, should i just give her some time and maybe get back to her later, or should you keep on fighting and try to do something socially with her? i told her i would talk to my brother in law when the divorce was final (she had the divorce papers for 2 months prior to this point but did not submit them). if you keep trying to contact her you will make her sure that she wants to end things. the extent of this ofcorse i do not know yet. 2 years ago hi, my girlfriend just broke up with me a month ago. i feel deep down my heart that when time will come she will understand what i want to explain her and she will come back because i know she is a good girl. if it is still her, reconnect with her slowly and take your time to get to know her again. if you felt the need to argue with her, this may just be because you don't agree with the way she sees things or does things. in december she started acting funny like she didn't want to be around me. are probably wondering why didn't i tell her about what i was going through but the thing is at the time i did not know that it was my family problems that was affecting the way i was acting. she breaks up with her ex and, presumably, feels great about it. try to stay calm when you talk to her and remember that this is the woman that you love. 4 years ago from walesi doubt it but that doesn't mean you've necessarily messed it up.. make the right movesdon't spend your time wondering where your ex girlfriend is or what she is doing. i got this overwhelming feeling and idea that i need i be a real family.), we wish more guys would exhibit the kind of maturity espoused in this article. she took this job before we fell crazy in love and its now really hard for both of us. got back with an ex after splitting up with this girl and have a 2year old daughter called layla. she told me that he is very special person for her. there is no way to "get" someone to fall more in love with you. i tell her that i just want her to be happy and i tell her that i don't care who she ends up with as long as they make her happy. i'd be careful though; it is entirely possible that she wasn't ready for this because she is not sure you are for her. she texted me the next day (yesterday), and then called me because she ran into a mutual acquaintance that neither of us had seen in years. the issue is how long do i sit and wait around for her to realise while i sit around bored and lonely.. i asked her how long it had went on she said it never stopped. my heart still says "she was the one" so how do i get her out of my head?. try to figure out why it is you became so jealous in your relationship with her. your assessment of the situation is going to be a bit haywire at the moment. and let her memory play havoc as, with distance to distort it (or, who knows, clarify it), you appear much more alluring in her eyes than you did when you were close to hand. well i started to see that i knew she wanted a relationship but i wanted it not to be so traditional then started to hear say things like she might not want relationships anymore with anyone and just wants to be happy but i think she was just confused and tired that i wouldn't see the big fn picture. i really do love her and am willing to give her the attention and time now but up until now i never realized up till now how self absorbed i'd gotten. because she was still insecure if we should continue or not, about two weeks ago i had had enough: i told her that i don't want to continue like this - we either give each other a second chance or i have to move on. i agreed, but in reality my goal is to hang as friends more often, so she sees the change and treat it like someone new, who are friends with my hidden agenda of sorts. the fact that she was saying that to your daughter who cannot talk, shows that she was doing it for your benefit. she's now blocked me on everything and she is completely ignoring me. because she was still insecure if we should continue or not, about two weeks ago i had had enough: i told her that i don't want to continue like this - we either give each other a second chance or i have to move on.'s been 6 months since i broke up with my ex and it has got a bit easier but i still think of her lots of times every day, and this weekend i feel like i did at the beginning, really miss her! i think if you are able to have 3 children with her and you want to stay with her, you should discuss the possibility of marriage with her in a serious way. my ex girlfriend is in an on-going battle with an eating disorder. if you bump into her while on a date with someone else, make a point of apologising and either leave to go somewhere else or offer to. arguing requires two people, and it is usually simply a difference of opinion, rather than anyone's fault. the best way to show them this, is by being in a place where you are receiving a lot of attention from other women, then going to talk to her or even just say hi to her. after such a short period, it can be difficult to see if this is a result of low experience or because you simply don't match. 2 days later i figured out she isn't in my hearth anymore. how much does it help my cause of getting back together with her that she had been waiting for me for over a year, believeing the entire time we were meant to be, making a list of 160 things she missed about me, and professed her love to me through emails multiple times over the past year? a few days contact became challenging, some distance began to emerge. i guess i could skype with the kids couple times a week but to me its just not the same and it will make me very depressed seeing them on the camera. we just started college in the fall of 2012, i commute to a university about an hour away from where i live (she lives 15 mins away from me) and she goes to a community college literally 2 minutes from her house, so it's not like our relationship was long distance because i would still see her 3-4 days a week. when i went out to see her there were many arguments in my house every time i'd go to see her because my parents are muslim and i sort of am but not really. so now she wants to leave me and take them with her cuz she thinks i am not safe around her and that i control her and that she has been in this abusive relationship for too long. it may be that her issues played a role in ending things, but you can't be certain and it won't help to wonder about it. time we promised each other to stay friends no matter what. she told me after what has happened she would've never thought she'll be one of them girls who would cheat and she is angry and disgusted with herself because she has hurt me, she spoke to me, her mum and sister about it and said to me (keeping it short) she's had a long thought about everything and she doesn't feel like she's ready for a relationship even though this is her first but she's only 17 and i understand her, she ask if we can still be friends she just want to get to know herself better before getting to any relationship because she doesn't want to hurt anyone else.. i just replied that " miss u lets do something soon" she agreed and said lets do dinner. you need to make sure you are back to the right frame of mind to reconnect with her. if she is seeing someone else, you will find out and then you will know it is time for you to move on. i tried to talk to her but she didnt chat with me much. if you do something romantic, and she comes back to you because of it, then she is not coming back because of you, but because of how good you have been to her. would eventually started “dating” one of my best friends, but it wouldn’t last.: thank you, does that mean we can still be friends? he went to make peace with her 2 weeks ago because he told me she had argued with him all day about me and he was tired of it so they were going to make peace. so we break up but we're still sleeping together and spending time together. if she does allow you back in, then you can make a fresh start with her and you will experience a closer relationship as you will not feel the need to hide anything as you will know that she accepts you. now we were together for 2 1/2 years and she fell pregnant almost straight away then again not long after and the last 7 months she claims to have fallen out of love with me. so i am looking to do something romantic in the next 2 weeks or so. i've been trying the no contact rule, but failing here and there, but it seems as though when i follow through on nc she contacts me. i would say that given the circumstances (she has a new guy), it might be an idea to put your cards on the table, tell her you want to be with her but that you're not prepared to sit around while she finds out if she has something with the new guy. 4 years ago from walesthat is not really the question you should be asking. if, on the other hand, she contacts you, you can be pretty sure there is at least something there. so, i backed off, mentioned i wanted to take her out the following week, but ended up taking out another girl out instead. as an 18-year-old lad i found this very difficult due to hormones and other things. just send her a card, with some thoughts for valentines day and nothing else, then wait as you have both already agreed. do you think of this tony, does it make some sense? i have to check all comments as get your ex back scam posters often post spam on this page and i don't allow that sort of thing on here. thing though, after she hung up with me she put up a profile pic of her n new b/f, with hearts scattered around, most over her side than his side. if you really have feelings that strong, then there is no real timescale. after we had agreed on a little break, i said i was really sorry and in a bad position and that's why all the things happened, and that it's not me. 4 years ago we talked yesterday and i layed the cards in the table but she chose to say i want to get my head cleared idk what i want and it bothered me so i flipped out and said don't even come back anymore im done. if she is paying attention to your pages, then she will see this. if your relationship is as strong as you say, the time apart will make little or no difference. i wanna ask one thing, she dumped me 2 months before, and after that day i went for no contact rule and i waited for 2 weeks till she get back but spoil that chance when she came back. thinking back on it i realised i did act differently when i was with her and realise that i needed to make time for my self and not just for her . yeah it sounds like you should be moving on if that is the case. it is up to you whether or not you are prepared to wait around and find out. i did not know what to do at that point of time so i pleaded her to come back. fixed everything and in november i was a total d**k to her so she left again and i called 120 times went out looking for her and she passed me her uncle and was like leave her alone and then she told me no were never getting back. she didn't know about this but did realize i didn't follow up on taking her out so she brought it up and i took her to lunch the next day. the fact that she is friends with her exes, yet i'm singled out as the one she can't be friends with, along with all of her actions, all point to her still not being over the feelings, and the disappointment of a failed relationship. 2 months ago i was in a relationship with a girl for almost a year, but about 6 months in, i began to distance myself for a couple reasons that come to mind, but i imagine there could be more that i'm not currently aware of. 2 days i called her and i told her i want to travel to her place to meet her, then she said she doesnt want to see me, then i told her this call will be my last call of trying to get back together, then she said trust me this is the best for both of us and you will thank me later, any way i told her i have learned from my mistakes with you and am i figured out that what i have done with you is a totally wrong, and i wont do it if i had anther girlfriend, she agreed also about our both mistakes, then on the same day she like all the pic's that i upload in instgram and she is keep liking my pages, and she told me that she is reading my blog posts daily. or even stay up late at home and not crawl in bed with her. the last time we talked on the phone, she told me she couldn't be friends with me, but i know that she is friends with almost all of her exes. if you find you couldn't give her space, all you are doing is convincing her she cannot make her own choices around you. there is no way you can know for certain though. and then bitches can easily get a new guy its as if she have forgotten 7 years of us being together.. i’m not sure what i can do to try to earn his trust back? if you can be sure that she did not develop feelings for the other guy when she was with you, then it is safe to assume that he is a rebound. if you do that, she might think you are using it as an excuse to break the rules. a bit during arguments and appearing weak in her eyes), and making her my life (ie stopped going to the gym, working on my music, etc). this is why when you go through a break up the most important thing initially is to rediscover yourself and get back to being who you are. her friends said she just cant stand not having a boyfriend. i understand it is hard and i am willing to take that risk. i also take into consideration that she can flat out ever tell me she is with someone. if she does contact you however, don't just jump straight in there, let her come for you. after only a month apart she gets with another guy or a boy should i say. take some time to yourself and figure out what it is you want. something no other man can ever give her is the years we both spent together and the family we made. she is the most beautiful girl in the world to me and i would do anything for her. this time i tried to use the technics and it didn't help us. 4 years ago hey, i was with my ex for four months, she was 18 and i'm 28, it was an amazing four months, we got on so so well. if no-one was surprised that you broke up, this may be a sign that it is time to move on. i have been thinking things through a lot and i do think that i want to be with her, i have never been happier than this past year that we were together, even though a lot of things weren't necessarily working out in other parts of my life. please advise what should i do to get her back? and she knows that isn't true and i know i don't want her to be with someone else but i try not to hurt her and make her feel bad for having me around because i don't want her to have no one, even if it cost me to take the hurt. i would be really thankful if gave me some advice. what is important is your relationship with her and wanting to be with her. it may be that she is staying with him because she does not believe you are interested. hopefully this will make her see you are serious about addressing your problems. the reason is usually quite simply that hardly anyone has really fully developed personally by that age. was dating her weed dealer since about september of 2016, but she would still have me over to her house, go on dates with me, and sleep with me. but after returning home i knew that if i read in my hometown then there would be quarrels n problems. her mother said to her that she’s an idiot for doing what she’s done but she just doesn’t listen. i irritated her and taunted her, thinking all was her mistake. i really don't think you should be spending too much time wondering about her actions. while she never loved me it seems that my love for her continues on. i said i've been busy and she was going mad asking what i've been doing and if i'm seeing someone it went in for half an hour! it became clear that she'd interpreted the contact i'd had with her after the break up as manipulative. it could be because she challenged me like no other women had before. click the big power button to whitelist the current web site, and its state will be remembered next time you visit the web site. i feel like i need to show her that i love her and that i'm the guy she fell in love with before she pulls further away, but i also want to give her space so that i don't push her away..and is doing this so she does not have to cope with the break up or the other things shes going through? i told her do you want me to come there and she told me i want but is better to not do that. 4 years ago hey, i was in a relationship with this girl for 5 years. when you get back with an ex, it goes one of two ways; either you get back within the first 48 hours of breaking up, or it takes time. alot, and if there is any improvement i will let you know. i trust her though, that she is not having anything with him again but my fear is, would she leave again? as long as you don't make yourself sound like a life line and make it clear that if something better does come along you will take it. as for time limits, there really isn't one in these cases. i gave this ultimatum because im sick of being played around with like that we have sat down and talked and she cried in my arms saying she loves me. she puts smiley faces and acts like she's happy but i know she's hurting regardless of what she says. she had been really down for awhile, so it was actually a relief to me. that definitely shows she's curious to see what i'm doing. she got back into a relationship on and off with her first love and he broke her heart multiple times. she was sick the week of christmas but we went to each others families christmas parties and saw each other for an hour on christmas. it is very difficult for a single mother to go and meet new people and have a social life with children to look after. it was after we broke up that i realized this. well i backed off from then and i have been completely gutted to tell the truth i have come so far on this road always hoping that she would come back an we can be a family i thought i was so close! i can't not be there when she looks for it. don't interrupt this, she is remembering how much fun it was being with you. if you are still wondering what it exactly means, then. there are times when chasing can be a good idea, but generally after a break up i would say no.

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so sat night she asked me to come over and help her with something, and stay with her so she could sleep (shes been having sleeping problems, has anxiety, ptsd, etc). she just didn't have faith in me to be there for her when she needed me. 4 years ago wow so many breakups in such short amount of time. i got back to the small get-together at my friend’s house, one my friends, who also happens to be one of her good friends told me that she was with someone else now. 4 years ago no, i really believe that if situations were reversed she would not stay. ex girlfriend broke up with me 3 months ago, because i wasn't giving her attention and time. failing that, look for qualified and recognised professionals in your area, or even support groups if you think that might help. i agree that she has managed to control herself to keep me out, and it could be out of fear or disappointment. so ok i left her alone and she texted me 4days later saying i miss you and i want to see you. so again we keep rolling along with eachother and shes coming really close to the birth of the 3rd child and we were still in same thinking of where are we gonna be in the future cuz it was becoming obvious to me that she really wanted a relationship and to be loved by me and i just couldn't see it and just kept on agreeing on that we would take care of these kids till they get little older then we would split. she always said she would never forgive me for hurting her the first time and she can never love me as she did the first time before i broke up with her. to my knowledge, she's had 2 exes since we broke up and she currently has a new boyfriend she's been with for a few months now. question is how do i respond when she contacts me? but the sad thing is that he is in another town. if she doesn't want to be with you, then at least you have told the truth and attempted to found an honest, open relationship. if you can understand her wanting to have fun for a while, and she can understand you wanting to get on with life with her, then you should have little problem resolving your issues. i got no rely from this text at all and had not spoken to her since. try to address this first, as this is likely more to do with your own personality than anything that happened in your relationship with her. if she has said that you are "better than nothing", that is a fairly brutal thing to say. she is the best thing that ever happened to me tony. i love her and i know she still loves me just can't forgive me for leaving all those times. should i leave and give her time but keep close contact with her and kids when im gone and in time it might be able to fix or somewhat fix or give her all the space she needs and no contact? after i got home i txted her saying it was great seeing her and she said the same thing. those first couple of months some major events happened like: my birthday, her birthday, christmas, new year, and valentine’s day. i will continue to reach out to her once in a while, but at the same time i think its important to keep moving forward in life and not base life on false hope. should i be her friend and wait for her to dump this new guy ? but the things she said were so deep and she cried so much. it may be hard to hear this, but i think you need to cut your losses. if she cheated on you, then surely she should be the one to make any moves towards repairing that, not you. she is very attractive and has always had a lot of male attention, but she wasnt interested, she was only interested in me. the next day she a picture of some guy eho looked just like me and though it was me dating anothet girl and she was like see i knew it but the guy in the picture didn't have a tattoo in his calf like me so i was was like stop acting ridiculous it shocks me how well you don't know me then she says daniel i really loved you but you have no idea how heart broken i feel so i said responded isn't this what you wanted now you know how i feel 3days later exactly yesterday she texted me saying i miss you and she called me two times i gave in to the weakness and called back and acted cool and then she was like wtf act like you care then i said we can work things out you can be with your friends party and as well be with me and she said idk i donknow where my heads at idk what i want but i love and miss you and i want to be with you but idk so i said take your time and think but i have date in my head and if your not back by that date i wont come back and we had a argument after that ugh! the problem you have is that she will likely feel that the only reason you now want her is because you can't have her. don't be her friend, as if you do, that is what you will stay. the partner, while you are on vacation can get the suitable better half for one relationships: can someone end up with people they’re not attracted to if they were abused as a child? today she texted me asking how i was, i said "i am doing good" she said so is she and that she thinks she found a good place to live. if you do comment, i will always respond if a response is required so rest assured i will get back to you. then she scheduled a meeting exactly two weeks after the break. 4 years ago tonyb i hope you can help me out i feel so depressed. then i would leave it and see what she does. there is no way of knowing for sure what is happening with her, so it is a much better idea to focus on your own recovery and development. if you happen to be single and are still interested, then once you think she’s ready again, then you can go and start talking to her that way if she does want you, you can confidently believe she actually wants you because she has found a reason to be reattracted to not finding an easy fix for her pain like if you are taking her after a break up. go out with friends, get a new hobby or spend more time visiting your family. firstly i dunno if she like someone now or in r/s. it is perfectly understandable, and i know you’re in a very desperate situation at this very moment. it is good that he has left the ball in her court so she doesn't feel under pressure to take him back. i asked her that if she wants to come to this party at my friends house tomorrow night . the scale is from 1 to 10, where 10 is the best and 1 is the worst. if you do have a good night, don't ask her out again immediately, wait for her to either ask you herself or indicate that she is interested in going out again. cant really blame your ex for turning up at your door if when they asked if you needed space you said no and then when they try and win you back or feel there is something they can do, you begin to act all strange. some nice flowers to their work or sending a gift to their work is showing. is she going through or have been going through something personal in her life? she knows that i am 100% dedicated but she says she doesn't know if she ready to commit but she wants to keep the relationship and she loves me a lot. she then shared our favourite song to which i didn't react anything. i just wish there was a way to spare her the hurt. starting in december of 2012, we became stuck in a "rut. she was happy i'd sent the gift, and i got a nice message from her. it seems as though she is very confused about her feelings for you at the moment. if she seems pleased to hear from you, maybe you can reconnect. everyday since we slept together iv seen her and we have been kissing and cuddling and shes been saying she loves me when i leave but as soon as i leave i wont hear a thing from her unless i contact her? i think it might be best if you tried to talk to her about the situation, explain that you realise you messed up and see what she says. but yea since i only have a couple friends and they have said even if a girl tells u see is ok with it she really isn't fine with it. and as a result of this see that and want to possibly reconcile? shes going through a lot in her life when i was around and i care about her a lot so i didnt do not do no contact. (not long) and dhe told me that she was afraid to let her wall down with me and i had never done anything wrong to break her trust. if you weren't bothered before this, then that should tell you your feelings for this lady have gone, and what you are feeling is loss of something from you, not something you had with her. your choices are quite limited though, you can either wait it out and hope this passes and risk losing her to the new guy, or you can risk blowing it all by stating your interest, and dealing with the possibility of rejection. but throughout this difficult weekend i just thought to myself lets get through this and deal with it once we've both had space. if it isn't, all you will do by wondering about it is move it around in your head. my ex and i were in a long distance relationship and broke up nov 2015, since then i did not talk to her for 3 months plus. 4 years ago from walesback up now so let me know what's wrong. a month on with very little contact i have managed to gain some composure and clarity on the relationship, i still want her but i understand that i do not need her. she said she couldn’t live knowing i did that. when we text she says that she doesn't wanna lead me on and i've given her a few days of thinking about getting back together and she doesn't want to. if not, then you need to look at why she is trying to move on. if you want to be friends, there's no reason why you shouldn't, as long as she is happy with that situation too. especially if they have had a hard time personally and things are looking better now. i don't want to make any assumptions, but it seems like she just wants to bury all the emotions inside, and not deal with it. if you argued a lot, you really should take some time out for yourself, then come back and try to analyse your relationship from a more sober point of view; did you really have a lot in common? don't give her ultimatums as this will only contribute to continuing the argumentative nature of your relationship. the last couple of months we became real toxic to each other and i'm not sure if it was to do with my ex going off her meds or not. for writing, please check out some of my (mostly) humor-based articles if you can and i will follow your stuff for any future gems. i think you should avoid sleeping with her if she has a boyfriend, for health as well as emotional reasons. 4 years ago hi im cebassian and my girlfriend broke up with me like a month ago. my ex and i have had stressful times between uni & work. and she cried and that night still flashes in front of my eyes all of the time. the conversation moved to text and she told me unless i told my brother in law to speak to her boyfriend, that i was dead to her. she told me that this dude came to her at her job and outed his heart out so she wants to give it a chance and move forward. its for something she has always wanted to do and that i was going to do for her even if we had not broken up. we initially broke up in january after we have been with each other for two years, but we have seen each other a few times since then (we even went on a date together which went really well). should i say something and back him up, or do nothing? it took about a year to beat my alcohol additions and within that year she got with a man she knrw from when she was younger and they got to gether. i have not followed the advice of this post, wish i had and i have contacted her a few times. times i dated other girls each time she found out. then went 7 days without contact to diffuse the tension (a pattern emerging that i'm doing all the contacting) asked her how she was. my ex girlfriend is christian which is completely fine with me. so i'm here when she needs me and gives into her emotions and i wait for the day that she realizes that the whole time i have been here for her and have done more than enough to prove that i'm sorry. you need to take a risk and if it doesn't work, then why would you want to be with her?, it sucks that your ex girlfriend is sleeping with someone else, and that can be ridiculously painful to think about. try to concentrate on college and other things for the moment. there’s nothing to say that you can’t keep in touch with your ex while still exploring new dating opportunities with other people. if her response is terse and avoids any suggestion of future contact, you have your answer. she said she will hang out w/me as friends. allowing time for her and you to breathe and consider what you are both doing may well be what you both need, or you may find that on reflection, you shouldn't be together. that is because it allows your previous relationship (and subsequent break up) some space to breath. it sounds as though she is feeling very insecure about you and if you show her you're prepared to put the effort in she should come around eventually. if i didn't want to get back with her or continue that night life i would just go on but i feel like since i pulled that card and i really do mean it and i can change for her and the kids that i should keep trying to somewhat work this out. mentioned earlier, your ex girlfriend isn't in love with this guy, and in all likelihood, they're probably not compatible anyway. if you are right and she is confused, then given time and space she may realise this. if this is really how you feel, it is just a matter of patience. and because i still love her i would do everything i could to make her life easier and every opportunity i'd get to help her i do it and i just try so hard to make her realize i'm trying in ways i can, but nothing i do makes her feel i'm there and understand how she feels. being in a loving relationship means never having to apologise for who you are or what you have to do. 2 weeks later we got back and went to colombia together and came back together. they would talk about her all the time and the fact that she isn't muslim and it can never be and they will never accept her. the bath i felt sad so i said i think i should leave and she was like wow you were going to f**k me and leave im like no im here to stay but i feel like were going nowhere. it always makes us want them more, even if they don't match up to our requirements either. but with the way she was able to just walk away without ever looking back i find that almost impossible to believe. her stuff is in my house, and once she reach the city she will call me to take her stuff, and the only way we can contacting each other is via instgram and whats app, she keep liking my pic's after the last call, and she told me that she daily check my blog post. she said i don't want to go over getting back together right now. injoinbreakupsdivorcecompatibilityastrologypersonality typedatingattracting a matecrushesonline datingdate ideasfriendshipgender and sexualitylovephysical intimacyrelationship advicerelationship problemscheatingabusefightingrelationshipsmarriagelong distance relationshipssingle lifesocial skills & etiquetteconnect with us. we started to stay away from some friends and keep a couple close couples and couples with kids around. she is not sure if she is attracted to me because i did not act like the man she needed. then came the "i need some space" speech, which she would give me in the past and then call me that night and we would talk for hours, then hang out a day or two later, and again everything seemed fine. as of lately, something has been telling me to pursue and be a family. she told me that i misbehaved with her and i was talking with her very rudely. she says when she pictures her future shes with me married and with kids. any advice at this point will be much appreciated, since there is nothing on the web for such a unique/tricky/specific situation. i spend days reading other peoples relationship thinking it would be the same for me but i have no choice but to get advice for mine now. as the years went by we kept in touch, most times, i'd say 90% of the time, it was her reaching out to me whether she was seeing someone or not. there are two ways to go here, and it is difficult for me (without knowing you both) to tell you which is best, but here they are: you could like something back of hers (the song would probably be the best here) and see if you get a response, or you could wait a little longer and see if this continues. focus on this and try to forget any thoughts of getting back with her for the moment. at the moment you are offering yourself on a plate to her and this does not make you attractive. everything was going fine then one day she started texting me less and less and she was spending more and more time on facebook. she told me she needed time for herself to think and that i was a big part of my life and that she wanted to get back together down the road. there would be nothing wrong with texting her and asking how she is in a few weeks, but keep it short and don't ask about your relationship. question is, what can i do or should i do to get her back? if you want to move on and you are sure things are over, then there is no need to wonder why he is asking your friends about you. im constantly paranoid too that shes dating my friend qnd talking behind my back. what can i do to ensure a year down the track she won't forget me? she went with someone else but everyone in my family who saw him said the same thing "gosh chris he looks a lot like you". i aim usually a up beat person always joking and laughing but in the last couple of months i found myself being down and i think this affect my relationship with her. piece of advice to you is one that is really difficult to take. had texted her because i deeply care about her and her well being and i was just texting mainly to make sure she was ok. if one party does not feel the same as the other, that is not a relationship, and is unhealthy for you. said a few weeks back, she did treat me like crap, so i don't no why i'm like this! but i very much believe that there's a relationship to be salvaged from this situation. 4 years ago from waleshi dan, thanks for commenting and reading. 4 years ago from walesit is good that you want to change things about yourself that you feel are bad, but the first person you should be doing this for is yourself. whatever you do, don't pester or keep trying to contact her, this will only make you seem desperate and not very attractive. stoped talking to me and i have done the same but i cant forget her, do you think it is worth getting back with her, and what should i do and we are both 19. when i haven't done anything, and thinking we had some of weird agreement. if she was right for you, it is unlikely that she will be able to stay away from you.: who knows, so don't be surprised if i'm not up for some chit chat. it may be that he has just been a little silly and insensitive in allowing his ex to influence your relationship. as normal i worried about her that something must be going on with her that she is not letting on. for one that makes me the fall back plan…not sure if that’s the kind of relationship i want. but i dont know if she think i like someone? tell her you didn't realise how much you were hurting her. don't be pushy or make her think there is only one possibility, just tell her where you stand and let her make her own decision. anyone could do something like that, but doing so shows weakness as a person, not strength. knew that our relationship was dated as she could not afford to go on placement and live out of home at the same time. 4 years ago hi, since i had top pestering her end of july, until now i had not been pestering her and until someone told me to write a letter just to let her know how i felt, i send her in late nov and no reply. so she broke up with me, but after we still hung out and sometimes seemed like nothing changed. if i txt her saying hows ellie our daughter she replies and usually asks how i am i dnt ask her first so im not sure if all hope is lost! 2 days before as i told her to do for me and meet up next week which is next month. but she had feelings for me too, i saw in her eyes. 4 years ago from waleshi again leo, yeah i have to approve comments before they appear because i get a lot of spam on this page. usually when this happens, it is very difficult for two people not to get together if they are in touch. also i asked if she was missing me and she said no not really just sometimes? 4 years ago would you like to shed some light on if she is also doing no contact then who breaks the ice first? she is now in a relationship with one of her roommates.

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she did send me a short text message saying thank you for the gifts, but it felt rather hollow. she said friends nothing more, i asked no more of those feelings between us she said no, most likely not. so now we agreed that the best is some time without communication. every time we would go out though there would be an argument and when my girlfriend would text me i couldn't text back right away because my mom and i go back and forth. if you meet the right person, you don't need to change who you are, or the way you speak etc. you should try to think of this as a first date and not as a "get back together" date. 4 years ago from walesinitially there is no need to do that as she will be pretty certain if she is the one who ended things. she had changed her number and i did not contact her at all for about a month until one day about a week ago she contacted me with her new number telling me how much she misses me and wants things to work. there is really only one sure thing that will heal this; time. thanks for the compliment, but i am by no means an expert lol. the first month and a half after the break up i begged and pleaded because she was my first. i loved her and realized the mistake i made and she doesn't even think about it all. other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. i have cheated on her before but she accepted it and we sorted things out.’m loving in such a way that she feels free.) when she does end up cutting ties with her rebound man, then the emotions left over from your breakup will hit your ex like a brick wall., will you say tony that being there for someone during their tuff times can help with getting back with them after a break up. in retrospect, i always come to the same conclusion: "what, why the hell did i want them back? i have had a hard time getting over the guilt. she wanted to get married, at the time i did not. then i call her after 2 days and i ask her if she is free we go out. i dont know what happened and after 3 months , this time she broke up . if she is not where you are, this is a disparity which you need to address. want to share this with your readers because this may help them. 4 years ago is there ever a time when chasing after her is the best option if part if the reason for the break up is because i had been a distant? or do you think that in the future she would realize that all the actions i took after the break up will show her i actually cared and was genuinely looking out for her?. but should i stick around and see if shell come back or move on? two days later i asked her to be my girlfriend and she accepted although the first week she was really distant she broke up with me and i said ok. she said she could wait for me i said ok but i knew we were gonna breakup due to her constant cheating so ehatever. for some reason, treat them mean keep them keen seems to apply to pretty much everyone. have decided now to completely just forget about her and the idea of getting back together and go completely no contact until if she contacts me. before me she was dating this douchebag who was a complete asshole. i told her i was in depression and she asked me how could she be a help to me ? do it without any thought of where else it might lead, just show her you will be there. the first sign that you are ready is that you don't spend all your time thinking about her and analysing her, and that you don't get that sinking feeling when you do think about her. i was planning to take her out to dinner and the movies this weekend with her but i guess it was just too little too late and she broke up with me a day before then. if something happens with her i let you know, thanks again! 4 years ago shes just txt saying sorry if im been off im just in a bad mood and pissed off! its no contact now, but i found out from a mutual friend that she has a new crush. she did seem very busy, but the only thing she really said was that the reason was she could not see forever with me. she has tried to break up but we can't , please what can i do. she hasn’t told any of her family about what’s happened because they would have a go at her but i know she’ll come back because she hasn’t got the comfort of me. but then she got angry and said she didn't want to be in contact. sorry joe, i have to go to work now so i don't have time to answer you too, but i will do so as soon as i can, probably tomorrow as i am working all day and all night today. i restricted her from meeting boys and uloading unappropriate ( according to me )pictures on instagram . she told that she didn’t want to be kept waiting for something that wasn’t going to happen. and is there still a possibility, btw i have a class with her. just get bad days like today and need reassurance i'm doing the write thing, keeping no contact etc and hitting the gym, all time i guess! so when i found out, i thought it was his, she looked like him! i spend the previous 6 trying to convince her and her friends to go out with me. i tried no contact rules but it is not worked! whether she is my girlfriend or not i will still have compassion for her.'m writing this in the comments because i need a bit of support on what my next actions are. she has a new boyfriend, and shes starting to talk to me. when i asked about him she said he was nothing and she was just giving him a ride somewhere. like i said tho i was hanging out with like 2 girls that i was friends with and we would mess around time to time and i would never say deep details but would tell baby mama that yea i had done a couple things with some friends and she honestly acted as if this is what we agreed to do to kinda stay around or together for the kids but i guess she tells me now that she was going thru all kinds of things like me controlling her and her just feeling like total piece of shit cuz of what i was doing. however i do know that my ex is really into romance. if you press her on the issue, you will drive her away. don't stay on the phone dragging every last moment of contact out from her. that doesn't give much opportunity to see if there is still anything there. was still spending time with a girl i had dated during the split, but we never slept together. if they're all shocked, there may be something else underlying the reason for the split. she then shared our favourite song to which i didn't react anything. the first time i was d one dat ended it and it lasted for almost 5months then we came back subsequently she was the one that kept breaking up with me for unnecessary reasons. this is a very stark indication of her unwillingness to be with you. am confused as she says she still thinks about me a lot & misses me but she is seeing someone else and that there could be hope for the future, any advice would be greatly appreciated. she'll do anything to stop the pain, including finding a new man to fill the void that's created by your breakup. you have to make the decision for yourself, not her. i think the most important thing for you to do at the moment is to take some time for yourself. i really liked it so i would txt her every now and then so we could have sex she would always agree and do a quick one. i would say give her the opportunity, but make sure she knows that you will not be walked on. she found out about it near our 1 year of relationship, and she reacted very badly.. now she like one of my close friend from school . but that is all in the past and its been quite a while now. i think you should also be worried about rekindling a relationship with someone who has said she couldn’t love you fully. i found out through a close friend that she doesn't want a relationship at the moment which kind of got my hopes hope but i do not expect anything from it . she text me telling me how special it made her feel, and even later saying she text me saying she wished i was there. i lost my job, my apartment, my car, a shot at competing in the golden gloves circuit. expression ‘first impression is the last impression’ terrifies any girl who just got lucky to go on a date. if you have done something terrible to deserve this, then you need to accept that and try to make it up to her. i love her so much and want her back but i know for that to happen she has to want to come back! for the last year of that, my girlfriend moved to a different city for work and it was long distance. by this i mean the things you have done already, i. she asked about me and i was polite and answered but i gave short answers and didnt ask about her, maybe a 2 min conversation and i gave her a hug and i went back to talking to my friends. instead of panicking, texting, calling and moaning to everyone who will listen how bad you feel about it, make plans of your own. as to whether or not you should carry on being her friend, that is a choice only you can make. if you love her, you should be prepared to give her the space she needs and allow her to get her mind straight. if she does not, it is fairly safe for you to assume that the relationship is over and think about moving on. after we argued and stuff, this was the conversation yesterday. look, she’s dropped you like a hot brick – why should you, when she gets in touch, be so quick to respond? relationships are a two way street, if you don't trust someone, you cannot expect their love. 4 years ago thanks, but one more question, you mentioned that if she tries to talk just be polite and courteous but be short and make an excuse. also for the past couple of months she picked up a new hobby and made some new friends. so she came to ny and this relationship fixed all my wounds from my previous relationship. you need to try to find out exactly why it is that she is feeling this way. please give me advice on this everything would be helpful thanks. maybe she needs some thing serious that i show her how she means to me! i was surprised, didn't tell her about the concert or about my feelings. 4 years ago from walesthere is no denying that that is a possibility joe, but worrying about whether it is the case or not will just mess up your head. i'm so hurt she said she never wants me again. she has told me there is no chance of us getting back together now but i dnt want to lose hope. hubpages and hubbers (authors) may earn revenue on this page based on affiliate relationships and advertisements with partners including amazon, google, and others. i was soo much happy to have a girlfriend like her as she was my first love. we were such good friends before, and we both spent so much time looking for the other person, why throw that away? if thou do this, then you find that she is what you want, great, go for it, but in my experience this is rarely the case. she was ready to keep friendship and we used to talk but after break up i beg her to come back for 2 and half months and then she blocked me and don't want to talk to me or meet me. we have just spent the day shopping, had some lunch and it was great. i ended the call, saying i had to eat dinner, and at the end she got a bit emotional saying she missed me so much, i told her i missed her too, but a bit more calmly and less emotionally than she said it. although she did find this new friend of hers who i think maybe the reason why but whatever people don't change people but the person themselves make the change. we got back and nothing got said about us she said she was going to get a bath so i left! the next day i regretted it but my ex did not accept it and rather said that we should break up and said that she cant see us working in the future.) will this help to show her at least that i have taken into consideration of her being busy and have stopped bugging her? i came to city to read but i missed her so much so i said to her that we will read together so i returned back she also felt happy to hear that news. if she loves your personality, then being yourself is the best option, rather than looking for ways to show her you to bring her back to you.. do you think should i contact her maybe in 3 weeks and ask how shes doing or wait for her to contact me first? an hour later i texted to see if she got home safe and that was it i fell asleep after that. and then when it was time to go i kissed her again. it seems to me that if she is very shy as you say then maybe you should send her a message, keep it friendly, ask how she is and see how she responds. you have to consider the possibility she may have gone back with her ex. keep the conversation about your daughter when you speak to her and take some time to get yourself back together a little. no one wants to go out with someone who they’ve treated badly and who comes grovelling back for more punishment. both work in the same building and i was completely honest about 2 girls i had previously taken out, one was just a one off date, and the other a bit more. i really have a hard time not thinking about her but i just sorta think of something random to avoid it. when she didnt received my call i feel depressed and sleep all day thinking. your significant other is texting someone more interesting than youby drewlaskey9. they had kissed and stuff in the halls after she would walk me to class. 4 years ago from waleshi gardner, there is a possibility she does, but there is no way i could possibly tell you for certain. i've had alot of generic feedback from people, so this is much appreciated. me stress this a little bit, however: your ex girlfriend will be the one to finally make decide whether or not your relationship is over, and any potential solution to your relationship woes do not guarantee 100% success. and when we did it was awesome the only propblem was i couldn't see myself getting married. decide to be with someone else, she broke down crying when she told me because i asked for her back. take some time for yourself, wait until you feel back to normal, then assess your relationship with a bit more clarity. if you know what made the relationship go downhill and you are prepared to resolve it, you need to be sure she wants the same before you do anything romantic for her in my opinion. so i started talking to other girls and she seemed to not care we would still hang out and have fun all as a family and eat dinner then shower and put them to bed and then hang with her for a bit and then i would either go chill for a little bit or stay the night at a friends but i never lied to her and always told her what i was doin and would always be there early in the morning to play with kids and breakfast that kinda stuff. she obviously doesn't want things to continue in the way they are and it seems like you don't either. didn't even talk to my sons mom and missed out on time with my son. since then in end of july i decided to stop doing this. your best option is to carry on as you are and see if she contacts you. she reached out a few times and touched my arms when talking and we kissed on the lips when departing.! i know so look what i want to know or get advice is i love this girl would do anything for her i have her name tattooed on my ankle but what do i do think she will come back or what im done playing these i love you i miss you games and not come back i hate it. so don't no why it's getting to me so much but it really is! doing the gym 5 times a week which is really good, but was hoping after 3 months of no contact it would go away, has become easier but having a bad few days i guess! i know this may not be what you want to hear, and i only have your comment to go on, but for me the facts speak for themselves. i have been doing a lot of soul searching and realise i want her back. i tried texting her, but quit after 2 days because she wouldn't reply. 3 years ago hi, wrote on hear a few weeks back, just need some sort of guidance. it seems to me you have been extremely good and patient with her. and then when it was time to go i kissed her again. she straight up told me that she did not care about me nor will she ever but i don't know how to let go. she asked me to return and i wasn't strong enough to go back. 1 year ago she finished her phd and also found a job where i live. all due respect, we, the women, accept the fact that a ‘perfect guy’ is a myth however, we all. if she is worried about committing, you need to let her breathe to think about it. and i told her that she is all the thing that i hav and i told her that i changed and i will make her happy. even more, that he even felt the need to tell you that they argued then further dramatise it by sitting you down to tell you what's "going on" after he made his peace. no contact does not mean you have to be horrible to her. she said she just needs time to heal and get over it. feel guilty for not working things out with her but i have accepted the current situation, she’s moved on and so am i. i almost feel like that guy is the void she misses with me. she’s been like this ever since he was small. she slowly deleted me off social media (unfollowed me on instagram on the first month, when i like her photo she blocked me. and because of our children she calls me several times a week. you might even meet a lovely woman who really does want you. and that she will never change (which didn't make sense cause i don't want her to change) and that i will never change which again dint make sense cause i was acting different due to problems at work which had now been resolved.. manipulationalthough most people like to believe they cannot be, it is true that almost everyone is susceptible to some degree of manipulation. next 5 great romantic first date ideas (ii)the various alternatives available when it comes to online dating services. but when she does see me, it all comes out, and leads to her actions. few days after i asked her how she was doing, and the she did not reply for two days i text her back asking in a jokey manner how i have been ignored. it also seems to me as though she didn't treat you very well. but i fear because of our shared custody the no contact will not work, and she always tries to tell me maybe one day.

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people often "act out" if they feel guilty about something, and it is possible that she feels bad because she knows it will hurt you to find out that she has been seeing someone else. suppressed hurt eventually causes resentment, even in the best of people. people always want what they can't have, and this will always cloud judgement. on the bright side, it is very unlikely that she doesn't still feel for you if her emotions are expressing themselves in such an extreme manner. i still see her in my dreams n that day i feel sad n optimistic all day. she's the first person i could be completely open with and talk to about anything. maybe it would be an idea to speak to a professional about why you did it and this could help you avoid the situation in the future. next i called her and i ask her to give me 10 min to talk and she tod me that she cant talk today maybe other day and i force her to meet and i went to her house and we talk. when she heard about this, her sister told me she suddenly told all her friends etc to go friday instead, and how she wants to 'bump' into me lol. it may be wise to perhaps consider expressing it in a more constructive manner in the future, i. my ex suffers from bipolar disorder and occasionally would have mood swings and make her say things that she didn't mean. your ex getting into a relationship with your friend is a different thing entirely. but her ex started to call her, text her , say her to come back. 3 years ago from germanywell, she came back but the guy would not let her be. should i maybe say it again in a card, or is that too much? and the day after i make soup for her and i called her to send it to her, then she told me im ok now and im not @ home thanks. so i accepted the fact she didn't want me so i left. she kept mentioning that i screwed up our 1st year anniversary date, and her birthday date. three months should be long enough for you to begin to heal, if you have not, guidance from a recognised and qualified person can help you see it through. i also dont want to lose her as a friend, because we still trust each other very much (this has been stated clearly by her). i think you should avoid the subject of your relationship for a while as she requests.’ve been seeing more and more interaction between my ex and this new guy, on facebook. i still lived with her for another month after this and we were getting along great. during my sobriety, i did what you are supposed to: work on me. 4 years ago hi tony,my ex left me 6 weeks ago and admittedly i freaked out. it's gotten to the point where that a random thought brings her into my head, it's starting to mess with my school life, badly. about 1 or 2 months, 2 of her good friend came to see me and warn me like i disturb her when i didnt do that? i told her that this is life in a nutshell: we don't know if we are making the right choice before we actually make them; we can only hope that things would turn out fine. i pushed some more feelings onto her when she asked me if i was ok during the day, and she started getting mad at that point. if so did i mess up my chances by constantly contacting her after she told me to leave and ask for this chance ? i already learned from my mistakes but its too soon to contact her. the first week i found it impossible to not check up on her every couple of days, and at first she was insistent that we support each other. 4 years ago i dont mean drop our daughter off at her mums i mean she wanted dropping off thats why i feel used because shes saying she wants space but surley if she wanted it that bad she wouldnt be asking me to have a drink with her and then asking for a lift to her mums. she was pretty insecure person and got into these moods sometimes where she felt like everything was falling apart and break up with me (but we'd get back together a few hours later or the next day because it was silly etc). i've tried so many things to come up with a solution to my problem and i just don't know what to do anymore so i decided to come to you. once you are past this phase, you are ready to either move on or try to get back with her. when you feel yourself starting to dwell on her, occupy yourself with something else; hobbies, friends, physical exercise etc. have been trying to show her that i care over the last month rather than the idea of winning her back, because the way i have been brought up in my family even if someone hurts you you hold no grudges and if you still care about them you dont just completely stop caring. everything was fine after it seemed unreal because everything felt normal again but im just worried shes using me for all of these things but really unsure! the problem, as i see it, is a fairly common one; men and women tend to see emotional involvement differently. but i can't do this forever, it hurts so much. 4 years ago from waleshi kevo, hope this works out for you. if you still feel the same after this time, then let her know and try to get her back. she said she wanted to meet quite soon for closure, maybe to go and do something nice together. all articles by brad browningsee brad browning's expert pageget updates on datingget updates on brad browning. you can usually tell if this has been successful if after a bit of a laugh together there is a short silence. 4 years ago i have her twitter and i know what is going on about her. everytime we do talk it ends in tears as she questions me about past problems and doesn't believe my answers. i would say avoid the conversation unless she brings it up, just be there for her when she needs you, which is likely to be a lot. 4 years ago i backed off and said i agree we both need space and not getting back together is probably for the best! i mean, of course we would argue, but we'd always fix it right then..John 4 years ago hello, i was with my girlfriend more than 1 year and 3 months, i cheated on her after that i said sorry to her so many times. so i told her that it was not a ploy and that i want her to come and they way she had been behaving i asked her if she was seeing someone else or something that she should let me know so i will back off. 3 years ago hey tony, your article is a great read ! she left me 20 days ago because i made her miserable. 4 months ago from walesyou're welcome, hope it all works out for you. she said that she can’t stand being lied to. i notice that throughout your comments there is a theme of "i made a mistake" or "i did xyz wrong" and so on. her boyfriend broke up with her, and she called me on the phone on november 14th. some of my friends attend this college and they know that she has not been so busy that she could not talk to me. her whole family adore me and my family adore her, i can’t see why she'd want to split up. so she came to ny and this relationship fixed all my wounds from my previous relationship. it is my belief that if you hang in there with this one, you will eventually prevail. one week is not long in the grand scheme of things. it will also give you time to put yourself in a good place to start moving forward if you do get back together. if you post things that are not really who you are, but who you think she wants, you will either get her back under false pretences, or she will see right through it and you will appear less attractive. use the time effectively to get back to who you are. so i left it and texted her instead that i don't know what has gotten into her but she im not lying about the birthday buts she should come. give it maybe a month or two with no contact and see what she does. the next day she a picture of some guy eho looked just like me and though it was me dating anothet girl and she was like see i knew it but the guy in the picture didn't have a tattoo in his calf like me so i was was like stop acting ridiculous it shocks me how well you don't know me then she says daniel i really loved you but you have no idea how heart broken i feel so i said responded isn't this what you wanted now you know how i feel 3days later exactly yesterday she texted me saying i miss you and she called me two times i gave in to the weakness and called back and acted cool and then she was like wtf act like you care then i said we can work things out you can be with your friends party and as well be with me and she said idk i donknow where my heads at idk what i want but i love and miss you and i want to be with you but idk so i said take your time and think but i have date in my head and if your not back by that date i wont come back and we had a argument after that ugh! at this point, if you're still convinced that this is the woman for you, then you can move in and re-establish communication with your ex. i'm so confused because i really thought i no longer wanted her, but now i'm feeling so much regret by not being there for her emotionally for the last half of the relationship and am fearful that it is completely my fault and it could have worked. and again after afew days that we meet i talk with her, and this time she told me that please finish it. i lost my job due to redundancy and i started to look for employment. if you feel she is just playing games with you, then it may well be time to move on. i went nc and she texted 2days later but i didn't respond and she got hella pissed and cursed me out. this hub gets a lot of spam from people trying to sell you love spells and other tat, so i check every comment. she needed help with her car a few days ago, i did what any good husband would do and i get her going again. after 5 months i realised that i had made a very big mistake and i talked to her . so ok i left her alone and she texted me 4days later saying i miss you and i want to see you. well, she broke up w me, crying on the phone. if you initiate no contact for the purpose of getting her back you may have a touch of cluster b yourself with this self deprecating, self defeating and self destructive behavior. 4 years ago from waleshi aidan, it is possible that that is where she is trying to put you. 4 years ago from walesthat is something to feel good about yourself for, not question why she didn't appreciate it. she text me the following morning asking why i was upset. i guess with all that said, are my chances of having my family dismal? you have any idea how to make her feel that i really changed and i am better person and make her love me and miss me like before, even if she far away from me ? one thing i didnt do was beg or cry when she said to break up i was relatively clam and only just asked things like 'is this what she wants to do? she then said can we talk tommorow im getting ready to go out right now but i said no don't call me don't text only call me when you habe a decision if you don't keep it in your head and she ok bye so i clicked. the only thing i can do is wait for her. i told her that i love her very much and this wont happen again . if she decides she isn't going to come, accept it and don't ask her again, wait for her to ask you. she is likely using him to try to get over you. the brake up came out of left field & well i became heated said hurtful things but i love her with all my heart she was the one for me. if she sees you making an effort to do this it may show her that the problem was not you, which may lead her to reconsider ending things. even if you do succeed, you have wasted your valuable time and effort for no gain other than to make someone you once loved miserable. they tried their hardest to get me to go, but nothing. 4 years ago from walesit is difficult to say for certain without knowing you or your ex. it is important, when getting back with an ex, that she comes back because she wants you, and not because she likes to be well treated. 4 years ago so i hate to say this but i am dreadfully close to breaking. please do not waste your time and mine posting about love spells, no one will see them as i will not approve them as they are scams. at the moment she said that, she had actually decided that there is no point in time that she can see the two of you together. she recently got divorced a couple years of a go and she really wanted to sell her home and now its about to sell. and she would ask me "can you really not see us being together ever again. she got pregnant by this guy and had his baby recently. if she is not, getting paranoid about it and questioning her will hinder your chances of being happy together again. the night we broke up we went out for dinner at a very nice restaurant but had an argument at the table. she may not be aware of this and this may even be part of the reason she believes you are not emotionally available. if she is saying she loves you, you need to allow yourself to believe it and just take each day as it comes. 2 years ago i really like your advice, you seem to think quite a lot like myself so i really understand your take on how you've replied to comments. that is a difficult thing for anything to get in the way of. im in the same collage as this girl and i see her everyday. this was less than a week before the actual event and everything happened so fast. so that night i went home bawling to my mom and of course my ex was too. this approach of a friendship will help you in two ways: first, it gives her enough space not to suspect that you’re planning to court her again, and second, you will also gain the respect of the new boyfriend for not crashing into their lives all of a sudden. i met up with her 2days later and told her ill change and make it work and i convinced her and she came back. we have had bad arguments in the past and had several breaks to then only get back together due to the strong attraction. she knows she is in the wrong and she has told me it isn't fair to me and that she is the worst person on earth and i try to reassure her she isn't. i think the hardest part for me was letting go, i've started talking to a new girl, nothing serious yet. she broke down and said she can't do it anymore. this scenario is especially difficult if you're trying to repair your relationship and get back together with your ex. in the grand scheme of things, that is not very long. there is nothing wrong with sending her a valentines card, but i would suggest not mentioning the situation at all. some times when she tried to talk to me i used to be rude and stuff. if she doesn't contact you then she probably wasn't the right one for you. i found out that the guy wasnt all he was cracked up to be and he barely sees his own son. i'm still trying to go out ie i'm going paint balling today with some friends but i'm breaking. 4 years ago from walesusually in that case i would say her, unless there is a particularly good reason to contact her, i. if it is negative or you get nothing back, it's probably quite unlikely that she has any interest in you anymore. she obviously has some strong issues around insecurity, but you shouldn't be the one to suffer as a result. should i call her in a few days or see if she calls me? 4 years ago from waleshi kevin, yes, you are right, the no contact rule is often used in many tips about getting exes back. panicking will only serve to confirm to your ex that she has made the right decision. we tossed the idea around in argument but this is the first time its been put into action. an hour later i texted to see if she got home safe and that was it i fell asleep after that. 4 years ago great blog tonya friend of mine sent a letter to his ex a week ago. the basic difference is while infatuation usually lasts for a. now, believe me, you don’t do that to someone you’re not fond of. trust me i want my ex of 3 years back in my life, but she is the least interested in wanting me back so there’s not a whole lot that can be done other than to sulk and accept it no matter how much i want to change the situation. well, i figured out since then (it annoys me to no end that i figured out after i lost her) and she kinda agreed with me. 4 years ago from waleshi cebassian, it sounds as though your ex still has feelings for you but is trying to suppress them as she believes you are not right for her. cant for one day, stop thinking about both girls aswell as naturally my beautiful daughter, my reason to keep myself on until a miracle happens, help me please. she thinks i was ice cold to her, and was looking i was forced to come her, when in reality i was in shock and was scared about her. since then, about 2 weeks ago, the only contact i've had is to send her a package. plus, all of a sudden shees been putting up pics of them together, but always standing apart from each other, or on each side of something, but never like “touching” each other, ie arms around each other, even mostly doing the “silly” face. at this point i had about 2 and ½ weeks left of high school, we had started talking less and less, the only thing we ever talked about is when i’m going to deliver the pictures that we took together at prom, and i realized i had to act quickly if i wanted this girl to be around.'ve managed to sorted things out when she got back from holiday i told her what she did was cheating and blah blah blah but i have her a 2nd chance due to because how much i knew i loved her and it might of not happened if i didn't say what i said; + i feel too mature now to be over reacting a mouth to mouth, at least they didn't get in bed together. so i still texted her checking up on her and then one day she blew it up in my face saying that she was busy. " its 100% over we need to stop all contact unless its to do with our daughter because its so hard to get over u" then i rang her again half an hour later and she said "if there was a chance its 0. they will never change the only thing worse than the one who got away is the one that won’t go away. is aware that she may not or will not be receptive to the things he had said and he is not expecting a reply back from her. this is my son's uncle who he shared memories with. but in my household there is much more arguing than in a normal household..David 4 years ago tony, related to my questions above do you think these are reasons why she could be behaving like that. i sit here and think i was so good to her, had a good laugh every time i was with her and took her on some wicked days out so i can walk away with my head high. i left school in febrary 29 it is second last date of febrary. there is any advice anyone can give me to at least make an effort into contacting her just as friends i would really appreciate it. and they all agree that she has been acting strange. she keeps posting these posts on her timeline that she finds me annoying or hates me, and recently she's removing photos that we took together. think about what you enjoy doing, spend some time with friends, they will help you keep your mind off her and help you get back to yourself. the best moment of my life was at her birth. 4 years ago i had been seeing this guy for a couple of months, he was straight forward with me said he was separated from his wife she had moved out and was living miles away from him with their 2 kids, we were together every night he started the new year with me and sent me a message coming clean that he had been talking to other women and i also found out that he was also talking to his separated ex. i explained that i was sorry but she suggested that, we had gone into a 'relationship rut' and did not want us going back into it and that it was for the best. she said it was hard coz of her parents and something wasnt right, couldn't say what, said we got on really well but wasnt right! i have a lot hope and faith for this relationship but honestly very difficult to predict or see where this is going to go. also is there even any real hope of us getting back together after this sort of time? 4 years ago tell me if im thinking way too much into it but iv got this funny feeling she had another man round last night just from not answering the phone and saying just txt plz and i heard from another women if a girl asks for space shes meeting someone else but holding onto u incase it doesnt work out. i didn't speak to her nor reply to her text messages she would send me every other day, for about 2 or 3 months. would think a little about whether or not this situation with your ex is merely because you both had an ideal of what the other was like due to long term separation. you are a very intelligent guy and all of your advice on here is amazing.

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 2 months ago from waleshi mike, just so we're clear here, i am not a qualified psychologist, therapist, or professional of any sort, so my thoughts are based entirely on my own experiences and that of some people i have known. will also end up being with someone who does not want to be with you, but the fake persona you have created to attract them. you are basically saying it is fine for her to treat you however she likes and you will always come running back. she then resorted to screaming over the phone saying that i just want her to come because i want to get back with her and it was all a ploy etc. said she still loved me, but that this is the end. it doesn't sound to me like she is using you, it is your daughter after all. its been real emotional the last couple weeks because she is suppose to move next week. i told her that i have to move on because i can't do this anymore. the first of our break up i used to call her daily and text her in sad way and asking her to come back and when we call sometimes i cry and i beg her etc. i think people who come here have enough problems without scammers adding to them by taking their money. if, however, you discover that she did have feelings for someone else whilst with you, you have to ask yourself, do i really want to be with someone capable of doing that? i know this may not be what you want to hear, but the only person really qualified to decide what is best for them is, in almost all circumstances love related, that person themselves. though it is worth considering that fear of her leaving can actually cause her to do so. ok well 1 year and 7months ago i was dating this other girl who we went out for a year and three months but i recently had gotten my papers(immigrant) so i decided i wanted to go to my home country. she then decided to cut me off completely, may be because she wasn't in control. 4 years ago from baltimore, marylandi was first drwn to this hub because i recently broke up with someone and i miss him dearly, but midway through reading i had to ask myself; do i really want him back or am i just lonely. ok where do i start, i'm 24yrs old and i met my friend about 7 or 8yrs ago. seems to me like you are very unsure how you feel or why, so making any attempt to get back with her in this condition is likely to cause far more issues long term. you very much for taking the time to read my comment and also i hope this helps others out. about 3 weeks ago she started goin out with another boy she said she really liked him and he did too so i got kinda jealous since i do still love her. 4 years ago from walesif you are in the same class with her, try switching classes or just don't speak to her unless she speaks to you, then be brief and don't talk longer than is absolutely necessary. i want to do things for her, take her out, etc but i'm not sure if i can rekindle the romance and i don't know if she wants to give me another chance. but it seems like she cares for me or at least doesn't want to be guilty because she was telling me to do my work, be strong, etc. this will give you the upper hand because it will give the impression that you weren’t missing her that much, making you very “inaccessible” and “exclusive”. i noticed her listening to happy love songs about a man etc then i saw her listening to a sad love song right after on pandora. just leave things now and wait to see if she contacts you. saw her again at a wedding a afew weeks later, and she was a little more comfortable. there is no need and no point in doing this. with that in mind you need to try to be open to possibilities and try not to idealise your ex. i love her too death like the saying goes if you love someone set them free,if they return they are yours. i was very much in this relationship for the long haul, i saw her eating disorder as a challenge that we could overcome together. we tried working things out, but i am aware that whole time i was too drunk and smoked out. her sister told me she would get back with me but is afraid all she'll do is keep doing it. i know she is not so busy that she could not reply because she has been speaking to other mutual friends of ours. did you generally get on, or were there many points where you didn't seem to be on the same wavelength?. assess the situationtry to take a step back from your relationship for a moment. we've being with each other for 2 months and one fine day she tells me that she can't be with me. this is only useful to those who do not wish for a lasting, healthy relationship, so take my advice, and don't do it. it may well be that once the time is up, she decides that she does not wish to continue, but if you push her, the chances are much higher that this will happen. a few months into the relationship this mentality of that, “oh i’m in high school, this isn’t the time for a girlfriend” started to grow on me and i became an even bigger douche. in saying this i started to resent her and now realize that i was emotionally abusive to her when i should have been trying to help her overcome her obstacles. after you have collected your thoughts you may find that is not what you want. my ex and i met at a party in 2011 and we rushed into it way too fast. i have been going to the gym everyday to keep my mind off her and seeing mates any moment i can. 4 years ago from waleshi randy, it's obvious to me that this girl must still have some feeling for you, or she would not have continued sleeping with you for so long. so you need to both try to look at this rationally and try to work things out without the hot-headed reactions you both seem to be having. i try to talk to her and she tricks me into giving her dead ends and then she calls me out on it. she went away on vacation for about a week and while she was gone i went on more dates with the other girl. then she says she wants to be friends after she is cuddling with me . then came prom season around and i had no one to go with, so i told my friends that i wouldn’t end up going because of financial reasons and that i had no date.. that time the guy who is her friend use to give her emotional support and she started liking that guy as friend. and she told me again promise me to move on and don't call me again. and it got to a moment where there was complete silence and we started kissing; she kissed me like 3 times. my friends say that she's just going through a phase or transition and where we were together all through high school she needs to see what she has to appreciate it. i know this is very hard but if you involve yourself in other activities that will help you take your mind off her then when you do see her, you will feel more confident and more able to talk to her as yourself. i would agree that you should let it go, but you should continue to try to contact her from time to time, just to let her know you are still around. the adblock/adblock plus icon, which is to the right of your address bar. and all these emotions just came on so late and hard. want her so much back but since the last call before afew days i didnt call her or text her at all, and her clothes and stuff in my house and she will come on 26 of coming march to take it, and i really need a right way to get her back and i have made a promise to make it up for her for any mistake i have done with her. 4 years ago from walesthat is often the problem when a relationship ends.. but everytime my friends ask her anything about us she tell them she dont have feelings for me, she dont love me anymore and all that. how do i connect with her when she cut me off contact. however, the fact that she has actually said that she never loved you is a very big thing that you cannot afford to ignore. i told her im ready to commit and have a healthy relationship i love her and basically 2years together i don't want to lose it she told me what the hell daniel how could you give up so easily am i not worth fighting for nomore i said you are but am i? when i heard this it broke my heart but like you said its time to move on and yeah its hard, i hope she's perfect for you and don't you ever change in anyway and i mean it xwhat do i do? i didn't talk to her for another couple weeks, then i did, and we called, we had a pretty good night, but she was still cold. admittedly, the longer you are in the begging pestering phase, the less likely it is to work, but women (and men too usually) want what they can't have, so you need to make them feel like they would have to put a bit of effort in to keep you. part of the reason you need to reconnect with her is that you also need to figure out if she is still who you want, not just the other way around. if she has gone a month and has not answered your messages, you should wait and see if she contacts you. that said, it is important to ensure that you are always truthful, even when this hurts. after a couple of unhappy and unhealthy months she told me she can't do it anymore and that we were over. even if she said that she has not now any flirts with someone and she is not planning.. she is still ignoring me after all this time, and her actions lead to only one thing, she is not over it. if you stick around, you may find out she is just using you until something better comes along. i know it is difficult for her to get out of him. wait until the next time she calls and then point it out to her (do this nicely and without shouting or arguing). 4 months ago i got with this girl who has never been in a relationship before so i was her first, we've been talking for approx 7 months and finally got together officially, after a week with her, she went on holiday with her best friend for a 5 days; 2 lads tagged along but not me cause i'm busy with work schedules, i told her i trusted her and her best friend and put 100% trust into her; stupid of me the 2nd day she was on holiday i went out and got drunk with friends and then phoned her and said something really bad that it pushed her away to the point she was thinking of a break up. they are the best acting wild little kids lol but right after she got pregnant with the boy we started to ask that question alot more, like where do you see us and things and she knew i didn't really see myself settling down but i did love her and the kids and loved to be the one supporting them. it is possible to get someone back by pretending to be something you are not, or pretending to be someone you no longer are. i myself am from pakistan and she is an american girl. well this time i could tell it was different, she wasnt sure how she felt, what she wanted, etc. i had been trying to convince them to let me see her but i had been going against their wishes keeping it away from my dad. i still lived with her for another month after this and we were getting along great. he runs a small but extremely successful and prestigious advertising company, but she just keeps moaning that he’s got too many staff or not enough space or that “he may be having a good run now, but what then? generally in my experience women will not say those words unless they mean them, however there are those that would, and desperation and fear of lonliness can make people do very bad things sometimes. 4 years ago from waleshi brandon, sorry to hear about your situation it sounds like you have things very hard at the moment. 4 years ago from waleshi havoc, sounds like you've been through the mill with this one. i used to bring chocolates for her everytime we meet. few people can be happy with someone they know does not want to be with them. if you truly love her then waiting is your only option. that also includes any scenario involving a new man she's found to replace you. 4 years ago from waleshi kristy, yeah that sounds like a common problem men face when dealing with a break up. i didn't know that she was with his new friend that weekend. well i found one guy that she was likeing alot of his stuff so the night we broke up i asked her about it but she said they were just friends but i doubt it. only to have her break up with me again a few months later. but if you really need someone to talk to let me knowher: okay thank you, i'm gonna miss youme: i'm gonna miss you tooher: can i tell you somethingher: i still regret losing you, and i still have some feelings for you, but right now i think this is for the best, i love you, talk whatever xxat this point i was planning to go full no contact. it can feel like someone stabbing you in the heart, and you may want to quit trying to win back your ex girlfriend altogether. send her some sappy ass songs and she’ll make a run for the border (pun intended) like a stoner on taco tuesday. shes a shy type so i know it took a lot for her to walk over the other night. i told her that if we continue then i would behave differently, i told her what i was thinking about where we have gone wrong, where we screwed up and she agreed with my assassment. she came and she talked to my mom, she played with my sisters and everything. it all started after new years eve with her being insecure in her feelings about me.. i txtd back askin if she wants to have dinner at a resturant or sushi&wine at my place. it is very unusual to lose all feeling for someone on separation. i found out that 3 days later she was already talking to someone else, but long story short they were already talking while she was with me two weeks before she broke up. we talked she was really mad cause i embarresd her in front of her friends . 4 years ago hi tony,just wondering if you could help me out. 2 weeks later we got back and went to colombia together and came back together. im just confused to why earlier she said she wants space then 2 hours later asking me to go for a walk with her? she is still angry after all this time, but behind great anger, there is great pain, and i am desperately trying not to take it personally. she said she can't be with someone she can't trust. also, try not to blame yourself for the break up. or is it a case of “absence makes the heart grow fonder”? one of the problems i had before was how she talked to my mom. i noticed that i had messed up, so when she got back, i tried to initiate contact with her again,because that was why she was sad, but i noticed right away that she was extremely cold, and answered in only "k" and "good" and "thx". but we also been thru a lot together, i'm always there during her difficult times.. although i did mistake but i have already realised thatthat. if you love this woman, yet married someone else, you've already done an unethical thing, so the question is whether you're prepared to admit this and leave your wife, or carry on in a loveless marriage. there are two ways this could end up as i see it; either you are very right for each other but both feel it's not yet the right time because neither of you are ready for that kind of long term commitment, or there is something in the way that you interact that means you are almost, but not quite perfect for each other, and you both know it. but when we were together she said she would never marry & have kids again. it caused problems and she moved out of my apartment. she asked me what would happen if she, or i, started dating someone and i said we would have to deal with it like adults. 3 years ago from walesif she is posting that she finds you annoying or hates you, these comments may be aimed at you(i. went nc for about 33 days and suddenly called her she was surprised and when i saw her i stared into her eyes for about 30 seconds it seemed like it was forever for me and she did the same as a i miss you and i love you kinda look. you should carry on doing what you are doing, and maybe she will change her mind, maybe she won't, but hey, you will be having fun so you won't worry about it once you have moved on a bit. 4 years ago from walesjust to point out to all you spammers out there, i do not approve any comments which invite readers to try spell casting to get their ex back, or any other internet phishing scams you may feel like posting, so don't bother, they will not appear unless i approve them, which i will not. started to say how sorry she was, how bad she feels and how she's even lucky to have a guy like me in her life because most others would of walked away by now. she told me to leave her alone and if its ment to be love find its way. times, guys complain that their happy-go-lucky girlfriends behave like a psycho after a few years of being in a. i also send sms to her to wish her happy new year!’re telling me that the way to get an ex back is by being the crying shoulder to pick up the pieces if/when her current relationship ends? the problem people have when they have had a relationship end suddenly, is that they tend to obsess about it, their ex and what they can do to get them back. 4 years ago yes tony as you said a change in someone's life can lead to them re-evaluating a relationship. i’ve never committed myself to another women that way before, so the pressure of “love” was really detrimental for me. 4 years ago hi i have a problem and i came across your site which u give rather good advice. i was her first and she really really loved me with all of her heart. she even said it herself during the breakup that she's afraid of what is to come. you then say you were not bothered until you heard she had a new boyfriend. i know that its bad that i cheated on her but whatever arguments or fallout's we had only made us stronger. 4 years ago thanks for the advice but i mentioned it today and she said i was the one that needed counselling so i said i was willing to do that for our relationship but she still said she was trying to get over me. she's a very insecure person - she told me that she cannot continue with me as long as she doesn't know that she's making the right choice. she is a nurse that took a 13 week traveling contract in another state. all make mistakes and i’ve made many and accepted mine and accepted hers and have forgiving her. she said she doesnt know if she wants to keep it and if she does she 100% doesnt want me back ever because she doesnt want to risk going through wat shes been through for the last 3 weeks. but my dilemma is a lot like the recent superman movie where he comes back after disappearing. this was mainly because she said that we could still talk. and this guy message me warn me stop pester her and i met him up and i asked how he know my number? but the point is that i am still in love with her. philippa dowlingby emailnext week's dilemmai have a friend from way back who is the mother of two adult children, one of them my godson. she swears theres no other guy in mind and her sister and friends have said the same. for the long comment and thank you for taking the time to read this comment and getting back to me in advance. 4 months ago i met my ex when i was 15, she was 14 at the time. ugh im so in love i have her name tattooed i went to colombia for her idk. but i called back saying i love you i would love to make it work but you keep pushing me away you could do what your doing now and as well have me as a boyfriend but all she could say is idk daniel i don't know what i want so i said ok think about things but don't take long either because i just wont come back. the more you think about it, and try things (such as talking to her friend) the more you will push her away and reinforce her decision. if you are strong and don't do things completely on her terms, not having you at all may make her realise that she does have stronger feelings for you. but about a year and a half ago something happened that destroyed her confidence in me, her brother committed suicide. than i cheated on her :/ after that she broke up with me by the time she found out. it would be extremely unhealthy for you to just allow this and wait around. she looked to me for comfort and support and i tried my best to be there for her, so i thought. texts, emails, messaging her new friends and family, you name it, i did it. looking forward to see what you have to say about this. yeah it sounds like you've had a pretty tough time." she replies "no" (grammatically, i'm not sure what the proper response is). for the reason that she will see this as every romantic and possibly the most romantic thing i have done for her. distance and time will bring her back or not, but insisting and begging is the single worst thing you can do, it will certainly just drive him/her further away. it seems to me as though you click from a personality point of view. if she doesn't try to contact you you know it's done and you can move on. this will send a signal to your ex that you also need the space and that you were severely affected by the breakup. in the 3 years we've only seen one another in passing maybe 3 times before she came over to say hi.

How to Get Closure When Your Ex Won't Speak to You

well she said she wasn't leaving me bc she wanted to take care if me and be here earlier in the year she proposed to me and i said yes. you will both know that you waited for each other, and that you both went through very hard times just to be together. there is no way you can know for certain short of stalking her, which is definitely not to be recommended. she said i need to know that we will never get back together ever ! than i gave her a surprise birthday gift with a party. she's ignoring me so talking to a wall is hard. i said nobody like her, and she said you'll find someone, and its not going to be me. there is no guarantee that you will definitely get her back, but then if you love her you have a very long time to do it. she has recently expressed to me that she was talking to someone from her work which sent red flags immediately. it also seems a little odd that his ex has such a large influence on your relationship. it was time to go we went to her car and we started talking and joking around and stuff. it seems to me as though you are not totally sure why she is being so cold and distant. she broke up with me february 13 but still continued to hangout with me until mid april when she stopped talking or anything. when i showed up, i guess she was there with someone but she kept looking over at me. she said the arguments are too bad and shes had enough of them we have seperated before because of them but got back together. she was then pregnant with my twins at the time in which we mutually agreed to abort. whether or not you think you can wait for things to get better is, i'm afraid, a choice you need to make. then said i couldn't have my son that day so i calmed the situation down and managed to still go and get him thank god! since the breakup, i've been trying to improve myself and move on, but part of me hopes that there's a chance that her and i might get back together. last weekend i had a party and i got realy drunk and started like flirting and dancing with other girls , and i kinda forgot to spend time with my gf at my party. those 2 years she told me she will never love someone else. and i became all, i want to know what she was doing so i checked her and her friends up on social medias all the time to see if someone was hitting on her etc, and she found out. i notice throughout your message you are saying you know what is good for her and she should realise that, but it really isn't up to you to decide that. from 1th january till a week ago, she said that she still didn't know what she felt, and that it hasn't gone any worse or better, but before this break she said that because of the way i behaved it has been going worse, so i am very worried that this long break is going to be the end of the realtionship. during these talks, she told me that she fell in love with some guy but knowing that she and the guy is impossible to be together but she enjoyed the time with him. (i send her a mail on valentines) wich she ignores obviously. let her know you are around from time to time, and answer when she texts you or rings you. it is certainly a possibility, and she may even be doing it unkowingly as she just likes the presents you bought for her. there is always hope, but make sure you don't just go back completely on her terms, it has to be something you both feel is the right thing. makes no sense coz even a few days before she left me she was telling people how amazing i was!. i went to the city for bridge courses and she was at her home. emailed me today and said that it’s none of my business who she dates and to leave her alone. eventually broke up for the stupidest reason possible and it was all my fault, at the time i couldn’t have been happier because it was over, but now it’s only regret. she told me she is in the hospital with heavy pains. we broke up he asked me if we could still talk and see each other and i told him yes. williams 4 years ago i recieved a message from her on viber today (free call and text app) for iphone. after the cheating happened we faught all the time and in january 2013 we spent our first new years together at my sixteenth bday party. it sounds to me as though her friend is trying to be nice to you, and trying to make it easy on you. i feel like she is just using me, with no intention of ever getting back together with me. 4 years ago and what are the things that she needs to see that it really is her that you want back and not just the comfort and security of a relationship? the last couple of months we became real toxic to each other and i'm not sure if it was to do with my ex going off her meds or not.'m running out of characters so i'll put the rest in the next comment. you may not have been giving enough effort in the relationship, but you are no longer in a relationship with her, therefore she cannot expect you to make effort now, nor is it likely that doing this will make her think differently. the lack of intimacy has made us drift apart slightly but it only happened because she felt like she couldn't. if she ever makes any mention of your relationship, i think you should make it clear that you found her jealousy unacceptable. she always complained how we missed out on our youth, envious of how her friends and their boyfriends were out partying all night and scared she missed out!  to answer this dilemma, or to share your own problem, write to dilemmas@independent. she starts seeing you, but, because she hasn’t seen her old boyfriend for a few months, he suddenly becomes, in her memory, a lot more of an attractive proposition. this will show her that you are well balanced and don't want her back just for the sake of it. she said she'll always be a part of my life but feels like we are just good friends. she would tell me she loves me and still call me pet names.. she took me back a few days later and we stayed together well about 4 weeks ago we got into a argument and she called off the engagement she said i get one more chance if i screw it up i'm done. i tihnk i did wrong because some times when she called me i didn't answer here very good! if you ever change your mind and wanna work things out give me a call i would love to hear from you. she left me two days after calling off the engagement and said she would get a restraining order if i didn't stay away from her. she told be that she misses everyday that she cant spend a day without talking to me, that she talks to me on the phone more than the guy and all those stuff and i also found out that she she wasnt in love with me that she loved me as a person but she kept on denying it and i also asked her about calling the new guy "babe" she also lied about that and she started crying on the phone but i didnt gave that much attetion because she lied. (which is acting weird, awkward conversations etc) or you think i should give it more time? 4 years ago david, she was a substitute teacher but got a full time teaching job about 2 months ago. we have been dating for seven months and i love her more than anything. even if i listen to them they get upset and if i don't then they obviously do as well. Virginia,Homepage»get your girlfriend back»what if she has a new boyfriend? whilst you are still in the zone where all you are thinking about is her and how to get back with her, it will not happen. i know for sure she's talking to various guys as in textimg and chatting, i really want to see her again and see what happens but don't want to look needy. she is my first real love, and the only person i have ever told "i love you". this wasn't one sided we were both happy like this. if you are seeing a therapist, talk to them about how you feel, as this can help you to put it into perspective. i understand that your messages wouldn't be asking her to get back with you, but ex girlfriends tend to assume any contact from you means you are trying to get them back, so it is best to wait until they contact you. she claims she left me for no one but herself. if she is not attracted to who you are, you are better off moving on anyway. she keeps leaning on you when she is hurt which causes you hurt which then causes her to feel guilty. the next day it seemed like she had changed, i went home and did my thing and she called me later asking me to come over. time will help you figure out if this really is what you want. since she dumped me she said that she’s been much happier while i’ve been feeling terrible but until she realises what she had with me shell continue to feel good. she wouldn't get jealous, she would get turned off towards me! please give me advise on what i should do and do u think i will get her back? it is important that your partner wants to be with you as much as you want to be with her in any relationship. i'm starting to think she's seeing someone else but not sure. a while, your ex will be accustomed to you becoming a part of her life once more and it will only be a matter of time before her current relationship with her boyfriend will get into several complications. since then i saw my ex's tweet, she said she never give up on me, she never ask anything in the first place". from your comment, it sounds as if your ex had very strong feelings for you for a very long time after you split up. currently she just wants to be "sex buddies" but we still talk as if we are dating ie she still calls me babe and baby, we still cuddle and all that. after that, for about another 2/3 weeks, she contacted me a few times a week saying "i miss you, i wanna call you", and we did, we had fun, light, talks, but then, about a week before christmas, at the end of a call, she told me "you've become distant, i feel like ive lost you", and i think i was a little harsh on her, i told her that i'm distant because i was scared to text her, because she would often ignore me. 4 years ago no friend of mine anymore, but with my ex we split up once before, my choice, she started seeing someone else and i got her back straight away, this time even though i no him i have realised i don't want her back which is good, leave them to it. but she tells my friends that she don't love me anymore. take some time, then see if you still feel like that. 4 years ago tony yohan again man yeah i read what you said but still dunno what to do with the ex and i dunno im confused cause when i kiss her on the cheek she seems to move towards my mouth. i sent her an email, just talking about some of the good times we had and how these were happy times for me and that i will not mind sharing some more good times with her. the thing is, i'm not sure what we are and i don't want to put a "label" on something that i'm not certain of, make sense? well little more time passes and she gets pregnant again and thats when she started hitting hard on the what are we gonna do and i would always say lets stay together a little more longer till now the baby gets a little older but openly agreed that it was ok to see people still like we had talked about previously but each of us never really tired then. try to be understanding with her, but make sure she knows you expect the same from her. i also think that if you move far away she may feel like you have left her to deal with it. we went 6 weeks with no contact until i got a smiley face text in december, then the following saturday, in the local club she wouldn't acknowledge me and was with another guy! reason why i panicked is because i wanted to show her i cared that we were broken up because i didn't want to reinforce her idea of me no longer being the nice person i was before buy going no contact straight away and brushing the whole situation to one side. you messaged her, she answered, it may be that simple. one day she will realise what a mistake she made and il be strong enough to tell her where to go. 4 years ago so i was with this girl officially for just under 3 months. that is the main point of the article; to make things easier on the person who has been hurt. 4 years ago from walesit sounds to me as though it was never really on. obviously don't ignore here if she speaks to you, but there is no need to chase her.: can someone be attracted to the wrong people when they feel worthless? she told me that she was "talking" to my best friend that i had since i was in first grade. since then, she has not contacted me, and i have not contacted her.)also still be able to achieve the same effects of her going through the process of missing me and how our relationship was?.well 9 mo ago i met a girl thru one of my friends we talked and started dating we wud do almost everything together and we fell in love after about a month dating i always treated her right and i was always ther for her wenever she needed me we are both young so we still live with our parents so i talked to her dad about seeing his daughter and at first he didnt like me but then after time pass we became good with each other he would invite me over every now and then. she says that she truly loves me amd wants us together again but she still lives with him and her last name on facebook is still his last name. she said that she loves me and cares for me but isn't in love with me. i know that i have my mistakes and all, but i dont think i deserve to be treated like shit. this may seem a little selfish, but a good relationship is one where both are happy, and it would be unfair to both parties to continue if either are unhappy.. everyday she would tell me stuff to make me smile we went through halloween and carved pumpkins together. i have been on a medication where fights make me emotionally crack so in turn i went to her house and picked her up and when we were driving to dinner i told her that it wouldn't work out. long story short she said she would like us to be friends and stuff i didnt know what to do so i agreed to be her friend. btw i don't want to drink, drugs, or go bang someone. it is a little outside my experience, so i don't want to give you advice i can't back up. it may be that she felt awkward with you there and wanted to get the awkwardness out of the way, in which case it could be that it doesn't mean anything, but you will lose nothing by feeling out the situation. she even walked over at one point to fix my hair, and tried to make small talk. the first thing you need to concern yourself with is you. this morning i wake up to this message from her. there's nothing wrong with contact, there is something wrong with texting your ex every 10 mins, for example. leave her be for a while, give her a chance to miss you. i get beautiful women but i cant get over her help! i just felt with the hirt from what she put me thru that i had to be strong and show her he doesn't phase me. i broke my ex's heart knowing what she's been through and all of those promises. the hurt is slowly turning to angermy ex of 5 years getting in a relationship with a mate of mine is also not helping the situation. that is one of the most effective ways to truly get over the breakup and to become happier without your ex. the best success, personal development, health, fitness, business, and financial advice. next moment she is furious at me for talking to a girl? listen to her and try not to give too much advice; girls just want to be understood and listened to. 4 years ago hi tony,i have been reading through this and have to say spot on advice, like many others wish i had of seen this months ago! she yes i just don't know daniel i told her im giving you space and im not asking you what you've done or doing were not together for me to ask you that. she seems like she is moving on and i don't really know if i even want to move on. but remember i was only doing so cuz i thought we were trying to let person be who they are and work it out for a bit and she was showing no signs that it bothered her until then, if she would have said something and not agreed i really would have not of done those things. she’s had a boyfriend since march 22 and right now wants nothing to do with me. is really obvious and most women actually even expect their exes to do this.. the summer went by and everything was okay well in august i was at her house and she got a message from a guy that said hey baby. i went to a christmas party at my ex's house and we were fine and exchanged gifts and it was nice. there is nothing wrong with being there for her if she needs you, but you should be concerned about you too.-iq7 4 years ago i just write posts about how the problems were in my attitude well be fixed, its more to advice other guys who they are in love, its all things i am trying to change it, not only for her but also for me in future to not repeat it again, but you think that someone keep calling his ex between a while and while and text her for 2 months, that he still have a chance to make her attract to him again ? have explained to her a few days after on the phone about why i was behaving how i was and i think she understand and i have also said sorry. later, i made a big mistake by texting her that while i have gotten good at hiding my feelings since she initially brokeup with me two years ago, but that she should know that i miss her so fucking much. 4 years ago from waleshi henry, yes this can be helpful. 4 years ago my ex broke up with me and has been dating some 1 else for a month she only gets to see him on the weekends.. christmas/birthday/new year/if you hear she has a new job etc, if you see her say hi and be friendly, just as you have been doing. it is like a sticking plaster, and at the moment what you are both doing is pulling it off very, very slowly. guy 3 years ago please help, :(so i broke up with my ex-girlfriend 4 weeks ago, (and i was really upset because half of me wanted to stay with her, and the other part liked another girl) and the day after i broke upwith her my bestfriend that i liked asked me why i broke up with her, i explained and then she asked me who was the girl i liked and i hesitated, but after a while i told her, and i noticed that she stopped replying my sms and she didnt spoke to me during the 3 next weeks, i was sad, until my ex slowly started to speak to me again after i broke up with her and now im ashamed of what i've done and want to get back to her but she's really cold to me, and i'm scared that i tell her i like her again and she slaps me in the face and tells everybody and they start joking me. as long as you make certain you don't fall into the "friend zone", it will be only a matter of time before she is back in your arms again. we have hung out a few times and we had a great time. from a cynical point of view, yes you are, from an idealistic, romantic point of view, no you're not. you also need to make sure she is aware of your interest, without actually pushing her to make any decision. this is a trust that they have given to you, and presumably, you have done the same. if you become her friend, there is a pretty good chance that that is what you'll stay. think it's perfectly natural to feel some regret on ending things with someone. i have gone through some profound changes in my life. so some night about 1 week ago i had a very bad dream that see did me wrong with the kids, not really going and doing things with people but yea like left me and took them away from me so i woke up and she must have been going to restroom and i was like oh i had this dream this and that and you did this in it and she sayed well yea some of those things might have to play out like that almost admitting she is going to do that and leave with them sometime soon to be happy. 4 years ago from waleshi ryan, i think time is what you need on this one. like most guys i did try to reach out to her at times in the last month. should i maybe send her some roses or something with a little card, just to show that i still love her? tony i have cried so much that it's become this pain so i can't even cry anymore. the next time we hung out was new year's eve and my mom gave he whole lecture like she usually does. i think what you have decided to do is definitely the best option given your situation, and you have made a strong and morally sound decision. it didn't end on a bad note with us arguing, but on one of 'please don't hate me" and "i hope i can still be your friend. yes she had strong feelings to me always, also before we started she had a platonic love to me, even i didn't know her then. you have already apologised and made her aware that you want to get back together, the ball is now in her court, and you need to leave it there until she decides to pick it up. or should i every now and then tell her 'i hope her work is going well'. she was my love she is my love n she will be my love. when me and her were dating she would always talk about how bad of a guy he was and how they broke up and she just despised him. first we have been only dating 3 months and i know it's not a long time i've really grown to love her. did you truly have a great time together all the time? you've told her how you feel, so there is no need to keep doing it. politeness and curtesy will show her that you still care, whilst at the same time she will see that you are not sat around mooning over her. "not looking for a relationship right now" is a turn of phrase to let you down gently.

and it got to a moment where there was complete silence and we started kissing; she kissed me like 3 times. this on again off again situation is not healthy for either of you. 4 years ago thanks, i wish that i could make time flow faster, but, that is life. that period of time, i asked her to go over to cook for her and my son. what can i do to ensure a year down the track she won't forget me? also dont thik any of her previous relationships have wanted to have her back and reasons why our relationships is peanuts compared to her previous ones. since then we haven't spoken; she went on a wellness weekend with her mother to the exact place we went last autumn. reading into i'm understanding that she doesn't want to go through more heartbreak. they will probably understand what you are going through and sympathise. circumstances at the time caused me to keep having to go away for days at a time and each time took away, bit by bit, her ability to confide in me and caused her to feel i couldn't be there for her emotionally no matter how hard i tried. give her and yourself some space and see how things go. i haven't texted her since last night and she doesn't text me really. i went nc and she texted 2days later but i didn't respond and she got hella pissed and cursed me out. its been so hard and emotional seeing each other lately but were going to stick with it and see how she feels. but after few days she replied to me and wanted to start life with me. there is no harm in telling her this is why you are going.. first love is the love whose memories cant be erased by anything rather than a death. thinking about what you might want to do just for you will ensure you don't go down the line of any obsessive behaviour, while at the same time taking the pressure off her as she can see you are doing your thing. i wish i could communicate with her to help her deal with her emotions and heal rather than sit back helpness. i know this is a difficult choice for you to make, but for the sake of both your sanity's i think this is the only way to go. he says he still cares about me and i’m not sure what to do. 4 years ago okay, me and this girl were together for 2 months. you're split up, so if you go overboard you will appear desperate, which will confirm in her mind that she doesn't need you. focusing on your own well being and health and building your confidence will put you in good shape to move on, but will also mean you are less likely to just go back to her just because you can. if/when she breaks up, give her time to heal herself don’t just jump in. then we keep calling each other until we meet again and that night we had sex. i repeated one semester in college and did not tell her about it. at first i continued as normal and convinced her to see me, to sleep with me and to try again, but after a week or so she called it off for good. we both agreed on that but it was somewhat a rough sketch and neither of us acted upon it but we knew we might have to do something in the future for yourself or for our kids. then said she was sorry she was being immature and that she loved me. was in relationship from last 3 years with my ex but we dont have any physical atachment few mounths ago i see her with a boy she sed he was nothing he is just his fraend but after few days it reapets again and her answer is same,So my question is why she is asking me lie about that boy and how i get her back? i was at the point of leaving my house tomorrow which is when i'm 18 knowing the treacherous road ahead. 4 years ago my girlfriend and i started dating 3 years ago when we were both in the 10th grade. i feel as though i have been used by her to help her through the tragic times and now she doesn’t need me. the first thing anyone should do when a relationship ends, is get back to who they are. told me that, what he regretted with the way i handled the break up was that i was very vague in what i wanted. i continuously told him that i would step out of the picture if he wanted her back because i knew he loved her and she loved him. i told her that from now on we would do things differently - she actually believed me that i would, her problem was that she wasn't sure if she would have second thoughts even if we continue and make things differently. memories we shared as a family and the many times we held each other. recently called her saying that i had the holiday tickets and she did not believe that i got them as a surprise ages ago and suggested that i just send them back. the good thing about the tips in the article is that you can pretty much start them whenever you like and they have a chance of working. since then we haven't spoken; she went on a wellness weekend with her mother to the exact place we went last autumn. virginia,my girlfriend broke up with me after six months because she can’t forget her ex, whom she was with for five years. 4 years ago from walesjust to note seth, comments do not appear at all until i have read and approved them, so don't worry if you write something and it doesn't come up. as you are young, even what older people might consider a short time apart will seem longer to you. she’s not long turned 18 and she has become a different person to what she was, she dumped me on our 3-year anniversary and said that she needed space, i tried my hardest to give it to her but i couldn't. and then when it was time to go i kissed her again. larry 4 years ago should i get my gf supposibly something for her birthday we haven't seen her in a month. 4 years ago hey, i understand ways of showing my ex that i don't need her, but what are some examples on how to keep in her head i still want her? the last 3 years i spent my life with her dreaming of having a family and so did she, so why would she want to give it all up. if you keep messaging her you may find it difficult to know how long to wait before texting or ringing. i will send her a card then, and give her the time she needs before she takes contact. surprisingly, your ex girlfriend is probably just as heartbroken as you are about the end of your relationship. that she didnt feel the same attraction or being in love with me. long story short, i bettered myself, changed things about me, for me, but also because i understood 100% what she wanted and the things that she looks for. 4 years ago from waleshi doe, this sounds like a very cautionary tale. we broke up i have called her and talked to her billion times and text with her daily, i always screwed thing up and hurt her with my words, she kept trying to make me move on and get over it, i am over her now but i still missing her and our time together, i have tried to contact her best friends and they told me once she go back to the college she will fall in love with me again because she loves me so much, but am afraid that she will be taken till that time, before 3 days i called her and told her that i want to go to her hometown to see her, she said she doesnt want to see me, so i told her that will be my last try to fix everything, and we discussed in a very nice way how and why we broke up, and i told her even if you have a new guy and you need my help or any thing you are welcome. 4 years ago from waleshi michael, there is always a chance, even if she goes with someone else. 4 years ago i posted before about anger over my ex girlfriend but i am returning this time on quite a different note. i told her repeatedly and showed through my actions that i would also get to that point eventually, but she just needed to be patient. it was a stupid mistake which i hadn't put much thought into. i've bought two books of how to get your ex back and read them and the methods in there say to act happy and work on yourself and make her jealous through facebook and be having fun and don't contact her for a month. a relationship can only be healthy if there is a mutual affection and appreciation on both parts. cut a long story short do you think that it can be helpful to write a letter like giving the circumstance is stated. if, on the other hand, she does not contact you, then maybe she just wasn't right for you and you need to move on. no contact is especially important here, though when you see her in class, say hello, be polite, but don't stop and talk. 4 years ago no, i really believe that if situations were reversed she would not stay. she told me she was happy and in love with me, maybe she was trying to move on. seeing her everyday is obviously no help at all, so try to avoid this if there is any way of doing so. i have not only told her i have also shown her that i am willing to make a mends and want to get back with her over the past 3 weeks. her family likes me too because i take care of her and always used to bring her flowers and take her out to dinner. if that is what she is doing, then you will find out sooner or later. pby emailmake use of your time apartwhy put all your eggs in one basket? so if i don't talk to her for a few weeks this will only confirm her reasons for breaking up. the few days after that i sent her some flowers again apologizing for the way i behaved and that i was not being myself, not fully explain what the problem was just in general. she said i was more like a roommate and wasn’t doing what i needed to do to stop. when we met she explained that she has been in relationships since she was 15 and was never on her own. but she didn't had good feeling and she ask me to leave her and she told me that she wants to have rest alone. and just can u give me some idea how to get her back please. but why would she get so annoyed in thinking i was seeing someone if she didn't are which said after asking me! she called me the next day and dumped me and was really mad at me . it is important to be careful with the feelings of others, especially in your position. however we have had the best memories and times together! she broke up with me because i was depressed, got jealous, was possessive, always keeping tabs on her and the what not. there where also some moments we spend the night together. there are millions of women out there who love it when a guy treats them right. i don't have many friends due to us moving away from the bad shit and creating this perfect place, our kids were are new bestfriends and didn't mind going anywhere with them it was great! because we are still together and promised to not see someone else etc, but we are having a really rough time and me fucking up only made things worse. there is nothing wrong with going out partying, for either of you. a guy, what you can do right now is to give your ex girlfriend a lot of space and freedom that she so desires. i don't doubt that she still has feelings for you but you need to be strong here, if only for your own health. but tony the truth is that my culture is here. we made lots of plans for the future, and both showed an equal amount of passion and commitment throughout the whole relationship. focus on your daughter for the time being, and give your ex a chance to breath, think and miss you. please help me i dont know what to do anymore. me without depression is a good caring guy and that's on the horizon , 6th week into tablets and exercising feeling better already. things are as painful and depressing as hearing that your ex has already moved on and found someone new. until you have reached the point where you can let go, you will not be yourself and will therefore find it impossible to attract her back even on what she likes about you. this is by no means exhaustive, and following these tips will certainly not guarantee success. even as things are right now she still gets jealous if i talk to other women. it was due to my grieving and not taking enough responsibility for how i was treating her through that time. i know is that i would do anything and give anything just for more chance, but i would do it right, but i know that’s the not going to happen because she is with him now and i feel like, because it was spontaneous that they are going to be together for a while, because i think it’s the spontaneous ones that last the longest. this went on for about 9 months until she stopped asking. also is there even any real hope of us getting back together after this sort of time? it was fantastic, same interests, best friends, you name it. 4 years ago from waleshi doe, i'm glad i have been of some help. if she has blocked you and is ignoring you, your continued attempts at contact will only put further pressure on her and convince her you are no different. then we both cry and she told me please i cant make it any more and she left. 4 years ago from walesit is a difficult one, but i would say wait for her to be in a situation that requires help, and offer it. 4 years ago from walesi think you have said sorry and you have tried to make amends, so now you should try giving her some space and time.'s important not to move in too fast, before your ex girlfriend has time to ponder what she's lost when she broke up with you. i love this girl, more than anyone before, and have since the day we met 20 years ago. im sorry im not english so my grammar is a bit badly. 4 years ago from walesthere is always hope, but you need to first be sure that that is what you want. it didn't take her long to find him or jump into his bed, so there really wasn't much time for her to determine if this guy was right for him. 4 years ago from waleshi joe, this is a tough one, and again, it is difficult for me to give advice when i don't know you both or your relationship. but it has been killing me ever since we talked on the phone. it is really down to you to consider whether or not you are prepared to put in the time. i believe when someone has such negative emotion, even though its negative, might mean that they still have feelings. if she does not contact you, perhaps you should re-assess the relationship. i can 100% support her with the eating disorder, but i get the impression she feels betrayed, like i can't do that and deal with other stresses in my life. she really likes me and then began to fall in love with me. it is obvious from what you are saying that she likely just agreed to your conditions as a way of keeping you around. your telling me to talk to her about what happened in her car and talk to her about what she wants to do? i get to colombia and the 1st thing i see when i get home is this beautiful girl who lives right in front of my house i was like wow. she came with gifts on her hand but i was soo much sad that day. all i have on my side is the power of prayer and time. a change in lifestyle can often put strain on a relationship, and if it is not strong enough this can often lead to break ups. i was always there for my son and his mom. she said she wasn't happy but i admit i've done some bad things. i don't think i've ever done anything to make her hate me, we are still friends but i just didn't put in the effort i should have, and i never realized that until now, and am willing to do anything to change that. i cried my eyes out trying to get her to understand how i felt i did this for a bout a week then i realized i had to face reality and tried to move on but i never lost contact with her i would always be the one messaging her or txting her thru facebook or her cell. is it wise to ask her who this guy is? if she hasn't responded, you should try not to think of her and try to get on with your own life. 4 years ago from waleshi inn da'style, there is no time scale on these things. 4 years ago from waleshi khurrum, i feel for you mate, it sounds like you are having a very tough time at the moment. make some arrangements of your own to see friends or do things you enjoy. an hour later i texted to see if she got home safe and that was it i feel asleep after that. 4 years ago from walesit is difficult for me to answer this with a definite.. still dreading bumping into her do continuing to avoid places she goes, but can't forever! one has become a really good friend after i was honest. the last straw for her was when she discovered a picture of me and a female co worker from an old christmas party, we had our arms round each other as a flirty joke, she went mental at me and said it was proof that i had past relations with that woman (not true). i just hate the idea of someone else pleasuring her. anne donaldson 4 years ago from chicago, ilthe number one thing a guy can do is to be the best guy he can be. that is a very firm foundation for a lasting relationship. i sometimes couldn't hang out with her for 2 weeks even 3 weeks at a time. you don't have to say it is because of the space, just say you aren't going that way and you have things to do. i can tell she still loves and cares for you". she may have felt like if it didn't work, you'd uprooted your whole life for her and she'd feel bad. that said, if you do not feel that strongly for her, move on, or it is likely you will end up hurting her more than you already have. plus she doesn't want to get rid of all of our love notes and prom pictures and pretty much any physical momentos of our relationship. romantic 4 years ago theres this girl i dated 2 years ago. i then tried to use reverse physchology and told her on whatsapp in a positive tone that the letter didn’t matter anymore because someone helped me to move on and i’m going to date that girl. she wouldn't talk about our relationship let alone getting back together which she is going to talk about later with me is what i'm thinking from that text. she didn't want to break up with me nor she wanted to continue: she couldn't make a decision. getting angry with them for it is almost as bad. i feel like god is pointin me in this direction. she loves cats, traveling, spending time with her son and husband. do i give up or do i still hold on to this hope that she may come back the signs were there a lot with flirting etc an you help me figure this mental situation out cos i am lost bro! maybe it was me infringing on the independence she may have discovered out there. i was listening to her quietly and allowed her express her emotions. we had the baby girl and me and her were awesome! this time feels different though we have been in contact because of our daughter and thats about it apart from me asking if she is ok to which she replies "no im in bits i know its over forever and i cant imagine life without u i wanted to grow old with u". i've talked to her twice and both times it's seems like she doesn't want to get back together. she started dating someone else, and i didn't know about it. which is weird because it happened after our date on friday and after i went home. it may take a long time for her to even consider getting back with you, and then only after you have shown her that that wasn't really you. girlfriend and i broke up 4 months ago & she is now seeing someone else who is rich he has a lotus, owns 2 houses & is trying to help her to deal with her demons while he has uses her for sex. 4 years ago i broke up with my girlfriend about a month ago a little before christmas the break up really didnt have a reason just stress at work she believed my love faded away but it never did i just stopped showing it after i broke up 2 days later i regreted it and tried to get back with her well she said no that she wanted to stay single wen we wer together i always treated her right i dont smoke or drink. this is the first time we have ever really broken up in all 5 years of being together.

it seems like you are going about things the right way, except for one thing: you are still spending an awful lot of time worrying or thinking about and analysing what she is doing. tell myself everyday she treated me like crap and she isn't worth it but doesn't help lol i'm avoiding bumping into her coz seeing her with someone else isn't what i need! she told me she wants to date me and start all over. at the time, i didn’t think anything of it, i would see her occasionally throughout the day in the hallway and high five her (i know lame, but i did that with all my friends). she laughs at my jokes, we understand each other, and i'm sure she knows that i care for her dearly, just as sure as i am that she cares about me. just let her know that you want her to be happy and to forgive you, and that if this results in a lasting relationship, all well and good, but make sure she knows that your main concern is that she forgives you and she is happy. the next week she seemed like she was still distancing herself from me even though she was no longer sick. however, be aware that you will likely be destroying any chance she has of happiness with this other guy. but she couldn't put up with my incessant arguing, assuming, over talking of her. it doesn't even hurt to try dating a few other people. don't panic and if its meant ot be with persistence it will be is soothing , so i guess my strategy will be self improvement gentle conversation and a slow build up to trust and good feeling again. things are as painful and depressing as hearing that your ex has already moved on and found someone new. the reason why we broke up was because i had been very distant and cold because of problems that had been having at work about a month or two before the break up. we have been broke up for a year now, he got himself a new girlfriend after 3 weeks yet he still wants me in his life. this will also demonstrate strength of character on your part if you do see her again. the relationship and the eating disorder was too much to handle. then, she went to montana for the christmas break, and we didn't talk for a good 2 weeks. if shes busy i will let her get back to whatever shes doing and she will reply with it fine we can still continue to talk and the times that she did say she was busy i would leave her to it. for the next 5 months she showed me nothing but love and i just threw back in her face and blew her off constantly. 4 years ago hey i really need relationship help and i was wondering if anyone could pretty please help me." we did the same things over and over again every time we would hang out. so i also don't have family around here either and i might have to go stay with my mom in texas and the mom wants to keep them in illinois and not be with me or in same town. i would suggest talking to her and telling her you are prepared to go to counselling together in order to try to resolve your arguments. the chances are she already knows this anyway so pushing the point will make her feel like you are trying to force the issue, rather than that you are becoming more open. 4 years ago my ex started seeing someone pretty soon after we broke up. if she tries, tell her you have somewhere you need to be, make your excuses and leave. when we break up with someone, there is always that initial fear that it's done forever and were we wrong? i’ve gotten to the point where just looking at her picture makes me want to take a shower. if you are happy to be just friends, fine, if not, i would suggest moving on from this one. well, we went on vacation, and during the vacation she told me she felt like we werent clicking at times. i have applied the no contact rule and just last week she said we can continue texting talking seeing each other as friends. she said she wasn't happy but i admit i've done some bad things. i apologized her for not being a good boyfriend and asked her to get back but she said that its too late she has a new boyfriend . i want her back really bad but i feel like she liked someone else already, i really want her back please help! she wanted to give my sweater back a few days after breaking up but i put it off and she hasn't brought it up which makes me think she is still considering it. tell her that you will consider it, once she is no longer with him, but while she is with him you can't be with her. but i think i just did something to make her feel bad, something that would further turn her off towards me. ultimately you cannot change the way someone else feels if their past has a hold of them. my ex has anxiety and would get worried that i was safe because my mother would threaten to send me back to pakistan. she's been hurt by a couple men and then looks to me for comfort until she meets someone else. well, i figured out since then (it annoys me to no end that i figured out after i lost her) and she kinda agreed with me. then said she was sorry she was being immature and that she loved me. 4 years ago from waleswhether you wait or not is your choice arthur. do something you know you find mentally or physically challenging, as this will take your energy away from thoughts of your ex. don’t how things happened but we started talking again, and i felt it, i felt this feeling, i wanted her back. don't get into a discussion about it, don't argue with her or debate the intricate details, just tell her straight and leave it at that. i'm sorry for everything i've done to you and i hope she treats you 100 times better than i did because that's what you deserve. we were in relationship and she told she loves me, miss me and was happy being with me. and we started to talk alot less, but i was so devastated of how things were so every time we met out on a bar or something i started to fight with her about it and said i was sorry, and started again. 5 months ago from walesit is always possible, but my question here is why would you want to? it may well be that she wants to see if you're serious and is waiting for you to contact her to make sure, or it may be something completely different. i'd merely shown a little bit of discomfort, she was upset, so i told her i was upset, and i made it clear that if i could i'd fight to save the relationship. all my ex wanted was to meet my mom and my mom never did. i realized after that night how much she really does mean to me. i emailed her the next day, expressing how i felt, and thats when she responded saying that she had waited for me the whole time i was with the other girl, cried herself to sleep regularly, and when she initially found out i was dating the other girl although she acted mature to me, she immediately drove home and ripped her mattress off her bed and broke down crying. also, even after this point, it is important that you only contact her if she contacts you. ex and i were on-and-off with each other for the better part of year, in hindsight i could tell she really did care about me and i didn’t reciprocate, and in knowing that i could say this is the worst i’ve ever felt. but i knew that she was see him during the day and me at night. tony, what about if she is also following a rule of no contact because things i have read about "getting your boyfriend back" seems to state actions that cause the boy to come back begging or trying to take them back etc. we have been together for 6 years there has been arguments but nothing we couldn't handle. iv never been thru something like this and it feels so terrible my throat feels like its in my stomach my head hurts so bad im not eating right or sleeping right i have no where and no one to talk to or to hear my side and just i feel like im doing everthing i can and im just so low right now i can see why people take there own lfes :(. she said that she wants to be on her own now and she will call me when shes ok.! i know so look what i want to know or get advice is i love this girl would do anything for her i have her name tattooed on my ankle but what do i do think she will come back or what im done playing these i love you i miss you games and not come back i hate it. it is a difficult line to tread, but you need to show that you are available for her but not that you are constantly just doing anything to try to get back with her. things were better, but she was still upset because i would stay out late with my friends. as if she was scared to even look at me. have not spoken to her since xmas day, so 8 weeks but cannot stop thinking of her or getting her out my mind, miss her so much! she still always asked how my mom is doing and just cared you know? she was always calling me and always wanted to see me, tbh i couldn't believe my luck! i know that she is the one in my life but im guessing she has secretly contact with that fucking new guy. couple of weeks before this she told me she wasn't sure if i loved her anymore. find someone who likes you for you, then carry on being you, and if it works, great, if not, keep looking. i know this is really hard mate and i really sympathise, but this stage will pass, and you will be the stronger for it. this might provide you with the opportunity to calm whatever fear is making her do this. that's not to say it can't happen, everyone is different, but the main thing in a relationship is not to say "will it last" or "am i good enough for them" etc, it is to ask "am i happy? that being said, you are right not to want to be "played with" and messed around. she threw up and cried all night and didn't go to work. oh and mind you, my dad has a job where he is never home so it's me and my mom who really talk about any of this. there were times where she would get upset and ask me why i hadnt left, and then id offer to and shed tell me to stay.: sorry for how i've been acting recently, i was still holding onto the past we once had, but i think i've lost feelings for you because of all the problems, but i hope you find someone who loves you through all your personal flaws and everything else as i did. it is always hard to get back on the dating scene after a break-up, but wounds do heal. and even if she tries to contact you first, don’t respond immediately. if you find yourself sat thinking about her, get up and do something, anything to occupy your mind. i sent it in a taxi to her house and waited for her call, she called me half an hour later almost in tears! so i worked and we decided she could be stay at home mom cuz day care was expensive and she breastfeed and shes such a good mom it just worked out better. she replied, 'all the time, but it fading off slowly'. so we ended up getting back together and it was much better than last time, but it would only last a fraction of the time, and it ended this time because i too lazy to send one text message. then she came to me and asked me if i wanted to go, as friends. before 2 weeks i saw a picture on her instagram holding hand with her new boyfriend which broke me into pictures . i cant blame her because she has worked so hard and she s a great women who has been through a lot. if after that period she does not share your feelings for her then it may be you are better off moving on. 4 years ago from waleshi todd, this is not a choice i can tell you how to make. the problem is, if you do get back together, how to maintain that closeness without getting dumped again. it didnt bother me much because i didnt actually knew that she made a new bf . it is impossible to tell if you are being played. personally, i would give her time, make sure i have given her every opportunity, but if she doesn't take it, i would move on, knowing that i had done the best i could. i started dating other girls, she started screwing other guys.. i said sorry to her i beg her to come backk to me. i stopped doing the cute little stuff because life at home was so stressful taking an emotional beating from my parents. but i don't want to ignore her and make her feel the same way she did when she left me. what went before with previous partners is not really relevant in my opinion. weber 4 years ago from montanagenerally, hubs entitled "ten ways to get your ex back" make me nauseous, but i gotta say, this is actually well-balanced and offers decent advice about how to maintain your self-respect and self-esteem if you do get dumped by a gf. 4 years ago from walesher best friend will have gone straight to her and told her all about it.-iq7 4 years ago its not changing my personality, actually i admit it, i had bad attitude before, like thinking in negative way, and i argue much, and also i really less ask her to go out, always she is the one who asking me to go out with her, this what i wanted to change, i generally she loves my personality. if anyone should be trying to make amends, it should be her and not you. i told her about my past and explained that i was also in the same situation and i moved on. you seem to have managed to avoid most of the mistakes men often make; begging, constant texting etc etc. you can't blame someone for not wanting to be with you anymore than they can blame you for the same. i know she wouldn't go to some other guy because i wasn't around. from that moment on we were inseparable and became best friends. you should not be thinking "how do i make her like me again" rather "i want to know if i like this girl and if there is the possibility of a relationship here" just as you would on a first date. alternatively, if you find yourself alone, try to do something challenging.. i recently learned that she had been on a couple of dates with this guy from work. at the end of the day, only you can really know what is best for you to do, so make a choice you are sure you will be happy with. she said that from our talks she didn't know i still wanted "us" and that is why she started seeing this other guy, and that it was unplanned and he "swept her off her feet," although she doesnt know what the future will hold because she doesnt know him very well yet, but really likes him so far. if you lost attraction while you were with her, you should consider the possibility that this may happen again and you might actually end up hurting her even more. unfortunately, there is no sure fire way to get someone back.. i'd catch her in lies all the time and she was very spacey with her phone. with your case however, i think your ex probably needs some time to sort herself out. i completely understand that in families there are always arguments and disagreements, but my house it's just crazy. wasn't sure if i should do the no contact thing, i mentioned it and she said that she probably wouldn't get those feelings back if we did the no contact. i want to stop thinking about her just like you mentioned, yet alot of times i randomly start thinking of her. it was around midnight and she had to go and i wasn’t going to let her walk home alone and i saw this as an opportunity to tell her how much i really cared. take the time to make yourself happy, without her involvement. because it would have seem like nothing had changed if i was cold and distant before the break up and then cold and distant straight after the break up aswell, will you agree? i continued to distance myself until finally we broke up soon before our year anniversary. if she does come, try to just have a good time with her and see how you feel. she said that she feels like she has been putting in more effort than me and thats true. please advice me, whether should i go with this no contact rule again because i am chasing her since 3 weeks with a contact and no contact and she is not even responding me. maybe some of the other readers can help too, so feel free to jump in if you think you can. i broke up with my girlfriend in the last week of may, we dated for 9 months, and the split because i was going to college and she still had another year of high school, she also thought we hooked up too much, which will be an easy fix if we get back together. can't understand any of it, nor can alot of people who ask me about it, you think it's her age? my son is now coming up to a year old and we have never got back together but there has been so much up and downs along the way one minute she seems like she is turning round then she goes the other way at xmas do example she was round my house with my son it was such a lovely day we got so close holding hands and cuddling in sofa but i didn't want to push my luck with anything else as didn't want to piss her off. 4 years ago from walesi really wish i knew some magic words to say to stop people from doing what you have done.. ive been partying a lot since our break up and been dating few pretty girls and her friends have seen me with them at parties and. she is about 8 or 9 months older than me and is one grade level ahead. agree with this girl, it's totally out of character for me to be like this, i just can't wait for the day when i don't think of her! i seem to be afraid to either talk to her or try to talk to anyone else. she wanted me to move out to where she was but not live together which i agreed with. and i told her if thats how she feels than we won't be friends, at which point she started crying and hung up the phone..Authorxxtonybxx 2 years ago from walesshe is definitely trying to get you into the friend zone here. she may never be able to face her emotions and could keep burying them inside. but eventhough she was with her new bf i would go see her and try to seduce her to have sex with me and we usuaply would i was in hope this would help me get her back we did this for about two weeks and after we would be done she would always feel bad she would say. i just became disgusted with myself and it was my attitude that help end the relationship. but how can i make her want me if i don’t see her for so long? i didn't move on from her and i guess i showed that during our time apart. she’s recently become friends with people she hadn't spoken to in a year and i think that's why she dumped me, either way these friends always fall out with her and whenever they did i was there to pick her up and support her. 4 years ago from walesit may and it may not, but it is not important. if i were to go back to an ex i would have to know that she wanted me for who i am and not because of some of the things i have done and i think this is very important for both parties in any relationship. love her, and i want to fix the marriage, but i don't know how much longer i will be able to hold out before the anger of her abandoning me after vowing to lever leave me sets in. she is only having this crush now due to the attention she is receiving? i happened to have to get a dna test a year and half later and found out it wasn’t his but he stayed…. as you say, you were in a relationship yourself but you still thought about her every day, and she waited for you the whole time, so i think the only path you can take is to wait for her too. if you are right for each other, this will happen, but you need to take time to assess whether you actually are, or whether it is merely because you have just broken up. "that guy i dated as a rebound was a total loser," she'll think to herself, "i wonder if i should've just stayed together with my ex, he was way better for me than mr rebound! soon after see the joys with the little girl we started talking about having a boy so we did and he is so freakin awesome too. i was out shopping i saw something i knew she would love, and although i knew i shouldn't have, i brought it for her. i am just so tired of holding out hope for her at this point. took mobile and put a coment on youtube and said averything that what i did when i met her in 19th may to breakup expert and he said she is giving u hot and cold give her45day of no contact45day sounds good he said. i could tell that that she was unsure, but i knew didn't really have any choice. some times when she tried to talk to me i used to be rude and stuff and i admit i screwed up big time. i know i am the reason that she was hurt. i long ago began to live my life and move on but haf that glimmer of hope to speak again. chasing also does not demonstrate you are not distant, just that you want her back. and says that one day we may get back together, however i still feel so much for her. in not more than 2 weeks she had a new boyfriend . in the two months you have until the date, you really should just try to have some "you" time. if you feel suicidal there is also the us suicide hotline: 1-800-784-2433. decided to sort myself out, i started to go to the gym, buy some new clothes, and stop trying to contact her so much. women place a great deal of store in the opinions of their friends, so you can use this to try to show her that you want to make amends.

Ex says she loves me but is dating someone else

i think you should continue as you are doing for the moment. communication issues (she scolded me for almost anything and i lost patience trying to calm her down) 2. most relationships can benefit from breathing room from time to time. she seems like she is moving on and i don't really know if i even want to move on. she loved me cuddled me carressed me all those good things until she dumped me on may. this will raise your confidence levels and also means when you do see her, you will not be able to hang around like a lost puppy because you will have things to do. does it mean when he call you a pillow princess? browning is a certified relationship counselor and the author of "the ex factor guide," a best-selling program teaching men how to use covert psychological tactics to get back together with an ex girlfriend..heres the rub, she usually just breaks off contact with exes. even if i have to go live in another state for a while maybe it will give her time to think. if you tell her what it is doing to you, then give her some time to think about it, she may realise that she doesn't want to lose you. my advice is to try to show her how sorry you are for this, but not with the aim of getting back. for the moment you should assume she doesn't until you have something definite from her that she does. simple but overlooked tip that builds attraction with women quicklyrelationships: do some peoples childhoods set them up to attract people who are needy? i cant believe it, it just seems like she don't even want to be with me and moving on and i feel like im trying so hard. using this information after things have not gone the way you want them to is at best childish and at worst arrogant and evil." that should be the very first question you ask yourself--is this really a bad thing? she called me arrogant for trying to repair our marriage after all i had done (stuff i had done 2 years ago that i thought we had worked through). from my experience, it is unlikely you will get back with her, as this is usually the most sure fire way of pushing a partner away. have a look around for some marriage guidance consellors and present what you find to her. ive also noticed that she's been talking alot lately with another guy, a friend of mine, and maybe thats the reason she's gotten so cold? i tell my self even if she came back to me on her knees, i would reject her for breaking my heart. i do not initiate contact, when she contacts me i am always there. 4 years ago from waleshi yohan, sorry to hear you are having such a bad time. right away she distanced herself from me and talking to her became hard, one word answers and not really contributing much to the conversation. 4 years ago hey tony, not sure if you remember me but a few months ago i asked for some advice. we dated years ago, broke up, and later on became very close friends. the video on brad's website reveals several must-see methods you can use right now to get her back. but this past sunday she texted me to tell me that she was coming to my house to pick her jacket she had left with me, i said okay just let me know when you're coming. 4 years ago but ruth or tony do you think that the female after the guy has respected the decision, do you think the woman should expect them to take her back? 4 weeks ago i txted her and we started txtin after few txts she ignored me and didnt reply. is the woman i want to marry and build a family with etc. she started dating someone else, i broke every rule in the book, and it wasn't until i started following them that she came to me. some times when she tried to talk to me i used to be rude and stuff. 4 years ago i lost my gf one week ago, i felt so bad i did alot of begging and pleading, but nothing worked and i wrote her a letter, but she said she gave me too many chances what should i do? 4 years ago from walesif that is the case you need to focus elsewhere.. if she has met someone elseif, since ending things with you, your partner has met a new guy, it may very well be time to call things a day and move on. i think this works in my favor, tony will you agree? she hangs out with her lady friends a lot now and is seeming like she is doing fine. if she rings you, either don’t answer or pick up and quickly say you’ll ring back – and then wait a couple of days. because of lack of communication and me not showing her the attention she wanted, she broke up with me after 2 years. what you are going through at the moment is hard, but it will pass and you will be stronger for it. unfortunately i outstayed my welcome and after a couple of hours she was in tears telling me to leave and that i can't buy her back. 4 years ago hi me and my ex girlfriend of 2 and a half years split up last friday after a huge argument. then she said "dont contact me unless its to do with our daughter its making it too hard to get over u speaking to each other everyday". well, shortly after we got married me ex found the other girl's number on my phonwe, and called the other girl. he has a trust issue with me because when we first got together i was pregnant with someone else’s kid and didn’t know. and my friendship with guys and girls is risk because of my ex. as i done something "awful" i have to make it up to her. unfortunately, no one can make this choice for you, but think carefully as the results will affect the rest of your life. i told her that if she doesn't say yes then i have to move on - she asked me if she changes her mind in the future, i would be open to her to come back; i didn't answer her. i know you didn't think you were doing anything bad and i don't believe you are a bad person, but you need to really think about how she must have felt over the years watching you go out and not commit to her when she is home with your children. she was the one that ended it and i just followed suit without begging or pleading. i cant stand the fact if there is another guy but it’s the reality and the chance im willing to take it’s a 50/50 as of now. after about an hour though she just said she wasnt feeling it, and it was a mistake to have me come over. 4 years ago thanks tony but it gets stranger lol i rang her 2 hours after i left and she didnt answer she txt saying just txt plz so i said why thought we was getting on she said we are i just want space im really confused now! i would say let her go and don't wait, then if at some point in the future she does decide she wants you back, you can both make that decision with a clear head. so i went straight up to the point and told her that the friend zone is not working for me that the feelings i have for her are too strong for me to be her friend. how i should make her miss me more and love me more till she want to go back in the relationship, and am using no contact rule this days. i found it hard to support her because she'd hide it from me very well. if you have mutual friends and want to keep the peace and avoid triggering her abandonment issues use some reverse psychology. long story short she said she would like us to be friends and stuff i didnt know what to do so i agreed to be her friend. you need to decide whether you feel she is worth continuing to be messed around or whether to move on. she kept looking over at me at the funeral and when her family was greeting the guest, she was out of sight. i went two weeks with no contact even though she contacted me every other day. if, however, you leave her alone and don't try to contact her or be in her life, she may wonder why and this may lead her to contact you. on my birthday in dec i invite her to my party but she dont want.. whatever you do, don't panic this is perhaps the biggest mistake men make in this situation. so i started checking her facebook to see what guys were commenting on what and checking their profiles. obviously this is a generalisation and is not necessarily the case. just got a new job which ends in 4weeks time so she has been busy. 3 days later i gave her a call saying i was sorry but then she suggested that indeed we should break up.! i no no contact is the best way forward, but i'm still so confused with the whole thing. i know i should have let her lay there and think about what she was letting go, but i couldn't stand to leave her feeling that way so i had to text her. i tried my hardest to reassure her but nothing i said made her understand she is the only girl for me. if this is the case, it may just be a matter of time before she realises that the grass is not greener so to speak. let her know what you want, let her know what you are prepared to understand from her point of view, and be sure she knows you will not be messed around. that was 2 weeks ago yesterday, today he ran into my friend and asked about me and as he was leaving her he told her to make sure that she told me he was asking about me. it often takes the possibility of losing someone to realise how much they mean to us. i'd start visiting her at work and seeing her on her breaks because we work in the same mall. anyways, i texted my ex and we kind of argue but it's not really an argument if that makes sense. i pretty much emotionally isolated her for far too long. then if she does what you want, you know you're going to be ok, if not, you know you need to move on." i said "you too" this is not a good conversation. i tell her that i just want her to be happy and i tell her that i don't care who she ends up with as long as they make her happy. your workplace/school/college will often be able to refer you to someone who can help, so try them in the first instance. comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. you think that the time is ripe to communicate with her once again, you must still wait for her to commence contact first. my advice to you would be to do the same; you need to find out what you like from a person and what makes a good relationship for you. this doesn't mean you can't be there if she needs you, but you shouldn't just sit around waiting for that to happen. whether you will get back with her or not is impossible to say for certain, but you will not feel this way for much longer if you feel that bad. on the saturday she told me she was really suffering with her eating disorder, and at that point in time i was too overwhelmed by all the other sore points over the weekend that i didn't confide in her. 8 months ago i moved home to give us space, to try and make the relationship stronger.% of a chance, il see how i feel in a bit more time but im still going to try and get over u because it feels like the right thing to do". 4 years ago i agree with you tony it is more productive. as long as she is happy, i also be happy. 4 years ago the strange thing is the last few weeks i was saying to my housemate i wasn't as keen as i thought! i do think about her from time to time and i do want us to get back. don't raise the subject, it will only be a matter of time before she does :). take an objective look at your relationship with her (this often helps if you have a close friend to use as a sounding board); did you truly have a lot in common, or just a couple of things and you pushed everything else aside for her? is never fault in a break-up without abuse or violence, which is clearly not the case here. 4 years ago my situation is alittle more complicated then any one elses whos posted on here. the idea with showing her you don't need her is to make her doubt you want her which in turn makes her think about whether she has made a mistake letting you go. if she is attracted to who you are, being yourself is the best you can do. 4 years ago thank you for your advise, we did sit down and talk a little and i told her that i would be open to all those things down that road and change for her which she knows i never talk like that or haven't for a long while. at this stage, you're both learning yourselves as much as how to manage a relationship. she said she wasn't happy but i admit i've done some bad things. please tony i am begging you on my hands and knees for advice on what i should do to have her give me another chance. i really like her alot and im not trying to be overwhelming by any means. she said i need to come round and started crying. i wish i had see this blog as soon as we broke up. she said she would give it a shot after i accepted to move out there but really hasn't. her new bf is a dope dealler he smokes and drinks and in my opinion he doesnt treat her right she said and promised me she has had sex with him only once and he used protection. she left me bc she said if she couldn't have us both then she chose her. didn't tell her that because i wanted to make it a great surprise for her. me i still want to get her back, but now am more focusing on my life and my enjoyment, especially if she going to have a new boyfriend and i am far away from her, that can help her to forget me more faster right ? until last night he was in restaurant with one her friends and she called me when she saw me with my friends. fixed everything and in november i was a total d**k to her so she left again and i called 120 times went out looking for her and she passed me her uncle and was like leave her alone and then she told me no were never getting back. i did ask her when we were shopping if we could go for dinner in return and she laughed and said no. think about it; you're pretty young, you will meet many people in your life and at the moment, you are in a position not to have to worry too much about when or how. knew that she will not want to get back straight away, that was never the point of what i did but i think because i was distant prior to the break up by me doing this it has shown more of a fight from me. she liked two pictures that i have posted on her fb wall two years ago - i posted those pictures when we had a fight and i wanted to make up to her - and she actually liked them now! it seems as though you two have a lot of history so i would say there is definitely still hope. just let her know that you are still around for her if she needs you, but leave it at that. i dont wanna be pushy but at the same time i dont wanna be on the friend zone. women do like to know, however, that you have picked them over everyone else. williams 4 years ago hi, me and my ex were together for 2. even though i’m away from home for three months now, we’ve been texting and calling – and she’s instigated it half the time. i used to watch tv shows all the time while she cried all day long for 5 months . again i met her in school at may she saw me and smile at me i smile at her.. i'm suspended for 10 days and she has already moved into a new relationship. the most successful way is usually to focus on yourself and doing things you like to improve yourself. she will now be aware that you are still trying to get her back. we would go out but i'd be a bit worried sometimes at what would happen. women are often much less likely to be clear, which makes men wonder and go over things in their heads, causing them to ring all the time and pester their exes. long story short she said she would like us to be friends and stuff i didnt know what to do so i agreed to be her friend. it had been a while since she had because my mom would cool down sometimes i went out. she split up with me because she wasn’t happy anymore. she came and she talked to my mom, she played with my sisters and everything. some guys feel as though they cannot do anything in terms of hooking up with other girls cause the female will see that as a problem when they come back. i am just so confused as to how someone could be in love and want someone to move to be closer but then do a full 180 when i moved out there. i heard from my friend that she has been seeing someone else for a date do you think this explains her behavior recently? then i stopped contacting her for around a few days and she contacted me back, just casual talk, nothing much. i think her being cold and not trying to start a conversation is enough evidence for me to move on. don't constantly say it to her, don't beg or plead or ring/text her all the time. once the two weeks are up, see how you feel, then extend the timeframe if necessary. be ready to catch her when this happens and make her happy every step of the way. we're actually supposed to hang out this weekend since last time she wasn't able to make it. after the fact i couldnt handle it and slipped into alcoholism due to severe depression from the abortion. she gets really upset if i tell her on went on a date. am i crazy to think that there is still a chance? if she doesn't agree to drop the new guy, follow through, break contact with her other than that which courtesy demands (i. say this a lot, but the first thing anyone should do in the aftermath of a break up, whether you initiated it or they did, is take some time to recover and allow the situation to sink in. but even after she still showed emotion towards me and looked to me for comfort because "i was better than nothing" and i could tell she didn't want me gone out of her life because she still loves me but just couldn't be with me because i can't be there for her emotionally no matter how much she wishes things could be different. she moved in with the guy she had been dating, and started to ignore me because i did the classic begging for her back thing. 4 years ago hi tony helped her move house yesterday and last night when we had done i asked her if she wanted me to stay for a bit and il buy her tea so she said yes! during this stage we were still talking to each other every now and then via text message. if she is pregnant i would say it's pretty likely she will come around as long as you make sure you support her fully right through. take some strength from this and try to put yourself in her shoes; do you think you could make a go of it with someone new if you were always thinking your old love? only you can really know how to deal with this situation, and it seems like you have got a good handle on it. regardless of how well you thought you were getting on, she is very young and likely very inexperienced in these things. a relationship should be the rock you lean on in hard times, not the hard times themselves. in trying to make things up to jealous people, this can sometimes make you appear guilty in their eyes (if you have done nothing wrong, what are you trying to make up for? the reason for this is because i have been stressed with a new project at work. 3 years ago from walesit is difficult for someone to forgive that kind of abuse. it may be that she realised she was wrong to do it, however it may also be that she thought it was acceptable behaviour because you indulged her in this. let her imagination run riot as she thinks of you with a new girlfriend. are telling me not answer the texts she sends but i can't help it i don't know what to do and i really want her back but she likes the guy. my story is a bit crazy but i'll keep it short. this is my story until now, please help me what should i do?

and i dont wish to see that happen cause i know i will be great hurt. don't know what to do, is she playing me or does she still have strong enough feelings for me to want to get back together? i assured her i did but i had midterms the next week and i spent the entire time studying. she told me to wait till things are normal between us, she said that she can be hot headed.. she was really responsive and even mentioned that her friends have seen me at parties and etc. both of us know we still love each other after the break up but she thinks that we cannot be together in the long run. then you need to try to make sure you understand and are able to combat this, otherwise you are doomed to repeat the same mistake next time, whether that is with her or someone else. try to think about how this might have made her feel, and show her that you understand how it made her feel. well she broke it off with me today, i did the right thing said ok and walked off feeling really bad. but i don't know what to do because it is so hard to see her with other people and her hurts so much but i know if i just cut ties it will hurt her so much because even though she denies it, i am a comfort to her and she can talk to me about anything. she isn't wrong, i was suffering from depression for 2 years. i really would like her back, but first i want to show her how sorry i am, and responsible for the way i treated her, even though i am going through my own issues i should have never have out her feelings second. i think the tips in this article improve the possibility of getting back together, and if that does not happen, then they will help the person following them to get over it. xmas day i was drunk and called her, asking why all this happened coz we were so good. the girl is cute and i am going to give her chance! for a year i tried to continue to prove i could be there for her, but over compensated by being there physically to make up for not being there before, and eventually she said she needed her space because she still didn't feel i was there emotionally. you should also take the time to think about how happy you were with the way things were going for you (move aside). i mean i convinced her but that's beside the point. this is the only feasible way to protect your feelings and at the same time arouse your ex girlfriend’s curiosity about you once more. i really want to, but i can't help but think the next time he's not around it will work in my favor that i haven't contacted her and that it will leave her wondering why, and wondering if she is going to be too late like i was. 5 months ago i was having a good relationship with my girlfriend fr about 7 months recently(6 days before) she broke up with me. gave her a weeks space after that, and gave her a call, i told her i called her that i wanted to explain why i had been cold and off and told her about everything that had been happening at work and how this had made me feel down and had affected our relationship. maybe write to her explaining how you feel and that way you won't be able to get into an argument. help-nic 3 years ago so my ex broke up with me november 22nd, so about 2 months ago. i will try to see what is bothering her through her friends, but when i first had a convo with her best friend about 5 months ago, her response was that she just wants space and "wants to do her own thing for now". she’s had a boyfriend since march 22 and right now wants nothing to do with me.? anyway a few days ago i was busy in the morning and i got numerous phonecalls and texts when i eventually picked up my phone and responded she went off on one asking if i'm seeing someone and why didn't i get back to her quicker when i normally do straight away? once again i begged her to let us try and work it out, she said she just wants to be alone and that she felt trapped , we had sex before i left, and she made sure i know that she still loves me with her whole heart. girlfriend broke up with me 4 weeks ago, because in her words lately have not been the nice guy she first went out with. i just don't know what to do, the only thing i know is that she is the one true love of my life, and the notion that i missed it by getting my head straight one week too late is just tearing me apart. you think i should still go ahead and do this? am currently doing no contact after a few days of panicking a little and texting her every now and then to see how she was and also sending her an email saying i was sorry. ok well 1 year and 7months ago i was dating this other girl who we went out for a year and three months but i recently had gotten my papers(immigrant) so i decided i wanted to go to my home country. i think, from what you have said, that it is only a matter of time before you get back together with her. a 6 month relationship may seem a long time, but it really isn't. 4 years ago from waleshi jimmy, perhaps try sending her a mail just to say hi and ask how she is. make sure she knows that you will not tolerate this. you have to accept the possibility that this may not work, and she may well be speaking from the heart when she tells you that she can never forgive you. you think i should write the posts about so she can feel attracted to me more ?! she has treated me like crap, and people say age but i don't accept that, my lil sis wouldn't do any of the things she has to me. love her so much that i am willing to let her go so she can see whats out there. found this really upsetting, but i do understand that many people use the nc contact rule to help get over a relationship. pretty much i started getting better as soon as she walked out the door. lack of contact with her may be making you think of her in a light that is unrealistic and you are putting her on a pedestal that she may well not deserve to be on. it was time to go we went to her car and we started talking and joking around and stuff. since from break up until now i never stop caring her, i know what is going on and yet i didnt have guts to do, and then i depressed and pester her alot and it give her more stress. we initially broke up in january, but we have seen each other a few times since then (we even went on a date together which went really well). it may be that he has not contacted you because he doesn't want you to feel pushed into things with him. has been calling me & staying at my house every now & then when she does we end up sleeping together. if you feel down and need to talk to someone, here is a helpline that you can call: 1-800-826-3632. no one is perfect till they think that u r also perfect for them so take ur tym and don’t waste a single minute to think how i will get her back.. well this is my 1st time posting my love story online. i realized how weak and insecure i became throughout the relationship. 4 years ago hi , ive been dating this girl for the past 2 months . i told my date i will be back in 30-60 min and left her at home. 4 years ago hey, i was reading so many websites about how to get your ex back, i need to share with you this maybe you can help and bring back to me the love of my life. this morning i went to pick our daughter up and she asked if i wanted a cuppa and asked if after i would drop her off at her mums so i did! i feel like through these gestures i have shown that i am not looking to pressure her into anything, and just want to make mends. while i was in my depression, she was taking my son to my moms and grandmas house on a regular basis. she told me we needed to talk and she told me she never really loved me but i doubt that because she is young and confused. she told me that she thought we were just friends but i kept on engaged. 4 years ago from waleshi j12l, it is difficult to tell, but it is probably best to let her be for a time. alot of times i would offer to go but she would insist its just the girls and she doesnt want to be the one bringing her boyfriend. before me she was single for a year, had low self esteem, and longest relationship was only 2 weeks. if you have a chance of being together again, it must come from her. short story she is still with him, and i can't spend a minute without thinking her. it seems to me from what you were saying that you two were not meant to be. if you express yourself and this is not well received, this is not a fault or a mistake, this is another person not quite being on the same wavelength, and i would therefore question whether this woman is right for you.. persistencepersistence is a very successful method with people when it comes to dating. so a couple of days later i needed to hear it from her and asked if she was with someone now. but im hopeing that its just cuz shes upset right now cuz when i said that marriage stuff she was in a little shock like you f***** you should have said this b4 and we could have worked at it.. would you want to be with a girl with such poor taste on men? if you have to change your personality (aside from obvious things such as abusive disorders etc) to be with someone, they are obviously wrong for you. the following week i went to meet her as was getting mixed signals, i said i loved her and she said that was all she wanted to hear, but we could only be friends! of the way i was feeling we got into argument far more often than we usually. thanks for reading and your comment, i hope this helps you. we eventually moved far into the relationship and she told me that i was the true love of her life and we had talked about moving in together when the time was right and even marriage., now that we've established that your ex girlfriend's new man is actually not really a "replacement" for you but rather a temporary distraction while she gets over her feelings for you, let's examine why your ex's new man may actually be a good thing for you in the long run. but she also really loving me i don't know what should i do now! but after we apart, i didnt manage to think so much of her but still thinking until 10 months later i saw her, i become like saw her again and then pester her alot. she cried in school and tried to talk to me but i did not had any feelings left . they will teach you ways to raise problems you have with each other in a way that will prevent shouting matches. i did not take it very well at all, and pushed her away. its hard because when were seeing one another we were coworkers and right at the end she hooked up with a mutual "co worker/friend" at a party someone from work had put on. she's determined by her decision she's now telling me that i don't love u anymore. our parents didn't split us apart but said besides school she could come over 1 time a week to my house. can you please give me some advice or an outlook our relationship. a part of me that knows in two months theres nothing gonna happen but other part of me wishing hoping a pleading. try to do something every day that you know you enjoy. think the showing your love over a short period after a break up can help even if the person is not adhering to it at the time. if not, maybe you were not meant to be together. new years day she spend an hour with me just sharing dinner and then i took her bak home. i mean i know either way i need to stop contacting her. and she is deffo pregnant she did 2 more tests in front of me last night. but due to family she decided not to continue with him. here to view instructions on how to disable your ad blocker, and help us to keep providing you with free-thinking journalism - for free. guys i need to you help and write me on mail.. but i still love her & i don't want this relationship to be broken. and i dont really get the last sentence can you explain it to me more clearly please? i just hope she calms herself someday and see that love can happen again. i guess what i want some feedback on is i know she wants for us to be away from each other right now and that for sure has to happen i understand that,for her sake to clear her head and me to realize what mistakes i have made and how bad i hurt her. she told me out of nowhere last friday (february 1st i believe) that she wanted a break. if you are feeling suicidal, you should probably seek professional help from a recognised therapist. she begged me to move back in for the first 6 months, and i said “soon”. 4 years ago sorry the first part that i wrote is removed, i was with her for 6 months and she did every thing to show her love tom me and i was blind until i lost her. we planned to get married and after her phd study she supposed to move where i live. i told her why she doing this things after that she brings the past again. 4 years ago hi tony me again lol things have been going well i slept there on wednesday night but in a different bed woke up thursday morning with our daughter so ex could sleep in because shes shattered and thought id be going home when she got up but she asked me to stay for the day to help her out with stuff so i said ok anyway we ended up sleeping together that afternoon! she is not in a relationship and has agreed to dinner with me in the near future. or later, your ex girlfriend will come to accept that this new rebound relationship just isn't working and won't be a long-term thing. 4 years ago from walesit sounds to me as though her heart was never really in your relationship. you need to ask yourself if that is something you would be prepared to do. i dont want to be friendzoned, i just want her back but understand its going to take effort and making some changes with my lifestyle. want to respond by being her friend and having fun with her, but i don't want to be put in the "friend zone" or additionally support her emotionally so leaving me is a little easier. i'm spending time with my son and i over hear her talking to a guy on the phone. again, patience is the only thing you can do here. wait for one of them, sooner or later one will come along and you will be the happier for it. if you keep pushing, she will put her guard up and you won't get back in. 4 years ago from waleshi joe,it's difficult to tell to be honest mate, it's usually not a good idea to ask a woman who is confused about her feelings whether or not she is missing you, as her response will likely be guarded. this tore me apart because i felt that by me saying that we should break up first i had made her think that. if she doesn't feel this way, then she may be playing games (likely not entirely consciously from what you are saying), and that is not healthy for you or her. the problem for you is not whether or not she will get back with you (you can be fairly confident she would, eventually) but whether or not this is really what you want. 4 years ago also i forgot to tell, i message her for happy new year and she reply very nice to me. if you treated her well, it is unlikely to be your fault. 4 years ago hi tony me again so she txt me again asking if i was ok and if id go look after our daughter while she took dogs out so i went and when i got there she asked if i wanted to go with her so i went with her. if you get back with her and then realise that she is not in fact what you want, you will have set her happiness back by a few years. would she lie about this guy to me two weeks ago? keep her awake at night as she torments herself with the idea of you making new friends. but i can't do this forever, it hurts so much. im worried and nervous about the time being apart and the fact that she isn't sure if she is ready to commit to the next level. when she broke it off, she did say that she stilled loved me and cared for me. 4 years ago hello tony,i have quite the predicament here. so i accepted the fact she didn't want me so i left.. and that if she does indeed want to talk she can get in contact with me and i will be here for her. its just i feel like she doesnt want me but she doesnt want anyone else to either so she is giving me false hope cheers joe.. finishing note ive shown myself in a bad light but ive suffered with this for a few years now and it gradually got worse till when we got together 8 months ago it was at its most vile. i was with her the other day and we almost had sex but her period came but she was two weeks late and we saw each other that day to find out if she was in fact pregnant. but here's the good news: because this new man is likely just a rebound, there's not much love or passion involved. but of course she said why do you say this stuff now and that shes so fd up that she needs to think about things but said she don't know if we can be together but maybe be able to raise kids in same area. if things were meant to be between you and her, then you will get another opportunity. i heard she was planning to go to the fun-fare on thursday with all her friends and her new boyfriend, and i'm going friday with 2 of my friends and some girl that might like me. we are now days removed from breaking up and my heart is broken. you obviously care for her (as you say, you stopped once you realised what it was doing to her), but look at it from her perspective: she has had your children and been home looking after them, whilst at the same time you have been out late at night and partying with other girls. her friends told me to not talk to her at that moment so i backed off. one day on a thursday i asked her if she wanted to have sex for at least one more time she agreed and we did it in my car ..Authorxxtonybxx 4 years ago from waleshi kriss, i think it is important to let her have her time to herself. even so, she’s not back with him, so i don’t think that’s really the problem. it is not a matter of deserving what happened; relationships are often complicated and at least you were honest and told her how you feel rather than letting her marry you even though you weren't ready. my parents won't accept her which means i would have to leave my entire family behind for her. all i can ask is make her friend again and be side on her. don't get me wrong i cared about him i was done with the drama with him but with his questioning my friend, i am working on moving on but now what am i suppose to think? if you still find yourself thinking about her then i would say have patience (i know you have already displayed a great amount) and wait to see what happens. weekend came and i texted her if we were still meeting i got no reply. 4 months ago i love a girl alot, i expressed her my feelings and before starting relationship she said we need to be frank with each other and she told me about her past. it was one of the best night that we ever had we talk about all the good memories and how we loved each other. if you still think you want her back, the only thing you can do is wait and see what happens with this new guy. 4 years ago from waleshi mike, you are right, it is a tough situation. i called her on december 16th 2012 and asked her if she was cheating she said yes she was. me and her mother had a chat a few weeks ago about her and her mum thinks that she could be bipolar whereas i think she is depressed, she won’t go to the doctors about it and the longer she leaves it the harder it will be for her to get out. she'll sometimes send me a selfie, i'll sometimes send her some funny memes i know she'll like. you're just starting to find out what makes you happy with another person (and so is she) and its just starting to mean more than just innocent schoolyard kisses etc. 4 years ago hey tony well im back its me daniel. on friday night she was texting me and then asked if we could talk on the phone, i said sure and we talked for like an hour, laughing, remembering all the great times we had, and just thoroughly enjoying each other. i have not contacted her, in fact i dont even have her number after that much time passing so social media would be the only viable option. she told me that she is seeing someone, before i could tell her. i hope these tips have given you some help and will help you and your girlfriend to enjoy a second chance and a healthy loving relationship. b 18 months ago my ex gf broke up with me 1 1/2 month ago she said we needed time to grow as individuals. my friends have been trying to help me and one of my closest friends e-mailed her on facebook and she's worried about me. she was also feeling sorry, because of her i'm in the same situation she was for 2 years. it's just difficult to go about the day without things triggering memories because we did so much together, you know?

this will make your relationship extremely strong when you do get back together. after 2 days i called her again and i told her that im sick and the day after that she called me and she told me that she also sick and she wants to go to have soup in restaurant and latter we spend time together i company her. she said i should know she misses me too, and that she really needed that. larry 4 years ago i was with this girl for three month she never really acted like she wanted to be with me when i would come over to her house she would barely talk to me she would just talk to her sister and make convo with her she would always ask for money for something then one day her sister told me to leave her alone then i heard around that she slept with guys while we were talkin but when i asked her she didn't know what i was taking about then she text me the next day saying she loved me wanted to have my baby i love her but now i notice that she texts me less and now its been a mont h since i talked to her but her birthday is coming up should i get her something or is this over. i know she has been hanging out with other guys, so why would she act like that if she really doesn't want to be with me or has any feelings for me still? when i moved out the distance continued and she was "emotionally confused". i would say just answer her when she messages you, rather than sending messages yourself. i decided to not contact her and wait for her to contact me if she misses me by any chance . if she feels the need to lie to you about it she may be stringing you along just in case things don't work out with the new guy. because she said that she don't "care" about my excuses anymore, since i brought things up, and said i was sorry for it, and did it again, and again. also on the last one, when where at my home with my date, my ex called me and asked me to meet her in her house. we fell in love, she said she had never loved like this before, and i felt the same. from what i know about her, she is not a kind of person making trouble and it is unbelievable. we had a few texts and she asked to be friends! i would always worry about her and hoped she was safe. i screwed up and i can understand why she doesn't want me anymore . at this point it just felt like she was running away, and i thought why would it be any different if she is with someone else? i am a younger man in his twenties who is in a relationship with an older women. it’s been 4 months, we have talked a few times. don't be around all the time and available, but be ready to step in as soon as she realises the error she's made.. please help i dont know what to do now, do you think she might be still interested? she told it in a cold way so i was like have a nice day and she told me you too. we click on every level and she is very mature. so i started txting her apologizing and asking her to meet me in person so we could talk about it . asked if she was dating which maybe i shouldn't have, she said yes, and i said i'd find it hard to maintain a friendship with her. she wants to party but i dont want her to because its those grinding parties and i cant bear the though of her rubbing her a** on a guy junk like it bothers she says she wint but during our relationship last march she had gone to a party secretly and danced with a lot of guys like that and it sucks. i had done some boneheaded things to hurt her feelings, like going out without her on valentine's day because i don't believe in valentines day. 4 years ago from walesof course there is always a chance leo. in those 3+ yrs we haven't spoken, i saw her in passing a couple times but just let it be. sometimes even the smallest argument can expose very basic character incompatability.. she told me she wanted me forever we would talk about family and our wedding and kids. i told her that i thought there was still life in our relationship, she did say that she could give it more thought, but that she was unlikely to change her mind. all you can do is leave them alone to find out for themselves who they want. our relationship is a bit odd, i'm not sure what we are or if we'll ever become anything at all later on, but i can definitely see myself having a future with this girl. if you are around but not in her face and you make sure she knows you are still there if she needs you it may show her that you are willing to put effort and time into repairing the damage you have done. ive been texting her since days of all the memories weve had but she asked me to move on from her . however, underneath it all she was a good person and i cared about her. if she contacts you, then be polite and nice to her, but don't try to push things friendship wise. avoid sitting alone and thinking about her (i know it sounds really obvious but still), try to keep as busy as possible, this will also help you avoid sleepless nights as when you go to bed you will be knackered. and i have tried telling her how i feel, but in the end it just makes her feel guilty and get upset with me. warrant 4 years ago this is wonderful and feeling so good after reading this. a bit about her is that she can be quite stubborn, and also when we broke up she said she was tired of doing the chasing..the issues stem from my lifestyle choices (ie tv over going out to bars, concerts, or other things at night. nyakuma 4 years ago me and my girlfriend have been dating for 3 years. my ex and i have had stressful times between uni & work. then she told me she and i would never see each other again. but she says shes stuck in the middle of getting back together or not. if she is still kissing you and having a good time with you i doubt she is that into the new guy. so i looked for her everywhere called her basically stalked her to her house and she told me no no no everytime. when i reach home i call her again and she was crying and she told me i am sad because you are sad. i really wish there was some way of showing men exactly the mistakes they are making, because they seem to do it over and over again. or anyone else what do you think i have been doing wrong or right so far and what my next move should be? we talked she said she wanted to be single and focus on herself, that things will pretty much be the way they were (just good friends). however we have had the best memories and times together! this is how she feels you controlled her, because, although you didn't realise it, you were. 4 years ago from walesyeah spending time with friends is a good way to keep your mind off the situation. since then it went crap i said what about xmas and she completely denied the lot? it can be temporarily disabled by clicking the "shield" icon in the address bar. i got there and she said shes pregnant we was trying before we split up. i do find it a bit strange that she hasn't contacted you even though you haven't spoken to her in four months. i called her tonight, (once again she was cold while texting), and we called for about 30 mins. focus on your daughter for now and try to make sure she is not affected by the breakdown. but she declined and i mad the mistake of going into panic mode. you may also need to come to terms with the possibility that you may not be right for each other. it's just she thinks being with someone for 3 years is much more than being with someone for 2 months. you blame yourself for the incessant arguing, assuming and talking over her, these things are usually a sign that two people are just not suited. if you cheated and that has caused her to lose feelings for you, it is very very difficult to come back from this. if i'm still agonizing over (which believe me i try not to) i'll contact you in a few months, maybe we'll find some solution for all of us here. every now and then my girlfriend would talk about like where we would want to be in the future bcuz iv said b4 to her about me not liking relationships ukno and iv always sayed somewhat the same thing and that is lets just do what is best for kid and take care of them. she is my first real love, and the only person i have ever told "i love you". for 6 weeks now our contact has been sporadic she hasn't discontinued contact shes just on a self righteous trip and rightly so , heres the catch first time in my life @30 im in love , the first 2 weeks i tried to tell her so but you know how it is with bad guys she will feel its all an ego ploy to win her round so ive given her space to cool of and now start a new strategy , so the don't contact her because you'll seem unattractive doesn't apply as our relationship till the last second was full of it that's the real one thing that remained attraction and desire . i realize now i should have just left on my own, and that she probably now views this as being clingy even though she told me to stay. 4 years ago from walesjust to make you all aware, when you are posting a comment here it will not show immediately as i have to approve it first. but anyhow, so as i'm leaving, the guy she was with was like "yeah i'm trying to be related to the family" and i was a bit miffed. also after losing my job i got a little clingy and started to act kinda like she was too good for me. i didn't want to rush things so that she can see that i'm serious about moving on - in reality i don't want to but i feel if i continue on like i did in the past two months, i won't have a chance. 2 years ago i've considered sending a message but the one thing is we arent friends on any social media sites and certainly dont wish to come off like i'm snooping or not minding my own business. neillby emailyou need this breakwhen she broke up with her ex, no doubt your girlfriend was advised by her friends to go out and meet someone else. if you really want her back, the only thing i could suggest is to keep showing her. i tried to call her but she didnt answer i even tried to contact through relatives messages facebook but no reply. she called me back screaming saying ok this is what you don't ever call me again. 3 years ago from walesif you did start liking someone else while you were with her, maybe it wasn't the relationship for you in the first place. rather, you should act as an outside “observer”, someone that she will run towards to whenever she encounters problems. last night she texted me saying that she doesn't wanna rehash getting back together and me taking her answers and proving them wrong somehow. you need this break to see if there is something there that is worth saving. she loved me cuddled me carressed me all those good things until she dumped me on may. and she knows that isn't true and i know i don't want her to be with someone else but i try not to hurt her and make her feel bad for having me around because i don't want her to have no one, even if it cost me to take the hurt. i do think you are right in some respects, for example it is very likely that if someone wants you they will come back. It doesn't mean you can't get her back and here is why. someone, dare i say it, that you only appreciate by his absence. i broke nc becasue i thought that was the right time to ask her back, but of course, i failed again. she obviously wanted you to know that she wanted you around. i told her to take time to overcome the break up and to reply to me. the other girl lied and said we had been sleeping together the whole time, and my ex was devastated. 4 years ago so she seems to be doing fine and keeping busy. 4 years ago from waleshi nate, i think what you are doing is the best thing. the most important thing in any break up is to try to get back to yourself, rather than focusing on the other party. i know this girl is the love of my life, for 3 yrs i've thought of her in some way every day. i realize now why she did-we argued a lot, it was my first real relationship, i had on/off things with other girls, but she was the first one i actually loved, and i see now that i made huge deals out of nothing, i took her for granted, and treated her poorly, and i want her to know that ive changed, she never would tell me if i was treating her badly or not, she only told me the day of the breakup. a week later she came back and we got back and fixed the newlyborn relationship. she came back multiple times but still didn’t end up getting back together. ,we would kiss and hold hands, even spend nights together. if she starts regretting some decisions she made then don’t rub it in her face and say i told you so but tell her that she did was she thought was right. knew that our relationship was dated as she could not afford to go on placement and live out of home at the same time. so i looked for her everywhere called her basically stalked her to her house and she told me no no no everytime. 3 years ago hi tony, i broke up with my girlfriend around 2 months ago, i've been begging for the first week after the breakup and i found out that she felt really annoyed.! wtf is it with women why last week did she want to c and spend time with me and now she doesnt?. my behaviour for her changed because she couldn't maintain transparency with me. i dunno about me may need time to do that. i apologized her and i told her that is already past and we should forgot it. i didn't want to rush things so that she can see that i'm serious about moving on - in reality i don't want to but i feel if i continue on like i did in the past two months, i won't have a chance. i still loved her and i wanted to say sorry to her but she didnt answer. where they major, life time things or silly little things? the next day i met with her, she said she can't handle being in a relationship right now and she broke up with me. she yelled at me and said to stay the f away from her i got into a lot of trouble bc of her and have to go see a psycyotrist. so it took me quite a while to get her to trust me and we were happy. but love is love, and no matter what our heads tell us to logically do, our hearts will push back. i just wish she could find a way to forgive me and give into her feelings for good, see that i learned from my mistakes of leaving so many times. 4 years ago from walesi know why it is getting to you so much. at the time we spoke, i was calm about it when we talked and it has been no contact since then. i told her that this is life in a nutshell: we don't know if we are making the right choice before we actually make them; we can only hope that things would turn out fine. but the funny thing is when she went out clubbing with friends i had to be ok with it and trust her (i never went out without her). my depression has lifted but the sadness of her leaving me still cuts every day. she says she sees a change in me that is genuine. it seems to me that maybe you both have reasons not to be together.' and i also made it clear that i didnt want to break up but if she did then i respect her decision. she also said that she's trying to pull herself away from that guy because the guy is not suitable for her. 4 years ago from waleshi al, this might be down to the age gap between you. (she just got back in town from the uk as she was studying there). she stayed with me though, because i apologized and became an open book. i have asked her if we could meet up because i have realized the things i did wrong and i don't want this to drag on any longer because i loved her. when she had our son, she started getting protective of my son and not letting me see him. if she comes to you and starts to open up, fine, but it doesn't seem likely this will happen. my only other option might be to just let it go and wait for her to miss me enough to want to talk to me by her own decision. the 2nd to last day before she comes back from holiday the 2 boys + her and her friend got really drunk and she told me she has never been that drunk in her life, she ended up tongue to tongue with 1 of the guy and he left a hickey on her kneck (that's it nothing else happened). we took a nap together and when i woke up i didn't look at her and said i got to go and she was already crying saying i don't want you to go i miss you i love you then i said hey don't cry i love you too then without kissing her or anything i left and she trxted me saying wow your so different. this is not a quick fix and it will take time to heal your mind, but in time, this will happen. my top #1 tip would be: respect his/her decision, let him/her go and do not contact her. i found out about her being with him, i politely asked her to stop texting me (she kept in touch with me). in spite of what a lot of internet sites will tell you, there is no sure fire way to get your ex back. she responded that she loved me to and she wasn't just saying it because i said it. cut a long story short i was wondering if even after this panic mode i had. she came to me seeking help, and from there we would occasionally talk until the end of my junior, where we started really developing feelings for each other. she says she isn't hurting and that i'm not a jerk and it just isn't meant to be. 4 years ago to cde50968705,did she start a new job or made some new friends recently prior to the break up? she truly was and still might be the love of my life. and says that one day we may get back together, however i still feel so much for her. i always cared for her, always did, and my love grew for her daily, i know she cared too. it also gives you time without her to decide whether or not you really want her back, which at the end of the day is the most important thing here. she left me late on the sunday to go home. i will give you the space you want from me . 4 years ago me and my ex split up last friday we had a huge argument and she finished it we have been together 2 and a half years and have a daughter! am going to the gym 5 days a week and keeping busy as poss but the thoughts just don't seem to go anywhere, i'm just so miserable. don't constantly look at your phone to see if she has made contact. 4 years ago from waleshi daniel, this relationship sounds like a very destructive one for you both. she may not want this, and you may also find that after some time for yourself neither do you. now im thinking she is just using me when she needs something doing for her what do u think? she ended it because she said she cant handle the arguing anymore we have split up because of it before and got back together but this time feels different. i thought she was the one, and she has helped me so much through my grieving . recently i had a close friend of mine who also attends the college to give her a gift to cheer her up and when she found out it was me she accused me of keeping tabs on her and that she was not afraid of me like i had been stalking her or something. she’s saying she hates me and doesn’t want to communicate with me at all ever again. after the break up i didnt call or text her even though she did to ask about certain things about the kids. 4 years ago from walesthanks for your comment and thanks for reading :). 4 years ago from waleshi bradford, yeah i remember you mate. i don't know anyone who is still with the person they met at 17. do the same rules apply eventhough this isn't technically a breakup since we didn't get a chance to get back together? i think that as soon as soon as she sees me feeling may come rushing back. it might be an idea to let her know how much it is hurting you seeing her with other men. heartbreak is something i wouldn't wish on my worst enemy but going through it makes you stronger. your ex probably doesn't love this man the way she loved you, especially if they've only been dating for a week or two.

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  • -iq7 4 years ago hey, ya but i didnt see your comment or my comment appeared so i was thinking maybe something wrong with my laptop :p. 2 years ago from walesi think you have handled things very well up to this point. i'm sure if you both feel so strongly about each other the distance will not matter. trust me, everyone (women included) goes through this stage of wanting someone who doesn't feel the same way. i lost my job due to redundancy and i started to look for employment. that really broke her and she had a hard time trusting guys or anyone in general. she started to be distant , i will text her and she will not reply and when i did again she will say she was busy. just do it once, from the heart, say you hope she will forgive you one day, and leave it there, give her some time to think about it. i told her that if we continue then i would behave differently, i told her what i was thinking about where we have gone wrong, where we screwed up and she agreed with my assassment. she did so much for me, so much so that it’s pretty pathetic that i didn’t reciprocate my feelings for her like i should’ve. keep going mate, there is light at the end of the tunnel trust me. i told her i was trying here to make things better and she replied again with shes busy. she may not realise this, but she is not helping you. she's been going through a lot lately and i've supported her as best as i could throughout our relationship. didn’t go to the homecoming dance because of financial issues that was the first disappointment. it was time to go we went to her car and we started talking and joking around and stuff. with this in mind, not only should you make sure you are not misleading her, but also yourself by going with someone who may not be right for you. i met with her yesterday and she greeted me with a ass that lasted more than ten seconds we kiss three times about that long and hung out for the day. 4 years ago from waleshi thomas, thanks for your comment, you make a lot of sense. she liked two pictures that i have posted on her fb wall two years ago - i posted those pictures when we had a fight and i wanted to make up to her - and she actually liked them now!.i was going out with this girl but we broke up after 2 months because she doesn't show any affection although she says she love me whenever we r alone there is no type of communication and she wouldn't let me into her life. it seems as though she has decided to break contact because she wants to end things in spite of the feeling she obviously still has for you. the next day she went to work and came back and basically told me that she’s not comfortable with me and she needs me to leave. i would much appreciate if you could tell me how to proceed-i don't want to wait too long so that she accepts we're never getting back together. be polite when you speak to her, but don't try calling or texting, even to make sure she is ok, wait for her to come to you. she lived with me for about a month spent christmas and new years with me and my family and exactly 1week before my birthday she broke up with me saying i need space i want to party be with my friends so i said ok. but the shell shock from jail made me p-noid and i decided to leave so i don't react in a manner that is not me. she's now going out with her friends more and more and doesn't answer my calls. go on trips, meet new friends live or on facebook, or focus on work. we never went any further than a simple kiss but she was always on my mind and i still struggle to keep her from coming back into my mind.. during this one month, we had like 2-3 weeks of no contact till recently we start to talk again. is the longest relationship that we have both been in. it was interesting, it was a lab day so i was next to her and talking alot with her friends (female) and she looked sad any clues? she give me that kind of stupid face to me, i guess i must have hurt her alot which i didnt mean to do that. 4 years ago my girlfriend of 4 months ended things with me last friday. laugh at the way you acted or something you both did.. she started to go through my phone and read my messages (infront of me), she deleted friends numbers who were female from my contacts, and questioned me constantly about ex lovers. i always text her first and she gives me dead ends. however, after we have those days she just vanishes for 2-3 days at a time with no contact. i originally told her i would wait for her but she told me not to because she doesnt know when if ever her feelings would change. she know i still love her, but i'm also trying to be friend with her before i start to get her back to me again. i said to her that it will hit her at some point and if she needs to talk i will talk to her. i did not beg, i just stated that i am in love with her and that i have changed and i will give her space and time to think. i'm american in all senses and how i live really. if she does respond, just be light hearted and chat to her, find out what she's been up to etc. but we weren't the type of couple to argue all the time. the important thing is to focus on trying to resolve your problem without necessarily having the aim of getting back together with her. 4 years ago from walesit sounds as though she may be doing it to spite you, however it is difficult to know for certain. a relationship is about two people mutually appreciating each other. hope this helps, and hope it works out for you. she likely feels frustration at the failure of your relationship, and is directing this frustration at you. im 30 yrs old and ive dated a lot of women but never had this much feeling for anyone all my life . i don't think about her name, i unfriended her on facebook, she off my phone. 4 years ago hi tony i'm in a bit of a situation my girlfriend left me 8 weeks pregnant . i had brought her the wrong size so she agreed to meet me to exchange it. she asked me to walk her dog for her during the week (i work very close to her place), and the first gesture i did she loved. i confronted her about it and she told me that she did not see a future with me and that while she did love me she was not "in love with me.?Just be in contact with her…nd the main thing is dnt say her that i lov u bla bla if she needs some help from u just do it call her share your feelings with her dnt show her that you want her once again just be as a friend nd the time comes she have to come back in your life nd atlast the girl will be yours. there is an old saying: all is fair in love and war. during my depressive ecouple months ago, i was in jail and it really made me open my eyes to what is important. all in all we have made up after court only for her to break up with me again. 4 years ago from waleshi david, yes, this is a good possibility. 4 years ago from walesas david correctly surmises, this could possibly have contributed to the ending of your relationship. she wanted to see me so i drove to her place about 2 he away and we slept together etc. her nan was very ill about a year ago and had a terrible illness which resulted in her passing away in may this year. then i neglected it for a while and we started talking for some hours. 3 years ago from walesthere is no sure fire way to get your ex back. may be hard, but try to let it be as it is and see what happens. do i get her to fall more in love with me so she can go back to how she was. i feel like i blew that window o opportunity when she asked me to come back but i wasn't right (still trying to get better). she's never done a break up where she still talks to a guy. the more i talk about it the angrier she gets. it is no good for you if she is not showing this. the day after she called me and we went to have coffee. don't expect to stop thinking about her tomorrow using these methods. after our perfect kind 5 month relationship she went back to him. your lossesyou seem to take the fact that she isn’t back with her ex as evidence that this wasn’t the problem between you two. there's zero loss of attraction as the next morning after the row she was the same doting girlfriend hugging me waking up and wanting to be physically close to me , a week 2 and 3 etc before that always doting always asking to meet ringing etc , but my behaviour was dampening things , i was negative distant , cold and everything. she obviously feels really close to you and does not want to lose that closeness, but doesn't want to be your girlfriend. she was quite short in her responses, but seemed pleasant enough. again she knows im not the sort of person to do so and that if i could have given her the gift personally i would have but i was busy.. don't ignore her), but if she asks you to see her as friends, tell her you are not comfortable with that if you want to be with her. in november on her 17th birthday i got her a cake and we spent time together at my house. if you are serious about getting back together with her, i would advise you to be honest with her. many people miss the security and the regular intimate contact rather than the person themselves. so if i were you, i would text her only if she texts you, and respond to her calls only, not call her yourself. when i text her the conversation is very one sided and she doesn't ask me about how i am. to get your ex girlfriend back if she has a new boyfriend. the sad reality is that you can’t make someone love you, even if you think it’s right. it is almost impossible to tell why she initiated a conversation with her. it seems to me you have bent over backwards to try to make this work, but that wasn't enough. seems a lot more comprehensive than mine, plus some really great tips. she says we should move on but says that she still loves me and cares about me. is no harm is showing your love for the person after the break up for a bit especially if it was not over something that was very serious like cheating or physical violence or something like that. when she sees how mature you are being about it, it will help you get back in her good books. up-to-date with the latest dating & relationship articles, tips and strategies. am dumb founded & want her back but she has moved & is now living near him & makes it hard as she is now seeing someone else. this is not the person i was when we were going out so why is she thinking like this tony? if someone wants to miss you they will miss you, if someone wants you back they will come back. it sounds like she is keeping you around as a back up just in case things don't work with the new guy. even if it gets to the point where she is begging for you back, and you decide you don't want revenge but do want her back, the reason you tried in the first place will haunt you and damage the future of the relationship. this way you are giving her space and time to think, but are still around if she needs support. the opposite to love is indifference, not anger and sadness. its been a year and i am stuck in the same spot of depression as the world moves around me. there really isn't more to the story other than the fact that she felt like i was being selfish for not giving her all the space she needed when we first broke up, as i felt the need to fight to get her back, which was the wrong thing to do at the time. 4 years ago by the way the two times i've talked to her she inniated it. it is a very difficult situation to deal with for you, as she has obviously managed to control herself in spite of the fact that she is obviously not over you. we became friends and then eventually started going on dates and in a month or two i asked her to be my girlfriend. i took her to her prom and she had a blast. even if it is only for a week or two. i initiated contact because i saw her post on instagram that she was had some feelings towards me, "so close, yet still so far away". i am not sure which country you are in but there are various free legal advice services you can contact in the first instance who will be able to advise you on what to do next. you've done really well so far, but you may find that the only way you will get her out of your head is if you meet someone new who will take her place in your mind/heart. yrs relationship with her ex because of something similar to mine . even though she is 17 and i am 18, we had a very serious and committed relationship. when i was released, obviously my head was not right (shell shock). 4 years ago from waleshi wooshaedgar, i think you need to decide yourself what is for the best, but i think you should put the kids before everything and i don't think they would want you to move further away. she's still friends with all my family and some of my friends on fb. and “if” you love her then you would take the time to consider what i said because at the end of the day girls just want to be understood and no offense but that’s probably something you didn’t give her at the past. it doesn’t mean that you have to start dating straight away, but you definitely won’t be able to if she is always at the back of your mind. that way you can be sure it is not just a fleeting bit of nostalgia on her part. by the time she was back i was in a relationship with this other girl, apparently none of my friends decided to tell her, so she texted me asking to hangout and said i couldnt because i was going to hang with my girlfriend. if she already knows you are aware you didn't make enough effort, there is no need to start demonstrating this until such time as she shows willingness to be with you again. i gave it a few days and texted her that i still have the tickets and that it has nothing to do with me wanting the relationship back but rather she should come as a bit of fun because she always wanted to go and see it and i told her to think about it. i can't wait her out but what's a good amount of time? i feel an intense need to try to talk to her as if there was some way i could make her change her mind. she kept accusing you of cheating and acting unfaithfully, even though you had done nothing of the sort. you should make this time you have about you, not about her. she seemed very understanding of the fact and even suggested meeting at the weekend or during the week. on the other hand, if him asking about you makes you wonder about him and what he is thinking, maybe the best thing would be to talk to him and see how this makes you feel. but i need her to carry this same faith and trust in me that i can have to an extent and will change. then she promised me we'd meet and do this all above board, as our relationship was so special. she broke up with me several times for silly reasons but i always made it up to her . dated until about march or april of 2014, after which she broke up with me. if she believes what you were doing was clingy, but it felt right to you, she is not the right one for you, as the right one would love what you do. the above list tells you how to improve your chances, but this is no guarantee. we became far but we used to talk on phones.. i was very shocked because this was completely out of character for her to speak to me like that. me and my "ex" is having a break right now, no contact at all, and we have had this for a week. i found out that 3 days later she was already talking to someone else, but long story short they were already talking while she was with me two weeks before she broke up. agreed to being friends but still somehow madly in love with even after what all has happened, any advice i can have for me to somehow slow this girl to get to know herself better but then not get myself in the friendzone because i do want a re try at getting back with her because i know we can work but i just don't know if we'll ever be back together:(. if you type "how to get your ex back" in google the first 4 pages of hits are scam sites trying to sell guaranteed methods. we broke up over a misunderstanding she thought me and my friends were making fun of her at her cheer practice but we weren’t. later on she start ignoring my calls and when she pick up she and start talking i always hurt her with my words of mentioning about the past and everything, and i tried to talk to her friends and everything, but no point, one of her friend she is my friend ex i talked to her and i showed here how much i love her and want her and we become like brother and sister and when i explain to her how break up with my friend was totally wrong becuz she did mistakes also, she go and screen shot mu words and sent to her, then my chances was totally gone. 6 months ago from waleshi larry, sorry for the very late response, i get so much spam on this article sometimes i miss one. sounds like a rebound but, what i wanted to ask if there still a chance that she could miss me even though she is with this new guy? she looked very uncomfortable, stood in a corner the whole time and couldn't even look me in the eye when i walked over to say hi. it hurt to hear that, and i've been very depressed this past week. common question: what if she has a new boyfriend made us to write this article. i would advise you to seek legal advice regards your daughter. as far as the mutual friend goes, i didn't mean get her/him to talk to her, but to ask them what the issue is with your ex. the funny thing is i dont have to go through the whole stage of figuring out if i want her, or keeping busy or even accessing what caused the break up because im already doing these thing and have done em. and he started trying to talk to me and i got up and left, he asked me not to go but i continued out the door. for me this was the final nail in the coffin.. my parents convinced me to return to city for further studies. of the reasons behind your breakup -- whether it was initiated by you or by your ex, whether it was messy or very cordial -- it's extremely likely that you have a good chance of getting back together with your ex girlfriend. 4 years ago my girlfriend of 2 years broke up with me a month back. give her some time to breath, at the moment she will have all her defences up against you anyway so you would be banging your head against a brick wall. so he started to tell me what was going on and i stopped him and said you know what i'm done with a few more choice comments and he said that were not true. anyways, since around this past summer she noticed that i stopped getting her flowers and doing the cute little stuff that i used to with her. back, i didn't mistreat her, but perhaps i became predictable and boring at times? she cried and was angry at me but we both loved each other and we got back ! i wish her the best and i can honestly say, i loved her. you need to be sure in yourself that this is not true before you make any serious attempt to get back with her. it would be like that until october, the day of our school’s pep rally, we sat next to each other in the bleachers and did nothing but flirt with each other, and that night at the homecoming game we finally kissed and we were together, and it was great. being an honest man with my girl i told her the truth and she said she loves me but didn't expect it. one moment she is friendly at the wedding, but ignores a simple text. if you have a date, it is fine for her to know this, as long as you don't make a point of letting her know. i admit i was a bit over protective and jealous throughout our relationship but she was fine with it. knew that getting back with my ex would never work because im still in love with the 7montha but she has moved on, she says its different now i have a daughter, we only argued once, things were said and then we split.