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extra two feet in the width of the doublenest makes for a roomier hammock and a more comfortable seat when sitting across in the hammock for one or two people, while the additional two feet in the deluxe is perfect for a couple to really stretch out! small holes or burns can be repaired with our hammock repair kit. mercedes-benz of packable, travel hammocks, the technest is truly your most luxurious hang.

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nest outfitters is quick to tout the sub7 as the “industry’s lightest hammock. the main difference is in the width of each hammock and the actual weight of each product. our hammock comparison chart > technest hammock color: orange/charcoal royal/charcoal lichen/charcoal quantity: .

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if any small tears do appear, pick up a hammock repair kit. yourself to a technest - you know you want to. is the difference between the singlenest, the doublenest and the doubledeluxe?

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i need a suspension system to use my eno hammock? whoopie sling has been used for hammock suspension for years, but eno is the first big brand we know of to take a serious stab at mass producing it. our raintarps are also designed to easily cover all sizes of eno hammock as well.

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that puppies love hammocking, too, but they’ve got sharp nails so hammock with caution. hang your hammock no more than 18″ (inches) off the ground. three hammocks are approximately 9’4″ long, and will safely hold 400 lbs.

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2016 eno is releasing three styles of stands, a single stand, a tri hammock stand and a car stand. our hammock comparison chart and strap comparison chart make it easy to decide which is right for you! our hammock comparison chart > double deluxe hammock color: red / charcoal navy / olive navy / royal sapphire / yellow navy / forest orange / grey khaki / olive khaki / black rasta khaki / maroon forest / grey khaki / grey / olive due to fabric availability, color combinations may be inverted from what is pictured.

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adjust the tension on the hammock simply slide the rope up or down and put a little tension on it. hammock will come with two aluminum wiregate carabiners on the ends that you can use to attach to whatever strapping or connecting device (ropes, webbing, etc. you are going to hand wash your hammock, we recommend using a bucket, sink, or bath tub with the same type of detergents listed above.

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after having used aftermarket whoopie sling systems for my hammocks before, it’s nice to have one made for and by a hammock company. our hammocks come with a set of carabiners and will work with all our suspension systems so all you need for the basic set up is your choice of hammock and your choice of straps. damage causes your eno hammock to fade in color and become brittle which will lead to tearing.

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40d ripstop nylon, webbing ends and brand new integrated deluxe carabiners, this two-person hammock is even lighter and more sumptuous than its predecessors. sit slowly in your hammock to make sure your hang is secure. more information, learn how to hammock responsibly, or watch our demo video!

material(s) 40d nylon taffeta ripstop packed dimensions (l x w) 5" x 5" unfolded dimensions (l x w) 9' 4" x 6' 2" best use camping & backpacking setup info warranty info warranty information related products: doublenest hammock . weenies will rejoice in a much lighter hammock system, but does it sacrifice too much comfort? i’m not sure if this is just how the material looks when it gets stretched, but it left me a little on edge when getting in and out of the hammock.

you are going to machine wash your hammock we recommend first removing the carabiners (no need to untie any knots), then washing on cool in a front load washer (no agitator) on the delicate cycle with a mild detergent (like woolite or dreft), or a gear wash. sub7 is made from a 70d lightweight ripstop nylon that shaves more than 3/4 of a pound compared to the eno double nest. just 3’11” wide, there isn’t a whole lot of room to spread out in this hammock, and it can be difficult to get into the desired diagonal sleeping position.

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i need a suspension system to use my eno hammock? after i realized i wasn’t going to break through it was fine, though i was hesitant to be rough with it like a doublenest. our hammock sizes are approximately 9′ feet long, so as long as your frame is around 10 feet, it will fit.

hammocking, remember to remove any sharp objects from your person, i. at for the hammock and for the helios suspension, it’s on par with other hammock systems on the market. do not leave your hammock out of doors year round but keep it “so fresh and so clean” by storing it in its attached stuff sack in a cool, dry space when not in use.

recommend either machine washing your hammock in a front loading washer or hand washing your hammock. when producing hammocks, eno attempts to reduce potential waste by using every bit of fabric available. doublenest is approximately 6’2″ in width and weighs in at 20oz.