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that 5% calculation is because on that second lunch she may have had some real “what the hell, he is really nice, let’s see what happens” inclination in treating it more as a friendly/date sort of event mixed in with a mercenary grab for your business.: where can i obtain information on forms relating to insurance education? our website and select new york as your home state. however, if the agent is still in an inactive status. to new jersey law, any legally formed business entity transacting insurance related business must maintain a separate producer license. current insurance laws, if your license is in good standing in your home state, you may apply for a license in new jersey simply by completing the application for any or all of the lines of authority you have in your home state and paying the required application fee. But sometimes what appears to be only minor damage can get your car totaled. have recently met an insurance agent on the street who approached me to get my contact. If your car's frame is bent or the mechanic tells you it can't be fixed, you can bet your car is going to be deemed a total loss by your car insurance company. Some car insurance companies also offer discounts for certain occupations and affiliations, but it's hard for policyholders to get a complete list. in addition, you may contact psi services at 1-877-526-6833 to receive information on your credits. we have enacted regulatory reforms that will now permit insurance education providers to offer prelicensing education courses in a self study format., how awesome would it be to learn some totally fake sales patter to use on guys who won’t leave you alone in public spaces, so if they won’t go away you start trying to sell them insurance?

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to change your address online, please visit the nipr's producer address change request web site. now you know what it looks like when you don’t quite connect with someone: it’s really hard to schedule things, you can’t tell if it’s really a date, you sense ulterior motives, they don’t enthusiastically respond to your invitations. indicate if you are a producer licensed as an agent, broker, consultant,Reinsurance intermediary or excess lines broker. insurance companies employ armies of underwriters and actuaries who crunch insurance numbers all day, but it's the auto insurance agents who really know the score. You also don't have access to your FICO insurance score, by the way.: the license information for your entity and for each of the individuals. Independent agents can be helpful, but “regulators have not imposed suitability or lowest cost requirements” on them, J.: what are the mandatory prelicensing education classroom hours for the various insurance producer lines of authority? The higher the rating, the higher the risk for the insurance company, which translates into higher premiums for you., you must be currently qualified in your home state and submit a paper application. While “captive agents” sell policies from only one insurance company (think of an agent working in a State Farm office), “independent agents” represent several insurance carriers. They know which reports are pulled about you when you request a car insurance quote. does it mean if my agent license is in inactive status?

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you’ll know it because your head and your heart will both say yes, and her answering yes will ring you like a bell., i’d just like to say that i am a little angry on your behalf.: after your license has been renewed the first time, continuing. There are ratings for the physical damage, liability and medical portions of a car insurance policy.: individuals and individuals with trade names applying for a life agent,Life broker, property/casualty agent and/or property/casualty broker license can.: if you are currently licensed in both states, you can change your address.,  if your certification is granted by your trade or professional association, and you maintain that certification, the department considers that the equivalent of 12 continuing education credits per year. Ultimately, you can make a more informed decision on your own if you know what's going on behind the scenes. There's a difference between cancellation and non-renewal of car insurance. Even if you have a copy of your auto insurer's surcharge schedule, you will probably still need your agent's help to understand the complex formula used to determine a surcharge. And agents know whether the reports are used in the calculation of your insurance score, which is similar to a credit score. You may have forgotten when your last traffic ticket landed on your driving record, but your agent knows. The process is usually even more complicated if it is your second or subsequent accident or violation in recent years.

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: pursuant to article 21 of the insurance law, you will need to be 18 years of age or older to apply for an insurance license. you are a non-resident, you must be licensed in good standing in your home state in the line of authority for which you wish to add. they participate in the producer database (pdb) maintained by national insurance producer registry (nipr), a non-profit affiliate of the national association of insurance commissioners (naic). have to admit that i was rather apprehensive at first since i was familiar with the insurance agents’ ‘modus operandi’. They know that you won't be covered if you hire out your car. Here are some of the things agents know that customers typically don't. under sections 2104 or 2108 of the nys insurance law are exempt from the. qualified for an agent or broker license, you must apply for the other by. Since your car insurance company pulled your driving record, your agent can see the violation date and should also know when the infraction will drop off your record and can no longer impact your premiums.: i am a nonresident and wish to apply for a producer license in your state. like the “don’t take no for an answer” or the “push for a social connection and then leverage it into a business connection by making the person feel like they’re violating a rule of etiquette if they say no to your pitch. 15 days of either the date an agency contract is executed with the insurance. They know when your tickets will drop off your driving record.

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from your letter, it was clear to me that this woman was just using you, and i think 3 dates was a really long time for her to have done so. the school may be fined or lose its approval and the school director can have his or her insurance producer's license suspended or revoked for failing to bank credits within this time frame. They know whether your crashed vehicle will be considered a total loss. Insurance companies don't operate on the honor system when you tell them how long your commute is or whether you've gotten any speeding tickets. write to us at the above address if a school does not bank your credits on time. the next renewal, the agent will not be eligible to renew unless an appointment. Car insurance companies have strict rules about when surcharges are applied after an accident or claim, and they vary by insurer. following licenses: adjusters, bail bond agents, life settlement brokers,Life settlement providers and life settlement intermediaries.. some of these selling strategies (and my own bad experience was with financial advice/life insurance sales) can be really misleading or triggering to people who have been stalked, or subjected to abuse at the hands of boundary violators. types are: bail bonds, credit insurance, legal insurance, car rental insurance, travel insurance, group mortgage cancellation, self-storage personal property, and special nonresident limited lines (for limited lines offered by other states, but not new jersey). This doesn't mean that your auto insurer is your foe - although some would beg to differ -- but the insurer will keep an eye on its bottom line when settling your claim. be submitted from the state you have declared as your home state and in which. Your agent should have it, and can help you find out if you're missing out on a discount or can gain one easily by joining a listed organization.

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an insurance broker represents the public and can sell insurance.: what is involved with obtaining a limited lines insurance producers license? Even though I mentioned to her that I already have my insurance adequately covered and personal agent whom I trust a lot and thus…Applications & licensing. it’s also a good way to practice self-care, by saving your time and attention for people who reciprocate. But your agent knows that all the information you provide is double-checked. license, allowing the licensee to operate as either an agent or broker. the pdb is an electronic database consisting of information relating to insurance agents and brokers (producers). agent and adjuster licensing office processes filings in the order they were received. Agents also know that some auto insurance companies have amended policies to specifically exclude personal vehicle-sharing programs. if someone has said they’re not interested in your business, but agrees to meet up in a friendly and/or romantic context, and then you push your business on them anyway, that’s emotional exploitation. are no guarantees in life, but i think that someday somebody is gonna love you, and they are going to do it without trying to bag and tag you for their insurance client roster first." the exemption from continuing education requirements formerly enjoyed by attorneys who are authorized only to transact title insurance was eliminated with the adoption of the new jersey insurance producer licensing act of 2001. individuals applying for a resident insurance producer license requesting authority to transact life, health, property, casualty, personal lines, surplus lines, title and limited line bail bonds must successfully pass our licensing examination for the specific line of authority unless the individual previously held a resident license for the same lines of authority in another state and that license is either current or became inactive within the previous 90 days.

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, can we use “tries to sell me insurance when i … am out shopping / am in the library / am hanging out with a friend / have already said i’m not interested / thought we were on a date as friends” to explain things to “well, i wish someone would hit on me!” especially if it’s the sort of thing where you have to let them in your house to take measurements.. insurance producer licensing laws require you to notify us of any change within 30 days of the time that it occurs. dated and signed request (include license reference number) to:Nj department of banking and insurance. I have recently met an insurance agent on the street who approached me to get my contact. Agents are privy to your insurance company's surcharge schedule, which outlines the offenses that trigger insurance points and of what value. Your agent can also tell you what safety features on a vehicle earn you a discount, if your insurer offers a discount for bundling your insurance plans (such as home and car), what the mileage threshold is to get a low-mileage discount and if the company offers any type of pay-as-you-drive program.: i have an insurance designation that has its own continuing education requirement. any individual producer licensee transacting insurance related business through a non-licensed business entity is in violation of the new jersey insurance producer licensing act of 2001 and subject to an administrative penalty. You know that your car insurance policy provides you certain protections, but your agent is keenly aware that the policy is also an insurance contract with two sides - the policyholder's and the insurance company's. If the repair costs are over a certain internally set or state-set threshold, your car will be totaled.“you’ll know it because your head and your heart will both say yes, and her answering yes will ring you like a bell. You've probably never seen your car's ISO rating, but your agent can easily see where your vehicle falls on the list.

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tattie’s comment just reminded me of that legitimately creepy insurance agent – he really did scare the crap out of me.” In New York, under Regulation 194, an insurance agent must tell you he's being compensated for the sale, and must tell you his commission amount if you ask. see our insurance education provider\instructor application (pdf) for more details.. if you are a nonresident and your license has been expired more than two. all prelicensing education and continuing education courses must be approved by this office and offered by an approved insurance education provider (ms excel). isn’t a rule, but it’s something that might help you keep perspective and budget your emotional investment (to the extent that we can ever do that) when you are trying to get to know someone new and you’re unsure whether they are on the same page:If you try twice to schedule something with someone you don’t know very well,And they decline both times,Without offering up an alternative or making a visible effort to make something happen,…give yourself permission to stop making an effort to get onto their calendar. the agent's license is in an inactive status at the time of renewal, a renewal. the fastest way for you to obtain this addition to your nonresident license is to apply online through the national insurance producer registry (nipr), a non-profit affiliate of the national association of insurance commissioners (naic). You probably suspect that insurers look at reports showing your claims history, motor vehicle record and credit history, but an agent also knows if the carrier is pulling reports on your mileage, vehicle registration, undisclosed drivers who live with you, whether you're a homeowner and your current carrier.'s car insurance discount tool also shows discounts in each state. Other common exclusions encompass damage you do to your own property, damage caused while you're off-roading or road racing, and damage due to wear and tear. A variety of issues may prompt an insurer to wave goodbye to you -- too many accidents or claims within a certain period of time, a DUI, license suspension or revocation, multiple traffic offenses, a conviction for leaving the scene of an accident or insurance fraud. he even said that he knows the typical insurance agent’s m.

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principal place of business and is licensed to act as an insurance producer. your home state and in which your principle place of business or residence. If you want to make money giving rides in your car, your agent knows you're likely voiding your car insurance coverage. a resident and your license has been expired more than two years, you must. Here's more on the troubled relationship between ride-sharing apps and auto insurance. then, make a conscious decision to switch your focus elsewhere: on another new friend or date, on a hobby, on a great book you’re reading, on showing up in some way for the people you already know and love. please see our listing of approved insurance education providers (ms excel) for those that offer courses in a traditional classroom setting and those that offer the required courses through a self study format. Your agent also knows this: The surcharge won't drop off until the next renewal term after the required time period has passed, since changes like this aren't made mid-term. are as follow: life, accident and health agent - 40 hours. Your agent can tell you if your insurer offers a discount for taking a driver improvement course, if your child goes off to college, if you renew early, if you go paperless - just to name a few. While independent agents make it easy to compare quotes from multiple companies, they're not always objective. online address process is not available if you are changing your resident state or if the change is for an agency, not an individual. “A lot of consumers think they have an idea of how car insurance works and think they are informed, but they aren't,” says Amanda Shore, operations analyst for Insurance.

have to say i’m feeling pretty creeped out by the insurance agent here. Your agent is aware of the company's guidelines for non-renewing a policyholder, and at a glance can see if anything in your file will result in a non-renewal notice at the end of your policy period. even though i mentioned to her that i already have my insurance adequately covered and personal agent whom i trust a lot and thus is unlikely to be getting anything else insurance-related from her, she remained friendly and said that she would still like to meet up for coffee one day and thus i gave her my contact eventually. If your state doesn't remove traffic violations from your driving record, then ask your agent when your car insurance provider stops surcharging you on the offense. in addition individuals who are authorized to sell flood insurance have a one time requirement to take 3 credits in approved course(s) on flood insurance and the national flood insurance program.: you cannot switch an agent license to a broker license. numbered year, your license will expire on your birthday in an odd numbered. agent - only 20 hours accident and health agent - only. for the employer to obtain a license appropriate to the type of insurance being. Car insurance discounts aren't always spelled out on a company's website, but agents know what is offered. for me i’ve found the best approach is to give it your best shot, put yourself out there, and then instead of waiting and focusing on that one opportunity focus on the next thing while you wait for this thing. They know what you can do to lower your premiums. The points are added up to determine how much your rates will go up.

which an insurance producer maintains his, her or its principal place of residence.’ve never done insurance sales, but it sounds like a sketchy way to do business to me. insurance company(ies) and sells insurance for which ever company(ies) have. if we cannot verify your licensing status in your home state via pdb, we do require a letter of certification from your home state. state you have declared as your home state and in which your principle place. frankly, in a case like this, where the person you’re interested in mainly starts off interested in the contents of your bank account and the impact of getting you as a client on their bank account, i’d be saying “let them make the running”. on approved insurance education provider (ms excel) may be obtained from our web site. a:If there are no current company appointments on file for an agent, the agent's. in those cases, please use our address change request form or notify us by submitting a letter indicating your name, license reference number, current address, new address and effective date of the change. The theft of your car is covered under comprehensive coverage, but your car insurance policy doesn't cover the theft of belongings such as your purse, purchases from a store, or computer. a producer can be an agent,Broker, consultant, reinsurance intermediary or excess lines broker. insurance education providers may offer a supplemental prelicensing education course to assist those license candidates who feel the need for more detailed instruction. know it’s a tough gig, but salespeople who use such people tactics are so skeevy because you’re actively wriggling your ways into the cracks of politeness and awkwardness and uncertainty that people (esp geeky or shy people) use to navigate social interactions.

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: any sales agent who comes to your door uninvited doesn’t merit any kind of hospitality. An agent might steer you toward a certain insurance company because he knows he will receive a higher commission or needs to sell more of that product to keep a certain insurer happy. the fastest way for you to obtain a nonresident license is to apply online through the national insurance producer registry (nipr), a non-profit affiliate of the national association of insurance commissioners (naic). the nys insurance law require an individual who is seeking an agent, broker. Robert Hunter, the Consumer Federation of America's insurance director, told a U. individuals applying for a resident insurance producer license requesting authority to transact life, health, property, casualty, personal lines, title and limited line bail bonds who do not qualify for a waiver of prelicensing education must complete a prelicensing education course offered by an approved insurance education provider.? a: if you were born in an even numbered year, your license. you are an individual, now you can change your address in your resident state and all participating states in which you are licensed with just one online form. the second time, we just chatted about stuff in general and did not mention anything insurance related at all. (these hours include the instruction topics covered during the previously mandated 15 hours in insurance regulation. also require a copy of your articles of organization attached to your application. Agents can do more than give you a car insurance quote or field your questions about your policy; they also know ways you can save on your premium. Your agent also knows you're out of luck if you want to be reimbursed for personal items stolen out of your car.

recently had an insurance agent show up at my door at around 7pm (i live alone) and use every trick in the book to try and worm his way into my apartment. They know the insurance company is not "on your side" if you make a claim. and in which your principle place of business or residence is located. write your concerns to:Office of consumer protection services – insurance education. it is strongly recommended that name approval by this department is obtained prior to submitting an application for a resident new jersey insurance producer license.” When consumers call for a car insurance quote, Shore estimates that agents spend about 20 percent of a 10-minute call explaining coverages and making recommendations - even more if the person is a first-time buyer. For example, if you tell your agent that your spouse purposely rammed your car, your agent knows that claim will be denied because the damage was intentional. While your car insurance agent isn't a claims expert or adjuster, he is aware that your car insurance company will compare the cost of repair to your vehicle's actual cash value and then look at the total loss “threshold” to see if the car is totaled or not. overall, it makes me sad that we live in a world where a certain amount of emotional exploitation/boundary violating is a sales tactic (in many areas, it’s the sales tactic), but i don’t think we can blame insurance lady for that, whatever her personal motives. she got his number & info on the street (for business, clearly–sure he said she wasn’t interested but the whole point of a subsequent meeting in a gig like this is to change your mind) and they set up a lunch., enactment of the new jersey insurance producer licensing act of 2001 expanded your options to include interactive online courses and self study courses for continuing education. any insurance company licensed in new york state which deals with brokers. an alternative, you may apply by returning a copy of your new jersey license or a letter that includes your new jersey license reference number with a dated and signed request to add the line of authority and a check made payable to the state of new jersey general treasury for .

old do i have to be to apply for an insurance license? if your license expired within the last two years, you may. While agents aren't claim adjusters, they know that your policy has exclusions for certain actions of drivers. file with the county clerk's office in the county in which your business.  when estimating when your filing was received, allow 5 business days from the date you mailed the filing. as your home state and in which your principle place of business or residence. if your home state participates in the producer database (pdb) maintained by national insurance producer registry (nipr) a non-profit affiliate of the national association of insurance commissioners (naic), you do not need to submit a letter of certification. The criteria for determining whether a vehicle is a total loss varies from one car insurance company to the next, and is also guided by state law. states no longer require a written letter of certification in order to process your nonresident application or license renewal. a: a new york licensed producer who has the accident/health line of authority on their agent license issued under section 2103(a) of the insurance law (prefix of la), or on their broker license issued under section 2104 (b)(1)(a) of the insurance law (prefix of lb) or is licensed a broker under section 2104(b) of the insurance law (prefix of br) is authorized to sell long term care insurance in new york. You can ask your car insurance company for a copy of its surcharge schedule, but may still need an agent to decipher it for you.’ moments and it’s good to have experience under your belt. for use of the name in the insurance industry from this department before.
Your agent will know the details about which claims raise rates. They know if a ticket will jack up your car insurance rates. they would generally position themselves along the busier walkways and utilise a ‘throw everything at the wall, some will eventually stick’ approach by striking up a conversation beginning with a survey to get a brief outlook of your financial status and then arranging a meetup so as to perform a personal review and then to persuade the other person to take up policies from them. The vehicle rating helps insurance companies determine the risk of insuring your particular vehicle. An agent can point out to you the specific portion of your policy -- which can be referred to as a “for hire,” “for a charge” or “livery” exclusion -- that clearly states using your vehicle in the transportation of goods or people for payment is not covered. participating states can verify your license right over the internet without the need for a letter of certification. if you did not submit a renewal application within 30 days after the expiration date of your license you must submit this information and pay the late fee. (if the word “insurance” is contained in the name the department of treasury will not permit you to file online);. made it very clear on both occasions that she was trying to have a business meeting… she brought up the insurance situation, and only let it go when lw told her to. for this, as well as other reasons, all name requests should be approved by the department of banking and insurance before the recording of the name by a county clerk or other government entity. don’t think the insurance agent did anything wrong–a lunch meeting with friendly chitchat isn’t necessarily a date. who is authorized to sell long term care insurance in new york? either the object of your attention will track you down when their schedule clears, or they’ll drift back into your orbit in some serendipitous way a few months down the road and you’ll have the opportunity to try again, or they won’t.