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you give valuations on used or vintage höfner instruments? were two basic hofner bodies, most easily compared to gibsons es-175 / l4 size and its.  the selmer company began importing hofner guitars into great britain in 1958 however they did not import 500/1 violin basses until about 1963. today in beijing, hofner produces a range student instruments, while medium-priced and master-built instruments are still made in hagenau, germany. this is most obvious on hofners two fanciest guitars,The 468 (committee in the uk) and the 470 (golden hofner in the uk)., for several years, hofner has had an office in beijing. hofner 500/1 violin bass:  truss rods were added to the neck allowing a smaller, thinner and stronger neck and of course a truss rod cover was added. you give valuations on used or vintage höfner instruments?

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500/1 bass • hofner beatle bass • dating hofner bases • hofner serial numbers. own model number), various hofners archtop guitars were at different times offered with:Full-body or cutaway styles. hofner violin bass:   pickups were upgraded to a louder bar blade style pickup. potentiometers of electric hofners can be used to date instruments from about 1958 onwards. 1961 paul mccartney  purchased a left handed hofner 500/1 violin bass from steinway's music in hamburg germany, an event that would make hofner a recognized brand word wide. for a wide pinstripe and a hofner logo, filled with gold detailing. guitars produced for european consumption, selmer hofners had labels, indicating model. guitars/basses from the 1960s are generally easier to restore as many parts are available either using new items or vintage items.

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500/1 bass dating tips, beatle bass history and information on the violin style hofner 500-1 cavern bass. in a rhombus stamped on the faces (the hofner logo facing either toward or away from the. addition to these pickups, hofner also offered a variety of after-market pick-ups in the late. the late 60s, hofner adopted a new "reverse" pickguard shape, following the contours of the.  the hofner logo on the body is no longer present. through the models from simple to fancy, hofner used a variety of tuners. the late 60s, hofner significantly changed the way it built archtop guitars. of the parts we use today can be used for vintage guitar and bass restorations.

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. höfner made enormous efforts with the beijing office to bring it to the desired quality level of hofner. current lines include the hofner club series and reissue 500 and 5001 violin basses as well as limited edition reissues such as the 1959 specification h500/1-59./1960 hofner 500/1 violin bass:   new pickups with chrome pickup covers replaced black covers. whole thing, we have prepared the following guide to hofner models. are a number of independent companies that supply some parts that are suitable for vintage höfner guitars. do not carry out repairs or restorations to vintage höfner instruments. the mid-60's, hofner introduced covered tuners, with plain rectangular metal, white or mother-., as with the model 457, hofner added a layer of side binding following the curvature of.

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these three hofner shapes have the following approximate dimensions:Width across bottom bout 16" 17" 18". these may require further cutting to get a good fit on a vintage bass or guitar.-1963 hofner beatle bass: a new horizontal gold script logo decal was used on the headstock  closed pickups were added with the hofner name inside a diamond. following unanswered questions:somewhere in the (later) seventies (or even later)- the 'preh' potentiometers were abandoned and so the easy method of dating old hofners vanished as well - when? all of hofners electric archtop guitars, with pickups and controls bolted onto or cut into the. in particular have you been to the vintage hofner website, run independently, from the uk. hofner 500/1 violin bass:   the heel is now considerably rounded from previous years. hofner bass: control panel and pickguard changed to pearloid white from dark or tortoise shell, tuners changed from strip to individual tuners.Latest free online dating site 2016

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we supply some of these parts whilst a few manufacture vintage type parts themselves. hofner 500/1 bass: pickups had a much larger pickup surrounds allowing more adjustment between pickups and the bass strings. do have a number of these in our service section and steve russell also has some on his vintage hofner website. catalogues, the hofner guitar - a history (by gordon giltrap and neville marten) ,Electro-gitarren made in germany (by norbert schnepel and helmut lemme), hofner guitars. you will also find that many of the parts we use today will fit vintage instruments. design and construction of hofner archtop guitars evolved considerably from the early 50's. click here,Restoring a vintage höfner is possible and many people have achieved remarkable results from often battered old guitars.. hofner also introduced a distinctive chromed or gold-plated metal bridge with adjustable.Great short headlines for dating sites

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many of these hofners were fine instruments, they lost the idiosyncratic charm of their. resemble fenders ltd and montego guitars in the neck/body joint, although the hofner.  when in  doubt pick up a book or two about dating hofners and be sure to consult several sources. the 60s, hofner started using b/w/b/w/b pickguards with chamfered edges, again more closely.  for example a code 259 would be 25the week of 1969, 79 or 89 so you will have to use a variety of data to date your hofner bass. in the spare parts category to ascertain if a suitable part is available to fit your vintage instrument.-58 hofner 500/1 violin bass:  most basses added a fret for a total of 21 frets in 57.  early hofner basses used strip style tuners however later models used individual tuning machines.

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hofner bridge, with four open slots, separated at the ends with white plastic, into which. hofner started to use chrome-plated parts in the mid-60s, on its own vibrato.  in 1960 hofner went to 22 frets and had transitioned out of strip tuners by 1961. thinline guitars became popular in the late 50s and into the 60s, hofner produced several. affected the construction of hofners in that the struts, which had previously been. as the popularity of mccartney's band increased, the 500/1 hofner violin bass earned it's nick name "the beatle bass" forever linked to the most popular band of the 20th century. we don’t keep a large stock of parts for vintage instruments we have produced a number of items such as pickups that can be obtained from our dealer network. single coil "super-response" pick-ups with six exposed slot-head screws and the hofner.

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your old hofner  home gallerydating hfner/hofner 500/1 model year product changes of the 500/1 series during the 'most interesting' years (rectangular control panel) from 1960 to 1975the common and well known potentiometer code* is neither the only hint nor is it unerring. in germany (by michael naglav) and personal observation of hundreds of hofner guitars.  the 500/1 was conceived in 1955 by walter hofner who believed a violin shaped bass would be easy to manufacturer along side of his existing double bass production line. general, hofner arched-top guitar headstocks were thicker than comparable american guitar. hofner introduced a variety of new guitars, including new solid-bodies,Thinlines and thinline double cutaway designs. early hofners had this tongue supported by the maple of the neck, which. you should visit this website for a wealth of information about vintage höfners. vintage hofner basses is always tricky as transitions were often gradual and older parts can appear on newer models depending on parts supplies and other factors. Watch dating rules online for free

hofner knobs were attached with slot head set screws, and were cast to fit hofner solid. should be noted that hofner did not included serial numbers on early 500/1 basses however many distributors added their own serial numbers to the headstock or near the tailpiece.  the headstock featured a new vertical hofner logo that replaced the diamonds on the headstock (see photo below). note that we are unable to assist you with valuations on older or vintage höfner instruments. hofner also introduced a larger size in 1960, although it is much less. publish some wiring schematics on this website for vintage höfners. into the existing hofner pick-up mounting rings, the second of which was longer and.-56 hofner 500/1 violin bass: the original 500/1 violin bass featured shown above featured oval control panel, diamonds on the headstock, flat body back, a small hofner logo on the body and 20 frets. Best plus size online dating sites