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’s not to say more accurate glimpses of bpd aren’t lurking in plain view all across popular culture. gold[–]sittingwonderduck 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (6 children)i remember accusing her has with bpd. people diagnosed with bpd are as much as three times more likely to be women than men, which doesn’t help with the inherent misogyny surrounding how people think about the condition. as a pwbpd yourself i'm sure you understand that it's difficult for nons who are codependent to leave these types of relationships. gold[–][deleted] 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (2 children)as someone with bpd i think it's ridiculous you try to say we all don't use logic and you won't be able to understand our actions. take a look at those symptoms and compare them to the way someone of the asshole persuasion might view women as a whole. people with bpd are extremely good at presenting themselves to others as normal, healthy, and functioning. you’ve come to this sub-reddit, you’ve likely realized that you’re not alone in your feelings. perhaps you’re still trying to figure out how to get your bpdex back. you may find that you even demonstrate some bpd tendencies of your own, and be worried you’ve somehow developed it. as much as you love her, ubpd sufferers are often the worse because they fail to recognize their own issues. posts by subject:Do you have ideas or feedback for askreddit? gold[–]sittingwonderduck 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (10 children)my ubpd girlfriend ran away today and she had no self-awareness of why people are worried and why she is causing everyone to worry.

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with no practical treatment options, people who have bpd are at a sky-high risk for substance abuse, according to the institute of duh at no fucking wonder university. then she claimed they she spoke to her therapist and her therapist said she does not have bpd which i highly disagree because the therapist does not see a certain side of her that i do. even when we're really upset at someone, we're still convinced that it's entirely our fault, so we mostly take it out on ourselves. this is where the true colors of your bpdso will ultimately come out. it’s extremely important to recognize that breakups with a pwbpd don’t function like a normal relationship. it took more than 10 years of misdiagnoses, various pills, talk therapy, and generally wondering whether i wouldn’t be better off dead before someone clocked what was up. when someone's in pain, we really feel that pain, so we're an excellent shoulder to cry on. research and understanding will lead to fairer portrayals in the media, and then navigating the waters of bpd dating will be more manageable for everyone involved. that's not a coincidence, and most likely, neither is the fact that up to 75 percent of people diagnosed with bpd are women. i fall in love whenever i look at someone for too long, but i've always been on the lookout for the next person since (according to my stupid brain), he will inevitably leave me. movies tend to portray us as violent stalkers (or at the very least, out-of-control whirlwinds of emotional destruction), it's easy to lump bpd sufferers in with sociopaths or other groups that lack basic human empathy. warning: your bpdso will sense that you’re separating and improving. bpd is like living in a bubble floating in a hazy world of detachment.


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and moving forwarddespite wearing a neon “this girl is bpd” sign over my head, it was a long time before these behaviors led to an official diagnosis. while the wording may be harsh, it's not directed towards a bpd audience. gold[–]ownfir[s] 2 points3 points4 points 1 year ago (9 children)unfortunately this kind of behavior is characteristic for those with bpd. while these representations are regularly problematic, there are some that seize the essence of bpd and help to communicate its existence, flattering or otherwise. let’s start with a look into how your bpdso thinks. what's worse is that her family suffers from it and hates her because they don't understand that she may have bpd. and the alien logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc. the time i mixed impulsive behavior with another, far less discussed aspect of bpd—hypersexuality—by ordering a man off the internet. gold[–]ownfir[s] 1 point2 points3 points 1 year ago (0 children)i can definitely see where this guide would scare new users away who are looking to work things out or perhaps are seeking a more compassionate view for their pwbpd. what you've told me, your ubpdso isn't one of them. you go through my history you'll find i generally stick up for pwbpd as long as they are active in therapy, and even for those that aren't. maybe you’re worried that leaving your bpdso would force them to kill themselves, or head down a destructive path.’s still a dearth of truthful illustrations of bpd in the media, but, much like those who live with it, it needs to be shown some care.

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people with bpd and without bpd: /r/bpdsoffa and /r/bpdlovingsupport. actions, another defining feature of bpd, also popped up in my relationships.)submitted 1 year ago * by ownfirexpecting the unexpected: a bpd breakup guide. her therapist is unable to diagnose her with bpd, she likely isn't telling him the whole story as you said. the writer recognizes that not all people with bpd will exhibit the traits listed. you’ll deal with both in a breakup with a pwbpd. intense fear of abandonment, one of the main traits of bpd. in many cases, teenagers will see bpd tendencies and admire you for choosing to move forward with divorce, thus modelling self-worth to them. professor judith herman even believes that bpd may not exist at all, suggesting that it's actually a form of ptsd that has turned into a label to be slapped on troubled women because it fits so neatly into our ideas about them, conveniently allowing them to dismiss us as "born bad. all of us here understand and know the pain that comes from a relationship with a pwbpd. like the club groucho marx didn’t want to belong to, if somebody loves you, they must be an idiot because you know—your bpd tells you—that you are fundamentally unlovable. and if there’s any condition that really drives this home, it’s borderline personality disorder (bpd), which takes the shittiest parts of being mentally unwell and runs a marathon with them. goldreply[–]echoempire 1 point2 points3 points 29 days ago (1 child)i was in a relationship with someone who suffers from bipolar for the last 5 years.

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's note: the language in this section uses words such as "they" and suggests a polarization of people with bpd. i care about the bpd community as well, and want for all of us to get the help we individually need. i'm sure it's nothing personal and they didn't mean any harm, but it's a lot harder for someone with bpd to resist acting on their impulses -and sometimes delusions- than those without the disorder. many of you are in situations where your bpdso have/could/will contact local police and claim abuse. a breakup is hard enough by itself, let alone with someone who knows exactly how to manipulate you in order to get what you want. especially if you're actively trying to make improvements in your life and feel that this portrayal of pwbpd is unfair. i’ve spent the last few months here i've noticed that many of us are going through breakups, or contemplating breaking up with their bpdso (be it friend, girlfriend/boyfriend, spouse, etc., since the beginning and end of their characterization is often "boiling family pets in a fit of jealous rage," people tend to think bpd just encompasses any and all psychotic behavior -- or as some call it, "crazy bitch syndrome" (i'm imagining a waiting room questionnaire with, "have you turned into a crazy bitch in the last 30 days? find one who specializes in c-ptsd , codependency, and even bpd. if you could feel compassion for someone else you wouldn't have bpd. spend a large amount of time trying to understand bpd from a non biased view. start to rekindle old friendships that have been lost from your relationship with your bpdso. everyone i know who has bpd is generally as warm and gentle as a blanket made of kittens.

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    reserve the right to remove content or restrict users' posting privileges as necessary if it is deemed detrimental to the subreddit or to the experience of others.[–]badlyferret 2 points3 points4 points 29 days ago (1 child)not that she is reading this screen, but dating someone with bipolar is awesome as she's presently sleeping on my arm. in the amount of traffic /r/askreddit receives daily/monthly? coming out of a long relationship with a pwbpd, it’s still important to have evidence to protect yourself incase false accusations are made against you. kids may benefit from therapy as well, and also from understanding how bpd works. so with that being said, it sucks that people have gotten screwed over by others with bpd.[–]theskepticalidealist 3 points4 points5 points 1 year ago (0 children)if you were rational and logical you wouldn't have bpd. i wanted to be able to sleep soundly at night knowing i did all i could to save a relationship with someone i thought i'd marry. · 943 comments men of reddit, what does "being a man" mean to you? they are evident in songs, and in tv shows and films, often capturing bpd’s primary traits: fear of abandonment, feeling unlovable, hypersexuality, and impulsive behaviors. if you continue a pattern of keeping your bpdex in your life, you’ll never progress in the way you’re meant to. i will consider adding a caveat that this guide is for those pwbpd that are not self aware like you and many others may be. know that many pwbpd do in fact use logic and understanding.
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    and additional readings:Splitting: protecting yourself while divorcing someone with borderline (thanks to /u/cookieredditor for this. they've read the links in the bpd survival guide, gone through extensive couples therapy, practiced set techniques, and generally done all they can to support what they now recognize as a failed relationship. when you’re ready, it’s time to move forward and let your bpdex go. i still care about my bpdex deeply, even though she hurt me. the clinical terms are "idealization and devaluation," but what that means in normal person language is that someone is the best person in the world, until they're the worst person in the world -- but even then, you still intensely desire his or her attention..8k · 11029 comments bosses of reddit, what the worst interview you've seen? don't allow bpds to post here to protect all involved (as per rule 1) and as there are two other subs that are designed as safespaces for bpds:For people with bpd: /r/bpd." add the fact that most people diagnosed with bpd have experienced severe trauma to the list of things that are probably not coincidences. remember, in general, pwbpd have an innate fear of abandonment. you noticed that just about every depiction of bpd we've mentioned has been a woman? many members here report still dealing with psychological issues years after their relationship with their bpdso.” none of us thought our bpdso would do any of the things they did after our breakup/divorce. there’s the fact that the direct portrayal of bpd in pop culture is often over-the-top and disturbing—the character dennis reynolds from it’s always sunny in philadelphia was diagnosed with it in season 10 (“psycho pete returns”).