Dating site for juggalos and juggalettes

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Finally, a dating site that cares about the diverse needs and desires of today's modern Juggalo. i’m also a lot of fun to hang out with, and i can carrey a good conversation. now yes, i am bi, my male type is very particular, im versitile, but mostly a bottom, females on the other hand im alot more open an less picky, i am bi but alot more strait than gay i guess, altho i do require an open minded woman///// not sayin we or i have to swing,, but ya gotta be willin to play both sides if ya know what i mean, alil dominate of a woman///////// um anyway ill update more later when i know what to say :pthe first things people usually notice about me:im unique, an very lmao… im a blend of subcultures an genra of american society, i listen to all forms of music so ive integrated it into my personality– the first thing people realize is that i am a juggalo ((horrorcore//gorehop)) an i represent an support the juggalo family as if they were blood, so if your looking to fall in love,, i hope your a ninjah like that whoop whoop >:d but im also a heavy punker from the burbs of cali an got this whole gutterpunk thing goin for me, with a side of ska-kid // rasta-head from hangin with theese oc surfer types,, which reminds me kingspade all day 4:20 friendly :p ,, granted i still listen to depeche mode an duran duran an berlin along with 80s metal like guns-n-roses ozzy ac/dc ect ect ect so im a toss up reallythe six things i could never do without:1. i love to kick it and party wen the opportunity irises.

Dating site for juggalos and juggalettes

, it makes sense that a group of juggalos needs a name. i’m a little crazy and sometimes even annoying, but im also a great listener and when im in a relationship i am totally commited to that person. i love animals and i do dress sort of monotone, but what can i say i like being me? should message me if:you have no problems with juggalos, marijuana being used medicinally, bisexuals (as i am one) and kids.

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    six things i could never do without:my puppys love, my phone, eyeliner, vodka and good wine (i’m going to be cheeky and count that as one), fishfingers, and live music. fully believe that you can control the world with your reaction to it and that the world would be a better place if more people took less stuff seriously. i’ve have a good humor and like to make you laugh., there’s juggaLOVE, a dating site that caters to clown faced lovers who just want to kick back, down a few bottles of Faygo and get crazy with a fellow face painting superfan.
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    :maile where:edmonds… single god damn you…i love you so much and you dont care? am an out going insane person not like scary insane just a riot to be around i like to wave at people i realy lirke to make people laugh at everything no matter how they feel i can normaly make someone laugh even if there only laughing at me cause i look funny lol im a tru juggalo if u dont know what that is you may not be interested in me at all i have alot of tattos and piercings and im a kind hearted person but if you piss me off i will definantly tell u about i belive first impressions last forever and if i dont like how a particular person is upon the first time meeting them they normaly wont get a chance to change my opinion but you have to be a really shitty person for that to happen i love to hang out with my friends when the can make time for me that is wow it sorta takes alot to hit the five hundred word mark and not be so totaly random that it makes people not even want to read your profile lol would it count if i just put like the same few words over and over and over and over and over lol well thats should be enough of that. most private thing i’m willing to admit:I’m really into wrestling and i’m on probation.'ve been down - the gathering of the juggalos (2011) documentary.
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    i’m thirteen/bisexual/single the best and worst years of my life start now…i have a boyfriend his name is ballistix so ya…im not single altho i seem to look like it. i also practice martial arts and write stories as hobbies and hope to someday make a few extra bucks on the side doing those two things. a lowly 9 to 5 whilst accumulating tools and knowledge for my woodworking business and possible schooling/world traveling. six things i could never do without:My computer, sex, chinese, my animals, my family woop woop and um sleep?
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Where are my Juggalo's and Juggalette's at? Whoop Whoop!


finally, a dating site that cares about the diverse needs and desires of today's modern juggalo. most private thing i’m willing to admit:Hey, i’m brandon.“my self-summary:i’m laded back love to hang with friends and family . self-summary:hmmm iv always been bad at typing up these bio’s but heres a story, my name is devo, (most people call me foxx), and im 23yrs old, i will admit, some months back ago, my fiance’ of 3.

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(Video Link)Just because you wear clown makeup, base your entire life around rappers Insane Clown Posse, and were once considered thugs by those who mistook your face paint for gang affiliation, doesn’t mean you don’t want to find a Juggalo or Juggalette to call your own. i love being surprised by people and i specifically try to live a life which defies categorization and mediocrity. i work full time and currently live at home but am looking for a new apartment with one of my friends. :-)i’m a freelance writer, an artist, and i’m in the process of putting together a life-coaching firm.

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i am currently filing for divorce but please don’t let that scare you…i’ve always put 110% into the relationships i’m in but i never get it back all i want is for some one willing to get to know the real me and to give me a chance to share all the love i have and to give me love in return … if your interested in me you have to like kids though because they are my everything. this has absolutely nothing to do with juggalos and will only be of interest to people who enjoy happy endings gifs and pictures of tights.. so its time for me to get dating again, relationships again, shyt even sex again… iv just never been good with all this kinda stuff, im a very shy guy, open minded on levels most normal people cant fathom really, my views and opinions are alil skewed from the normal thinking, but thats kinda what im looking for, someone who thinks outside the box, an im not only talking bout your tv set, but the box people put themselves in for a deadend 9-5… like i said, im a weird guy, but im kind an im honest, an loyal, belive it or not, an if you dont, allow me to prove it, cuz determination is an important feature in me. under juggalos down with the underground sound my boys me turntables guns lol.

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i’m looking for some one who wants to talk to me for whats on the inside not just whats on the outside there’s so much more to me then the way i look dig deep and you may find some one u really like :) i have 2 children a 3 year old daughter and a 1 year old son both of there fathers went after something “better”. under juggalos juggalettes hetha beirut i tend to not care what other people think but at the same time im respectable of what im dressing for wait what lol. most private thing i’m willing to admit:i like to crochet it helps me to relax and i get to make stuff”. under juggalos juggalettes engaged to a wonderful man not looking for love i work as an escort threesomes are good my puppys love eyeliner vodka and good wine fishfingers lol.

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am pretty much me, i am a buddhist, i like writing reading painting, computers, handcuffs. under juggalos devo foxx shyt even sex again not sayin we or i have to swing unique a blend of subcultures an genra of american society horrorcore//gorehop represen an support the juggalo family as if they were blood i hope your a ninjah whoop whoop heavy punker gutterpunk ska-kid rasta-head 4:20 friendly air love?’m shuffles i love icp and twisted i smoke alot of bud and smokes ima raver for now also considered a juggalette. capal, comedy video, ad parody, juggalove, juggalos, juggalette, insane clown posse.

i can tell you what i am and what i am not, but i understand that the world is a place of flux and entropy and i don’t cling to a self-image or an idea of how i think the world is or should a raver i smoke ciggamerettes and alot of weed. i like to have fun and can have fun doing just about anything. like all forms of music but my fav genre is rock and i am a juggalette!

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love my family and friends, video games, music and movies.  if a group of dogs is called a pack, and a group of crows is called a murder, i’d like to propose that a group of juggalos (less than a gathering) be called a “jiggle”. few people have asked if i have a personal tumblr, and i do have one now - it’s right here. six things i could never do without:Music people sex lust love and occational hate.

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by using this website you consent to all cookies in accordance with our privacy policy. under juggalos i need a date to the gathering of the juggalos hit me up if you're down i need a girl who can straighten me out lol. first things people usually notice about me:Silence and smirking, crazy eyes. self-summary:i need a date to the gathering of the juggalos so hit me up if you’re down.

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under juggalos juggalettes not here looking for a fuck buddy so stop fucking asking curves for miles currently filing for divorce but don't let that scare you party wen the opportunity irises a little crazy my amazing rear end i keep shit real lol. share your fascination with juggalos, and like any other science, juggalology requires a common language before others can collaborate in a way that leads to greater understanding and appreciation. spend a lot of time thinking about:What to do next i kinda tend to get realy bored and want to go do something i think im like add or somthing at times ive been told that i am ados attention deficit ooh shiney which is sorta tru if i see anything out of the corners of my eyes my head tends to turn that way lol”. books, movies, music and food:Music: i listen to a little bit of everything but mostly metal.