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as chinese new year is approaching on the 8th of february, i thought it would be fitting to write about champagne.)the longer a champagne ages (in ideal conditions) after disgorgement, the toastier and richer the wine tastes whereas champagnes tend to taste zippier and more austere immediately after disgorgement. therefore, if you have the same nv champagne with two different disgorgement dates, they can taste quite different. have a bottle of question about remy martin fine champagne cognac vsop that we've had for at least 13 years.

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we are left in the dark about far too many champagnes and sparkling wines – particularly those without a vintage date on them (which constitute more than 98% of all champagne produced). dates indicate the date the champagne was cleared of its lees. note: disgorgement dates are not unique to champagne, you can sometimes see them on other traditional method sparkling wines such as cava, franciacorta and english sparkling wines. - an icon from the golden mile of ribera del duero.

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was curious about the disgorgement dates found on certain champagne bottles such as charles heidsieck, bruno paillard and tarlant so i made it the topic of my research. when we review a non-vintage champagne with no dates on the back label, we have no way of identifying the particular bottling we tasted – and nor do our readers – which is not at all helpful when new bottlings are created at least once a year and there can easily be two or three in commercial circulation at any one time. i’ve tasted very old late-disgorged bottles that have held up magnificently five years after disgorgement. (if no sweetness is added, the champagne is described as zero dosage or brut nature.

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‘for non-vintage champagne, i don’t want the disgorgement date on the bottle,’ says ruinart’s chef de cave frédéric panaïotis. are late-disgorged champagnes on the shelves as much as 25 years older than the standard releases, and few would quibble about paying a considerable premium for the privilege of such grand maturity. big clue here would be the date of disgorgement and, to his great credit, champagne innovator bruno paillard of the eponymous champagne house has been citing disgorgement dates on the back labels of all his champagnes since 1983 (example above). but if ayala can print disgorgement dates for more than 700,000 bottles shipped every year and lanson for four million, surely every house could do it?

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the exciting implication for us all, of course, is that we can confidently cellar early releases of champagne’s great vintages without forking out a price premium. champagne is a wonderful indulgence, but are late-disgorged cuvées (often written as récemment dégorgé or rd on bottles) simply an excuse for champagne houses to add a hefty premium to their already pricey prestige cuvées? recommended vintage champagnesbillecart salmon, cuvée nicolas françois billecart 2002bollinger, la grande année 2005paul déthune, grand cru 2005deutz 2007duval-leroy, blanc de blancs grand cru 2006pierre gimonnet, gastronome blanc de blancs 2008gosset, grand millésime 2004alfred gratien 2000charles heidsieck 2005andré jacquart, le mesnil expérience blanc de blancs brut nature grand cru 2007cave co-opérative le mesnil, blanc de blancs grand cru 2007bruno paillard, blanc de blancs 2004philipponnat, blanc de noirs 2008louis roederer 2008pol roger 2004veuve fourny, blanc de blancs premier cru 2008for detailed tasting notes, see current champagne vintages.: disgorgement © decanterchampagne is close to my heart because it was the subject of my masters of wine dissertation entitled: non-vintage champagne disgorgement date labelling: understanding the perspectives of the uk trade and champagne producers.

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month was the champagne producers' annual display of their wares to the british wine trade.-disgorged champagne comes under many names, bollinger’s rd, veuve clicquot’s cave privée, krug’s collection and dom pérignon’s oenothèque (soon to be renamed plenitude). shortly after disgorgement, late-disgorged champagnes seem fresher, with less toasty and honeyed development, more prominent fruit and frequently more reductive characters like struck flint, burnt match or gunpowder. many years the popular defence was that the purpose of champagne blenders was to smooth the differences between non-vintage bottlings and that therefore there is no difference between them.

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every bottle leaving champagne is printed with its disgorgement date, it’s caveat emptor. i wanted to explore the reasons for putting them on, specifically non-vintage (nv), bottles. tyson stelzer's top 10 late-disgorged champagnespage 1 of 3 - show full listintroductiondisgorging the lees in champagne: how it happenstyson stelzer's top 10 late-disgorged champagnes. but this argument was dealt a body blow in 2012 when krug, the luxury champagne house in the most important family of champagnes of all, those belonging to the lvmh group, decreed that they would henceforth be printing a code on the back of all labels of their 'multi vintage' (nothing as common as non-vintage for krug) grande cuvée that would disclose, via smartphone or website, the complete history of each bottling.

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, even more importantly, i'd like to have some idea of how long the bottle has been in commercial circulation, not just for the sake of freshness but because champagne ages differently before and after the vital process of disgorgement when the dead yeast cells are expelled from the bottle and the wine is topped up, generally with a mixture of wine and a little sweetness known as the dosage. disgorgement date communicates a world of information: stamping a bottle of champagne with an indelible time reference is the only clue to the age of a non-vintage cuvée and to ensuring you buy a fresh bottle. she grew up in a traditional chinese household despite being born in vancouver, canada. may wonder why this date matters as it has no bearing on the quality of the champagne, only potentially giving an indication of its flavour profile.

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’t worry if you can’t find any dates on a bottle, not all champagnes provide disgorgement date information. bottle of champagne has two lives, one relying on the sustaining presence of the lees prior to disgorgement, and the other in more rapid development post-disgorgement. most other champagne houses, with the exception of philipponnat, who followed paillard 15 years later, have dragged their feet for decades over this issue. you plan on cellaring nv champagne for a period of time to allow post-disgorgement ageing with champagnes without a disgorgement date, it is handy to write the date of purchase on the bottle, otherwise it could become difficult to keep track of your nv champagne development and stock rotation.

it may not be common knowledge, champagne, in addition to being able to age on its lees, gaining biscuity aromas, also has the ability to age post-disgorgement in the absence of its lees, gaining toasty aromas.,disgorgement,leesBack to all articles email print pdf written by jancis robinson 4 apr 2015champagne - the whole story, please free for all labelling champagne vintage champagne tweet this is a longer version of an article published by the financial times. disgorged at a grand old age are a testament to the remarkable battery pack of energy and vitality contained within the lees, which are capable of sustaining a bottle for a lifetime. this is sometimes described as the date of tirage, when the bottles containing the new blend, together with extra yeast designed to provoke a second fermentation in bottle that will give off carbon dioxide, are laid in the cellar.

of disgorgement appear on some champagne labels, but not all producers are onboard. and since most of it carries a front and, increasingly, a back label, we are usually told quite a bit about what is in the bottle. so almost one quarter of the champagne houses represented, generally but not exclusively the bigger houses, now acknowledge that the date of disgorgement is sufficiently important to be worth communicating to their customers, on vintage-dated champagnes anyway. ‘the date of disgorgement is very important, because a bottle will taste very different six months after disgorgement than it will two years after,’ explains champagne grower didier gimonnet, of pierre gimonnet & fils.

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have found over the last few years that the new wave of top-quality champagne growers - the crème de la crème of the nearly 2,000 growers who make their own champagne (as opposed to the more than 2,500 who sell their grapes to the local co-op) - are particularly good at disclosing information about what they have to sell. still wine, most of which is vintage dated, we know at a glance how old it is. rosé champagne disgorged three months ago will present a different impression of its dosage (the level of sweetness in the wine used to top up the bottle before final bottling) than the same wine disgorged nine months ago. in chigny-lès-roses, gilles dumangin disgorges every shipment of his j dumangin fils champagnes to order, and each back label not only declares disgorgement date, blend and dosage, but also features a unique qr code to unlock a wealth of other information.

non-vintage champagne is meant to display a consistent house style and the bottles should taste more or less similar. billecart theory suggests that early-disgorged champagnes age more reliably post-disgorgement, and the house’s deep museum stocks of its prestige cuvée nicolas françois billecart are evidence that the theory holds. release of bollinger's rd 2002 in the same month as billecart-salmon's nicolas françois billecart 2002 has reignited the discussion over the best time to disgorge champagne. by law all wine bottles have to be stamped with little lot numbers that can be decoded by the brand owner and the bottler, but they mean nothing to us consumers.

printing disgorgement dates on bottles can also keep importers and retailers accountable to timely movement of stock.: lees in bottle © decanterfor those who prefer toasty, brioche aromas, in comparison to fresh citrus fruit aromas, i would suggest purchasing a bottle with an older disgorgement date over a more recent date. non-vintage champagne is typically made of a blend of the most recent vintage together with a much smaller proportion of some older wines. dom pérignon’s chef de cave richard geoffroy speaks of three ages of peak maturity in his champagne’s life: the first after seven or eight years (the standard release), a second at 12 to 20 years (oenothèque) and a third at 35 to 40 years.