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[2] sold under both the marlin and glenfield brands, the model 336 has been in continuous production from 1948 to the present day, and is currently produced by remington firearms under the marlin brand. in an attempt to capitalize on this trend, marlin began offering custom versions of their new model 1895 action beginning with the now-discontinued models 1895sdt and 336sdt. evolution of the model 36 rifle, the model 336 is easily distinguished from its predecessors by its open ejection port machined into the side of the receiver.[2] like its predecessors, the receiver and all major working parts of the model 336 are constructed of steel forgings. marlin new model 1895 actions are frequently used to build this type of firearm.

Dating marlin 336

serial number:The above chart shows the approximate first serial number shipped for. was wondering the age of my marlin 336 rc serial number m891. and they didn't build any stainless 336's in 1953, or nickle plated either. the model 336y also featured a short buttstock to enable use by younger shooters. hate a marlin model 336 with a gold trigger and a serial number stamper "71 135158".

Dating marlin 336 serial numbers

have a rifle like dds that does not have the markings that it should have,It's a marlin glenfield mod. it was replaced a year later by the model 336ss, a 20" carbine offered only in . dealers complained that marlin was "dating" the inventory, so marlin changed to subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from 100 in 1973. it stands for john marlin, the founder of the company. the workings are exactly the same as any other marlin.

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[2] by marketing a less-expensive version of the same rifle under a different name to mass merchandising stores, marlin protected its customer base of small specialty gun dealers. the limitations on bolt travel of a converted model 336 rifles are generally limit its case overall length (col) to 2. model 336 is a direct development of the marlin model 1893 rifle which was produced from 1893 to 1936. there is a space between the 71 and the rest of the serial numbers. 1983, most of marlin's mass merchandise retailers were in a position to insist on name-brand firearms, and the glenfield line was dropped.

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following table can be used to date the year of manufacture of a marlin 336. magnum cartridge as an optional chambering in the model 336t carbine, which featured a straight grip, a 20-inch round tapered barrel, and a full-length magazine.[4] according to marlin, the micro-groove system provides very uniform bore dimensions and a very smooth bore finish designed to improve accuracy, prevent gas leakage, and reduce bore fouling.[2] unlike many lever action designs, the model 336 can be cleaned from the breech, much like a bolt-action rifle. kodiak express is the most powerful wildcat conversion available for the marlin at 5,000+ ft-lbs.

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jm you mention is the proof mark applied to all marlin rifles. many years, marlin produced a less-expensive glenfield line of model 336 rifles for retail at mass merchandise and department stores including: j. i was wanting to know the age of the rifle the serial number is k13946 any help would be great. has made short carbine versions of the model 336 over the years, including the model 336 marauder, trapper and the model 336y (y standing for "youth model"). in 1965, the model 444 marlin uses the model 336 lever action mechanism, including the signature open ejection port machined into the side of the receiver, but is chambered for the .

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[qucode: select all[code][code][code][/code][/code][/code]ote="marlinman93"]wyo man wrote:how old is my marlin 336serial number h42754 1951. hope this helps all marlin owners:--------------------------------------------------------------------------------marlin year of manufacture marlin year of manufacture maybe determined from the following list of letter/numeral prefixs to the serial number; this coding only applies to serialized rifles:1946-c1947-d1948-e1949-f1950-g1951-h1952-j1953-k1954-l1955-m1956-n1957-p1958-r1959-s1960 (august)-1961-u1961 (august)-1962-v1963-w1964-y,-z1965-aa1966-ab1967-ac1968-ad, -681969-691970-701971-711972-72starting in 1973, the year of manufacture maybe determined by subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from 100:example: sn 2512345 would have been made in 1975 [100 - 25 = 75] and sn 94365295 would have been made in 2006 [ 100 - 94 = 06 (2006) ]. there are occasions when blocks of serial numbers have been manufactured out of sequence, sometimes years later.[2] in keeping with its predecessor, the new model 1894 was given a straight grip buttstock instead of the pistol-grip style version fitted to the model 336. apparently have a new marlin model 1895 that was manufactured in 1973.

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, but i didn't know marlin made any stainless steel m336's in 1953 - even just the barrels. serial number is behind the hammer right where the stock joins the gun. however, marlin continued to offer a less expensive version of the model 336, variously called the model 336w or model 30aw, originally sold only to the wal-mart chain. serial numbers manufactured prior to our electronic records, or for an official letter confirming the details on your firearm please download and mail in the request for letter of authenticity form. details on your specific serial number you may contact our service department: 336-949-5200.

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71 is the first two digits that were used for the year of manufacture in the serial number.[2] the new model 1894 is not based on the model 336 mechanism, instead, it uses the old short-receiver model 1894 action incorporating the flat-profile bolt, which received minor improvements before being reintroduced in . man wrote:how old is my marlin 336serial number h42754 1951. also, within a model family the same serial number prefix may be used to produce a variety of different models, all in the same block of serial numbers. would be the date of manufacture for a "marlin model 336sc cal.

other identification can be found other than the marlin insignia. marlin model 336 is a lever-action rifle and carbine made by marlin firearms. in 1956, marlin also incorporated its proprietary micro-groove rifling system into the model 336 and other centerfire marlin rifles. is there any way to determine exactly what store based on the serial number? this date code is different than the one already listed, as marlin rimfire rifles (other than the model 39 series) did not have a serial numbers until required to by law after 1968.

mechanically identical to the model 336, these mass market rifles were typically fitted with lower-cost hardwood (birch) stocks and forearms, and some metal finishing operations were eliminated in the interest of lowering unit cost. most current variants of the model 336 feature a full pistol-grip walnut stock, 20 inch barrel and full length tube magazine, other versions of the 336 have been frequently offered by marlin over the years, including barrel lengths of 16. the model 336xlr features stainless construction, a 24-inch barrel, and a grey/black wood laminate stock. the “b” doesn’t seem to exist except on my marlin. i guess i am confused about the difference between a regular marlin and a marlin glenfield that were both made in the same year.

Dating marlin 336 serial numbers

there will be a letter before the serial number that will probably be between "m" and "s"" in the alphabet. as all marlins made after 1973, you subtract the first two digits from 100 to determine the year of manufacture. marlin was offered from 2000 until 2009 and is no longer in production. model 336m, a model 336 carbine made largely of stainless steel, was introduced in 2000. the model 336ss features a forged stainless steel receiver, barrel, lever, and trigger.

also offers an xlr line of rifles in several calibers, all based on the model 336 lever action design. the glenfield model is the same as any regular marlin 336 but was made for a chain store, used hard wood instead of walnut and may have had different sights. marlin rimfire rifles [non-serialized]:from 1962 thru 1968 marlins rimfire rifles (other than the 39 series lever actions) used a two letter date code that was stamped on the barrel. of 1983, the model 336 was ranked the #2 all-time leader in u.;the very first post in the general gun questions and answers relating to how old you gun is will tell you that a marlin model 336 with a "u" serial number prefix would have been made in 1961.

marlin model 336 with a "k" serial number prefix was manufactured in 1953.-70 caliber utilizes the same model 336 receiver design and lever action mechanism used in the marlin model 444. design improvements include a stronger and simpler round-profile chrome-plated breech bolt, a redesigned cartridge carrier, an improved extractor,[3] and coil-type main and trigger springs in place of the flat springs used in earlier marlin rifles.;the very first post in the "general gun questions and answers" on this site will tell you the date of manufacture of your marlin. its solid, flat top receiver and side ejection of fired cartridges, the marlin 336 is prime candidate for use with a rifle scope.
year of manufacture maybe determined from the following table of letter/numeral prefixs to the serial number:Starting in 1973, the year of manufacture can be determined by subtracting the first two digits of the serial number from 100: example: sn 2512345 would have been made in 1975 [100 - 25 = 75]. marlin rifle is engraved with scenes from american history commemorating america’s bicentennial. the marlin model 30aw package included a 3-9x32 factory-mounted scope and padded sling, but was otherwise identical to the marlin model 336w. in 1972 and named in honor of the marlin model of 1895 (produced from 1895–1917), the current (new) model 1895 rifle offered in . the early model 1895's had the "b" serial number prefix up to 1977, when they went to the other system of serializing where you subtract the first two digits from 100.