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he would be overly happy but he also has a small feeling that tells him that he is too young for a baby. rewarded to date for incremental annual improvements, she had failed to notice shifting priorities in the wider market and the resulting internal shuffle for resources and power at the higher levels of her company. “y/n, i really really really really like you a lot, and i really would like if i could take you out on a date. Mark would include * Blushing * LOTS of blushing * Him bursting out laughing at the smallest things like * You could be scrolling through your phone * Then you hear Mark laughing and when you. his names would be more manlly since he wants a boy.“maybe you should just keep it, it looks way better on you”originally posted by yutentaeyongeddoyoung: he was thinking of questions for the next guests he would be interviewing. watching how much his boss got done on what would otherwise be downtime, gabriel adopted the practice as a crucial part of his own management style.

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i know this is to make mark jealous and all, but mark being here with yeri just breaks my heart and makes me feel like the plan isn’t working at all. looked at mark, realising that he was staring at me, and immediately turned my gaze to jeno.!so first of allhow he’s gonna ask u out his hands are gonna be so sweatyhe’d probably use music to confess to uusually he’d be so chill around uok not that chill but u get mebut this time he’s gonna be so nervousbcs he’s actually gonna tell u how much he likes youcorrection, he’s gonna sing/rap it to uhe would’ve written the songand it would bebeautifulhonestly it’d bring tears to your eyesand he’s like !* then he would run your back, trying to calm you down.* and you’d have to forced the two to leave mark alone, by pushing them out of the room. the first helped them manage current internal responsibilities, the second boosted their personal development, and the third opened their eyes to new business directions and the stakeholders they would need to enlist.• why is teasing mark w yuta so much fun :“) • doyoung is always on the verge of fighting yuta to the death bc he thinks that he can be sassier than yuta • he could be, but yuta is naturally sassy, frankly there’s nothing doyoung can do at this point, he must give up• yuta doesn’t read much but he loves it when you read stuff out loud to him it’s just, soothing• you guys eat chicken together a lot it’s great• you guys share one drink almost every time • you guys take lots of selfies of you guys in traditional clothing • you guys are so cute bc sometimes you guys pretend that you’re in a chicken or soda cf and you guys do the cheesy commercial lines like “so fresh, you won’t know what hit you”• he always says that your eyes seem like they’re sparkling all the time• yuta tries to cook but most of the time he’s just like “order delivery”• grocery shopping w yuta is rare but good• “we need this”• “no.

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    he would cover you with kisses and would thank you so much for being pregnant. consider sophie, a manager who, after rising steadily through the ranks in logistics and distribution, was stupefied to learn that the ceo was considering a radical reorganization of her function that would strip her of some responsibilities. they find out that you are pregnant: sr15b (written reaction) sr15b’s reaction when they find out that you are pregnant…johnny:at first he would be very confused. he would buy him/her a lot of cute clothes. but as time passed, all the points that jaemin mentioned was becoming more noticeable and it kind of made me develop some kind of feeling for mark. jaemin would include: ·so many smiles ·this boy has the prettiest smile and you’ve been.* then you hear mark laughing and when you ask him why.
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    jaehyun would let you choose a nice name for your baby..Dating Mark would include Request: Can you do a boyfriend mark?* but the biggest smile would be plastered on his face. only 15 but he would be the greasiest/cheesiest person you ever met·“y/n look at the stars they’re pretty right?* then ten would push the two of you closer together. ships submissionsadmin oneadmin lunaadmin casperdating mark would includeoriginally posted by minhyunqrequest: can you do a boyfriend mark? has been bugging to me about how much mark likes me and all, which i didn’t really believe in the beginning.
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]“hey,” mark greeted y/n as he nervously had his hands in his pocket.* or when you ‘awww’ and playfully pat his shoulder when donghyuck targeted mark again.?haha noif you kissed his cheek in public thohe’d go redbcs he’s embarrassed lololwhen no one is looking thohe’d give u a kiss on your cheek toomark supports u in every choice that u makeif u support him in every choice that he makes ofcsometimes he could be like super duper cheesykeyword: sometimesbut like sometimes he’s your bff?, the whole point of this, was to make mark jealous and now, i’m not even sure if this is working. back hug•when he back hugs you he rubs his nose in the gap just behind your ear and sometimes if he’s feeling affectionate he plants a little kiss there too•he borrowed jaehyun’s clothes on your first date because you had mentioned that you like how jaehyun dresses•expect him to be needy after practice•even if he is soaked in sweat he will trap you in hugs and fall asleep on you without saying much because he is so tired and just needed a cuddle•”taeyong you stink get off …get off of me….* other than the fact that you were willing to laugh with him when other people would just ignore him. the two seemed really happy, and i do kind of want to make mark jealous - or at least see if he feels the same as me.

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the number and breadth of people involved can be impressive—such operational networks include not only direct reports and superiors but also peers within an operational unit, other internal players with the power to block or support a project, and key outsiders such as suppliers, distributors, and customers. lee hunter is an adjunct professor at insead and a co-founder of the stakeholder media project at the insead social innovation center.“i was just…looking at the clock…”originally posted by 95yutaeil: taeil would go out of his way to be close to you, whether it be just standing by you or giving you a back hug.”-having the best cuddle times- having thousands of blankets when yo go to sleep’-but waking up with one and yuta being a blanket instead- he’s the one who kicks all of the blankets off- having debates about this- the other boys interfering and telling yuta that you’re right- doing your victory dance- stealing someone’s phone and taking a lot of pictures on it-later realizing that it was one of yours- people always taking pictures of you two-being the goal coupleoriginally posted by yutenor~admin aussie. i really appreciate it,” i sarcastically said to jaemin as the two of us watched mark and yeri happily talking together. you are going to do as i say and make mark jealous,” jaemin said as he placed his hands on my shoulder. she resolved to make time for an extracurricular passion—the theater—in a way that would enhance her business development activities.

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“he will never change, she is dumb to think that she would be the one changing him. he would want to show you how much he loves it without words.“i-i like you too,” y/n confessed with a smile that made mark smile even brighter. he wouldn’t stop you but he would mumble to  himself on how strange, yet relaxing to see you like this. i know this is really unexpected but i really would like to spend more time with you. just sighed helplessly and watched haechan call out to jeno, loudly - i think the whole cafeteria heard it, but only jeno’s table and, mark and yeri looked at us. most of them would be english since he is from the us.

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the main problem he faced was time: where would he find the hours to guide his team through a major upgrade of the production process and then think about strategic issues like expanding the business? he could probs work till 4am in the morning and he wouldn’t notice it‘mark pls go to sleep’mark doesn’t like showing lyrics that he wrote to ppl bcs he thinks they won’t like itexcept for taeyong and youand the lyrics are so ? he would be caught quite a few times which would only make his blush darken.* his eyes would widen when you start full on sobbing and he’d begin to stutter.” mark half-exclaimed in happiness making the both of us laugh. “she’s as bad as him for putting up with all his bullshit”, “taeyong is just using her, he’s that type of boy” “he’s a bully, why would someone date him? he wouldn’t want to give the baby a thai name since thai names are really hard to spell and pronounce.

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Dating mark would include

“i was walking back home, but i saw you here,” mark said. was a short silence that was broken by mark who was getting impatient. a chorus of aww ·seriously you would be the cutest couple·even though you’re young you have hundreds of. he would like to give the baby a cute japanese name.“did u not like it”“no i loved it it’s beautiful”and he’d let out a relieved sigh bcs he actually thought u didn’t like itthen it would be quiethe doesn’t know what to sayyou’ll have to help him by saying u like him too“really? the five-month program, during which participants are released from their client responsibilities, includes business case development, strategic projects, team building, change management projects, and in-depth discussions with business leaders from inside and outside the company. a good way to begin is to make a simple request or take the initiative to connect two people who would benefit from meeting each other.

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you so - nct mark lee [ y/n’s p.!anywaysmark is like a best friend bfi feel like he’s a good listener tooyou could tell him stories about that mf in your classand he’d listen to every word u tell him“oh shit that’s mean of them”“damn i wouldn’t want them in my class”ofc u listen to his stories tooahhhhhhhhmark isn’t so confidenthe needs a lot supporthe also works too much! but after showing him the results he would be totally supportive and happy.”i didn’t reply and looked back at mark and yeri.!u would both be sitting on one side of the sofaand you’d accidentally kick him“ouch that hurt”“it was an accident”“sure it was”“don’t believe me then”and if u pretend to be mad1 2 3 and he’s by ur side“hey babe ur not rlly mad at me are u”sorry but u can’t stay mad for long at himhe’s too preciousso in other wordsmark would be a great bfsometimes he’s ur bffhe’s your bffbfand he’s happy to be w u<3. he would be afraid that the baby would pressure you and that you would have no time for him. 2000 mark lee starred in nowhere to land as the antagonist phillip decon.

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posted by koyemiyuta:he wouldn’t be able to control himself. lee (born 1958) is an australian actor and director whose most prominent role was the lead in the film gallipoli (1981), alongside mel gibson. he would promise you to look after the baby as much as he could. johnny would include:- back hugs- fighting over him with ten- stealing his shirts- “are you going to wear my pants too?* which would be replaced by his giggles when he realized you were just retrieving the chocolate he had forgotten about.* which would work because he spoke so gently and lovingly. he would take one look at you and prepare his imaginary microphone and lean it towards you after asking his important question“how are you going to explain yourself when jaehyun comes over in a few minutes y/n?

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he resolved the situation by simultaneously obliging his direct reports to take on more of the local management effort and sending messages through his network that would help bring him back into the loop with the boss.”•"please”• “ok” • you guys read fanfiction together and there is literally no shame • “i wouldn’t do that” and you look at him and you’re like “yes you would, tf, you did this two days ago”• you guys read it just to make fun of it/him• so many cute selfiessss• you guys buy drinks together, selfie, you guys are out for coffee, selfie, you’re at his concert, selfie, you’re in a cafe together, selfie. taeyong i swear”•kissing taeyong can range from being really soft and delicate almost as if he isn’t even touching you to heavy and desperate with him holding you really really tight•you once accidentally found a box of his sketchbooks under his clothes rack in the dorm•lots of them were of you in different forms like some where realistic some were cartoon some were sketches some were coloured •there were so many and they were all beautiful •you’ve never seen him run so fast after ten told him that you were grinning at his drawings•he changed his name in your phone to “your visual ;)”•flirty flirty flirty 24/7•this involves him saying embarrassing and sometimes x rated things when you’re with the other members just so he can glance at you to see your reaction•his weakness is you playing with his bangs•even after dance practice when he’s sweaty and tired you always bring a hair brush so you can sit in his lap and brush his messy hair•if he could purr he would when you brush his hair he turns into a smiling mess•taeyong never blushes but once he overheard you telling johnny how important taeyong is and he swore his cheeks were on fire•he’s very protective but very lowkey about it•like he won’t ever get in your way of talking to someone or get physical if someone is being overly flirty but he will definitely make it clear that he’s your boyfriend •if something upsets you he gets really riled up and doesn’t know how to handle it so just paces about the room ranting about how you don’t deserve to ever be hurt by anyone•he also can’t handle you crying it’s the worst thing for him and if he sees you cry his heart breaks so he just pulls you into his neck or chest or any part of him so he can hold you •“tae where did you put my phone”•“tae have you been on my phone”•“oh my god taeyong why the hell did you take three thousand pictures of your leg on my phone”•taeyong is a weird cuddler sometimes he wants you to be the one to tangle your arms around him and kiss his back while he falls asleep but other times he’s really dominating and practically cages you into his chest so he can wrap himself around you while you curl up against him•he has that alternating little spoon big spoon complex•the first time you stayed over at the dorm he planned on sleeping on the floor and letting you have the bed but he fell asleep beside you while you watched movies on his laptop•you once bought him a pair of spongebob boxer shorts on your second date as a joke and he still has them•you call him his full name when you’re mad and secretly he finds it really funny and cute so his heart swells whenever you say it•”lee taeyong” “[taeyong dorky smiling and blushing like a baby]”•since he doesn’t like mess he is constantly cleaning your house•sometimes he just gets up during a movie and gets a cloth and just wipes the tv screen •he actually loves cleaning your room he found so much more about you by tiding your draws and finding an old photo album or trinkets you forgotten even existed•you find him sat in the middle of your bedroom floor once smiling up at you because he had laid all the old things from your childhood he had found so you could look through them together•he drags the others out with him whenever he is looking for a present for you because he never has a clue what to get•"taeil what flowers would they like" “ok but doyoung would this look good on them” “ten put that back they would hate that” “oh fucking hell mark why would you even pick that up” “jesus christ where has yuta gone”•he normally settles on a plushie and picks your favourite drawings from one of his sketchbooks to put in a frame•when he’s away he doesn’t call much as he’s bad at voicing his words so instead texts you constantly•he also video calls you whenever he can•once during the encore of one of the smtown shows everyone thought he was taking pictures of the crowd but really he was video calling you•"look where i am" “taeyong you’re literally on stage get the hell off skype”•he once asked to do your hair and forced you to go out for dinner with your hair however he styled it•you ended up eating in a restaurant with twenty three pink bows pinned in your hair and an entire can of hairspray holding it in various weird shapes•he tries to keep up his cool image in front of others but when he’s with you it has always melted away•he even bakes cakes for you both sometimes•his lockscreen is a picture yuta took of tearing kissing your nose on your 100 day anniversary •the same anniversary where taeyong tried to keep up his cool image by giving you his jacket while you were walking but he ended up getting the zipper stuck in his hair so you had to spend ten minutes trying to pull it out•which worked out pretty well for him since you were so close to his face that he took it as the chance for your first kiss•it was so quick you weren’t even sure it happened but you looked up to see him staring at you before he leaned in again and kissed you again•his favourite thing to ask the others is “who’s gonna win the fight to be best man at our wedding”•which always ends up with hansol smacking the back of his head for being cheesy•like johnny he is always scared of upsetting you he would never do anything to hurt or upset you because you mean the world to him•but this basically means he will always hold your hand in public and not a soft gentle hand hold a “taeyong my fingers are actually about to fall off you’re holding them so rtight” hand hold•you once scratched your knee slightly by tripping accidentally and taeyong was so worried he carried you the whole way from the store back to the dorm before bandaging your knee with gigantic bandages when really the scratch was the size of a small coin•he keeps his emotions inside when he isn’t with you so whenever he is away or he bottles up his feelings until he can see you again•and when he finally does see you he just likes to lay beside you holding your hand explaining what had upset him and why•he realised he had fallen in love with you during one of these moments•he also realised he was in love with you when he saw that you started carrying around hand sanitiser or a small pack of wipes for him so he can clean his hands if he ever feels his phobia creeping up on him•you’re surprisingly close to the younger ones •you once dozed off with jisung and jaemin against each of your arms cuddled into your sides during a movie and you could just about see taeyong tucking you all in with a blanket before whispering “you’re going to be the best parent to our kids aren’t you”•or maybe you were dreaming? acting on a hint from the founder that the company might go public, alistair undertook a reorganization of the accounting department that would enable the books to withstand close scrutiny. him because every moment he spends with you he wants to remember ·jaeminie would be the sweetest boyfriend ever,Whos always ready to publically confess his love to you or shower you with. the two were still talking, but mark was looking at me. i know i shouldn’t be jealous of that since i don’t even own mark.

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“why don’t you get close to him and maybe it’ll make mark jealous.”“mark, i love you like you’re my own brother, but you are very very very horrible in this kind of stuff,” yeri said with a sigh. he failed to recognize that by not taking the time to attend industry conferences or compare notes with his peers, he was missing out on the strategic perspective and information that would make him a more attractive candidate for promotion. posted by 3bnghansol:he would have no idea how to react. posted by leetaeyungsten:ten would show how happy he is. hansol would include:- being the only one who knows where he’s ticklish- teasing him about this- having tickle fights- making dinner really late- sleeping in together every chance you get- sleeping with plushies and tons of blankets-making forts and watching movies- trying to make the biggest forts every,-having your biggest fort fall down while you’re in it-having hansol dive in yelling something like “don’t worry!”-hitting heads while he dives into all of pillows and blankets- trying to find peas to put on your heads- being the quiet couple- brining him out more and making him talk more- trying to learn his dance routines-failing miserably and hearing him laugh about it for daysoriginally posted by jih-souldating yuta would include:- cute little nudges here and there- holding hands whenever you can-being the cutest couple around- making food for each other- other people wishing they had your kind of relationship- trying to prank each other all the time- having prank wars with they other boys- you and yuta are always team captains-your team almost always wins- “no i don’t want to be on yuta’s team!