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as soon as they emerged, they got severely lambasted by a pair of hornby’s finest, fully outfitted eco-seniors.

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bestselling author, gill hornby, suggests key novels to help you through the trickier times in lifeand then jack rose, the hero of the sports teams, asks her home for the weekend and she thinks her luck has changed.

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idyllic island’s one dirty little secret is this: their fresh water reeks like rotten eggs.

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therein lies the rub: hornby is also no secret, which means there are a lot of people stuffed onto that little island in the summer.

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hornby is truly a rare gem, one of those places where you can just feel your shoulders relaxing as soon as your car finally rolls off the tiny ferry onto the island’s gently curving, two lane roads with nothing but a solid yellow line to lead you to wherever you’re lucky enough to be staying.

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books on dating: bestselling author gill hornby suggests key novels to help you through the trickier times in life.

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may have heard the hyperbole: hornby is “the hawaii of canada”.

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to get to hornby from vancouver, it’s a three-ferry, seven-hour adventure, from horseshoe bay to nanaimo, then up island for a couple of quick rides on smaller ferries, first onto denman island, then finally to hornby.

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by mid-afternoon, the island’s famed tribune bay beach was completely packed.

hornby is considered part of the northern gulf islands, located about a half hour south of comox, just off the coast of vancouver island in the strait of georgia (or what is becoming commonly known as the salish sea).

signs say “no alcohol”, but there doesn’t seem to be any sort of police presence on hornby.

Dating hornby island

week, i had the utmost pleasure of visiting the sandy shores of hornby island.

from the sandy sexiness, there’s plenty of places to eat and drink, including the charming ringside market, aka “downtown hornby”, a dusty intersection with a grocery and liquor store, gas station, bookstore, ice cream shop, and excellent outdoor mexican eatery called v0r1z0 (the island’s postal code).

everyone was tipping back while in states of half or total nudity, to the point where i thought the island would probably do well to drop the “b” in its name to match the increasingly frisky late-afternoon beach behavior.
arriving directly onto hornby from my usual haunt in desolation sound was a jarring culture shock.