Dating hardy rods

Fly Fishing History: Hardy Rod Manufacturing Dates

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Dating hardy rods

trend here seems to be towards longer rods, with this spey/switch rod craze going on. brand manager, howard croston introduces the hardy sirrus glass rod series.

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techniques - selecting river equipment with howard croston, hardy brand manager. hardy did not have any appointments aka warrant until after the 19th century.

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brand manager, howard croston introduces the new hardy fortuna xds reel series. the first rod ( lot 3 ) of the most interest is a very early hardy made of mahogany.


reply brookymanfebruary 13th, 2014, 2:29 pm bannedposts: 797very early 1892 mahogany "hardy" fishing rod 13 ft. with that said there is to the best that i can find, no samples of this age of hardy rod for sale, sold, or at auction to help gage a price.