Dating gibson custom shop guitars

Dating gibson custom shop guitars

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Gibson dating custom shop

some models (lg-2, j-45, sj, select l-50s) included an actual banner reading "only a gibson is good enough" in the middle of the headstock.

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    in 1961, gibson implemented a new serialization system designed to cover its entire lineup.
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    over 20 years gibson custom has proudly been the torchbearer of, not only gibson’s legacy, but also american craftsmanship and the value of human ingenuity.
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    , there were two notable changes to the entire lineup that occurred during the transition that make differentiating ‘60s and ‘70s gibsons straightforward.
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What You Need to Know About Gibson Serial Numbers

How to Date a Gibson Using Serial Numbers, FONs and Logos

being purchased by the norlin corporation in 1970, gibson maintained the same confusing 6-digit serial system through 1975, meaning instruments with the same serial number could be from either the ‘60s or the ‘70s.

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some flattop guitars of this era started to omit the word "the" from the inlay.

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exactly when your gibson specimen was made can have high stakes attached to it.

Gibson Electric Serialization Taken from the 11 Edition Blue Book of

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were gibson’s way of internally tracking batches of instruments throughout production.

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before mid-1950, most gibson headstocks were thinner at the top when looked at from a side profile.

's a look at the different logos gibson used during each major era of manufacturing.

Vintage Guitars Info - Gibson collecting vintage gibson guitars

.In 1969 gibson began carving volutes-- small bumps of additional wood where the neck transitions to the headstock-- to cut down on warranty repair work.

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take great pride in knowing that we bring the most discerning players and collectors in the world the most refined collection of historic reissue, archtop and custom guitars we have ever had the pleasure to craft.

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the original serial system reached 999,999 in 1947, gibson started over with an ‘a’ prefix.