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Dating a fur coat

mother’s 1970s opossum fur coat eventually wound up lining the dog basket of her adored shar pei. regardless, i was wondering how to find out more about it’s history, like about the furrier and maybe when and where it was made? julie, you’re polite and the fur does sound fabulous (though i did edit your email address out) so i’m replying to yours as a good example. as i noted in an earlier comment, it is the perfect time of year, early september, to get your furs out there, and fur is a noted “theme” for this coming fall and winter. i read the 1973 endangered animal act fact sheet, however, it didn’t mention the legal sales of 40 year or older now endangered furs. if you were in a gifty mood i could help you match up a fur with a museum or with a deserving pin-up girl, perhaps. however if you did not have the items made your self as my wife had 23 coats and capes made, you may not know any furriers who will give you a letter if the agent request one. there, do you know anywhere in auckland to get my fur repaired? the fast and the furious to r&r: jordana brewster wears navy polka dot bikini for more beach fun with sons. reputable vendors, like ths one, will note the fur’s legal status in listing. least two burglars made off with fur coats worth around €100,000 (8,000) from russian billionaire mikhail prokhorov's chalet in the french alps last weekend, prosecutors said friday. glamour photographers are getting more interested in having a fur or two around as well, for models/customers to wear in pinup shoots. of monkey fur coats… in 1972 my husband bought me a coat from an antique/vintage shop on melrose in l. use a thimble, and sew with care - small stitches, and avoid catching the fur hairs in your sewing. a baby seal, white parka, wolf collar, pockets, monogrammed, furrier’s label in anchorage, bought there in 1979?.I think a fur stole with a red dress for a wedding is great! if you have any tips on finding out fur history i would appreciate it. if you can hang on 4 more months, it’ll be fur time in the northern hemisphere.: furs and money, part ii « ever so scrumptious – a femme blog. it is fitted, 3/4 length, black with a dyed ‘leopard print’ style collar and the fur appears close cropped, wool like. to do with grandma’s fur if you don’t want to wear the full coat/stole and you feel bad about throwing it out (animals died for it!, folks, if you are asking for fur advice, please mention the fur color. (opossum fur can get damaged/worn more than many other furs. i have also created, in january 2015, a second post, furs you can't sell: what to do with vintage endangered fur pieces. if it’s really excellent, that increases the chance of the fur item being 1930s or later. i did once have a fur alteration done in auckland for exactly the same reason, to turn an odd stole into a far more wearable scarf. see my piece on selling vintage furs and good luck! have a magnificent dark brown top of the range mink coat to sell for my sister in law – she had it made in the us about 12 years ago – by smith furs illinois – it has a hood and is full length with pockets and amazing styling – it is very high end and luxurious and as new – large size – i can email photos – what should i do with it – we are in australia and i thought maybe more sellable in nz? they have a nice article that explains what they do with the fur and how to donate your unwanted items. all the rules for real fur apply re: lining, appearance, etc.

Dating fur coats

vintage fur thinky thoughts:The vintage fur debate - telegraph article, timeout article (activist vs. for such a great site where i have learned so much today about my vintage furs!'2 slow 2 grumpy': going in style movie posters poke fun at fast & furious franchise. tag inside reads “fashioned by mary’s fur salon, athens greece”. i know it’s illegal to use monkey fur and has been for years so i always figured it was honoring the monkeys who gave their lives for my coat knowing that no others would be sacrificed for a replacement in some furrier shops. the best fur color for you is one that provides contrast to your hair. have a 60 year old rabbit fur stole in excellent condition. i was also surprised at the level of anger directed towards vintage fur, which is considered by most people i know to be completely acceptable. over the weekend, my fiancé and i went to a furrier and looked at new furs, on a whim, mostly, as i just needed a short, fun jacket and planned wool or leather. long silky hair is likelier to be monkey fur, and a monkey fur coat figured prominently in the recent movie the artist, so it’s a good moment to sell it. a lot of furriers and milliners went out of business from the 1960s onward due to changing styles. they have some really cute baby raccoons snuggling up in the fur. if you are not in a big-city area, a friend with a digital camera can help you get the furs onto ebay or etsy. one time, my fur-clad stepmother had paint thrown on her by anti-fur protestors outside a new york furrier. that may have environmental/endangered restrictions on selling: big cat furs, beaver, seal, wolf, and monkey or gorilla. there is padding, felt backing, and sometimes even buckram to strengthen and shape the garment between the fur and the lining. my stepmother adored fur, but, knowing that young people today aren't crazy about it, she gave me a synthetic fur coat. nor is it cold enough to wear fur like i once did - when i lived in the us, i was very fond of bundling up in those big heavy 1940s mouton coats against the northeastern winter chill. at etsy, vintage fox fur coats range between 0 and 00, with most in the 3-400 range., i have been collectioning vintage furs for many years and now i have decided to sell them due to living in the south and never wearing them. a lovely fox fur a friend of mine gave me is living in a tallboy drawer in my hallway; my mink scarves and neckpieces are in another drawer. if it really is seal fur, your best bet is donating this to a fashion or costume collection at a museum. a reminder… if you donate your fur you can write it off as a charitable contribution at fair market value! i would put my head on her arm in church when i was little because i loved the feel of the fur. the humane society of the us has a program called coats for cubs. this one is also from kalman furriers and is monogrammed with my grandmother’s name! gorilla and chimp fur are specifically banned, and rightly so. the coats sadie linked to above are similar but my coat is black and white. problem is, i have no idea where to sell it as i googled south island furriers and only got possum/sheepskin furriers and i don’t have much idea of worth. if the fur’s hair is very long it’s probably monkey fur, which might have been dyed to make it evenly black.

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How to Identify Vintage Mink, Fox, Rabbit, Beaver & Raccoon Furs

furry coat is a glam way to layer this winter. i’ve fixed those fur linings myself, and while it’s doable, be careful – leather needles love to go through the skin of your fingers. for others, a vintage fur from the 30s is as ethically untenable as a human skin lampshade from the same period. if you go to youtube and enter coats for cubs, it’s the top video that shows up — the full title is something like be a humane hero coats for cubs. and you’ll have to brace yourself for some very unpleasant reactions if you’re wearing it and people realize it’s “real” big cat fur. upon research, i learned that the meisel company prepared the pelts for furriers. it seems to be in very good conditionn, shiny mahogany fur with a small hole under the arm. this is important when you are thinking about redying a fur, especially in nz where leather processing plants will happily toss your fur into the dye vat. to sell most average vintage furs for the best price, i recommend placing furs on consignment at a vintage clothing store that sells furs, instead of putting them on trademe or ebay.: fur: to wear or not to wear « my fashion hub.’d like to make two points here: one is that people reading this post, myself included, usually have a fur already. you can visit the hsus website and enter unwanted fur in the search box.’ve got a price list for vintage furs here in this post, hon. burglars stole €8,000 in cash in addition to the fur coats, for which investigators have requested the receipts. never even knew they made coats out of seal, man. are not the first to want your fur to have not just a new life, but a new personal life – to be worn, appreciated, and loved. the ethics of vintage furs are complicated or muddied because…the animals involved have been dead for a very long time, often before we ourselves were born. where can i get this appraised to see what sort of fur., i was given it as a gift a couple of years ago because i suffer quite badly from the cold but to be honest, i would rather someone who loved fur could and would own it because it is wasted on me due to my views on fur in general. if so, try googling the furrier – if they don’t still exist you may find other vintage fur items by them, with provenance or age.) do you know where i could sell in auckland, and is there a market for furs in nz in general? cartel member who 'shot and killed a us border agent with an american government-issued gun he obtained through operation fast and furious' is arrested.’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating: no, i don’t want to buy anybody’s fur. believe you can get rabbit fur coats that are dyed in a leopard pattern? it is a fox stole with 6 pelts, and it is in good condition, is is valuable but a difficult item to sell, since many buyers are squeamish about furs with heads included nowadays. some people enjoy wearing furs for the beauty and prestige of them. your fur is repaired, store it in a wooden drawer or an acid-free cardboard box. you want to see some orphans and furs in action, there’s a youtube video showing how it works. my post on selling grandma’s vintage fur is for you and people like you. from what i have gleaned they were around 1940-1960 period, heavens knows what the fur is, but i undid a seam and its definitely real!

Grandma's Vintage Fur: Is It Valuable? Is It Ethical? How Do I Sell It

have a 60yr old fox fur stole of my grans , how much is it worth , please.' chloe lattanzi slams kourtney kardashian for flaunting a big fur coat on her snapchat. diesel teams up with michelle rodriguez to promote the fate of the furious in new york as his secret tribute to paul walker in the film is revealed. have a vintage beaver fur coat and was wondering if i would completely devalue the coat if i took out the original monograms (not stitched in, they’re letter patches) and had my own monograms put in? the coat seems to be made up of many rectangular strips or pieces of fur. you need to take the measurements in inches, and check the fur out agains this web page here: identifying vintage fur. types that are more valuable overall: mink, sable, fox, chinchilla; furs that are very light in color (white, champagne) or very dark (dark brown, black). this includes a vintage fur price range list for the winter of 2012/2013.'i love you with all my heart': hugh jackman celebrates 21st wedding anniversary with a heartwarming tribute to wife deborra-lee furness. all the following qualities add to a vintage fur's value:It has a furrier’s label in it. rohrbaugh acknowledged was unprecedented, he took the coats, xbox and other items confiscated from dixon’s home as evidence – and sold them on ebay to raise money for charity. sounds like this fur is worthy of being at the higher end of the mink wrap/stole price range. one thing about most furs is that they come from predator animals – and predators are a vital part of living ecosystems. because if you had, you’d know to go to this post instead for your fur pricing and sale guidelines. monkey/chimp/gorilla fur coat is an ethical dilemma in your closet. once upon a time, most towns of size had a furrier and a milliner, the same way that every strip mall today has a manicure place..This is…not very helpful, and i am no longer identifying furs for people, because i’m getting too much correspondence about it. and just the kind to appeal to vintage lovers – white furs in good condition have such marilyn monroe charm. i’ve found the sister to your wrap on etsy, also from kalman furriers in akron, so your piece must be lovely indeed. natural seems to be more valuable than dyed, but the black coats are very typical of the 40s – 50s. one jacket, that i want to sell is a 1940’s circa geoffroys cat fur coat. this does sound very au courant, by the way – capes and fur are back this fall in the northern hemisphere – so by all means this is your season to sell. ebay or etsy in the cooler months would net you about 500, so you’d have more profit, but you’d also have a lower chance of selling the coat, since people buy furs based on fit and texture. i don’t mind antique fur in general or modern fur/leather from ethical sources where the whole animal was used, but i’m hinky about monkey fur – and if i’m an example of your market, that is a good indicator of how easy or difficult it may be to sell. this is my first and will probably be the only fur i ever own since it is vintage and a family passed on jewel in my eyes. see this other piece i wrote, selling grandma’s vintage fur, for a price list..Check out the new menu tag here, “vintage fur information” for several more pieces that will help you. first, if you’re noting stuff for contents insurance, jewelry insurance is worth an appraisal, with gem and gold prices recently leading to the items being targeted by thieves much more than furs. at most, the best-quality mink fur wrap – perfect condition, perfect lining, in a desirable color like white, cream, or black – seems to be worth 0 at most. and that’s an excellent note about people loving furs, but not being willing to pay certain prices – vendors take note!

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    akron newspapers from the time period might also have ads from the furrier.’s also a good time to evaluate how you’re storing your fur. biggest fan: the fur-clad calabasas socialite made sure to cheer tristan on from her seat inside the quicken loans arenaon december 12, the 6ft9in athlete welcomed his first child - a son rumoured to be called 'oliver' - with his ex-partner jordan craig. i am looking for vintage or not patterns, coats and stoles. i really did love the look offered of some of the new, flirtatious styles as to this point i’d purchased a swing style mink back in the 1980s, another one from paris of fur, that i lent to my sister and still have to get back, grrrr(! fur and opossum fur, particularly popular during the 1970s, aren’t very durable, so wear with care. first, hold onto it until september or even october, used fur prices in the us are rock bottom with the hot summer. am dealing with a spate of questions from people about vintage furs. has the overall condition of the fur itself changed, i. on a recent icy night in wellington, everyone had cracked out grandma’s fur stole to wear, because it was cold enough and furs are fashionable right now. i know i will not get a chance so much to wear furs in temperate nz, but can’t bear to leave them behind. i was considering selling it to a vintage fur shop somewhere in london, if not ebay. found an adorable mink collar abandoned on a night out once, which i will continue to wear, and i’d probably wear something trimmed with vintage fur, but i’d avoid wearing a long coat, mainly for maintenance reasons.! in nz i saw a coat very similar to the one you describe on sale at a vintage fur shop for 00 nzd, which would probably be about 700-ish pounds.? that’s unusual and it causes resale problems for you because otters are marine mammals – please check my article about furs that you can’t sell. it is lovely, has its original lining, has a furrier tag and three monogramed initials. so if you have a fur coat that your culture doesn’t appreciate – a luxury fur like this where the local market is for quirky vintage tippets, for example, or vice versa – use the internet to find your market. check out my other piece, selling grandma’s vintage fur, for answers to your questions – and the best time of year to sell. vintage wool coats with fur collars do quite well, too. but, as we passed the furrier store, we decided to pop in and see what was new in furs. your fur’s provenance is a bit odd too, because seal fur became illegal to sell in the us in 1972. was just wondering if maybe it’s because it is so old and maybe the furrier wasn’t in business for very long? a gorilla fur coat should be donated to a museum, since it’s illegal to sell. if you are in the us or europe, in a cold-winter area, you can contact a local furrier. nor my daughters want these coats as we do not wear fur. i’d love to get something to complement my new coats and my (also new ; ) red auburn hair! fur stoles don’t fit everyone automatically – they are sized! my knows the one who worked for revillon when they made the leopard and most of the other furs so his letter was accepted. victorian fur coats were often capes, or short/medium jackets with marked waists and collars, with frog fastenings, in black or dark brown furs. as my sister and i walked down the road (which incidentally is home to about 5 or 6 more boutiquey vintage shops, most of which sell fur and leather items, and a quirky jewellery shop with a display of taxidermy crows in the window), we saw the police trying to calm the 5 or 6 protesters, and snuck into the store unnoticed.

    20 Faux Fur Coats Under 0 - Best Faux Fur for Winter 2016

    'if i get hurt or beat in any way it's just fake': dwayne 'the rock' johnson pokes fun at stunt work in the fate of the furious. there, i’ve had so many fur stole queries i’ve done a fur stole focused post. for you, there are furriers in australia, such as jackson furs in brisbane that provide the essential fur maintenance services we lack in new zealand, particularly fur cleaning and cold storage. but it’s more probable that these furs are from the 1920s onwards. avoid wearing furs in the rain – cold snowy weather is ideal for furs. coats and stoles aren’t just fur and a lining. it is in excellent condition and lined – but i would like to adapt it to a more wearable design – i think it is possible but i would need a fur ‘tailor’ to do it. quality fake fur has some value as a vintage piece. the label says kalman furriers akron, ohio (united states) and my great grandmother’s initials are embroidered inside. if you are in a big-city area, a resale furrier or high-end vintage store can help you sell them. second, i am noting that everyone has a tendency to say that their furs are victorian or edwardian. king cuts an effortlessly chic figure in cropped jeans and fur-lined loafers as she steps out on a coffee run. i’m curious to know what kind of fur it is. this is designed ot answer your fur selling questions and has a sample price list of different fur pieces and types. if you can take a peek at the coat under the lining, the more pieces of fur it is made of, the more likely that it’s beaver, i’m guessing. of information behind the cut about what makes a vintage fur valuable, how to keep your fur, ways to recycle it, and how to sell it. i did a post recently that includes a vintage fur price list, see here! how to tell if it’s mink – this basic fur id guide will help. check this out for an interesting “before and after” showing both sheared and unsheared beaver fur.! i agree that a store selling new furs is more logical. i am in the process of investigating and gathering information to sell a couple of vintage fur pieces. am pleased to tell you that while going through another box i found a black coat with i believe rabbit fur around the collar. as an aside, i have two persian lamb coats w/ mink collars (black w/ palomino mink collar, and grey w/ sapphire collar), mink cape, platinum fox stole and short ocelot bolero, all 50 years+. after oodles of queries i have created a new post, selling grandma's vintage fur. i was surprised that beyond retro was being targeted specifically, as surely a department store selling new fur is a more logical target, and all the other fur-selling vintage stores have somehow avoided censure.’s not hugely valuable – between 0 and 0 on etsy – and you should take it to a specialist fur cleaner. - new mom janet jackson spotted for first time since splitting from husband wissam al mana while shopping for fake plants and furniture.’s how one of them was described online:This beige fur coat was surrendered to the maryland state prosecutor’s office as evidence in the trial of former baltimore mayor sheila dixon. fox pelt bodies are longer, the fur is thicker, and the tails would be long and distinct. a curious coincidence, this is the second of two comments i’ve received on this post that are trying harder than usual to “sell” the fur through me.
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      grandmother has given me a fur coat that belonged to a friend of hers. if grandma left you a very valuable fur, like a full-length black mink coat, you can talk to a furrier about reselling it through them. monkey furs are legal, others aren’t – furs from colubus santanas are legal, and do come in the black/white tones. try calling the furrier in dunedin and see who they recommend? for some, this makes a vintage fur ok when a new one wouldn’t be. fur’s lining is intact, unstained, unfaded, no holes or only very small ones. have inherited a full length fur coat, it’s in good condition and lining is all intact also.: furs you can’t sell: what to do with vintage endangered animal fur clothing | ever so scrumptious. seeing a fur in person can be very seductive and this sounds like a real treasure for the right person. least two burglars made off with fur coats worth around €100,000 (8,000) from Russian billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov's chalet in the French Alps last weekend, prosecutors said Friday. if a monkey fur item was mine, i’d donate it to a museum. personal stand on the ethics of fur is that i will wear vintage from nonendangered animals (mink, fox, mouton) and i will wear nz ecopossum fur. but, still, the old furs endure, and they are emerging from closets as my friends' grandmothers pass away, and what do you do with them? don’t want the coat and want to sell it so i’d like to know what fur it is and how old it is before i try selling it. if it has a classic 30s to 50s furrier label, be sure and include that in the photos. in the uk, it is currently illegal to import colubus monkey fur, but it’s not illegal to own it. if it’s very shiny soft fur, and very black, that increases the chances of it being seal: if it is matte, or has a brown tone to its darkness, it’s more likely mouton. the mayor used the certificate to buy a burnt umber mink coat and a persian lamb jacket from the lutherville furrier, according to prosecution documents. i recommend you contact the brisbane furrier referenced in an earlier comment. other is that the value in furs is largely cultural. there, i’ve had so many fur stole queries i’ve done a fur stole focused post. back in the day furriers were able to dye faded/discoloured spots to match the rest of the fur. they distribute pieces of unwanted fur coats to wildlife rehabilitation centers who use it to comfort orphaned wildlife. i have a real fox fur stole circa 1920’s it is in excellent condition and i am looking for a good home for it.* and, lastly, does the coat look like the modern idea of a fur coat – 3/4 to full length, with fairly straight lines? i have a fox fur stole i bought in finland last year, and having recently gone through a very wet queensland summer here in oz, i have discovered some spotting on the black satin lining of my stole that i’m absolutely terrified could be mould. repair furs (reconnect pelts, reattach loosened lining, replace fur hooks) use a leather needle (i. i encourage you to think twice about letting go of a vintage fur. guy’s story is a capsule of the history of being a furrier in nz. that way, your vintage-lovin’ friend gets a fur, you get some money, and you know grandma’s stole went to a good home.
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      if so, go ahead and post/resell based on previous comments and the advice in the article – and ideintifying it as monkey fur. coney/rabbit will be smaller pieces of fur pieced together. as i discovered to my cost while re-working vintage rabbit fur coats for film costumes once, fur can become a breeding ground for bitey things if kept somewhere too warm! says who made the fur and how big it used to be.’ve put together some vintage fur basics, compiled from what i have seen online, what i have seen selling and not selling at vintage clothing stores around the world, and the furs i’ve had through my hands lately., i have several mink stoles, some in mint condition, others in need of the lining being reattached around the edges, i have several mink coats, only thing is, my hair is not a good contrast.* when you received the vintage fur, did you receive other items of victorian/edwardian provenance?'i'm ready to date someone new': singer nelly furtado reveals she has secretly split from husband demacio castellon and says she is looking for love. i can’t find any fur storage in the north island but mooney’s furriers in dunedin might be able to help. i have tried to google the furrier and cannot find a thing about them online. worst-case scenarios for “i thought it was mink” are muskrat or weasel, and this link has excellent photos of all three furs. vin diesel was not the first choice to star in the fast and the furious. i have a 1930 womens otter fur coat from macy’s kansas city from 1930 that still has the layway receipt. about monkey fur makes me uneasy overall (as does fur from large cats). you want to keep and wear vintage fur, store it in a cool, dark, dry place (a drawer is great) and check it regularly against moths, mildew, etc. it is brownish/reddish in color and the fur is in excellent condition. when you are trying to pin down the age of a vintage fur coat or item, consider the following:* does it have a furrier’s label in it? it doesn’t smell though so it may not yet have taken a hold – but do you have any advice for getting rid of it, as my fur set me back several hundred euros and i would be devastated if it were ruined. after she died i had the fur, but it got hard and brittle and had some cracks in it. so that means this comment thread is not the greatest place to try and sell me, or anyone, a fur. fur-ever: khloe kardashian, 32, and tristan thompson, 25, pose in lavish fur coats on christmas in tristan's instagram post. i want to ask, is there any fur storage in the north island?: fur: to wear or not to wear | my fashion hub. vintage fur reworking isn’t cheap, by the way - to 0 for smaller pieces, and more than that to have a coat restyled. best faux fur coats, vests, and accessories to glam up your winter layers. if you accessed my blog, you can google for furriers and vintage stores in your area. the fur and lining are both in excellent shape and it has beautiful black beading on it. i can’t find anything that tells me what type of fur it is, how can i find out? to clarify – i am not trying to sell this through this posting – i am looking for information about how to sell it so that i can get the best price for it as i am inexperienced in the art of selling fur. for a major repair or a very valuable fur i would contact mooney’s furriers in dunedin.
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