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?Only the client can decide what software is better for his goals, but we can name a few things that chameleon has and that we find useful for the clients:- all modules are included. without a chameleon website your app can not connect to anything and has no data to display. all of the programmers know chameleon and know it well, so you will never have an unfinished project there. we always try to release a new version of chameleon software every 14 days.

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vast experience with dating websites (chameleon was initiated as a dating script in 2001) has allowed us to create the fastest engine possible, because dating websites always tend to have a lot of visitors so we needed to optimize all the database commands so that your server would never experience any overload. do i change the text from log in to chameleon to my site's name? also, if we charge little, more people can use chameleon on their websites and give us their feedback, which helps us to correct certain things and make the best software in the world. some of our products include: chameleon, joomph, plantern, pictaca, abledating, ablespace, businessspace, tubecreator, sitesman, semaphorist, 3d city, etc.

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was wondering if you could tell me how to remove the chameleon name all over my website? if not, chameleon is here for you for almost no money at all. yes, we have our own intranet based on chameleon and it is prohibited in our company to use emails or phones, only the website itself. even without being paid for this we would continue to come up with new wonderful chameleon templates. Kostenlos chatten ohne anmeldung und registrierung

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. chameleon does not require ioncube or zend encoder, it is absolutely open source. use the search on the faq page to find the answer to your questions about Chameleon Dating & Social Networking SoftwareRegister a new account to submit new tickets or manage subscriptions. we chose php as the language to write chameleon because it is the fastest programming language available. the best dating script in the world is chameleon, developed by them! Gasthof cafe zillertal

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and it is so customizable that you can literally create a custom solution using chameleon alone. you do not lose much, chameleon does not cost even a fraction of what would developing from scratch cost, so just start your website and start to earn money! no, really, we do not care about money while it is enough to be able to continue developing the most wonderful social software in the world: chameleon. do i know what version of chameleon i am using? Manner wollen nicht mehr flirten

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course you can create a solution from scratch and hire someone to do it, but you should take into consideration the following: chameleon has been developed since 2001, has now about 40,000 files and millions of lines of code, about 40 programmers and designers work on it every day and update it with new features. that is why we separated chameleon script from the templates which are not only design templates but totally different concepts for creating very different websites, from social networking to dating and even intranet portals. we just need to pay some bills so we have to sell chameleon. also any template and the script itself can be modified and any website be created with chameleon. Paradoxe psychologie flirten

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"chameleon community", how can i disable this in my admin panel? use this special chameleon dating software wishes and reviews forum. but it can only be seen if you have chameleon script installed.. it has no mention that it is chameleon anywhere on the website.

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are just examples, but as you see, for any website you can find its own unique set of features of chameleon social software, be it a social network for dogs or a serious intranet portal of a software company or a university. as you know all features in chameleon can be switched on and off, so even if a feature is not needed by everyone, it can be found helpful by a part of our customers, and they will be able to switch it on. can submit it either to the chameleon dating software support center or to a special chameleon dating software bugs forum. modes are just an example of what unlimited capabilities you get when you have chameleon social software.

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that is why all our templates are so different and achieve different goals, although connected to the very same database and the chameleon script. love chameleon, we try our best to make it better and better every day, we use it in our company as a sole means of communication. your own dating site or social network using Chameleon Dating & Social Network Software! can see our new products and templates at chameleon dating software news website.

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can submit it to the chameleon dating software reviews site. you can also choose "unlimited websites" if you are a developer and would like to develop very many websites using chameleon social software. also if you want to create something very special you can hire us or any other programmer who will develop your website using chameleon social software as a good start. we use our own chameleon social software as our company's intranet.