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” not that there aren’t songs on this album that are group efforts! white album is one of the legends in sheer brilliance and majesty. a lot of people i know think it's still the best album they made. i agree that a single album would be great but i have tried to do this personally and trying to keep it to about 40 odd minutes is impossible, ob la di would have made a fantastic xmas single and would have saved us from that awful marmalade version which topped the charts in jan 1969. the beatles recorded "hey jude" and "dear prudence" at trident because it had an 8-track recorder.^ "album search: the beatles – the beatles (white album)" (asp) (in german). album was reissued, along with the rest of the beatles catalogue, on compact disc in 1987. a 2003 appraisal of the album, for mojo magazine, ian macdonald wrote that the beatles regularly appears among the top ten in critics' "best albums of all time" lists, yet it was a work that he deemed "eccentric, highly diverse, and very variable [in] quality".^ "yer blues" was one of the few late-period beatles songs that lennon performed live. back by clapton, keith richards and mitch mitchell, he first played it on 11 december 1968 at the rolling stones rock and roll circus; a version recorded with the plastic ono band in september 1969 appears on the live album live peace in toronto.[180] wenner contended that they were allowed to appropriate other styles and traditions into rock music because their ability and identity were "so strong that they make it uniquely theirs, and uniquely the beatles. watch the video of the anthology–he is clearly being sarcastic when he says, “there was a lot of information on the double album, but i agree that we should have put it out as two separate albums: the ‘white’ and the ‘whiter’ albums.) which songs would you leave out for a single lp “the beatles” (facing the fact that there would never have been a 2nd patch “whiter album” as ringo said) ? "abbey road engineer ken scott says the beatles' white album sessions were a "blast"".[174] according to the author ian inglis: "whether positive or negative, all assessments of the beatles drew attention to its fragmentary style. martin later claimed he had wanted the group to omit the album's weaker songs and focused instead on producing a solid single-disc release. author mark lewisohn reports that the beatles held their first and only 24-hour session at abbey road near the end of the creation of the beatles, which occurred during the final mixing and sequencing for the album. i do know that john & yoko’s album, two virgins, was released at the same time, with similar pictures. that it was ringo who had the ur white album is a surprise. he had already claimed to find hidden meanings in songs from earlier beatles albums,[210] but in the beatles he interpreted prophetic significance in several of the songs, including "blackbird", "piggies" (particularly the line "what they need's a damn good whacking"), "helter skelter", "revolution 1" and "revolution 9",[211] and interpreted the lyrics as a sign of imminent violence or war. here, there and everywhere: my life recording the music of the beatles. the album debuted at number 1 in the uk on 7 december 1968. after listening to this album all the way through, i feel like i found something out about the universe that i hadn’t known before.[143] the album's working title, a doll's house, had been changed when the english progressive rock band family released the similarly titled music in a doll's house earlier that year.  note that the riaa counts each record of a double album separately, meaning the beatles is certified 19 times platinum, for 19 million units sold. only nude beatle on the white album is paul, on the poster (a collage by richard hamilton, who designed the album cover). it was quickly pulled from the stores and replaced with the white album. beatles bible uses cookies to bring you a better browsing experience. however, while some complained about the lack of a coherent style, others recognized this as the album's raison d'être. click the big power button to whitelist the current web site, and its state will be remembered next time you visit the web site. the midst of that scenario, here come the beatles with a new single & album that just by some of the song titles alone, sound a little bit subversive, mainly revolution, back in the ussr & happiness is a warm gun. the thing i like about the album is that is so varied and schizophrenic. the collection included the drum kit that he played on beatles hits including can't buy me love and i want to hold your hand, which sold at auction for £1. the foregoing having been said, it’s still a pretty good album.

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love this album – when it came out no one knew what to think- we’d just gotten used to sgt pepper/mmt beatles and now there were all normal looking (sort of) again., the more i’ve thought about it over the years, the more i’ve thought about this scenario: the best of this album should’ve been released as a single lp, while the lesser songs should’ve been placed on side 2 of the yellow submarine soundtrack (they weren’t released that far apart), & george martin’s score should’ve been scrapped. and that is the world; and that is what the beatles are on about. other beatles memorabilia-related news, a rare 1958 recording console used by the fab four at abbey road studios is also up for sale. in the uk this album appeared for about 3 weeks in the new musical express singles chart.[59] after the beatles had taped the track, ono and pattie harrison added backing vocals. the last great moment of john lennon with the beatles. "the beatles and solo beatles reel-to-reel tapes price & reference guide". the song was taped in a single session, and was one of the tracks that martin felt was "filler" and only put on because the album was a double. million copies of the white album to stores within the first four days of the album's release. my beatles best album, far above pepper and even revolver.[63] the recording session for the basic track was one of the longest the beatles ever undertook, running from the afternoon of 7 october through the night until 7 am the next day.” sharon tate's killer charles manson, who believed the beatles spoke to him through their lyrics, misapprehended “helter skelter”. it’s one of the greatest albums of all time. research and considerations for years i agree that the main reason for the split-up of the beatles was yoko (there were other reasons, too: the death of brian epstein, the low esteem of georges compositions by john and paul, and eventually alan klein). recording the album, the group was in the process of launching the multimedia business apple corps, while coping with various upheavals including drug busts, changing relationships and substance abuse.[76] this is the only beatles song on which lennon performs alone[112] and it was a tribute to his mother julia lennon, who was killed in 1958 in a road accident while lennon was only seventeen, and the lyrics deal with the loss of his mother and his relationship with ono, the "ocean child" referred to in the lyrics. although there’s some great music on this album, there’s also a lot of second-rate material here too, which continued with the get back/let it be sessions (not to say that there aren’t good songs on that album either). one of the greatest albums ever made and possibly the only one ever named by the public."[9] author ian macdonald said sgt pepper was "shaped by lsd",[10] but the beatles took no drugs with them to india aside from marijuana, and their clear minds helped the group with their songwriting.[39] in a move that lewisohn highlights as unprecedented in the beatles' recording career, harrison and starr chose to distance themselves part-way through the project,[33] flying to california on 7 june so that harrison could film his scenes for the ravi shankar documentary raga.…i’ve often thought about this when considering questions about the beatles best albums.^ harrison soon reciprocated by collaborating with clapton on the song "badge" for cream's final studio album, goodbye. it is typical of the brief snippets of songs he recorded between takes during the album sessions. on the outside of the white cover is printed the beatles.[26] ono's presence was highly unorthodox, as prior to that point, the beatles had generally worked in isolation. if they had done this we would probably be saying why didn’t they do a doulble album. me, it would all rest upon being anchored by hey jude/revolution being on the album, and not on the hey jude album (just a collection of singles from different eras).[107] martin composed an orchestral introduction to the song but it was rejected as being "too bizarre" and left off the album. the four beatles were given the first four off the production line.^ "hit parade italia – gli album più venduti del 2009" (in italian). my opinion sgt peppers generally has fairly mediocre tracks on it, apart from the excellent “a day in the life”, (gulp, there i’ve said it) but because of the production,the experimentation and the way it was segued it seems to “work” as an album. the band and martin have since debated whether the group should have released a single album instead.[69] the production aesthetic ensured that the album's sound was scaled-down and less reliant on studio innovation, relative to all the beatles' releases since revolver.

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harrison's song "not guilty" was left off the album despite recording 102 takes. saw a video of john and yoko staring into each others eyes during the white album sessions, but i can no longer find it.[221] the album was still high in the charts when the beatles' follow-up album, yellow submarine, was released, which reached number 3. new relationship between john lennon and yoko ono caused tension in the studio with the other beatles.億円」 [all of the beatles' "remastered" albums enter the top 100: grossing 2,310 million yen in one week] (in japanese). like the rest of their albums,you can listen to it the whole way through (with the possible exception of no. hey jude/revolution were done right about the same time and were released less than 2 months prior to the white album. macdonald claimed lennon deliberately wrote the lyrics to mock fans who claimed to find "hidden messages" in songs, and referenced other songs in the beatles catalogue – "the walrus was paul" refers back to "i am the walrus" (which itself refers to "lucy in the sky with diamonds"). the album's songs range in style from british blues and ska to tracks influenced by chuck berry and by karlheinz stockhausen.[167][168] in 1981, mobile fidelity sound lab (mfsl) issued a unique half-speed master variation of the album using the sound from the original master recording. this could be called “beatles overload” – it was too much material to handle at one sitting; with an average playing time of 23 minutes per side, it was difficult for most kids to digest at one time. early 2013, the recess gallery in new york city's soho neighbourhood presented we buy white albums, an installation by artist rutherford chang. a double album, its plain white sleeve has no graphics or text other than the band's name embossed,[a] which was intended as a direct contrast to the vivid cover artwork of the band's earlier sgt. the album had a nude picture of john lennon and yoko ono. nonetheless, the beatles reached number one on the charts in both the united kingdom and the united states and has since been viewed by some critics as one of the greatest albums of all time.[208] like landau, many writers among the new left considered the album outdated and irrelevant; instead, they heralded the rolling stones' concurrent release, beggars banquet, as what lennon biographer jon wiener terms "the 'strong solution,' a musical turning outward, toward the political and social battles of the day". the article stated that some of these albums were distributed, then quickly taken from the shelves. it was their first studio album in almost eighteen months (and coming after the success of sgt. we were just about to break up, and that was tense in itself",[49] while lennon later said "the break-up of the beatles can be heard on that album". sessions for the beatles marked the first appearance in the studio of lennon's new domestic and artistic partner, yoko ono, who accompanied him to abbey road to work on "revolution 1"[25] and who would thereafter be a more or less constant presence at all beatles sessions. unique white album did turn up for sale online earlier this year, though: the manson family's own self-signed copy, with a price of ,005.  if necessary, click advanced, then click format, then select album, then click search. white album is also the wise album, the ultimate “concept” album if by such we understand, not banging around variations on a theme to propel a story, as heralded by the who’s “tommy” (not perchance from the same year), but an organic integration of disparate members into a harmonious, living whole. but with the beatles, i can't ever remember scouring the charts to see what number it had come in at. what you want about this album but there is more variation of musical styles than on almost any other album i have ever heard and that includes some various artists compilation albums. every little thing: the definitive guide to beatles recording variations, rare mixes & other musical oddities, 1958–1986. might be confusing it with john & yoko’s album “two virgins” which has them naked on the front cover. to the betrayal they had felt at lennon's non-activist stance in "revolution", new left commentators condemned the beatles for its failure to offer a political agenda. the us, mono records were already being phased out; the us release of the beatles was the first beatles lp to be issued in stereo only. the real treasure is ringo's own copy of the beatles, the band's ninth studio album.[151] the mono version of the beatles was made available worldwide on 9 september 2009, as part of the beatles in mono cd boxed set.^ "what it sounds like if you play 100 vinyl copies of 'the white album' at once".[74] mccartney subsequently recorded a cover album the title of which, снова в ссср, is russian for "back in the u. according to the bootlegged album of the demos made at kinfauns, the latter of these two categories includes lennon's "look at me"[135] and "child of nature" (eventually reworked as "jealous guy");[136] mccartney's "junk";[136] and harrison's "not guilty" and "circles".

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beatles was the third album to be released by apple records, following harrison's wonderwall music, and two virgins. it’s the beatles testimony, the four of them together, well, obviously not all the time. is different than the previous albums which was the main quality of the beatles. my friend was a stewardess for an airline company at the time and picked up one of the albums before they were either removed from the shelves, sold out or both. i had my brother, who was stationed in korea at the time, send me albums from the px as they were only a . beatles was recorded between 30 may and 14 october 1968, largely at abbey road studios in london, with some sessions at trident studios.[156] in 2008, an original pressing of the album with serial number 0000005 sold for £19,201 on ebay. rare copy of beatles' 1968 white album previously owned by ringo starr has been named the most expensive vinyl record ever sold at auction. the band's name was blind embossed slightly below the middle of the album's right side,[155] and the cover also featured a unique stamped serial number, "to create", in hamilton's words, "the ironic situation of a numbered edition of something like five million copies". michael katovich and wesley longhofer write that the album's release created "a collective appreciation of it as a 'state-of-the-art' rendition of the current pop, rock, and folk-rock sounds". the white album keeps me in awe and amazement after more than four decades since my first listen![214] the majority of music critics[j] categorize the white album as postmodern, emphasizing aesthetic and stylistic features of the album.[146] martin has said that he was against the idea of a double album at the time and suggested to the group that they reduce the number of songs to form a single album featuring their stronger work, but that the band decided against this.[207] the beatles themselves were accused of using eclecticism and pastiche as a means of avoiding important issues in the turbulent political and social climate. if you watch the interviews of john and paul announcing apple, which is right after india and during the white album time, you’ll see john saying how regardless of the value tm – everyone came back more relaxed and with clearer minds..37, named after its design team at emi's record engineering developent department, was a desk which was used by the beatles throughout their career – including their final album let it be in 1970_. with them were the folk singer donovan – who taught them the finger-picking folk-guitar style that is all over the white album – and mia farrow's sister prudence, who hid away in her bungalow, intent on meditating her way to perfection. 2003, rolling stone ranked the beatles at number 10 on its list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.[197] on the 40th anniversary of the album's release, vatican newspaper l'osservatore romano wrote that it "remains a type of magical musical anthology: 30 songs you can go through and listen to at will, certain of finding some pearls that even today remain unparalleled". both of those would have been amazing, great albums, but the whole beatles myth was still very much alive when this came out and it was on the heels of the most successful single of their career. there is an album called “how can you be in two places at once when you’re not anywhere at all? the front had the four beatles with yoko and if i remember correctly they had fig leaves over their private area, unlike the lp “two virgins” where it was just john and yoko and no fig leaves."[178] in his review for the new york times, nik cohn considered the album "boring beyond belief" and said that over half of its songs were "profound mediocrities"."[145] he also supported the idea of the double album, to clear out the backlog of songs that the group had at the time. million copies in the united states alone[228] and according to the recording industry association of america, the beatles is the beatles' most-certified album at 19-times platinum.[194] rob sheffield, writing in the rolling stone album guide (2004), commented that its songs ranged from the beatles' "sturdiest tunes since revolver" to "self-indulgent filler", and while he derided tracks such as "revolution 9" and "helter skelter", he acknowledged that picking personal highlights was "part of the fun" for listeners. and the beatles had committed the total madness of secluding themselves in a chilly barren film studio in early january 1969, a mere forty days after the release of the mammoth white album, on november the 22nd! revolution in the head: the beatles' records and the sixties (first revised ed.[48] mccartney described the sessions for the beatles as a turning point for the group, saying "there was a lot of friction during that album. however, the album returned to the top spot the next week, spending an eighth and final week at number 1. my dear is found on the album the beatles box set [1988]. (it was actually at that time a best sellers chart but album rarely sold enough to enter the top 30) .[113] schaffner wrote in 1977 of the name that was adopted for the beatles' double album: "from the day of release, everybody referred to the beatles as 'the white album. to slant magazine's eric henderson, the beatles is a rarity among the band's recorded works, in that it "resists reflexive canonisation, which, along with society's continued fragmentation, keeps the album fresh and surprising".

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be honest (and i know i’m in the minority opinion on this), the album that i find the most overrated of the band’s collective work is ‘abbey road’.[222] in september 2013 after the british phonographic industry changed their sales award rules, the album was declared as having gone platinum, meaning sales of at least 300,000 copies. ringo starr's rare first pressing of the 1968 white album has been named "most expensive vinyl record sold at auction". was a lot of information on the double album, but i agree that we should have put it out as two separate albums: the 'white' and the 'whiter' albums. this is the conclusion from the excellent rolling stone 2009 piece titled why the beatles broke up. as paul said, “it’s the beatles bloody white album, shut up. convention amongst record companies in the 1960s was that singles and albums were distinct entities and should not duplicate songs. they turned away from the elaborate excesses of sgt pepper, recording instead a simple collection of 30 songs under an even simpler name: the beatles.[47] the album's lyrics progressed from being vague to open-ended and prone to misinterpretation, such as "glass onion" (e. there are good arguments both ways on the should it have been a single or double album debate; i favor that the band members got it right over george martin in releasing it as a double. manson first heard the album not long after it was released. album's sleeve was designed by pop artist richard hamilton,[142] in collaboration with mccartney. songs that the beatles were working on individually during this period were revisited for inclusion on the group's subsequent albums, while others were eventually released on the band members' solo albums. in fact all the beatles recordings after mmt are basically parody. but what many intelligent listeners realized when the white album came out was that alot of the lyrics and musical send-ups were hilarious! at the john’s songs on the white album – it seems to me that he was about to emerge as dominant songwriting force again. another divisive element was caused by the constant presence of john lennon's new partner, yoko ono, whose attendance at the sessions broke with the beatles' policy regarding wives and girlfriends. granted, people don’t buy beatle albums for the intentionally schmaltzy production of “goodnight”, but it’s a beautiful, touching song written for julian.[98] the entire track is played by him backed with session musicians, and features no other beatles. the point of this album was to be loose and genuine while sgt. the observer, tony palmer wrote that "if there is still any doubt that lennon and mccartney are the greatest songwriters since schubert", the album "should surely see the last vestiges of cultural snobbery and bourgeois prejudice swept away in a deluge of joyful music making".: 1968 albumsalbums produced by george martinalbums recorded at abbey road studiosalbums recorded at trident studiosapple records albumsthe beatles albumscapitol records albumsenglish-language albumsalbums arranged by george martinalbums conducted by george martinhidden categories: cs1 swedish-language sources (sv)cs1 german-language sources (de)all articles with dead external linksarticles with dead external links from september 2015cs1 dutch-language sources (nl)cs1 french-language sources (fr)cs1 uses japanese-language script (ja)cs1 japanese-language sources (ja)cs1 italian-language sources (it)cs1 spanish-language sources (es)good articlesuse dmy dates from november 2015engvarb from november 2015articles with haudio microformatscertification table entry usages for argentinacertification table entry usages for australiacertification table entry usages for canadacertification table entry usages for francecertification table entry usages for italycertification table entry usages for new zealandcertification table entry usages for united kingdomcertification table entry usages for united states. beatles chose this, and they, like any band, should have the final say. numbering system inspired the new york artist rutherford chang to make an installation piece out of the more than 1,000 (used and worn) copies of the white album, collected over eight years. 1978 and 1979, for the album's tenth anniversary, emi reissued the album pressed on limited edition white vinyl in several countries. the group ended the chosen take with a six-minute improvisation that had further overdubs added, before being cut to the length heard on the album. did not agree with george martin that the white album should have been condensed down to one disk. “i'm interested in the white album as a cultural phenomenon,” he told the bbc. after all these years, looking at it again, my feeling is that, while the album as a whole is uneven (hardly an original thought), lennon wrote 4 or 5 of his best works – and the best beatles songs ever – for this album. despite the growing dysfunction in the band and them not always playing on each others songs, the white album works because the songs are brilliant and the musicianship of the highest order.[142] interviewed for the beatles anthology television series in the 1990s, starr said that he now felt that it should have been released as two separate albums (that he nicknamed "the white album" and "the whiter album"). by all accounts, the session was chaotic, but nobody dared suggest to any of the beatles that they were out of control. pepper's lonely hearts club band, and consisted of a plain white sleeve. i saw the album and it strikes me as odd that no one ever mentions this piece of information.

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i agree with george martin’s assessment that at least 1/3 of this album should’ve been junked & more time & effort spent on the better songs. the same tensions continued throughout the following year, leading to the eventual break-up of the beatles in april 1970. revolution in the head: the beatles' records and the sixties (second revised ed.[35] lennon's devotion to ono over the other beatles, and the pair's addiction to heroin, made working conditions difficult as he became prone to bouts of temper. the ampex reel tape version of the beatles has become desirable to collectors, as it contains edits on eight tracks not available elsewhere[h], reducing the album's running time by over seven minutes. biggest beef with this album is that the songs don’t sound very “together”– so many of them sound like a lead singer and his “backing band.^ according to womack, the list of critical works referring to the white album as postmodernist includes henry w. only western instrument available to the group during their indian visit was the acoustic guitar, and thus many of the songs on the beatles were written and first performed on that instrument. during these sessions, arguments broke out among the beatles, and witnesses in the studio saw band members quarrel over creative differences. has not been stated anywhere hereabouts (including in the quotes from the beatles themselves) is that this is parody.), we noticed that characters were based on names mentioned on the white album, with beatles lyrics in the dialogue. but it does have the greatest side of an album that a band ever recorded (obviously side two).^ "the beatles: every album and single, with its chart position". beatles original white album from england had the 4 beatles and yoko ono standing naked on the front cover. have the capitol pressing of the album in white vinyl. i’ve said this in forum but repeat again – what is fascinating to me about the white album is that if you take only john’s songs – you have an amazing album. brown version of the white album, with the unique photo of john and yoko, is now posted on ebay; listing number 301817150597. don’t count myself among those that would reduce the “the beatles” lp down to one disc but obviously revolution 9 is it’s most disposable track. there were 102 takes of george harrison's “not guilty”, which was then dropped from the album. lennon had wanted the original version of "revolution" to be released as a single, but the other three beatles objected on the grounds that it was too slow. sad but he would found a way with or without her to quit the beatles. sullivan's the beatles with lacan: rock 'n' roll as requiem for the modern age (1995), ed whitley's the postmodern white album, (2000), david quantick's revolution: the making of the beatles' white album (2002), devin mckinney's magic circles: the beatles in dream and history (2003), and jeffrey roessner's we all want to change the world: postmodern politics and the beatles' white album (2006). the piece was later used for the sleeve of the compilation album the beatles' ballads, released in 1980. beatles was the last beatles album to be mixed separately for stereo and mono,[147] though the mono version was issued only in the uk and a few other countries.[58] mccartney taped demos of two compositions at abbey road – "etcetera"[34] and "the long and winding road" – the last of which the beatles recorded in 1969 for their album let it be. in my opinion, if it wasn’t for the twin magnificence of “come together” and “something”, side one might be the worst side of an album the group ever made. songs that appear on the beatles were demoed at george harrison's home, kinfauns, in may 1968. versions of the album did not feature a white cover. if they had concentrated on a single album from the beginning, many songs would never have been recorded at all – and the remaining ones wouldn´t be any better instead. instead, cassette and 8-track versions (issued on two cassettes/cartridges in early 1969) contained cover artwork that featured high contrast black and white (with no grey) versions of the four kelly photographs. it’s a shame he didn’t devote the same amount of energy to the beatles. beatles contains a wide range of musical styles, which the authors barry miles and gillian gaar each view as the most diverse of any of the group's albums. the less favourable critiques, time magazine's reviewer wrote that the beatles showcased the "best abilities and worst tendencies" of the beatles, as it is skilfully performed and sophisticated, but lacks a "sense of taste and purpose". clapton was unsure about guesting on a beatles record, but harrison said the decision was "nothing to do with them.

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a double, issued in november 1968, its (almost) perfectly white cover meant it (almost) immediately became known as the white album. lennon-written "what's the new mary jane" was demoed at kinfauns[138] and recorded formally (by lennon, harrison and ono) during the 1968 album sessions. white album is so flamboyant, from the cover to the energy, to the hate, to the love, to the length to the revolutions. you did not necessarily have to like anything they had done before to be jazzed about this record, many intellectual/velvet underground/mothers of invention/left political people embraced twa enthusiastically where the beatles would not have grabbed them before. hell, i’ve even got the beatles introduce new songs, which is an extremely rare 1964 promo-only capitol ep, plus the 1-sided dialogue from let it be promo 45. anyone ever heard of a beatles white album having the nude picture of john & yoko holding a newspaper in front of them on the inside cover?[150] in the uk, the following album, yellow submarine, was the last to be shipped in mono. retrospect, there were elements of the white album that reflected some garage band tendencies for those of us who sought them. but i agree with many of the previous posts here… the album would be better without revolution 9, good night, wild honey pie, and in my opinion bungalow bill too. few songwriters today would be expected to come up with material for half an album so quickly.^ "500 greatest albums of all time: the beatles, 'the white album'". but even the 2nd rate songs are much better than the bulk of releases by other groups in these days – and the diversity of this double album is one of its major strengths. not their best recorded or even their best record in general, but to me the white album has always been my personal favorite of all time. although no singles were issued from the beatles in britain and the united states, the songs "hey jude" and "revolution" originated from the same recording sessions and were issued on a single in august 1968.[k] other scholars[l] situate all beatles' work within a modernist stance, based either on their "artificiality"[216] or their ideological stance of progress through love and peace. like wdwdiitr and wild honey pie add another layer to the album when played through. white album, as great as it is, may be the most under appreciated album out there – and not just of the beatles’ but in music overall.[50] of the album's 30 tracks, only 16 have all four band members performing.[176] richard goldstein of the new york times considered the double album to be "a major success" and "far more imaginative" than sgt.’s tons of orchestra, horns, weird instruments and mixing tricks, and sound effects on the white album yet it “appears” to be a simpler album. by contrast, mccartney said that it was fine as it was, adding: "it's the bloody beatles' white album. so long that bands could independently import a new beatles album, learn the songs, and incorporate them into there live shows before the official release.. club, chuck klosterman wrote that the album found the band at their best and rated it "almost beyond an a+"., the white album – i was one of the first kids in the neighborhood to get a copy. the thing that makes the white album one of my absolute favorites, and indeed, one of the best albums in history is it’s very speratic and bi-polar, if-you-will, nature.“the beatles” (white album) became the best selling album in the world (for a double album). ‘abbey road’ was one of the greatest albums of all time, it wouldn’t have “maxwell’s silver hammer” and “octopuss’ garden” on it, which get my personal vote as the two very worst songs the band ever recorded.[130][g] however, though no singles were taken from the beatles in either britain or america, "ob-la-di, ob-la-da" backed with "while my guitar gently weeps" was a commercial success in several countries, including australia (where it spent five weeks at number one in the go set charts),[131] japan,[132] austria[133] and switzerland., i don’t know if anyone might ever read this but, i was 9 years old and my sister 14 when this album came out. unusually for a beatles recording, the four-track source tape was edited directly, resulting in an abrupt cut-off at 3'17" into the start of another take (which ran into the fade out). white album would have made a great single disc, but the beatles did it that way in order to get their recording contract over with sooner. 1001 albums you must hear before you die: revised and updated edition. reading the beatles: cultural studies, literary criticism, and the fab four. gotta disagree with those that suggest that the white album should have been cut down to a single album.

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"revolution 1" was the first track recorded for the album, with sessions for the backing track starting on 30 may. thing that makes the white album interesting for me (beyond the incredible music) is that the production techniques are pretty much just as complex as pepper and mystery tour – the songs however are more straight forward., i agree with you that ‘the white album’ showed john emerging as a major songwriting force again, and i actually believe, after listening to all of the beatles’ albums in succession according to how they were released, that it has aged the best of all the group’s work. trying to find out or maybe confirm some info about the copy of the white album i have here.. i have collected every copy of the white album available an even have the purple white vinyl white album framed with both lp’s infront of their pics an opened sleeve. he concludes: "none of it sounds like it was meant to share album space together, but somehow the beatles creates its own style and sound through its mess. [the white album] contained a panoply of wondrous songs that included acoustic numbers, idiosyncratic pop, heavy-duty hard rock, and flat-out experimentalism. what was important was that scores of garage band players (like me) had to hunker down and figure out what we had to do in order to make our instruments sound like those of the beatles. this was part of a reissue series from emi that included albums from other artists such as the rolling stones and roxy music.'s copy, which had been in a bank vault for 35 years, isn't just any old white album. this was one of the key tracks that led manson to believe the album had coded messages referring to apocalyptic war, and led to his movement of the same name. taking the album apart to individual tracks ignores the “weaker” tracks impact to the whole piece of work.[193] in his review for allmusic, stephen thomas erlewine said that because of its wide variety of musical styles, the album can be "a frustratingly scattershot record or a singularly gripping musical experience, depending on your view". that album apart into individual tracks and its not that impressive. my cousin worked in a record shop in sydney that received several boxes of the original white album with original art work. john wrote a lot of songs for the white album and they were strong.[195] writing for musichound in 1999, guitar world editor christopher scapelliti described the album as "self-indulgent and at times unlistenable" but identified "while my guitar gently weeps", "happiness is a warm gun" and "helter skelter" as "fascinating standouts" that made it a worthwhile purchase. financially secure, critically and commercially acclaimed, and assured as figureheads of popular music, by the summer of 1968 the beatles were in a degree of turmoil. it is in a white cover with the songs listed on the inside left side and the pictures of the beatles on the right side. reading the beatles: cultural studies, literary criticism, and the fab four. sgt pepper changed the world, the world keenly awaited the beatles' next step. beatles' ninth original uk album, and their 15th in the united states, was their first double-length release. funnily enough, i don’t remember any controversy surrounding the next album released (abbey road), aside from the silly paul is dead thing…. commonly known as the white album, the self-titled collection of 30 songs stands as a majestic cornucopia of styles, born from one of the group's most creative periods. these two-tape releases were both contained in a black outer cardboard slipcase cover that stated "the beatles" and an apple logo in gold print.[119] macdonald describes the song as harrison's "touching token of exhausted, relieved reconciliation with god" and considered it to be his "finest moment on the beatles". is the album they way i’d have liked to have seen it (kept it at a reasonable and standard single album time length – tough decisions on which songs to select! mccartney also drums on the second track, “dear prudence”, one of the album's many songs written in rishikesh, india, where they had gone on retreat, with the giggling maharishi mahesh yogi.[186] writing for paste, mark kemp refuted the white album's reputation as "three solo works in one (plus a ringo song)"; instead, he said, it "benefits from each member's wildly different ideas" and demonstrates lennon and mccartney's considerable versatility as composers, in addition to offering "two of harrison's finest moments".’s a load of bs i’ve been listening to them since i was 10 years old have every album from rubber soul to let it be us copies and u k copies also own white album with all 5 misprints this guy’s on heavy drugs to say that never have i seen nor heard that ever and don’t you think in this time and age you’d see one ,,,nooooo because it’s not true if it is i know it’s not show me the only thing that even comes to that ridiculous statement is the poster paul behind the pole and john’s drawing other then that nothing don’t believe this guy on a plane a stewardess lol too funny.[11] according to the author geoffrey giuliano, lennon left rishikesh because he felt personally betrayed after hearing rumours that the maharishi had behaved inappropriately towards women who accompanied the beatles to india,[15][16] though mccartney and harrison later discovered this to be untrue[17] and lennon's wife cynthia reported there was "not a shred of evidence or justification". regarding the white album, i’ll say again, these people commenting that it’s not their best work or that a lot of songs should have been left off, should have their beatle albums taken away from them. you have the demos for the white album made at george’s house – which are the songs written in india which make up most of the white album. but to put his “dry spell” of january 1969 into perspective, consider that this was less than three months after the completion of a double album to which he had contributed a dozen songs.

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’ve been readin that nicky hopkins who did play on the revolution single also played on various other songs on the white album and also on the hey jude single.[71] edwin faust of stylus magazine described the beatles as "foremost an album about musical purity (as the album cover and title suggest). studio efforts on the beatles captured the work of four increasingly individuated artists who frequently found themselves at odds.[34] the beatles had not been particularly interested in stereo until this album, but after receiving mail from fans stating they bought both stereo and mono mixes of earlier albums, they decided to make the two different. i was collecting beatle albums (in australia) i bought one which i thought was an actual beatles album called ‘hey jude’. i was a kid when this came out, & not knowing anything of their internal problems at the time, i was still struck at the lack of cohesiveness of this album. love the white album so much that i wish they’d continued in the same way and put out a few more albums of this type.[179] jann wenner of rolling stone called it "the history and synthesis of western music",[144] and the group's best album yet. its faults as a collection, paul mccartney stood by the album, saying that the wide variety of songs was a major part of its appeal. fact, out of the original us lp’s in my collection, the only 2 i never kept were yellow submarine & hey jude (aka the beatles again), because i thought they were both rip-offs.[182] in a 1971 column, robert christgau of the village voice described the album as both "their most consistent and probably their worst", and referred to its songs as a "pastiche of musical exercises".[38] while echoing this view, beatles biographer philip norman comments that, from the start, each of the group's two principal songwriters shared a mutual disregard for the other's new compositions: lennon found mccartney's songs "cloyingly sweet and bland", while mccartney viewed lennon's as "harsh, unmelodious and deliberately provocative". "we all want to change the world: postmodern politics and the beatles' white album". mystery tour is their worst batch of songs in my opinion (still great stuff, it is the beatles for christ’s sske! i always skip over these when listening to the white album. mccartney, refuting suggestions that the beatles should have been a single album[145]. it was decided to leave the cover blank; thus calling it the white album. of the songs on the album were written during march and april 1968 at a transcendental meditation course in rishikesh, india."[178] although he dismissed "revolution 9" as a "pretentious" example of "idiot immaturity", the nme's alan smith declared "god bless you, beatles! while it does make for an interesting listen, it’s quite indulgent, certainly not musical, and makes me feel the album isn’t truly four sides of beatle content but more like three and three quarters. when the white album was released, he had been already dating linda, so that he used his doggie's name to disguise it. irony of ironies, there aren't really any beatles songs on the beatles. liked paul’s response to the criticism that the album should have been a single record (“it’s the beatles, it sold, shut up”. sometimes it could be weeks even months before you could get a new album. think the opposite view has some validity: yoko and heroin were s much symptoms as causes of his disaffection – from the beatles as well as his status quo generally.! i was a young teen in ohio when the white album came out. folks with the us version, should get on ebay asap and get an original uk 1968 “top loading” white album before they get insanely expensive. to find the beatles in a “old time radio show!’s an opinion i’ve come to regarding the white album. original vinyl copies released in 1968 had the band's name blind embossed on a white background.[161] the songs on the cassette version of the beatles[162] are sequenced differently from the album, in order to equalize the lengths of the tape sides. a day in the life: the music and artistry of the beatles. thought we should probably have made a very, very good single album rather than a double. album was originally titled a doll's house, after ibsen's emotionally fractured and fracturing play.

placed the album at number 49 on a list of "the 50 heaviest albums of all time".[84] lennon hated the song, calling it "granny music shit",[86] while engineer richard lush recalled that starr disliked having to record the same backing track repetitively, and pinpoints this session as a key indication that the beatles were going to break up.[139] the white album versions of "not guilty" and "what's the new mary jane", and a demo of "junk", were ultimately released on anthology 3. despise revolution 9 with fiery passion, but i find it disrespectful to skip over it when i’m listening to the white album. lennon is in transition from the dreamweaver period to the sometime harsh realities of his first solo album two years later. joined by noel gallagher to cover beatles classic 'all you need is. one was of the beatles as cliff-carvings on the english channel. in my opinion, so is the white album and let it be. on more albums:White album [bootleg] [planet]the beatles: stereo box setthe beatles [white album]. reviews of the 2009 remastered album, neil mccormick of the daily telegraph found that even its worst songs work within the context of such an eclectic and unconventional collection, which he rated "one of the greatest albums ever made". of the songs for the beatles were written during a transcendental meditation course with maharishi mahesh yogi in rishikesh, india, between february and april 1968. i don’t think it’s as strong as just paul songs – but john’s songs on this album all by themselves create an exceptionally strong record. there is ample evidence and “scholarship so to speak that john’s process of checking out began way before the white album. of the greatest albums of all time and near the top of the double album list. i remember when my sister bought her first beatles album in 64 and times had really changed. in fact, it would arguably be the greatest album of all time. beatles, also known as the white album, is the ninth studio album by english rock group the beatles, released on 22 november 1968. fab four faq: everything left to know about the beatles .[199] the album was also included in the book 1001 albums you must hear before you die.[27] mccartney's girlfriend at the time, francie schwartz, was also present at some sessions,[28] as were the other two beatles' wives, pattie harrison and maureen starkey. release, the beatles received favourable reviews from the majority of music critics.[163] two reel-to-reel tape releases of the album were issued, both using the monochrome kelly artwork. another single could have followed in march instead of get back but when ever did the beatles hold tracks back like this. i love about the white album is that it is chaos. to macdonald, the counterculture of the 1960s analysed the beatles above and beyond all of the band's previous releases.[183] nonetheless, he ranked it as the tenth best album of 1968 in his ballot for jazz & pop magazine's annual critics poll. in the album version, he advises those who "talk about destruction" to "count me out". whereas on prior beatles albums, the band was getting into the habit of mixing several musical genres into a single song, on the white album every song is faithful to its selected genre."hey jude" was recorded at the end of july 1968 during the sessions for the beatles, but was issued separately as a single nearly three months before the album's release.^ "infodisc : tous les albums classés par artiste > choisir un artiste dans la liste". i remember a ringo interview in 1976 and he said the white album was as far as a rock band could stretch its limits on vinyl at the time it was made. pepper's lonely hearts club band) expectations were high at the time of the release of the beatles. final high-minimalist white sleeve was the work of richard hamilton, and a clean rejection of the high-hippiedom of the previous year's sgt pepper's lonely hearts club band. those four songs that you don’t like there’s 20 good songs on this double album.

, eyes, there’s a ton of complex yet sparingly used detail on that album.[201][202] the british authorities similarly displayed a less tolerant attitude towards the beatles,[203] when london drug squad officers arrested lennon and ono in october 1968 for marijuana possession, a charge that he claimed was false. you never give me your money: the beatles after the breakup. think the beatles white album is their best and likely best double album of all time as sales figures attest to,…however,…if it were issued as a single disc, it would have to be considered the greatest record ever! beatles albums were always released in australia after their uk and us release. all the group's albums, it was the most complex and varied, and the richest.^ a b "canadian album certifications – the beatles – the white album"..", the three remaining beatles each made contributions on bass and drums, with the result that those parts may be composite tracks played by lennon, mccartney or harrison. beatles was issued on 22 november 1968 in britain,[142] with a us release following three days later. think most of the songs on the white album are excellent and in fact, why don’t we do it in the road is one of my favorites (one of paul’s great “belting it out” songs). mentioned making an album of all the lennon tracks or all the mccartney tracks. the album included a poster comprising a montage of photographs, with the lyrics of the songs on the back, and a set of four photographic portraits taken by john kelly[159] during the autumn of 1968 that have themselves become iconic. it was even said then that whoever bought the original album it would be worth a lot of money. or for the abstract, non-musical “revolution 9” which would have fit in well on “life with the lions” or “the wedding album” except that it’s got all four beatles on it. 1968 the beatles' world had changed immeasurably from their early days.[73] some of these songs remained acoustic on the beatles and were recorded solo, or only by part of the group (including "wild honey pie",[74] "blackbird",[75] "julia",[76] "i will"[77] and "mother nature's son"[78]).'s an album full of little surprises, some of which were surprises to the beatles themselves and some of which were not at all pleasant.[195] he played the album repeatedly to his followers, the manson family, and convinced them that it was an apocalyptic message predicting an uprising of oppressed races,[212] drawing parallels with chapter 9 of the book of revelation., it was a “new beatles album,” and for this 15 year-old, that’s all that mattered.^ a b "the official uk charts company : album chart history". painting of the band by john byrne was at an earlier point under consideration to be used as the album's cover. release, the beatles gained highly favourable reviews from the majority of music critics.[128] (it would, however, make its lp debut in the us two years later as the title cut of the compilation album hey jude) the b-side, "revolution", was a different version of the album's "revolution 1". was final album where lennon still cared about being a beatle.[77] in between numerous takes, the three beatles broke off to busk some other songs. close examination of the white album shows where john was headed, – amazing songwriting – heroin derailed it..", the words were interpreted by christian evangelist david noebel as further proof of the beatles' compliance in a communist plot to brainwash american youth. at the time of the album's release – which followed, chronologically, the up-tempo single version of the song, "revolution" – that single word "in" was taken by the radical political left as lennon's endorsement of politically motivated violence, which followed the may 1968 paris riots. peppers, the “white album” has many excellent tracks that stand alone and tracks such as “wdwdiitr” add to the somewhat strange and unsettling feel of the album which i enjoy. the “white album”:Sure there are great songs – and less great songs."julia" was the last track to be recorded for the album and features lennon on solo acoustic guitar which he played in a style similar to mccartney's on "blackbird". agree that all but 4 songs on the “yellow submarine” album (especially the back side) could be substituted by the lesser tracks from “the beatles” – but all you would get is a definitely weak album! white album is the first beatles album i really listened to repeatedly. in all, the beatles spent 22 weeks on the uk charts, far fewer than the 149 weeks for sgt.

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