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know several german guys that behave that way, both towards their friends and their gf (though i also wouldn't call it "typical behavior" of german men, certainly not).

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eurovol said there are a few threads on exactly this topic already but the bottom line is that german guys do like to go dutch when going out and, in general terms, have the humour capabilities of a small stone in a rock pool.

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now back to the matter in hand: german (actually, bavarian) man.

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you really want to date one: these guys still have a weakness for the daisy-in-the-hair, hippy look.

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my bavarian ex-husband realized that i was earning more than he was, had more friends and a better relationship with our children so he used every opportunity available to call me stupid for no good reason.

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even if we think it's dumb, the very fact that the question "should guys pay for the first date?

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do you guys earn the same amount or does he earn substantially more than you?

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news: a girl is scamming guys on tinder for cash.

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having said that, it is normal for german guys to split things up.

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its the younger guys that seem to like paying then?

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, this isn't a bavarian thing per se, it could well be the workings of an insecure person clipping your heels and finding an excuse for his behaviour.

unless you’re dating some sort of bavarian princess who enjoys doting on male peasants making a mere six figure salary, find a place you can afford, and then afford it.

would you put up with this if he wasn't german/bavarian?

am american woman and have been dating a german (actually, bavarian) man for over a year now.