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except this time, i had done all my “aquaman” research and knew how to treat the situation. above everything, you need to be a friend to your aquarius man with whom he can look forward to an intelligent and lively exchange of thoughts and ideas. i dnt mind admitting that i tend to get emotional, weak and give in many times. you met an aquarius…mmm woe is you, woe is me and woe is us. because after his first disappearing act i asked so many questions like: was there someone else. put i am old fashioned and i like a man who i can respect, who i can look up to and i can depend on. younger very attractive man came to live close by, i called him the young boy and i thought he was very nice. start putting up with that crap and then give it a title of being aquarius and that’s what they do……. maybe a woman but i do say most of what u wrote had n me…and some sort i realized “oh is that what really an aquarian is…lovely! it was just a question as so many women seem to go through the same thing from time to time. after a woman tells a man she loves him and he chooses to stay silent, that kinda says it all rite? i cringe when i remember all the times i tried knocking at “the man’s” door. how many times do u want us to keep circling over nothing? have a read:hot-hearted man who likes to do thing his way. i believe he may be truthful, because he is older and has experienced a lot. he is controlling me in many ways…ways i don’t like…i am in charge of me…this part of the relationship ends today……. are loved by many and have many associates but very few are in our immediate circle of friends. his blow hot blow cold behavior always confused me… i must hv askd him so many times just what was it that he wanted and if he would rather i didn’t msg him anymore y didn’t he say so? u want my advice i wd suggest to meet others and not to think twice about getting invvolved if u meet anthr man whos interesting and who u like. we as woman who love an aqua are far from normal. i am not really his gf nor his partner so i really have no locus standi to demand his time.’s a man…he’s not like us, they always seem to shut off and deal with things alone, and don’t forget they sulk for england. of midnight between capricorn and aquarius…i have the pull from both worlds……my dad chose my birthday for me…either 1 minute before midnight or 1 minute after…he chose after, there is no “stroke” of midnight birthdays according to the law…. they are drawn to what will make the world a better place to live in and as a result many famous reformers and progressive thinkers have come from their ranks. i hadn’t been with a man since being with him last year. i am also wondering hw many emails has she written talking abt the same thing and hw many times shes had that talk in the past 2 years? it doesnt gel with that of a man who will simply make plans to let the woman down. are awesome, and intriguing, gentlemen, all the stuff a man is supposed to be. reveal your individuality in opinions and actions and your aquarius date will look at your anew. my aqua though he has had many flings, when it came to us there was never any discussion wrt infidelity. this aman blog has been a great source to vent and then most of all to share, when our friends get fed up listening! i am very proud to say my father is a gentleman……its what i have always observed. man can still do that to me and we have been together two and a half years. have so many fantastic ways, it’s not all bad at all. it’s a lot like having a 2 year old in your life instead of a man 🙂. new man…if he says he will ring me…he does. so eat it out girls,digest it,permanently get it fixed in your brain that this man cannot stay hooked with you more than 6 months. dealing with your feeling for an aqua man or helping u heal over the pain and confusion brought abt by an aqua man bec of his typ aqua behaviour. to say…don’t sit around waiting for him, meet others, have fun, never wait for any man. they always manage to make us the ones that feel bad and worried, when it’s them thats causing the problem. we went on a couple of dates and he was a complete gentleman. also aquarians are very deep thinkers, free spirits, unconventional, will never follow the norm, they are very sociable and usually have many friends. good news here is i know what a very strong woman you are. and no matter how many questions i asked or how much i tried i could not get a solid answer as to why. this man looks for new stuff all the time,right from the day he is born. says i am the only woman he has felt this strong for, yada, yada, yada. just trying to clarify that maybe not all aqua man are that selfish. i am being too impatient u see, “the man’s” work comes first. if u ever decide to behave like a normal human being unafraid to act normally and shw nrmal emotions, u may call.

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are mind blowing, i have never put up with such rubbish from a man before, and i’m not sure why i am now……yeah right…i love the bones of him…..I met an aqua man back in sept when he approached me at a festival, i was sitting (quite happily) alone beside a campfire enjoying acoustic music being played. aquarius loves lying cause it convinces them that this is the way that will make others to dance on their tunes,which boy they love.. he refuses to say busy…no matr how many times i hv said that. no retributions or questions either, no ‘where have you been’, no ‘why did you not reply or pick up your phone’ no demands, you just pick up from where you left off and continue. sound very deserving, dee and i truly wish you a great future a man should want to prove himself to you if you have doubts. and told “the man”, i adore you and want to know you better. he said m sorry honey but too many things on his hand. think any man likes someone he is not too sure about, its called keeping him on his toes that way your less likely to end up on your knees. now that he has seen the light and is thinking in a more serious manner. hes always telling me he cant wait to see me, and how beautiful i am, and the other day, he said “man they rly dont make ppl like you anymore” =)) i was soo surprised !.and def not alcholics who are serial womanisers… and on and on. i managed myself to calm down these days and started to work on my life details. what i am trying to say is, if you are waiting weeks on a call, if he is making excuses, if you know in your heart he is messing you around and you are saying oh well he is an aquarius, yes it is doom and gloom! there was no need,i pretty much wrote my aquarius out of my life. he likes a confident woman who also a good follower. he comes back a new man and ready for something real then i would jump at it. if you have read all the posts from aqua to aqua helping me with my man. fact that you said you were a leo like myself shines through especially where you say you command answer’s, lol! hope you have good news to tell me about your man, the next time your on here., after almost two years of silence, from me and from him, he connected back in wanting to meet up, regrets he said, at first i accepted and then thought better of it and told him why that would be a bad idea, vented a bit and quite a few exchanges between us which raked up the past… some emotions, yes even from an aquarius! aquarians can be very flirtatious as well in a subconscious manner.! i’m not to far from manchester, small world isn’t it? you are a good aquarius and thanks a million for your insights, all is not lost. skin care a most welcome distraction from trying to figure out the elusive aquarius man!!” lol they are worth it in so many ways, but not worth it in so many others. similarly, he may be motivated by liberal humanitarian ideals but also impatient and headstrong when faced with resistance to his course of action..happy new year to you as well as all the wonderful ladies here and ofcrse aman. so if you are keen on holding on to your aquarius lover, make sure that you both have identical life goals and ways of looking at the world. if you take aquarius out of the equation, if any of my friends or family did not bother to reply, i would definitely call them out on it, unless there is a good reason. it will pass i’m sure, have any of you gone through feelings like this when your man has gone missing? you are in a relationship with a man you feel strongly for but he is not meeting your needs……. he had infact shared on fri nite an article about him being a go getter gentleman in a very famous womans magazine. not to mention he is an older dad in the first place. you hung in there when times were very hard and i know aquarius men appreciate such things. so many things alike, it is over whelming at times…. any normal human have tendency to interpret what it mean? the thing is… i wouldn’t give him any grief…if he was man enough to say he wanted out, i would be fine with that and respect his wishes..i have been involved with mr aquarius for more than two years now and it is the most annoying thing, this distancing thing. dating an aquarius man i think and i mean i think b/cuz i cant get a confirmation on what is really goin on with us…are we just sleeping together or is there something there. i have lost count of how many times this has happened in the past. it cld b a romantic dinner n wine at a nice restaurant or just a lounge where u can hv a quiet drnk and just listen to music talk and unwind.(my man) tried to see me yesterday but since i’m just getting over the flu i said no. so this time when i interacted with the aqua man after ages. i don’t mean to its just he has this way of making me open up and getting info out of me and i am too honest for my own good sometimes, trying to be mysterious with this man is very hard. #1 an aquarius has a magnet attached to them, people are drawn to them. am currently in a relationship with an aquarius man for the past 3 weeks. have known this aquarius man he’s 22 for about 4 years maybe longer we have always been friends always speaking when we c each other laughing n talking ab real stuff but never really flirting (i was in a relationship for 2 years out of the time me and him have known each other) but we would still always talk when we seen each other we have never been alone together until last night but we weren’t really alone bc my kids were here he stayed while i cooked dinner and we watched a movie with my kids n he was going to stay the night we have hung out a few times over the last week but not at my house so anyway last night my kids had finally fell asleep and we were laying side by side watching tv but his head was at my waist n i started playing with his hair twirling it between my fingers and he was expecting a friend to bring him something so about that time i started playing with his hair his friend shows up and he acted like he was just going out there to grab whatever as he had already told me he was staying the night had a bag and everything n then goes out there n never comes back he left without saying a word…. man and i had plans for last night, the plan had been made for a few days.

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love is at the very least odd with an aquarius…one final thing…he does give you clues, you must learn how to read them, without reading too much or too little into them. real warmth and love how many boxes are they ticking! he is the most awesome man ive known and that sparkle in his eyes is what drew me to him.’s like so many other times he has done this. i think i need to meet another aquarius just to try the tricks i now know. but this past week when i shared a poem with him and told him: warned you how i was and that i’m a hopeless romantic and that i believe in love. when my good friends (men ofcrse) are so bothered and full of ego that they wont connect with me for so many months over few silly arguments then i can over luk my aqua’s flaws. an aquarius man - when you fall in love with an aquarian guy. do i like it when another woman hits on him…not so much, but knowing the magnet thing with an aqua…i work with it, as it really can’t be helped…i know that sounds stupid and concieted, but it is what it is…. at least you all have a/c…a lot of the older places here don’t like mine, so we just suffer during hot days. am pouring my heart out here cause i just got done with a very mean aquarius. words dee, i also love their good manners, being able to put people at ease…. they say a man is only as good as his word yes words are good i need the actions too……now if that is too much to ask i would be happy and proud to stay single. life should be fun not stress, and i know this new man must like me . but i would have no problem with him having his “thinking time” i’m not a demanding person, it’s just the fact that he goes off without a word. get the feeling that he is not with anyone, meaning a woman. the man in person is the man i want, but the man going missing without a word i really don’t need. you have problems with your man and i have been through the same thing and i can help you i will!! i have told him many times “i don’t do all dressed up with nowhere to go” so i always tend to have a plan b. as for your aquarius story, i don’t think anybody would ever blame you for losing patience with him, i think you have been exceedingly compromising and understanding and it does sound like a most unusual situation, even for an aquarius!!My new man is only 4 days away from being an aqua but shows no sign of any of their games. i did ask him once u give these women so litl of urself so hw do u manage to get them so easily. i want to know that “the man” respects me enough to tell me the truth, to give me closure and to set me free to move on if for nothing else than simply for the few good times we shared in the past. too many kudos thrown at him will seem fake to him. oh and don’t change who you are for any man! the only other serious relationship she was in besides him was, you guessed it an aquarius.!Well i for one hope you manage to stick it out with your man. but i accepted him for who he was, took it at face value, did not demand any more than he seemed to want to give and hoped that in his own time, he might come forward. i wish he would be a bit more romantic but he makes up for it in so many other ways. it turned out that he had lost his job and was in a bad place, and because of his man pride, did not want to tell me. any man i think they cant cope with illness there are so many adjustments to be made. as aquarius likes to explore a new interesting-mysterious-challenging things in the world especially in humanity area, i think it is you yourself what he likes.?Mercy…now i have an issue…i am now facing the wrath of an aqua man who states, he has not one jealous bone in his body. u just come across as a volatile woman in emotional throes to him. it really pissed me off… so i texted him ( he was too cowardly to actually answer his phone and talk like a man) i really let him have it. aquarians love to help others and soon you will have your man fiddling with dth recorder in your own apartment while you can think of other things to do! hopefully back to normal for now 🙂 but why oh why do we keep falling for and more importantly put up with this roller coaster ride that is aquarius! i wld generally get upset at the distance or his unemotional manner at times and i wld cut off for mnths. for him romance is much more than conventional notions of marriage and family. a capricorn man - when you fall in love with a capricornian guy. days back, i wrote a post about aquarian man which is me. i am leo with aquarius rising, so does that mean i have some traits of aquarius? its only after we have met and hung about can i start making demands on him. if he man’s up and wants you back for good you will be the first to know. you are hurting i do feel for you… the only thing you should write is a loving letter to yourself…… list in it the things you require from a man and see how he compares. leo's and aquarius are supposedly not that compatible, but one of my best friends in the world is an aqua (male). chased me because i was scared i am older than him although he did’nt think i was. would like to add afew things about aqua people i have been told many times. that is really what i need to figure out before moving to the next man. 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but regardless of who initiated chats, he said many rt things but never really tried to come and meet me. your just a half man/boy and have no idea how to treat a real woman, love her, appreciate her, respect her and cherish her. he is kind and puts his friends, family and hobbies at the top of his list, very energetic, an on the move man. sure he responds whenevr u msg but just how many times does he attempt to get in touch wid u? anyone who is heartbroken over an aqua man i would say please dont bullshit yourself. a gemini man - when you fall in love with a gemini guy. i remember my aqua frnd in the initial days of meeting, had mentioned that as a man i wld nvr let my woman feel insecure. really don’t think he has another woman or anything, i think it’s something they all go through when they have been with someone for some time. aquirious man really looks for some who can understand them . am glad you sorted things with your man, i was worried about you. thing is when i chatted with my aqua over the wknd after many weeks, he started the same shit again. i believe that our relationship could have worked only if we could have spoken the same language which i have met another aquarius man who we have deep conversations with eachother in dutch as i am dutch and he is too.’m going to share the one titled ‘what i love about aquarius’ another titled ‘what i hate about aquarians in astrology’ and the 3rd is called: ‘venus in aquarius, aquarius in love’. won’t speak about your mr aquarius only to say that i feel they enter our lives to teach us something about ourselves be that good or bad and i know that there is something very powerful about them that enters intoyour very being making them so very hard to be without. i think these aquarius guys have in their head the ideal woman. there have been many times in the past when i have said things which were not well very kind. it’s all very very sad that they can’t man up and say it as it is. i will say an aquarius man couldn’t take the thought of you sleeping with someone else. i have told you i am older and yet seem juvenile compared to him..and it wouldn’t take much effort for an aquarius to wrap you around his little finger. read about what makes each zodiac sign tick, their likes, dislikes, their approach to love and romance, characteristics and personality traits. he’s always been a sort of big guy and i’ve always been a big woman. we went on a couple of dates and he was a complete gentleman. on aman, you are the one who started up this blog and now youhave disappeared.! they have too many what if’s going round their minds that they run for cover instead of just asking. he asked me what’s happening wid my aqua man.? i know a male cousin said it to me when i asked: can a man be in a rel. have been in many bad relationships so i tend to look at most thinkgs in a negative light which i am working to change. i’m just trying to work out if this might be a way to go for me and my man in the future! so true they cannot see you with other man,yet they must be having affair with other new found “exciting” females. aqua is a successful business man and doing q well for himself. a sagittarius man - when you fall in love with a sagittarian guy. should i meet such a self absorbed man i wonder but then i do. each level of getting closer brings out the wild man in an aqua…. with him, i notice he always falls for woman who don't seem to intellectually or emotionally fulfil him. he said i have let go of many women simply bec i havent felt that mental connect. i am getting back to normal now and i must admit, i do no miss the ‘waiting’, just so many questions such as, is it normal to finish two years with a text msge, should i have done something? if we can manage to work out (him tell me) how he feels when he does go missing, at least i would know how to deal with it better. there is no man alive (even an aqua) that is worth this torture. i have not been in a relationship since that aqua man break up, although i have had some dates but nothing serious. with you saying that about your man, i hope it meant something good? a cancer man - when you fall in love with a cancerian guy. too have had a very on and off relationship with an aquarius over 2 years and a bizarre ending which have left its scars. part of me is like he is full of it just let him go and move on, but then there is the side that says ride it out and see where it goes, because as you said how many men invite a woman and her children to their home. about him, he is very sensitive, has had his heart broken with woman before me, a betrayal and am i paying the price? me, older and a lot wiser as to how aquarius mind works, during our 6 months together i have been more confident around him, chatted about every subject under the sun, been witty which he likes, above all not allowed any deep emotions to get in the way apart from saying how we miss each other and can’t wait to see one another. he as atypical aquarian didnot answer any of my questions in a understandable manner. in general don’t deal with loss in any kind of proper way and certainly not like a woman does…they hide feelings from themselves and from you…. know this doesn’t make it easier for you but i know in my heart you are a fantastic woman who is loving and worth being loved…. 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a libra man - when you fall in love with a libran guy. for listening…i just needed to get it out so i don’t smolder all night……. well the aqua man was my shoulder to cry on while i got over the break up with this cheater. like the symbol of the water bearer which marks this zodiac sign, aquarians believe in carrying the gifts of knowledge and thought and pouring it out for humanity.! any time you want to jump in here with a aqua man’s view point, on any of this, i am sure we would all love to hear it! tried to go to that link you gave but i see nothing about aquarius. that was about aqua’s going missing etc…your “man” is something else altogether! i really think that if this man had really want to cut the cords with you, then he could have done it using any of the new technologies now available, text, email or a good old fashioned letter or even voice message. i duno what the future has in store and this seems like a new romance. best wishes for a bright future with or without the very complicated aqua man. i love life and induldge myself in energies and the mystics of the universe, politics sports whaat ever you may have as i am also a buddhist and stand open for anything new or strange where as the human mind can have difficulties to comprehend..After few months of not seeing him at the restaurant i was going to my other job and stopped for morning coffee at starbucks,and i was waiting for my friend to come out from the car and when i looked on other direction there was my aqua man coming my way with huge smile because he saw me. a virgo man - when you fall in love with a virgo guy.?I agree shirl i am also smwhere caught up in this aqua man trap and unable to cut off ties completely. an aquarius man will be proud of his individuality and keen to keep his personal affairs to himself. aqua man behavior of disappearing with no explanations/or b. my relationship, if you could call it that, lasted for two years and for the record it was long-distance (he lived 500 miles away but in the same country) and i was 10 years older. it is head frying stuff and any man who behaves like this is of low character or without b—s and i am a very strong woman ok. he doesn’t exist any more phew at last woman i hear you all saying. i so wanted to ask her so how many times has he disappeared on ya?. he has told me many times in the past that he alwys respnds except when busy. years is a long time and i think (as you do) by now you should have met his family and friends many times and you should be integrated in his life..First off, let me fill you in on a little background info: i am a libra woman. many times he feels hurt because of reality, but he will not run away and he will overcome that difficulty. your email moved me, the love you have for this man shines through every sentence xx. i don't want to rock the boat with being too affectionate if it isn't a good fit for an aquarius guy. an aries man - when you fall in love with an aries guy. a woman needs more then wht he is willing to offer. aman i too would love your input on this subject. he’s quite a successful dude and been a playboy for many years and has just tchd 40. know he is a very busy man, independent etc and i am fine with that, part of the attraction for me. am an aquarius man (february 16), i am so sorry for all the ladies who having hard times with their aqua man..I supose there is a kind of romanticsim and poetry in sad and unrequited love? he took my love for granted so many times, but now at long last i don’t want him back in that way at all. he has told me from the beginning that he is a one woman man and that if he ever met anyone else he would let me know and would never sleep with 2 women at the same time. so i went to meet “the man” for a quick drink in the evening but ended up staying over for a late dinner which further stretched on to include a midnite drive!.Well shirl he does work v late hours and many times on the wknds too..i just feel that he is the definition of a real man. i’ve been crushing on an older man, he’s about 53 or 54 and unfortunately he’s aquarius.” i needed that affirmation…this man has made me doubt myself…. any normal woman would easily dump him for all the b. however dee if i was mr aquarius i would be saying all this and we are not even in a relationship! we all do silly things when we don’t have a clue what’s going on in our mans head! what it is like to date men of each zodiac sign - aries, taurus, gemini, cancer, leo, virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, capricorn, aquarius and pisces. this time last year was when i had just come to know a few other aquarius’ and was leery about talking to any of them. i hope you get together with your aqua man, if that is what you want. atlst u guys had managed to build some kinda rapo before u stepped back and let him get more involved. aquarius sign is ruled by two planets, saturn and uranus and perhaps this is why you may be puzzled by a curious duality in your lover. i never did anything about it as i have always been a one man woman. 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just broke up with my aqua man yesterday and bumped into this site. a aquarius man, speaking for myself i would have to say being a freind to me and my lover plays a key role on if the relationship will be fruitful. i did give him many chances but it always turned out the same. find aquarium man very interesting, but my boyfriend that lives in portugal broke up with me and now i blocked him from facebook and he text me for my birthday saying i didn’the need to do that…. not sure how i will manage to get that across to him but i will try. but thru it all kept in reg contact wid the aqua man. my man told me he was here for my heart…you would have to pick me up off the floor haha. met an aquarius guy at a close friends house, he is very energetic and intellectual type, when we first met and my friend introduced each other, i thought he was really cute. meet the man but you must discover the boy to really understand what you are dealing with and then, so hard to change it and do you really want to and is it your job to fix and can you even do that? ie… when your man rings you, do you always answer the call? none of this, can you fake and come out having a true lasting relationship with this man..Anyway, i am a taurus with leo sun and a very strong woman. no…i am an aqua……will i open up like this again with another man? nywys i dint say too many angry words and agreed to shift the meeting for next day as requested by him. met “the man” online or rather he sought me out. don’t and couldn’t hate my aqua, he is a special man. sound to be doing really well with your man and at least he keeps you in the loop about what is happening. is that if the man feels meeting me is not a priority then there is really nothing much i can do. got to a stage with mine i had so many negative feelings, and i don’t know…. wouldn’t class myself as a needy or clingy person, but if i made it to relationship stage with this man i definitely would at least like him to answer my text if i was asking how his day was etc. so many doubts, just do not wish to continue to care if it nothing is coming back. maybe many of us here are taking too much crap and blaming issues on star signs? after sex he was like stop freaking out i like you i’m not a womanizer and you will hear from me tomorrow just because we had sex it doesn’t change the way i feel about you etc. totally totally agree, the way to this man’s heart is not through his emotional channel, did one of those outbursts once and just got a blank face from him, like he was helpless and i was mad :):) never did it again. i really think u jump the gun many times which really doesnt help u in the long run. the months that you have known him, how many times have you seen him? its little snippets of aquarius traits, so many i can identify in my ex its freaky, take a look its a bit of fun. he was the first man to ever open a car door for me! probe and ask to many questions especially questions of the heart and watch them run for the hills and then keep you at arms length! but in the bargain what happens is though its gud there are many times when i may be airing geniune greivances which he takes it as just me ranting again and doesnt bother to address. but tell me, if the aquarius guy came back to you with undying love, how would you respond a. i guess, there are some unique attributes which are there for aqua woman but in general, aquarians would be same! when you said your man can still be like that with you after two and half years it makes me question whether i want anything more with this man, not sure if i like the sound of hard work. they like it this way, free to come and no, no demands…well it is another way of loving, i suppose and strangely enough, the two of us are quite similar in that way because i don’t do clingy either but what is really odd for me is to experience that from somebody else. great innovator that he is, the aquarius man is attracted to the highly advanced, whether in case of ideas, knowledge or technology. he has cried wolf toooo many times in the past for me to jump at this latest turn in events. i thnk what he dreads most is committment and more than that, is geting attached to a woman who is clingy or needy who threatens his personal space and movement..‘aquarius men for the most part are compulsive, habitual liars. aman was trying to do i feel is give us pointers so that we understand aqua men betr. romance to an aquarian guy is more about companionship and compatibility – especially intellectual. am i right, a kind of naivete as regards to how to treat a woman. beyonder, i do hope you had a great birthday spent with your aquaman. an aquarius man believes in keeping an emotional distance in his relationships, he is also likely to have a lively circle of friends and acquaintances. man cam back after such a long time, for a reason…. dating an aquarius man - when you fall in love with an aquarian guy. we love learning things and like to have a huge repertoire at our command. even i’m dating an aqua man for 5 yrs now and still i don’t have any f***ing idea what does he want! a woman too much space and you open doors to other things. don’t ever think you could make him jealous by flirting with other man, he will just leave instead of making a scene because he is a confident man and has to be the first in everything. 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aquarius man doesnot like to be followed too frequently over any thing. deleted the contact number of the aquarius man i dated in the past 4 months (no, actually 3 months, we couldn’t make for a meeting for the 4th one). i personally may have sex with a woman, but if she can't satisfy my intellectual needs that's all it is, sex. managed to speak to him twice by phone, he told me his kidneys had packed in and now he has to have dialysis 3 times a week, he was in a mood the second time i rang him and was on about discharging himself, i didn’t argue back with him! but he assured me that beneath all these trappings he is just an ordinary lonely man in search of love and a true friend with whom he cld share his success and travel and see the world. it makes a nice change for a man to be texting me, asking me out and doing all the work. either i believe hes the former or the latter man. are a brilliant/strong woman and you don’t need that guy(take my own advice right)? no man wold come walk to see his gf/lady if he didn’t love her. i felt close to falling in love, well as much as i could with a man i had met just once. going to manchester next week where i have lived and worked for many years, so have a lot of friends there. they can s…w your life up to the point of making loose yourself forever… i split up from my aqua man nearly a year ago and i’m still offering like crazy and paying the price of having given everything i had and even helped this man to stay alive for a kick in the teeth in return. the fact that we have not been in contact for days or weeks does not make me obsessive, insecure, does not make me cry because i know they hold me dear and i am thinking of them, even through no contact, there are no demands and no undue expectations.! thats not really an excuse bec in todays world there r so many other way to connect if a persn wants to. sad thing is i don’t think there is a woman on the planet that would deal with the way they are…long term. but i was adamant that i will not give in this time. now know he has given me a thot bec he got in tch after so many days but thats not enough! my friends think i am mad to have put up with this ludicrous man for so long, but it is called love and i do not think i have the right to judge any of their relationships. your man, don’t know quite what to make of that. so the best way to get the attention of your aquarius date would be to stand out from the crowd not so much in terms of dress and appearance but in your approach to life. if a man cant treat a woman with respect then thats that. have to thank you all for sorting out all the issue caused by the aqua man. my aqua man will say goodnight honey through text late at night after i have not called or text him all day . marriage is sacred to me and i would never ever knowingly be involved with a married man. he has to know that yes i enjoy my space and do not want a man who is clingy what so ever……. leave out the aquarius sign for a minute, enjoy yourself, and consider that despite the star sign, disappearing acts can be a form of control. thats when i realised that a man dsnt remember so many details abt incidents which took ages bac unless he felt some chemistry. however the best part about being in a relationship with an aquarius guy is a sense of larger purpose which he will bring to your life and the deep abiding fulfillment such a partnership will give you. hope you have a great weekend with your man, im so happy for you! mine had me completely blindsighted by his fake mr nice and polite guy for many years until i discovered by shear accident that he had been seeing prostitutes for years. do know now how to handle myself when it comes to an aquarius so i’m not falling head over heels or have any expectations. he can make a devoted caring partner but is unlikely to burn with the heat of an intense passion like a scorpio man. i am the philosophical one and can see many points of view. just when things started to gt back to nrmal well almost, he had too many work pressures so again we got put on a back burner. you know better if when you’ve met he’s been nothing but kind and gentlemanly no? an aquarius man - when you fall in love with an aquarian guy. i’m going for it, love him to pieces, not concerned about his past and i believe the aqua man does have to marry late in life, after he fulfils his need to see the world. said you loved this man, give him time…… reading this you both need to look after you first, if it is meant to be it will be. thngs r not going grt for many of us here ..we were talking something about super heroes and he told me im his super hero because every woman is super hero who can move a man by her actions. tell him you are and always have been a one man woman.. we have a son thats so awesome and will be 2 in january, also an aquarius born on the 24th. he is such a lovely man when we are together, things were so good before he did this vanishing act on me again. i manage to forget all abt him and then sudnly he comes to mind. paragraph on the page that i saw starts with: (in the fall of 2011 twenty-three year old caitlyn gregory is a promising junior placement strategist with a leading career placement firm in lower manhattan. except this time, i had done all my “aquaman” research and knew how to treat the situation. he threatened that he would tell my boss (i manage the apartment), said that if i was gone it would be better for everyone and that i couldn’t take care of anything by myself. man is a aquaruis and lm a sagittaruis and we been for a long time now. aquarius in this sort of situation use to bump into me by accident.

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a taurus man - when you fall in love with a taurean guy. mean time do your own thing, it will keep your mind busy if nothing else and if you meet a real man it will be his loss. he can be generous at times and loving but also has many friends that you must befriend yourself. and go scr** ur many women who flit in and out of ur life..i just feel that he is the definition of a real man. all is good here, i have a man who i know where i stand with. am with a 50 yr old aqua man, i am leo with aqua rising. he was the first man to ever open a car door for me!.instead of constantly focussing on a man who doesnt even care all that much, why dnt u focus on that? your man is taking things a bit far, he could at least let you know how he is doing…he must know you are worried about him and for him not to contact you in any way is totally out of order and down righ rude., knowledge, humanitarian, humble, eager to learn, have a love of self and love for others…no matter their issues or culture. if he is scared he should be a man and say so, like your man did. a man in this zodiac will less likely to have a pale skin, and if he has a scar, it would be on his face or on his head. in fact you may find many aquarians, keeping in touch with their friends even after they have been married, since this is important for the free and productive exchange of ideas which they thrive on. mi current boyfriend is an aquarius, and i often have him trying to keep up with me! and yes, a strong woman is manditory to survive with them. i think overall my aquarius experience as previously mentioned is that you need to be pateient and don’t expect the ‘norm’ from this sign. you had a good birthday minus being in the land of wandering aqua man! and not to ever even think of saying that again…he is a grown man not a child talking to his mother. yes he is v successful wid many houses, kennel full of high pedigreed dogs and many keepers to take care of them, a big garage full of high end luxury n vintage cars, constant travel and alwys first class and stays at the best of hotels. did read your last message and thought there is a girl still in love with a man in spite of what you said. looks smart and great conversations are no substitute for a warm loving heart and a man who will bend over backwards to show you how much he cares. is a very self serving…selfish side to this man…. i’m a leo woman and i just will not take that if he decides to be on his own so be it! in view of that i tell myslf to chill and let him revert knowing my nature its def a task to not be demanding. today  when i was sitting over my guest house manager’s desktop, i found some more informaion about aquarian man so thought will share with you all. being practical again you do have to ask “how’s that working for you” and it obviously isn’t so i will repeat that again it isn’t because you are not happy,So back to the drawing board and when i read it , without any feelings for this man, i thought it isn’t good enough! usually when i get that gut feeling another woman is involved, he tells me (in his words of course which i know is not the complete truth). he still has his moody spels but on the whole a much nicer man. lack of communication at this stage when i don’t have strong feelings for this man is one thing, but not sure i want to know what this feels like if i did have true feelings for him. so he has taken position of man of the house, so to speak. my wife is a leo woman (august 20), now we’re in the second years and have a wonderful son. a scorpio man - when you fall in love with a scorpion guy. he is a lovely man when we are together but then he seems to go off on one without bothering to tell me. a week went by without any contact it was becoming unbearable, the realization that i’d said goodbye to the man i loved filled me with sheer panic. all the things i want from my man, u cant give me any of that. did listen to the a sharpe videos you sent, oooooops, she has been stung by an aquarius man somewhere down the line. predictable, reliable, shows up on on time everytime, we’ll dressed, treats you like a doll but oh no, it is not good enough, we have to seek out the unavailable man. intimacy need not be a pressing requirement in a relationship for an aquarius guy. lozzie, when he said ‘if that is what you want’, i think it was just man pride and saving face. i come back here just to say that all is well and i have turned the page, as they say, and hope all is well for the tons of people who posted on the aman blog..and he wouldnt get up to see who it was (dah…a girl of course) this guy is 36 years old and acts like a 15 year old… i’ll never get involved with another aqua man. i feel close to my dad and i think and its my strong belief that if dad thinks my aqua is the man for me, he will get me back wid my aqua. infact the time before last when we chatted i told him he shld actually try and make things work with the woman he was having a fling with. for few it has worked and for many is hasnt. i’m like aquarius men are, but of course he claims he is not the “typical” aquarius guy..”the man” after being wiped out from the face of his earth without so much as a word, “the man” wants to meet me? anyways that was why i was mad but i do love this man so im happy to forget and just try do my best 2mro to see he has a good day. aqua to aqua has said that about her man too in the past.

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too am feeling stronger, it has taken me some time as i have 3 years invested into this silly man!’ on the flip side, the aquarius i was with was amazingly compasionate, made me feel like the luckiest women on the planet, and basically had all the traits you could ever want in a man. well last year i saw this very handsome man at the flea market i went to with a friend of mine and i asked if he had a gf. there, another poor woman not knowing where they stand with aqua man! and by the way, you are nothing like an aqua man. now i have never had to share a man with his children and all that, that involves so that is not easy either.…ann on all about aquarius man by lind…beyonder33 on all about aquarian man…. it really says something when people i don’t know are kinder than the “man i love”. feel if i were you and i loved this man i would give him another go. i realise now that i do indeed love this man truly and deeply. like a man who i can admire and look up to in every way…i am hard to please…. did see something that said a man has issues 3 to 4 months into a relationship…they “see” they are headed for a relationship and need to think about it…. nothing will put off an aquarian more easily than evidence of mean-mindedness or petty behavior in a fellow human and if that is you, then he might not be interested in the relationship at all.!Dear need aqua help, i have not been on this board for a while, so probably a good sign that i am moving on slowly… good news that your man has reached out, but boy, the next steps for you must be difficult for you to figure out. his intentions were probably well placed (probably) but as they say, if you are mature enough to enter a relationship then you should apply the same maturity when you decide to exit one and do it in a manly (or womanly) way. told him i don’t even want to be friends with an inconsiderate piece of crap like him, that he’s not a man and a few other choice words lol. to aqua has been great helping me with this man of mine but she seems to have gone missing. i have lost count how many times i have been all dressed up and i get a message last min saying he can’t come. help a capricorn woman understand what are the qualities of woman an aquarius man is looking for? aman, you said you read these……i am asking for help here………aqua to aqua……. this time also you see, i am being too impatient, “the man’s” work comes first. maybe you need to play the ol push-pull game… pushing will never work on a man… but if you pull away he might just follow. i just want to ask “the man” does he know the word “no” and will he please use it and say “no” ? really do have to have a strong woman who won’t put up with there rubbish, don’t they? man knew about it , when mr aqua asked me if he had hit on me, i was honest and said “yes” the guy had hit on me…. if i can manage nt to give in to stupidities when i feel so restless thn that means theres stl hope for me.”…then she smiled, hugged me and said, “you never veary…it is always the same with you, man, woman. keep in mind, he tells me everytime a woman is attraced to him…even goes into detail…i have just thought he was trying to see if i was jealous. did you try any of those things with your man. so i text him and told him i was disappointed etc and told him he was liar and not half the man he claimed to be becuz he wasnt man enough to tell me he wasnt coming & to never call me again. also have moments when i think with my head ( not many ) lol, i am better off the roller coaster, like you i have been through the distance thing so many too many times, it does drive you insane, and the feeling that’s its over more than its on. he said he had many bday msgs so was tired responding to them. dee, i used to post here many moons ago and i still get the alerts.!I didn’t realize how and “how many” times he has done this…. o my god i read one of the articles on that blog abt loving aquarius and i prob did so many thngs which she said u shld nt. give a man a fair chance but when he shows you who he is believe him. the only thing i can tell you is my man (5 years younger than me) did say something like that to me at the start. Today  when I was sitting over my guest house manager's desktop, I found some more informaion about Aquarian Man so thought will share with you all. Well I find this also quite…What aquarius men look for in a woman? it is hard to cope with some of the things they do but if he can step up and be a man would you forgive him?. #5 defination of aquarius: to know you is to love you……to love you is to truly know unconditional.?All i can say is that a relationship with this man can be lethal. your man needs a rocket up the butt for being so mean! i want a man to make plans with and know he won’t back out last moment. i am glad also that aquaman was there for you. i've only had one woman that has been able to do that, and that was on a camping trip for our friend's birthday. the only thing i have retained from those classes is the law of supply and demand. thing that could be an issue is there is an 8yr age diff, myself older. as soon as we’d hit it off i’d be like: please tell me you’re not aquarius lol.

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hes always telling me he cant wait to see me, and how beautiful i am, and the other day, he said “man they rly dont make ppl like you anymore” =)) i was soo surprised ! trying the relationship with my aquarian man for two months and a half i ended up breaking it off and we both parted on good terms. i never said anything to diss or insult this man before this conversation yet he’s making me feel like he needs to forget about me. i am going to try, try, to wash that man right out of my hair. and infidelity| age gap dating| breaking up| commitment| dating tips and advice| divorce and separation| ecards| flirting| gifts and flowers| interracial dating| long distance relationships| love advice| love quizzes| marriage| relationship issues| romance| single parent dating| specialized dating| speed dating| teen dating| travel| valentine day| wealthy dating| weddings| widow and widower dating| workplace dating. so if you do not find your aquarius date ringing you up twelve times a day and crashing your inbox with insistent mails, take heart. i understand he values his mom’s opinion(s) but, he’s a grown ass man! am glad you have such good friends keep them close, and i wish you well in finding a good, kind and loving man who will cherish you and your darling children. i supose thats the way it has been for many women who have posted comments here. totally feel for you but you will figure it out and it will be his loss, sad, sad man who takes love so freely and everything for granted. you are in a bad time right now and you need hugs and the ability to share your grief with the man you love…. that a lot woman can’t even deal with out hearing from a guy for a day, forget about a few days. i knew you weren’t as aqua as your man is being. a person older than himself…not wanting more/or any kids is not what he is looking for in the long run…. an aquarius woman - when you fall in love with an aquarian girl. realized that i’m a good woman and that he wants to keep me in his life. when a man wants children, he will stay in or around his own age group or younger..i told him i thought he was needing space…he said yes he was…i then said…all he has to do is say it by email or whatever…to just stop the phone calls (which are many everyday every night) is not right and i am over that part of him. he has been married and divorced twice (also had many gf in between) as i have only been married once and still am..i just want to say u r very strong g woman and its almost 2 yrs after and i hope everything is going good with you.? i know you say aqua man doesn’t mince his words. you’re still involved with an aquarius in any way(or not), and anyone who is frustrated with their lack of communication. and i alway told him hw u manage to get women when u offer them so little, is a mystery. i am a strong woman in everything i do apart from what i have put up with from this man. if you followed the posts, i had an aquarian man just disappear on me an there followed months of introspection which i shared with you. a pisces man - when you fall in love with a piscean guy. if u bring up the same topic to discuss he will just switch off mentally bec hes heard u say the same thng so many times. they should list cheating and compulsive lying under the aquarius personality profile as i have yet to meet one who doesn’t and it appears from other posts not too many other people have either…’. years ago, i had being seeing this man that i was quite into, living around 50 miles from me but our meet ups were always at my place and that disturbed me a little because i was not getting to see where he lived, his friends his family, i mean his inner circle.. im older than him by 6 years and also a gemini. and hes such a charming man when u meet him in person. i messaged him on facebook and he didn’t seemed to actually care i don’t have many pictures of myself and he has more than 2000 friends so im guessing he doesnt recognize me… anyway, i didn’t said i was the girl from that night but, i don’t understand why he didn’t txt me back if he seemed to like me, now i don’t even now…. also goes for a breakup as well, you should command answers when things start to go wrong, how else can you 1) try to resolve any issues or 2) get closure. i have taken the time to read all the posts and they seem to point to the same thing that in order to adapt to this man, you have to somehow adapt to them and stuff your own feelings down and wait for them to come around, in every sense, which is hard, and take them as they come and follow their agenda which is fine if you are doormattish, to coin a new word, and then wait and wait as they steer the relationship in their own direction. i tried to ask my man but he had no answer for me so i had to let the question drop..First off, let me fill you in on a little background info: i am a libra woman. my man is being a pain, i now tell him “oh your being the little girl that had a little curl” are you haha. sound a very strong woman, please don’t let him pull you down. am been seeing this aqua man for almost 5 years and this zodiac drive me insane! #2 an aquarius can/will talk alot, yet say nothing, at that moment you feel we have told you everything, but we have not told you much at all.’m not sure aman would like us to keep posting on here when we are not needing aqua advice., i don’t know if i would get any reply back but i am falling in love with an aquarius man and i would like some help to win his heart plelase? as i love the place the people and their humour many a memorable night i have spent in the highlands! i will manage and i will at that time and only at that time, be off the roller coaster. - characteristics and profile of the aquarius man, woman, child and baby. don’t know why but for some reason yesterday i decided to look up youtube vid’s about none other than aquarius and i was almost shocked to read comments from aqua guys themselves saying how: they get bored easily and they like to play games that as soon as they get a woman/girl hooked they stay away bc they like to watch or observe her feeling like she’s not worthy. but yes, i must admit, if you go by the stars, then he was a sterotype aquarius. she had cheated and moved out and left him with his older kids, but then it didn’t work out so he allowed her to move back in since she didn’t have anywhere else to go. so in engaging the attentions of your aquarius guy, you may find yourself competing with his large social circle who may be equally attracted by your man’s brilliant mind.