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if i was in a great relationship with a non-famous guy, i can honestly say there’s no reason for him to be intimidated by  celeb guys. i realize that finding a great relationship isn’t about my own status or accomplishments, or the other person’s, and i am more than willing to date a “regular” guy who values me! personally i find anyone attracted to that is not likely to be a good candidate (will stereotype you and could have an agenda) but you could conceivably score an invite to something via the groups feature. truly love all that i have learned from the many female commenters on this site, it is good to see that what i have experienced in the past is not all women, so i must not become the type of person who says all women…. you essentially have a bible of the personal and romantic escapades of famous people with just one click. while a professional entertainer may have her own consideration (and i can’t imagine how dating online can be good for image), personally i grappled after my divorce with the outpour of advances from former and current colleagues and clients.  i want to see the person in “real life” photos.'s sometimes weird to think about knowing someone that has become so famous, but it's kind of normal now, ya know? meant to add that the sex was fantastic, so the whole relationship was well-rounded in that regard, but it was a disastrous clash of two red-headed personalities.

Dating a semi famous person

it wasn't like dating a famous person because she wasn't yet. i googled her, and she is actually really big in the media world, but as evan said, only for those who know her, if you haven’t seen anything she was in, then she would be just another pretty face-her name is actually more famous than her face is in my opinion. however, famous guys talk to every girl, in every bar, every night, so i thought nothing of it. < br />this article:Navigating the courtship process with someone famous is nothing like the movie “win a date with tad hamilton. after a recent dud, involving the son of a very famous actor, i have been reading your blog thoroughly and i want to commit to putting your words of wisdom into practice. you did to become famous – take a fraction of that effort to create love, and you will find love. more comments (1 reply)load more comments (8 replies)[–]chicagojosh 2004 points2005 points2006 points 2 years ago (56 children)the definitions of "dated," and "famous," have no meaning here., we met in person after going the route that eharmony makes you go through: a series of introductory first steps, including first answering multiple-choice questions, then answering pre-determined questions with your own answers, then emails, then the in-person meeting. goldload more comments (27 replies)load more comments (4 replies)load more comments (2 replies)load more comments (20 replies)[–]pm_me_ur_panty_color 1165 points1166 points1167 points 2 years ago* (87 children)i met a girl that dated the lead singer for modest mouse when they were still a college band (though still regionally famous).

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)submitted 2 years ago * by [deleted]edit - am i famous now that this is front page. the interested anonymous person has seen my profile including pic and other info and they are choosing to be phantoms.) but you know that someone with this type of personality and compatibility (the 4) comes around probably once or twice in a lifetime. but, as stated, removing them does increase messages overall for me, personally (a way i’ve learned to combat the 82% bias in online dating against black women) and improve the content of the messages (no more gross, nasty messages from dirty men).  for me personally, i’m not sure a 4 level would be high enough. and he was nervous as hell, which surprised me because i assumed famous people didn’t get nervous. instead of swiping through photos, you read people’s answers to questions and get to know their personality first. goldload more comments (5 replies)load more comments (27 replies)[–]_boo_radley_ 661 points662 points663 points 2 years ago (22 children)til famous people don't date redditors. the courtship process with someone famous is nothing like the movie "Win A Date With Tad Hamilton.

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, in the off chance that they are more attractive in person than they are in photos (if/when they’re unblurred), it might be worth one meeting if they seem fantastic otherwise.’m currently in a similar situation (no i’m not a celebrity), last week i was introduced to, and had the chance to hangout with, flirted back and forth with, exchange numbers with, and even got a date request yes from; a woman, who it turned out was a pretty famous up and coming celebrity. isn’t messaging a person without a photo, just like messaging a person with “only” a photo and nothing written in their profile? no shade, he was, though a very engaging and attractive man by personality) i didn’t fit his ideal of what suited him physically. again, something i thought famous people weren’t allowed to do because it kills their game. you did to become famous – take a fraction of that effort to create love, and you will find love. i’ve worked with a few semi-famous folks who were convinced they were big time, but, in fact, were able to date online in almost-perfect anonymity..hung out with billy bob thornton (who is so down to earth and personable) zz top, ted nugent, keith urban (one of my favorite musicians so talented). of the ones i received and even when i reached out, many guys thought it was a scam because i got responses constantly such as, ‘i dont want to give you my personal email so you can send me anything because it’s fishy you dont have a picture’ (something roughly along those lines) or there would be no response at all.

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  if you’re a celebrity, groupies might seek out a famous female or famous man to hook up with. wife of six years, cynthia, was famously stomping on a stairmaster in a florida gym when the then-seattle mariner first set eyes on her. it’s not fair to the person you’re dating and also not to yourself., then if you still have zero attraction in person, even with a mind blowing profile and personality–i say move on at that point!, or seeking, any identifying personal information, real or fake, will result in a ban without a prior warning. as we know, famous people’s entire lives are plastered all over the internet. “as in the dictionary definition of dating, because one way or another i’ve impacted that person’s life and they’ll soon realize it.“you’re no longer a normal person,” judd, now a choreographer, told us weekly in 2014, describing the hell of celebrity marriage.  i’m a redhead myself and from personal experience our personalities and temperaments have always collided.

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do i hit home runs in person yet strike out online? the record, i’m of irish descent, he german – both are very strong personalities. personally, since i dont care if he’s wealthy (which honestly, i think that’s why many women join high end dating sites) and just wanted someone (i am dating someone now so this is in the recent past) kind, attractive, local, etc. you pay them the large fee, they introduce you and if you don’t find the person attractive or have much in common with them, than oh well, they held up their end of the deal by providing you with the quota of dates they said they would… no refund! and he’s famous, why would he want to settle for un-famous me? he had already travelled through europe at that point and was famous there, but not yet in north america. trust me: you will create your own personal hell, in which you will waste approximately two hours per day filling your mind with information that is potentially not even true. - Am I famous now that this is front page. as someone who used to be somewhat involved in the music industry, though, i definitely feel that if i were a celeb i would not want to date anyone in hollywood or sports (and don’t want to now as a regular person, but i have more options as a regular person).

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the problem is, some of us have been attracted somewhat to a good person, but not sure if it’s enough of an attraction to last a ‘lifetime’…. before that, the actor famously dated high school musical costar vanessa hudgens from 2006 to 2010. goldload more comments (5 replies)load more comments (10 replies)load more comments (11 replies)[–]sentient_handbag 58 points59 points60 points 2 years ago (6 children)i dated brian warner (aka marilyn manson) before he was famous.  with zero attraction, a person you like (but don’t want to sleep with) is just a friend!, and while i don’t personally think a professional photo would convey need or desperation, “action” photos would be more appealing to me.: now that i've read the infamous ama, it rings a few bells., “personally i grappled after my divorce with the outpour of advances from former and current colleagues and clients.  personally, i think it’s a waste unless you are somewhat of a celebrity and do not want your face out there.  this guy, though, had so much personality and he was loads of fun, which was a pleasant surprise, but the relationship was tumultuous at best.

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< br />this article:Dating don’ts: 4 things you shouldn’t do if you find yourself dating a celebrity. want to keep your personal life private, and i respect that. with all the stories you hear of celebrities cheating, or being invited to parties surrounded by other famous and gorgeous people (the type of men that thousands of women fantasy about), i can not say that i would not feel intimidated, not jealous, just intimidated.’m starting to see more and more why evan has to constantly remind us not to look at our own person successes and look at trends as a whole when deciding what actions to take with dating. because in that photo the viewer would already get a sense of what that person’s interests or personality might be, plus people look more natural in their play environments. during a linkin park tour, he started heavily drinking but claimed to have quit in 2011 noting "i just don't want to be that person anymore". mean, this is a privilege that un-famous dudes generally don’t have the option to take advantage of.  he was a good person, just a poor relationship partner., i will not lie and say that (as zoe described) if that person was unattractive it would kill it for me.

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who have dated a "famous person", what was it like?  but i still think that most high quality men with options wont even bother to follow up because men are super visual and as soon as they see her profile with no picture, would probably not bother to go through the process of sending her their personal email addresses offline on the chance she will send a picture. he’ll respond, he’ll ask for a photo, you’ll send it to him via gmail, screen him by phone, and meet in person. gave into temptation and found out everything there is to know about clarence and his romantic/personal history. guarantees, no refunds, no personal control over who you are introduced to, but maybe like you said, the really high end ones could be different. she has dated raising actors like herself, but no one really famous, or their childen like you. am assuming that you mean his looks not his personality, because you said you would not have dated him if you would have seen his picture, but doesn’t the same thing happen with people who have pictures?  it’s not an appearance thing, it’s a personality thing, and i’ve never had good luck with redheaded men (dated a few “back in the day” as well). far as the minor celebrity girl i am currently courting, i personally think that if i would have known that she was so well known in certain circles and the media, i probably wouldn’t have had the courage to ask her out; because like you she can easily date very attractive hollywood hunks, i have seen pictures of her hanging out with many famous a-list actors and singers.