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married man feels like to meet the most beautiful, perfect man for you. i was resentful at happy families too, or i look at every married guy like a cheater, i am thinking “he is cheating for sure”. i know many are scared that they won’t connect with someone like they did their married men, and even i have that fear sometimes, but i have faith and believe it will happen. i wish i could tell every woman that is doing this to stop. with all the technology out there, i am in my 50s, and can’t call the man who i write to everyday, and am in love with? years with a man i had known from work and became extremely good friends with, for the first 10 years previous to our relationship beginning. i just ended a 4 year relationship with my best friend and love, we are both married to other people. its been 2 days i sent my married man the breakup mail & i was feeling so relaxed & free that day, he replied saying u have gone mad n u cant stop me from loving you.’m astonished reading your stories about having an affair with a married man. my married man is also trying for a baby, so i can understand how that feels. do have respect for my married man in the fact that he did not play mind game with me. what started out as innocent flirting turned out to be a “love story” i have no doubt in my mind that this man truly cares for me i mean after all i am the mother of his child. before i told my married man no contact he told me he want to talk to me about his work and something that happened i am so tempted to text him and ask him about it, but we have to be strong it is very very hard! on one hand, i want to let go, to forget my married man, to just sweep away all the memories, but on the other hand, im also afraid to let it go. his new wife didn’t even live with him after they were married, she only came home on weekends. it’s been over seven weeks now since i last spoke to my married man that’s almost two months! the comments below about breaking up with a married man. whatever this married man says, it’s at best an illusion and at worse, blatant lies. i know that feeling all too well, as i went back to my married man twice. i put my foot down and said hats it i’m telling her -you’re my man. he’s capable of manipulating me in the best possible way and every single time i fall for his manipulation. to be perfectly clear, having an affair with a married man is an easy way to ruin multiple lives, including your own. just confused, i dont know if he needs time to think or if its another woman. have been involved with a married man for almost 12 years. other nanny turned in the treacherous trick, and stefani fired mann and divorced rossdale.…i had totally forgotten how really feeling like a princess felt – this was it, a man all to myself. he always treated me well, totall gentle man but as time passed. of course i thought it was different, like many, but at least now i feel less alone. you have to be realistic bc expecting a married man to stop having sex with his wife is impossible. he is a great father and a very caring man – i got to give him that. he broke up with me so many times, one time he said i’m a flirt, another i’m lying to him about not sleeping with my husband (i was), he doesn’t trust me…. recently i’ve had some very honest conversations with my friends about dating married men, and i’ve realized that affairs are more common than i realize. i went through a rocky divorce and he was ‘there’ as a friend, but i never crossed the line, neither did i let him do that, because he was married. i am dating a married man and when i am asked if i am seeing anyone, i say no, he gets angry. anyway, 2 months ago he lost his job as many did where i worked. stay strong, surround your self with good people and don’t give up and don’t go back, i have gone back so many times, and then you have to start all over again. you need to see yourself like the strong woman you are, you have a nice job, people listen to you, try to see who you are for others. as much as they say they love you, no man who truly loved a woman would put her through hell like this. my husband is 10 times the man he’ll ever be and i’m just the idiot that that has took my husband for granted the past two years. i know it’s hard for some to believe their married man is the one, but that’ll change with time. anyone know how i can break away from this relationship with a married man as nicely as possible but he can still be part of my life because of work?.Although today’s more progressive society has removed many social stigmas, that of adultery still remains on many levels. am currently involve with a married man for a year now. how many of these married men do you think have done that? i’ve met my married man, my soulmate, the love of my life more than four years ago. you are not a masochist, you are a human being and a woman at that. trust me its hurts, i feel like my world is going to end. i am married with three young kids and have been seeing amarried man on and off for 5 years.’ve heard the i don’t want to leave my child so many times, i ended my 14 year relationship with my children’s father i was so unhappy. you find strength and courage to stop dating this married man. god will never open the door for you for what you truly deserve until you close the door with the married man. that married men may really be lonely, they may be decent people but the breakup is always messy and cruel and very damaging to us. nobody knows the extent of our relationship he and i have said it many times that outside people who know just don’t understand don’t understand how we feel about one another. yes he is the most incredible man i have ever met, but, he also isn’t the most honest either so that kind of cancels the good bit out! unless there is a very specific, time-limited situation that needs to be resolved before his divorce, he may choose to remain married indefinitely. story goes like this i live in europe and i met a man in my church , before we started our relationship i asked him are you married he said no. is utter rubbish and now i realise, a free man can be loved from head to toe inside out 24/7 so much more than the attached men! you need to look at taking care of yourself and your child with this man. i’m waiting until i feel the time is right to tell them what i’ve been doing… or perhaps one day one of these men will catch me with the other man and the problem will sort itself out. i don’t know why i married him my heart has been elsewhere all this time. well after 3 plus years of having this man be apart of my life, i decided enough is enough and walked away. you have eyes for a married guy, you’re probably sitting here looking for every excuse under the sun to rationalize what you’re thinking of doing. i do believe there is truth to what your married man and my married man have told us, i also think we need to remember that they have not honored their commitment of “for better or for worse”. i don’t speak to my married man and neither did he. accidentally found site and the comments on how to end a relationship with a married man. you would be surprised how manipulative and persuading some men can be. i need to break up with my married man but cant bring myself to do it. have been seeing my married man for about a year now. it takes all of us a ridiculous amount of time to really understand the games of being with a married man. but once, i used another account to look for his facebook updates and what i saw was his posts of their honeymoon trip to maldives with the hashtag #anywherewithwifeisbest, and another post that said “being with the one you love is the best thing in this world” – i broke down completely, who i am to this man? i have been seeing a married man for 9 months and no one knows. these married men will continue to suffer in their marriages and even if they divorce, trust will always be an issue with them. been in an affair with a married man for 2 and half years. even if my married man was single, there are probably some items on the “bad” list that would keep you from being truly happy together, but you still can’t get over him. the absolute turn about that a married man can affect, focussing totally on his family and leaving you wondering whether you ever even existed, is staggering. what hooked me hard one time was seeing my married man cry because he said he couldn’t leave wife and family and wanted to provide for me as the love of his life, but couldn’t as he felt bad abandoning innocent people. a man with child characteristics will never have what it takes to move mountains for anyone. am currently dating a married man and i need to cut off all tires with him after reading all these mails it so true the only way is to block him so you have no tires at all with him his promises i cannot deal with any more i deserve so much more than this really i do thanks for all the emails on this website made me decide its not worth waiting.’d like to thank all of you for giving me strength to continue to stick to my guns and let my married man go! today the married man msgd me saying he wants to meet but i gave him a cold shoulder n i dnt wana meet him. it quickly became clear we were going to have an affair — texting all the time, sexual innuendos, going away together… i knew he was married – 30 years – and had a daughter. he confessed – told me he was supposed to meet another woman but that it was cancelled. i have been noticing all of his lies, his manipulations and his disappearing acts on weekends, holidays and leave. was already jaded about married men on site because i met a guy i went on a date on and the next day, he refused to give me his last name. decided to make this comment because i’ve read so many posts about “the wife” being the problem (obstacle, barrier, etc. you want to know how to stop dating a married man, try telling yourself that he doesn’t love you the way he loves his wife — even if he tells you he doesn’t love his wife! i’ve read tons of articles about cheating married men and fact is they will always choose to stay in a comfortable situation, even if it’s not what they want, because it’s easier. 15 years ago we were both unmarried, my then boyfriend kinda not really now husband was a heavy drinker. if the relationship is not healthy and he is a womanizer, abuser, or just an overall "cheat", get out as quickly as you can. it is so hard and painful to let go of the man i still believe to be my soulmate and the love of my life. we all want to be with our married men for one more time😔. i was vulnerable because i had not gotten over my divorce and jumped straight into this toxic relationship with my married man. not every person is a good human being and there are lots of nasty people out in this world, who are just nasty and not necessarily have a personality disorder. have broke up and got back together so many times, i cannot even keep count, but now i see how others are treated and then dumped and i do not want to waste my time anymore. looking back, i see that my married man and i reconnected only a year after my marriage ended 2 years ago. it is not that difficult to sweep a woman off her feet, men are smart and know that very well. when it comes to affairs with married men, this is the oldest piece of advice in the book. long story short……he’s had a child, i was forced to abort mine cause he said he didn’t want anymore, he got married, my marriage is still rocky and i’m stuck lonely sad depressed and wanting to be loved.’s been 3 days since i’ve talked to my married man. i know i will never get involved with a married man again and i know what i deserve now. that i’m not enough i feel so stupid… he tells me the only reason he’s doing it is because he wants a sibling for his son his son will always come first because he will not loose him he’s not doing it for his wife but i’m not studip and i’ve said this to his face i don’t believe that bs reason, any way back to the advise i’m just trying to figure out how will i survived doing no contacts but having to see him at work everyday also people at work kind of know about us and i’m worried about them laughing at me typical stupid woman gets used, he gets to walk around being the big boss the one that gets what he wants and i’m the stupid laughable woman that put myself in this situation. be aware though, all of our situations are different and sometimes the married man will come begging you back (hoovering) immediately or like in most cases, they give you the silent treatment for however long they feel like it. am has wasted the most important years of my life, i can never forgive him, my chances of having children are running low at 38 yrs old and i could have spent the past 3 years dating to find the right partner rather than him manipulating me. is not an excuse for them and no woman should stay in a relationship like this. isn’t it astounding how this scenario has so many common features, behaviours, and patterns throughout most if not all of the mm relationships ? i still miss my married man too much, i think about him almost all day, it makes me tired and stuck. is the note i sent to my married man when breaking up. my married man hid the fact that he was married when we met.’m just wanting some advise on how you handle working with your married man still… mine is my boss and we have been together for 15 months he is so very manipulative i’m not aloud to wear certain things not aloud to talk to other males he makes me feel if i do that kind of stuff i am the wrong kind of person and his love for me fades when he sees it so i try hard to do everything right…i am also married for 4 years with a young daughter i don’t know how i got myself into this situation but i know i have to stop it now as my mm has told me he and his wife are going to try for another baby and it devastates me a free everything he says to me how much he loves me and if he could he would marry me right now if he could but he will never leave because of his son, i have said we are stopping this when he sayers trying for another baby with his wife i will not put myself through that i have to draw the line somewhere or i will have no self respect, it hurts that when i gave him this ultimatum he either doesn’t try for another baby and keep me or loose me and try for another baby, he has chosen the latter and it kills me!.It took me 6 years to realize i evolved my life around a married man who did and still does love but couldn’t give me a healthy relationship. my married man, he is married to the one he loves, spending time with her, having a baby with her, building a life with her, everything is smooth. know what true love is, and you also know that if the married man really loved you…he’d be with you every night. experience after being in a relationship with a married for 6 years left me more lonely. i don’t like the fact they are still married and i feel he still my be involved with her. he still denies it today that they live as man and wife but when i ask to see the divorce papers that were signed a few months ago he refuses and he refuses for me to meet his son. i’m so grateful for the time we got, and that we were able to have our own world where his being married almost didn’t matter. it feels like death how this man is hurting me. i’m now on my first full day of zero contact with my married mam. recently ended things with my married man of 5 yrs, as well. i worked out of town and went home to find my husband had another woman living in my house. i wish more people would read the narcissist website i posted so many times, but i also understand that everyone has to learn in their own way, my prayers are with you, asking for strength, light and guidance as you find your way out of the mess that he dragged you into.’ve been visiting this site almost every day while i was in a relationship with my married man. as someone who is/also dated a married man with 2 kids i can totally relate. a married man is used to a woman being submissive and that's why he's with his wife. men are human lol, they can and probably do have feelings for us but remember: more than likely there was someone before you and will be after you. going no contact is a great idea but we all handle things differently, so for me throwing breadcrumbs and hearing back, even 2 words once a day is helping me whilst i get my head straight(well, as straight as possible…i’m in utter shock at the moment it’s come to this and i realise he is a manipulative liar). in looking back, i understood that the two relationships prior to first meeting my married man in my twenties, both partners had betrayed me in our ‘committed’ relationships. once you have the baby, the grip this man has on your psyche will lessen.’s like when you’ve played a game too many times and you lose interest, completely.’s impossible to have a healthy relationship with a married man. married man will go thru times sometimes a day or three without contact. years but i already felt like i’ve known my married man for years. in those 4 months, i was doing counseling with my husband, when he decided he didnt want to go to counseling anymore and got verbally and emotionally abusive, i ran back to this man. too deserve a happy and fulfilling life, with someone that is there 24/7 and who doesn’t sleep next to another woman plus lies, manipulates and makes you feel sad…. let him f**k his wife or any woman for that matter. these men lie and manipulate and by the time you realise, you’re in love with low self esteem as a result of competing with his wife. i’m going through the breakup process with this married man again because enough is enough. you again for writing this article about breaking up with a married man, and ty to everyone that wrote in and shared their story 🙂. but it was with a married man which means there isn’t a person in my life that i’ve been able to talk it through with, and i’m still going through absolute hell. as a result, mistresses are often devastated when a married man leaves his wife — but ends up needing “me time” in the wake of a divorce. my mm basically doesnt want to do this anymore bc we are both married. how could a man live in a world with no love, or intimacy? have been seeing my married man for three years now. swear we’re all dating the same married man…they give us all the love and affection in the beginning…but later on they start to treat us like crap…why is that? these are cowards , if they truly don’t or can’t leave their wives get a prostitute and quite ruining good decent emotional woman’s lives. but i’m not carrying on being a secret, i deserve a man who can love me 100% of the time, as we all do. can relate to your story on so many levels, it’s like all these married men give us the same lines and we still continue to be suckers for them. i dont know what i would do if married man contacted me we are also 7 days nc. i cannot get over the disbelief of how much a man can change, how he can just cut you dead and go on with his life, and you start questioning all the things that you ever shared together. have been involved with a married man for almost 12 years. i can’t believe that this is the man who used to put his nose close to mine so that he could breath the same air that i was breathing. it hurts to think that, but what else can one think? trying for the umpteenth time to break off a relationship of over 10 years with a married man.. i have been married for 16 years and i met this guy at work who was also married for i think 3 years back then with one child. he’s been married 11 out of 16 and me 14 out of 16.’m with a married man for more than a year now and he has been marrie for a year and a half. i have moved behind the initial phases of recovery, in the sense that i am not in blinding grief, i am living my life, and i have lost the urge to call or message my married man. married guy i chose to get myself involved with was an old high school friend. i have my ex-married man blocked, but sometimes unblock him so to see if he has is last online status shown. but thats not enough we need to be the one and only woman in a relationship with a man. i’ve been a psychotic mess over my married man. so both these married men want 2 women in their lives. nobody knows he’s married they just know i have a “boo” i think i’ve falling in love with him and i don’t know what to do . there are so many things this man gave to me that i absolutely want in a relationship and i know i deserve, but because of that, i also know now that i will never settle for less than being someone’s number one! i am usually confident, and since i met him, i feel so unworthy that i am losing all my confidence and becoming needy, demanding, someone i never was. my married man did the exact thing to me in the end. we broken up so many times and got back together but now its really over. relationships with married men are so painful, even if it starts off seemingly innocuous and fun and both parties “agree to the terms. but i just know i can stop contacting him and that’s i’m on the right track, although it hurts like hell.. these are not the actions of a man that cares, he holds on for someone to lean on, but at this very moment he is happily at home with his daughters and partners, and will never ever admit it. we’re both married and i find it’s harder to break up with him coz we’ve been living together for 3 years now abroad. broke down and cried once today, but every time i go to do it again i have to keep reminding myself of how many lies i have told over the years. when we are together for a few minutes here and there the way he makes me feel is indescribable but the heartache and loneliness when we aren’t together hurts more than the good times. my ex-married man came across as confident, comfortable in his skin, charismatic, and made me feel like i was the only person in the room. my parents wont accept me n this man wont leave his family for me, this he made clear from day 1! he wanted to leave her at this time i sat him down and said no way can you do that, she needs you to be the man she think you are and you need to be able to look in the mirror at the end of each day. Here's how to break up with a married man and heal your broken heart, plus encouragement from a woman who broke up with an unavailable husband that she was cheating with. see we affair partners make waves, we want changes, we make demands and have expectations., please if your in a relationship with a married reconsider and leave the relationship nothing good will come out of it. he tells me he is not happy at home and the only reason why he is staying married is because of his kids. maybe he is and maybe he isn’t, these married men don’t really let on how they feel about you. they’d rather keep on manipulating and circumventing the situation that’s working for them. and he had been married for a long time now n it lacked spice n spark. we are all probs pretty lucky we’re not trapped with a self-centered sociopath who only cares about himself and manipulates others. i originally posted a couple months back when i was feeling sad and lonely due to a change in my married man’s behavior. how do i leave the man that i am so in love with. aren’t proud of dating a married man, and you know it’s destroying your spirit and soul. understand your pain i too was in a similar relationship and have a child with this person, it really really hurts some days u just cry and feel like there’s no future, but one day you’ll wake up and realize your focus is your child and have to live for him r her not the mm anymore, u can do it. it’s been over a month since my married man decided to cut contacts with me. i broke up with my married man for 2 months now. 17 years same man and we have a child together as well that nobody knows as i am married now too. it will be extremely overwhelming at first, but it will give you answers to questions you may find yourself asking, if you choose to stay with your married man. i think we have low self esteem, and we have to build each other up, as women, so that we can find strength in one another and not another man. we are not dirty secrets, we are woman who deserve to be cherished and loved, dont ever settle for less than that. i discovered they were married shortly after he became my boss.

I'm the Cheater: I Fell in Love With Your Husband, and it Hurt

i went to all the performances and he never hid me from anyone. ive been there and we tried many times to break up but didnt work until his wife found out about us the 2nd time. this man has made me cut all contact with my husband( my husband left me, but soon after realized all his mistakes and was trying evergthing to come back to me), he made me put my life on hold for him, has kept me bound indoors…. this man is not worth my time and yet here i am missing and wanting him. its been 34 days since i ended a 2 year relationship with my married man. basically, it was fun, he was romantic and he took me out of my day to day. the silent treatment on emails a trick of narcissistic married man?. i wudnt wish bad for him or his wife, but i really really want her to either die or leave him for another man. you hate yourself for sleeping with another woman’s husband, and you also tell yourself that you can’t break up with this married man because you love him. still try to move on but if i only knew why my married man dumped me, maybe help me to stop thinking about him. am also married my marriage has been unhappy for the last two years and i know that’s not an excuse. hg tudor also has many, many books (on amazon) describing in full detail what a narcissist is all about. single one of us, whether you choose to believe it or not, had major emotional mind games played on us (some still being played), and manipulations that go well beyond normal. it is hard, but seeing how there’s so many of us taking it one day at a time is such an amazing help. belief now is that the married man i fell in love with, and whom i believed fell in love with me, loves absolutely no one but himself. i sersly feel this man doesn’t deserv my love or attention.“you will find that when you see the blessing in the darkness, many other blessings will also come to light – new support, new dreams to be fulfilled, new ways to connect to your divine inner guidance and god-given worth. this is the second time i reconnected with my married man, the first was 35 years ago. at times, i still find it shocking how everything turned out and i may never fully understand how any human being can cause so much anguish in another person’s life. i would end up spending years of my life with a man who in reality is never going to leave. married men persuade you you’re their soulmate, and create this fake world…i will find the links soon and post them here! however, it is a reality that some couples choose to split for all intents and purposes but remain legally married for reasons ranging from laziness to tax breaks. we are in dysfunctional relationships but not every married man having an affair is promising their left arm to someone. why have you decided that aiming beneath the bar of common self-respect is better than saying no to a sexual relationship under the auspice of unattainable ‘romantic’ mirage? affair with another woman's husband is painful, yet you can't let him go because you love him. tomorrow marks one month that i ended things with my married man. it’s madness but it’s a madness only a woman in an affair with a married man can understand. if a man really loved you, would he put you through this? i was going to end it when he told me he was married and gave me his sob story. i have told my story before: married man and wife went through many iui to get pregnant (over 15 trys) never thought it would happen…and it finally did. i am a strong, resilient 51 year old woman, but this situation has brought me to my knees, literally. realised, i was smitten, and that i could love someone far more than the am man. women get exhausted and lose themselves in motherhood and can’t meet the demands the husbands make on top of all that they do and men get frustrated and feel neglected. it hurts like hell, but there are people who will love us, in a real way. while my story started slightly different, the communication and breakups with my married man were the same as you. the woman says she is not interested in sex anymore. i know i love this man but i can’t leave my husband now, and my family will completely disown me. i miss him but when i break down what i actually miss realize i don’t miss the long silences, always so scared that he will leave, actively searching for interesting topics of discussion, being ignored, tiptoeing around him, begging him to tell me he loves me…i realise that i always had a permanent pain in my stomach….’s so ironic that for almost 24 years i was saving myself for the right person, and of all people, i had to relinquish it to a married man. i do not understand how he ended up like this and feel so lost and yet, i know i have to walk away from this man, who remove the circumstances is truly my soulmate. is a key component of narcissism because sex/romance/love are powerful tools to gain fuel from you. depend on him for love and if you’re not married just trust in god and leave this man alone. in fact, she is dating a married guy who happens to be a friend of mine. 5 years there have been so many times where i’ve been hopelessly depressed and i’d go out with my friends have drinks and meet men almost like rebelling against him. everyone on this site can ignore the fact that their married men are narcissists, but it’s time for all of us to stop being in denial. the thing is, this man, he was engaged when we met.’t think for one minute that your married men love you because they don’t. i became involved with this man thinking it would be a brief fling. i met my married man i was married too- that was 7 years ago. i patched up with this man coz i dnt hav a choice! leaving my married man was tough (we were supposed to meet in dubai, i never took the flight, we never spoke again and he was due to pay half my ticket but never did, and i don’t even have much money and got screwed) i guess now he is all happy with his wife and kid, and what can i do. your man became distant as soon as he slept with you, it’s horrendous behavior but i guess it’s common enough. heck, it’s even hell on earth with what you go through with a married man. if you can't come to terms with the fact that you're the "other woman", an affair is probably an even worse idea for you than it would normally be. i was married for 12 years and have been divorced for 13. and in that dream, he tried to send me some kind of…links, and when i clicked on those links, all i could see was how he proposed sweetly to his wife, how they got married, how they are happy together. i finally ended it for real, i had broke it off with him so many times but this time it’s real. too, like all of you am involved with a married man. he looks another woman straight in the eye and lies. i have a strong connection with my man and don’t know how to give up my best friend. always thought i’d end up with my am, i mean, like many, we have spent almost 4 years (and 3 years too long! don’t get me wrong, it still hurts at times, but at least i can see the truth for what it is and i am no longer in denial. i’m zooey i recently got involved with a married man when i’m also married we’ve been seeing each other for about 3 months until last week when he text me and said he valued his wife and jesus more and he is sorry. i managed to ask for his number as he had mentioned previously a flat up for rent and i was looking at the time so used that as an excuse. and make you end up feeling sub human and less than, to be treated like this. i always judged women who had affairs with married men, and i know people who have never been in this situation who would say i deserve what i’m getting. i love the part about breaking away from the man (although real men don’t treat ladies like this! years because he is the property manager of the building i live in and he never wore his wedding ring throughout those years and i only started hanging out with him the past three months outside of the building. i wish i had never participated in this lie to myself and to another woman. during one task, loos was required to “manually stimulate” a pig on national television, which caused thousands of complaints from grossed-out viewers in the uk.. he been married 3 times and cheated on all three wife…how his present wife not see this is beyond me…. and no married man deserves to be given all the love that comes from a good, beautiful, caring woman, especially if it’s not his wife. october 2014 i started having an affair with a man who is basically married (living with his long-term partner). and when i said this time i mean one of many breakups we’ve had. he was engaged at that time but not married yet, we both knew it’s not gonna work but the emotion between us was too strong we couldn’t hold back. anybody ever thought maybe the reason why these married men become distant is because they’re seeing other women? he would say, "i love you, please wait for me," "i will marry you because you're the woman i've waited for all of my life. but you have to figure this out and put an end to the married man once and for all and move on with your life with your bf. i have worked with a married man who pursued me quite hard and confessed his feelings for me once he learned i was going through a divorce.’ve been in a relationship with a married man for nearly 2 years and i’m devastated right now. another nanny later discovered that it wasn’t just stefani’s style that mann was snatching — she found evidence of an affair between mann and stefani’s husband gavin rossdale on the family ipad.’ve been seeing an married man who works at my company for almost 2years. many things she didnt know about him, or he never thought to share. it’s so hard to think of all the beautiful memories we shared, yet knowing that none of it meant anything to him, which is why it’s also so hard to see him as even being human., as i’ve said, it’s been 10 months since i’ve spoken to the married man, yet i stay on this site because it’s crucial for me to help those of you either in the fog still, or just coming out. i have been seeing a married man for about 10 years. i am an attractive and successful single woman but this behavior of mine is very self-destructive and only i can fix this part.! of course my guy said he never did but honestly i would not want to be married to a man like him if you think about it.’ve been with a married man for the past 5 years. my children figured out he was married (damn social media). he has been to my home and job before, but to be honest, i do not believe he will come to either demanding what happened. have written before how my married man and his wife are expecting. my married man couldn’t bear it if i so much as scratched myself or bumped my head but now i think he won’t even blink if i drop dead at his feet. now i’m like an obsessed, insane woman checking my phone every ten minutes for a message. someone who has been over and is now happy after their affair with a married man. he will continue cheating on her and he will do to the next woman as he has done with you. i kept asking a million questions to friends, so i could understand the man’s side of it.: cheating husbandshow to break upleaving a man you loveletting go of someone you lovelong term affairstoxic relationships. this point, i honestly can’t say whether this man truly loved me or not, but i can say without hesitation and doubt that i do love myself and i am getting stronger by the day. the main reason why i blocked my married man from my phone is because i knew that i was deserving of a relationship that was not secretive and based on lies. my cousin had an affair with a guy who was much older and married for 20 years, 1 child, her teen twins…she fell pregnant and he still didn’t leave his wife…9 mths pregnant she sits outside his house in her car until he left for good…it worked. it’s just been me to pull away from him because of my married man. i can’t even explain the hell you go through as ‘the other woman’. when i met my mm he was so charming sweet and handsome my type lol anyway i never knew he was seeing anthor woman til one day i look through his mail while he in the shower i seen a woman name the mail but i had been with him 9m before seeing the woman’s name he had told me there were nobody else the way it looked to me there wasn’t anybody else but me but it all seemed a big old lie my betfriend finds him on fb married and having twins with his wife while i’m 5mths pregant with his baby boy i was alone during pregancy baby shower it was hard but i am strong i’m so hurt now 2016 its 4yrs over been with him i don’t know how to leave him i love him so but i need faith to move on hes in and out my life my son life his not supportive emotionally i just need a way to find the courage to move on to better. it is all different for everyone, but as sharon always said, please realise than most those married men if not all are narcissist and the only thing their want is their own happiness. in islam it’s allowed to marry more than one the thought of having another woman aside from me is killing me inside. i’m in almost a 2 year long affair and it’s been off and on so many times and we both can’t seem to let each other go completely..was a nasty a**hole who makes every excuse under the sun to have an affair that also manipulates us too. may you see how valuable and worthwhile you are, and know that you deserve to be loved by a man who is 100% committed and available to you. i have spent so many days with him, gave myself to him., think of this his wife has no peace of mind, and married to a cheating scumbag, and you have freedom x. we both are married, i have a young child as well. this may not be the most effective tip on how to stop dating a married man, but it may help you find compassion for his wife and strength to leave him.’s very strong of you to stop the physical relationship, something i tried many times. please protect your hearts ladies…married men are quick to steal our hearts and leave us in ruins! am also guilty of loving a married man and i am being very stupid and i need serious help. i want to be “the woman”, not the other woman. of my age, i have talked to so many people (around same age) that do not have any intimacy in their marriages. but the mask of deception fell off 33 days ago when he took his wife on a romantic weekend away to london. then he got married and i was so upset but he still loved me a lot and tried to maintain the relationship and we loved each other even more. stay strong, relax and meditate if you can, exercise, find a hobby and focus on yourself because even if you were with this man you need your own life. and in another section here, from sharon…if married men wanted to leave they would, no ifs and no buts and no blaming the kids/money/business and so on. i was dating a man for 5 months and only after breaking things off with him (something didn’t feel right) did i find out he was married. i was married for the first 6, i had never cheated before in my life, and i found it impossible to be so in love with my married man and going through the motions with my husband. thinking that the man will leave and you will get your happily ever after. i read my married man’s love horoscope everyday wondering how he’s getting along with his wife or whether he had another woman when he had me. i had made so many positive changes and he couldn’t make any. when i try to explain to my married man how i feel he does not get it, or pretends he does, but changes the subject. you, i live 8 hours from parents, brothers too, friends dotted around and manage to keep myself busy enough and usually have a flatmate here 3 days a week (my ex-am friend and my colleague funny enough, without his bit of rent, i’d have lost my home too….. read some of the comments and somehow it hurts, makes me feel uncomfortable. marries man said he wants to grow his children that’s why he stays (lame excuse really). wish i have your courageous and strength…you are a strong woman…."it helped me determine whether or not i should continue a a three year affair with a married man who is now telling me he loves me. phony relationship with married man also ended a week ago but we mutually agreed to move on and set each other free. i know he loves me, he’s cried so many times about the situation, but i believe if you really genuinely love someone you’ll do almost anything to be with them…marrying someone else is going to guarantee we’ll never be together. it hurts me and at the same time, i don’t feel alone and i feel there is hope.. i had so much proof and his wife and i had spoken many times. but for this man, there is never enough love, never enough attention, never enough adulation, never enough sex. so he claims that he can’t see my friend anymore and is moving in with this woman so his ex can’t use the affair attack (i did explain its rubbish and the courts would not be interested in the affair and who is seeing who). they stay married because they have built a life together and it would totally be a mess if they split up. it’s been four months broken up from my nine year relationship with a married man. i’ve fallen so deep for this man that i dont want to be with anybody but him. here, you’ll learn how to break up with a married man – and even more importantly, you’ll discover ways to let go of someone you love. many of us have tried many times to break things off and don’t succeed at first, second, 3rd, 4th or even 5th time tries and the reason is because there’s an addiction that has to be broken through education and extreme help (therapy and prayers). just like with anything, it’s a matter of how many times your heart and brain can take a beating before you are done. i’ve tried breaking up with my married man (whom i happen to work for which makes it infinitely worse) for months. i work with the married man and he is in “love” with his wife and will always be even though she has cheated on him twice and will always forgive her. mann definitely felt an affinity for the no doubt singer, and she slowly began to show up in paparazzi shots sporting gwen’s signature style, from her platinum blonde hair to borrowing her clothes. i believe that my married man was with me only coz he was alone in this city. i’d rather be me and walk away/him ignore me than the woman doing his washing, cooking, childcare, working flat out on the business (he’s a bully when it comes to that after all his business stories, i can see why the ex wife went mad in the end) then returning home to clean and iron his clothes…. feel i am in love with this married man, in the beginning he will call me often but those calls and texts have been little. understand that many of you are exactly where i was almost a year ago. i have been involved with a married man for almost 9 years. so all this bs of them leaving us alone no contact is just a way for them to emotionally manipulate us. i agree with you not all married man are monsters and intended to hurt us in the start but in the end we all get hurt and has to carry on with the guilt, shame, disappointment and bitterness for i don’t know how long. i pray everyday that god brings me someone who loves me enough to put me first, because god knows, i put the man i love first. you are not alone, we are so many, left the same way, like if all we lived never happened and never happened…but the best thing you can do, is live for yourself and not let yourself be his puppet even when he doesnt want you in his life anymore. you told me that these married men are not really happy but they are. can use a background check to find out if someone is married.. i’m not a stupid person, far from it really actually very intelligent and i actually find he is kind of dumb in many ways and he would not be the type of man i would ever usually go or fall for. if you’re anything like me, i use to think, “god, this can’t be who my married man is because he was “always” so loving and good to me”.. anyone one can give you a big fat ring and be romantic and act like your best friend and take care of you…especially when you’re their fun beautiful non moaning bit on the side…we’re a dream to men…. it hurts me so much when he goes home every f**king night. i can’t say i have never been attracted to another man in all these years. do not stop looking for a man who is capable of an honest relationship. the reason we are in a mess emotionally is because we are in relationships with married men, not necessarily because they are narcissists. there was a time when i would never have believed that my married man could hurt me. married man is lonely and feels rejected at some level, how can you not? the married man that if he doesn’t leave you alone, you’ll tell his wife!.funny enough, i called an ex colleague who lives in germany who i haven’t talked to in months, ended up letting her know about my mm. somehow i remembered i got married, had children and told him he had the wrong house. rossdale went public with his dismay that he lost his super-hot-possibly-immortal wife, and mann was slapped with a reputation as someone you’d never leave your kids with. he was having performance problems with her so i barely got it 1x/week for fear if she might want some he’d have to do it. my heart hurts all of the time and its to the point that when i tell myself tomorrow is a new day and you won’t feel this way. i know my married man loved me truly and during the time together, i couldnt complain any bit about how he treated me, we were in love head over heel. i told him he’s married, we live in the same building and i kind know his wife. if this happens in your affair, expect your married man to be begging his wife to take him back, rather than showering you with roses. having an affair with a married man is a very bad thing to do, but destroying his family is even worse. she has no idea what kind of man she is married to…i think if she look at my proof it will prove what a dog he is…. in fact, the overwhelming majority of married men never leave their wives. it was definitely hard for my married man to get me entangled in this mess. the moment you feel your married man is dicking you around, break up with them. he has manipulated (brainwashed) you into believing every single lie he’s told and it will only get worse with time. i think that is the best advice i have gotten from many women on this site. the few of us who have read this website never, ever, wanted to believe this was who our married men were, hell sometimes i still find myself questioning if it’s true, but that’s only during my down times. i believe, to the very core of me, he has destroyed many lives. he gets jealous if i even talk to another man at work but he can flirt and talk to any women he wants to and i shouldn’t comment. don’t be like me and so many other women on this site who have given in time and time again because we get suckered back in by breaking nc. my married came over to visit on weekends or whatever time was available it was so wonderful feeling thst we belonged to each other. how long does it take to get over a married man? the married man in my life knows that “no” rarely means “no with me (at least from my past behavior with him) . writing this to make sense out of the relationship i had with a married man to see if anyone agrees, or has also experienced, or thought the same way about this. i found out last saturday that my guy of 6 months was married. i asked him about it and he said that it’s because he gets very occupied as his line of work can be very demanding at times. always knew being with a married man would be heartbreaking and i was right.

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How To Date A Married Man | Here's Why It'll End In Tears

you’re here because you want to be free of the guilt, shame, and self-loathing that accompanies cheating with another woman’s husband. the other woman is a intimate partner secondary source who is used purely to provide fuel (emotional attention) to the narcissist and most other women are dirty little secrets. dating a married man is something i looked down on others for doing and now look at me. a narcissists (please read poster ‘sharon’ and what she has to say over many threads and replies, a few below this one) will seek your attention in anyway they can and manipulate you. you do… please don’t ever go back to this man. my married man and i have had the greatest time together. i know this freedom hurts worse than anything else you’ve ever experienced right now.. he is married and is happy so why the hell does he want to torture me like this? i had found out, he never forgot me and because of the dynamics dated many who had similar traits as i. i’ve met a couple of men i liked who were single, but they turned out to be players who want to be with many women. this is just one blog hg tudor has from an archive of many and i just felt like it was a good place for you to start. in march 2016 i started dating a great guy and, after a final night, i also managed to stop the friends with benefits relationship. yes, i miss the married man but i miss the man i used to know. started seeing each other 8 months ago, it was always to be sex and he said he couldn’t make me any promises that was the mantra of our relationship.'ve been in a relationship with a married man for five years. but, thinking of it further, could never be with him–distrust issues and would always be the other woman no matter what. they have observed us and know what most ,not all woman are like when in love. i tell myself a thousand times that i don’t want to be the other woman. he’s been with his wife for 23 years but married to her 16. he is the kindest, gentlest man i’ve ever met. i’m in a much better place now (time is a good healer, i’m in the ‘shock’ stage, not the shock of not being with him, but all the lies, manipulation and at some points nastiness to get what he wanted over the years…. i’m not sure what hurts worse blowing me off after 10 years in this relationship where i have given this man everything from my heart to my mind to my body in a five minute phone call or the fact that he would rather stay with a woman that he’s told me on several occasions that he loves her but doesn’t like her. i know because of this experience i will never, in my life, have another affair and i will never again fall prey to someone as conning and manipulative as the ex-mn. it’s been horrific, i don’t live near family or many friends, he has it all, promised me the world and delivered nothing. to be with the man that you should be with.’t accept this married man’s phone calls, text messages, facebook popups, emails, facetime prompts, tweets, blog comments, or notes at work. been together for 23 years but married 17 years…we live in the same building…half of my neighbor knows he cheats for years…why she stay is the million question. he ensnared me in the worst way imaginable and i’m just to the point where i really don’t care if i meet anyone ever again, and if i do, i will handle myself in a completely different manner than what i’ve done before. share with you your pains too and i think you are a very strong woman. the potential in reflecting on your own marriage and deciding if you can love that man again. and soon enough i know and i believe we will be with the man we deserve! it doesn’t matter if you’ve been with this man for 3 months or 10 years, if you have been dealing with a narcissist, you need to start by being patient with yourself right now. we fell in love, we are alike in so many ways. you isolate because there are not many you can confide in without being judged and you spend most of your time alone with him as it is difficult to be seen in public together. i ended my relationship with my married man after two years. i come on and read the stories every time i feel down about him, it makes me realize that there isn’t such thing as a loving, special or fairytale ending when you are involved with a married man.’ve put off having children because i am so deeply involved with this other man and so afraid to lose him. this is first with a married man but i also had to overcome many breakups before, and when i look back, they have all gone into the past. i had given my entire heart, mind, body, soul and spirit to this man and after shedding gallons upon gallons of tears and feeling the most excruciating heartbreak in my life, at 52 years old, the time had come. can relate, but my married man never hid me…his wife knows me, so do his kids…this is a toxic relationship. i was approached by 2 other men being dignified i said i wasn’t interested, i’m a smart woman i take great pride in my appearance. married man was older (50’s) and i really think a lot of the older married men are having affairs and their wives know (not all and some to a a certain extent) but they turn their heads the other way, until it becomes more serious! is married with adult children, and i am married with children myself. and the last girl he dated, he slept with her just a few days before he got married. i have actually said sorry to him and to god for ever getting involved on any level with a married man at all. hard thing was and i read this somewhere about affairs…the married man is far more concerned about his friends finding out and their feelings than their mistresses! he always insisted its me he wanted his life with, and no matter how many outs i tried to give him, he always assured me of his love and that the last thing he wanted was to watch me and my love walk away. there is something intoxicating about a man in uniform and in power. did a little digging and found out that guy was married. i would like to say one more thing if, a married man, is so unhappy with his marriage, and tells you he loves you, its total lies, if hes so unhappy, and hes so in love with you he would leave, get real, its just plain sex, thats what they love, and if it wasn’t you it will be someone else, once a cheat always a cheat, girls dont lose any sleep, because they won’t over you . my so called married man insisted that he was separated from his wife but still lives in the same house as his wife and child and says he only does it for his daughter. i found out that if a man really wants to be with me then they would move mountains. this man is probably “unavailable” whether he is married or not. today marks two weeks since i ended things with my married man and today is truly the worst day of my life. i mean, i did a bad thing by knowingly getting involved with a married man in the first place..why would you want to see a man like that? we would share stories (he was cheating before with other women), and he would even give me advice on my failed romances. i’m a married woman that is desperately trying to end thing with a very clingy man. real love doesn’t make you feel the worst pain ever, and it doesn’t change you for the worse like many of us have/did through our experiences. here are some things to consider if you are dating a married man. i don’t think it’s unusual that you’ve endured many arguments and silences. just told my married man that i can no longer do this. after our closeness he started to back off, hot and cold and this is when i started to get depressed and i started to make demands from him.! i don’t need any man or any person to treat me like that. years ago and like you, then and now, my work suffers, i get ill, and now i don’t see the am and don’t know what to say to him anymore as i feel incredibly used (see my initial post ‘forever waiting’ and many replies to people) i’m exhausted from the mental and sometimes physical impact. have been there, so i will tell you this: if you truly want to cut ties with this married man, delete his number (do not memorize it first), block him and delete him on all social network accounts. the man accepts it, because he has to, he doesn’t have a choice, unless he leaves, but that is almost impossible by this point in your life. i’ve asked him so many times to just “break up with me” but he never does – and this keeps me hooked and in love with him. these married men treat us as their fantasy and we serve one purpose only and that is to massage their egos. it hurts not only in my chest, but my entire body. but yes, most of these married men are thinking about you and are unhappy. maybe you are not in love with your husband, but eventually, you would see the other man for who he is too. did i realise i was about to fall in love with this man and him me. that said, i’m going to post this link:And hopefully it will bring insight to many of you looking for help and/or wondering why. i was in a 7 year long distance relationship with a married man and 7 years ago i broke it off. there anyone who have this experience that her married man saw the results of his actions? have been in a 4 year affair this summer with a married man who is older than i am. he says to me i ask too many questions (when i ask what he is doing on weekends etc). like you are some woman who understands every bit of his foolish acts that you will be there waiting for him. i know that he’s married i know that he’s comfortable and i know that he would never leave his kids but i also know that i was not the first affair he’s had on his wife but why stay and be unhappy and lie for the rest of your life instead of telling the truth and being happy and if he’s really chosen to make this decision to stay with his wife or his wife to stay with him how do i get over this hurts how do i begin to heal after 10 years of loving the same man? compare yourself to mindy mann, and you might feel better. my beautiful married man whom i still sadly love so much. struck a cord in my heart because he reminded me what it was like to actually be the only woman, even for that evening, that was a part of him…no wife or gf at home. well, i have to own that i put myself here, but i too am involved with a married man. there are many other short blogs by this author and it would do you a world of good to educate yourself on what you’re truly dealing with. tonight i did speak with my married men and i was like a crazy women for a solid hour and i told him it was over and he begged me to give him one last chance & that he will do his best by me and he knows he has treated me badly and it’s going to stop. lost my kitty and my dog in the same year, and like you, i realized this man could not be there for me in any capacity. and being the pathetic human being i am i called . there are no exceptions, i would definitely end up being hurt – so it was better to dump him immediately rather than wait months, maybe years (as many of you) and get deeply involved with him. did this with married man of 3 years and when i broke up with him i almost felt nothing ! his apparent passion et al is manufactured to draw fuel (emotional attention) from you. because of many factors, they have many outside interests, and don’t share outside passions or interests..Like liz’s married man using his daughter, my attached man has never been able to do that as he left his first wife and 2/3 yr old, so he has always used his business – his business he should have dropped when he realised he wanted me 3 years ago (so he said). for all the crazy thinking we find ourselves having and the self loathing that comes, this is the addiction, the insane thinking, the attachment to the married man. i wil b the bad woman here & the husband-wife will work things out amongst themselves . he also told me so many lies like he wasn’t sleeping with his wife but i found out she had a miscarriage two weeks ago. has been the best article so far i read about how to break up with a married man. married men develop a staggering degree of detachment to you and your pain, and they do not budge from their comfort zone to give you even a smidgeon of relief. he knows it and you would think a decent human being would not want to hurt you that way. we still have opportunities unlike our married men stuck with their wives. myself is involved with a married man for 3 and half years now trust me you made the right decision lonely weekends holidays i wish i had your courage to walk away i tried several times and he sucks me right back in yes we have great sex and hes very loyal to me in ways like texts all day long phone calls visits every month i was married 2 times and both failed so maybe im afraid of full commitment or just settle for someones crumbs but if i had to do it all over i would of never got involved with a married man he lives 2 hrs away from me and im a catch for my age and the same age as you just turned 47 this past week and feel the same way you do honey if he lied to you about the marriage hes a fraud and you mentioned you paid for everything hell no a man who cheats can at least treat you because all we are to them is there dessert best wishes to u be strong im gonna let loose soon new year and new phone number always helps. my reader kay broke up with the married man she was having the affair with, she experienced deep grief and heartache.’s what one of my readers said about breaking up with the guy she was having an affair with:“i became involved with a married man after my divorce,” says kay on how to end your toxic love affair now – before it’s too late. hope it helps you move forward in love and peace, and find a man who is available and willing to unite his life with yours. you’ve hooked up with a married man, you may feel plagued with guilt. found the strength i needed to end a secret love affair i was having with a married man. am with him for one year 2 months and initially i didn’t even know he is married until i met his wife personally in the airport when we were back from a trip. i too see my married man not every day but at least twice a month…we live in the same building. have been together for 4 month and then i cut it, now one and half months have passed from my break up with the married man. he plays in a band as an outside hobby, and is commited to many paid performances. i was one of those who swore to never ever get involved with a married man, that it could never happen to me because i knew exactly what i wanted out of my life. although i am hurting i know that this would be my first and last time messing with a man that is in a relationship -married or not. i can so relate to what you wrote about chasing your married man and demanding answers, hoping to jog his conscience into recognizing how badly he is behaving to another living breathing human being who he actually claimed to love. had the exact same reaction when i read the many posts on this site. i spent almost ten years to the day with a married man i thought i truly loved and wanted im sure ive got to be one of the biggest fools but im trying to forgive myself for that. tried many times but still end up being normal again to him. we’ve been through what you have, and are living examples of a woman’s innate ability to rise above difficult circumstances. and that’s what it boils down to, married men cannot relate to your emotions the way normal decent people can. the married man ended it…im okay with the decision…i was about to end also…. the last two years i have had so many arguments about the situation with him, told him i want to be loved and made to feel special… he tells me he knows… he tells me he wants things to change too… i like to think after all these years i know him well, and i do feel sorry and sad for him too, i know we both want to be together, but it hasnt happened properly in 10 years… so my heart and head tell me i need to leave this situation as its affecting the person that i want to be…. i know at this time, all of this sounds like an impossibility to do and i won’t lie it hurts like he** to even think about getting rid of everything, but i will say, and i absolutely promise you, when you’re ready to do it, you will literally feel just a little more liberated and free. there are many other short blogs by this author and it would do you a world of good to educate yourself on what you’re truly dealing with. of course he had no idea that i had been seeing a married man. a handful of celebrity mistresses have ended up with a married man (okay, just leann rimes), there’s practically a graveyard full of hollywood mistresses who risked it all just to lose it all. after the christmas holiday, i told him i didn’t want to continue anymore and i managed to put a stop to it for a few months. need to find some way to get out…this man is only thinking of himself…no phone, friends go some where even living in the street is better then the situation ur in… you left home at 18, do u have family members? or maybe deep down you secretly enjoy the secrecy and lies, dishonesty and pain of having an affair with a married man. last thing my coffee partner said, was not to idealize the relationship, or the married man. when people talk about our married men as a drug, it’s the truth. i always made fun of women who dated a married men. it hurts because i believed all the sh*t he told me. it’s actually very sad and it’s probably the one thing that hurts me the most to this day – the fact that he used me to devalue her, and in my case, every day because we worked together. i, along with many others, have been witness to how cold and aloof she was towards my affair partner, as well as towards others, and how their relationship was just really odd at best. sue, i can sense you’re an intelligent woman, please read the blog, starting with his first article beginning august of 2015. four years of seeing my married man we stopped talking in the first week of july. i have been seeing my married man for over two years now as well and have talked to him every single day. love this man – i can’t seem to be able to let go. dont think i will ever fall in love again with a single guy and definitely not with a mrried man anymore! we see the perfect man (most the time) who makes us feel amazing. it seriously is not worth it and you’re absolutely right … if a man truly loves you and wants only you, nothing can stand in his way. i feel sad bc in the past year i’ve made some connections with friends at the gym but in order for me to separate i have to totally let everything associated with this man go., i like to read your writing about how to deal with the thoughts of the married man and his wife.) she helps him get divorced, deals with 3 kids and 2 baby mamas…and eventually married him. the only way you can begin self-care is by removing the married man from your life. it’s hard to believe that so many of us have the same similar story. 4 days i’ve finally talked to my married man but from me texting him. i think of him everyday i won’t lie, but really i feel so much of a stronger woman that i can move on without him and refocus on me. i wasn’t this woman who could separate my feelings this way. takes strength and courage to let go – but you can learn how to get over a married man! Learn about the consequences of dating a married man and find out how. you feel like he’s the only man for you because he told you that you’re the only woman he truly loves. it truly hurts to continue but it’s also hard to quit cold turkey. hopefully someone reading my story will get some comfort knowing that they are not alone and that these married men are very clever in how they operate. i always thought it was cute and romantic, like a quest. i couldn’t go on vacations, couldn’t go to any gatherings or birthday parties because, “i’d look like a single woman”. many of us have, it is tough, it hurts every day, but this is doable. i counted how many times i tried leaving my ex-married man, and it is 7 on the dot. i thought he was a widower when i met him, he failed to tell me he had remarried immediately after his wife passed away.. he is a best friend of a family member of mine and he is married with a baby, i on the other hand should know better as am six years older than him, and have teens and am single, my choice split from the kids dad a year and half ago, never the right relationship for either of us. they love the attention, that another woman out there wants them, craves them, needs them and they love that relationship, i will let her have me when i want to let her have me. back now, after 6 months of being away from the married narc (mn), i see clearly where he played mind games on me during the entire 4. the ultimate slap on the married man’s face wud b wen i leave his city without even meeting him once! it’s not romantic, sexy, or charming to help a married man cheat on his wife. i almost want to get her back because in a way i feel she stole my man, the one i loved so much. the affair continued because i had fallen in love with this man. i know you’ve given me many reasons to be happy when i’m with you, but the guilt i feel after our encounters has become insurmountable to me. it’s a huge mistake – destructive emotionally, spiritually, physically, socially – to have an affair with another woman’s husband.. i dnt see any, any reason why i m with this married man! we were in close contact even though many miles apart. am also dating a married man for one year 2 months. a year later married man resurfaces ( there was rare but occasional contact, openly during my marriage) and we decide to meet. you are dating a married man, you are definitely not alone. manipulating me to stay with him longer, and longer, and longer, for nearly 5 years. take care of yourself and detach from your married man. i may actually see the married man tonight at a party with mutual friends and i have vowed to myself not to allow his presence to alter my mood and even entertain the idea of sleeping with him., even though this is a blog, your responses are so genuine and so human. most woman who are in relationships with married man or involved go through a lot of psychological pain and suffering, low selfesteem. the married men who refuse to let go of their marriage are the types that find too difficult to face their problems and to deal with reality so they need a fantasy to escape to. but whatever you do, do not reach back out to the married man.’s ‘happily married’ likes being married, doesn’t want to leave his wife and yet here we are. however, women are notorious for believing lies that married men tell them. i remember ur advice abt leavin the pathetic old married man whom m datin n i did exactly the same! because he could not muster the courage to do the right thing until now, he let me down so many times that i did not have much hope anymore.) i tried so many times to cut off with him, so many times i told him its over n we wud spend days without being in contact, but i realized that i m stuck in a swamp, the more i try to get out of it, the more i sink deep inside! do i do if i was having an affair and the married man leaves me? i believe he married her, then turned her world upside down, just as he did mine. you and i have more or less the same age, we have so many years to be happy. later in 2016 i contacted my married man, i had never really got over him and just needed to speak with him. anyway this man that was pursuing me i finally gave in around may of this year and i’m embarrassed and ashamed to say we had online sex. the married man who used to have his wife’s undivided attention might have to realize that he can no longer be the center of her universe and the relationship might become more of a struggle. to know he got in his own bed, without another woman naked too next to him that night just highlighted all that was wrong seeing someone attached. one really starts off wanting to wreck their married man’s family life or even their own. how do i leave the man that i am so in love with. let us know how you get on…make those demands…give him a deadline and in the meantime stop trying for a baby because your child deserves 2 parents or at least a father who is not in denial. if you're a married man's secret lover, you absolutely must be ok with him spending the majority of his time with his wife and family.

Dating A Married Man: Think Before You Act |

and your purpose is definitely not to satisfy some man who isn’t willing to change his life for you right now, no questions asked. in january 2016, i finally managed to put an end to sleeping with the married guy. the many posts i’ve read on this site, as well as what’s happened to me personally, it’s clear that there have been numerous lies told, promises broken, silent treatments given, guilt-shaming, blame-shifting, false or vague explanations, etc. he is not prepared to start all over again with a younger woman with a young child.“to anyone who is still involved with a married man, all i can say is end it now,” she says. married man always said i wish i can do this ,i wish i can do that with you.?I believe the ultimate lesson here is to love yourself more and more so that will not tolerate to be with an unavailable unfaithful man. no man is worth it (nothing in life is either). thr wer talks abt him havn an affair with another woman at out workplace, but he assured me that it was false n i believed him, but now i think it might b true!, i can’t express enough how important it is to read up on the possibility of your married man being a narc.. going into this i knew he was married and i knew it was wrong and i expressed that to. affair with another woman’s husband is painful, yet you can’t let him go because you love him. met a woman in a coffee shop this morning, and we started talking and lo and behold she also had broken off an affair with a married man, what are the chances? honestly, i did not really have a support system, so i hope you can do better than me, but i went to london many times to see the only real friend i had, and i decided to make new memories (i went with him in so many capital of europe, i was scared of going back, but i decided to make new memories in those places to make sure i would not be scared of living again). and if the man is worth it, the most we should do is give them a second chance if we have both agreed to change the unhealthy patterns and behaviors. he was my manager at work and due to the nature of the business he was in i had met and spoken to his wife and kids many times. through as many as you can and make note of the narcissist website sharon has mentioned, seems you’re already dealing with one! its hard to imagine losing contact after all we have been through but it hurts too much being here waiting and wondering. and yes, there are jerks and assclowns, and there are nice decent men who just happen to married. married man who is involved with another woman, sexually, emotionally, or in any way not in accordance with their marriage vows, is in fact 'not married' (emotionally). i know that this – not being with a him or any other man who is not mine – is the best best decision for me. this is for the women who love their married men and need positive guidance and support to work through their issues. we have gone nc many times , last one lasted 3 months. i’ve tried to break it off with my married man. the married man i’ve been having an affair with – it’s been 16 years and a child together although he wasn’t married then. this endless cycle of making up and breaking up is the most dreadful and soul destroying aspect of an affair with a married man. for months i believed me and my married man would end up together and we would be happy but the more i read these comments it’s unrealistic and delusional. he was attached but not married then ( same person) and it was intense, an extremely comfortable connection but i broke it off after i learned they were expecting a baby. he had asked if it bothered me that he was married and i said no, i was so caught up in what was going on i didn’t think twice. however it does not seem so easy for them to keep a woman feeling loved, desired and happy. the harder it’ll be to break up with this married man and heal your broken heart. i told the married man yesterday i wish i wer like u, heartless & unaffected, wud hav been easy for me to move on, like u hav. i thought i could manage it because it’s much different than the other situation; but i know heartbreak is inevitable. i’m going to shut the new married man situation now before i get hurt or hurt anyone else more. never in a million years would i have ever believed my ex-married man was a narcissist, but when you start to read of similarities between your married man and others, and then read about who and what narcissists are, it’s almost impossible to deny the truth. told my married man before that i knew he didn’t love me – mainly to see how he would react or say – he said well the sex is the best that i’ve ever had and i ain’t stopping it now. i managed to go five months no contact and then when he messaged me i caved. i couldn’t go on vacations, couldn’t go to any gatherings or birthday parties because, “i’d look like a single woman”. i know i have to end this affair with a married man and focus on my healing. so many of us pass years in this fog, getting more and more involved until it just tips us over the edge. suddenly, having to deal with his less-than-mediocre married life has become less bearable than having to deal with a whiney side object. just know how you as a woman would treat a man that you truly believed was the one… more than likely we wouldn’t let them just walk away. he was open that i was such a pure woman, unexposed to the badness in the world, and he would not promise any future in this relationship to confuse me. a few months ago, a married man came to me (let’s call him david). my ex married man has no children and says he doesnt sleep with his wife bla bla., i took the decision today that i have to leave my married man, i just don’t know how, i search for help and here i am… i really want to be with him one more time, smell his chest and hug him soooo hard. with all the evident…she still stay…as far as i know when his wife at work, he fool around with many women…. i hope you break free from the married men you’re involved with, because those relationships don’t go anywhere. think the married man is so happy to feel again that you become his focus! married man contacted me today after days of silence, saying how much he misses me and doesnt know what to do. if i can also suggest, read the comments (there may be many) because you might recognize yourself in many of the people. you deserve a man to mess up your lipstick not mascara. like you all, i am a smart woman doing something so stupid. have been dating a married man for a year now. my married man was cheating or trying to cheat on me.. one wud not do this to his enemy also, out of humanity we even ask our enemy if they r keeping well.. the one post that hit home very hard and made me gulp and feel tearful was 'in love with a married man' – it's amazing how one page essay compiled of simple, clear and concise paragraphs say so much. changed my job and he said it won’t change anything between us but no more communication, nothing i could meet him maybe every two months for an hour,He made an excuse that he’s busy all the time and i was the one always understanding, till almost one month ago we had a plan to meet each other but he said he has something to do and try to manage time to be with me also, anyway it didn’t happened again and i was upset this time when he asked i said i canceled my medical appointment because i wanted to be with you and then he stopped talking to me!’ve bought the caravan he and i were looking at buying, they got a new dog, she’s posting on his business page about their romantic trip to paris. i conjured up in my own mind that i could be the one that provided the love and relationship to him while he made money with this woman. he says when i was ready to go further with us he wasn’t and when he was i already married. i never wanted to be the other woman and i struggled for 4 years with this. to anyone that is starting an affair with a married man or considering it please run like hell. how did i let this one infiltrate me in such a way that i feel powerless…it hurts. i wish you all the strength in the world to get out, it hurts you feel empty and hurt and you want to die. not to mention that he must be seriously lacking in backbone to continue to stay with such a woman. please please do not believe the man you’re involved with. i have never been treated as badly by any man before in my life. i was all alone that night, i tried callin this man but he was with his wife that night so obviously didnt answer. when he told me that, i realized how devastating that would be if i had bumped into them, i don’t know if he really understood that initially, as he knows many people and many friends in his business,so he was covered. finally ended with my guy and it hurts like hell but it also hurt being with him…i see no need to tell his wife…i have no desire to hurt her. this woman took the man i loved his traits and rules his life. just feel so stupid but i’m not strong enough to let go of this married man… he treats me like crap and i know it..natural and we share so many of the same interests and and and. started seeing an attached man (almost 4 long years now) and i was chased and chased every time about 4 months down the line when i tried to end it. but i would rather be on my own and have the possibility of meeting someone who is devoted to me, than stay with a married man who doesn’t have what it takes to give me the life i deserve. hurts to know he will continue living his life happily and as if nothing happened. with a married man you know he has attempted to be in a committed, monogamous relationship, and is probably a good father, provider, and a great lover, all of which we as woman consider great traits and secretly desire in a man. i am no longer that happy, vivacious and innocent young woman he met. sometimes learning how to break up with a married man involves a decision. i wish i could get him out of my life but it’s so hard…he said he will divorce his wife but he is still legally married to her till now…. i had an affair for 6 years with this married man i met from work. am so mad… found out (through some social media investigations) that my married man dated a young 23 year old for 7 years until she was 30. you deserve a man to be with you all the time and not just some secret get a way. everything you have written, we both know them, that the married man is not worth, that he’s not ours, that he’s not ever coming back, but we keep missing them. you fell prey to this man because you were broken. i also want to tell all girls who date a married man that don’t hesitate until the minute comes.) and sometimes it takes a few attempts to get it right, but, please do not expect the married man to come running. also get you regarding living with someone, this is why i wonder if i’ve been doing this for so long…but i also know i want a full time relationship with this man which would result in us living together, and i certainly don’t want past issues and problems with partners to stop me maybe experiencing a happy relationship. i can almost scream at the top of my lungs because so many of the women on this site, are in denial and completely brainwashed and just don’t want to believe what i’ve been saying for months is true. tomorrow marks one month since i ended things with my married man and while i do miss him so much every day, i am doing better than i thought. my married man still wants to be with me…but he doesn’t give me the same attention he used to…so im like why do you still wanna be here? it would not be malicious intent if there were a modicum of honesty to tell your so or have the character traits to settle for so little with a married person. yes, he works loads, but, he find a few hours for football matches during the season and i’m sorry but nothing is stopping him see his friends maybe every other saturday evening for a few hours (he manages the local pub for a few hours many times a week, he claims his escape and so he talks to people as he doesn’t talk to his gf he has a child with and works with 10 hours a day (! don’t beat yourself up on that, if married men didn’t withdraw the way they do, we wouldn’t need to be so over the top in our pursuit of them. my husband was a cheater so why would i do that to another woman? there’s something wrong about that sentence because no princess would be kept in the dark and be given such pain by a man. when i was suffering and lonely one day, i really wanted to call my married man but never could, he didn’t use a cell except on rare occasions, and i thought to myself ‘ how insane is this? my married man of 3 years used to say the same to me! i’d say let his wife have his sorry ass, she, poor woman, is stuck with him while you are free if you can just see it as freedom. but at least you still have a choice in this… what if the married man wakes up and says he doesn’t feel the same way anymore? we lost contact, he remarried and a few years later, had a child at 50, with his present wife. whatever you decide, please don’t do it for the married man. i promise you, you’ll begin to get reacquainted with the woman you have been missing for so long. i know that this should be the end but i can not seem to stop thinking about him, his promise to never leave me, his promise to never go anywhere all of those times that he said he loved me so deeply that it would actually make him cry and this is not a man who takes his feelings lightly. here are some useful articles to bust a cheater:How to find out if someone is married. i’ve been dating a married man for the past three months. i believe she fell for a charming man, who made her feel like the greatest woman on this earth, just like he did me. laurie can you please write an article on why married men cheat…does he really love his wife if he continues to have affairs? article is not suggesting you pursue married men; this is strictly for those who are already dating a married man, and need a sounding board. broke up with my married man of a bit more than 2 years. i cannot believe how many women out there have gone/going through the same thing with married men! been dating a married man to my full knowledge for a few months now. if this man wanted to reach you, there would be absolutely nothing that would stop him, period. one month into he told me while we were laying in my bed that he was married but they have been separated for 14-16 years and gave a list of reasons that things didn’t work out. sent me a picture of him in the car (the last text i sent him was very romantic but he did like he did not read it or something) i did not answer, he texted “have a great evening! mean i lost my job, the man i think i love, my health,…. i was in a relationship with a married man for nearly 2 years and we were in love head over heels. he can say he loves me and he hasn’t felt like this in many years. what i did till i knew how to live without my married man. of course it hurts when they just turn tail and go back to their families, i spent countless sleepless nights trying to comprehend how he can move on like that while i suffer so much., i have been involved with my married man since 6 months and have cut off communication since 3 days. i could never look for this man in no one else because he is unique.. i have not been keeping wel since 2 days, i even told him this, but that horrible man didn’t care to ask me the whole day how i was feeling.! i am new here and involved with a married man, but hopefully not longer. so, in turn, his apologies were actually his way of manipulating me further. not shared my feelings with him and only weeks earlier i knew i was in love with this man.’m greatful that you ladies are sharing your stories, and experiences with these married men. a colleague who is actually a close friend of my am for about 10 yrs, managed to keep his job but needed somewhere new to stay, he came over and liked the room so i got that sorted too (there was no more rent from the am). nothing in life is worth ending your own, especially your married man. married man and i keep getting back together…idk y honestly…why are we so afraid to let go? i don’t think he can help it cause i know i’m not the only woman he’s had an affair with. a man who can’t keep his word or promises when he married someone, he will never change and you will always stay the side chick you will never be more than that to him. i really love this man for a few reasons: he helped me see the value in me, he taught me a lot about people, i learned a lot about myself, i learned about the complexities of life, and he taught me to be a good judge of character. you should reply to jessica on this post, she is contemplating having an abortion for a mm, at least she should see that its not easy and how a man just moves on.. you will manage i promise but you have to do one thing everyday to leave that nightmare. no matter how much you hope and regardless what your married man tells you. just just from what you’ve said in your message alone, i can almost guarantee your married man is one, just as mine was, and everyone else’s is. it hurts me so much see that i allowed myself to get in this position. i mean we don’t live a life together nor anything else outside of work because he is married but to put it plainly, it is based on secrets. that you are letting go of a man who doesn’t belong to you. because like any addiction, i am powerless over the married man. look at us all, all of us in the same pain, they rarely chose the other woman. they’ve been happily married for about 6 years and their daughter adorable. how many people do you know who post happy, loving photos while being unhappy or flat out miserable? after all, our relationship didn’t start out by my looking for a married man and i wasn’t stepping on anyone’s toes by getting involved with him. do not go back… the problem (married man) cannot also be the solution. you will be proud of yourself that you had the courage and dignity to stop dating a married man, and you will start readying yourself for a healthy new relationship. he was manipulative at times, controlling at times, selfish very often, and always turned things around on me. do something else tomorrow, anything fun, cancel the married man! he only cared for me as long as i was in his safety bubble of narcissism, those little gifts were in his safety net of not getting financially caught, he did the max he could to keep me nearby, interested, romanced, somehow that made him feel like the macho man. going through a similar situation…my question is…do these married men ever get caught? he’s still fucking baby mama 2 for years during all that…there are many more before i show up. i saw him and had a huge crush on him but found out he was married so i forgot all about him. we cuddled for an hour on the sofa, on a sunday, like most the weekend when i’m usually alone, i had a lovely young man, in fact good looking and fit! i just want to to be that strong woman i always wanted to be and me leaving him is part of going on that path. am at the moment is married to a muslim man who is married. we started and i get pregnant and he was happy as we were getting ready for our marriage i found out he was married in africa without kids. i had never thought that i can drift away from my marriage as my husband loves me so much and so do i, i always thought there was no room for anyone else but i fell for this man.. i have been seeing this married man for 2 years now, i am also married with two kids and a very good husband. don’t even want write much about this married man anymore. however, i wouldn’t be where i am today without my many prayers to god being answered in little ways and i know one day with all the hard work i put into finally caring for myself, i will be given what i truly deserve in this life and that is a real true love all my own, even if it’s just from me to myself. matter how many years you have been loving this mm, as long as he is not divorcing, nothing will end good. we spend so many days and nights together which makes so hard for me to let go. you must know just how much i told this man i loved him. i was indeed busy but my problem is, the busier i am, the more i miss that man. that you deserve better than an affair with a married man. i’ve been having a affair with a married man for 7 years! i am a married woman having an affair with a married man. but it’s scarier to think about how living off the crumbs of your married man will destroy you. so many of you have been saying about how your married men are back with their families and are happy and are having babies and forming stronger bonds with their spouses. then, when that relationship ended unexpectedly, i got a job working with my married man, and my vulnerability let it start all over again. i changed my attitude towards him we got closer , i let him move in my room lol, we just got super cool & i thought to myself like this too good to be true, he has a great career, not bad looking to be 42, tells me he has a daughter , & a house in texas, i said if u not married your gay, he denied being married for another month or 2, finally wen were were drunk coming from brunch heading home to cook for our friends i got it out of him, he married❗️ it’s my fault cus i should’ve broke it off then (i’ve never dated a married man), but he was like my only person who supported my decisions, & i just felt like he has my best interest in things, didn’t break it off so we lived together for 6 months whom he was here working, motivated me to get back in school, work etc got me back on track, but i’ve been feeling depressed since he left 3weeks ago❗️ i’m getting better but we are fading away, i know i deserve better & today i plan to just loose all contact, we said we were going to text & talk everyday but he slipping up! married man told me everytime we split up he was so depressed he didn’t want to go on, he started trying to find a way to make more money, so he could leave, but i can’t be a part of that. even if that image was pure bullsh-t i realized the mm was always going to play at being “the happily married man for his own ego. peace with the fact that nothing in life is permanent, you can’t hold on to him or anyone else or anything. many people tell me not to say anything to his wife, but i did to give me some peace. i am working on myself, but it’s hard to pull yourself up after the beating your dignity and self worth has taken being on a roller coaster for so many years. dump that married man and live your life and find your own happiness with a guy for whom you will be a center of his universe. everything i read says to cut off all communication with the married man in order to heal, but how do i do that when we have a child together? are helping married men cheat on their wives…what if we were in the wives place…i most certainly would not be able to handle it…. if u are single dont you ever date a married man. then he told he will divorce his wife(he is married since 25 years with one son, and one daughter who has died at the age of 3, who also shares the same birth year as mine), but i don’t wanted to be a family breaker so i forbid him not to do so. these married men, they never choose us, they give up on us the moments we need them the most. having other people in similar situations who can relate to you is definitely comforting and it gives me courage to let go of this man. don’t let this married man ruin that, and you still deserve the best just because of this bad decision.. long story short, a married man persued me, we have what you would refer to as an online romance/affair/fling there really is no words to it. looking back i would have never married him in the first place. the man you are talking about seems very controlling and probably abusive. i’m stuck with this black soul of man who is not only married, but treats me like a slut. you know this isn’t real love, and you know the married man won’t leave his wife for you. he made so many promises and set so many dates of when this would take place and when that would take place. it hurts and is lonely but it will get better eventually.’re dating a married man because of something that’s missing and broken inside of you. i will see him in a few weeks at a competition that we are both part of, and i only hope my team destroys his, and maybe he will realize it’s not cool to leave a wake of broken hearts when he, like me, just needs to man up and fix or end his marriage.

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    prayer for you is that you find the strength and courage you need to stop dating this married man, to stop being the other woman. stumbled across this page last night on my way home from work and it has been so helpful to read everyone else’s stories and to not know that i am the only woman who had an affair with a married man. didnt say anything – except that we did the right thing and that he wouldnt stand a chance with me as long as he is married, as i deserve so much better than just being an affair. any of you have read my posts in regard to the narcissist website then you’ll know that i sincerely believe many of the married men we’re entangled with are full blown narcissists. i do think men manage to just drop one thing to move on to the next more easily than us, but i also think it comes back like a boomerang to the them one day, while we took longer to heal but we will heal in the long term. mm is not really romantic, he doesn’t tell me he loves me everyday, but i am always seeking for affection, love. there is another woman who told me she’s been having an affair with him for a couple years. it’s not necessarily the woman he’s married to. the guy who will truly love you one day will make you feel like the best woman in the world, not make you lose yourself and cry harder than ever..don’t imagine them, stop doing it (i used to do the same…so many times), you need to get busy, all the time, just keep yourself busy so your mind is busy, then you are tired go to bed sleep and it is the next day. was involved in an affair for nearly 5 years with a man i knew for 10 years before. i am only two weeks post breakup, still grieving, and unlike many, we did exchange a few emails back and forth, because for me, cold turkey was not the way to my healing and i have known this person for over thirty five years, always felt a strong soul connection and friendship foundation. i had a talk with my bf who is married with kids that i decided to do the right thing and breaking him up. accidentally found site and the comments on how to end a relationship with a married man. i have been to therapy and am a very self reflective woman who believes we are all continually evolving. feel so horrible to let the married man come to my life and tell me all those thing that i can’t even be sure if was truth or lies. that you’re not in love with the real man. a lot of it, and it’s up to you to manage how much i can handle at once. the website i gave you will tell you many times over and over again, what going back to him will do for you and for him., if there’s anything i can say that will help, it’s to tell you to stop looking for love from a man who cannot and will not give it to you, the way he’s promised to do so many times. think about how you were before the married man and during the affair. so today is day 1 of no contact (again) and it physically hurts like hell and i don’t know what to do with myself, i want to beg him to come back, to accept i’ll never have all of him, just for some relief and peace in my mind. i contacted him (i was married, ready to file for divorce), we met and i told him i didn’t want to see him again because i needed to figure out my own life. i’ve left married man many times but the longest was 4 days. to hav this man in ur life u decided to settle for the crumbs! if you are looking for marriage, you may be better off not dating a married man. love yourself and you will learn and understand that you’re more than a man who wants you because he’s not confident enough or man enough because of his problems since childhood. i think it is a brilliant idea to get pregnant again, i feel it’s one of the best ways to get over a married man. you so much…my relationship with my married man sends me on drinking binges almost every weekend…i need to stop before i damage some organs in my body…i just cant seem to figure him out…i cant tell if he’s happy or unhappy with his wife…but i feel he’s comfortable….. my ex married man left his work like 2 yrs ago cause he didnt want to continue there and my dum quite the job too. searching for what your life is missing – and it’s not a married man. the way these married men love you is just not enough. my married man broke up with me on valentine’s day so imagine how im feeling. initially he used to force me to get married to him anyhow, but i knew as per law that is illegal, so i never agreed. know it’s hard to think of your married men as anything less than great, but at least take the time to read the two blogs i’ve posted below and sincerely ask yourselves … “have mind games been played on me – from the beginning of the relationship up until right now? you keep your married man as your contact, i can assure you that tomorrow, or in a week or two, even three, you will feel an irresistible urge to initiate contact, or worse, he contacts you first which will make it even harder for you to keep silent.. wat hurts the most is that i go out of my way to make him feel spcl all the time, n his reaction is so plain, so cold. many of us have gone through a form of ptsd because the addiction is so strong. u r a source of inspiration for many of us who r scared to breakup coz of the after effects. mine is only 5 months and doesn’t share feelings much except how i made him feel like a man again in his “sexless” 2nd marriage of 36 years. i saw a pic on facebook of the married man with his wife on valentines day. it’s not just married men, it’s all men who don’t know how to behave decently and empathically and do the right thing , however uncomfortable it may feel to do it. he made it clear that we are both married and this is a distraction from current life. when a married man says ” i feel stronger for you than my wife” but does nothing to prove that please! he done many things for his wife which i only found out last week. and he gonna pay for all the pain you feel now but you don’t have to even think of that miserable man. perhaps it is not quite the same for the younger married men who either enjoy the chase, or those who are dominated by their high level of testosterone or the ones who are just missing the spark when drowning under responsibilities of raising children. i am married too and my marriage is very very troubled. married man used to say he loves me so much but can’t get devours for crap reasons. because he isn’t leaving…i used to say he ‘can’t’ leave, but it’s a choice, however it may mess things up in many ways for a while.) how did he expect us to live together and raise a child if he was married -no response. it should go without saying that having an affair with a married man is something you'll generally want to avoid. we shared some many things in common and he opened to me about his past and i opened to him for the first time in my life. i was in this awful situation for a year, but spent more years turning other men down and even leaving my fiance for the married man i got involved with. but i am crying everyday, and many days i wish i would just sleep forever and not have to deal with anything of that. if i only knew at the beginning that falling for this man was going to turn my world upside down! when you talked about schemes to keep a married man. i found a message on his phone from another woman, calling him handsome. this isn’t like a normal breakup…it hurts because i am trying to piece the remains of my heart and he is just moving on, unscathed. the catch is, if he reaches out to you, he knows that you are demanding more -and he doesn’t want to give you more. my married man has a daughter from a previous marriage and she decided she wanted to live with her mom full time because she doesn’t like to be at mm home due to her not liking his wife. m nt happy with this kinda arrangement where he has me as a filler n his wife as a permanent solution! i won’t be taking revenge, as i dont wish to drop to his level, and as you said, its not worth it for a married man, there are plenty more single men in the sea, but im not going looking, as im going to have me time, lots of things i want to do, but always put off because of him, and thank you. married man is not free to love you the way you were created to be loved. i definitely think that not all married men are just using us but they start sinking under the weight of when fantasy turns to reality. married men will come back to you if you let them cause it’s just a game for them. i am married as well, and realize that i have to deal with that and move on or work on it. am 24 years old and have been dealing with a married man would be 3 years in october. everything i read says to cut off all communication with the married man in order to heal, but how do i do that when we have a child together?’ve also been reading another website that calls the manipulation part as creating the soulmate effect.. the universe gave us many signs during our friendship, but we ignored them and carried on. i don’t want to ruin our lives, and i want out so badly, i just keep getting sucked in with crumbs because it hurts to be without him. you need to decide that you deserve more out of a relationship, and that a better man is waiting for you. felt the same with my married man but i even met him when i was married! there is so much that doesn’t add up and although he worse 7 days a week he always has done as his job was only ever temporary and he has a huge mortgage and business bills to pay – he made out for almost 4 years he worked non stop to leave but he’s working non stop to pay his bills, he is a business man and he is working hard now for lack of salary not for me! i knew he was married from the start and we met for work purposes a few times before anything happened. one of my friend once told me, if a man doesn’t get serious with you after 3 months max, he never will.. i'm exhausted from this, utterly utterly exhausted (it's funny as thought this earlier before buying the book…and in the book…tudor mentions when you realise he's a narcissist or has some of the many traits, you'll suddenly feel exhausted! hurts like hell, but be graceful you could do it, doesnt matter after how much time! the longer you keep cheating with another woman’s husband, the worse and more degraded you will feel…. i have just ended a 6 month relationship with a married man and i am sick and devastated. i am an intelligent, clever woman struggling with the fact that i have allowed myself to get in this situation. i spoke to my married man after 10 days of no contact. i become involved with a married man who lives in the same building as i do. i never realised that having an affair with a married man can be such a similar experience, whatever the circumstances and whoever may be involved. when mc went to iraq he met a woman over there kept it from me and me from here. so it’s not like you can’t be in an affair with a decent man, but most often they never break up with you in a decent way, relationships end all the time but it’s only with married men that they are so long drawn out, torturous and exhausting. ;d ) – this poor other woman in his life deserves better herself. i hope every woman or man reading this can gain the strength to finally come to a point where you decide you deserve more. have bonded with him so it will take time to detox from him that is exactly what you must do you are young do not waste your youthful years with this man he will never leave because he will not leave the money he has built why should he get the best of both worlds!. these are not the actions of a man that cares, he holds on for someone to lean on, but at this very moment he is happily at home with his daughters and partners, and will never ever admit it. my mm was all the good qualities you can hope for in a man multiplied by a million. the least we deserve is to be broken up with in a kind manner., he started pulling back, saying doesn’t want to text so much any more, and has friended some very pretty younger woman on facebook. you for sharing your stories about being involved with a married man. the thing that has me really hurt right now is i saw the married man this week and the next day my son had surgery. he started to demand, to know everything and cannot even go out without his permission., we were messaging up to 11, then he stopped answering, and noticed he wasnt looking at my messages, and then noticed he had un installed the app, as i kept sending messages, i haven’t heard a word since, absolutely nothing, i even said just message me, to let me know what has happened, for peace of mind, but nothing, iv been strong with the no contact rule, but stupid me , went back on my word, i just cannot believe a man can do such a thing, in so hurt, and have spent most of the day crying, how cruel, can a person be, i feel he has just played me, for the fool that i am, my feelings at the minute is also anger, to tell his wife , as i have pictures etc, to prove everything, but whats the point its obvious, its his revenge, for me ending it in the first place, so now i can see what a weak narssic man he is, hasn’t got the guts to say sorry but iv changed my mind, well iv definitely made up my mind no more married men they are the pits, if i had stayed strong, i wouldn’t be having this hurt and humiliation, and the trouble is most of them get away with it.’ve never felt more connected to a man then i do with him. it’s been 11 days since i heard from him and the last email from that time said “thank you for being with me and being a sexy beautiful woman…” hate feeling like at this age i am being used…even though i thought i could handle it. my engagement ended a year ago then i reengaged with my married man months later. i have been with my husband for over half my life, married 22. i am married and our marriage has issues but i have been living in denial. i hope that everyone on here is willing to at least read some of the articles that hg has written, and i’m sure they’ll see the similarities between their married men and a narcissist. the next day i felt soo guilty and tried to stop it immediately as having an affair with a married man is a mistake and didn’t reply to him or even speak to him for a week, but he was very persuasive and convinced me to give this relationship a shot as there was nothing between him and his wife. you need to go no contact now because this man will destroy your life and steal your soul. about 2 years ago, i met an older man (60 – i am 43), and he pursued me like crazy. remember that when you’re dating a married man, you see the ideal and perfect guy. parts:making sense of an attraction to a married manhaving a secret love affaircommunity q&a. you thought your affair with this man wouldn’t turn out this way. this man who is in front of me is a stranger and is nothing and no one to me anymore. we had this shared blog, and i wrote him so many times, i sent him offline messages. i first found this site, i thought the exact same way, but i did convince myself my relationship with a married man was different, unique, not like all the stories i had read all over the internet. but, you have to remember that when you date married men, you will get hurt. i felt in my gut that he was never separated but living as man and wife. i am the wife, the mother of his children, the woman who he respects. then he told her he was married with 2 kids but we still all went out as friends. is so true, because even though we want to be with our married men full-time, we all know deep down, he would eventually do the same thing to us too! everyone… after searching google, i came across this site on how to break up with a married man and started to read everyones comments. have gone back on my word , all the comments i have made, my married man has been in contact with me, he asked me if i would let him stay with me for the night, as his wife is away for a few, days, and haven’t had the chance to do this very often in the 5 years, so stupidity, i said yes, we arranged that he would come when she had rung him , which would have been about 11. he is still married and mad right now at me because i’m giving the silent treatment. u just walk away from someone you call your soulmate and just go on living with another woman for the rest of your life…. off all contact with him, for he is another woman’s husband. had a affair with a married man for the past 3 years. i knew if that man truly loved me, the way he always claimed to, the silent treatment would’ve never taken place.ñol: amar a un hombre casado, italiano: amare un uomo sposato, português: amar um homem casado, deutsch: einen verheirateten mann lieben, русский: любить женатого мужчину, français: aimer un homme marié. why do seemingly happily married cheat on their wives-im just going by pictures i see on fb… married man was three decades older than me he is 54 and i’m 27 and his wife was my pastor. have been on the “married man” train off and on with the same guy for many years. so many times i tried to make my married man feel jealous by telling him how me and my husband had a romantic night but he was totally unperturbed, whereas i couldn’t tolerate that he goes close to his wife even for a day! i am not sure that my married man is a narcissist, i get confused because so many of the traits do not match what he is. not to him or any other man who’s not mine. i just need to let him go but what is killing me is letting go of wanting revenge, not the man. thus, if you are with a man who cheats on his wife for years, he is abusing his wife and thus he is disordered in some way.. i wish i would have met you first because i never would have married her. i had been with my mm for nine years myself, but i am married too so there was no question of leaving our spouses and kids, it was just that he completed me in a way my husband never could, and we were more of friends than lovers anyway. have been dating a married man for the past almost 11 years. created you to be a partner for a man who wants to spend his life with you, and who treats you with love and respect. should i tell her wife what a type of man she married to. of course you still hurt, you are a normal woman and people hurt from getting played in the way we get played. advice sometimes we have to learn big lessons in our life and it sounds like you have, good for you for recognising this, i am super used by the amount of men who prey and are looking for a fling probably says more about their own personal character, sometimes us woman are to blame because we so desperately want to hear the words from a living man we become blindfolded and let him in so easily, they really don’t have to try very hard? what a dream after being tangled up in a pointless love triangle for so many years. i learned through my situation that the married man can learn to make his way back in even when you think it’s done forever, so it’s something to prepare for in order to not fail. we both know the pain these man have caused, just as much as everyone on this thread, but the more people like you and i who are willing to come together and help each other, is the most empowering and rewarding thing we can ever do. u deserve,things you like to do,body you like to have, languages you like to learn and so many other habits that can help you. my married man ended it with me a month ago. am a well educated woman as well, i don’t think you have to be smart to avoid a married man, i think we have to love ourselves more. and it seems easier for married men to move on., i try to hate him more each day & only think abt the times wen i was alone n he was havin a nice romantic night with his wife! “what would you be, without the thought that (married man) is happy without you while you are suffering? man has robbed me of my life the last 11 months. a few weeks after this happened, another married man (let’s call him fred) came to me (i don’t know what the hell it is that i do that attracts married men and i wish i did so i would stop doing it! i hope this helps another woman and i’m open for encouraging words from some of you. his love and commitment are not exclusive, no matter how many times he may protest to the contrary. so we have no contact for a few weeks, he neither phones me (never does, i phone him when he is ‘free’ so i’m not on his phone bill bet many can relate to that! maybe your prayers are being answered by finding this site and now it’s up to you to decide if you’re truly ready to see your entire relationship with the married man from a completely different perspective..learnt later he was married with a 2 years old, but we fell in love and i never let go. it’s the happiness you derive becoz the guy dumped you to get married to the other girl and when he says he misses you u think you are the priority in his life and you mean the world to him. am dating a married man, have been for 2 years next month. from everything i have been reading (and thank you for sending the links because i am taking them to heart), i just can’t deny that he has too many similarities to one. you are a wonderful human being, make sure you stay strong, one day at a time, one step at a time. just last week, when we were together someone texted him, a woman. he loves his wife and has stated it many times. caveat is that you probably do not have a future with a man who is in this situation. here is his response to you:Yes, most married men who maintain long term affairs are narcissists. also, texted a woman from an online game site a few years back. the man violates the decree(emotional), he is merely a participant in a wedding ceremony (physical). told my married man when breaking up with him – that i deserve so f***ing much more than he is able to give me. the truth of what’s behind our addiction to these men, which they “need” us to believe is “love”, is his lies, his deceit, his deflections, his manipulations, his gaslighting techniques, his word games, his silent treatments, his blame-shifting, his betrayals, his future-faking, his facade! from my experience, my married man ended things with me twice and that feeling of being let go and abandoned is absolutely awful. are you comfortable with a man who lies to improve his position? unless they come home to us every night and we are the only woman in their life, we are not their priority. have been dating my married boss for 3 years until his wife came to my house and all hell broke loose, i’ve left my job because she promised to kick me out if she finds me in the office and so pity my so called boyfriend is a coward he can’t stand up and be a man. true love means you can introduce the man you love to your family and friends. in fact i think so many people hide in their marriages. feel sane finally, after reading this post……i can’t cope physically pr mentally anymore with the rollercoaster that is my ‘fake’ relationship with my married bf…. its hard as a single mother with no affection and you meet a great guy only to find out he’s married. if a man wants you, nothing and no one will stand in his way! i don’t know if he’ll ever come back it hurts so much. though i have never expected, but we share the bed, we did not have intercourse as his dialogue was until and unless we get married we should not have that. i can’t believe how much time and energy i wasted on this man. its not about how many times you fall…pick yourself up and start again. still don’t know if this is is 2nd wife or 1st wife remarried. am in the same boat as you lam, i never imagined this would happen to me and it hurts so much! he sounds like the very same married man i was in an affair with too. he tells me he wants to be with me, but he is married and has three children and this is the excuse i always get, the children… they are now teenagers, i feel guilty… i want to settle down and have normal things with someone who really wants to be with me… and as much as i know he wants me. and even if life may not be romance and roses, it doesn’t really give you an excuse to stray. i’m supposed to go on a vacation with my married man next weekend. married men just move on so quickly, as if nothing ever happened. he was after something more sinister and wrong and he lured you into his fantasy just like all the other married men on this site. told me he was happily married he didn’t want to leave her. i started seeing my married man again after swearing off 10 days ago. while my mm says this woman at work doesn’t know, she does and she looks at me like i am poop every time i see her. i am sorry to read so many women are still going through this on top of the new ones being sucked into it daily. felt the same with my guy but i even met him when i was married!

    How to Break Up With a Married Man and Heal Your Heart

    imagine that poor girl: 7 years, her best years to find a mate (the 20’s) wasted with a lying married man. i often thought it was cute, like a romantic quest. on one hand it makes me feel less alone in loving a married man, on the other hand the pain that all your words are drenched in is so heart wrenching. caved and started having this affair with the married man two years ago. your marriage ended and now you are in a dead end relationship with your married man. met my married man a few years ago, we clicked i knew he was married from the start, nothing was to happen until 4 years later. think about your life, your husband’s and that man. you’re very strong, the thought of even going near my attached mans front door makes me feel ill, as he lives 70 miles away and i guess i’ve never had to face his reality (i’ve never been anywhere near where he lives) and like you, we haven’t been trying for a baby, but i’ve never fell pregnant so have spent the past 2 years having fertility checks, and now it’s time to make an appointment to plan a date…yet he hasn’t left? and a week ago, his best friend told me that he told the dumper that he should have married me. not create, assume, and prejudge, a negative image of him, based solely on the fact that he is married. despite a media furor in the uk, posh and becks barely acknowledged the scandal, and they are still married. have a 5 week old baby girl from my married man. he ignored me yet again after i’ve told him several times it hurts me. my readers are discussing how difficult, painful, and destructive it is to keep hanging on to an affair with a married man. this man has been married for 24+ years and has had several affairs that i personally didn’t find out about until later. too had a year long affair with a man here at work. i am at day 5 of nc and it is probably the hardest day thus far…but i do see glimmers in the mirror of the woman i once was…strong, confident, at ease, calm,peaceful (because i am not waiting to hear from him every second of my life anymore) i have begun to look at my role in this relationship and found that i have been looking for someone to fix me…so i am learning to fix me and be there for myself first! i hope you find the courage in you to block this man from your life and open yourself up to the potential of meeting someone who will be available to you, and will treat you like how you should be treated. do you handle it when u know ur married man is still having sex with his wife? because i’ve moved on from my married man once in life and was great then fell back years later when we worked together again. this man was the love of my life, whether i was truly his or not, but it no longer matters to me, what i was or wasn’t to him. just a note, my mm has told me many times in the past that he and his wife had gone to counseling years before we got together, but they eventually stopped going after they both felt like it didn’t do either one of them any good. i always said i would never get involved with a married man. why do you leave the door open for the married man? the attached man (he is not married but been with his gf a good 12 years, they have a business child and mortgage together) helped me escape my violent crazy ex about 11 months after we got together. it hurts me so much that he as a boss or even so called bf can resort to measures like that. i never would have thought or considered being with a married man. would you have stayed the other woman for the rest of your life, not having any real life of your own, while he would have ? i am in love with a man that doesn’t love me. how many of us are actually professionals trained to make that label? i do not want any strong beautiful amazing woman to go through i have or them and anyone else in our position. he’s still living happily with another woman, he’s doing fine without me, he doesn’t bother to show me his love, nothing matters anymore. they had been married for about ten years when i met him. now, she urges you to stop cheating with another woman’s husband. i know he (being what is considered a greater narcissist) knew exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to manipulate me into turning my own world upside down. dated a married guy for 9years…with him promising me marriage etc. years when i was with my ex, but when with my ex i said so many times i can’t carry on like this, i wanted commitment. not too many nice guys here and i’m not getting any younger either. i don’t deserve to be second or lower priority to a man. about a 16 year long affair with possibly a child with him, he wasn’t married when it started, he is military, he honestly is the only man i’ve ever allowed my heart to love. but im still sad, im sad because i will never get to be with my soulmate- my married man, the one who my heart skips a beat for. any woman reading this, you are not alone if you want to break up with a married man, we are here, we are a support group from different countries and we will and have helped each other more than we thought. i completely understand his thought process and i know this is the type of man he is, but as i told him, i can’t just keep waiting indefinitely. i can be the strong woman i always wanted to be and i will never let anyone treat me as badly as he did. i am leaving mine so i know it is complicated but you need to make things straight, for yourself, your husband and the married man. why should anyone have to do so much work to keep a married man? when we start making demands, the affair becomes yet another struggle they cannot cope with because that is the type of men they are. i just want you to be open to the possibility that this man is not the man you thought he was and that’s the reason why he doesn’t care., i don’t say this to give you “hope” that your married man will come back, i say it because, chances are he very well could at some point.’ve been involved with a married man for almost 10 months. see i’m in a loveless sexless marriage and the man i’m in love with is newly married as well..and i am sure all of us before we met them, we were happy human beings with life in front of us being enthusiastic about many things.’m on this site because a couple months ago, i got involved with a different married man (yea, real bright). i never thought i would see a married man but i fell for him and i wasn’t even looking for anyone at the time it was a complete surprise and i couldn’t resist him. yes, i miss him and yes i get lonely but i keep coming back to this site and reading about the pain and heartbreak and i don’t want that anymore…i wish you great happiness with the right man. i now think that any man who can straight up lie to his woman at home is bad news. hate myself so much for getting involved with a married man…i feel like i cant let him go…idk y…smh…he and his wife paint such a pretty picture of there lives on social media…makes me always wonder why he cheats the way he does…i also wonder does she have a clue? the married guy i chose to get myself involved with was an old high school friend. i feel that i will never find a man and i will be alone forever. you for being here, and sharing how difficult it is to stop dating a married man. the married ones who do get back with us will do so temporarily because they miss us or we coerce them to, but the same pattern will play out. advice…please please – do not leave your husband for this disgusting old married man. i don’t know why i keep sleeping with a man who do not love me. i’m married and have a good to great marriage and have been seeing this mm in hopes we could be together because he stalked me so i thought he really did want us together! i have not read all the comments here but seeing that there are so many makes me feel less alone. we have had many fights, many situations where we could have torn apart. i know this is a horrible thing that i have done and i feel guilty all the time but right now i’m glad i ended this affair with a married man and i’m just trying to gather courage to stay on this path. in the end the other woman gets hurt,sad and feeling isolated. i wanted to put him and every man like him in his place. she believes that married men are weak, that they don’t have the strength to choose you even if their heart wants to, for whatever reason.’ve tried so many times to leave him before, but i can’t stand the thought of not only having him as my lover, but also as my best friend. likewise, if you think he will be happy if you have an abortion and its not what you want, you will hate him and yourself for putting yourself through that for a man who walked away and never looked back. i’m 19 years old and i am involved with a married man. he tried so many tactics to see me again, be my friend and i flipped out. i was in a scary ‘relationship’ and suffered many hardships with my bf at the time whom i’d only been with a few years.’s married, which might add chemistry and excitement to your affair. and i know that looking for validation from a married man after he decides to break from you) is optimism at best and stupidity at worst. but, hearing stories of woman that continue to see the married man, i just could never do. you’ll find several readers who are honest and strong enough to share what it’s like to date and break up with a man who is married. i know it sounds mean but this man has taken me through the wash-rinse-spin cycle one too many times. a friend of mine introduced us but she wasn’t aware he was married. i’m hoping that if he gets in contact next year i will feel strong enough to finally talk and get my answers but for now, i miss him so much it hurts., these men are all the same and use the same tools to manipulate and make us fall in love. no matter how common it is to fall in love with and date a married man, it is degrading, dishonest, and disappointing.. i will fight the addiction & urge to talk to the married man. though i think right now whatever you do you need to do it for you and not for you married man. so i’m the other woman and i’m being cheated on.. Vicki counsels a reader who is involved in an affair with a married man. ive worn out and let the sadness go in, i accept the fact that im abandoned by my married man and i just live another day. want to end this affair because you know it’s wrong to cheat with another woman’s husband.’s a good man, i know that he really don’t want to hurt me and his family but it already happened. of course making it easy for him and he was still married! were so many times that i said i was done with him, but somehow, i always went back. i truly believe this man loves me deeply, which is also why it’s so hard to let go because i can’t let go of the hope i hold onto that he might still come back some day. i go out all the time to try to meet men but it’s hard to find the chemistry and all of the things i like in a man. see the pain that loving another woman’s husband causes. you see, it’s bloody hard, and it hurts like hell, but coping with it and overcoming this is the only option we have now and it’s by far the best one. he is still in the whole relationship routine and i’m not sure how other women get to spend so many weekends with their married men but i guess all our circumstances are different. it’s amazing how they can be so manipulative to get their way. how can married men do this so easily and we can’t? i felt so alone until i found this site and all of you, and i’m truly grateful you shared your stories even though it makes me sad to know so many other women are experiencing such pain. do i do if i'm in love with a married man? have been married for 6 years and having an affair for almost 5 with another married man from work. ladies why do we find these relationships so intoxicating and give so much of ourselves and our loyalty to a man that not only does not deserve it but also probably doesn’t have much concept of it!, im in a relationship with a married man for almost 6 years now a have a son with him and our son he is 3 years old , we are working at the same place so he decided to move in with me and now i really want to break up with him coz it doesn’t assist me anymore plz help me to out of this mess. i’ve been sneaking around with this married man, ignoring my own husband who loves me more then anyone in this world. as i tell him hes married and his reply is i know but what can i do, i answer i cant tell you what to do you have your own mind then the conversation ends. you said you don’t miss your married man and it’s not regret, but if isn’t that, then what is it? it is hard for me to leave him now after two months, i cannot even imagine how it could feel after years of my invested emotions and commitment to a man who doesnt really care about any of that. had the same issue with my married man, i met him at work he was my boss, after six months he said he fell in love with me and the same with me, he was everything i wanted, he gave me attention, love and respect for 5 months and then started to change his behaviour. i am a smart woman…a business owner…i have raised 3 college graduates…i am no fool…but when it comes to this relationship i am lost! i know you have put great faith in mr tudor, the narcissistic sociopath, to explain away all our married men. lot of people can say all the negative things they want about getting involved with married men/women, but in the end, i believe we all (hopefully) learn valuable lessons. when i am upset or need support and i am not all fun and laughs and romance, he treats me with silence. i don’t even want to talk to another man right now. i’m not even sure i can truly recover enough from this to ever be with another man but i can be on my own and with my kids no problem. as much as i’m baffled with my attached man (i’m ‘forever waiting’, please excuse my spelling and general errors, its so hard to type on a mobile! you ask, “how can a man live in a world of no love? what type of man of father does that to their child? anyway, you will be blown away by what you learn about your married man and yourself. i’m just accepting the fact that i have to let my married man go…but it hurts like hell. blocked him yesterday, our last conversation was normal, then i blocked him… today he was going crazy, calling me from different numbers, texting me… demanding an explanation, why he was blocked, what did he said…etc….’s so insanely crazy how these married men have caused so much damage without us even knowing it at the time? all in all, im dating someone new and moving very slow with this amazong new man. i came out a difficult marriage and my married man has been unhappy a very long time in his. i’m close to his mates and his dad is aware of our affair and just told him no more babies but he is a man so didn’t cautian him or tell him he is wrong. i want you to get strong and be the woman you’re meant to be. i became involved with a close friend who was a married man after i divorced. i thought to myself — this man tells me he sleeps in different areas of the house with her, he’s not in love with her, they don’t sleep together, they barely talk, he’s only there because of his daughter, etc. this hurts like no other but we have to be strong and dump them. can’t speak for you natalia, but i wrote a very long letter to my married man as i wanted him to understand how painful my position was and how it was tearing me apart. this man did not have the guts to marry the girl he says he loved. however, he was married and although it is a loveless, sexless marriage it worked. am with a married man for coming 18 months and am trying to get out of this relationship. no one knows about me, even though i saw his son many times on facetime. this one of the unfortunate consequences to dating a married man.’d also like to add i know a few exceptions, but the most recent didn’t work out so well and my poor dear friend i’ve known 35 years since nursery had an awful time recently to the point she doesn’t want to go near another man. good outcomes have been my friends dad fell in love 20 years ago, was an affair but he left her mum when she turned 18 and married to his ‘soulmate’ (they are a wonderful couple and my friend loves her dads wife to bits) for 20 yrs, they are still as close as ever. i must say, like most, i want to believe that the love with married man is special, that is was destiny that we met and we are made for each other because it is so special between us. my ex-married man also said he would not have another baby, then changed his mind to lure me back in (it worked), and then said no again. i know that he is my center and not a man especially a married one who lies to me. choose you above all else, and it will change everything- your relationships with your self, kids, your married man will feel it, your family, friends , your colleagues, everyone. i am so thankful i came across this page on how to break up with a married man, i relate to every single one of you and you have given me so much, saved me. i know, chances are, many of you don’t think the narcissist applies to you or your relationship (i was there … i know how you feel), but please just read the link below because it may just save you many years of unnecessary heartache and deep (usually incurable) pain. at the same token later on i told my married man i was spending time at my son’s house beach for three weeks he mentioned he wants to spend time with me there. everything you described is my married man and our situation to a tee. i don’t feel like being branded as ‘ the home wrecker’ and ‘the other woman’. they fall into a pattern of being “friends” or “roommates” my married man was even moved into his own bedroom by his “wife”. then i got married to my on again off again bf while he was in korea and had never indicated he wanted more. it does not matter what i'm reading about…so many traits and stories are him, and what he has done and said to me and his gf (we are both played) and now i reckon the poor ex wife…no wonder she's a little crackers, i feel sometimes i may join her!! i think at the time he was panicking about losing me for some reason and at that time had not perfected the manipulation. tuesday was day 5 with no contact with the married man and i had unfollowed him on all social media that day. but i promise you, if you open yourself up to the possibility of learning who your married man actually is, you will begin to move forward. he married his wife because she was from a rich family, same religion, state, everything. little did i know then he had proposed to this other woman. the married man is always going to want to have his cake and eat it too as i long as he can find a gullible woman like me to enable his fantasies. and it’s hard to move on from a married man unless you totally cut him out of your life. i told him not to do this to another woman, but i don’t think that matters to him. truly hope that every woman who is on this site will be open to visiting hg’s website. anyone who is still involved with a married man, all i can say is end it now. no man that truly loved you would put you through this — never. and then last night – i was out with friends and the married guy showed up. it hurts me because when thinking back, i reckon he’s never chosen me from the beginning, he could have a chance but he got married anyway and what he always said to me is he was sorry he couldn’t be with me 100% of his time, that he was not 100% mine although he loved me with all his hurt. be aware that not everything you read in these articles are going to be exactly what your married man does; however, i guarantee a huge chunk of it does. the type of man who would have an affair is not necessarily the type of man who will tell the truth about his marriage. healer i spoke to tied everything back to our relationship with our self and our souls, when our choices are lacking integrity or hurting and taking from others, our actions will inevitably block our path to wholeness because we have betrayed ourselves, and left a crack in our integrity with our choice to be with the married man. the man i loved for a year who i comforted is nowhere around to hold me when i need him. lastly, something i realized in myself and many of the ladies on here is that we miss our married men even more because of what they have now. he probably would have moved on and never thought of me, that’s the part that hurts. like most of you, i too was having an affair with a married man. my ex husband and i decided to call it quits after 7 years of being together and 1 being married (he was my high school sweetheart).!The write up above i’ve mentioned is why…none is real, on our side yes, not their side (but not really real for us – we don’t know what these am/mm really are…we see the fake person…the manipulative liar…the twister). if you think the married man in your life isn’t a narc, think again. only you can decide if your affair with a married man is worth the risks and dangers. (and men in our position going through the same thing – applies to both, i’m certainly no man hater, funny enough i’ve very close male friends who i totally respect and are like brothers to me and i mostly work with men who are wonderful, it’s a handful of men and women that ruin things) so…. i have been with a married man for the last 12 months. a week went by and he texted me that he can’t live without me and that i’m truly the only woman that he loves. as a result, loos will forever be known as the side chick who went on to “manually stimulate” a pig on national television., chasing and having sex with people you know are married or you are the married person in pursuit of the liaison the why is a huge question to ask yourself. you're not up to the challenge of being able to deal with being a side chick or the other woman, dating a married man is not for you. so, are most married men who maintain long term affairs narcissists? i don’t know how deeply involved you are with this man, but keep in mind that the more time you stay with him, the harder it will be to let go. you still struggling to break up with your married man? he still with his mistress when he had his relationship with me (if this true, he has 1 wife and 2 mistress – what an amazing man *crying*). my ex-mm never came across as controlling to me, but when you are in love, many things are blinding. ways to support yourself financially is the best way to get over your affair with a married boss. it hurts so bad because he made me feel beautiful and sexy, things i’ve never felt before with my husband. hes the worst human being in the history of mankind! recently after a 2 year relationship broke off a relationship with a married man. but my husband hadn’t touched me for many years even though i begged him to please get help, to no avail., it was incredibly hard for me too, to believe such negative thoughts about a man i had given every ounce of my heart and soul to. i did ask and he messaged, he said that he felt he had lost the only human that he respects the opinions of, the only adult contact that means something to him and those few weeks he felt like he’d lost a limb and i will never ever know where he was (think he meant in his head). i have many scars from an abusive relationship, physically and emotionally. i need to understand why i have been so willing to settle with crumbs and why i have been so willing to help another man lie to his wife. it is scary how all our stories are the same…i have read so many posts here, and the foundations, evolution (of the story and us becoming ghosts of ourselves) and the end, when we end up being like we never existed, this is so cringing.
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      many victims i’ve heard from move forward into healthier relationships and marriages that last the rest of their lifetimes. he has not matured into a man even though he’s 38 and most likely, never will. do t forget men are there when it’s easy when it start being hard and requiring real proof of love they leave us alone, because ” you are so strong, you are the stronger woman i have ever met it’s incredible” bullshit, they just want to take the guilt away and feel like we can endure anything that the wife can’t. your mm won’t cut ties as he is still using you mentally, just like my attached man. unfortunately, for many, they don’t get the lesson the first time, so they tend to keep repeating their dysfunctional behaviors. i can take a wild guess and say that at least 95% of you on this site are empathic and you’ve been exploited and manipulated.. i am married, no kids, have an extremely loving husband but still i fell for this married man at work whos quite elder to me. i feel bad knowing that i’m the other woman, but i just love him too much. am praying i can end my relationship with my married boyfriend., i have been seeing a married man for about 8 mths and now 2 mths pregnant.. i later went on facebook and found out he had been married 3 years now. i did find out he was still married eventually and was shocked and gutted but it was too late. i don’t know how many times my married man says but what if i leave and it doesn’t work out …. i had the exact same breakup convo with my married man. i used to go on this roundabout with my married man also, the jealousy and the hurt and the wife sticking to him all the time. if this man is showing any signs at all of dysfunction, it’s simply not a good, healthy relationship for you. she has to hear this ex pull up outside her house 3 times a week to pick us his daughter, he refused to say goodbye claiming ‘i’d break down and i don’t want to cheat on my new woman’ – very rich coming from him as he forgot to end it with my friend before he decided to start with this other woman! he has been married for 8 years but no children, every time he mentioned about his wife he was sad and always portrayed that there was nothing between them. i haven’t had news from my married man since a month. initially, i liked this man because of his voice, his spanish accent, then i thought it was hot he had a phd, intelligence is a turn on but once i got to know him, he was just as messed up as the rest of us. now i see that no matter how good they are and how sweet and good man they are. he was supposed to come over so many times so that we can talk and he could tell me his plans and what’s going on but each time, he delays and delays and ends up cancelling which kills me. they’re happily married now and my friend is glad she stayed with him…but it was a long road! found this site so helpful, i was involved with a man who had another woman. i am also confident in the fact that the day i come across a good man, i will appreciate him. married man was a very decent person, he was so good to me for eight years that words would fail me if i tried to describe it. are so many others, but these are a good starting place. i was involved with a married man for nearly 5 years, so i know pain and suffering, and i know how hard it is to get away, but you have to start someplace and i’m doing my damndest to lead all of you in the right direction. i’ve been single since i was born abd never been involved with a man until my married man..There is no future with a married man wishing all the time. i even researched about woman moving in with their new partners into their ex ‘marital’ homes to be mature about it, and some women were great, saying it’s now their home and their memories and just bricks and mortar…., never fall in love with a married man… this is just a game to them… learn to play the game…. happy to have found a platform where i can be honest about my situation, i too am in a relationship with a married man,im now realising that i am not happy, although he gives me everything i want,he is currently paying my rented apartment ,i have a job that seems to be promising but im scared to break up with him because i do not make enough to support myself, this is a confession that i fell for a guy and got comfortable with material gain, i know i have a good head on my shoulders ,i shouldnt be in this situation. i’m writing because i’m also dating a married man for two years. i am 38 years old im married but my husband is gay thou he is in denying it to me all the time. he got married for the wrong reasons and i told him. i already feel lonely but i’d rather be alone and healthy with myself than lonely in a really sick, unhealthy relationship with a married man. for every single one of us there is a new, bright and free future, with a man who will love us and for whom we will mean the world! but i just cannot accept a relationship where a man’s heart is torn in two. if a man truly loved you, he wouldn’t put you through this! of course i can’t say all mm are bad, honestly there are so cases whereby they will divorce their wife and have a new relationship with the one they love, i would say there are not many such cases. i also said to him that if he truly didn’t care about her being with anyone else (he told me on many occasions that he didn’t), why did it bother him enough to question her. i agree that the married men are not happy, which is why they wander. it’s very comforting to know that i am not the only one going through this, as for the longest time i felt so alone and felt like such an awful person for being involved with a married man. he called it soul mismanagement, and his guidance was around understanding the structure and framework and regaining our integrity, working on our soul’s self care, and making a sacred covenant to your self to withhold these commitments to our self. jenny thank u for your compassion… its comforting to know someone else has been through this dating a married man that really understands because when your in this type of situation you feel so alone and isolated. i really saw his true colors and i realized that i would not want to be married to someone like him. neighbor has been and still cheating on his wife…in face throughout their relationship…they been married over 17 years but together over 23 years…since dec 18 i have been talking to my other neighbors, and to realized it is a common knowledge he’s a cheater…. ive been on the other side too – reality – with a different relationship of 3 years, where we lived together and the romance ends quicker when you dont retire to your separate homes at the end of the day. you are right…we have always been the 2nd option to the married men. the narcissist website, the bit about being in love with a married man, the 3 last sentences sum it up and are something like ‘my wife knows nothing about her, she thinks she knows all about my wife, neither of them know what i am’ – and that’s the core of it! it’s as if you were describing my situation though in my case there are children involved and my married man is very involved in their lives. my ex-married man, did the exact same thing to me after nearly 5 years. i learned if i reject him, he will try to move on to another woman quickly so he does not have to feel any blow to his ego. being in love with a married man has made me want to close myself off to all men but i feel in my heart there is someone out there for me. this man really loved you, wouldn’t he want what’s best for you and let you move on with your life? even though i sleep over at his home and sometimes we vacation together, i want him to say i will put you before any other woman. i was obesessed and almost crazy during the months that passed, chasing him, nagging and demanding answers and explanations from him, acting out. i broke up with my married man exactly a week ago. he says he doesn’t love her or she doesn’t understand him, but the truth is that he is committed to her because he wants to stay married to her. on the other hand, if i think he doesn’t love me anymore and he totally forgets me to come back to his wife, it equally hurts because i feel abandoned and left. the married man may have detached from you emotionally but that’s because their brain is wired differently to ours. but here’s the cold, hard truth: pursuing a married man isn’t worth it. but after reading so many posts, and seeing how eerily similar many of our experiences are, i can’t help but wonder if what you say is true. my biggest fear has been that i won’t meet someone who i connect with in the same capacity because i, as well as many others, feel our married men are/were our best friends and soulmates. have deleted him from my life,Kelly, leave the married man now. we may hate the wife because we are in competition with her for her husband, but believe me she is just an ordinary woman like us with dreams and aspirations and faith in this man she is actually unfortunate to be married to. really, i’ve never met a man who cares so much for his kids. man who is having an affair is in a “best of both worlds” situation. if you think for once that that man doesn’t think about you you are very mistaken. you have still life in front of you and you know he has kept you away from lively situation many times. now i’m sitting here at a wellness center in negril, jamaica doing everything to release this attachment to this man, praying, yoga, mineral baths, dancing, writing.. we spoke and he cleared a few misunderstandings about work and then he started getting all romantic, after the sex he just upped and was ready to leave without even satisfying any of my needs. i have skimmed many websites but i just can’t see many of these qualities in my married man?” i have a feeling many of these men are hiding in what they call “unhappy marriages”. my friends used to be adamant he would come back, saying he’ll never find anyone like you who wants him. i am married with a wonderful husband and 2 beautiful kids.. i know one thing though, no man has ever treated me like this hurts but it is the best thing to do. there it all started… i knew he was married with one child. the other thing that helps with staying away is that we won’t have the chance to let someone walk into our lives who will be free to love us unconditionally unless we stay free from married man…texts included. i am 38 years old im married but my husband is gay thou he is in denying it to me all the time. it’s not specifically about breaking up with a married man or getting over an affair with another woman’s husband, but it will help you move forward in your life.. and i am young, recently married to my childhood sweetheart. i recently broke things off with a married man last week., you want to know how to date a married man? this married man likes having his wife at home and you as an extra perk on the side. how do you get through a breakup up with a married man, its for the best i know but my heart hurts. i’m sure most of us can relate to when we were not even close to being in a position to thinking about another man, let alone going out with one! are so many beautiful and nice things in our lives, we just have to see and enjoy them again…step by step. you actually spend you time chasing the am/mm (mine with his gf for 12 yrs so i say attached man), wanting their constant approval, apologising lots if you feel you’ve pushed them etcetc. truth is, while you’re getting the golden period, she’s being devalued (manipulated – see above); and when you’re being devalued, she’s (or a new source of supply) getting the golden period.’s been really helpful to read your experiences, they’ve given me strength to stick to my guns and cut ties with the man i’m in love with. i knew that if a man claimed to love me as much as he did, he would not let me be alone when i was going through one of the most difficult things in my life. we loved the highs, but the lows (times without the married man), which was most of the time, destroyed us. i think the way he talked about getting married was so nonchalant that i sort of didn’t believe him. i’m married myself, 2 young kids, and ended my affair exactly 1 month ago today. this is one of the best tips on how to break up with a married man: cut off all contact and leave him alone. the lies, deception and constant disappointment of having an affair with a married man was awful. week before last i was going out of my mind about this guy and did read your post many times to real in my besottedness (is that a word? off to the supermarket we’d go to grab food for the next 2 evenings of ‘us’- we even have our own nickname which i’m sure many do! but they are probably so entangled in their lies, control, and manipulations, just as we once were. here’s how to break up with a married man and heal your broken heart, plus encouragement from a woman who broke up with an unavailable husband that she was cheating with. michelle i just wanted to say that i am in your same position for over 2 years, yes i fell inlove with a married man like you he caught my heart and he always wanted me to stay and never give up and of course i never give up for him for almost 2 years and then the time passes i always hurt and get jealous with his wife i need his attention but he always with her wife he also told me that he is never happy in his marriage but he cannot leave his wife maybe that’s all the married man can’t do, so i decided to let go of him and i tell him that i give up on our relationship but he insisting his self to me he goes on my work place but i told him to stay away and don’t ever come back i don’t know what i feel but something your heart will put you on the right decision if your tired of all the things, yes i forgive him and i wish i will forget him soon just be strong to tell him that i deserve a man that will love me. i think it was just, like all the rest of these attached and married men, they deny a normal life at home but it’s exactly what they have, and why we get pathetic little breadcrumbs.! words have been used forever to manipulate women wether the men are married or single. he was crying and saying am the one he loves because for years he has not gone to africa to see this wife ,yes he cares for me and our child but i can’t live with some man who lied to me, almost getting married to me and he still cheat on me with other women on facebook and all. are my thoughts too, we have husbands that love us & i know if he ever found out about my married man i would lose it all and cause so much hurt in the process to my kids, my husband. i will do my best to part in a peaceful way and keep good memories of the love i got to experience with this man. am dating, in fact i have fallen in love with total man…. they are the ones who end up stuck in their unhappiness while we can break free and do have the choice to be happy again, with or without a man in our lives. i always took pride in my relationship because my husband is an awesome man. the bottom line is you’re being abused (emotionally brainwashed and manipulated) and so is she. he is another woman’s husband; he stood in front of his family and friends and vowed to love her forever. i am in the same boat i meet a man 18months ago at the time i didn’t know he was married has time went by he told me he is a carer for his wife and nothing more and now he’s doing slot more stuff with her and i need out but can’t do it i have no will power am getting very depressed x. would you want to date a man with such poor judgment? with my married man almost a year and a half.. i am amazed by the amount of women that are experiencing married men situations. one day the married man meets someone (you, us) that jump starts his whole life again! saw a video my married man shared on instagram, he was at concert. one thing that really hurts is that i have to be the one getting rid of all the mementos of us, he never had any of them of course. blocked my married lover, but of course he came to my house, i was so angry, how dare he compromise me, invade my life? marine/cop working long hours…so the work, wife and lover became to much for him to manage.. towards beginning of our affair we both were ok with the fact that we are married and cant leave our families but we still want to b together. i am sorry to have loved a man who wasnt mine, or who will never be. am also in love with a married man and i don’t know what to do. how does a decent man say, “i can’t discuss this now, maybe next week” and “i can’t love you the way you want, but (but? but this one more time never really end, and thus starts the dynamics of breaking up and getting back together again which is the the hallmark of affairs with a married men and so detrimental to our self worth and peace of mind. he has married three other people, but never wanted to fully be with you? last month my married man’s wife found a text from me.’ve often wondered (throughout my life) why it was that i attracted so many negative people into my life; and now, i know why.’s been over a month now that my married man ended it and i haven’t reached out. now i think, it’s so easy for him to seduce and manipulate me because he is my boss. me when i say this, no man who truly loved you would stay married if he found the love of his life elsewhere. if someone sees me from the outside, they would see a confident, assertive and happy woman. i pray you reconnect with god, with your husband, and with the you who deserves so much more than being the other woman. it’s early days (a few months) but i forgot what it was like having undivided attention of a true and single man who puts you first and can text and call anytime! i cannot believe how badly a man who professed to love you can behave. it’s his manipulation tactic to try and draw me back in, and i see right through it. yes, they can play happy families and happy married couples – but the fact they had you ladies means there was something wrong in their marriages, something was missing there and you were providing them with what was missing. i have been feeling like if the married man in my life stubbed and broke his toe all i would do is laugh! i married, was happy for 24 of 27 years, and then discovered my ex was cheating, and our marriage was over. never imagined i would ever be with a married man, but in a blink of an eye, 4 years later and i am left feeling so utterly lost and alone. i always knew he was married from the beginning, she was in a diferent country and he was alone you could say. it may sound a bit harsh to many because most of us are oblivious to, or in denial of, what a narc is capable of. but you will managed, you can’t believe it now but you will. because they are a married man having an affair they are narcissistic? he just told me that he found out today that he will be going home (he’s from out of state) and when he returns after 20 days he will be staying elsewhere, i couldn’t believe how much this hurt me, i found out about his being married a week ago and thought i had just accepted that he was a no-go but figured that i would leave him on my own timeline, this sucks! she told him the kids would call another man daddy and to move out if he didn’t end it immediately. missing someone while you can’t do anything about it, especially when that someone has left you to choose another woman – his wife. married man texted me right away after we met and we texted everyday since. i quit looking at my married man’s wife’s account because it’s all fake. used to feel like i was the exception with my married man.” “what if my married man’s excuses are actually valid? he makes fun of me when his wife is visiting and it hurts so much. and therefore, a vulnerable woman is the perfect thing for them. to break up with a married man and heal your heart. do things you couldnt while you were seeing the married man. i told him that he is a liar, cheater and manipulator. he is married and lives in the same building as i do. i feel especially heartfelt for those of you who had a married man who treated you like a princess because it makes it harder to move on versus someone who is a complete jerk. going on regular dates (at reasonable hours), socializing with friends and family, building a relationship based on trust and intimacy … a married man is always going to withhold something from you. if even a smidgen of it was real and true and heaven sent, a man who’s sincerely in love with you would’ve never allowed you to be put in a position where you’re having to wait for him to leave another woman. he said he has get a lawyer to divorce his wife but on the other hand i keep seeing his wife fb putting the married status. and everyone deserves to follow their own gut feeling - this includes the married man who wants you. this time i’m fighting with everything, every prayer, every blog post, every woman who has or is in the same situation. you need to go no contact now because this man will destroy your life and steal your soul. then, i learned on this site many others went through the same thing. came across this website while seeking help how to break free of a mess i found myslef in… im 27, and i have started to fall for a married man who works in the same company. it hurts even more because he didn’t even bother to respond., it literally kills you they will manage to live without you even after to have done so much for them. you start to realize that you as a woman want more, you need more affection, not just what he gives you when he can., what you says almost explains my married man’s behavior. all i can say is he was engaged, could have not got married to be with you and yet he did not. when you sleep with your boss, you entangle your love life with your financial affairs — and the best thing to do after you stop dating a married man is to get financially independent! have gone back and forth to this man for so many times because i can’t stand the pain of being away from him. this hurts like hell and i feel like i can’t get off the couch but this too shall pass. when things got tough, when i made demands or needed explanations for poor behavior, they left and just moved on. i never chased him; i liked him, but since he was married i never would’ve made a move on him. in fact, i dont wish to live with my mm or another man if i dont have to. that letting go of an affair with another woman’s husband is painful, but you can put it behind you.. we have got to realise any man that can constantly do this to their partners for a year, 3 years, 5 years and so on are pretty screwed up and we are not immune to their sh*tty behavior…. i really want a man of my own and i want to get married. he’s everything you’ve ever wanted, you belong together…but he is another woman’s husband. boreanaz somehow managed to hold on to both his beautiful wife and his career, but not without a lot of public apologizing. i told him that i am sorry and that i apologise to him and i apologise to god for having any contact with him knowing full well he is married and that i am not ending all contact for us both to get on with our lives. it’s a pattern with all of us who have been attached to a married man. after you start to come through the grief, you will be grateful to no longer be trapped in the hell of searching for articles on how to break up with a married man. reason a married man can end an affair so easily is because his first allegiance is to his wife. you hear the hate which they talk about the side chick or the other woman.!As is the case with most of us, the married men will never say clearly he doesnt want to b with u anymore cos they want to keep us hanging! you’ll feel better about yourself and your life after ending the affair, and you’ll see the married man differently. i am all for womanhood, and in no way possible did this woman deserve to be cheated on by her husband. he wants you to keep dating him even though he’s married and even though he won’t leave his wife. have tried to end it so many times with my married man, even during the time things were great.
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      i text back saying thank you so much, you have really cheered me up and this is the first saturday i have woken up happy in many many years. i can’t speak for all married men, but it seems to me that they enjoy having a woman that “needs them” emotionally and physically. you are so young, you have your life and an amazing man on the other side of this pain. give an example, he one time questioned his wife if she was “seeing” anyone else after he found a message from another man on her phone. my story is a little different where a married man took advantage of me..If you are dating a married man, you will need to give…a lot. i have been reading so many books to help get me through, along with talking to a counselor, my mother and a couple of really close (nonjudgmental) friends. can talk to many people who have experienced similar situations on my blog. the romance isnt there anymore either… i feel the last few months for sure i have wanted to protect myself and started to hold back a lot more… i thought this would make him try harder to sort the situation out… but i asked him outright last week when will he be with me, he doesnt know. welcome your thoughts on how to break up with a married man. much research has been done on infidelity to give explanation for the reasons why people cheat and lie to the other woman or other man about the state of their marriage. he married 3 times and cheated on all 3 wives…he not a winner. so somehow the grip this man had on my psyche dimmed, i had so much more to think of. the only way i could finally leave the married man this current time was to say to him, “look we have all this history together and i do have very deep feelings for you but i am no longer okay with our arrangement. like you are describing my relationship with my married man. working with this married man, looking after a young girl and facing the emotional abuse of my ex. women who start dating a married man find themselves treating the affair like an exclusive relationship. thank you so much for your comment and i sincerely hope you can break away from the man who’s holding you hostage. if you have a baby with this man, it will be very hard to cut contact with him, especially since he and his wife both have acknowledged the fact. you all i pray god almighty give us the grace to move on with our lives and give us the man made for us amen. been in affair for 5 yrs, and iv just ended it , his reply was i want your cunt, well says it all doesn’t, it, no i love you, please dont leave, for him it was just sex , as in the 5 yrs he never ever bought me anything, took me out, no birthday cards nothing, and the stupid fool i was i let it happen, because i loved him, of course he said the usual things that he lived in a sexless marriage, that he hated her, but never said he would leave her, they still had their holdays together, and there is no children, since i ended it its, over a week now haven’t heard a word since, and i never will contact him, what a waste of soul destroying 5yrs, never ever will i become involved, with a married man again, and the stress is unbelievable, if my children ever found out that i had been involved with a married man they would disown me , as their father had affair, which broke up my marriage, well onwards and upwards, is all im going to do, there is someone, free out in the big wide world, and if i dont find him, im going to enjoy my stress free life. i finally ended it with my married man and it is hard. two months ago my 7 year relationship with my live in boyfriend ended and what do i do…i start texting my married man! my married man has 3 children, one of whom is autistic. remember that breaking up with a married man will be painful and sad, but it’s better for you in the long run. he’s been married to the same woman for the past almost 18 years they have four children together. man may expect you to remain available to him, refusing dates with other men and arranging your schedule around his. you’re a strong woman and i believe in you! i dressed up for this man like never before, bought lingerie, talked about interesting topics, followed politics, etc. the following few days he called me and said he’s sorry of his lied and he wanted to divorce his wife but many reasons that he can’t and his wife did not want to. i can’t believe how much time and energy i wasted on this man. time flies and as a woman we don’t have so much waiting time for mm. i want to believe it with all of my heart, but after reading how so many were treated, after years of waiting, i had to let go. you went through so many hard situations that you deserve the best from now on! laura, i knew my ex-married man for 10 years before ever getting involved. the pain is unbearable, and we will all be miserable without a chance to meet “the one” until we let the married man go. but in saying this you seem to be conveniently forgetting that many women having affairs with mm are also cheating on their partners! i’ve invested 3 years of my life falling more and more in love with this man.’re madly in love and want to be together, but he says he can’t decide what to do because the wedding is being arranged by his sister, and he has a 13 year old son (with another woman) who is close to his fiancee. i know how much it hurts, and if i could come to wrap you in a hug i would. when he realized i was no longer playing by his set of rules (manipulations), he discarded me out of the blue. i’m 40 and have been with this 46 year old married man for 2 1/2 years. she probably is an awesome person, who is unfortunately married to a dick who should be thankful for what he has, but has probably already headed out to find the next poor gal to enjoy the hours of 3:30-5pm with. i’m tired of being the woman he uses for masturbation. don’t do it to capture him, don’t keep it expecting anything more than man feeling cornered into a decision. how many of us grew up with strong morals, faith, happiness, and are also the last people in the world anyone would ever suspect would be in this situation? the attached man has still not left almost 3 years on. unfortunately, for many of us, it’s not as easy to happy but the other said still have pain cos he is married. my married man is also my boss and the highs and lows are dreadful. i’m also the only one ever to cut ties and have even managed 2 months at a time a couple of times now. be 21 this year 2016 i met my married man when i was 17 he is now 29. vulnerable and lonely, i was shocked that this very good looking man wanted to hang out with me and seemed genuinely interested in the work i was doing. if you abuse someone (and that means cheat on them, hit them, not talk to them, erode their self esteem and so many other different ways) and it happens once, maybe twice, it could be written off as an aberration caused by drinking, stress, medication or fatigue. have been involved less then a year with a married man. just broke up with a married man after 3 months and he was my business partner too. i left my married man very soon, because i knew what was going to happen, because i learned from you all. i have a whole wonderful life to live without this married man!, a few more things to add and hopefully you’ll consider … the loving words a mm tells you is a form of manipulation and brainwashing and this is why it’s so damn difficult to cut ties from him. i’m afraid that every man i meet i will compare to my married man and i’m afraid i will push them away. this man wasn’t able to give you this attention all the time because he was married, but i am sure that there is another man for you that does. but they are so many people around, he is just one out of so many you can meet, work, friendships, support. you must love him, otherwise you wouldn’t be sleeping with him because you know he’s another woman’s husband. he’s a facade: you know enough about him to give you some insight into his personality and life, but you’re not involved with the real man.’ve been reading several articles about breaking up from an affair with a married man…. your affair brings shame, disrespect and other consequences onto the married man’s wife and children. but life got in the way, he had too many stresses and he couldn’t continue. stop calling him “my married man” he’s not yours. my married man even came to a wedding with his partner in my city, and low and behold, the wedding was held at my athletic club a km from my house! i wanted to text him so many times before and never did but yesterday i was weak.. so after his wife and kids keep treating me i decided to break it off with this married man but he cried and begged me not to leave him this continued until the last couple of weeks ago when his wife showed up to my job and then they came to my house…it hurts so bad but the sad thing is that i really miss him but at the same time i can’t stand him.’s been one month since the married man ended it with me and i haven’t contacted him since, neither has he. and this is the problem with us women, we are empaths and caring people, we may go in thinking we want what the man wants and that we can handle it, but we can’t. amanda, when i was reading your story, i started crying! thought i’d say hello and thank you all as ever for your wonderful comments on breaking up with a married man.’m curious how long you have been in no contact and how you ended things permanently? there was nothing that he wouldn’t do for me and i never, ever felt like the other woman. keep faith that this situation will turn around the blessing of god will manifest in your life. plus you are married so you don’t feel the full weight of being alone. she hooks on to him(fucking him with her gf while he is still married to wife #1. trust me it hurts like hell, but staying with him will eventually kill your soul. i broke up with him two weeks ago and it really hurts. after he left, i heard nothing from him for two weeks but found out he had gotten married!.questioning his whereabouts and all along he is still living with his wife……i loved this man so much but i knew in my heart the truth. left him because i said i no longer wanted to be with a married man. i always see him as such a good person, he never promised me anything, he said i should go many times because he loved me and did not want to hurt me. i need to forgive myself because i was such an idiot to love a man like him, but i believe time makes things work.. i try to b strong, everyday i think of ending it with the married man, but when i see his pic on watsapp, i get carried away n numb! you can’t because you’ve made future plans with this man, he’s promised you so many wonderful things, he gives you a love like you’ve never known in your life … but, and this is the biggest and worst but ever … none of it is real. there is a world outside of the circle in which your love for your married man is holding you captive and the door is there for all of us to walk out. now i am mourning the end of my marriage and a bad breakup all while working with this man who is now going on a family vacation 🙁. when we are older and married, we are bound to that relationship legally and everything we have worked so hard for our entire life can go poof, or we lose half of it…so we stay and numb ourselves into believing this is the way it will be. i didn’t even tell the mm i had feelings for him, i just knew that if i felt so strongly, i could not get married! have a relationship with a married man, but he is my neighbor. if he’s on a dating site and married, that should be your first sign that he’s a creep. to single men, there are thousands and many nice ones., give yourself a chance, i’ve been dating for many years before, and got nowhere, but had fun, lovely times and memories and spend normal weekends with these guys.! i am just 20 and u got involved with a married guy who was working with me. loving and leaving a married man can drive you crazy and make you do and say things that are not the real you. if you can learn what you’re looking for, you’re one step closer to knowing how to break up with a married man. maybe there is a chance that your married man isn’t a narcissist, but based on what we’ve all been through on here, i doubt it. have had a relationship with my married man for 4 yrs and it just ended yesterday when he told me his wife is pregnant. i like many, never…ever thought i would be with a mm because like others i detested women who could do that..hes quite elder to me, father of a kid & married for over 10 yrs now. man came to your life and treated you with cheating and lying. my married man broke up with me four times in the last two years, although he doesn’t really call it break up. i see this man as my soul mate and love of my life, but i’m laying here alone in bed crying and writing this.!I read your stories of seeing your married man and wife on fb…ouch…. the last time we spoke he mentioned he was married and had one child. to say, she didn’t get to keep the man, the job, or the outfits.. cried myself to sleep too many nights cos he was perfect. i too feel worthless, guess i’m looking for love from a man who only loves me for sex. i have gotten into trouble at work for my absenteeism since the official mark of the end of the relationship between my married man and i. he’s been married to her for 30 years and we been doing this for 7 years.. ladies, plz plz plz tell me how do i end things with my married man? if mann was expecting to get full-time custody over stefani’s life, she was sadly mistaken. i wanted to get married but he kept stalling and would make up some excuse and give some reason why he couldn't marry me yet. is very easy for a married man to paint a picture of an evil wife and himself as a hapless victim. well one day out of the blue (i was doing well without him, i am the one who broke it off) he left a message on my vm that he was getting married. i told my married man that i wanted to be there and he got mad. after i left, my attached man started staying with me 2 nights a week, it was bliss as was usually the car and hotels before (gosh, who’d thought an intelligent level headed mid thirties girl would do such tacky things! course your hearts hurt, of course you will have hard time sad days find your self crying and many other things but you gonna be alright. a real man, in real love would not cause the kind of heartache and pain we have all felt. married man no longer talking to me or texts me back. have been nc with my married man since almost 2 months. and i don’t know maybe i feel sorry for her that she would have to put up with a man like that. over an affair with a married man won’t happen overnight. many on this website, we understand very well what you are going through. somehow, these married men tend to know how to do that to us and yet, the price is so high. i know that sharon and many other women gave me much needed strength, and i am so grateful for that. now i am wondering-does the fact that your married man was a narc make you all feel better, or worse? lost my love when i was 63 after 2 1/2 year intense emotional affair with a married man. my friend once referred to my married man as a narcissist and i completely disagreed with her. but married men who cheat usually don’t want to leave their wives. are all human and we all need love and intimacy and to feel good about ourselves. i know it feels like it but you have so many people in your life that love you. after not seeing the married man for about 10 years (i broke it off) i started seeing him again because my partner passed away. i love this man and i know he loves me. i walked on water, and basked in sunlight for so many years. i think he loves the idea of a younger woman to control. i have been left many times in tears and stay home bc i went back to school. i have discovered on this website that we are so many some days we are better than others, but right now what is important is to not go back and get strenght back. married man told me today he can’t and won’t leave his daughter. it’s not a race but it will make a huge difference and it will effect how you manage the post-break up feelings. it hurts everyday, i miss him every, and i love him dearly.’s been a few days since i left a post and i really thought the dynamic with my married man had changed. encourage him to work out his relationship with his wife in whatever manner is best for them. my married man is my colleague and we work together in the same ward, thank god he is not my boss. things with my married man and i were simply just physical. i know i’ve become the “other woman”, “the mistress” and even though he tells me differently, i know that as long as i’m in the picture i’m essentially breaking up a family and it’s killing me. you imagine what it’s like to actually live with a manipulative liar that cheats so so easily? married men only want sex and the only place you can go with him is the bedroom. but it is helping to know i’m not the only one in this world who has made the selfish mistake of being with a married man, but i guess you can’t help who you fall in love with. any one has the same feeling about their married men, or had, and can help somehow i will be happy to hear. i’m stunned by the similarity- it’s as if these men have all read the same manual, isn’t it? after many sleepless nights, feeling horrendous, i was really good and didn’t contact him (yes i keep checking my email but at least didn’t reach out! that no matter what he tells you about his wife, your dating a married a man is your choice not hers. one day i agreed to go out with him for drinks in the evening as i had finally gotten divorced and that eve after tooo many cocktails we ended up kissing and then having sex. be prepared to face the reality that breaking up with a married man is difficult and painful – but the best thing you could do for yourself. my friends would never dream of being with a married man or letting themselves get into my situation so it makes talking to them very difficult. i’m not going to get into the details of how i ended up loving someone who was married, because it’s not important at this point, but just know that i did not set out to be in this type of relationship. many people think it doesn’t just happen but it does. i am a beautiful, vibrant woman who has so much to give to people who deserve it. i started about 18 years ago when i was involved with someone myself (not married – just living together) for 7 years. your time with your man will be scheduled around his family obligations. i’ve heard many a people say ‘they’re all the same, we all have the same stories. have had so many gifts from my relationship and the ending of it, yes it has been soul breaking, but i have kept searching for where the meaning is in all this and am finding answers and it does help with the pain and grief. will manage to think less and less about it, the truth is you will never get answers and never know what is the truth. i worked with a married man for yrs and became involved. you think your situation is unique and that he’s different than other married men, but they’re not. i’m a married woman having an affair with a married man. because i finally moved on from my married man at one point in life. he will open all my messages and not respond and when he does this -boy it hurts. i never, ever thought i would end up with him because he was married, but i knew if i had such strong feelings for him, i could not be with my boyfriend any longer. however , this impression that married men give you about how bad their marriage actually is, is blown up to sound worse than it probably is. getting involved with a married man has taught me so many valuable lessons; however, i will never do it again. in march, i met a man or so i thought. they don’t see us as human beings, and they sure as hell don’t treat us like humans. hes just using you nothing more, lies lies lies, iv been there, if he really wanted you for real, he would leave his wife and all his commitments, , married men will say anything, to get you into bed, because in reality its all they are after, wise up girl, i did. i was with my married man 2 years and a half. dating a married man is fraught with difficulties and heartbreak for not only yourself, but everyone who is affected. i can see that some of the narcissistic traits matched my mm, so many didn’t. 15 months seems like a short time compared with some, at the same time, 15 months too many. what does he need to inform you about the weather when we have so many media outlets that can keep you informed. i miss my married man so much it hurts, the worst pain ever, yet he can laugh and joke like we never existed – we go to the same gym. i dreamt of him and me being in 2 totally different worlds, it’s like the death – alive, the human being – ghost kind of world, but somehow we managed to talk to each other, and communicated to each other. i know how every one of you feel when you are in love with someone who is in a relationship/married, and you don’t know how to escape it because the love you feel for them is just too strong. only 9 out of 10 married men leave their wives at best. my heart hurts all of the time and its to the point that when i tell myself tomorrow is a new day and you won’t feel this way. if the conditions in the marriage are shaky, then the spouse is vulnerable to another human being meeting the needs they have been missing. i too knew my married man before the affair started and had a close friendship with him. that was 6 weeks ago and he has been round for sleepovers twice ( how can she put up with this) and yesterday he turned up after 11 days no contact (my choice) to tell me how much he loves me, how sorry he is for hurting me and i’ve told him not to come again and not to contact me again, i need more than crumbs of this man and his wife needs him to step up and be the man she thought she had married. i have been involved with a married man for a little over 4 years now and am married myself. i had said the same things to him so many times, that it was almost starting to lose its meaning. this led to me developing huge feelings for him and he me, only problem is he is married with a new baby too.
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