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recently had one night with a libra man and was hooked (amazing conversation & amazing lover), but could quickly see all these signs in just a few days after that scared the hell out of me –and realized this is a guy that will break my heart if i let him…. if you continuously keep texting a libra, you can probably expect their friends to nick name you “the new crazy one,” or something very similar. and while it’s not rare for a libra to share feelings, it is very rare for a libra to share their true feelings. he has so many female friends i dare say more than that of men. my libra man used me and had not a cent to his name and rarely paid for me when we went out yet lived in my home paying barely anything and lied the while time. here’s the story i’m at work and one of his home boys who works with me drives me to his house afterwards and we are sitting in the car and homeboy says let’s go inside, libra says can’t my parents are will trip cause of her, homeboy cracks a joke and says just at like it’s your ex girl with alot less weight… the asshole replys that won’t work cause she was just here earlier. you are not good at challenging the mind of a libra, we do get bored and start looking for other challenges. if you’ve been dating a libra guy for a while, you’ve probably noticed that he worries about himself when shopping. this is because libra is the sign of balance and in the most basic sense, most libra men have learned to live in harmony with their feminine side. add to this his talent for attracting the opposite sex very easily, and it’s not difficult to see why the unmarried libra man has a (possibly unfair) reputation for cheating. my libra man did not, and i dont think will,ever change. only the indulgent cancer man and lusty aries lover can match the libra man in number of conquests. librans like to challenge you intellectually and mentally when they speak. have been with my libra man on and off, for six years. am a scorpio woman and we broke up because he is very flirtatious and a player.(dont go too quiet and let him do all the talking or a libran man will tend to get frustrated if he does not get any comeback! at the time he was 42, he’s now 43 an he is a october libra an yes it was an open communication.. anything else is a turn off (3) we balance everything out so most times you get exactly the same treatment you give your libra guy (4) we love sophisticated women,ones we can connect with, have things in common with. maybe it’s coincidence, but with all libra guys i’ve met, i just put my “happy mood” face and roll with it. i am used to having control in a relationship, and if that ground of security is not there, or i cannot see it for some reason due to someone (in this case libra) withholding that info, i become terrified and run, or swim away in my case. a lot of the comments about the libra man is sooo true! i will say is that libra guys can be very childish, very selfish, very needy, very deceptive, very manipulative, very sneaky, very phony, very whiney, very bitchy, very shallow, very materialstic, very judgmental, very hating, very jealous, very broke, and very whoreish for no reason. will a libra guy say everything is fine if it isn’t? ones who share our dream (5) always settle disagreements with him in a civilized manner (6) we’re pretty hard to read, so if you really love your libra, try to understand him, & he’ll love you forever. old does a man have to be that is a libra to settle down? a gemini, been with my libra for 6 years and never cheated. i almost got involved with a libra man, but lucky enough to not ended up with him in a serious relationship. am in agreement with what you said about those libra’s. libra man makes a great father because he is always very careful never to show favoritism for one child over another. out-weighing the pros and cons within you as a woman. i hurt far too easily and i would like to spare myself any pain brought on by a man of this nature. i wish i can everybody is either of their male friends name :-)he’s a libra i’m a scorpio. maybe there are certain traits of a libra that is noticeable, however. i know you might want to see them, but think like a man here…would you want to date someone that is always there?, charming and a bit of a scamp - that's the libra man, at least on the surface. he said what he could say to keep me on the side of possibly getting back together, he told me all these good positive things about being a good woman, but when i challenged him and told him about the wrong he was doing he shut down, shut me out, not without attacking me first! libra women seem deceptive, one of my co-workers was libra and she was manipulative. he managed to manipulative himself out that situation and then had the guts to blame it on me.’s what i feel you need to know about libra’s. damn this is true… the way i tamed my triple libra and i’m a triple taurus 2 the odds of it …?. those women should be glad the libra man is gone for good!: • The challenges • His best points • If you love a libra man… • Stay on your toes|  get personalized content  |   sign in  |   search. i’m a taurus woman and i say the same thing.

Libra Men: Partners or Players? – Bright*Star*Lights

11 Brutal Truths About Dating a Libra (As Written By A Libra

maybe because libra guys dread loneliness so much that staying in unhealthy relationships isn’t a challenge to them. think i have turned into this mean woman and i can’t marry him cos we are a ticking bomb which will soon explode, he has too much drama and is such a cry baby god! anyway, his creativity wins at times and he comes up with a plethora of romantic ideas. there is a big difference from a mature and immature libra and because of it u will definitely get the balanced or unbalanced libra. they are everything you donot want in your ideal man… for a pisces woman at least. libra men…i really don’t understand them at all, it’s like we’re speaking two different languages. this is with any relationship involving a libra, give them balance. the libra guy has a screening period in his relationship when he decides if you’re truely the one. everything, the libra father wants to be a good friend to his children, and herein lies both his greatest quality and his biggest weakness. it still remains to be seen if their 2000s-era counterpart, young libra zac efron, will fall into the parter or player category. i just see the posts on how libras will contact you later. those libra’s can be real tricky an they get you to fall in love an then turn out to be a totally different person. been with a libra for nine years i have constantly been cheated on and lied too. in the 1990s, seemingly not a single woman could rise to fame without finding herself in bed with flavor of the decade eric stoltz (taurus cher, gemini helen hunt, aries robin wright, aquarius bridget fonda, et al) and jeff goldblum who has slept with everyone from aquarius geena davis to pisces sharon stone and virgo nicole richie. i can say it’s hard not to fall for a libra man he’s intellegent, sexy, and charming. are way more wicked and manipulative, and if you continue torturing him and forcing him to be in relationship with you, you will suffer. snoop dog has been married to his high school sweetheart for more than a decade (brief splits have not stuck) while she tolerates him going so far as to star in naughty movies.!Hey jane, you say your man works long hours and travels alot , you are having a long distance relationship? the little romance sessions will be something out of a dream.. he then made a massive mistake in his story and told me had to work every single saturday to earn extra money to pay his rent, but in the same sentence he said he drove over (20 miles away from where he works) to see his new woman every friday night and that he leaves her house on sunday morning to pick up his son……weird that, how can one person be in 2 places at the same time…. my experience: if u are a female libra and u possess the qualities of femininity and masculinity it will sometimes conflict with overly emotional immature libra men, so don’t be too vocal, opinionated, or domineering it can come off as being disrespectful even if ur not. this guy has so many female ‘friends and co workers’ that it is not funny. am going through the exact same thing with a libra man- we were friends for years, he was close to my husband. i have been with a libra 4 three yrs now im an aquarius frm the start he lied 2 me he told me he was single i found out 7 months into r relationshp he was cheating on me well nt me but on the grl he had been with bfor me they was 2gether 4 2 yrs. so if your libra guy ditched you for some other broad, you were doing something wrong (1)we like a woman who is feminine and ready to assume the role of a woman in a relationship, not a control freak (2) we love beauty, style, elegance & sophistication. a week later he was sleeping with a woman who is 10 years older, 3 kids and had no intentions of being with each other they both just sleep around. i can say is that it is best to leave it alone…if he is this old and still acting childish that isn’t a good sign…i answered why he opened up the communication lines to you again…to manipulate you…any man that asks a woman for me is not a good man…i know it hurts because you love him, but get busy with your life and date other men…let time pass and get on with your own life don’t live in the past…if he really wanted to be with you he would’ve done whatever it takes to get you back…and unfortunetly, he has shown his true colors…it’s not important to him…men are douches and this guy is a douche to do this to you…i hope you are able to move on for your own sake!.what is it with these bloody librans, it’s over , he ended it so back off and let me get on with my life for god’s sake…. they could have been perfectly happy homes but little libra didn’t get much attention until he worked hard, or flattered everybody, for it. believe this you have to be really committed and give your all to a libra and it can be physically, emotionally, and mentally draining. a to of times, libra men don’t like being tied down to anything. but, they are so charming i think the only type that can deal with a libra man is the libra woman cuz they are both alike. he was a really mummy’s boy and i think was jealous that i’m an independent woman and do everything for myself, no running to mummykins for me that’s for sure.. if we woman tick like a bomb, then therefore libra knows what makes us upset so libra men will use that against us. i dote and flirt with my libran and he enjoys it..) they listen carefully to what a woman says when she spills her guts about herself/her life, and uses it to his advantage later to manipulate her or use it against her in some way. i’ve been in a long distance relationship with a libra for 2yrs and it’s been a few weeks of happiness and months of living hell.’m a 25 year old libra man and i’ve only ever been in love once in my life. wow factorpersonalized dating tipskiss and make upcompatibility star ratingsyour personal love calendarwhen to seduce your datetorn between two loversin-depth reportsbackin-depth reportsall in-depth reportsrelationship 'love story' reportpersonal forecast reportrelationship forecast reportrelationship strengths and challenges reportpersonal relating potential reportpartner relationship personality reportpartner romantic forecast reportarticlesbackarticlescelebrity articlesastrology articlesrelationship articlescelebrity couples compatibilitybookshelp & legalbackhelp & legalfaqprivacy policyterms & conditionscookieshow to obtain birth informationcontact centerabout us. i am a very attractive feminine woman, but have a fair balance between femininity and masculinity which is not hard to find in any gay or straight libra. ( i think he is using the sympathy card on me now) which frankly ain’t working cos am waiting to get my certificate get a better job and spilt hopefully i will comment in 5-6 months about how i leave cos sincerely am tired of the games and i want a real man not a coward who wants to please evryone. he would then put me down, my talents, job etc, and made me feel i had no self esteem left, librans are experts at doing that. remember play fair…we are humans just like everyone else and we do instigate fights and we will push your boundries and we will do everything we can to see what kind of person you are…once we feel safe and we can trust you there isn’t any other sign in the zodiac that will be sooo loyal to you as we are!

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aquarius and libra’s are supposed to be very compatible too ! me share my positive and negative traits that come along with being a libra male. my ex is a spiritual man so he would always feel condemn for the cheating and being caught up in money. dated a libra man for a few dates, we had a fall-out. expect me to hop all over him and love him…but because i’m still hurt ij ust want sometime to myself…this sends him over board…then hell get to bragging about how many hoes want him and how many hoes he left for me…and who he could he sleeping with right now…but if i break up with him im turning my back on him or i never really loved him or some. 21 year old libra men, all i can say is that we aint playaz, we r serious partners…. they know to push your buttons and then be exceptionally romantic the next minute make you forget why you were angered.@ libra 1007………… dude you’re not a true libran, u’re a pussi. i repeat this urgently; listen to your very first instinct; that feeling that tells you something is just off, because trust me libra’s are more messed up than you can imagine.’s terrible, why do you want a man that’s already with someone else ? he’s a libra, you don’t know him well, you don’t know if he’s a good provider, you don’t know if you can rely on him. had my heart broken recently with a 23 year old libra. hope my story helps give insight on a libra male n the ride ur in 4. i feel i may be in that gray area with my man. when it comes to libra men at first they display their best qualities that make u think “whoa-his is a good guy but not the pathetic type-he has something.! hahaha libras can take a beautiful thing like love, loyalty and committment and ruin it like no other sign can! i then have to turn around and evaluate myself and think “well maybe i am asking too many questions. me and my libra did everything together and had so many good times the biggest thing was the arguments. i don’t knw if my ex libra had someone new or not plus i never cared if he did or didn’t. never in my life have i ever met this kind of man. so just be careful an guard your heart with those libra’s they are very sweet ppl an nice friends but as for me i am a gemini lady an relationships with them dont work for me. i know from my past my libra never treated me like a person only treated me like a girl., i love libras, they are fun, we laugh, they look good, intelligent creatures. thing i know is u can get a librain by the balls if u know his family and friends (which i do) that way u can make him look bad if he does anything stupid, trust me he never wants pple to know how wicked and manipulative he is! to fatherhood represents quite a big challenge for a libra man, especially if he has been used to having his partner entirely to himself and commandeering all their attention. it’s been a journey dealing with this libra but he’s falling for me and starting to show he likes me. true for the gemini woman, i am one and i love being with one partner and do be very satisfied. the best way to deal with a libra in a temporary lover scenario is to treat them the same. this is when it can become unfair to the other partner because while libra is fooling the other partner into believing they are happy, they are not. if your crush is a libra, here are ten things to expect once you start dating him. october libras are as arrogant as hell and have addictive personalities. not to say all libra’s follow through with this gut instinct but we are pretty well known for looking elsewhere to get whatever we feel we are missing at home. he also professed his undying love for me, how he chose me and i was “the one” and how i was his property and no other man was allowed to touch me. when i was 21 i met a 25 year old pisces woman and fell head over heals, i knew it was true love at first sight. raymond is a libra and he a cheater too , even wrote songs about it. if you are ready to cope with his drawbacks, give a libra guy a chance. will have to be not only as stunning but also quite intellectual to keep a libra man engaged and committed to you., i am a 18 year old sag women, i previously dated a libra men, he was quit the charm when we first met, but after 4 months of the relationship he started being rude, disrespectful, and too posesive he was nothing like the above, is that normal for a libra men? dating a libra man and everything u said i can most def relate 2 except the romantic n breaking up part. may be a sport to some libra men, but this doesn't apply to every single one. never ever give a man money unless he is your husband even then you can question it…would you ask a man for money? tell me this the libra that i met on the internet, didnt text me at all. think what most of you are describing here are just immature human beings.

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most libra men are extroverts who enjoy socializing and can’t stand loneliness. they will try to rob you from your heart, mind, integrity, deserves, and respect as a woman. it seems nothing is changed other libra men doing their usual bs! the minute you start feeling happy about the relationship and having a ray of hope, it will come crashing down if a libra guy is involved.’m a leo woman and i’ve dated aries, gemini, libras and leos but the libra has got me hooked..I have dated libra’s and we are not alike at all…they try to get clingy or needy and i stop it immediately with my speech of i don’t want to get overwhelmed. if the libra man or woman say they need space please give it but know that its a possibility the promiscuous libra in the relationship, who don’t like o be alone will be sleeping with someone during the space treatment. wish you the best in your relationship i hope i am wrong about your libra, but just keep your eyes open that’s all. i met a libra guy in september 2013 and he’s one of the most amazing guys i’ve ever met. telling me to trust him…that he’s not capable of cheating because it’s been done to him before so he knows how painful the feeling is and he just can’t imagine ever doing that to another human being. i feel embarrassed writing this because i am an intelligent person and i should have known better but my experience might help someone see libras don’t care for anyone but themselves get out of it while you still can. i don’t care anymore, he could be going out with anjelina jolie and i wouldn’t be bothered, because i know deep down, he is a liar, a cheat and a completely pathetic example of a man…. i’d like to add that among the most ”untrustworthy” signs(geminis,scorpios and sometimes aquarians) libra men are the most dangerous grrrr. the even more unfair part is once either you get tired and leave, or we get bored and leave, it won’t take long before either the libra or the partner will return.. pls dont hate librans for this, they’re way too nice & awesome. a libra who is madly inlove with a libra female who i was engaged to for 2 month after we dated for almost 2 years everything was perfect until she started talkin to her female cuzin that told her she should live her life and that quik she ended our relationship i call her everyday an ask her not to do this she tells me shes still inlove wit me and that she loves me misses me but doesnt want me im very confused im trying every thing to get her back even told her to atleast give it a year an see where we stand but no she dont want to i moved from connecticut to arizona where i never been i did everything for this women she keeps saying i love u at the end of our daily coversations but i just dont get it what should i do im starting to fall apart dont want no one else just her. atleast it won’t be so horrible or embarassing knowing your man has another woman. i have never had this feeling with any other signs, only librans, they think they are god’s gift, that is the whole problem…… don’t be taken back in by their charm, it’s a complete front…. i have been chatting with my libra man for a while, in another week we will be meeting face to face i met him online.) photo: weheartit the 2 magic words that make men commit instantlyphoto: istock this shocking video shows the real reason you aren’t losing weightphoto: weheartit the truth about how men choose the woman they're going to marryphoto: istock 5 things you can do to give yourself way better orgasmsphoto: weheartit the kind of woman he falls for hard, according to his zodiac signphoto: weheartit do not say 'i love you' until you can honestly answer these 5 q'sexpert advicephoto: weheartit 3 mind games all narcissistic men play in relationships watch out for these signs. years i put up with the shit from a libra guy, being charmed one minute and derided the next – he was so passinate in bed, yet could blank me and find faults i didn’t even know i had: i was like an emotional yoyo; almost lost myself. i was also dumped by my ex libra boyfriend while being pregnant with his child. with this being said i am going to ask some questions…(not trying to offend anyone or make you feel that i’m manipulting or situation or anything of that matter please i’m trying to help you see the situation for what it is). you libras out there heres some advice from a non-libra, if you can’t fully commit don’t make someone elses life a living hell. the libra man wasn’t intended to live his life alone – he was born to be someone else’s ‘other half’. mean it’s more obvious when a gemini and scorpio man are trying to play you and you can ‘sense’ most of the times clearly their true intentions and take action accordingly. from what i’ve come to know about libra males(not all but many) these guys are indecisive, immature, flirtatious, hoes. michael douglas has been married for most of his adult life but cheated shamelessly on his first wife, and only finally found true partnership, like many libra men finally do, with a libra woman, catherine zeta-jones. i have so much love to give, and although i am showing him plenty of it without actually telling him (i don’t like to tell a man i love him until he tells me first), i’m so afraid of being taken for a fool and feeling more for him than he does for me. thought i was the only one that saw the negative traits in a libra man hahahaha thank you god im not alone!’s the reason why librans make excellent lovers – we aren’t porno stars as such, we just let our unbridled emotions come through in our touch…sex is much more than a mechanical act to us. life is too short for games and that’s what libras need to understand.[…] do so many punks have so many men that lift weights which is a compatibility to attract women. but while single, because he suffers from the dilemma of never quite knowing what he wants, he can find it very hard to say no to romantic opportunities. libras are selfish, arrogant, unsympathetic, cruel, manipulative, self praising and they’ll turn on you in a second right down to insulting your family and your self esteem without ever considering a limit when it comes to the other person in the relationship. man can’t seem to make up their mind even the woman is seeminglie perfect for him. involved with a libra for a year and then found pics of another woman on his phone he still will not come clean about this and accuses me of doing what he is doing.? the answer: libra men have a sneaky way of using words and promises to make you forgive them and believe them. i find libras have too drama and play way too many mind games.’m sorry because you probably won’t like to hear this… libras and leos just aren’t good matches.………………the sun enters the libra sign each year on or about the 23rd of september & departs from it on or about the 22nd of october. she had to call the cops to warn him to stay away* but he stills waits by the park near her house at night and starts begging and pleading when he sees her walking home, now he wants to marry her but he cheated on her libra guys can be real idiots. reading all of these replies i’ve noticed that this all relates to me ( i am a libra male).

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sister is a libra and she can’t bear to be alone for an extended period of time and i get the feeling this is the same story with my sales rep crush. got a question if a libra man is finish with you will he still talk to you. doesnt matter the age of the libra man they still act like they act. if your libra guy is in love with you, chances are he already knows how to win you over. Libra…Sign infind an expert featuredexpert supportexperts advicethought leadersbecome an expertexperts faq love quoteslove stagessingletakenengagedmarriedstarting overcomplicatedaboutabout uscontactfriends & partnersmedia buzzfaqadvertisingsitemapprivacy policyfeedbackjoinjoin our communitywrite for usjobsmore categoriesdatingmencouplehoodchallengesbreakupscelebslifestyle follow us sign up for newsletter follow us sign insearch articlesfind an expertvideos radical acceptance categorieslovesexfamilyheartbreakselfbuzzvideosexperts featured expert support experts advicethought leadersbecome an expertexperts faq love quotes love stages singletakenengagedmarriedstarting overcomplicated about about uscontactfriends & partnersmedia buzzfaqadvertisingsitemapprivacy policyfeedback join join our communitywrite for usjobs more categories datingmencouplehoodchallengesbreakupscelebslifestyle sign up for newsletter 11 brutal truths about loving a libra (as written by a libra) 10. tommy lee falls for hot chicks all the time, but like a true romantic always seems to want to marry them. am a libra woman…i find it disgusting that these men have treated you ladies this way and i’m more ashamed that they are libra’s…. libra guys are way too sophisticated, smart, we’re forged by the golden hands of #venus itself, we’re awesome gotta admit that.!was i backed up he was a well known player in out city only sleeping with the hottest girls not just any ol thing since libra’s are vain and shallow but i am a one woman -man type and i dropped him like a bad habit then he started coming around haunting me like a ghost until i finally gave in and the comment of libra men not like giving compliments it;s not true they do you just have to compliment them first coz my libra lover always compliments me, my body,my taste, and my intellect and it makes me very happy girl:). libra husband or partner is generally quite an easy person to live with. i need a man (as annie lennox once said in a song) not a boy…. libra men will make you feel like your losing your mind. major red flags but i was blinded by all the romantic gestures and sweetness. ” when i clicked on it, it showed all the astro signs and under libra, it says he will be as normal and nice, cuddle and even kiss you like nothing is wrong…then one day you’ll see him with someone else. am libra male also and this my seem funny but you need to pray my man only you can change you but god has a way of helping us change our lives. When you fall in love with a Libra man, you are safe behind him. is this libra guy who always stops by my job (i work in an md office and he’s a sales rep). it doesn’t matter if he is a libra, gemini, aquarius, taurus, pisces, leo, etc etc…. i met someone soooo lovely and i think we could become very serious but now my libra ex is not having it and telling me i’ve “cheated on him” i love him but i don’t want to be with him anymore. libra’s in september i don’t get along with i’m an october libra…. these comments unnerve me slightly as i’ve been in a relationship with a libra man for about 4 months and dare i say, its been going well.’m a taurus woman about to begin a romantic relationship with a october 10th born libra man. the only one who can stand a libra for any extended period of time is another libra..also, when he asked if i’d met anyone i told him i hadn’t as i was okay being single, he said he’d met this ‘so called’ woman on the internet.. and some of you ladies start off your relationships with your libra man by being foolishly honest, talking about how many guys you slept with in the past “but you’re a saint now”, telling “whore stories”, escapades with your ex… if you already did these, then you kinda jeopardized your future together, because no matter how hard we try, these pictures keep coming back to our minds reminding us you’re not the angel we’ve always dreamed of and we could do better. agree with so many comments here about libra men, and i am a true libra woman. first he is a real gentleman,so i fell in love with him then he act like he don’t care,he always check his phone in front of me , then he act the opposite , he cuddle me every time , he stare at me for 5-10 minutes like i’m aphrodite or sth like that . when my libra ex feel attacked he’ll say anything to make me feel like shit just because he feels that way- they don’t take real responsibility. then he started playing mind games with me and at first i was trying to be understanding but then i realised i had fallen for him and the tables had turned so i tried to turn it back to my favour, he is so manipulative, i learnt that and always blamed me for everything, so i did that to him too, he didn’t wanna tell his friends we were dating so i always gave my number to other guys and go out with his friends i have cheated once but he has never found out, he was trying to be slick with money and i let him know if he can’t take care of me other men will, i taught him how to have sex cos he was so not it he used to break up with me everytime when he realised it hurts me and u can only do so much that i don’t care anymore so when he did the last time i was like bye! and when a libra isn’t happy, it’s only a matter of time before they become restless, bored, and irritated. on our 3rd month i found out that he is in a relationship with another woman and have been together for 2 years. coz i’m in a relationship with this libra guy, for more than a year now, i’m having some issues at work right now and he’s having his own issues too… now he’s confussing me there is a sudden change with his attitude until he ask for space cause we often end up arguing this past few days.’m a taurus girl, dating a libra man for 5 months now. i was on the train going to see my mother when i get a text from the libran, ‘am moving out of the cottage at the end of the month, is there anything you want?@angela barnett u really love this libra guy…its so sweet how u keep asking for tips on how to handle your relationship. he has told me he is lonely and wants to get married one day. you are married to a libra man, consider yourself lucky because he's likely to be faithful once he makes that commitment. guy friend of mine that ive known forever, is also a libra. a libra man, i just gotta say one thing, not all libra’s choose to be players as such…. remember we all are human beings with flaws and great wonders…. once we realize we’re not perfect, libran males wont feel a need to lie, cheat, pacify, flirt outrageously or feel a need to be liked by everyone. piscians are know to wriggle out of situations to their advantage always unlike the libran man who love is always in abundance…never flinching support which every woman will die for…there a few exceptions as seen in flirting librans…but overall they are the most stable of all. it’s that libra charm i keep reading so much about!

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they know libran males when they are sincere, and when they are full of shit. big problem that us librans have is deciding what is really “worth it” to us. ranting helps relieving the stress when dealing with a libra.@ libra girl… thank you so much for all that insight! i’m assuming i was a “fling” although my ex-libra came on super strong and professed his love for me. i think many times libra men can have faulty perception because they are driven by selfishness, being superficial and its hard for them to see when they were libran knows how to balance me out with his easygoing personality. always thought since a libran needs to be in a partnership they wont end it with unless they have a replacement. a good guy friend of mine that i’ve known for years, but never dated is a libra and he told me 100% without a doubt he will come back. but what i can never get out of libra guys is a meaningful conversation., knowing that i am this particular libra’s “one”, would he ever try to contact me and explain to me why he did what he did and how awful he feels about it..i dont think i can stand it much and have tried to separate from him so mant times. they like to find women to move in with, women who have their own homes, because that way the libra man does not have to provide the home. i just want to be the kind of guy who is direct in what he says, doesn’t lie about things to girls, takes advantage of what girls did wrong and manipulating their hearts. libra men always create a positive first impression on the girls they meet, which is why they have many female friends. its like libra men dont know what the hell they want theyre indecisive players and they dont know how to open up to you. i want to knw from this gemini lady, is when a libra male tell you that they love u do they really mean it, and when u say ” i felt you alot, and i pray that we spend our life together” what is it that your saying. i bet his new woman would love to know he’d texted me behind her back. not forget men are men…in this scenario lets refer them to boys because a real man wouldn’t a woman this way! and when will he be talking to me again i thought libras don’t hold grudges against ppl. got a question to ask u the libra guy that i love so much owes me money he said that he would pay me. this leads to two types of adult libra men: the perfect partner and the incurable player. i never knew any libras, if i had would’ve found this site before getting involved with a libra, i would have saved myself from toxic relationship. you need to look at someone your interested in or not interested in as a woman a person who will better you. "middle" libras, born somewhere between october 4th & 13th, are just … weird. viggo mortensen (who also has a reputation in real life) is the consumate on-screen film hunk who inspire women to cheat on their less romantic but more stable husbands. and you will be the crazy one, not the libra. the other hand, you won't always know exactly where you stand with a libra husband. i find him to be romantic, caring, protective and sexually attractive. the smile, the dimples, perfect teeth (without ever needing braces), fit, well put together… i am your libra at best.… a lot been said and i’m begining to wonder if ya’ll are connected in some way, maybe members of an actual support group on ‘evils libras do’. best way to deal with a libran male is to not ever get involved with one in the first place. an immature libra man will test you to the max and you’ve got to bring your a-game. met this libra man online, and as we talked more we really liked each other and then we decided that we wanted to be with each other in a relationship. we have all been there with libra men, that is why we are venting on this site now. while this is all well and good, the libra can be easily worried by this vulnerability. my libran can get very distant and wrapped up in his head. have been head over heels for one of the libra kind for 14 years and i’m in my mid twenties now and i have just realized that he’s looking for the “perfect” woman i. you’re an introvert by nature, dating a libra man is a real challenge. one thing i hate about libras are they are very secretive. so hormonal adolescent women, while desiring masculine good looks, also require the fantasy of chivalry and princesses that the always cordial and polite libra man also offers. you can see, just like other guys, libra men have both advantages and disadvantages. wake up early the next day and thanked him for being nice and gentleman to me.

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from beauty to temperament to opposing viewpoints, a libra man craves it all. i love him very much myself , he is my partnet in crime,knowing that as a gemini i’m kind of hard to pin down i’m seriously in love with my libra man,so much i can describe it,we get along,we have lots of fun,we don’t really see each other every day in fact we give each other space and time,i think it is healthy for us air signs hehe. yes it’s true this is how libra men are. even if he doesn't like you romantically, he'll probably want to be friends.! i am a leo woman 43yrs old, getting involved with a libra man 47 yrs old, and he is an absolute doll. also – 9 signs he’s not the right man for you. a scorpio woman either fascinates or frightens nearly every man. part of a close, loving couple is exceptionally important to the libra man. it takes an abundance of self-respect and balls of steel to deal with libra men..) they always try to come back at some point after they dump you, especially if the woman takes the break up well and disappears. i’m sure not all libra men are quite like this, but i endend up with one, straight from the bowels of hell. so i ended up putting my libra out of my house.,, i’m sorry about your experiences with your guys , but one thing you gotta know is that a #libra is no fool. there is something about the beguiling libra man that is at once deeply sexy but also non-threatening enough that younger women are enthralled but not intimidated by their masculinity. a proper libran would never borrow unless he was very sure he’d pay back. his relationships take top priority for a libra man, if you marry one you can usually rely on him putting you first in his life.! i’m going away abroad for a holiday, as i;’ve had so much stress with this lying, deceitful and abusive libra. its good to have the chaise, as i need this, but they are so full on at the start and in your face and as a cancerian we love to love and respond with what they want back, and if you are a cancerian with control this part is heaven because u go into your shell and come back out then go back in and they are intrigued and want to know more and will do anything to find out everything about you then once they have what they want they are as vague, rude, insensitive and did i mention exhausting even when you ignore them they screw with your head…… the games have to stop at some point, libra men use the energy in different ways of christ sake, like ways to love one another in the bedroom, a cancerian and libras electricity in the bedroom can light up australia…. on this site as well as others, i have read that women that had been told “i love you” and assumed they were in viable relationships receive cold, heartless break up “text messages” from the man out of the blue. libra ex ( the one that broke up with me via text out of the blue for no reaon), whom i agreed to meet for coffee this past weekend, get answers and closure, completley blew me off., overall, libra males are not perfect though we strive to be and that’s where the problem lies. is the best way to deal with a libra male who is angry at u for no reason at all. libra men have many female friends, they are always loyal to their girlfriends. girl dating a libra man for almost 7 yrs… all these stories sound similar to mines we have lived together for 4 years and he still will not get married. libras have a set of friends they trust and it’s true they’re not impressed very easily, it takes skill and charm to get their attention. libra’s are really faithful even in a long distance relationship, and i got another question my libra man told me he love me, and he missed me so is that his true feelings, and that he is felt me alot and pray that we spend life together. we had a huge fight over it and i decided this guy can’t be trusted but once they hook you libras entangle you in their web of lies and deception and manipulate you and you find yourself right back where you started. so after days of going back and forth i cut off communication with the one woman he slept with, she was claiming to be my friend. even though this is often not the case, this feeling of unbalance is not okay with libra. a leo mi boyfriend is a libra and he is very distant towards me lately since we have a baby he even threatens to leave me if i don’t have sex with him when our baby is 6months,is this the end? too bad it really was upsetting especially the way he presented himself, but i guess all he wanted was a booty call or i didn’t meet up to his “elevated” expectation of the perfect woman. i recently split with a leo man, who also sounds just like all the things written above! while he was looking out for himself i was building a relationship-partnership, he was focused on protecting his money but in so many ways i truly understand him i guess because i’m a libra and i truly love him. the temporary lover is relationship material and can spend weeks, months, even years commited to a libran, and that’s vice versa. can i tell if my libra man is truly into me? have dated 2-3 libras in the past and they were all very charming,smooth talkers and intellectual at first but they but got hot and cold and gave me lame excuses to avoid confrontation. his family knows that m the other woman and the girlfriend is already known to his family and friends.’m a gem girl and my boyfriend is a libra , born october 6 , very very loving to me,noticed a change lalety though,he’s always affectionate of course but now suddenly he is “even moooorre” afectionate and romantic than before,very very sweet to me,he touches me more often,he treats me better,i don’t know maybe he is in love with me and i love to think so,why not? star sighn is libra and my galfreind libra with same birth day can i marriy her and what will happen., i just feel sad after reading all this, im dating a libra guy, our 1aniversay is next week, but already we r arguing like kids, its a rough ride, it always ends on me being the trouble causer, where by i see it as him being the mess, he only calls wen he wants, he wud reply back, and at times completely ignore me for weeks, it drives me insane, im his first ever gal, so i dont know wots up with him, we do talk but neva the important issues, i guess cos we live far from each other that might be the cause,, so im getting a place to be closer to him, im just not strong enough to ignore him and break off, i love him with all my heart, i feel he is selfish in all ways but yet generous in many many ways, confusing but i guess will see how far we go… if we r still going to be 2gether on our anniversary, wot do libra guys like as surprises, presents and so on,,,, ur help shall be gratefully appreciated…x. born under the sign of libra are not one dimensional. they’d been dating for almost a year, so i was pretty impressed that a libra would go that long without any sex. know how you feel honey-i’ve been through hell with my libra ex-he contacted me only when it was convenient for him,and his behavior was very confusing.

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libra’s can be very jealous signs but they are not typically controlling. they are the guys who dated every pretty girl in high school or college (or desperately wanted to), never managed to have their heart broken (or appeared that way anyway) and could charm the pants off of all their mothers at the same time. me something, is it normal for a libran male to act cocky around his male friends? will from now on out stay clear of those libra’s alot of drama and then they blame you for what has happen. the reason being is because this friend of mine is a libra male and i am a gemini lady and the chemistry is there and he even wanted to know if i would be his wife. maybe the only sign that can deal with a libra is another libra lol. so after that he moved out and told me to loose his number and that the woman that he slept with she don’t want him, and they are friends. cousin is a libran and when she visited us it was the same deal. he agreed that i had done nothing wrong, but each and every sunday when he had to encounter this evil woman, he would come home and take out his anger on me, as i was the nearest target. also know a libra man, little did i know he was a player. his friends are manipulative and deceive other women, which leads me to believe that this guy is not being honest about something. totally agree with u…my boyfriend is a libra and before i met him he was a hoe…when we argue its all about what u do to him…never about what he does to you to drive you crazy…im a sagittarius and im a reactor and anytime we argue hell make it seem as if im this big problem…and get very physical and disrespectful…so ill try to leave…he wont let me leave…he tries to take my phone and break it or hell do something to mess my car up…he thinks just because he takes care of me im being selfish or nagging or complaining…i seem to not be able to be hurt or upset about anything…hell offend me like nobodies business amd then when hes not. besides the wonderful physical attributes i also know personally and many will tell about me that i have a way with words.@ lady taurus, yep, eventually as my mother said, it took him 3 months, but yes, these silly librans do end up contacting you in the end. and one thing about a libra, others do side with them. i would love to hear a libra males opinion, i appreciate honesty. i’m a libra guy and can understand your boyfriend’s state of mind. not a good look let your libra nature take its course trust me u will do fine! fascinating insights into the relationship behavior of the libra man as a husband or partner! however, once that lovely lady gives in, she may want to keep a close eye on just how close her libra man becomes with all the other ladies in her life; specifically her best girlfriends. is very hard to keep a libra man no matter how beautiful of a person u are inside and out. need to hire an interior designer if you’re living with a libra husband or partner. the partnership-oriented libra men were taught to respect women at an early age. maybe your relationship will be a harmonious one because your a strong leo woman, you can probably withstand his ways. but, i am still wiery of his words to me, like how many women have heard these same words? fling: the fling is the group of individuals we libran’s spend the most time with. negative: we’re egomaniacs because deep down, we’re insecure. a libra who is madly inlove with a libra female who i was engaged to for 2 month after we dated for almost 2 years everything was perfect until she started talkin to her female cuzin that told her she should live her life and that quik she ended our relationship i call her everyday an ask her not to do this she tells me shes still inlove wit me and that she loves me misses me but doesnt want me im very confused im trying every thing to get her back even told her to atleast give it a year an see where we stand but no she dont want to i moved from connecticut to arizona where i never been i did everything for this women she keeps saying i love u at the end of our daily coversations but i just dont get it what should i do im starting to fall apart dont want no one else just her i have been a good man to her never did wrong in any kind of way just wanted to always keep her happy give all i can im still asking her not to do this trying to keep my faith that she would open her eyes an see what shes doing dont know wat else to do. a sag and you need someone you can rely on, libra’s are only reliable when it benefits them ! personal advice to anyone seeking a long term relationship with a libra man, you should expose your feelings completely, if he’s a decent guy he will deffinately respect your feelings and share his in return, if you are always completely upright and aware of you libra man’s mood and feelings, he will love you and treat you like a queen, we crave equality and are excellent at spoiling our partners with gifts and so on, if it is not returned, there is no balance and we move on to the next “perfect” partner. totally agree… i spent six years with a libran guy. his friends have invited women to many get togethers while i have been told no women are ever present when he hangs with his friends. you’ll have the most romantic and charming husband ever! coz i’m in a relationship with this libra guy, for more than a year now, i’m having some issues at work right now and he’s having his own issues too… now he’s confussing me there is a sudden change with his attitude until he ask for space cause we often end up arguing this past few weeks. knowing all this, do you think as a libra, he will ever contact me and explain his behaviour? key thing with libra men, they like to chase, be the seductor, just hold on ladies and don’t get too excited and tell him all your feelings, just enough…. they will go out on the limb for their friends and if you expect to be first before their friends – good luck cause it won’t happen until you’re married. people who were born when the sun was in libra, are idealistic, fair-minded and alternately intense and blase (all that balance makes them express both sides of the spectrum from time to time). she also told me that he is a player and m not the only woman he had relations with. true indeed that libra men are charming and had this mystic smile that can trap anyone. fell inlove with a libra he was older than me. i was curious & interested to learn more about the libra man (as i never dated one) and this was just awesome – exactly as i suspected – thank you to two of you – the libra guy who just put it out there and the libra girl (who dates girls) – your info was so helpful – and appreciated! can see no matter what age a libra man is, he will always be selish, deceitful and self-centered.

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he love the admiration, friendship, and smiles of the new woman and now after a couple of months they are the best of friends, and he is very cold towards me..) they are always looking for the “perfect” woman, even if they’re already dating her. aries, obviously, but libra kind of came as a surprise to me. tim robbins has also been a loving partner to his lady of the past two decades, fellow libra susan sarandon. they manage to carefully navigate the fine line between being loving, yet mischevious, boyfriends without alienating their core group of guy friends, whose friendship they depend on both for companionship (they hate to be alone) and as a necessary backdrop to all their romantic overtures (otherwise they might appear foppish). i’m a leo female, and thought i would be the “girl the libra was living with”, you explanation on them is to the t. he hates heavy makeup (especially dark lipsticks) and aspects the woman he’s with to dress classy with a natural look not revealing everything but im sure they stare at women don’t wear much lol as long their woman isn’t showing off her assests. librans have a weakness for family, & they love their kids more than anything. thank you for making me realize i’m not imagining things when i say a libra men can’t make up the friggin minds. but i was mostly concerned about how things went down between me and him, he never talked about another woman to me. my libra guy friend would always tell me about the girls he liked or comment on any good looking woman. they somehow manage to be sensitive to their partners but are still seen as a "man's man. if you strive to live a better, wealthier life, a libra guy is probably not for you.! i am a gem girl to and i ignored my libra man for one night, and he gonna ask me why u didn’t talk to me? in the past few years hollywood hotties like scorpio julia roberts and aquarius jennifer aniston have publicly coo-ed over their beautiful co-star clive owen, yet he remains happily married and has stated publicly his disgust with those who cave in to on-set flings. in general, we libras are known as harmonious, pleasant, and well-balanced people (scales, get it? but still it’s possible to keep your relationship with a libra man going strong, if you are not sensitive, clingy and dependant. most libra men are on a lifelong quest for that perfect “other”. woman tries all kinds of compliments and gifts to the libra man and he does not respond back. are in a long distance relationship so it’s not so easy-as we dont get to see each other too often and there have been times when i have sometimes taken his certain behaviour/mannerisms to heart in the beginning but now i have come to realise that this is just part of him and not to take offense as thats not the way that it is meant.. librans men like to assure the partner, they like security, libran men want balance in relationship but they also want to be the bit of a “leader”, (i let him have that). everything was going good until he cheated on me, one woman he slept with the other he was just talking to. the chandler bing character in “friends”, so brilliantly played by leo matthew perry, is a perfect libra example, always dating around, always finding fault, as opposed to “no-strings-attached” joey. one thing is very important to libras they need to feel loved, admired and cared for on a constant basis and if you’re a gal that likes having male friends forget dating a libra.! yes, we all have learned lessons from the libra man, but we must not give up on love. think if you are any woman or sign stay away from them even with their own sign they will hurt them to. your libra partner is a cool operator who’s adept at turning on the charm to get you on his side once again. i don’t see why libra guys have to be so terrible. we have a really romantic relationship of which i’m getting used to; we laugh and treat eachother with respect. libra will love to buy their one things and spoil the hell out of them. am a pisces and i used to work with a libra guy. have no right to talk about libras…scorpios are: manipulative,self centered,crazy,hot tempered,hot between the legs,and no damn good for libra-period! i’ve never dated a libra, nor been attracted to them. btw, i dated another libra man many years ago, who while professing his great love for me cheated on me and got the girl pregnant! enter us into a beauty pageant because, guys, libras just want some godd*mn world peace. because let’s face it: when you land a libra, you’re going to want to hold on to her forever. 🙂 i love him so much and so i settled being just the other woman. my dad is a libra and i’ve seldom seen a better man. of the above signs are talking bad about libra when most of them have several flaws as well. most libra men are very fake, disingenuous and manipulative men and it’s sounds like she’s given him a run for his money and probably what he deserved. good guy friend of mine (that i never dated), who is a more mature libra now shared/confirmed the following about his counterparts:1. up with a libra man is a long and painful process. all i know is that the majority of libra’s will have that one person that you’ll hear all about if you get them drunk enough.

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there is something about the beguiling libra man that is at once deeply sexy but also non-threatening enough that younger women are enthralled but not intimidated by their masculinity. the libra father tends to be a poor disciplinarian – and an easy push-over for an assertive child. was with a libra man for 5 looooong haaaard years, ( i am a taurus) and everything that has been commented on here is right to a t……. faithful is a libra partner or husband likely to be?! he’s making you chase him he is manipulating you that is what he is doing…do not give him one penny…you trusted him and already gave him your time, your heart, and let him into your feelings that is more then enough…if he’s upset because you didn’t give him money that is ridiculous! he told me he was sorry for being paranoid, admitted to getting jealous and said he was just a simple man who wanted a simple relationship and had been hurt badly in the past.” i’m a gemini, an air sign like libra, so i’m sensitive to his moods. they will be completely commited, even when things are boring, there is always something occupying them, whether it’s hugging, cuddling, kissing, sex, picking out furniture, playing house, moving in, or even just thinking about the one… a libra when in love, is the most romantic, true, loyal, love of a true libran guy, maybe i can give you a bit of insight as to why we tick like we do (from my own viewpoint/experiences)…. he dumped me about 2 and a half weeks ago, but my libra guy friend says it’s inevitable that he will try to reach out again at some point. i have been seeing a libran guy for about 5 months now and i have to say that i agree with absolutely everything that the true libran guy says on here and would like to thank him for putting some things into perspective! still, there's something more to this man that makes him worth pursuing and trying to keep once you catch him. always to be there for him – loneliness and neglect are the biggest deal-breakers for the libra man. just got dumped four days ago by a libra man who was living with another woman the entire time he was seeing me and claimed he was honest with me the whole time and i was a dumb ass if i couldn’t see it. my libra man will give me one answer by text if i argue he wont answer me….) and when he called his golf buddy back i overheard him say, “sorry i missed your call man, i had company… yeah (in a bashful voice and a smile on his face)”. a libra man does love flirting, but he doesn’t allow himself to cheat on a woman he loves. this is one man for whom you can throw "the rules" out the window. and he also stated that he wants to sleep with me when we first met, is that good to do with libra men or not. people with several planets in libra tend to be diplomatic, sociable and communicative. some articles say libra men love to chase/pursue, others say libra men prefers a woman to initiate and make most of the decisions (more my style). liberan men like to romance like mad, they like to hold you, kiss you, give massages and say sweet things. and he sounds like someone i know who is a libra, and started a relationship around this time , and my sister started seriously dating this guy who is from the mediterrean and he works long hours! it’s easy to manipulate them and make them do whatever you want. dated a libra man for 6 weeks, he told me he thought he loved me by the second date! now i have moved on, and expect to meet someone who will cherish me, not put me down, or argue about the petty issues in life, librans just argue about the most ridiculous issues. anyway this is where that libra charm came in he called me to say i never asked him about a girl so he didn’t think to mention it and they are together but she is off to school and would do anything to leave her because he just doesn’t have any feelings for her but every time he tries to break up she uses her heart condition against him or calls his father saying that she is going to have heat failure due to him breaking up with her or she will kill her self. the libra man in question is just a crush and doesn't realize you like him, feel free to tell him. my best friend is taurus, i’ve known her for many years and she dated a libra for 6yrs and he cheated on her and in the end he told her i’m going to marry someone from my country.’ notice i wrote the word need, and not his libran words want……. i hate it when girls stay with players, because you might as well tell your man that you accept polygamy. i am in a relationship with a libra guy for 5 yeas, and we even bought a house together (a very stupid idea). another question do libra men like it when you tell them that u love them? y’all have a way to annoy someone like no one else, this is coming from someone who has practiced patience with a libra beyond any monk. but i’ve met two libra males who were shady like that. he is smart and patience, but a bit clingy, which is why independent girls usually run away from libra men. i can’t do anything right from being a wife, to a mom, to the woman of the house. i hope this helps and try the 5 steps i mentioned if you ever run into another libra…good luck ladies and i’m truly sorry for your experiences with those douchebags…remember good riddance and count your blessings and learn from the lesson they taught you! if u feel highly neglected constantly being with a libra they either have a lot on the mind they can’t discuss with u because it involves u in a confused confrontational matter or they are hiding something. all the libran men i’ve known seemed to have been born in a flirting self -help class. everybody i ask tells me that he lives life going from woman to woman…and he’s in his 40s. what a relief to know i am not the only one who has realized this type of man…. the way criss angel is not a libra, but a sagitarius born dec 19.

The Libra Man as a Boyfriend, Partner or Husband

.fans of word manipulation , watch out, they have the, “i did not steal the pen, i borrowed it from the desk” problem. it’s been about 3 weeks now and i started to date someone else and that’s when i realized i think i actually love the libra. i notice with libras they like acceptance especially from their friends and if that means doing the wrong thing against you then they will.’m a taurus women who recently “dated” a libra man for about 6 week. if we don’t have all the details of that night out with your buddies, our minds manifest the worst possible scenarios, all on their own. men are so manipulative (in their own not so obvious ways) that you find it almost impossible to not love them and hope they will change. they are very secretive, temperamental , manipulative, selfish, arrogant, crude etc… every time i’ve tried to end it with this guy he sucks me back in.[…] teenage heart-throb of the moment, zac efron, is a libra. for now let him go and only if he comes back apologizing and short of begging you to come back to him don’t give him the time of day or he will do the same thing again and sweetie that not because he is a libra it’s just because why fight for something that you know you can have anytime you want. lets think like a man here…how can he love you if he doesn’t even really know you? if you manipulate yet disrespect your libra man, he won’t be with you for long. on libra men, can u answer any of my questions? i was with a libra man whom i thought a total turn off, cut off the sex and now he is with my ex friend of 20 years… she is a scorpio. unfortunately the confused libra player is prone to such behavior, loving the idea of monogamy, but unable to change his behavoir even after vows have been exhanged.@rick awesome, i don’t hate librans, just that i’ve gone through hell with him, and i went into the relationship with no baggage, it was all his crap, and not once did any member of his family even understand what it was like to have someone constantly lie and cheat on me all the time.’m a sag woman and i’ve had 4 long-term relationships and 3 out of the 4 were libras. on if you can, the libra guy im with, constantly does the break up game. have a question though, i a libra guy turns cold or ask for some space does mean that he’s flirting around?. most libran are perfectionist, they are always searching for happiness, fairness and perfection. he is not romantic though he takes care of my needs. truth is that even the player libra men are desperately desiring that great relationship, it is just a matter of being realistic about their expectations. libran guys are sleek, we make the hottest women our slaves, we dont beg we manipulate. i have never heard of a libra walking away because of a rumor…if anything, we would fight for your reputation…. i read where a libra man wants a classy woman and that is how people see me. a result of the lies, manipulation, charm, and indecisiveness i lost everything being with him. if a man care about u especially a libra man they don’t like when u seem to always complain because libra men want to make everyone happy!.all i know is i went into that relationship with no baggage, and all of his crap affected my life because he did not have the balls to stand up to this evil woman, and even now, (he’s told me he’s met someone else) i just have to think how lucky i am not to be in that relationship any more, as his ex will soon find out about the new girlfriend (if there is one – he was a master at making up stuff and telling lies all the time) and she can now be on the receiving end of her madness, i don’t have to put up with it any more. my bastard libra ex did the same to me, except i was his gf, and the other girl didn’t know. i told him that usually a man would ask me to be exclusive or introduce me to friends and family as his girlfriend, etc. it’s a battle of wills; and although a libra can be very strong-willed in pursuing what they want, one of their biggest weaknesses is that they can’t stand being ignored. she was 80% of the relationship breakdown, most of which i would say is because my partner was manipulated by her and could not stand up to her, that then impacted on our relationship, and being a libran, not being able to make up his mind, i made it up for him and walked away in december. i don’t think i’ve ever come across another sign that uses manipulation tactics like they do. you i was about to writ something like this but you got it covered i am a libra man and i agree with this comment. as far as the astro sign characteristics it gives you a general idea of the kind of person you may be involved in a romantic relationship and you should give it consideration. libras have high expectations, in both internal and superficial arenas, to the point of being fussy and fault-finding in the extreme. he was extremely immature, and on sundays when he had to meet this evil woman to pick up his son, they would both engage in this playground, tit for tat arguing, which even the neighbours would complain about to the police, and then he would come home and take his anger out on me, when i’d been at home all day…. if you know this libra, and knew that he hates computers, cannot be bothered with dating sites, can barely type, letalone spell, that it begs the question that he set up a profile.. as libra men also know how to use their good looks and good manners to get up to no good. is like an olympic sport to us…every woman we meet we tend to flirt with sometimes without even realising we’re doing it…we love the thrill of the chase and will use every piece of charm we have in our arsenal to get the prize…once the chase is over (or more to the point, the feeling that you get out of the chase), we get bored. don’t count on a libra man’s faithfulness until he has given you a firm and final commitment! my guy is born mid october and is on the cusp of libra and scorpio. you will return to a libra because you will form a bond with a libra like no one you will ever meet/date. in fact, if he had one wish to make for himself, it would undoubtedly be for a happy and lasting marriage or romantic partnership.

i haven’t experienced a deceiving libra or manipulating one but i have had friends that have and come to me to ask what to do? the libran had no balls, was a child and did not once stand up to his issues or responsibilites, he just ran to his mummy (at the age of 36) that’s pretty lame don’t you think. in a true respectful relationship even arguements hold some boundaries but not with libra guys. of everyone, i’ve had the most fun with aries men and libra men. their phones never stop ringing and they answer every call even when they have a romantic dinner. married, or in a permanent relationship, the libra man scores well for fidelity. of his flip floopyness i tend 2 distance my self or become real infuriated because libra’s most def hve the tendecy of puttin u on a emotional rollercoaster,being self-indulgent, and over analytical and iam an aries most compatible but at timez i hve my doubtz of how further im willing 2 go with him cuz i dnt like tht around the world shit. just started dating a charming libra guy and am trying like hell, not fall into his trance. this isn’t necessarily a selfish issue, it’s more of a underlying belief that one doesn’t love them as much as libra does. i’m so waiting on god to help me, my daughter and this man who is clearly blind to how you receive your blessings. when we started dating he was so sweet and charming called so many times a day text me romantic text messages, i thought god sent down an angel for me. libra men don’t like women who treat them well they like bitches and frankly no one can be bitchier than a libran woman. totally agree, i am a scorpio, and i will never ever get involved with a libra ever again. i’m a gemini woman and i have been dating a libra man for a little over a month. months of this going on i discovered he had a relationship with another woman older than him. at least you realize the value of an aquarian woman. as soon as she knew he had met me, i endured 4 years of constant abuse and harassment from her, as she was so jealous that he had met another woman – me. but, i met this scorpio man and he tells me all the that how much he loves me and that he wants to marry me. does the libra miss his “one” if he wrongs her and she finds out and leaves him once and for all? but i wasn’t going to let that stop my 21 year old college kid self from being with the woman of my dreams, who i still to this day believe is my soul mate. and aquarians score 10/10 on compatibility but there has to be compromising and patience in dealing with a libra guy. i just had a brief relationship with a libra man who proved to be just as you described ! the libran man deserve the reputation of being a womanizer? im sorry for what you’re going through especially being married to libra guy and having his child. oh may i add i was in a long distance relationship with a guy who as soon as summer was over went back to college and totally forgot about me, but my libra knew that from day one i told him openly.[…] teenage heart-throb of the moment, zac efron, is a libra. if my libra would have just told me he liked me we might still be together, it wasn’t apparent until it was to late. my sons father is a libra male born oct 14th…it started off so wonderful, truly otherworldly. one libra guy i’ve dealt with turned out to be a major d-bag/manipulator. us libra’s, it is a must that we are able to communicate or else no matter how much we like you or want to be with you it will never work! and while most libra’s fight for attention because they are raised in situations where they’ve always had to, when they see that they’re not your number one priority, they feel as though they have been decieved. we search for the perfect romance, yes, but if begging is the way to go, then it is not perfect. more librans, they need to grow up, stop being so selfish, and take responsibility for their actions. it is only when the libra man distills what he truly desires in a parter that he can narrow his range of vision and find his ideal, and as we have seen, this comes later for some than for others. i know nothing i did or my ex did was good enough so we picked each other apart but deep down inside it was because the lies, manipulation, and selfishness from him and i continied to lie about being happy because i love him. if you have children with a libra man, it's important to ensure he never feels left out by making room for plenty of quality couple time where you focus on continuing to do romantic things together. too am dating a libra guy and its just been roughly 4 months . i am not defending him i’m just saying because i’m a libra guy and i never have and plan to nerve cheat on a girl ever. this is because libra is the sign of balance and in the most basic sense, most libra men have learned to live in harmony with their feminine side. so hormonal adolescent women, while desiring masculine good looks, also require the fantasy of chivalry and princesses that the always cordial and polite libra man also offers. for you bad experience with that guy but every person that is a libra is not the same as the libra next to him or her. course not all geminis are like that but i believe many gemini and libra men are like that. one libra guy stated if we get bored we are bound to cheat lol thats bs!

i actually liked the man as a friend but i guess once they are gone they are gone. to think, just meet another libra guy who’s charmed me,stood me up once and now just ignored me after apologising and almost begging me to meet him again ! whatever the manifestation of this weirdness is, it exists and it’s not going anywhere. also, know if u piss off a libra or they want to be left alone they will turn cold, distant, and make u feel so alone. libra men are dependent, needy and sometimes act like big babies, good luck with that one ! anywho, i fell in love with his mind, and being the romanticist i am, fell in love with his romantic nature.’t people believe in karma, would you want someone to pursue your man ? my libra everytime i try n leave hm crys n begs me nt 2 leave hes very clingy n needy never likes 2 share my attention in alot of ways he is very unfair n selfish n will do wut he has 2 to gt wut he wants. i just had a fling with a libra man and you nailed it with how they will use any and all personal information against you at the most vulnerable times. the most famous present day libra lothario is singer john mayer whose list includes, deep breath, leo vanessa carlton, gemini heidi klum, pisces jennifer love hewitt, cancer jessica simpson, virgo cameron diaz and who boasted to rolling stone magazine that he “slept with, like, three girls in a week” on tour.. i’m surprised at some of these posts because i know libra guys can be very faithful, & monogamous when they’ve found the right one. but when i left him in 2013 he went to the most trashy woman he could have gone to.!I am a libra woman, who has just ended a 6 month relationship with another libra man. thing about it though, is that the minute you give a libra man what he supposedly wants, he no longer wants it. remember that if you date a man that cheats on his gf, then you are dating a man that cheats on his girlfriend.’m a libra male and i have been hurt several times because i tend to put my all into a relationship but they always seem to come back not to get into my issue as of yours.! as so many people and the author of the article mentioned some have been raised to be the peacemakers and work hard to make others happy, this makes them feel good, boost their ego, and why it can be selfish.’m a virgo…the one libra guy that i dealt with sucked big time…i had a crush on him since the first time i saw him which lasted for around 5 years… at one point he started to flirt with me and be all fake for his own amusement and pretty much used me to get what he wants because i was naive enough to believe he liked me (my fault i guess)…he kept ignoring me, dating girls, and then coming back and trying to get me to become his $ex slave, but at that point i had enough of the bull$hit… honestly, the worst experience i ever had. obviously you want to go” i said, “i want to go for the experience of an activity i’ve never done before (partying at a fancy mansion) not because i want to date him” he said, “you don’t need my permission, you can hang out with whoever i want” i said, “i know very well that i have the right to hang out with whoever i want. libra man will shamelessly flirt and cajole the object of his affection until she eventually gives in and gives him the attention he has been longing for. if u want to keep a libra man give him all your attention, when u have your own thing going on still let him know he is the most important but u have to enjoy other activities apart. just be careful because you’ll be easily replaced to a libra..I fell hard right into the arms of the libra man charms…although i gave him a run for his money, about 6 months or so. becoming invlunerable libra men play games just to see how much control do they have within themselves. the woman sent me a message and pleaded me to leave. when it comes to relationships, libra men rarely take the initiative and work on keeping a relationship strong. you are right, libra’s leave an impression on your life. after all, nothing flatters a libra more than feeling wanted and perfect. now i’m seeing most of those horrible characteristics written about libras in him. those libra’s act like they have two different personalities at times. this the way you want a man to view you or have you? he can plan a special date night with you, or surprise you with a romantic dinner in the backyard. he does a lot of things for me that i know for a fact he doesn’t do for just anybody such as offering to go shoe shopping with me, offering to take me to and pick me up from the airport when i went to ny for a modeling gig, agreeing to model with me for a couples’ photography advertisement (he’s really self conscious about his smile and generally uncomfortable in front of a camera), walking me to my car when i leave his house or walking me to my door or if i’m driving home he’d ask me to text him when i get home safely (although he’s a gentleman in many ways he says he’s never done those things for someone before)… i know at least a few of his friends know about me because he told me that he and his buddy had a conversation about how he hasn’t had a cigarette in days, his buddy says, “ah, it’s because of a girl, huh? i can’t believe that 8 weeks ago we were both at a party together, i introduced him to so many people, friends of mine, who now won’t have anything to do with him, because they really only saw him because of me. libra only helps describe a little bit about the person. is amazing how many women have experienced almost the exact same thing i did with a libra man. all of you either just getting into a relationship with a libra man or lucky to get out in time, find someone else to give your love too.) have fun–don’t sweat the small stuff, life is too short, and you’ll never find a perfect man…. a 25yr old arian woman dating a 24 yr old libra male and i had a previous experience with a 28yr old libra who was clearly a player and i learnt a lot in our short 3 month relationship. monthly horoscopelibra yearly horoscopelibra - aries compatibilitylibra - taurus compatibilitylibra - gemini compatibilitylibra - cancer compatibilitylibra - leo compatibilitylibra - virgo compatibilitylibra - libra compatibilitylibra - scorpio compatibilitylibra - sagittarius compatibilitylibra - capricorn compatibilitylibra - aquarius compatibilitylibra - pisces compatibility. and can be the most cold hearted human being i have ever known. has so many more women friends than men friends but i am now totally comfortable with that fact and trust him completely and that is down to the fact that we are able to talk about things well before anything is likely to become an issue (which is even more important as we are far from eachother). it takes a lot to get a pisces woman mad but when you do, watch out because you will see the great white shark attacking your ass!

hate libras…all i’ve dated…all have left a bad mark. then there are the amazing libra men that manage to pull of being both partners and players (both extremes again, i know). have a question though, if a libra guy turns cold or ask for some space does mean that he’s flirting around? in fact, while all libran men enjoy some form of flirting, not all are cheats. where’s the justice in mistreating another person because of your own selfish reasons dear libra? it’s a gift or a flaw, libra men are very humble.. as libra men also know how to use their good looks and good manners to get up to no good. we met online last may and we started our romantic relationship mid july. to the posts: so you feel that all libra’s cheat…i’m sorry but who hasn’t when you are young and trying to figure out what is out there? then there are the libra players who grew into their libra personalities in households that were less than ideal. a libra enables you to pretty much charm the pants of most women, sometimes completely unintended. read on some astrology site, a libra’s personality varies what time of the libra cycle they were born in…for example, for an aquarian born late january a libra born from september 24th – to the early part of october is an ideal partner and a libra born in late october is ideal for an aquarian born in february. – well, i’m a libran and had loved this pisces girl who dumped me for another man during the time that i was pretty low on luck and finance., coming from a libra woman who dates other women, i can give you a little insight because i can personally relate to a lot of this. three months down the line aftre i have ignored this libra for all this time, i get a missed call on my phone, it was to do with a recent legal matter we were both still involved in, it was’nt rocket science to work out the court payments, i guess he just wanted to speak to me. been dumped by a libran man after 4 traumatic years of lying, nasty comments, and abuse. just reading these posts i’m thinking a polite message saying bye may bring this libra charmer back again and i don’t want to be vunerable to him ever again as part of me wants him (mad i know – i know he’s had a hard time with some things in his life so i’m making feeble excuses for his behaviour). we’ll respect you as a female/woman and give you the space you need to “grow” as a person. his affection feels more like the kind of affection i’d receive from a man that loves me or has strong feelings for me.’m 18 and i’m a taurus woman and have been going back and forth with a libra guy from when i was 16.…i’ve read all your analysis regarding libra men and women…. i’m big on commitment and staying faithful, so i just am worried whether this is a man capable of being faithful. i read something important and i don’t if it will make a difference to any of you ladies out there – i read the libras born in september til early october are completely different then the libras born mid october and the end of october. is doing nothing but pushing me closer and closer to the edge…and once i go over…i’m swimming away for good—he will see a true cold blooded woman. this being said i will go back to the “libra men type”…. i don’t get how a libra man’s mind works sometimes. i’ve told him if he isn’t happy he should find someone locally so many times and he tells me the women he knows locally are sluts and he doesn’t want to settle down with girls like that. when you fall in love with a libra man, you are safe behind him. maybe put it down to experience angela, forget him completely and move on, i don’t know what star sign you are, but i suggest you move on, and someone elsewill appear in your life when you least expect it, and then you won’t even think about this libra at all he will be a distant, distant memory erase him from your life. after reading this, i would have to say i’m the one for my libra ex because he used to share his darkest secrets with me. i’m talking about the ones that represent the fall-friendly zodiac sign, libra, which happens to be my atrological sign. think i forgot to also mention he is a libra -_-. it’s just i really trusted this man, which was agonizing for me to do (being a very sensitive pisces) and he took a lot of pains to draw me out. he talks about marriage and kids but has no idea on how to treat a woman. i dnt believe in flattering pepole and libras enjoy flattery. sorry for venting so harshly, just dealt with a childish teenage libra guy. when we were at the beach his friend called and while my man was still walking next to me i heard him say, “yeah i’m at the beach… we got lost trying find the jet ski rentals, it’s all her fault… (looks over and smiles mischievously at me) right shauna? you are right i shouldnt give up on love just give up on those libra’s. under the sign that rules romantic partnership, a libra man is quite naturally many people’s idea of perfect marriage material. i don’t know if it’s because he was my frist bf ever or if he’s a libra, but either way i will never forget him. so i love my libra so much after everything went down, i told him he can come back home if he wanted to, he told me no he wasn’t coming home, and to leave him alone. you take the veil off and peer at what's really there, you'll see that this man is a shameless flirt who is capable of charming the pants off of anyone under eighty! in either case he took on the burden of keeping everyone happy all the time, and thus his womanizing becomes an extension of this behavoir, as juggling the needs of several people becomes fun and enjoyable.