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you help me to understand my long distant relationship with my french man., here are a few important points where things are quite different between france and the us (sorry for the non-americans among you, but i’m sure you can compare to your own culture): french man callingin the us, there are all those strange rules about calling; who’s calling who, when, how much time between two calls, etc, etc. i remember a male friend of mine who lived in france for many years tried to convince their american friends that the french are a lot more conservative about sex than you are told. i was making a general statement, and the fantasies i’m talking about here are not lies or imaginary stories, but the “fantasies” that many (non-european? i was just looking for a pet name to call my french “boyfriend”, this is way better! in french culture – is picking up the bill for your date a big deal as it is in the states? i’ve also dated a very typical frenchman in the past and it was extremely difficult and frustrating. i dated a french guy briefly and had no idea of these rules (or lack thereof) until now. keep that in mind when you’re in a relationship with a french person, whether it is about what they say or about what you say (or rather what you don’t dare to say). but i find canadian men do it to act tough, because acting like they care is somehow unmanly? ↓ 🙂 my french bf is elephant glue… he will text me everyday and whenever is possible for him. i was charmed by my own frenchman pascal in 2007 and married him less than a year later. you may also like “how to ask someone out in french“. i am a canadian woman married to a young frenchman who was born and raised in paris. i’d say that back in the days, when french people were much less “mobile” than now (basically were born, lived and died in the same 50km radius) that was true, but not as much nowadays when people move and travel much more. what’s the difference between a french girl that is having casual sex with 2 different men (not at the same time), and an american girl that is “dating” 2 different men and possibly having sex with each of them? for the “french rules”, be reassured, it’s a mess for everyone. everything you said about french men are all true in regards with dating. am a japanese woman, used to live in usa and thailand, and now being in paris. at first glance we certainly appeared to have little in common – my husband was a country man, whereas my natural habitat was an afternoon spent visiting designer shops. he’s been trained to behave like that by french woman, and he’s just thinking you’re playing hard to get and/or you need convincing. however, having just celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary last year, i would consider these to be the four key flash points that i believe test the most solid anglo-french marital relationships. for the exception and i really appreciate it coz i need some advice coming from the same culture ( french) . i’d be much more comfortable with the french `system`- so i’m glad i’m in it right now 😉. you have the french insight on this that a non-french person is not able to bring to the discussion. my french guy has already set up our next date which is the same time pretty much in the same place although he is pushing for it to be in my place. even though he is canadian, his culture is very much french. i am here in uae right now, i’m 26- filipina dating a french guy ( 28).

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↓ diane, hi, i’m another diane and i’m happily married and american and have been doing a language exchange for the last five years with a happily married frenchman. some girls love to be in permanent contact with their boyfriend/sexfriend, some like me prefer have some space, especially if i’m busy and not so fond of him yet. this was not a beautiful man if he would hurt you like this. friend is still managing to bluff her way through, although, her french husband remains in the dark about the fact that she takes their ten-year-old son to the doctors to translate for her. the other side of this coin is that american men see being romantic as a weakness and do very little of it. as a woman, you have an advantage though, as i believe france is still very traditional for that, and it’s the man’s job to kiss first. you so much for writing this article and for responding to so many questions. i immediately noticed the difference from the style of american men and asked if he was french, especially after he selected a french restaurant for us to meet at. truth is, americans are weird, and french people are weird, and that’s why we need articles like this to point out exactly why we’re not as normal as we think 🙂. the 10% remaining may indulge some romantic, flirtatious, hard-to-get game but these are really specific situation. from the way they meet each other to how they date, french and american people operate differently. i married with french now, and all i can say about your post is so true. in france, there is no such thing as wondering after how many dates it’s ok to have sex, no such thing as “no sex on the first date, that means you’re easy” and so on…. the “no meaning no” (or not), i’ve already responded in another comment, but there are a lot of them, so many you missed it, i understand. is this relevant for a foreign woman dating a french man?, this is how french women are, and as a consequence, this is how french men (that have only dated french women) will behave too.’ve noticed that in an american woman’s mouth “i don’t know” often means “no” and “maybe” often means “yes”. it is a refreshing read, very enjoyable to understand it and i will return to read again and to share this with my female online friends (we have a web community in which we discuss dating, and we have mostly us, australian and british women, but also women from many other countries from time to time). brick married husband pascal in 2008[wenn]they speak the language of love better than any other nation so it comes as no surprise that cheryl cole’s relationship with her french beau has seemingly taken a serious turn. offending a french manone thing that’s not exactly related to dating, but it can be… that fear that american people have to offend other people is totally misunderstood in france. the closest equivalent to “date” would be a rendez-vous, but unless you add that it is a rendez-vous galant (romantic encounter), which sounds way too old school, this word can mean anything from an appointment at the dentist to a casual get together with your friends. the only time i saw that in the early days of facebook, in the us (fb was only in the us at the time), where some college girls would joke that they were married to their best female friend (i never really got what was funny about that… or was it a not so subtle way to tell the world that they had explored homosexuality with each other? american women are left hungry for romance and learn to do without.”that’s something french women say to other women when they are good friends. i met a french guy in cali and his replies take hours. french people will then expect their special one to be exclusive: no need to say it, it’s implied. it took six tries, lots of tears and sweet, sad words, but we finally managed to break free from one another. 9 learn to cook there’s only one way to cook across the channel and that’s the french way.

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know i’m a special case, having lived in three countries and continents (and in four cities in france), but most of my current french friends, i’ve met after age 25, even if i’m still (vaguely) in touch with some of my childhood/high school friends. it depends on so much things other than just being “french” like age, education, place, circumstances, context, personality, etc… i live and was raised in paris, i’m 22 and when i say “no” to a man, it doesn’t have some hidden twisty meaning like “maybe”. the french guy i am seeing keeps insisting on paying each time, but relented a bit and said i could pay next time…but. have sex the first night is not a problem to me, if i’m with a man i feel respectful and open minded (hate those men who think that women sexually free are bitches saying “yes” to anybody). that precious invitation to meet “maman” is the best sign the relationship is here to stay. however, when it comes to dating and day-to-day romantic life, the rules are somewhat different to those the british are used to.” when we study abroad or travel, we let loose and fall into the romanticism of having a fling with a sexy frenchman in paris. but there is one that i admire highly with french people… they are very family loving people. beautiful women are objectified to sell products all the time and so it is with men who speak romance languages, i guess. even for a married woman to go out with a male friend who is single: i often travel to paris by myself, leyla and olivier stay in paimpol, and have dinner with one (or several) of our good male friend(s), single or not., if you, the foreign – possibly american – woman, say “no” chances are that you mean “no” and if you the french man still insists, don’t get mad right away. although i’ve come to the conclusion i’m more of a french girl, than a brit! just because the french talk about sex in “theory” doesn’t mean they are more open in “practice”. we both eventually adapted to and accepted this behavior because i realized that french kids, who tend not to move out on their own as early as american kids do, have no where else to go. thoughts on “how to date a french man”reply ↓ brilliant words! first realised that a relationship with a frenchman was different to anything i had ever experienced when, within hours of moving in, i was told i would need to have a cooked meal ready on the table at the dot of midday every lunch-time. i was not aware that accepting to go out to dinner with a man alone gave the signal that i was possibly romantically interested in him. when you go in a bar in paris, unless it’s a bar you used to go with customer or barman you already know, you don’t go alone, but with friends or lover. they just need to get on well with their partner/amante/amour. french husband knows exactly what i weigh because we have a set of scales in our bedroom which we step on every morning to weigh in. i have never heard of a french couple dating for weeks (and you are absolutely right, there is no word for dating). the french aren’t interested in what you do, they subscribe to the “work to live” motto and are famous for their 35-hour weeks and gloriously long summer holidays. i wrote an article about french sex vocabulary if you are curious – watch out, it is explicit and written for an adult audience. couldn’t be a bigger difference in the way french and americans have romantic relationships. it’s a really big turn off when i mean what i say, but i’m treated like a fickle woman playing a game. one friend, sally, was horrified to discover that his mother had offered her husband of three years, manu €20,000 and a share in a holiday home if he ditched her. a second if many men fantasized along the same line about dating a certain type of foreign woman (i know it happens), how racist and sexist would it sound? i love french culture and the way they do things and how they live. Wie ein madchen anschreiben

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) a frenchman to the point that they’ll actively seek frenchmen for that purpose only. based on my students' goals and needs, i've created unique downloadable french audiobooks focussing on french like it's spoken today, for all levels. do wish that french men would take no for an answer though. for more about “l’amour” (grammar, french love vocabulary, cultural tips) in france, check out my saint valentin article. meeting his mother how will you know when your french amour is ready to move on to the next stage? the woman has all the power when it comes to dating. umbilical chord has never been cut between a french mother and her son., since there is no dating protocol, french guys have to work hard for it… they cannot just assume that if the girl accepts to go out with them three times, “c’est dans la poche” (it’s in the pocket, it’s a done deal). the dream of every foreign woman, and a few gay men too…but how make this dream come true? > blog > french women don't date: the french dating system explained. french people are discreet when it comes to their relationships and don’t need to make it public for it to be important in their lives. let alone trying to find the right words in french., that’s not exactly true, but let’s say that there are much fewer rules than in many other countries, especially the us (as usual, i’ll compare mostly to the us, partly because this is the foreign culture i know the best, partly because most of the readership is american). i wasn’t looking for love, just to learn french.(and btw i love how french people say what is on their mind and what they are feeling, and how the offended party has the reponsibility. i wasn’t trying to fall in love with a french man and certainly not to a married man, but it just happened in the course of working together. but i have a very big problem with my french boyfriend in our serious relationship…. many of the french women i’ve met redefine the meaning of “forward” where men are concerned and can be utterly indifferent to hurting another woman’s feelings. i know it means darling but does it have romantic connotations or is it just a friendly thing to say?! tammy help me out finding me a french man he sounds adorable.: no woman should have to prove they were raped to claim child benefit. ↓ great post; i’ve been trying to figure out if it’s worth it to act upon a mutual attraction with a french guy friend, and this helps to understand what he might be thinking. i never know how he feels about me, but i know i’m so in love with him, not because he’s french but because he’s like no other guy. it is that simple, and the very reason that there is no french word for date or dating. this is why french guys have the reputations of being so romantic, and… tenacious ! french consumer products carry a romantic allure and a price tag to go with them. from the ground up with the true french beginner in mind. will know when a french girl is flirting with you: she’ll smile to excess, move her hair a lot, smile at you, blush, laugh hard and loud at your jokes, find occasions to touch your shoulder (or even your knee… oh la la),… and it’s not unlikely that she’ll make the first move. Partnersuche region basel

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’s actually the first point they made in this video, which i really liked:I hope this article shed some light on the french dating system… or lack of it. and if you like this article, you’ll probably enjoy my “french women beauty secrets” article.  an allergy to housework clearly resides in the dna of all frenchmen. he wrote he would not pursue a woman if there was no reply, however, when there was no reply, he wrote again (haha). if yes, why he is demanding too much from me if he just wants me to chill? understood of course a man and a woman could be interested in each other in a romantic way, let me reassure you. ok, it doesn’t work for everything (even in france, telling your girlfriend she looks fat in that dress is a big no no), but overall, french people are much more open and upfront than americans. there is a reason i, as an american woman is always asked why we are so “easy” especially in france. in your man’s eyes you may be the one. not one of my british friends married to a frenchman will be surprised about this revelation..Reply ↓ i live in montreal and this city is full of french expats (to the point where i sometimes go out to a neighborhood restaurant and my québécois accent is in the minority! most french men completely worship their mum and adore spending time with their family. in other languages, french has its own little words or names to call a loved one. that’s pretty bold for a man who is trying to woo a woman he loves! may i advise you to ask the question in the ask a frenchman google+ community, you may find answers (the link is on the sidebar on the right). ↓ my boyfriend (a parisian) is not a very typical frenchman. i was the only american at a weekend conference with a bunch of french students, and i was one of the only people who didn’t want to participate in a kissing game. 🙂on a side note “the french don’t make friends after age 25” is not completely true. ↓ well, if frenchmen don’t take no for an answer, blame it on french women. challenge's eric monkman: 'i don't see myself as an object of desire'. i’m talking about situations when you already know the guy, and the relationship between you two is not just mere friendship, but when there’s something more or less romantic already in place. many thanks… i am from the south in the us so i will say to you a southern saying: you are so sweet to share this! with the internet, however, it is now possible to contact men around the world who are comfortable being romantic and american women are not hesitating to do so. other thing one needs to know when asking a french woman out.’m glad my fellow french women agree with the way i described the ‘system’, something so obvious for us is sometimes uneasy to explain! and on the other hand, i won’t tell you how many french girls turned me down when i asked them out even though i was convinced that they had a crush on me and well, they didn’t., in a french woman’s mouth (and consequently in a french man’s ear) “i don’t know” means “i don’t know, i’m not sure, convince me., if a woman is dining with a man, you can bet he will pick up the check. Singles stolberg rheinland

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big mistake a bunch of people make when dealing with love and relationships is to assume that:love is universal, this is what makes us human, so it’s all the same everywhere. a frenchwoman is expected to play her feminine side, and be “admired” for her beauty and wit among other qualities. kissing a french manone thing that always disturbed me in the us is how it’s sometimes easy to kiss or to get kissed (i’m talking mouth kissing, or even french kissing here). it’s the man sending a message to the woman that:– she can’t provide for herself, so a man needs to do it for her. accents are sexy, and latin cultures are *romantic* (hahaha i’m so funny), so we’ll go home with anyone who smiles at us. it is expected, as a woman, you’ll nurse a thimble-sized glass of wine throughout an evening – and that’s on special occasions only. perhaps this explains how the french build their relationships inside of a group, and not directly on a one-on-one date. my french friend just let me know that he finds me very intelligent in some areas, but not in others. on the other hand, i recently created an “ask a frenchman google community” where you can ask your questions and discuss the matter with whoever feels like doing so. the frenchman i met is like 18, but strangely he is not the type to go on social media, and he has moved back to paris and we are now in different continents. having 3 french stepsons, i have been fortunate to have observed the dating ‘ritual’ first hand. we are currently residing in canada and married last july in paris. years since 1988, i told my american friends about this difference in concept (which i was a direct victim :-)) since english use the word “appointment” as in french, i assumed the word “rendez-vous” translated to “date”! i’m so happy to know that my french man doesn’t think i’m easy! first, the “asking out“asking someone else out in france is not that different from many other places i guess. the removal men who delivered my belongings to the isolated stone farmhouse in lot, southwest france, pointedly remarked: “we move just as many english back to the uk – there’s no shame in it.” i was quite offended, so he apologized and said that was so french of him to say something like that. the french adore spontaneous gatherings and it is completely normal to be expected to whip up dinner for at least eight people with very little notice. i am just acclimating to process of dating a frenchman. it comes to love and relationships, there is the french way and the american way. if men are from mars and women are from venus, french and americans couldn’t come from more different planets. i am at a total loss with this french guy. say ask the girl, because it’s really rare that the woman asks the man out in france. that even if date (meaning: day, month and year) is a french world, there’s no word in french for date meaning romantic get together. guess since there is no set protocol, french women are pretty obvious, and often more direct than other women. and raised in paris, i have been teaching today's french to adults for 20 years in the us and france. after all, i’m a frenchman who married a japanese lady after dating a lot of american (but no british) women. i wish there were a post for how to date a french girl, and reserved especially for canadians… i’ve been dating a guy and heard after three months : ‘are we serious now or not? Is there anything wrong with dating a shorter guy

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(if you’re wondering, my french friends recognized it as assault before i did. as a french woman, i think i speak for a large number of us when i said that when woman says “no”, 90% of the time, they mean it. people don’t allow themselves the time to use their intuition, which is crucial for a ‘romantic’ relationship. you simply go to the country, you meet the man, and there you go? (there were other french people who didn’t participate, like the french girl who was mad about the game because she wanted to flirt without anyone doubting her intentions)2. like the french idea of socialising in mixed groups – to me, that is the best way to get to know if you enjoy the company of a romantic interest.. bundesarchiv bild 183-p0310-0025, berlin, straßenszene by german federal archive, via wikimedia commons. this post will speak a lot about my relationship with french people. ↓ how do you get romantically involved with someone with whom you don’t share at least one language? is what i’m trying to do (clear up misunderstandings and such) with this “ask a frenchman” series. my french girlfriends talk all the time about how hard it is being considered a slut in france and how it dictates their every move.. the guy was furious and asked: “so how many”dates do you have this week ?, “dating” and “rendezvous” or whatever you want to call it is not significantly different between the american and the french. in particular, if you have a question about this particular french man, please note that the comment section is not the place to ask. never rely on a french husband to put on a united front. ↓ i just met a man in france who fixed my flat tire for me. the heart does not ask for permission and it does not ask or care how old you are or even if you are married. of my french friends – men and women alike – have waited to meet someone special for their first time, didn’t just want to get rid of their virginity, and have never had one night stand. french men flirt with the opposite sex, seduction is in their dna and every woman is a potential bed mate. sex between consenting adults is very much socially accepted, most french people won’t rush into it, and get to know each other before jumping into bed. could you please tell me if a french man calls you “ma cherie” what does it mean?) i don’t know where you live in canada but many of the frenchmen here have a perception that quebec women are loose and try to take advantage of it! ↓ i have just moved to france and almost everytime i walk down the street a man will attempt to get my attention by yelling out to me or stopping me as i pass; i even had a man whistle at me tonight. kissing hi and goodbye being the standard and french women being more “flirtatious”, it can be difficult for foreigners to correctly read a french woman’s body language. see, an english woman will always be seen as lacking compared to her chicer, thinner and more elegant french counterpart. there is nothing a frenchman adores more than a forthright, passionate woman. i can’t tell you how many french girls i never asked out in my dating years – even though i liked them – because i was convinced that they didn’t care about me only to learn afterwards that the only thing they were waiting was that i ask them out. 7 stop the affairs all french men flirt with the opposite sex, seduction is in their dna and every woman is a potential bed mate.

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i’ve dated other europeans but never french, so this is goi g to be an interesting experience! that said, we have all agreed by now that french and americans are different. every woman is expected to have at least one signature dish. ↓ ok not fucking true about americans being less sexually open than the french. couldn’t be a bigger difference in the way French and Americans have romantic relationships. most of my audiobooks are recorded at several speeds to help you conquer the modern french language. the article suggests that a kiss is all it takes to become exclusive, this ignores the fact that the french tend to be more liberal about casual sex. ↓ i met a married french speaking man (he lives near france) online a few months ago. good to know that here in france, a kiss on the lips signals…romantic relationship! any case, there is no obligation nor expectation whatsoever for the woman to do whatever after any number of “rendez-vous galants”. overall advantages and disadvantages of the (absence of) rules in french datingwell, the main advantage is that things are more “natural”, people tend to follow more what they feel and less what should or shouldn’t be done. call that nonsense, because it turns us – frenchmen – as a stereotype, objectifies us, and honestly, i don’t think that’s a healthy way to start a relationship (and that’s why so many of them fail). maybe you could kiss him, i’m sure many men would appreciate. however, maybe a french woman may be able to answer you better than i can. honey, if a man will cheat with you, he will cheat on you, and this is true worldwide.: the defiant woman who faced down an edl leader - and 9 other powerful images of female protesters. i understand the french don’t make friends after age 25 so that bothers me a bit about the culture, after 5 years i am still a correspondent like i’m a journalist or something. your email address will only ever be used for french today news and you can easily unsubscribe with a single click at any time. ↓ i was at an open market in the latin quarter many years ago when a tall, dark handsome man approached me and asked me out. i agree with you; however, the stereotype of the romantic frenchman is very strong in the world and is, in large part, responsible for the popularity of france as a tourist attraction and for sales of french products abroad. so when my american boyfriend back then asked me where i was that he could not get a hold of me all week long… i replied that i was busy with school and many “dates” ! i was hesitant to publish the previous comment as i’m sometimes growing tired of all the fantasies about frenchmen and cheating and all that non-sense (and i’m always a bit surprised when those stories come from people who have some life experience), but your answer made it worth it. sex with a french manon the other hand, remember that french society and french people are not as messed up as americans are when it comes to sex. i’m australian and just met a much younger french guy in london who doesn’t speak much english, so it is quite comical and charming trying to communicate. remember a few years ago, the last time i had a french (female) roommate. Cheryl Cole’s relationship with her new man hots up, Samantha Brick gives us the lowdown on love across the ChannelHome » ask a frenchman! a french couple, if they like each other, there is no courtship involved, they kiss and might go to bed that same day… that makes it much easier and therefore no need for “dating”. i thing there is true things in all what you expose, but there is so many types of “frenchmen/women”, you can’t really make generalities.

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as a french woman, i never had a date until i came to the us. there are no statistics available for divorces between british women and french men, recent anecdotal reports point to an “epidemic” of cross-channel divorces – with the finger of blame pointed at the belle mère, who considers her anglo-saxon daughter-in-law not quite up to scratch. one french girl was confused why i wasn’t participating (i didn’t want to kiss her or some guy i’d just met), specifically because i was an american, and she thought americans just did that. suggested reason cheryl’s marital card was apparently marked from the off was down to the fact that she didn’t speak french. for ‘dating’, you could say in french that you are ‘seeing someone’ (voir quelqu’un) or ‘going out with someone’ (sortir avec quelqu’un), but again, it does not quite capture the american concept of dating. your other half gets tired of translating for you, you’re edged out of conversations and the french delight in mocking you. while my wife agrees with the author’s viewpoints, i tend to disagree, and think that it’s a matter of semantics. honestly with french, is so much different, and they speak their mind often, even you like it or not. after about a month we had grown close and we began to have romantic feelings for one another. i’ve meet five frenchmen and two of them were married (and “forgot” to mention it when we met). road safety commander disciplined after cutting hair of female employees. yeah, he also believes that there are no rules when it comes to dating, but he’s less ‘obsessive’ than typical frenchmen. hahai can’t speak about all frenchman, but with my husband after 5 years the romance, passion and calls/text/messages in a bottle still continue, like when we first met. french women tend to ignore question not because they are uncertain whether they are in an exclusive relationship (as the article suggests), but rather because french tend to ignore the question of marriage altogether; as demonstrated by the increasing number of relationships who agree to have children, but are not interested in getting married. it or not, at the opposite of all the stereotypes, french people are much more about love than sex. certain number of pointers and advice about dating a French man. ↓ i just had a second date with a french guy, who i actually really like. i want to know more detail on how exactly to get a french man. we are both married so after about a month of online romance, we decided it was best to split up before either one of us ended up in a divorce court. dated one very wonderful french man and i am a malaysian, we have been in a very good and stable relationship. the one thing that is missing and which is important to me is to know how frenchmen feel about an older woman. i am currently being wooed by a frenchman 12 years my junior and he swears it is not a problem. it is the case with any rule, but even more so with dating, especially because too many people assume that dating is natural and not cultural. so if a french woman says no when you ask her out (or anything else), it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t want to go out with you, it means she’s playing hard to get, and you’ll have to ask several times.: this is what really makes britons angry - how many do you agree with? take your first steps in french and master politeness and basic structures, as you. of course, there’s a fine line between “several” and “annoyingly too many” borderline harassing, and this line will depend from one individual to another… it didn’t say it was going to be easy. it’s never been a dream of this foreigner to date a frenchman, though i have dated a few.

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↓ be careful lala, you’ve been abroad long enough to not fall in the pitfall that many of your compatriots regularly fall into; 外国 is not one country, but about 200, and it’s not one culture, but probably thousands., in a dating situation, kissing on the lips, and especially french kissing, means one and only thing: you want to be in a relationship with the person. thanks so much for sharing this – i hope that many more people would read your article 🙂. one friend who married a man from the dordogne was horrified when her gave in to his mothers insistence that he spend more time on the family farm than he did with her. there is no such thing as french love or american love. a french kiss doesn’t mean monogamy or sex to me, even if i don’t kiss a man on the lips if i’m not interested in (logic). the french don't "date"… so what is a man to do? i was wondering if a french guy who now lives elsewhere, in this example, the uk, would you expect him to behave accordingly to that culture or at least not as intense? the frenchman i talk to is a great person and great to work with. i’m an american woman living in france married to a french man. and while some french men dominate the bathroom and spend a fortune on their clothes, they will also adore buying their other half pretty underwear and in the right size too. guess french people is polite and i see how french kids behave very well on the table. i meet a man and i am without my husband, i’ll place within the first minutes of the conversation that “my husband blablabla… and our daughter blablabla…”.: despite the previous warning, i’ve already asked several people asking me about the french man they met or similar personal question that i said i was not going to answer. it’s so funny reading this article because he has so many of the attributes you talk about. she was even more horrified when, after a year, he left her declaring 'i prefer to live with maman. i was laughing all throughout because i have experienced a couple of these things which a frenchman. i guess i’m one of the few americans not enthralled by frenchmen, though i do love the french people and find the language very beautiful. ↓ well, i’m french so i apologies for my mistakes and the poor/awkward english., this is a conversation that my wife (french) and i (american) have had on a number of occasions. i found the information you mentioned about how french kids meet and date is right on the money. the french go to bed much more easily than the average american, which shortens the “dating season”!, if you find a frenchman who’s lived abroad for a few years and who’s culturally-minded, then chances are, he’ll be less of a ‘typical’ frenchman and easier to understand. i don’t know if frenchmen in general are really are better lovers, but i doubt the stereotype is going to disappear and since france can take it to the bank, do we really want it to? he speaks no english and i don’t speak french so we have a lot trouble speaking on the phone. french men are the masters of seduction and making you feel the most cherished woman alive. on the other hand, i’ve seen some americans (and some french people as well) condemn too quickly their own cultures in favor of another. the french are very haughty and like to think they are better at everything ‘especially sex’ than americans.