Dating a guy with the same name as your brother

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, a month or so ago my hubby heard the name isla and loved it immediately.) i don’t think it’s really that unusual — think families where there’s an emphasis on using family names to honor parents, grandparents, etc. it’s common to see multiple cousins with the same beloved name or versions of the same name. no name, not even one that caused spontaneous husband-weeping, is worth that, in my opinion. she had to think about whether she was okay with her daughter having the same name as my dog! yeeah, i can see how that might raise a few eyebrows and cause some confusion, and possibly a little weirdness that both girls will basically be born with the requirement of including a last initial or middle name to keep them straight whenever family members talk about them.” but when i told my husband, that’s when he freaked out and insisted that this is our daughter’s name. if so, i think it’s reasonable to have different middle names. worst that happens is auntie melissa gets called auntie alyssa because the kid thinks she and her aunt have the same name… and they both love their “same” name. i had felt strongly about it, too, but for fear of conflict i had kinda instantly turned off the name, until i watched my burly husband shed a tear over the name he wants to give our daughter!

Dating a guy with the same name as my brother

sister’s name is andrea, my cousin’s name is andrew, they are both known as ‘andy’ it was never an issue. please be honest with one another and don’t let the outcome bother you and ruin your relationship. so i am writing an open letter to those who have read your diary and found a little sister they have never seen who will never entirely disappear from earth as long as we who are living remember her. when most people die they disappear without a trace, their thoughts forgotten, their aspirations unknown, but you have simply left your own family and become part of the family of man. (in other words, to clear her name as a potential copy-cat down the line. it is perfect for us, it links up with our middle name choice, with my heritage. said, i also sympathize with baby name turf wars within families — while most of us are prepared for the inevitable eventuality that we will encounter someone else with our child’s same preshus snowflake letter jumble, it can get understandably weird to realize that the name you chose is already getting double-duty use within your immediate family, and within just a few months of time.  i wouldn’t let the worry of name confusion hold you back. so we picked a completely different name that wasn’t even on our radar to begin with because it’s just easier., in this case, we are due first and we weren’t sharing our baby name plans because we know that couples often change their minds when they meet the baby.

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    how you worried about your inconsistencies, about your two selves - the gay flirtatious superficial anne that hid the quiet serene anne who tried to love and understand the world. my mother has made it very clear to me that it would be *the end of the world… dum dum duuuum* if we even considered using that name and my sister has said many many times she would never forgive me and i’m lucky that she isn’t more upset that my daughter has the same middle name as she does (my grandma’s name btw…and it’s a middle name and not even spelled the same). cousins born within a few months of each other, both girls, both with the same name. she was pregnant at the same time as her sister but due two months earlier. if i want to honor my grandpa i’ll use it as a middle name. you will be pleased to know she is called kitty after the imaginary friend to whom you wrote the letters in your journal., i’ve always said that i wouldn’t let other people’s baby naming plans affect my naming plans, because my mom was going to call me “a” and then her friend called her baby “a” and so my mom called me a shitty 80s name instead! it isn’t in the top 10, but is common enough (although not a family name). when she told her sister the name she and my dad had chosen, her sister freaked out because she also wanted to use that name. hour in berlin when i first spoke to you, when you had your knee upon the ground, i knew that you were in prayer.
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    we don’t own names, and i don’t give a damn if they use that middle name for their future potential child. as a kid having a common 80’s name with a common ethnic last name i was used to sharing my name. i had a situation where a family member in the same city chose to use the same name that we had picked for a boy. none of which were on our list, but then when they found out what they were having they called again, and then when they found out our baby was the same gender they called again, and it annoyed my husband so he started joking that we were really starting to like their name, which made them call in a panic even more. i suggest that you be honest with your sil about your feelings and possibly nobody use the name if things are going to be an issue. you’ve had it picked for awhile and it’s the only name that you ever considered (and i don’t know, you use the name out loud already and have already ordered monogrammed crib blankets or something). i can’t tell you how many times incorrect information has shown up on a credit check related to a relative with my same name. our kids and their kids will never have the same sibling-like relationships that i always had with my cousins growing up. piss off my family or pick another name that we don’t love quite as much just in case? if someone had spoken up about possible baby names beforehand, and for example, both agreed that “the” name was off the table and alternates were to be chosen?
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    names are important and meaningful and personal and all that, but i am sorry, you do not get to claim a name as yours and yours alone, hissing and spitting at anyone who dares trespass on your wonderfully unique preshus snowflake letter jumble. i finally made him tell his brother that we didn’t plan to use their name and never had, but they needed to lay off. my sil was a few months ahead of me with a girl, who she chose to name olivia. think if they already had the name picked out (but just hadn’t told anybody about it) then it makes sense to tell the sil that it’s also the name you’d picked out. up for the web’s most entertaining (while informative) weekly newsletter on your pregnancy! my partner’s cousin is not remotely pregnant, but freaked out when she heard the middle name we’re using for our baby, because she might want to use that if she has another daughter. according to my dad, when my aunt (his younger sister) got married, she tried to call dibs on certain names. friend had a potential girl’s name that she was thinking about for her future daughter. my mum gave me her nme and two of y cousins hve same name. he basically told her she was being ridiculous, and that he’d name his own kids whatever he wanted, regardless of what names she’d ‘called’ or even already used.
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this is the guy who hates every darn baby name suggested to him and can think of every bad nickname possible. sil and i are due pretty much at the exact same time. she doesn’t know the sex of hers and claims not to have a name picked at all. oh, and never once told any of us this…(actually, when i was pregnant with my last daughter she claimed that “arianna” was “her” name and i couldn’t use it…). my husband and i loved the name oliver, but we switched because it wasn’t a family name and there are so many names. was worried that my cousins might want the same names as we do for our baby – i doubt it will happen, but if it does, meh, it happens…. in our bookstore it is like a family where your chinese sisters and your brothers from all lands sit in the reading rooms and meet the parisians or have tea with the writers from abroad who are invited to live in our guest house. that somehow feels shadier, even if the end result is the same. we all wish for peace, yet in the name of self-defense we are working toward self-obliteration. to our shame, your article was cited at length by the european press.

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. my sil and i were due within two weeks of each other (she was due first) and within days of us telling everyone we were expecting, they started calling us to claim their names. cousin and i are two months apart and have the same first name and same initials. have two cousins named paul (my mom’s two sisters both named their sons the same! i got a dog and named the dog that (unknowingly! it wasn’t the same name, and honestly, it wouldn’t have been a big deal if we went with it, it just would have meant dealing with everyone stumbling over their names (we see them about once a month). in december, my husband’s cousin named their new son the exact same name. your in-laws cannot stop you from proceeding with your chosen name. but this is entirely why we didn’t tell people our name choice until the baby was already born – the decision should be made by the parents without any extra influence or pressure. at the same time another sil was pregnant and used a name i’d thought about (my grandpa’s name) and she apologized when she realized, but i said, “hey, i might never have a boy. my mom caved and named my brother something other than her first choice.

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husband has a name that he really wants to use for a son, but he’s concerned because there is a cousin with that name. second, you absolutely must discuss this with your relatives before your child is born. sure, they probably shared their name choice in hopes of shooing you away from it in case it was on your “list,” but unfortunately for them, it was on your list. your baby whatever you want, no one owns a name. apparently when she was pregnant with her daughter from a previous marriage she wanted to name her isla but her husband refused and my niece ended up being avery. to add another perspective, even babies with different names in their immediate families, could end up with having the same name as the family grows and changes. if she’d kept her mouth shut about her name choice she just would have been in for an unpleasant surprise when your daughter was born; now she has to decide if it bothers her if your girls have the same name or not. you are due first, and just because they announced the name first doesn’t mean anyone has dibs. even if those other people have identical taste in baby names. name turf wars: when the “wrong” family member has the “right” family name.

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 i was also a mash-up of my big-brothers’ names that eventually led to “chri-don-stev-jimmy! i had a minor freak out about what if we pick the same name because the name we picked is her (and my husband’s) grandfather’s name. cousin is younger and wound up having the nickname – lm – short for little matt.  my siblings and i didn’t have names that sounded alike, and still the over-tired parents in my life stumbled over all of them because that is parenting. we are extremely different and distant (my husband and his brother have never been close, never will be) and the best relationship we could ever hope for is vaguely-friendly-but-mostly-awkward.(when the time came, she and her husband found a better name, anyway). promise me you won’t hide from the potential conflict and spring this on her in a few months after your daughter’s birth, at which point she’ll probably flip completely out and assume you “stole” the name. in fact, i can not overemphasize how not close we are with my husband’s brother and his wife. once asked my aunt if she was mad that my mom chose the same name, and she was like “what? names are not one-time-use and there could easily be someone out there with your exact same name who you are not related to.


live happily, all the best to you my dear brother, lots of success, much love and happiness, don’t weep, don’t cry. that reason, i’m kind of ok with naming my daughter the same name as my husband’s niece but, since we already aren’t close, i don’t want to start a fight by saying “yeah, so, that was our name, too, so uhhh, let’s just both have babies with that name. our family we have: melissa, alyssa, marissa, carissa, 2 steve’s, a maddie and a matty (which sound exactly the same when said aloud so we call them dd and tt) and  3 pete’s. first cousin and i have the same name – she is 2 yrs older than me –. if you went ahead and did not use this name because you wanted to avoid the whole conflict issue and then when your sil has her daughter 3 months from now, she has changed her mind and not used it either? part of me thinks it’s ok for them to call dibs on a name this far in advance if they feel strongly about it, but my husband was pissed that they didn’t wait until they found out what we’re naming our daughter. Can I ignore her calling "dibs" on the baby name?  i don’t care about having multiple people with the same name, i just don’t want to deal with the resentment that comes with accusations of name stealing. we know the sex of ours and knew what the name would be even before the kid was conceived. read your advice to someone else on this subject – what if you had your heart set on a name, but a family member who is due before you announces it’s their baby name before you do?

(if it helps, this isn’t the kind of name that gets shortened differently, like elizabeth can be liz, and beth, and eliza, this name is stand-alone, not the shortening type).  my mother rarely, if ever, managed to correctly say the name of the kid she wanted to address when calling for us.” it was not necessary for them to check with us before they picked their name, and if we use it later i dont think they’ll care. brother and my cousin have the same name, and we lived less than a mile apart and he was at our house nearly every day growing up. let her know that 1) you aren’t going to change your plans, sorry, but 2) you are 100% completely okay and cool with her using the name as well, and would be happy to laugh and tell the story about how you both came up with this “perfect” name independently., this is part of the reason why we’ve been very public about possible name choices (cassandra marie for a girl – i’ve had this name since i was 15 years old). names are important, but everyone needs to be adult about it and deal with the fact that their name may not be unique unless they name their kid something the kid won’t want to put on a resume. what if she gives birth prematurely and she “takes” your name…would you truly, honestly still use “the” name? our boy name was taken from us but the way it was handled was the most upsetting part. two months later, her sister gave birth… and used a different name than the one she had “called dibs” on.

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watch me speaking very badly about the book, and to get your name in the back of the special edition, visit unbound. my husband’s sister and sister-in-law (his brother’s wife) have the same first name. i hear stories about “baby name wars” i think of the scene in my big fat greek wedding when the dad is introducing all the cousins; “and this is my sister nikki and her kids nick, nicolas, niko, and nikki. addition, i was named after my mom so i know all about the credit files getting crossed despite the fact that my name is an extended version of her’s and we have a different middle initial… go figure…. maybe because she was hoping to turn the other person off the name, i dunno. he actually cried when we first said this name out loud (which of course made me cry).” i was expecting you to flame us because in the past you told the person in this situation to let the name go. but when i read it, i’d interpreted it as that they hadn’t chosen a name yet, but when they heard the sil name choice, it seemed like the perfect name for their own baby. i think you only claim not to care because you have the upper hand in being able to name your child first. agree, you should say something to your sister-in-law, but calling dibs on a name just makes me roll my eyes.

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you have every freaking right in the world to name your daughter the name you picked, but your sil’s email does mean you’re going to have to talk about your plan. the following farewell letter was written the next day by 17-year-old budapest resident pinchas eisner to his brother, mordechai, who at the time was in a forced labour camp. it didn’t show up in my reader, but my husband was googling “name wars” and it came up and he was like “is this us! similar happened to my mom when she was pregnant with my brother. for that reason, my attitude is, if i feel strongly about the name, it’s ok if someone else in my life gives their kid the same name.  not to call dibs, but so that if at some point, someone we know names their child the same thing we want to name a future child, no one will think we stole it. i had a baby girl last year, and we kept her name a secret from the day of our 20-week ultrasound until the day she was born…and i was terrified that at some point in between, a close friend or a family member would announce that they’d be using “our name. agree that you should talk to sil but still stick with the name you love. first and foremost, you both must consider the ramifications for your children. point is, the name confusion will happen no matter the names involved.

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she’s still fuming about it and will whine to anyone who listens that we ruined “her” name., with regards to “(considering) the ramifications for your children,” did you miss all the comments by people who have the same name as their cousins and thought it was super fun? clarify, yeah, in rereading, it does sound like one commenter says, that we liked the name only after we heard my sil say it. it okay if a family member steals a name of a baby who was just born without speaking to the parents about it? if they end up with the same name, it’s no big deal, especially because they’ll only be together once a year-ish.) because i loved you and i see you as you smile, (the vein on your brow is swelling) as you are thinking, as you eat, as you smoke, as you sleep and i feel great tenderness, great love and my eyes are filled with tears. you said that, if i die, you will kill yourself. in the end, unless these names have explicit sentimental meaning (honoring a loved one), i see no reason why you both can’t open a baby name book and explore other options. he is sitting by the fire next to a kitten with a very unusual name. we went round and round on names, and ended up picking oliver for our boy.