Dating a depressed person tumblr

Dating a clinically depressed person

early june 2012, tumblr featured its first major brand advertising campaign in conjunction with adidas. tumblr's 2009 acquisition of tumblerette, an ios application created by jeff rock and garrett ross, the service launched its official iphone app. "tumblr comes to windows phone with lock screen, live tile enhancements".^ "tumblr rolls out instant messaging on both web and mobile". editing: tumblr allows users to edit their blog's theme html coding to control the appearance of their blog. ""tumblr has 'ways to go' before ipo, ceo says" 9-5-12".

Dating a depressed person tumblr

"tumblr's editorial hires lead to "storyboard," a hub to feature creative users".: dating jimin would include ▪ so many shy glances and giggles from him ▪ esp when you two first meet ▪ he’s smitten by you as soon as he sees you, and thinks you’re the cutest thing he’s ever seen ▪ which is funny bc that’s what you’re thinking about him as well ▪ the others would make it so hard for him to talk to you ▪ bc it’ll be so easy to tell that he likes you so they’ll be talking and flirting with you nonstop until he says something ▪ he’d kinda be like jungkook and confess mostly out of annoyance, just bc he’s getting really jealous that they’re talking to you more than him  ▪ early on you’d get to know that he’s the jealous type and refuses to see another person flirting with you ▪ he might not get physical unless he really needed to, then rip to the other guy ▪ you could swear he has multiple personalities  ▪ one minute he’d be all squishy and cuddly with you, the next he’s winking at you as he licks his lips ▪ he makes sure to do this every time you walk into a room so that your attention would be solely focused on him ▪ kiss him on his neck and he’s putty in your hands  ▪ might playfully ask you to stop, might drag you to a secluded place and teach you not to mess with him like that again  ▪ the other guys tagging along with you on your dates just because ▪ i mean you have so much fun with them so you never complain  ▪ except when hobi is always teasing you both  ▪ the only way to shut him up is when jimin tells him that he’s got an amazing gf and hobi will be lonely forever ▪ cue grumbling hoseok ▪ but it’s ok bc you love him and tell him that he’ll find an unfortunate girl that falls in love with him ▪ lmao you guys love teasing him  ▪ taking so so so many pictures of you ▪ he just gets so happy when he sees them when he’s away from you▪ but then he gets sad bc you’re not next to him and he’ll call you, sometimes crying from missing you too much ▪ you squishing his cheeks before planting a kiss on his lips ▪ picks you up randomly and kisses your neck while asking you to dance with him ▪ slow dances with him anywhere, anytime ▪ showing his perfect abs and smirking when he sees you blushing ▪ v cuddly in the morning, stuffing his whole body under yours for warmth ▪ but if he wakes up before you, he’ll kinda just stare at you for a while then decide his lips are lonely so he’d kiss all over your body▪ and you’d wake up in a haze and be like…what▪ and he’d be like shhh just let me kiss you ▪ back hugs ▪ you hugging his torso as he makes you both hot drinks▪ spontaneous dates▪ sometimes talks in his sleep and says your name ▪ he loves playing and brushing your hair ▪ lays his down on your lap when he’s tired and you playing with his hair as he hugs your legs and kisses your thighs▪ loving each other so much that you forget about your insecurities and worries▪ pls love this squishy doll 😽originally posted by parkjiminer. february 2012, tumblr's staff blog announced that the content policy would change to ban blogs that promote or advocate suicide, self-harm and eating disorders (pro-ana).[19][20] many of tumblr's users were unhappy with the news, causing some to start a petition, achieving nearly 170,000 signatures. tumblr login/sign up page; a different background image is displayed each time the page is loaded. tumblr staff argued that the change was intended to combat "misattribution".

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adidas launched an official soccer tumblr blog and bought placements on the user dashboard.[67] tumblr made million in revenue in 2012 and hopes to make 0 million in 2013.^ "tumblr reblogs just got a lot cleaner, and a little less charming".[72] tumblr's visual appeal has made it ideal for photoblogs that often include copyrighted works from others that are re-published without payment. suicide of a british teenager, tallulah wilson, raised the issue of suicide and self-harm promotion on tumblr as wilson was reported to have maintained a self-harm blog on the site. february 2016, the indonesian government temporarily blocked access to tumblr within the country because the site hosts pages that carried porn.

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^ "cumulative total of tumblr posts between may 2011 and april 2013 (in billions)".[42] however, an analysis conducted by news and technology site techcrunch has shown that over 22% of all traffic in and out of tumblr is classified as pornography. 2015, tumblr faced criticism by users for changes to its reblog mechanisms. "if yahoo buys tumblr, what will it do with all that porn? august 2010, tumblr was named as a finalist in lead411's new york city hot 125. the government shortly reversed its decision to block the site and said it had asked tumblr to self-censor its pornographic content.

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[45] tumblr users can post unoriginal content by "reblogging", a feature on tumblr that allows users to re-post content taken from another blog onto their own blog with attribution. terms like "depression", "anxiety", and "suicide" on tumblr now brings up a psa page directing the user to resources like the national suicide lifeline, and 7 cups of tea; as well as an option to continue to the search results. may 2012, tumblr launched storyboard, a blog managed by an in-house editorial team which features stories and videos about noteworthy blogs and users on tumblr. tumblr also offered a "fan mail" function, allowing users to send messages to blogs that they follow. of 2011[update] tumblr had received about 5 million of funding from investors. 2011, the we are the 99% tumblr achieved a large following and became the unifying slogan[81] for the occupy wall street movement.

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over the next few months, we kind of pieced together what became the first version of tumblr which launched in february 2007. 2013, tumblr began allowing companies to pay to promote their own posts to a larger audience. tumblr head of sales, lee brown, has quoted the average ad purchase on tumblr to be nearly six figures. the language barrier would definitely be an obstacle, but i feel that hoseok’s personality draws many people to him, giving him more opportunities to date foreigners."[41] karp revealed in june 2012 that between 2 and 4 percent of tumblr's traffic is porn-related. "yahoo ceo marissa mayer buys tumblr–her boldest move yet".

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for users who are logged in to tumblr, but do not have "safe mode" turned on, nsfw blogs should show up on search and tag pages; nsfw pages are indexed by search engines.^ "massive worm hits tumblr, spams big blogs like usa today". analysis by addthis of shares through their service in 2011 noted that tumblr sharing had increased by 1299." in response to the wilson case, maria miller, the uk's minister for culture, media and sport, said that social media sites like tumblr need to remove "toxic" self-harm content. its first round of funding in october 2007, tumblr raised 0,000 from spark capital and union square ventures. "here's tumblr's total revenue for 2012 – and how it will make a profit in 2013".

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december 3, 2012, tumblr was attacked by a cross-site scripting worm deployed by the internet troll group gay nigger association of america. in june 2012, tumblr released a new version of its ios app, tumblr 3..  personality shygirlythe type to blush easilya little mysterious someone lost in their own worldcreative and artisticsomeone who everyone loves and adoresoriginally posted by jung-koookoh but he’s so wrong. "tumblr on verge of raising up to 0m with massive 0m valuation". of tumblr began in 2006 during a two-week gap between contracts at david karp's software consulting company, davidville (housed at karp's former internship with producer/incubator fred seibert's frederator studios which was located a block from tumblr's current headquarters).^ "tumblr launches instant messaging on android, ios, and the web".

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sometime in 2006, we had a couple of weeks between contracts and said 'let's see what we can do, let's see if we can built this thing', and we threw together the first working version of tumblr. "tumblr cto steps down to focus on instapaper, independent career".^ "these 19 social networks are bigger than google+: #10 tumblr, the popular social-blogging platform, 6.[68] tumblr also generates revenue by selling themes to users to change the appearance of their blog.[12][13] tumblr was launched in february 2007[14][15] and within two weeks, the service had gained 75,000 users. of july 20, 2013, policy updates enacted by tumblr mean that pages classified as "nsfw" (not safe for work) will not feature in tag pages for users who are not logged in or who have the "safe mode" activated.

november 10, 2015, tumblr introduced an integrated instant messaging function, allowing users to chat between other tumblr users.   personalityshy shy shy secret aegyo masteramazing cook, so he can just rest his head on your shoulders, as you go around the kitchen cooking, and he just stands there with you. in september 2015, tumblr changed how threads of comments on reblogged posts are displayed; rather than a nested view with indentations for each post, all reblogs are now shown in a flat view, and user avatars were also added.[43] tumblr's community guidelines permits adult-oriented content but requires that blogs that contain occasional or substantial adult content to be flagged as such. who use tumblr include lady gaga,[79] zooey deschanel,[79] john mayer[79] and zayn.: the dashboard is the primary tool for the typical tumblr user.

has received criticism for copyright violations by participating bloggers;[71] however, tumblr accepts digital millennium copyright act (dmca) take-down notices. october 21, 2011, tumblr became the first blogging platform to host president obama's blog. this launch was only two months after tumblr announced it would be moving towards paid advertising on its site.^ "tumblr users are not happy about the site's new redesign". service is most popular with the teen and college-aged user segments with half of tumblr's visitor base being under the age of 25. she’d be a small person who always needs to be protected.

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