Cottonelle speed dating commercial

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Cottonelle speed dating commercial

but then when it's a commercial portraying only men loving bacon, or whatever, it's offensive towards men?&t–guy lies on speed date, she checks his website to expose the lies      3/12.

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. the family violence protection fund commercial among others), welfare for people that are not exercising self-control/responsibility, […].–guy sings badly to get his dating profile out, women glare     2/12.

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the main point being, if these same types of ads & commercials were switched around showing women as the 'dummies' and 'incompetents' there would be an outrage. but really it is just trying to be different from all the other generic commercials.

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, as a woman, i consider the constant barrage of commercials showing women going bananas over chocolate, yogurt, cereal, whatever, really grating. the whole commercial consists of people kicking a man in the groin.

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because you list yogurt and cereal commercials as being offensive towards men, as they portray only women loving yogurt and cereal. pepper for men (whose commercials feature an action star and guns and other "manly" stereotypes) and there's schick quatro for women, with pastel colors and women dancing around the screen in silk dresses.

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when men in commercials and tv are treated with such distain, how can one respect their ideas about equality? if commercials display a deviant, then this is what happens.

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commercials such as those above subtlely create limiting responses for the male self image. i’ve never seen even one commercial laughing at or otherwise ridiculing females for wearing guys’ clothes or doing “guy things”.

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think a lot of these commercials are a stretch but i agree that there is major male-bashing in the media.–old man in speedo walks by couple in car on cruise ship         7/12.

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for men–2 daughters fix dad for dating with hair dye    2/11. kat b march 7, 2017 sick of it not updating so having to uninstall then reinstall.