Can i hook up my mac mini to my imac

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Can i hook up my mac mini to my imac

the 27in 5k imac scored 5 out of 10 for repairability on ifixit. mac mini doesn’t come with a display, so you will need to either use one you’ve already got, or purchase one separately. unlike with the imac, there is no monitor, mouse or keyboard included with the mac mini. to connect imac - macbook - macbook pro - mac mini - mac pro to tv / lcd / led / plazma.  you can also check “mirror” and you will see the same output on both devices. the other end of the scale from the £899 imac, the 27in imac offers a 5k display throughout the range (it was initially a single model, but it was rolled out during the october 2015 refresh). am trying to use my macbook laptop computer as a screen for my desktop pc. there is no doubt that the mac mini is the cheapest way to buy a mac, however, it’s one of the lowest spec mac ranges available. if your mac has thunderbolt 3 (usb-c) ports, you can connect it using the apple thunderbolt 3 (usb-c) to thunderbolt 2 adapter. up a sony bravia to a mac or imac tv to computer. optionsyou can control the brightness of your imac display while it's in target display mode from a connected mac. to setup your macbook pro to display on an hdtv via hdmi. have used my tv as a display for my macbookpro. dual-core processor with 8gb memory (not upgradable even at the point of purchase as it is soldered on), intel hd graphics 6000, a 1tb hard drive, and costs £899. ports on the imac are as follows: hdmi port, gigabit ethernet, two thunderbolt 2 ports, four usb 3 ports, a headphone port, a kensington lock slot, and an sdxc card slot.’d say that the fact that you can pick up a fusion drive as standard on the £799 mac mini is a point in its favour, or add £160 to the price of the mid-range mac mini, or £200 to the £399 model, to upgrade to a fusion drive. the mini displayport or thunderbolt cable between the two computers. the cpu is soldered to the logic board so it can't be replaced if something goes wrong. use the displays pane of system preferences on the connected mac, or use the brightness keys on the keyboard of the connected mac. have to put the imac in target mode (reboot and push the “t” key) and you have to use a displayport connection. this dedicated graphics card has 2gb of memory on all models (configurable to 4gb) and is a step up from the 1gb of the last-generation imacs. found the simplest solution was to just remote desktop to the pc. the imac will cost you £250 more than the mac mini in this case, and another £80 if you wanted to add the fusion drive. our mac desktop buying guide we look at the key features of the imac and mac mini to help you decide which one to buy. to use external devices with your mac, connect these devices directly to the mac that you want to use them with. imac is an all-in-one desktop computer with an integrated display. does not work with a hdmi cable or a dvi cable, even when they are strung between a pair of apple-branded mini displayport adapters. read more about the comparison between the 2012 mac mini and the 2014 mac mini here.

Can i hook up a mac mini to my imac

ports on the mac mini include gigabit ethernet, two thunderbolt 2 ports, four usb 3 ports, the hdmi port, audio in and a headphone port, an ir receiver, and an sdxc card slot.  i was taught to select the thin white rectangle (the menu bar) and drag it onto the larger screen (the tv).. i saw this on macworld uk and thought you should see it too.? apple has a chart on this its target display mode support page that lists all the macs that support target display model along with answers to other questions you might have. display mode works only when your primary mac is logged in to a macos user account. like a good idea, but is it work, what software ure using, yesterday i build a new pc, then try to connect to imac as display… but can’t working… (imac late 2009, c2d extreme 3. that entry-level macbook air costs £350 more than the mac mini. are six different imacs and three different mac minis with a number of build to order options available.: connect your mac mini to a tv: turn a mac mini into a media hub. of course, this should be balanced against the fact that the imac has better specs to begin with. while the mac mini offers a 500gb hard drive at the entry-level, a 1tb hard drive at the mid-range, and a 1tb fusion drive at the high end, the imac offers a 1tb hard drive, a 1tb fusion drive and a 2tb fusion drive, respectively. i want to plug my mac pro as the main computer and imac pro 2011 as display mode ., if you are a designer and need colour accuracy, you might be better off with another display – the good news is you can plug another display into the back of your imac and have two displays. displayport to dvi adapters ( a pop) — and told me to string them together with a standard dvi cable. target display modeto leave target display mode, press command-f2 on the imac keyboard again. seems to be a lot of confusion about the issue on the web and even at apple’s retail stores. autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability. they feature ips technology (in-plane switching), which makes a huge difference to the colour vibrancy and reproduction. unfortunately, that is no longer the case as with the upgrade came the removal of the dated technology. 9 release date & new features: future iphone technologies and smartphone developments for…. and it's pretty easy these days to use an imac as a monitor for another mac. use the new 27-inch iMac as an external monitor requires a very specific cable to work: a Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cable, to be exact. you're currently logged in on the imac you want to use as a display, try logging out to return to the login window. on your needs there is likely to be a desktop mac to suit. you press command-f2, your imac displays the desktop from the connected mac. think the main issue here is that it simply won’t work with the older style macbook;s (2008 or earlier) that only have dvi out. it also features an integrated monitor and comes with both a wireless keyboard and mouse.

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terms of ports, all the imacs feature an sdxc card slot, four usb 3 ports, two thunderbolt 2 ports, gigabit ethernet and a mini displayport output. to dual display an imac via hdmi (cheapest/easiest way). can i do this with the special mac adapter cord that goes from the pc to the laptop? you can pick up a separate monitor for around £100, depending on size and image quality. sure that your mini displayport or thunderbolt cable is connected to both computers.  my 2010 imac cannot be made to work in the same manner. hear audio from a connected mac using the built-in speakers of your imac, select the imac from the sound pane of system preferences. on some of the older imac's you connect mini displayport to mini displayport, or mini displayport to thunderbolt and on the newer macs it uses a thunderbolt to thunderbolt connection. dual-core i5 mac mini, offers 8gb ram, a 1tb fusion drive (combining a hard drive and flash storage), and intel iris graphics. Display Mode lets you use the built-in display on a supported iMac as an external display for another Mac. then press command-f2 on the keyboard connected to your imac. your imac is currently started up in windows, it won't enter target display mode. we mention above, you can also plug your mac mini straight into your widescreen tv, making it ideally suited as a media centre in your living room. earlier models of the imac were criticised because their display was considered too reflective by some, luckily the 2013 model remedied this and the retina imac went one step further, adding a special film that improves the off-axis viewing.  if you’ve not nothing showing, your computer is not recognizing the tv (and vice versa). this feature shows you how to use one mac's monitor as a display for another mac. use your imac as a display in target display mode, connect it to another mac using the correct cable (see system requirements below). imac, the imac has a quad-core processor and intel iris pro graphics, compared to the 2. mac mini is apple's cheapest mac at £399, but as we noted above, that price doesn't include a monitor, a mouse or a keyboard. models feature fourth and fifth generation chipsets), hard drive sizes, graphics cards and ram options. mac mini used to be the mac for the kind of people who liked to tinker. should now be viewing the screen from the other mac on the display of the imac.  it’s mini displayport to dvi to hdmi cable’s signal can’t be recognized my the tv..The store didn’t have any in stock, so the staff happily sold me a pair of. sure that you're pressing command-f2 on the keyboard that's connected to the imac you want to use as a display. (retina 5k, 27-inch, late 2014) and later imac models can't be used as target display mode displays. about products not manufactured by apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. the fusion drive upgrade is also £80 across the other imacs.

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other mac mini models offer quite a boost from the entry-level model, although they lag behind the now discontinued 2012 mac mini. model) then you’re more likely to end up using that specification of the machine from then on. however, with this said, the exact card varies between models (m380, m390 and m395)., thanks anyway, but many, many of us get nothing showing in the display preferences. here is how to set up tdm on both mac's:Connect both computers using a thunderbolt cable. the imac line was refreshed in october 2015, while the latest mac mini was launched back in 2014. target display modefollow these steps to start using your imac as a display:Make sure that your imac is turned on, and the other mac is logged in to a macos user account. so, unless you really like to get your hands dirty, you are stuck with apple's base 8gb or expensive build-to-order options. can read our review of the 2015 27in 5k imac here and our entry level 2014 mac mini review here. terms of specs, the imac is a better deal than the mac mini because it features more modern processors, more ram, and better graphics. tried to use a new 27-inch imac as an external display for a compatible macbook. standard models offer the amd radeon r9 graphics card – a step up from the intel hd graphics 6000 in the £899 model. this is a rather expensive set up as a these units sell around 0 plus the mdp to mdp cable. for example, if your first mac is at the filevault login screen, pressing command-f2 on your imac does not enable target display mode.. i saw this on macworld uk and thought you should see it too. at this store, i found a pair of displayport to hdmi dongles, so i picked them up (another each) and a hdmi cable to connect them. however, you will pay much more for the extra ram and storage than you would if you did it yourself. our 2012 mac mini review here and our 2014 mac mini reviews here:Mac mini (late 2014) 1. the connected mac goes into sleep mode, the imac screen turns off until you wake the other computer, or until you take your imac out of target display mode. you must first log in to your mac (using a regular display, if necessary) before you can use an imac in target display mode.! the new imac with 5k retina display is not compatible with tdm. you also need to have a specific model of imac. you could use an adaptor to turn the mini displayport output on the imac into hdmi, but at an extra cost. can't add your own ram to the 21-inch imac without a lot of hassle. you'll need to take the imac apart and cut through a lot of adhesive to get to the memory slots, which are hidden behind the logic board. standard processor in those models is an intel quad-core i5 that ranges from 3. the list below for imac models that support target display mode, the type of cable you need to connect that model of imac, and the kind of port you need on your other mac. that makes it comparable to the £899 imac, which has a better spec than the mac mini.

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my experience it doesn’t work even if you have the right cables. keys as standard functions keys," then you need to use command-fn-f2 instead. the ram in a 27in imac is easier, though – at least for now.  ok, i don’t get to use both the laptop and the imac screen but i do get to use this amazing screen for my laptop. now that mac is not as easy to upgrade down the line. you could equip the cheaper mac with a monitor, mouse and keyboard, and still have cash left over. each imac in target display mode should be connected directly to a mini displayport or thunderbolt port directly on the mac where you want to use it as a display. add even the cheapest decent monitor (around £150) and the cheapest apple keyboard and mouse options (£40+ each), and you are looking at around £629. requirementsyou need the following to use target display mode:A mac notebook or desktop with a mini displayport or thunderbolt port. you've set your imac to automatically log out, apps are paused or closed when this happens but your imac remains in target display mode. switch review: portable power and versatile design let down by expensive accessories and…. of the best features of the 2012 mac mini was the fact that it was more upgradable than any other mac. there are also options for configuring the mac mini with flash storage or a faster i7 processor. we wouldn't recommend working on a mac that had a television screen as a monitor, though.- or a 27-inch screen measured diagonally) and you’ll find a variety of processor speeds (27in models feature intel’s sixth generation haswell chipsets while the 21. imacs and mac mini’s are less comparable outside of this entry level category as the mac mini features dual-core chips, while the imac features quad-core processors. for example, if you begin playing music in itunes on your imac and then activate target display mode, itunes doesn't pause on your imac.  it’s a bit hard to believe, but it must be so, that imacs simply can’t use tvs as a display monitor. here's how to choose the best processor for your mac. read: mac mini or macbook air: the best low-cost mac for your money. find out if you should buy a mac laptop or mac desktop here. use the new imac as a monitor, it must enter “target display mode,” which appears to happen automatically when the correct displayport cable is plugged in. each imac comes complete with an apple magic keyboard and magic mouse. your imac also exits target display mode if you disconnect the cable that connects the two computers, or if you shut down or sleep either computer. can add a fusion drive to the entry level imac for £80 – we recommend you do that because with the fusion drive, this machine is as good as the next step up and will still cost less – read or review of the £899 imac with fusion drive here. you won’t be able to touch the ram as it is soldered on, for example. next: how to connect two screens to a mac | how to rotate the screen on a mac | best screens for mac. display port has connectivity to signal the imac to become a monitor… those signals arn’t passed through dvi out.

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’s everything you need to know about shopping at an apple store, apple online, and using the genius bar. switch review: portable power and versatile design let down by expensive accessories and…. a second-life from an old imac by turning it into a monitor for a new apple mac computer. again the mac mini kind of has the edge because it has the hdmi port, which is great if you were hoping to attach it to your tv. apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. is a similar problem to one of the posted apple support forums relative to using a tv as a monitor. had to go to another store to find a dvi cable to connect them (another ). below we will weigh up the differences between each of the different models.’m trying to hook up my asus laptop to my imac using an hdmi cable and a generic mini display to hdmi; with 0 luck…. you are only considering the entry-level mac mini, the price of the imac is significantly higher. there's also the mac pro to consider, but that's a very high-end mac, with a very high price. however, if you want an hdmi port, the mac mini offers one. on that model, it was possible not only to upgrade both the hard drive and the ram, but crucially these could be updated at any time and using parts purchased separately, rather than being stuck with the upgrade options offered by apple at the point of purchase. so unless the video card of your device outputs mdp you will need a converter/scaler to use your imac 27 as a monitor. apple has decided to solder the ram in place, as you will see if you read this article: mac mini 2014 v 2012 model, comparison. display mode (tdm) is a relatively new feature introduced by apple. staff at the main san francisco apple store were confused about the cables needed to use the imac as an external monitor for a compatible macbook pro.’d recommend the entry-level £399 mac mini over the imac if you’re looking for a budget no-thrills mac, but beyond that it gets a bit murky. 9 release date & new features: future iphone technologies and smartphone developments for…. i connected them with a hdmi cable connected to two mini displayport to hdmi adapters.’s interesting to note that my old, should-have-been-retired-long-ago g4 laptop works perfectly using my tv as a monitor with a cheap dvi to hdmi cable. display mode lets you use the built-in display on a supported imac as an external display for another mac. older apple keyboards and third-party keyboards might not allow command-f2 to toggle display modes. command-f2 doesn't workif your imac doesn't switch to target display mode when you press command-f2, check these things:Make sure that the imac you're trying to use as a display supports target display mode.’ll try to pick up one of the belkin cables tomorrow and will post the results here. other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. you are on the market for a desktop mac you may be wondering whether to spend your money on an imac or a mac mini. trying to connect (chain) imac computers that are in target display mode to each other.

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of course to compare like for like you’d be looking at a more expensive monitor to go with your mac mini – but you may already own that monitor… so in terms of the entry level imac and mac mini, it certainly looks like the mac mini is the best value. dual-core intel i5 processor and intel hd graphics 6200 is available for £1,049 too. i have the belkin cable and have tried several different macbook pros with every configuration of display settings i could think of. it also features an 11in display which may be big enough for your needs. if you aren't prepared to pull your mac apart, you may be wise to fully spec out the imac at the point of sale.  the forum i found started in 2009, and 22 pages later, in august, 2011, there seems to be no valid answer! display mode requires both mac's to feature minidisplayport or thunderbolt. all you need is an imac that supports tdm and a  thunderbolt cable. keys as standard function keys," the key combination changes to command-fn-f2.  apple clearly is not a service-oriented company, and it’s products do not perform as advertised, at least in this regard. if you add the cost of a decent display to the price of the lower-cost mac mini, it doesn't look like such a cheap option. our Mac desktop buying guide we look at the key features of the iMac and Mac mini to help you decide which one to buyThis video is unavailable. with tdm you can connect two mac's together and use one as a second display. you have an old mac, typically an unused imac with its large built-in monitor, you might be wondering if you can use it as a display for a newer mac. that’s the case, then putting couple of them on both ends of another cable would be useless. command-f2 on the keyboard of the imac (the computer being used as the display) to enable target display mode. if this happens, use the keyboard that came with your imac to toggle target display mode on and off. key difference when choosing between the mac mini and an imac is the presence of the integrated display on the imac. minidp-to-hdmi and minidp-to-dvi adapters allow host only on minidp end. we recommend doing so because having a fusion drive will make a huge difference to the speed at which your mac operates. you aren't sure whether it's a desktop mac or a mac laptop that you should purchase, read this article: the best mac of 2016, mac buying advice. i need help , yeah , i have mac pro desktop 2008 and imac 2001 , and i’m trying to plug the mac pro in to my imac as a display mode , and my mac pro has just 2 connections dvi only, there is a possibility to do that ? appears to be only one cable on the market capable of connecting compatible devices to the new imac: belkin’s mini displayport to mini displayport cable, which is available from apple’s retail stores for . when i opened that tab, it shows two screens side by side. would a dvi cable strung between two mini displayport to dvi adapters. two mac minis are comparable to the processors inside the 13-inch retina macbook pro, but you can expect the faster flash storage in the macbook's to give those models a boost. in the old days you used to have to either physically hack  the old mac, or use some networking software, but apple has taken matters into its own hands with a great feature called target display mode. the real difference is storage, as the macbook air boasts 128gb of flash storage – which will make it faster than the mac mini (and if you need the storage you can buy a separate hard drive).

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apple suggests that you use an apple keyboard (the modern aluminium type) with the special keys if you are finding it now working. to apple’s 2014 upgrade to the mac mini, we’d have been able to say that the other port that the mac mini includes that the imac doesn't is a firewire 800 port. a imac with the right cable that only has minidp ends and the output of the pc video has a minidp it takes over the imac and you now have a very expensive monitor for your pc.  i have plugged an ethernet cable direct from imac to laptop no need even for a switch. there is a cable for that , going to dvi and converter do mini display mode ? entry-level imac displays may not be as ground-breaking, but they’re still of good quality. command-f2 on the keyboard of the imac that you want to use as a display. all type of Mac Machines (iMac - Macbook - Macbook Pro - Mac Mini - Mac Pro) to LCD / LED / 3D TV: Type 1 using Mini Display Port ("Apple Thunderb.  the one thing in that mac mini’s favour is the 1tb fusion drive, which will help boost the speed of that model – however, it’s not very much extra to upgrade. while the mac mini beats the 2014 entry level imac, its october 2015 update means it now leaves the mac mini in its rear view mirror. you may heard of target disk mode, it's older cousin that enables you to use one mac's hard drive as an external drive on an old mac. we explain how to add extra ram to a 27in imac in this article. when you are finished press command-f2 on the keyboard of the mac being used as a display to exit target display mode. dual-core i5 mac mini, offers 8gb ram, a 1tb hard disc, and intel iris graphics.. i saw this on macworld uk and thought you should see it too. there are a number of build to order options, so if you think you will need more ram or a bigger hard drive, or an ssd at a later date, you are advised to do that when you buy it. each imac you connect as a display counts towards the maximum number of simultaneously connected displays that your mac supports. imac as a display part3 - imac display with older macbook pro. desktop versus mac laptop: buying advice and mac mini versus macbook pro. devices to your maca mac that's connected to an imac in target display mode can't use the imac computer's built-in camera, its usb, thunderbolt, or firewire ports, or devices connected to those ports. 4k imac comes with a resolution of 4096x2304 while the ultimate 27in imac comes with a 5k retina display boasting an astonishing 5120 x 2880 pixels, that’s a total of 218 pixels per inch. imacs score even lower: 2 out of 5 for the entry-level 21in imac.  i used the miniport to hdmi cable to connect the devices. more than one displayyou can use multiple imac computers as displays as long as each imac is directly connected to a thunderbolt port on your computer using a thunderbolt cable. to use one mac as the monitor for another: use an imac as external display for a macbook. it’s a guess, but i’ll bet money on it.. i saw this on macworld uk and thought you should see it too. you can also use the sound and media keys on the keyboard of the connected mac to adjust volume and control playback of itunes and other media.

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 i’ll repeat myself:  my old g4 laptop works with the tv as a monitor, buy my new imac doesn’t. use the new 27-inch imac as an external monitor requires a very specific cable to work: a mini displayport to mini displayport cable, to be exact. 2014 mac mini fits inside a tiny 20cm square box that's less than 4cm deep. of course, the imac doesn’t need to be connected to your tv because the screen is included. are the imac computers that support tdm:Imac (27-inch late 2009). dual-core intel core i5 processor and integrated graphics chip (the intel hd graphics 5000), not able to compete with the entry-level imac. those two imacs, there isn’t really a comparable model to the mac mini range. storage options differ across the imac and mac mini ranges. am looking cable or product for monitoring iphone4 on my imac. in keyboard system preferences you have selected "use all f1, f2 etc. imac model introduced in the summer of 2014 and updated in 2015, that offers a 1. ultimate 3d printer, android-powered iphone cases and more [crowdfund roundup].  the cursor can move between the two screens, but you have to figure out which side it comes in on., i will sometime have to reset the sound output in preferences as well. so even if you take the most highly specced mac mini (the £799, 2. an iMac into a second screen using Target Display ModeIos grows as iphone 7 remains a top seller. each imac comes with 8gb ram as standard (configurable to 16gb or 32gb at the high end) and a 1tb hard drive as standard with the exception of the most expensive model, which comes with 2tb (configurable to 3tb or a range of ssd options or a fusion drive, which combines an ssd and a hard drive). apps on your imacany apps that are open on your imac remain open and active while your imac is in target display mode. the imac works only with devices that output video through displayport, which the macbook does. to add a mac mini to your home theater system. wouldn't it be great if you  could plug your new mac laptop into an old imac and use it as a giant monitor. it also features a 500gb hard drive and 4gb of ram. it is possible to upgrade the ram to 16gb at the point of purchase. storage upgrade options are the same, but the starting price is so different that you can essentially get a pretty decent mac mini for less than the cost of the entry-level imac. or you could spend more than twice as much as the cost of the mac mini and purchase an apple thunderbolt display for £899. it's cheap you are after, it's worth considering the £749 macbook air which has similar specs as the entry-level mac mini –4gb memory, a slightly better 1. you can still upgrade the storage on the mac mini, so that’s one factor in that mac’s favour. keyboard system preferences, if the checkbox is enabled for "use all f1, f2, etc.