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metro vancouver’s segmented land mass joined by precious few bridges makes socializing in the (tiny) downtown much more difficult than in other cities, where the downtown blends seamlessly into inner suburban neighbourhoods. if my experiences are any indication of what is also happening in the dating scene – i feel for anyone looking for love in vancouver. if one goes to pubs, nightclubs, and bars to hook up…. i have lived in vancouver for nearly 10 years and although i have met a lot of people i have yet to make a few regular friends – male or female. the ontarians out so vancouver can refine itself without cultural cross examination from cities half a world away.

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what you will about montreal and toronto, at least you have a wide array of cultural activities and entertainment options, vancouver by comparison feels like a provincial backwater. pool itself can be a fun place to hook up if you can gain access after hours as well – take the opportunity to recreate that (unintentionally funny) scene from the movie showgirls. stacks in university libraries are always the most stereotypical of hook up choices, but for good reason – they offer a semblance of privacy (sort of), it feels naughty because it’s a place of higher learning, and you’re surrounded by stuffy, old books. vancouverites still live off the myth that this “place” is something “special” and “diverse”., without further ado, here are four sexy places to get it on at ubc.

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other than the nice natural attractions, vancouver sucks on many levels. may find the occassional stoned students and fun minded characters , who are friendly and approachable but in spite of hedonistic wreck beach, beautiful spanish banks etc , vancouver has no laid back feel, it just likes to market itself to the world on that false premise,so people can come and spend their $ here. those seeking hippie heaven are finding it today in the least-imagined places that are very inexpensive, but have a beautiful natural landscape and greenspace (first place i found a whole colony of new-generation artists and fun loving folks was in duluth, minnesota; three hours south of thunder bay, this city of 200,000 has a gorgeous hillside with sweeping vistas of lake superior, greenspace, community and rooftop gardens, but an urban culture welcoming of any race, religion, sexual orientation and age. i was out west in vancouver, but while i loved my trip and running the marathon, i didn’t feel any warmth from the locals.“i’ve seen people hook up lowkey in the bleachers and definitely the steam room,” she said.

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when out of towners arrive in vancouver initially they do marvel at the beautiful lush evergreen vegetation, great wonderdul vistas-sunsets ( seen some nice ones down at third beach – stanley park) and seascape intertwinded with the low density urban conurbation . i would only add that the inward, antisocial reputation of vancouver described here is also in other pacific northwest cities portland, oregon and seattle. i do agree that it is extremely hard to hook up in vancouver. buffalo, with it’s albright-knox art gallery, is another unlikely place. as long as you’re careful while having a nice beach bang, this might be the place for you.

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those are the people who made vancouver and all of the west coast such interesting lifeblood to attract so many people. thirty or so years ago, it was a much more exciting place to live. this creates a relatively transient population: many stay in vancouver, but lots choose to return home when housing prices and incessant rain start to make them miserable. but having said all that, i also think that people are looking for guys/girls in all the wrong places. as part of your university experience, it’s only fair that you know the best places to hook up.

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’s a fair amount of vancouver-bashing going on now that the canucks have made it to their first stanley cup finals in 17 years. forced to speak, we all went around and did a little informal introduction – most of us were not originally from the vancouver area. other cities, singles aren’t hard up for hookups…how does anyone ever meet in vancity? vancouver still doesn’t feel like a vibrant urban centre. steam room is a great place to hook up, but they do get very hot, and with physical activity involved, it might be a bit of a dangerous act for those with pre-existing health conditions.

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don’t know what the solution is any more than richmond does; even her suggestion that women be more assertive in approaching men might be problematic in vancouver (the men in her article are rebuffed when they approach women, so who’s to know how they would react if a woman were to make the first move? a former ubc graduate told us the pool is referred to as the “womb” and she said it’s a popular hook up spot. in fact, seattle has a long standing, totally established reputation as an extremely difficult place to relocate to. was born and raised here and ever since the late 1970’s vancouver has been the most difficult place to meet women. it is extremely hard to find a decent woman in vancouver.

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i’ve also seen similar places scattered across the us and canada, but now you have to look hard. but as my regular readers know, vancouver also has undesirable characteristics: it’s ridiculously expensive, socially polarized and inward-looking. but there are specific characteristics that make it difficult for singles to hook up in vancity (depending on what your definition of “hookup” is):Strict prohibition-era liquor laws make it more expensive to drink here and enforce earlier closing hours for vancouver bars outside of the granville street club strip.” even after living in vancouver for six years, most of my friends are from out of town, and many from out of province. drugs, alcohol and mindless diversions replace what should be a healthy network of friends.

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washroom is a well-known gay cruising spot and even appears on a website dedicated to cruising spots around vancouver.. vancouver has a reputation that draws people from all over the country, and increasingly, all over the world. the artsy-chic people have left vancouver and will probably never come back.) all i can say is that vancouver’s social scene is markedly different from montreal’s, where waiters at restaurants flirt with every woman in sight, and toronto’s (i dare you to find a toronto friend who hasn’t gone out for after-work drinks in the last month). long story short most men end up very much alone, or isolated when they transplant to tough cities like vancouver or seattle.

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it’s a lonely place if you aren’t rooted here with family and old school chums.'ve curated a hot list of places to hook up at UBC for new students who might be clueless about sexy times at the university.. urban planner gordon price, quoted in richmond’s article, notes that aloof behavior is “embedded in the cultural bedrock upon which this place was founded”. last may, vanessa richmond wrote an article in the tyee which posed the question, “what the heck is wrong with men in vancouver?“the fact is, as cities go, many canadians view vancouver as effete, a metropolis made up of snotty, latte swilling, cargo-shorts wearing, too-cool-for-school yuppies for whom pleasure and real estate remain their only abiding concerns.

” pete mcmartin, “dear rest of canada, please get your own hockey team”, vancouver sun, may 12, 2011). i would just share this, as it pertains to the weirdness of vancouver and possibly the kind of people the city attracts. around and observe demographic composition of the city: 50 % of vancouver is made up of asians , whose main or only interest ( since floodding into this town after 1990, or since hong kong reverted back into china’s orbit) is to make $, buy property, set up a restaurant business to make more $ and invest into their kids, indulge in consumption. for those who can afford the nyc prices in vancouver, and who spend their time mostly surfing or on snowboarding or going downhill on the ski slopes, of course vancouver resembles some kinda outdoor paradise, but these people aren’t representative, most who are in vancouver who can barely survive, with rock bottom wages (if they are lucky enough to get a job at all) will tell you that if they had an opportunity elsewhere they’d leave in a heartbeart. (lest i be outed as “anti-vancouver”, my husband and i noticed the same social phenomenon in ottawa, where we lived for three years).

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