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its a shame that many families do not give their children the opportunity to learn about the deen, understand what it means to be muslim and how to draw the fine line between culture and religion. are there muslim men that don’t really follow their faith? last battle of muslims ______ zionist antichrist [dajjal] and the liberation of jerusalem____. so the women doesn’t have to be muslim in order to marry a guy that is muslim ? i personally know of cases where the muslim husband continued dating his non-muslim girlfriend after marriage and, when caught and confronted, claimed that he was “trying the whole marriage thing out. a child raised in such a household as a muslim would be considered by jewish law to be jewish. short, mid-life crises come early and hit harder for non-practicing muslim men. are some good reasons why this woman might want to walk away, though, that aren’t based on less-warranted stereotypes, reasons that have to do with the realities of the ways in which sexism, misogyny, sex-negativity, patriarchy, and purity culture manifest themselves muslim-dominated cultures..1 yes, a christian or jewish woman is allowed to marry a muslim man in islam.

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, non-muslim girlfriends of muslim men have a much higher chance of marrying their partners than non-muslim boyfriends of muslim women. know a lot of non-muslim women who have been unceremoniously dumped after years of a long-term relationship with a muslim man to clear the way for him to marry a teenager deemed appropriate by his family. the way a typical muslim culture looks at non muslim woman. everything he does goes against our religious teachings, is immodest (yes, men should be modest too), does not follow islamic norms for respecting a woman, and now unfortunately this lady may never speak to another muslim male and will sum them all up by this experience. my 19 year old mexican daughter is dating an african muslim that lives in canada.’m not judging the girl for her decision, nor you for this post (which at the very leat, is helpfully informative), but it seems to raise a lot of questions related to racism and bigotry. many muslims both in and out of muslim majority countries have challenges with their faith. please, girls am saying this to save some young life, cause my is wasted..1 not all muslim cultures think this way, and not all muslims do.

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in some countries, the culture is so heavily intertwined with religion that it becomes even more imperative on those muslims to be educated in matters of aqeeda, fiqh etc. yes, a muslim man can marry up to four wives but certain conditions must be met before the second marriage. we have children, he wants them to be brought up as muslim. since, generally speaking, male children are not as carefully guarded and watched over as female ones, young muslim men have the opportunity to far more easily date, have sex, and get involved with non-muslim women than young muslim women do..2 a child who is born into a muslim household and raised at least somewhat muslim is considered to be muslim unless they openly renounce the faith and do not recant that renouncing. in islam, male believers are allowed to marry jewish and christian women but a marriage between a muslim woman and a non-muslim man is considered invalid (though there is a loophole). and i think karim is a secular muslim and he did the video as a lame attempt to convince gullible and naive infidels that islam is a religion of tolerance and peace (which is not). am 21,,yrs old,and christian from east africa ,,i was in love with a somali man whom i loved with all my heart,,and despite the fact that i am strong christian,,,i was even ready to convert coz he was my heart,,buh after two years ,,i realized that he juz resently married a young girl,,and didnt tell me he has moved on,,,i tried to contact him but said that i should move on ,,,and leave him alone coz i am christian ,,,i never wronged him and i was brought up with descipline,,,the worst is that he blocked me,,,yet he was my first man in my life ,,,upto now,,,,later a muslim friend told me that their men dont marry christians as first wife,,,am stil heart broken ,,,i dont know what to do,,please help,,19.” it is an arabic name that muslims name their children, since karim is one of the 99 names of allah, but the word and name predate islam.

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i know being raised catholic still carries significantly less cultural pressure than being raised muslim but it’s not exactly a walk in the park either. adam to muhammad peace be upon him,My all non muslims brothers and sisters think of us understand of us, if you do not have god , ask allah, religion may give up please ask allah , please ask allah , just for allah if you accept allah. for context, “muslim” does not mean a member of islam (i. he claims he doesn’t follow the muslim culture completely but i’m worried that my daughter will get a harsh reality if their relationship goes into marriage. on one side he is a practicing muslim, but then also parties, drinks, and is involved in bad lifestyle. in this context, we consider birds, dogs, people, even rocks and stars as ‘muslim.% of worldwide muslims, and are regularly condemned, publicly by scholars, although given almost zero airtime by the media…. our view is a believer should marry a muslim woman who can fully support her spirituality, since a mother is the foundation of a family and frankly of all society. i have met a muslim man he says all the time he loves me that he has never been married but it’s really hard to believe him after hearing this he wont’s me to get him a visa to come here but i’m scared he is just using me any comments thanks.

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is a child born muslim but raised otherwise considered muslim? a shame that many families do not give their children the opportunity to learn about the deen, understand what it means to be muslim and how to draw the fine line between culture and religion. there’s only a small percentage of islamists, so that’s not a valid reason, but a larger percentage of muslim men who have shaky commitments, so it is? i have been dating a muslim man ten years younger than myself going on eight months now ..1 he already isn’t following his faith by dating your daughter in the first place..1 “the ability of muslim men to do those things isnt based on islamic principle but cultural norms. if you’re non-muslim, i sincerely hope this is not your introduction to islam. hi heina i am a british girl dating a muslim man.” their families rejoice that their sons have finally done the “right thing”, even if it means dumping any number of non-muslim girlfriends to attain that goal.