Aspergers single forever

is an extremely broad diagnosis and every single child is a different human being requiring different support from their parents be they asd or the mythical ‘normal’.

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it was my misfortune to marry a man who yelled and screamed at me every single week of our marriage.

Aspergers single parent

plus he would carry a memory around forever and it would be too upsetting.

Do autistic people stay single forever? - Quora

i’d like to see what they would have said if i was a working single parent without a routine whose children were late for school and homework wasn’t completed.

Theory finds that individuals with Asperger's Syndrome don't lack

would say aspies are more likely than average to remain virgins are never date, but a very large part of aspies will not remain virgin nor single forever.

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to concocted labels in order to sell pharmaceuticals, i’m unaware of a single pharmaceutical agent that can help any person resolve asperger’s autism, or any form of autism at all.

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blow it off, i assure you you will be much happier being a single father then some womans biotch.

AS tells NT's how difficult relationships are

i was forever chasing raibows trying to unravel myself so i could e.

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the double whammy is because i am a working single parent i have to have some sort of routine or else homework / activities / housework will go pear shaped!

for example, if they tell you they washed their car they may describe to you every single detail of washing a car, as if you’ve never washed one before.

Aspergers single forever