Aspergers single forever

Aspergers single parent

i’m not ashamed to say that i grieve the fact that i’m single when i would very much like to have a life companion, like you said. it makes it seem like only perfect people are getting married, and somehow i’m single because of some sin that keeps my spouse at bay. for example, if they tell you they washed their car they may describe to you every single detail of washing a car, as if you’ve never washed one before.

Aspergers single forever

the double whammy is because i am a working single parent i have to have some sort of routine or else homework / activities / housework will go pear shaped!: this is not a complete list of lines i’ve heard in my singleness journey, but i thought that was enough for now., thank you so so much for voicing out exactly what many other singles are going through, at least what you expressed totally reflects my thoughts and feelings.

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If a guy has Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism, should

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if you happen to be a single, bearded, flannel wearing gentleman then look no further! i remember when i thought it would be terrible if i was 30 and single. there’s some sin you haven’t dealt with and your singleness is a punishment from god.


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“i thought i was going to be alone forever," she said. i understand that most of them were not single as long as some of us have been. i was forever chasing raibows trying to unravel myself so i could e.

Forever Alone

But, these things make you wonder if you are going to be forever alone. plus he would carry a memory around forever and it would be too upsetting. add that to the list of reasons why i’m single.